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01 May 2018
Issue Three
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Important Dates



  • 2nd May - Scotsburn P-2 Gymnastics
  • 3rd May - BIG White Day
  • 4th May - Japan Festival Day                                                                     
  • 4th May - District Cross Country
  • 9th May - Scotsburn P-2 Gymnastics
  • 10th May - PLP Meeting (2:30pm)
  • 11th May - Mother's Day Stall
  • 14th - 18th May - NAPLAN
  • 16th May - Scotsburn P-2 Gymnastics
  • 17th - 18th May - School Photos
  • 17th May - BIG Write Day
  • 18th May - District Cross Country
  • 22nd May - Curriculum Day (Pupil Free Day)
  • 23rd May - Scotsburn P-2 Gymnastics
  • 23rd May - 3-6 Guest Speaker - Willie Green
  • 28th May - School Council (7pm)
  • 29th May - Scotsburn P-2 Gymnastics
  • 30th May - SC1 Earth Ed Excursion
  • 30th May - Division Netball, Soccer & Football (AFL)
  • 31st May - BIG Write Day
  • 6th June - Scotsburn Quantum Excursion
  • 8 June - PLP Meeting (2:30pm)
  • 14th June - BIG Write Day, Story of Buninyong Performance, Young Authors Program
  • 15th June - Reports sent home
  • 18th - 20th June - Grade 5 Camp 5AC & 5JM - Group 1
  • 20th - 22nd June Grade 5 Camp 5DS & 5PD - Group 2
  • 21st - 22nd June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill 5JM & 5AC
  • 21st June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)
  • 22nd June - Regional Netball, Soccer & Football (AFL)
  • 25th June - School Council (7pm)
  • 26th June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews Students dismissed at 1:00pm
  • 27th June - Scotsburn SC3 Earth Ed Excursion
  • 28th - 29th June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill (5DS & 5PD)
  • 29th June - Last day of Term 2, 2:30pm Finish


4th May - Whole School Japanese Assembly

11th May - P-2 Assembly

18th May - 3-4 Assembly

25th May - 5-6 Assembly

1st June - Whole School Assembly (Family Group)

8th June - P-2 Assembly

15th June - 3-4 Assembly

22nd June - NO ASSEMBLY

29th June - Whole School Assembly

Admin News

  • District Cross Country 4th May.  Consent and payment due 2nd May, $7.00 can pay via Qkr.
  • Year 6 Transition Information for Year 7 - Forms need to be returned by Friday 11th May.
  • Science works Year 1, 16th May.  Payment of $24 and consent due 8th May
  • Scotsburn Quantum 6th June.  No payment, permission slips due 30th May

Pre-School Program

To all our preps that have received confirmation letters for 2019, can you please call the school on 5341 3560 to book into our Pre-Schooler Program which will run in October this year.

School Tunics

Our School Tunics have arrived in sizes 4, 6 & 8 $55.

Please call into the office at any time to have a look at them.


Principal Report


Overall we received 42 expressions of interest from grade 5 and 6 students to attend Somers Camp in July.  Whilst it’s fabulous we have some many students keen to go, it does make the selections side of things challenging, remembering we only have places for 8 boys and 8 girls.

The selection process is almost complete and we’ll be catching up with the relevant students in the next couple of days to communicate the outcome.  Each will have a note to take home confirming that outcome.

School Concert

Our School Concert is coming up on August 22-24 which is very exciting.  Pop those dates in your diary to avoid double booking yourself.  The concert is a fantastic community event that provides our students with a great experience whilst raising significant funds for our school.  The 2016 concert raised $19,000 and we expect a similar result this time round.  Targets for the funding will be as follows:

  • Scotsburn Campus
    • Upgrade of the student toilets
  • Buninyong Campus
    • Replacing the shade sail over the grade 5/6 adventure playground
    • Improvements to the canteen

The theme for this year’s concert is ‘A Night at the Library – Where Books Come to Life’ and our Fundraising/Concert Team will meet regularly between now and August to organise the event.  A reminder to our parent members on that team that we have our next meeting on May 9th (3:45 in the meeting room). 

For everyone else, please keep your ear to the ground for opportunities to get involved and help out. 

Student Wellbeing

Student Leaders Represent at ANZAC Day Ceremony

Last Wednesday, our school captains and myself headed off to represent the school at the annual Buninyong RSL’s ANZAC Ceremony. Once again the kids did a fantastic job of representing the school at a community level, showing the respect and empathy needed on such an important day in Australia’s history.


Thank you also to the many families and students who attended and walked with us in the march. It made for a really great day and great ceremony.








A bug thank you also to the RSL for a generous donation of $700.  In part these funds will be used to complete some grounds works around our Gallipoli Tree.

Des Hudson presents March’s Bluelight Police Awards

Last week we mentioned the addition of a new award to our school, the prestigious Victoria Police Bluelight Award. The award is given to two nominated children each month for showing great attendance, attitude to school, care and empathy to others and being a positive role model to others. Last week’s award went to Bella M and George F! Well done George and Bella!


Playpod Update - Unleashing Creativeness and Teamwork

With the great weather hanging in there, it was terrific to see so many of the kids utilising the Playpod last week with such creativity and teamwork! The boys from this picture (Clayton, Mitch and Riley) were doing a fantastic job of creating a channel of tubes for some golf balls to run down the hill and end up dropping into a bucket. What a great application of teamwork and problem solving skills! The Playpod has been a fantastic addition to our school and helps utilise a space that was previously unoccupied in a vibrant and educational manner. We thank the Playpod kids for their efforts in ensuring that the area is ready for the kids at lunch and then assist those using it to pack up at the end. Great job team!


Be Positive Theme / Family Groups Update

Over the last couple of weeks, our school has been focusing on Emotional Intelligence as our Be Positive theme. It has been great to see so many classes teaching the kids how to recognise when others are feeling particular emotions and to be able to act appropriately to support others with their emotions. What a great skill to master! It was also fantastic seeing our Be Positive team share a short video from the movie ‘Inside Out’ which highlighted how a person can show emotional intelligence to improve the situation for another. Thanks team!


As we continue into the term, the next fortnight’s theme is… ‘Playing by the Rules’. Key learning to take place for the students in this theme includes:

  • What is fair?
  • The importance of having rules.
  • Successful play strategies - starting off, running the activity and finishing off well.

Teaching & Learning


Our students in Yr 3 and 5 will sit the NAPLAN assessments on May 15th, 16th and 17th. Although the students are busy preparing for these assessments, there are some things parents can be be doing at home that will help.

In the lead up to these assessments we will look at the best tips for parents to support their kids.

  • Put the NAPLAN tests into perspective – they are one tool in a range of strategies used to assess your child’s progress and inform his/her learning needs.
  •  Read all information sent to you about the NAPLAN tests and your options.
  • Try not to place too much emphasis on the testing. Treat the NAPLAN testing week as any other school week.
  • Raise any issues you may have about the NAPLAN testing with your child’s teacher.
  • Understand that the school utilises NAPLAN data to help plan personalised learning opportunities and identify trends to celebrate and attend to in the future.
  • If your child is worried, reassure them and talk about strategies you used when in a similar situation.

What happens during a VCOP/ Big Write session?

This week is a Big Write week and students right across the school will be participating in BIG WRITE sessions on Thursday.

As a reminder, this is what it is all about.

Talk Homework: Talk homework is a prompt that is sent home in the week leading up to a Big Write. This is an opportunity for families to discuss the prompt and strategies for great writing. This is strictly a talking task and students are encouraged not to write the story or even notes.

Lively VCOP Session: This is a period of time leading up to the Big Write session where students play word games based around Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. This session is about getting the brain ready to write.

Big Write Session: Depending on grade level students spend the following time writing:

As a guide:

  • Foundation – As required.
  • Year 1 and 2 up to 30 minutes
  • Year 3 and 4 up to 45 minutes
  • Year 5 and 6 up to 1hr

 Classroom environments are set up to promote thinking. These include low lighting, candles and calm music.

During a Big Write session teachers spend time observing students writing habits, supporting students with strategies to get started and maintain writing stamina.

Half Year Reports

Every year we provide two written reports on students that reflect their academic and social development. These reports are sent home in June and December in paper form. As we have been moving towards a more digital and paperless approach to communication, the Compass portal presents an opportunity to make these reports digital rather than in paper form.

From June this year all reports will be sent home on the Compass portal for parents to view.


This has a number of benefits including:

  • Reducing our environmental footprint – nearly 12000 pieces of paper are used in the preparation of reports each year at BPS.
  • Student reports will build up on Compass over the years for parents to access at any time. No more losing reports.

We understand that some families do have trouble with internet connections, which will make accessing these reports hard. If you do require support in this manner please see your child’s teacher for alternative arrangements to be made.


Compass and Learning Tasks

One advantage of our Compass Portal is that we can make assessments available to parents in real time. This happens in the form of Learning Tasks.

On your Compass Portal click on the Learning Tasks Tab and you should see at least two tasks that teachers are reporting regularly on that are visible to parents and students.

Homework – This feedback is all about whether students are completing homework regularly. Students are assessed with a Not Attempted, Partially Completed, Completed or N/A.

Spelling Mastery – As part of the Spelling Mastery program students are assessed on their understanding of the skills taught. These assessments are placed against this Learning Task and are usually out of 25.

How to talk to your child about assessments:

Assessments are there as a guide to help us understand whether a student is picking up the knowledge and skills being taught. When discussing assessments with your child:

  • Focus on the process rather than the outcome. Ie You have scored a …, what did you do that helped you in the lead up to and during the test?
  • Focus on the learning from the assessment ie What have you learnt from doing this activity or what did you find easy/ challenging?
  • Focus on setting a goal for next time ie what is something you could do next time that could help you improve?
  • Reassure your child and talk about times you were in a similar situation and the strategies you used.
  • If you or your child is worried encourage your child to talk to the teacher because I bet there will already be a plan in place to help.

All of these discussions are about developing a GROWTH mindset. Focusing on the process rather than the outcome is far more powerful in the long run.

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Physical Education

Term 2 Calendar Events:

3-31 May – Lacrosse Clinics

4 May – District Cross Country

18 May – Division Cross Country

30 May – Division Netball, AFL and Soccer

4 June – Tough Rugby Clinics


Term 3 Calendar Events:

TBC – Golf clinics and competition

2-7 September – Snow Trip

14 September – Division Athletics


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education

Regional Tennis Competition

Congratulations to Isabella Pearce, Braydon Joyce and Jarrod Joyce for their recent efforts at the Regional Tennis competition.  There was strong competition for our players and they managed to finish 3rd, 3rd and 1st respectively.  We wish Jarrod good luck as he progresses through to the State Tennis Finals on 1 June.  Thank you to all the parents and Mr Young who went along and supported the players.


Click here and here for more photos.

Interschool AFL, Netball and Soccer

A meeting for all students who tried out for the above sporting teams will be held at lunchtime on Tuesday in the gym.

Good Luck Cross Country Runners

Our 24 Cross Country runners will take part in the District Cross Country this Friday.  We wish them all the very best.  A reminder to all runners to return their permission forms and payment to the office as soon as possible.

Congratulation to the Scott Team for winning the Senior Cross Country Championship, and a special mention to Xavier Cummins & Rose Huggins for winning the Interhouse Cross Country Record Breaker.  Well done.










Jump Rope for Heart

$1072 already raised!!

We are off and running!  Last Thursday, Mitchell from JRFH launched our Term 2 Jump Rope for Heart program in the gym.  Thank you to all the classes who came along to hear about it.   37 students have currently registered and our current leaders are:




Mitchell has also awarded the following 5 students with prizes for being the first students to raise money with the school:  Xavier A, Annabel S, Imogen E, Hilary S, Ella B and Penny R.  These students can collect their prize from Ms Morris.

A reminder that all registrations and fundraising for us this term will be online only.  Please see Ms Morris is you have any problems.

Click here to register with Buninyong Primary School.








Lacrosse Clinics

For any interested students there are some free lunchtime Lacrosse sessions.  Below are the days for each year group:

3 May – Grade 1

10 May – Grade 2 + Grade 3

17 May – Grade 4 + Grade 5

24 May – Grade 6

31 May – Prep

PE Shoes

Reminder that clean, dry, sports shoes are required in P.E.  Particularly during Term 2+3 we recommend bringing a separate pair of sports shoes to school to wear just for P.E.


日本祭り Nihon Matsuri – Japan Festival Day – Friday 4th May


This Friday we will be celebrating our whole school Nihon Matsuri - Japan Festival Day. Students will be involved in a lots of fun Japanese cultural and craft activities throughout the day. See timetable attached for an overview of the day’s activities.

Students are encouraged to come dressed up in a Japanese or Asian inspired costume (traditional or more modern… some ideas include characters, sports, foods, etc. J), or come dressed in red or white, the colours of the Japanese flag. School uniform otherwise.


The Japan Shop will be back on Japanese Day during lunchtime, offering students the opportunity to purchase some Japanese lollies, toys or other items. Everything $4. *Please note that students may only purchase one bag of lollies each*

Items for sale include: Japanese lollies (9 varieties!); origami paper; kami fuusen paper balloons; chopsticks; decorative tape (ninja & sushi); mini kokeshi dolls; Japanese tabi socks; eraser packs; kendama (ball & cup) game; hair clips; fans (flat & folding) key rings / bag charms; coffee cups; brush with mirror; gyoza mould/maker; small pencil case/beauty bag; mini calligraphy set; magnets; writing paper sets, and more!  We also have Pocky sticks! Pocky is a very popular treat in Japan, and are chocolate coated biscuits sticks. We have 2 flavours available, chocolate and strawberry. Pocky are $3 a pack.








Parent are very welcome to come and watch the Japanese themed assembly, and also help throughout the day. We especially need some helpers for the gyoza lunch and some classroom activities. Please let Narelle know if you may be able to help [email protected]

Hiragana Karate Belts

This term we have introduced the hiragana karate belt system for our grade 3-6 students. This allows them to demonstrate their proficiency at reading hiragana characters and monitor their own progress. Students are very motivated and it’s great to see the growth being made. CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have already earned some belts!

White Belt

Mason Trewin, Lucy Baldwin, Xavier Mangan, Chase Greene, Zoe Kierce, Tayor Mason, Bethany Allan

Yellow Belt

Savannah Dalby, Harper Walsh, Neha Kalluri, Matilda Tozer

Green Belt

Riley Hill, Ruby Wilson

Blue Belt

Rawdon Rodgers, Rebecca Osborne


Elinor Hare is 4th year Pre-Service Teacher who has been with us in Japanese for a teaching placement. This is her last week at Buninyong. We would like to say a BIG thank you to Miss Ellie for all of her assistance and work in our Japanese program, and wish her all the best for her remaining studies and future teaching career.


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Japanese Theme Day

The Scotsburn campus students will be joining the Buninyong campus students at Buninyong for the annual Japanese Theme Day this Friday 4th May. The Scotsburn staff and students will be spread among the classes at Buninyong for a variety of fun learning activities. We’ll meet in the courtyard from 8.45am.


ANZAC Day Services

 It was great to see so many students at the ANZAC Day service last Wednesday. The significance of the day is being passed down through the generations which is wonderful.


Help Needed

The Specialist School Farm have kindly offered to donate four new chickens to our campus. If there are any parents that would like to pick them up for us, that would be AMAZING. If you are able, please let Mr O or Miss Wood know this week. The FARM is located at 800 Norman St, Invermay Park, Ballarat. The school is open from 7am onwards.


Book Fair

The book fair will be on in the library from Thursday 26th April – Thursday 3rd May. Please drop into the library before or after school to pick yourself up some bargains.



The P-2 Gymnastics program gets underway this week (Wednesday 2nd May). This is always something that the students look forward to. It will run for 5 weeks. Please ensure all payments and permission notes are returned ASAP.


Debating Support

Debating has been a huge part of the Scotsburn campus and a wonderful opportunity for students to develop their public speaking skills. With Sharon Davis and Natasha Adam now not at the campus, we are searching for a couple of parents who can assist Ms Geddes in this important and valuable opportunity. Please see Ms Geddes if you would like to become involved.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

  • Gr P-2 – Aidan Gillett
  • Gr 2-4 – Jacob Hicks
  • Specialist Award – Mia Harrison
  • B Positive Award – Samuel Ladner

Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 2 will be on the (27th April). Our groups will be doing the following:


Term 1 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!








Term 2 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Book Fair – 26th April – 3rd May

Japanese Theme Day – 4th May

Gr P-2 Gymnastics – 6th, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 29th May

Mother’s Day Stall – 11th May

Gr 3 & 5 NAPLAN – 15th-17th May

School Photos – 18th May

Gr P-6 Bike Ed – 21st, 23rd & 24th May

Report Writing Day – 22nd May

Music on the Mount – 2nd June

Grandparents & Special Friends Day (9am-11am) – 4th June

Gr P-6 Quantum – 6th June

Queen’s Birthday Holiday – 11th June

First Aid in Schools program at school – 12th June

Story of Buninyong performance – 14th June

Grade 5 Camp to Halls Gap – 20th – 22nd June

Grade 5 two day Sovereign Hill experience – 28th – 29th June

3 Way Conversations – 21st June (4pm-6pm)

3 Way Conversations – 26th June (1pm finish for students)

SC3 to Earth Ed – 27th June

Term 2 Finishes – 29th June

Student News

School Photos

School Photos will be on Thursday 17th & Friday 18th of May.

Book Fair

Book Fair closes this Wednesday 2nd May. 

Morning opening times 8:30am - 9:00am

Afternoon 3:30pm - 4:00pm


Mothers Day Stall


Chess Club

Congratulations to our Chess Team who travelled to Geelong last week and competed strongly winning the day by 3 points. James and Dan have given us a snapshot of the day:


On Thursday last week we travelled to Geelong to participate in a chess tournament at Geelong Christian College.

The Buninyong team won by three points, beating all of the primary and middle school players. We all got gold medals and a humongous trophy for the school. Everyone scored over three points and our best player, Dan, won all of his games. We qualified for the state championships which means we can bring 8 players to the championships. We are also looking for more people to join the chess club which will running Thursday lunchtimes in Term 2.

Congratulations – James, Andrew, Dan, Matilda, Thomas and Ned

Thanks to Nadia Smyth for organising the team and getting them to Geelong safely – your support is appreciated.



On Thursday, Rob Bailey, our chess coach of 13 years will be providing a demonstration game in the courtyard at lunchtime. Students are encouraged to come along and watch. If any students are interested in joining the Buninyong Chess coaching program they can collect an information/registration form on the day.




Timber Pallet Donation

Looking for a donation of timber pallets  (7 in total).  Speak to Katie Adamson or Bernie if you can assist.

Thank you, Katie 


Community Notice

Burpee Challenge for the Royal Children’s Hospital

Mr Wilson and the Buninyong CrossFit members are attempting to beat our last fundraising effort of $8600 for the Royal Children’s Hospital. In conjunction with the Making a Difference Gala Ball we are again raising funds for the Royal Children Hospital Cardiac and Oncology wards. To assist us with reaching our goal of $10,000 simply choose how many Burpees you wish to buy, sponsor one of our members and donate. All money goes directly to the hospital via the everydayhero website. You will be emailed a tax deductable receipt for your donation. 

On May 5 2018, we will complete 1 burpee for every $1 raised. All money raised and donated needs to be paid via everyday hero by May 12 2018. Buninyong CrossFit will then present a cheque to the RCH the Making a Difference Gala Ball in Ballarat on May 26 2018. Help us complete 10,000 Burpees for this great cause!


This is a cause very close to Mr Wilson’s heart with his own son Harvey having 4 rounds of heart surgery from birth to the age of 4. Mr Wilson has set a target of 700 burpees to be completed in a couple of hours so if you can assist him reaching his goal and that of the Buninyong Crossfit Team, please log on to the link below and show your support.





Canteen Roster


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