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09 May 2018
Issue Three
Principal's Message
Important Events
LOTE 日本語 ニューズ
Literacy at EPS
Mathematics at EPS
Education Week 2018 ‘Celebrating the Arts’  
 5/6 Student Led Library
1/2 Local Walk
Sandpit Creations
Friday Food Stalls
Mother's Day Stall
School Council Parent Information Sessions
Meet the Teacher Bree Bullock - 5/6B
Interschool Winter Sports
Local Promotions
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Principal's Message

Our Vision is ‘to provide an education that engages, challenges and supports students to become interdependent learners’

Our Mission is to develop ongoing learners who have the capacity to inquire, communicate and innovate in an ever-changing world.  Our objective is to develop authentic learners by using evidence-based strategies to support student learning and thinking.  The core purpose of our work is to enable all students to be responsible for their continuous growth and make good learning choices to become interdependent learners.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends,


Thank you very much to School Council and Supa Bargains Moonee Ponds for a fantastic Mother’s Day stall.  Everyone seemed very happy and excited with the choice of present they were able to purchase for their mother, grandmother and other important maternal figures in their lives.  Thank you to all parent volunteers who gave up their morning to make it such a success.  The Mother’s Day stall will open again at 3:30pm on Friday 11th May for those who missed out today.  The Prep Mother’s Day celebration and activities will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 10th May, in the infant hall. 


It has been a very busy first four weeks of Term Two with two Prep tours, interschool sports and preparation for the three days of the National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) testing for Years 3 and 5 next week and Education Week.  A whole school assembly will be held in the afternoon of Monday 21st May to open Education Week which has the theme “Celebrating the Arts”. The Specialist PLT are planning a range of student activities during week 6 to celebrate the Arts and will keep you posted.


Over the next few weeks teaching staff will be released in Teaching Professional Learning Teams (PLTs), for their Professional Practice Day to moderate student work in preparation for the end of semester reports.  Teachers, with the support of our pedagogy coaches Mary and Dee will focus on discussing and comparing writing, numeracy and reading assessment data, teacher observations, and student work to identify benchmarks and teacher judgements against the Victorian Curriculum.  In the mean-time students will have a program of literacy, numeracy and inquiry planned by their teachers and delivered by the replacement teacher.  Foundation teachers will have their Professional Practice Day this week, Thursday 10th May, 1/2s Monday 14th May, 3/4s Wednesday 23rd and 5/6s Thursday 24th May.


Essendon Primary 2018 School Review

On Tuesday Michelle and I attended a Professional Learning session at the Bastow Institute to learn about the new process for school reviews. As part of the Improvement Cycle, Victorian government schools undertake a review every four years to provide an independent analysis of the school's performance against the goals and targets in their school strategic plan and to create a self-sustaining cycle to improve student outcomes in the future.


Pre-review Self-evaluation Report

One of the first steps for leadership is to engage the school community (students, teachers, School Council and parents) in the Pre-review Self-evaluation Process before completing the Pre-review Self-evaluation Report which will be presented to the reviewer. We plan to send out an insight survey and an invitation for a parent focus group early in Term 3.


The Validation Day, planned for Monday 3rd September is the first day of our school review. The Review Panel tests the school's performance, as outlined in its Pre-review Self-evaluation Report, against the school's practices.


The Fieldwork Day, later the same week, uses multiple sources to arrive at accurate, evidence-based findings. The Panel comes to an agreed position on the school's performance against the goals and targets in its previous Strategic Plan and its place on Continua for School Improvement against the Framework for Improved Student Outcomes (FISO) dimensions.


The final day is when the School Review Panel convenes to share and discuss information from the Validation Day and Fieldwork Day, coming to agreement on a set of findings. A critical outcome of the meeting is the development of directions for the school's next School Strategic Plan, including goals, targets and key improvement strategies.


The Review Report

The report's findings are then presented to staff and school council, and the public section of the report is made available to the school community. The school uses the directions from the review report to collaboratively develop the school's next four-year school strategic plan.


Please keep an eye out for further information as to how you can assist us with the School Review Process.


Christine Nash


Important Events


Friday 11th May

3rd 2019 Foundation Tour

3:30pm 00T Friday Food Stall

Catch up Mothers Day Stall


Monday 14th May

Year 5/6 Assembly


15th, 16th and 17th May

NAPLAN assessments for Years 3 and 


Friday 18th May

Year 3/4 Local Walk

3:30pm Friday Food Stall


Monday 21st May

Whole School Assembly


21st to 25th May

Education Week ‘Celebrating the Arts’


Friday 25th May

3:30pm Friday Food Stall



Friday 1st June

3:30pm Friday Food Stall


Friday 8th June

3:30pm Friday Food Stall


Monday 11th June

Queens birthday holiday


Monday 25th June

Semester 1 reports available to parents on Compass


Friday 29th June

Last Day of Term 2

Whole School Assembly

2.30pm dismissal


Monday 16th July

First Day Term 3

LOTE 日本語 ニューズ

Crane project

We are nearly up to 1000 cranes! Hayley is sewing them together and will have all the cranes on display. Please pop into the Japanese room to look at the cranes when you are free.

The cranes will then be sent to the The Children’s Peace Monument at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial and put on display.

Special thanks to Queenie P and her family who folded 100 cranes at home for the school! ありがとうございました

POD Colours

On Japanese Cultural Day in Term One the new POD colours were presented at assembly.

Instead of numbering the PODs or naming the learning group after a teacher, it was decided that students could take ownership of the naming of the PODs.

Students were provided with a variety of Japanese colour names. These colours ranged from the generic colours such as blue and red, to the colours that are only traditionally used in Japanese art and clothing.

Students voted for the colour of their choice and these votes were collated.


Keep practicing your colours at home:


Hiragana Masters for 2018


Naomi B



Lily R

Sean D



Jorge E

Willy L

Brendan P

Sofia Z



Kiara B

Jack B

Marcus P

Annabelle W

Ziad A


NB: If any students have been missed to please let Hayley know and they will be published next newsletter

Literacy at EPS

Literacy at Essendon Primary School


Harry Walsh recently wrote a letter to Mary, the Literacy Co-ordinator asking her to purchase a new copy of his favorite book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs for the Library. The book arrived today and Harry couldn't wait to start reading it!

Premiers Reading Challenge

The Challenge is off and running at EPS!!! Well done to all those students already recording books. Special mention to Alma J, Archie T, Hannah A, Sidney C, Inchara M, Bhargav A, Marion L, Nathanael N,  Ava P, Marissa S, Simone S, Charlotte W, Emily D, Vethum G, Willy L, Hayagreev N and Hannah L.


Book Review - the Tashi series

3 great reasons to read the Tashi series

  1. They are on the Premiers Reading Challenge Booklist and in our EPS Libraries
  2. They are daring adventures and tall tales about magic, courage and the triumph of brains over brawn.
  3. They were created by the much loved, multi-award winning Australian author/illustrator team of Anna Fienberg, Barbara Fienberg and Kim Gamble



'Well, it was like this. Come and I'll tell you about the time I tricked the last dragon of all.'
So says the daring hero, Tashi, in his first book of adventures. Tashi comes from a place very far away. He escaped from a war  lord and flew to this country on a swan. He's as brave as he's clever, and he tells the best stories.

Tashi books are ideal for young readers, or for reading aloud, and they're loved all over  the world.

Up and coming writing competitions

If you have any questions regarding any items on this page, please contact me via email.

Mary Fazzari

Leading Teacher/Pedagogy Coach

[email protected]

Mathematics at EPS

Mathematicians at Work

This edition features some of our amazing Mathematicians learning through hands on materials and investigative work.


The Grade 1/2s in Rochelle and Elle's Maths groups seized the opportunity to use our brilliant new sandpit to learn about capacity.

Goal I can measure, compare and order the capacity of a range of containers using informal units.



The Grade 3/4s in Aaron and Tristen's Maths groups made great use of digital technology to support, consolidate and challenge their thinking.

Goal I can use efficient written strategies to solve multiplication problems.


The Grade 5/6s in Bree's Maths group used their project space to investigate volume using water.

Goal I know that 1000L is the same a 1 m3.

Remember - keep working on your Maths Masters goals


 to regularly log into Mathletics

Be a Mathematician!


Deanna Zschunke

Leading Teacher/Pedagogy Coach

[email protected]


Education Week 2018 ‘Celebrating the Arts’

Education Week 2018 is all about ‘Celebrating the Art’.

The Specialist team have planned some exciting lessons to implement over throughout Education Week.


Classroom teachers will also allow some time during the week to celebrate the Arts with their individual classes/pods by completing a simple activity that will contribute to the EPS Red Flower Wall, inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s Flower Obsession exhibition at NGV.

In addition to the EPS Flower Wall, Zakiya plans to have students contribute to the creation of an Environmental Art sculpture for the school yard. The aim is to erect a number of totems to symbolise a place of community using recycled plastic bottle of all shapes and sizes. The creation of the EPS Totems is inspired by the work of Australian environmental artist John Dahlsen. His work not only draws attention to the amount of litter produced by modern society but also proves that most discarded materials can be creatively reused to produce art.

In order to complete this project Zakiya has asked students to contribute a minimum of two clean, flexible plastic bottles which can be compressed such as:     

Milk bottles    

Juice bottles                           

Dishwashing liquid bottles              

Soft drink bottles                   

Flavoured milk bottles     

The project will be ‘a work in progress’ over the next few weeks but Zakiya hoping to have enough bottles collected to complete all totems during Education Week.


We very much appreciate your support.

 5/6 Student Led Library

Things are happening in 5/6

Grand Opening of the Student Led Library

After a lot of hard work assembling new shelving, sorting books, an intensive application process for library monitors, the Grade 5/6 Student Led Library is now ready to open!

The Library has a collection of novels, factual texts and picture story books. Monitors have been appointed to facilitate the borrowing of and returning of books and to keep the space neat, tidy and welcoming.

The Library Monitor job application process was a rigorous one with applicants having to answer 5 key selection criteria. For example:  “Are you organised and like to focus on detail? Explain how you would be a good fit”.

Congratulations to the 6 successful applicants:  Jack K, Portia, Eliza S, Matilda, Maisy and Diya!!!


1/2 Local Walk


Sandpit Creations

Leadership recently purchased some more equipment for the sand pit. We now have enough buckets and spades for everyone and look at some of our creations.





Friday Food Stalls

`The Friday Food Stall has become a tradition at Essendon Primary School.  It is a great way to raise additional funds for the learning spaces and to foster community spirit.  Food Stalls will be held on a weekly basis during terms 2 and 3 with each class rostered on once for the year.  Parents will be asked to provide their child with appropriate food item/s, which will then be sold on a Friday afternoon after the final bell to the rest of the school community. 


1/2N and 1/2T have already held their food stall and raised close to $400 each.  00T will have their food stall this Friday, 11th May. The Foundation PLT have already spent their Friday Food Stall money, in advance, on a range of kitchen appliances so that Foundation students can participate in and write about their cooking experiences. Now we need to sell enough foods to cover the costs.  The 1/2PLT are still deciding what they will spend their funds on.



Fundraising Sub Committee

Your help is needed.

Our aspiration this year is to hit a fundraising target of $45,000.

This will pay for new shade sails over the playground equipment.

Our activities to reach for this goal include;

     - Saturday morning BBQs at the Soccer

     - Trivia Night in early September

     - Chocolate Drive

We are also reaching out to our Essendon Primary School alumni network for assistance.  As one of the oldest Primary schools in Victoria, we have a deep heritage with alumni including the Hon Ron Clarke, Judith Durham and the late Steve Irwin - Crocodile Hunter. If you are an alumni or know of any, please join our Facebook page -

or get in contact with me.

As part of the community, you can assist in these events, which could be via lending a helping hand, donating items, contributing to funds or reaching out to your network to assist.

We will also be tracking how we are progressing and sharing with you on a regular basis.

To assist or for further information, do not hesitate to contact me at  [email protected]   Also remember to “Follow the gleam”


Mother's Day Stall

Thank you very much to Tracy from Supa Bargains Moonee Ponds for helping us out with this year's Mother’s Day stall. Tracy had a wide range of quality items to add to our own stock giving students plenty of gifts to choose from. I am sure every mother and grandmother will be delighted with the gift their child has purchased.  Thank you also, very much, to the many parents who volunteered their time this morning. I am sure everyone enjoyed the atmosphere.




Over the coming weeks EPS students will be learning about bullying. We will learn about how to identify when bullying is happening and how to respond to bullying. Here is some information you may find useful at home...


What is bullying?

The definition of bullying has three critical aspects: it is a misuse of power within relationships, it is repeated and ongoing, and it involves behaviours which can cause harm.  All three aspects need to be present in order for behaviour to be called bullying.​ It is important to note that the individual who is bullying repeats the behaviour and has the intention of causing harm. Bullying of any form or for any reason can have long-term effects on those involved, including bystanders. Single incidents and conflicts or fights between equals, whether in person or online, are not defined as bullying. In short, bullying is an ongoing misuse of power in relationships involving a pattern of harmful verbal, physical or social behaviour. 

Bullying Tips Part 1

What can YOU do if your child is being bullied?

There are six key steps for parents if their child tells them they have been bullied (ongoing misuse of power in relationships involving a pattern of harmful verbal, physical or social behaviour): 


1. listen calmly to what your child wants to say and make sure you get the full story

2. reassure your child that they are not to blame and ask open and empathetic questions to find out more details

3. discuss with your child some sensible strategies to handle the bullying – retaliation or starting a fight is not sensible

4. contact the school and stay in touch with them

5. check in regularly with your child.

Coming next newsletter: 

What can your child do if they are being bullied in person?

What can your child do if they are being bullied online?

What  to do if your child sees bullying?

info sourced from



Behaviour that is NOT bullying

It is important to note that when your child tells you that they are experiencing issues at school, most of the time it will not be classified as bullying. Remember - bullying has three critical aspects and the perpetrator must be acting with intent to harm. Most social issues between students are relatively small and can be easily solved, with or without the intervention of an adult. 

Most students will get into disputes or experience conflict with another child from time to time. This is completely normal, and some would argue a necessary part of growing up. It is only when these unwanted behaviours continue and become threatening that they can be classified as bullying. 

School Council Parent Information Sessions

Parent Information Night UPDATE

In supporting the role of parenting as a school community, we are working hard to find cost effective options for the identified topics for parent information night/s. 

The feedback from the survey earlier in the year indicated the most interest in:

  • Resilience & persistence
  • Raising empathetic, connected & motivated kids
  • Cyber Safety
  • Bullying
  • Transition to high school / early career planning
  • Skills to help with reading, writing, keyboarding at home

Watch this space for news soon!!


Useful Resources: Cyber Safety

To build on our ability to share information relevant to parenting primary school children, we will share some ‘snack bite’ information within a few newsletters of resources we have found ourselves.

Please send me any good resources you would like to share with other parents or feedback:  [email protected]


 Cyber Safety

How to help your child if they tell you they are being cyberbullied

Suggestions on what to do if you believe your child is cyberbullying others


Parent’s Guide to Online Safety

This can be downloaded in many languages & looks at practical tips to help with:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Social networking
  • Unwanted contact
  • Sexting
  • Inappropriate content; and
  • Online safeguards



How to help your child if they tell you they are being cyberbullied

Suggestions on what to do if you believe your child is cyberbullying others


Meet the Teacher
Bree Bullock - 5/6B

Photo: Meet the Teacher - Bree Bullock

Meet the Teacher - Bree Bullock - 5/6B

This week we caught up with 5/6 teacher, Bree about a few of her favourite things and places. 

Favourite hobby

Playing netball

Favourite food

Beef satay or spaghetti bolognese 

Favourite subject to teach

Maths because you can make it interesting and relate it to real life. I'm really enjoying training the inter-school sport netball team as well!

Favourite holiday destination

The Gold Coast - I love the theme parks!

Favourite sports team

Carlton Footy Club

Favourite children’s author or children’s book

The Complete Book of Naughty Stories for Good Boys and Girls by Christopher Milne

Favourite local café or restaurant

La Headquarters in Melton

Interschool Winter Sports


Round  1  On Friday the 27 of April the football team traveled to ormond park to play st Monicas we were all nervous before the game and we knew we were in for a tough game. We played well in the 1st quarter but st Monicas got the opening goal then they kicked couple of points but we hit back with Oscar booting our first of only goals. In the 2nd quarter st monicas kicked away but we kept on applying pressure and Imogen saved a certain goal with 4 on 1 keeping it to a stoppage.When we walked onto the field for the second half we knew that we had to come back and take the lead from St Monica’s but they were proving too good as they kicked goals on us but we still kept tackling and playing the best football that we could play. We also got lots of inside 50 entries and applied lots of pressure on the St Monica’s defence. We headed into the last quarter a few goals down but we never really out of it.In the final quarter we still kept giving it all we had with great inside 50 entries and defensive plays. Nathan continued to persevere against the St Monica’s and also won most of the taps! EPS continued to not give in and although we tried our hardest St Monica’s primary school was just too good! EPS was proud walking off the field as we knew that we had tried our best and there was still plenty of opportunity in the rest of the season.


Round 2 On Friday the 4th of May 2018 the Essendon Primary School football team went on a bus to Clifton park (Aberfeldie Football ground). The Essendon Football team was fired up after losing to Saint Monica's last week. The first quarter was a tight one with the scores held at EPS: 1 goal 1 point with total of 7 and Aberfeldie with 0 goals and 1 point. Essendon were leading by 6 at quarter time with Cooper S kicking the only goal. The second quarter soon came around with our midfield doing a great job to get the ball down to our forwards and then scoring a goal. When the ball got to the backline David B did a great job of tackling the Aberfeldie players and when they were trying to tackle him he was a mini Dustin Martin. At half time the scores were EPS: 3 goals and 4 point with a total of 22 on the other hand Aberfeldie had 0 goals and 1 point.

The 3rd quarter was a ripper with Essendon extending their lead to a bigger margin. The fourth quarter was an even bigger quarter for Essendon when they were passing to other players that didn’t have much of the ball and we ended up winning 8 goals 7 points to Aberfeldie 0 goals and 2 points.


Goal kickers:

Henry T: 1 goal

Cooper S: 1 goal

Hunter C: 2 goals

Mona B:1 goal

Elise. K: 1 goal

Marcus P: 1 goal

Boston Y: 1 goal


Netball Black

By Annabelle.L

The 27th of April was round one. The first game we played was against St Monica's. We were a good team but they were better. Our captain was Matilda A. The game was very interesting and hard. In the first quarter they got ahead and were on a role shooting goals. Second quarter.  We did not like them winning and kept trying our hardest. Third quarter we caught up, losing by 1 goal only.  We were playing very well. Sadly in the last quarter they got ahead by 3 goals. We weren't able to stop them. The end score was 7-10 their way. We may have lost but it was very fun and we all enjoyed  the game. After the game we talked strategy for our next match against Aberfeldie. We hoped to win. We sent a big thank to our captain Matilda A and our coach Bree . We also thank Rosa D for filling in for one of our players.


Netball Black

By Annabelle.L

The 4th of May was round 2, the second game. We played Aberfeldie Primary School. In the first quarter we did well in the sun, while it lasted, and we were coming first in the game. EPS was thrilled by this. In the second quarter EPS Black were doing well for teamwork and we shot the most goals. In the third quarter, it started pouring with rain. Everyone still was committed to the game, and we played on. It was our best quarter. In the last quarter, it absolutely rained on us. We ended up winning 25- nil our way. We sung the victory song with pride. A special thanks to our captain, which was Madeleine D, and a round of applause for Bree, our coach.

This week we have a Bye


E.P.S Red Netball (round 1)

By Ella D & Elsie H

On the 27th of April we played St Monica’s, we played well for our first game but they were better on the day. We had one of our star shooters away so we had someone step up to the plate to shoot for them. But even through our shooters where good the defenders were good too but there attackers were good so we could not get it down our end. At half time our coach Bree and captain Maisy gave us a little pep talk and we played better, we gave it our all but they were just too good. The end scores were 6-28 St Monica’s way, it was an upset but we had fun and that’s what counts.  We took away some great strategies and ideas that we could use for the following matches in the coming weeks. Thank you to Chloe Z for getting the ball down to our goal circle.


E.P.S Red Netball (round 2)

By Ella D & Elsie H

On the 4th of May we played our second game against Aberfeldie and we’re happy to say we did much better against them than Saint Monica’s. We started off well, stopping them from getting any goals, and shooting a few ourselves.  At quarter time Bree, our captain Chloe and the rest of our teammates huddled and discussed what we would work on in the second quarter. We played well in the second quarter and stopped them from getting any goals and shot more goals because of our hard dedication and teamwork.  We played in the second half we were hungry for success and shot more goals in the second half than the first half and still stopped them from getting any goals at all. We ended up winning, 23 nil and were overjoyed at how well we played. It was a good game especially after our tough match against Saint Monica’s the week before. Thank you to Kate F for in the defence half for getting the balls and passing it down the court.


Round 1

Ryan L & Tom P

On the 27th of April, Essendon’s inters school sports T-ball team and St Monica’s met and played at St Monica’s Primary for our first Essendon away game. St Monica’s started off with batting with Essendon in Fielding. The first time our team had worked together properly and effectively, was around the middle, until then, the teams were neck and neck.  After our gears started turning, St Monica’s put up more than a match in this nail biting first round. Everyone one both teams played outstandingly, with cooperation. In the end, St Monica’s just prevailed with a thrilling 25 points to Essendon’s ever so close 24. Great player. Both Essendon and St Monica’s did great!


Round 2

Ryan L & Tom P

The buses came quickly, whisking us off to Aberfeldie's grounds.  We entered the match with a good start, but Aberfeldie's huge hits were not to be stopped.  Even so, our team kept persisting, our spirit unchanged. We started to work together and what do you know? Everything clinks in. We started to get runs, while Tom caught out many people.  Still, Aberfeldie powered forth, proving to be a very fearsome team. In the end, the score was an outstanding 47 from Aberfeldie and 24 from Essendon. Our team has taken this as a mark of improvement, leaving with rain in our eyes and determination for next time. Great play.


On the 27th of April the girls inter school sports soccer team played their first game. We played Saint Monica’s. Rojin D played really well as Keeper. Saint Monica’s played hard but Joulia M scored the first goal. Then with another powerful kick Saint Monica’s scored the next goal. The scores at the end of the first half were 1 all. In the second half we worked as a team and scored two more goals by Annabelle W and Saint Monica’s defenders played well but Stephanie M dodge them like fire a scored the last goal. The end scores were 4-1 Essendon’s way the whole team played well good job girls.

-Maddie and Annabelle

Local Promotions


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