KWS Prep School Fortnightly Bulletin

19 September 2018
Issue Fourteen
A Message from the Principal
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A Message from the Head of Prep School
Assembly Awards
The Regional Engagement Enterprise
Prep Performing Arts Press
Prep Sports News
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Upcoming Events
Uniting Vacation Care
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A Message from
the Principal

It has been a very busy and productive term...

Our Year 12’s have completed their trial exams and Year 11 are currently sitting theirs. We have experienced a very strong winter season of sport and been privileged to see some of the outstanding works by our HSC Drama, Music and Industrial Technology students over the past weeks.

At our recent assembly one of our HSC Drama Groups performed their Major Work ‘AvocadNOO’- a hilarious, physical and witty story about the journey to save the world’s last avocado. A superb and creative act that immensely entertained the audience and one which has been recognised by the HSC examiners by the award of an OnSTAGE Nomination. Our Year 12 class also received a further two OnSTAGE nominations for Individual Performances. Congratulations to Zac Condon and Hunter Wilson for their Individual nominations and to Myriam Kwa, Edward Dodds, Hunta Wilson and Porcha Bolte for their Group Performance nomination. OnSTAGE is where the NSW Board of Studies showcase the best Dramatic HSC Performances in the state, a tremendous achievement.

We had the opportunity to see the great skill, design and craftsmanship of our Industrial Technology students as they displayed their work in their annual exhibition.

Their hard work, attention to detail and desire for excellence was highly evident. We all possess many talents, each of us having skills and gifts in different areas. As someone who struggles to put a piece of IKEA furniture together, I was so impressed by the skill and care revealed in the great array of IT projects. Congratulations to every one of the students whose work was on display. They were outstanding.

We have also recently been treated with a marvellous strings concert showcasing the skills and talents of our musicians from both the Preparatory and Senior School. As I have said many times before, the standard of our music at Kinross Wolaroi is first-class.

Thank you to all our musicians who performed so well and provided such a delightful evening. It is very special that at Kinross Wolaroi we are able to excel in so many areas and that we support each other to do so. Excellence is something we should all aspire to and it is clear many of our students are.

I have very much enjoyed watching some of your winter sport and would like to commend our students on the way they play their games. Week in week out I see fine displays of the spirit of good sportsmanship. They strive to achieve their best and when victory is achieved, it is done so with humility; and, when defeat is experienced it is done so with grace. The enthusiasm and pleasure that is readily evident when our students play is fabulous to observe. It is clear they are enjoying the challenge and friendship that sport provides.

I saw this over the past week in our Netball, Hockey and Football semi-finals. Some outstanding play, fine demonstrations of skill and courage. Wins and losses experienced and wonderful examples of school sport at its best.

All our teams were tremendous ambassadors for Kinross Wolaroi and clearly displayed the values we strive to uphold. Congratulations to our Girls 1st Football, Hockey and Netball teams for making it through to their respective Grand Finals, and to the Netball team on their victory.

I was at a meeting with Dr Wenham, the Principal of St Stanislaus College recently and she also commented upon the fine spirit in which our annual Rugby fixture was played and of the good sportsmanship displayed on the day.  The community witnessing our students behaviour and favourably commenting upon our students builds their personal reputation and that of our School.

Congratulations to all those who have represented the School so well over the Winter months.

I will conclude by thanking our Student Representative Council for the initiative, energy and enthusiasm they are demonstrating in designing strategies to improve our School. Their focus on litter and their campaigning involving the assistance of our Kindergarten students has been tremendous.

It is important that our student body has a voice because they are the ones that determine the quality and tone of our School and community.  It is important that our students have an opportunity to express their views and that they contribute to the good of the School.

This should always be done in a spirit of humility, knowing we can all learn from others. And we should always be respectful, rational and reasonable.

I am greatly encouraged and so should you be by the energy and genuine desire shown by the SRC to make our School a finer place.

Staff News

Mr Graeme Walters – Retirement

Mr Graeme Walters has advised of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School, as of 22 July, 2019.  Graeme will take Long Service Leave for most of the 2019 school year, until his retirement date. Graeme has made an outstanding contribution to life of Kinross Wolaroi in so many domains of the School with his main-focus being Mathematics. Graeme was the Head of Mathematics for 11 years has and also taken on other teaching roles in Woodwork, Technical Drawing and Computer Studies. Being new to KWS, I am most grateful for his diligence and expertise to the timetabling of our School – a very complex and demanding facet of his role. Paul has generously offered to assist with finalising the 2019 Timetable in the lead up to the 2019 academic year. Upon retirement, Graeme intends to change gears a little and ‘get a golf handicap’ as well as find some time to enjoy his hobbies and grandchildren.


Mr Bill Tink – Resignation

Mr Bill Tink has advised of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School at the end of Term 4 this year. Bill intends to spend the next few years focussing on his family, taking some work as a casual teacher as well as some work with CSU. He also hopes to take some time to enjoy his love of art. Bill has proved that he is a highly accomplished Visual Arts teacher and artist in his own right. The last six years of Year 12 Visual Arts student’s under Bill’s tutelage has resulted in nominations and inclusions into the prestigious ARTEXPRESS exhibition in the Art Gallery of NSW. Bill also has proven results in the art community with his works being displayed as both solo works and as part of art exhibitions in the Orange and broader community.


Mr David Lee – Resignation

Mr David Lee has also advised the school of his intention to resign from Kinross Wolaroi School at the end of Term 4 this year. David has been on Long Service Leave this year which has allowed him time to gather his thoughts and decide what the future holds for him. David is excited that his resignation will allow him more time to devote to the 2nd Orange Scout Group and will also allow him to take on the challenge as an ICT Integrator in a school Cowra. David was initially employed as a Mathematics teacher in 2008 and has since made numerous contributions to different areas of the School, including IST and Junior Technology where he introduced Robotics into the classroom. His most recent appointment prior to taking leave was the ICT Integrator, which allowed him the opportunity to work with the youngest and the oldest students of the School.

On behalf of the school community I thank Graeme, Bill and David for their dedication and commitment to the School and wish them all the best in their future endeavours. They will be greatly missed!


HSC Drama OnSTAGE nominations

Drama students – Zac Condon and Hunta Wilson have been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE for their  individual HSC performances.  The group performance ‘AvocadNoo’ - Myriam Kwa, Edward Dodds, Hunta Wilson and Porcha Bolte - has been nominated for possible inclusion in OnSTAGE, a selection of performances and individual projects from Higher School Certificate Drama students. Congratulations to each of these students for such an outstanding achievement, and also to your teacher, Mrs Dunkley who was thrilled to receive this news from NESA.


ISA Athletics Championships

A small squad of KWS students attended the ISA Championships last week. The girls team won the Junior Division Shield and taking third place in both the Intermediate and Senior divisions. This placed them first overall in the Championships.  The boys squad were also very competitive finishing fourth in the Junior Division, sixth in the Intermediates and fifth in the Seniors. They were placed fourth overall. As a result of the KWS performances, 20 students were selected for the CIS Championships later this month.

Dr Andrew Parry

Announcement to the
School Community

Mr James Boyd
Deputy Principal/Head of Senior School

It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of Mr James Boyd as the new Deputy Principal

and Head of Senior School. James will commence his role on 1 January, 2019 following Mrs Bev West's

retirement at the end of this year.

We warmly welcome James along with his wife Caroline and their children, Lachlan (10) Harriet (7) and

Angus (5) to the Kinross Wolaroi community.

His appointment is the culmination of an extensive search, using the services of a specialist education

executive recruitment firm that yielded a very strong field of candidates from leading schools across


James has had considerable success as a leader and teacher in a both single sex and co-educational schools in Australia and the United Kingdom. He is passionate about developing, leading and empowering excellence from staff and students, by creating and enabling a culture in which staff and students can flourish, and strive for and achieve personal bests. He is currently Director of Boarding at Cranbrook School in Sydney where he has transformed the culture and quality of the boarding experience. His previous appointments have been as a Boarding Housemaster, Director of Rugby and History teacher at Merchiston Castle School in Edinburgh and teacher of History at St Edward's School, Oxford and Eton College, Windsor. James holds a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History from the University of Durham and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Buckingham.

In addition to his leadership experience in various educational settings, James is a highly skilled Rugby

Coach having led Cranbrook to its first 1st X.V Premiership in twenty years in 2014 and has coached

Scotland Under 18 and Oxford University. During his time in Edinburgh, he was a member of the Scottish

Rugby Union High Performance Coach program. James also possesses a strong interest in Russian History, Literature, Film and Politics.

On behalf of the Kinross Wolaroi School community, I very much look forward to formally welcoming James and his family to Orange and into the School community.


Dr Andrew Parry


A Message from the
Head of Prep School

Term 3 Term 9

A most exciting time in the Prep over the next fortnight with our 3 shows being performed:

  • K-2 -  Bedtime Stories - All Shook Up
  • 3-4 – A Valuable Lesson
  • 5-6 – Best Shot in the West

Staff have already committed great energy and time into the show, writing, composing, building, sewing along with a multitude of other tasks.

The staff area to be commended on their willingness to provide this opportunity to our students.

Many parents have already been involved in the preparation and many more will contribute over the next week or so. Your assistance is invaluable and enable the shows to be such a terrific learning experience for the students. Thank you from all the Prep staff.

Our Chess team have now reached the grand-final of the Western region after an epic battle against O’Connell Public School. The boys Isaac de-Bruyn, Kajan Kandeepan, Krishan Kandeepan and Lachlan Watts were down 3-1 after the first round.

In a remarkable turn-around all the boys won their second round games to clinch the final 5-3. Congratulations to the boys on a wonderful achievement and we wish them every success against Dubbo in the grand-final.

The Orange Eisteddfod concluded recently and students from KWS performed strongly across the whole range of sections. These have been acknowledged in previous bulletins.

Our ensembles – choirs, bands, strings were also entered with the following gaining 1st place.

  • 5/6 Choir
  • Prep Percussion group
  • Prep Strings (for the 14th year)

Congratulations to the students, Mrs Sinclair, Mrs Moxey and the respective tutors.

Thank you to all who attended the Parent Teacher interviews last week. With no written report this term they give you an opportunity to understand the progress of your child.

Teachers also find it important to maintain the link between home and school because, as we know, having both working together will only benefit the student. 

Our Foxes girls’ hockey team played in their grand-final this week going down 2-1. A terrific result as the previous result to this team was 6-0. The girls are to be commended for the way they played the game and demeanor afterwards. They celebrated each other’s performance and enjoyed the whole occasion. This was evident with great positive support from the sideline. Well done girls and families supporting.

NAPLAN results have arrived and were mailed out to parents of Years 3 & 5 students.

A reminder that the school term finishes on Thursday 27th September.

Coming back in term 4 Summer Sport for years 3-6 will commence in the first week on Wednesday 19 October, note that summer sport runs from 3:30 – 5pm.

May I take this opportunity to again thank you for your support throughout the term and hope you are able to spend some time together as a family over the holiday break.

At Assembly we acknowledged the following students:

  • Week 8:
    Commitment - Hannah Jones
    Commitment - Grace Hansen
    Principal's Award - Harry Oldroyd
  • Week 9:
    Courage - Hayden McKenzie
    Principal's Award - Lexi Wilkin
    Inclusiveness - Grace Bylsma

Mr Rob McLean

Head of the Preparatory School


Teaching your child to cope

To adults, childhood and teenage years can seem like a carefree time in comparison to the realities of adulthood. But kids still experience stress. Earlier this month all of the Senior School students completed a Wellbeing Survey designed by our Wellbeing Team. We had a total of 537 student responses. Such a survey provides the opportunity to check our current school climate and areas of concern, identify areas for potential growth and develop a big picture view of the wellbeing of our students. Stress was named as the number one concern by our student body, closely followed by anxiety. Things like school and a student’s social life can sometimes create pressures that can feel overwhelming for kids, leading to higher levels of stress and anxiety.

Stress is part of everyday life and coping is how we deal with stress. Coping skills are what we think and what we do to help us get through difficult situations. Coping skills can be taught, and with depression rates on the rise among young people, learning them is more important than ever. While there is no right or wrong way to cope, there are helpful and unhelpful ways to deal with the stresses of everyday life. These include:

At home:

  • Listen and talk to your child. Help them to identify their concerns or worries and acknowledge how they are feeling.
  • Comfort your child. There may be times when your child does not want to talk and just having a parent nearby engaging in a shared activity or giving them a cuddle is helpful. 
  • Demonstrate and model ways that you cope with situations.
  • Prepare your child for changes and talk positively about any upcoming changes occurring in their life.
  • Encourage help-seeking by teaching your child when to ask for help.
  • Problem-solve the situation with your child through a step-by-step process.
  • Encourage your child by talking positively about their attempts to cope.

At school:

  • Relationships and belonging are the most important factors that can help students cope with adversity. The importance of positive student-teacher relationships can never be underestimated and is certainly a focus area for the Wellbeing Team.
  • Talking through problems with a trusted adult. Young children, even pre-schoolers, can start to learn coping skills by talking about situations they encountered and how they coped and other ways they may cope in future.
  • Targeted programs and resources in Tutor. Teaching young adolescents coping skills is vitally important. Touch points of particular concern are the transition years of starting and finishing high school.
  • Explicit teaching of time management and organisation skills becomes increasingly important as students get older.

Hopefully some of these tips may be useful for you and your child/children. As we near the end of Term 3, I wish you all a restful and calm break!


Mrs Emma Bylsma 
Head of Student Wellbeing

Assembly Awards

Merit Awards

KK: Week 8 – Harriett Johnston, Alice Jones, Milla O’Toole, Mya McLachlan, Andie Zinga.

1C: Week 8 – Harry Price, Jack Kenny, Louise Blyth, Zaro Jalal, Janette Proudford-Nalder.

IW:  Week 8 -   Andrew Bell, Benjamin Knight, Luca Kotasthane, Darcie Marshall.

2H: Week 8 -  Alannah Bryan.

Courtesy Points

Lovely Manners: Week 8 -  Benjamin Knight, Charlie Haydon, Sophie Caro, Chloe Caro, Charli Greatbatch, Archie Bylsma, Varnikaa Kannan, Phoebe Hunter, Vivian Meates, Harry Oldroy.

Lovely Greetings:  Week 8 -  James Hulme, Pixie Harmer, Oliver Roach, Ava Healey, Lachlan Watts. Spencer Johnston, James Jones.

Thinking of Others:  Week 8 -  Harriett Sinclair, Nixie Widauer, Prayan Dulal, Lillian Pearce.

Excellent Behaviour:  Week 8 -  Harriett Johnston, Isabella Lloyd-George.

School Values: Week 8 -  Thomas Hansen.

Citizenship Points

Wearing Uniform with Pride:  Week 8 - Eliza Lord, Camilla Crossing, William Payne, Louis Blyth,

Helpfulness: Week 8 -  Lillian Pearce, Krishan Kandeepan, Thomas Goodsir, Vivian Meates, Harry Oldroyd.

Role Model: Week 8 -  Samuel Martin.

Being Kind:  Week 8 -  Maya McFarlane, Lucas Choi, Charles Gill, Milla O’Toole, Eva Smedley, Lexi Wilkin.

School Values: Week 8 – Cassandra Philippe, Darcie Marshall, Alice Jones, Luca Popa, Daniel Kerdic, Disha Prasad.

The Regional Engagement Enterprise


Our Year 9 unit on sustainability finishes this week with the students having explored their focus areas for the past 6 weeks. Our community mentors have revisited their cohorts in viticulture, paddock to plate, regional wellbeing, agri-innovation and Orange 360 to assess their progress on creating a documentary, TED-Ed talk or magazine article for the Central Western Daily. A selection of these will appear in the next bulletin. Below is a photo of James Robson from Ross Hill Wines being interviewed by the students on how being carbon neutral helps limit climate change.


Wired for Wonder

Year 9 and 10 IST attended the ‘Wired for Wonder’ conference in Sydney last week, during which they heard from a series of inspirational speakers on emerging trends and creative ideas for the future. The commonwealth bank kindly sponsored our attendance.


Molong Show

Our cattle team had a great day at the Molong Show on the weekend as they prepare for their visit to the Scone Beef Bonanza early next term. Taylah Hobbs (Year 7) continued her success from Parkes by taking out champion parader, whilst Hugo Bartlett came 2nd in junior judging and Lily Davies-Etheridge collected several ribbons in her first outing for the year.



40 students from Year 9 attended the GATEway conference at the NSW Department of Primary Industries to learn about the future of agri-technology in Australia. The day began with a variety of workshops in the morning on gaming, virtual reality, blockchain and the use of drones and sensors in agriculture. Following this the students heard from Andrew Logan, CEO of OneCrop, regarding his journey into entrepreneurship. UNSW provided an entertaining lunch break during which many of the students built solar powered cars and had a play on the virtual reality excavators and front end loaders. The final session of the afternoon was a design thinking workshop facilitated by Tom Riley from KWS and the Commonwealth Bank. The students from different schools in Orange were mixed together and their task was to design the next big game in agriculture. KWS students were instrumental in designing each of the games put on the podium, including ‘Pro Bull Riding’ and ‘Ag Australia’.



It is all hands to the pump to finish our archibull submission before the deadline of Thursday! This week the students have cut the shearing shed floorboards for the stage, clothed the mannequins for the catwalk, finished painting the shearing of the rams, completed the animation and loaded it onto the tablet built into the ‘bull’, affixed the spinning wheel and finished yarn bombing for the legs! If you’d like to follow their progress, check out their own blog

Co-Curricular TREE – The Farmers Market Team

Applications for TREE as a summer co-curricular will close shortly. Anyone interested in being involved must see Mrs Bilton before the end of Week 9.


Mr Tom Riley
Director of TREE

Prep Performing Arts Press

Dates for the Diary

  • Week 9
    Last co-curricular rehearsal for Term 3
  • Week 9/10
    Thursday Sept 20 – 3-4 Show 5.30pm DPA
    Monday Sept 24 – K-2 Show 5.30pm DPA
    Wednesday Sept 26 – 5-6 Show 7.30pm Civic Theatre (tickets available online through Ticketek)
  • Term 4 – Week 1
    Co-curricular ensembles resume rehearsals (Koristers and Percussion Ensemble will resume Week 2)
  • Term 4 – significant dates
    Friday Nov 2 – Grandparents Day
    Saturday Nov 3 – Prep Open Day
    Tuesday Nov 14 – Performing Arts Assembly
    Tuesday Dec 4 – Celebration Assembly


All ensembles will rehearse in Week 9 with the exception of Six Strings and Junior Band. There will be NO rehearsals in Week 10 and all groups resume rehearsal in Week 1 Term 4.

Eisteddfod News

Well done to all our performers over the last few weeks, whether you have been performing dance, speech and drama or music you all represented yourselves and your school to the highest degree. It takes huge COMMITMENT to prepare for such events, COURAGE to stand up on stage and RESILIENCE to keep on striving to better yourselves each year. Congratulations to everyone that took part.


Prep Band: competed in the Junior Bands section along with 14 others school groups and although they did not receive a place, our young players represented the school extremely well and played their tricky piece with great enthusiasm. Mrs McRae was extremely proud of their efforts. 

Percussion Ensemble: the ingenuity and flexibility of this group shone through again in their performance of ‘Classroom Chaos’ which involved chairs, exam tables and pencils! The adjudicator appreciated their originality and ensemble work and awarded them First Place in this section, much to the delight the students and Mrs Sinclair and was a testament to the progression they have made as a group this year.

Prep Six Strings: competed in the Junior Instrumental section and despite being up against a fantastic array of bands and instrumental ensembles, they won their section, much to their great delight! Mrs Sinclair was extremely proud of the way they played on the day and also delighted with their achievements.

Prep Strings: gave a magnificent and polished performance of ‘March of the Czar’ to take out First Place in the Junior String Group section which is another fabulous achievement for our players, not to mention Mrs Moxey who has won this section with various groups for the last 14 years. A truly incredible result and testament to the expertise and passion of Mrs Moxey’s teaching.  Congratulations to all.

String Concert - 6 September

Congratulations to all our ensembles that performed in our String Concert. We were treated to a wonderful afternoon of music from all our strings players, from Junior Strings through to Chamber strings. The display of talent was an example of what wonderfully talented tutors and students we have at KWS.

Thank you to all students for their hard work and commitment over the last term, it’s certainly been a busy one. Enjoy your holiday and we look forward to seeing you again in Term 4.


Mrs K Sinclair
Prep Music Co-ordinator

Prep Sports News

NSWCIS Athletics Carnival, Sydney Olympic Park

Congratulations to our athletes who represented HICES team at NSWCIS Athletics Carnival last week Thursday 13 September. Our students are to be commended on their commitment and efforts at this carnival. Some gained PB’s with all gaining valuable competition experience. Well done Oscar Chandler-Sullivan, Angus Croft, Lachlan de Vries, Olive Glover, Liam McKenzie, Finn O’Toole, Hugh Payne.

Summer Sport

All Summer Sport selections have been received with a copy currently on the Sports noticeboard. Final checks are being completed with the Summer Sport Bulletin being compiled. This year a copy of the Bulletin will be found on FROG (Prep Sport / Summer Sport tab). No copies will be emailed home.


Training in Term 4 commences on Wednesday 17 October. 3.30-5.00pm.

U11 Cricket matches start the following afternoon. U12-U13 Cricket starts Saturday 20 October.


Parents are asked to sign up to TEAM APP.

All the latest information and wet weather changes will be pushed out through this app. As most parents already have an account set up, go to FIND A TEAM and look up the following groups.

  • For Swimming, Tennis, Touch Football: KWS Prep Summer Sport
  • For Triathlon: KWS Prep Triathlon
  • For Cricket: KWS Prep Cricket
  • Football shirts

Students do not need to return their Football shirts this year UNLESS they have a number on the back. Playing shirts can be used for the 2019 season. Please hand all numbered shirts back to Mrs Sharpe by the end of the week.


Sporting teams of the week

Congratulations to the following teams on making the Finals and Grand Finals in their sports. All teams played with gusto and bravery and were a true credit to KWS Prep School.

  • Netball:
    U10 Bluebirds – Finalists.
  • Hockey:
    Scorpions - Finalists
    Rhinos – Grand-finalists – Runners-up
    Foxes- Grand-finalists – Runners-up.

Sport Dates for the Diary

17 October: Summer Sport training commences 3.30-5.00pm

18 October: Round 1 U11 Cricket

20 October: Round 1 U12 & U13 Cricket

30 October: Prep Sports Assembly

19-21 November: K-2 Swimming Program

21 November: K-2 Swim Carnival 1.30pm


Mrs Louise Barrett

KWS Prep Sport & PE Co-ordinator

Sports Reports


U10 Bluebirds

Unfortunately, our season came to an end the weekend before last. We were hoping for a win to get into the Grand Final, but our opponents were just too good.

We were so nervous and let those nerves get the better of us. The Hawkes made the most of every single mistake we made, and with their really tall players, it was not long before they were well ahead of us.

With only 7 players all year (no subs) and an inexperienced team with players who had never played before, we were not a good chance from the very beginning of the season. However, we fought hard every game and played hard even when we were exhausted. We encouraged each other every week to play the best game we could. So, by the end of the third quarter, although we were feeling deflated, we weren’t going to allow ourselves to be defeated before the final whistle had blown. We got into our huddle and we did our team cheer and decided that if this was going to be our final quarter of netball for the year, we wanted to make it our best – and one we would be proud of.

Trailing by 15-5, we came back like a pack of hungry wolves in need of food. Our passes were better, our footwork was better, and we found ways to get around their tall defenders. When the final whistle blew, it was 17-11. We lost the game and we were definitely disappointed, but we won the final quarter and for just a short moment, that was enough.

We would like to thank Mr McLean, Mrs Pengilly and Mrs Barrett who all turned up to the game to support us. Your support was really appreciated – we felt very special!

We would also like to thank our coach, Mrs Seedsman, who had complete faith in us from the very beginning. Thanks also to her trusty helpers, Ailish & Alanah, who supported us every week. We also have to thank Hannah and Flossy from the Under 9’s who filled in for us when we would have had to play with only 6 players. And thanks too, to our parents who turned up to every game - even when it was freezing cold and revolting weather – it truly was a huge team effort!

Finally, I would like to thank the Bluebirds team. You were the best teammates to play with. Our support for each other strengthened every week, providing us with the confidence to play to the best of our abilities. Our disappointments over the season will help us to be even better players next year. Congratulations on an amazing season. We had fun from start to finish and I can’t wait to do it all again next year!
3…2…1…Bluebirds… (clap, clap)… HA!
Alice Scholte




On Wednesday night the KWS Scorpions played the KWS Rhinos in the final - with the winner to go into the grand-final the following week. We played a terrific game, dragging the ball well and using the width of the field. We opened the scoring in the first half via a great strike for Lucy. Unfortunately, in the second half the Rhinos came out a lot stronger and were able to score two goals late in the half to hit the lead. Overall it was a great contest but the Rhinos were the better side on the day and deserved to play in the grand-final. Good luck to them in the grand-final.

Grace Bylsma



Families of Year 3, 5, 7 & 9 students should soon receive their child’s NAPLAN results. The reports are due to families by 28 September. I trust that the report will give families a snapshot of your child’s literacy and numeracy levels of achievement.

NAPLAN results will soon be accessible to the school. Once this is available, a thorough analysis will be undertaken to ascertain the cohort’s strengths and weaknesses in literacy and numeracy skills. However, the primary focus will be on student growth. That is, has the student result increased, decreased or remained static over the years.

For Year 9, 2018 students there is still the requirement to demonstrate the National Minimum Standards in order to be awarded the HSC. Whilst the link to NAPLAN has been removed for this year, next year, all Year 10s in 2019 will need to sit online tests in Reading, Writing and Numeracy. Further information about this requirement will be given in the new year. Based on the Year 9 2018 NAPLAN results, students who do not achieve a BAND 8 or above in Reading, Writing and Numeracy will be given the opportunity to attend additional literacy and numeracy workshops to further develop these skills. This program under the title Never Stop Improving (NSI) will be conducted prior to these online tests.

For more information regarding NAPLAN and/or the National Minimum Standards, please contact me on [email protected]


Yooie Choi

Coordinator of Learning Enhancement

Club 3:16: School Christian Fellowship group

Club 3:16 is the School’s Christian Fellowship group. As a way of an update for Term 3, I thought I would share what the group has been doing and to encourage the Kinross Wolaroi School community to think and pray for us as we meet. The group meets weekly on Friday lunch in the Bennett Building. The group varies in size but the core group numbers around 12 to 15 regular students.

This term, the group has looked at the book of Ephesians. The book is jam packed with a lot of gospel truths, so this term we have only focused on key words from key passages. Such key phrases have included “Spiritual blessings in Christ” (Ephesians 1:3), “Thanksgiving and Prayer” (Ephesians 1:15-17) and “Alive in Christ” (Ephesians 2:4-5). These phrases help us to see that we are part of God’s family, because of what Jesus has done for us, and in response we are thankful!

Being a teenager at school is a time of great change and identity building. Life can sometimes be difficult and peer influence increasingly more influential. When celebrity role models become more fickle and the worries of the world get heavier, there is no better time to explore ones faith and look to Jesus – our ultimate role model!

It is no easy feat for a teenager to give up a lunch time, stand out from the crowd and say I want to learn more about God. I ask that as we end this term and think about Term 4, that you keep us in your prayers. If your child is keen to explore, discuss and ask questions about faith, life and God, please encourage them to come along. They are very welcomed! It is a relaxed atmosphere, with supper on offer, and more student input and leadership are welcome!

If you have any questions, comments and/or would like to join a Club 3:16 Family Support group, please contact me on [email protected].  

Yooie Choi

KWS Shop News

Summer Uniforms

Please be reminded that girls summer uniforms are to be worn in Term 4 (starting from 16 October). 

Summer uniform for girls includes Summer Blouse, Summer Tunic, White Socks, Straw Hat, Criss Cross Tie (Year 11-12 only), Summer A-Line Dress (Prep Girls only). For more information please contact Gail or Sharron in the Shop.

Clothing Pool

Any current school uniform items of no longer use, can be delivered to the KWS Shop to be sold on your behalf. Items need to be in good condition are of current designs and are washed or dry cleaned. With the up and coming School Orientation Day and seasonal uniform changes there is now the opportunity to have your items processed quickly.

Best Shot in the West – Tickets on Sale

Tickets are now on sale through Ticketek for performances of the Year 5/6 drama production of Best Shot in the West.
Tickets can be purchased for the evening Performance on Wednesday 26 September 7:30pm (always a sell out so advised to get them early).

For any attendances at the matinees please ring and book with Mrs Gail Kennewell in the Prep School office 6392 0316. Once booked the payment for these performances will be completed with Mrs Lisa Miller in the KWS Accounts Department.

  • Matinee -  Tuesday 25 September  11:30am
  • Matinee – Wednesday 26 September 10:30am

Romko Hordynsky

K-2 Show Performances


The K-2 Show will have 3 performances. Matinees on Friday 21st at 11am & Monday 24th September at 10:00am. The finale will be the performance on Monday evening at 6pm all in the Derek Pigot Auditorium. There is no need to book tickets for any of the shows as there will be plenty of seating for the whole family.
Gail Kennewell

Volunteers for HSC Disability Provisions

The Student Academic Services team are on a desperate search for a bank of volunteers to use for Year 12 HSC Disability Provisions in Term 4. Volunteers are required to act as readers for a number of our Year 12 students. If you are available (or know someone who might be available) to assist between 18 October and 9 November, please contact Tina Moshkanbaryans ([email protected]) at your earliest convenience.

Please note: Working with Children Check required (free for voluntary work); current Year 12 parents cannot act as readers

Tina Moshkanbaryans

Canteen News

The Canteen is now offering freshly handmade sushi everyday... Yum!


The Willows Donations

The Willows Preschool is on a mission to learn about recycling.  They are collecting milk bottle tops (and orange juice, moove etc) to reuse them in a mosaic pathway in our playground, and need your help. They need around 30,000!  your donations will help us achieve our goal by December, and save a lot of plastic from landfill.

A bucket will be put outside Mrs Seedsman's classroom for collection, and will be emptied regularly.
Thank you for your help.

Anna Caskey

Overdue Library Books 

There are quite a few students that currently have overdue library books. Could I please ask that all overdue library books be returned by the end of this week? Students will not be allowed to borrow for the holidays if they have overdue items. If students are unable to locate the missing items, then please let me know (via email through the Prep Office), and these items will be charged to your account. In the event that missing items are later found, the money will be credited back to the account. Please contact me should you wish to discuss your child's current loans.
Nicole Caro
Prep Library Program

Dates for Your Diary

17 – 24 September – K-2 Show commitments
24 September – Performance of K-2 Production
17 – 26 September – 5/6 Drama commitments
25 September – Matinee 5/6 Production
26 September – Matinee and Evening Performance of 5/6 Production
27 September  - Term 3 concludes
28 September – Pupil Free Day

Gail Kennewell

Upcoming Events

Spring Soiree


Parent Lecture Series - Paul Dillon

Parent Lecture Series – Paul Dillon

Monday 22 October 2018

6.00-8.00pm in the DPA Chapel

Paul Dillon has been working in the area of drug education for the past 25 years. Through his own business, Drug and Alcohol Research Training Australia (DARTA), he has been contracted by many organisations to give regular updates on current drug trends within the community. He continues to work with many school communities across the country to ensure they have access to good quality information and best practice drug education

Bookings to be made via TryBooking

Uniting Vacation Care

Kinross Wolaroi Vacation Care Booking Form

Uniting Child Care are happy to offer vacation care for the upcoming school holiday period. If you would like your child or children to attend please complete this booking form. The daily fee will be $55 per day which will include afternoon tea (your CCB will be applied).

Please note:

  • Note children must wear shirts with sleeves, closed in shoes and bring a hat, jacket or jumper
  • The operating hours of vacation care are   8:00am – 6:00pm daily

We have some exciting days planned and we hope that your child or children will be joining us.

By completing this form along with payment you are agreeing to booking into Vacation Care. As per our service policy we require 2 weeks’ (10 operational days) notice to withdraw this booking.

This booking form needs to be returned by Monday 24th of September to Camille Henderson.

A confirmation of your booking will be made once the payment has been received. The Vacation Care service is not offered to families in arrears of OSHC fees.


A message from our Chaplains

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Ruth answered Naomi, “Don't ask me to leave you! Let me go with you. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God. When Naomi saw that Ruth was determined to go with her, she said nothing more.

Book of Ruth, 1:16-18

Last week, I was asked by a student; “why do bad things happen to good people?” It’s difficult to answer why it happens. However, I do know that it is not because ‘God knows that they are capable of handling it’. What rubbish! That means that God selects individuals and makes bad things happen to them, that God takes pleasure in causing pain. This is clearly contrary to the teachings of Jesus. We need to think logically before we believe everything we are told by – even by well-intentioned people.

It’s a fact of life is that good and bad happens to everyone. The rain falls on the good and the bad (Matt 5:45). Sometimes it seems like bad people prosper. We all know of people who have done the wrong thing and supposedly got away with it. But we know, and consequently they have compromised their integrity and reputation. We need to protect our reputation and our integrity. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

The good people of the Bible also encountered the cruelty of life’s twists and turns. Their fidelity in the face of the bad is the quality that makes them great. Ruth’s reputation and her integrity have been spoken of for over 3000 years. Her story is told in just four short chapters. She is one of just two women in the Bible to have a book named after them. The other is Esther. Esther took her life into her hands by approaching the king without being summoned in an effort to defend her people from persecution. We need to develop courage if we are to be people of integrity who can transcend the bad things of life.

It was Ruth’s integrity that attracted Boaz’s attentions. Now, integrity means being honest and having strong moral principles. People of integrity are valued but they are hard to find. Boaz was told about all that Ruth had done for Naomi and he says to Ruth: “May the Lord repay you for what you have done.” I guess his prayer was granted, Boaz married Ruth.

Ruth’s actions were significant because in those times, women of Judaism were not allowed to be employed. They could not earn an income. If they did not have a husband, a father or a son to protect them, they were completely at the mercy of villainy and violence. Ruth’s husband died, and although she did not have a son, she did still have her father and his extended family. She could find protection. But Naomi was a widow, and Ruth’s husband was Naomi’s the last surviving son. She was alone, vulnerable, destitute and in a foreign land.

Ruth ensured that Naomi was not alone. Ruth’s actions eventually secured for Naomi a new family and protection. She stuck to her moral principles to do what was in the best interest of Naomi. Behaving in the best interest of the other: that’s integrity. Ruth’s integrity was rewarded by God. Her son to Boaz was the grandfather of King David, the greatest king of Jewish history.

To care about the other rather than serving our own interests can be tough. Being truthful, being honest, being kind, being dependable, being respectful are all practices of integrity. We need to practice being people of integrity.

Next week, at the Year Twelve Graduation, a blessing will be sung upon the Graduates; “May you be like Ruth and like Esther. May you be deserving of praise.” May they (and us all) be blessed with courage and integrity and may they be favourably repaid for what they do.


Phil Worrad 

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