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14 September 2018
Issue Eight
Principal's Message
Important Dates
Curriculum in Focus: English
Accolades for 'All of Us'
Gratitude by Prep-AS
Moments in Science
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Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Carers



This term we say goodbye to Natasha Taylor and Sarah Ryan.  Both Sarah and Natasha are beginning maternity leave with their babies due in early October.  We wish them all the best and look forward to their return in 2020.



Planning has commenced for next year's classes.  If you are intending to leave the school in 2019, please let your classroom teacher know.



Thank you to the families who have already voted for Clifton Hill Primary School's Pick My Project "All Abilities Playground" application.  We are aware it is a lengthy process to vote, but it will be worth it if we reach the next stage of the process as we have applied for a $200,000 grant.  We have a dedicated parent and staff group working with community organisations to develop plans to present to students and families.


Please vote at the following link ( ) and encourage your network to vote as well.  The deadline for voting is Monday 17th September.



The Principal and School Council are responsible for setting and approving parent payments.  The School Council will be reviewing parent payments for 2019 at our next school council meeting on Wednesday 19th September.  Please contact Vanessa Todd, the School Council President, at [email protected] if you wish to comment on our previous parent payments.  Our current parent payment policy is available on the school website ( Parent payment details will be provided to all families at the beginning of November.



On Monday 6th November the school will be open however we will be running a modified program.  Historically we have found that many families organise an extended holiday over this weekend due to Melbourne Cup day being a public holiday.  Classes may be combined depending on numbers.  A modified program will be delivered to all students present.  Please note on this day the canteen and office will be closed.


After what has been a very busy term 3 enjoy the holidays, particularly if your team is in the finals!


Kind Regards










Important Dates

Important Dates


Thu 13 - Thu 27                  Grade 6 China Tour

Fri 21                                      Final day of term 3 (2.30pm finish)



Mon 8                                     Term 4 commences

Wed 10                                   Division Athletics

Tue 16                                    Region Athletics

Fri 19                                       Community Afternoon Tea (Prep families to host)

Fri 26                                       Prep Transition 2019 - Session 1


Curriculum in Focus:

English Update - Snapshot into Poetry

Poetry is valued at Clifton Hill Primary School. Writing poetry fosters and promotes critical and creative thinking; with its emphasis on symbolism, expression of thoughts, metaphors and imagery. It prompts us to look at the world from a variety of perspectives and show empathy towards others. Whether it is searching for the perfect word, articulating a thought or fine tuning the rhythm and rhyme of a poem, the steps involved strengthen our cognitive processes.



Grade One students have been immersed in poetry by writing their own  Acrostic poems, Haiku poems, Diamante poems, Cinquains and Limericks. The stimulus and inspiration for writing these poems has come from their Integrated Studies topic “Minibeasts”.


Grade Three students have been reading and listening to Australian poetry as part of our “Marvellous Melbourne” unit. It has been wonderful to read about the history of Australia through famous poems such as “My Country” by Dorothea Mackellar and “The Man from Snowy River” by Banjo Paterson. Students then planned and wrote their own poem about Australia.

Rose P - 3HK

Lily H - 3CF

            The pony sent the flint stones flying, but the pony kept on going.

            Through the stringybarks and saplings, on the rough and broken ground.

            It was grand to see the man from snowy river ride.

            And he cleared the fallen timber in his stride.

            On a dim and distance hillside the wild horses racing yet,

            With the man from snowy river at their heels.


In 4SL we have explored two forms of poetry; blackout poems and haikus. Creating poetry helped us to understand that the meaning of sentences can be enriched by carefully selecting the words and phrases we use in our texts.

Isla C - 4SL



Students in 5MM wrote an ‘I am” poem as a way to describe themselves and get to know each other. Using the provided stimulus questions students were able to articulate their innermost thoughts and feelings. Through the power of written word we were able to build greater empathy and understanding in our classroom community. 

            Louis W - 5MM


English Curriculum Team 2018

We would love to read your poetry.
Choose a poem you have written and post your poem in the 1DW letterbox by Friday the 21st September

All entries will be displayed on the bulletin board outside 1AV classroom.

Five different poems will be published in the Term 4 CHPS newsletter.


Accolades for 'All of Us'

School Production

What a wonderful success, was the CHPS 4/5/6 Production “All of Us”! Our students sang, danced and acted with talent and conviction, our staff managed the artistic and logistical coordination with efficiency and good humour, and from the positive feedback we received, our parents were ‘surprised’ and delighted at how much they enjoyed themselves!


There were a number of challenges for both students and staff along the way, but through this process we have all learnt about risk taking, resilience and team work. The content has allowed us all to reflect on Human Rights at a deeper level and enabled interesting and valuable class discussion.


Thank you to leadership, staff, students and parents for supporting another unforgettable performing arts experience at CHPS.


Gratitude by Prep-AS


During the last few weeks Prep AS have been thinking about gratitude. By thinking about how lucky we are and entering these ideas into our journals we have discovered that there are so many things that we are grateful for.  Below you will find one suggestion from each member of our grade, but we had many more.

Olivia: I am grateful for my brother.

Lucinda: I am grateful for being able to sing.

Annelise: I am grateful for my teddy bear.

Dean: I am grateful for sunny and rainy days because of rainbows.

Willow: I am grateful for my dog.

Kayhan: I am grateful for being able to think about numbers.

Sammy: I am grateful for my house.

Catherine: I am grateful for people that help.

Alex: I am grateful for drawing during Investigations.

Emi: I am grateful for my brain being able to send messages to my mouth.

Isabella: I am grateful for my dad hanging me upside down.

Leon: I am grateful for being able to play footy.

Danica: I am grateful for my mum and how she can cheer me up when I’m sad.

Clara: I am grateful for being able to whistle.

Miles: I am grateful for being able to build Lego in one minute.

Kayhan: I am grateful for being able to think about numbers.

Tahlia: I am grateful for Planks during Investigations.

Finn: I am grateful for my mum making me chocolate milkshakes.

William: I am grateful for my friends in Norway.

Bella: I am grateful for being able to ride a bike.

Matilda: I am grateful for my bed.

Ruel: I am grateful for Minecraft.

Thomas: I am grateful for being able to jump from high places.

Banjo: I am grateful for having a great grandad.

Margot: I am grateful for learning a new word.

Nicholas: I am grateful for my heart pumping blood.

Eve: I am grateful for paper.



Register your Interest - Musicians and Bands for the School Fair

             Register your Interest - Musicians and Bands for the School Fair

The School fair Entertainment Coordinators are putting a call out to musicians and bands from the CHPS community to perform at this year’s School Fair on Saturday November 24. The Music has been a highlight of previous fairs and is a great way to bring people together. Amongst our school community there is plenty of talent, so whether you're a pro, a has-been or up-and-comer, we want to hear from you. Plenty of people volunteer their time for the fair and this is chance for musically minded to do so as well. Let's make Clifton Hill the ''School of Rock"!

To register your interest, get together:

  • Short bio, outlining your connection to the school, what you intend playing on the day, and your contact details
  • A recording (doesn't need to be professional standard, just a good representation of your sound)
  • Send it through to [email protected]  by Wednesday 3 October and we will let you know soon afterwards!

For reference, if the schedule allows we anticipate a 20-30 minute set from each act, and up to four acts on the day.  If you have any questions reach out to the Entertainment Coordinators Stewart Denmead or Mark Elliott at [email protected].                                




The school fair this year will have Sustainability focus.

The Craft Stall will make it easier to achieve ‘rubbish free lunches’ with reusable wraps and bags. Here is a sneak preview of what will be available for purchase for presents and yourself.

If you would like to help make something for the Craft Stall

then please contact:-

Narelle or  Melinda Wilson   M:0414 278 479

                                    E: [email protected]



Moments in Science

Focus on STEM - Project Based Learning

On Friday the 24th of August I had the fortunate experience of attending a fully subsidised professional development session at Quantum Victoria. I had been on the waiting list for months and so I jumped at the chance when I was offered a place due to another delegate's cancellation.


Project Based Learning in STEM and other disciplines has many definitions, here is a comprehensive one: Project-based learning provides an opportunity for real world connections to be made and contexts explored within the four disciplines of STEM. Project expectations are made at the start of the project and are revisited with checkpoints for understanding using a range of assessment strategies. Students have models and guidelines for high quality work and know what is expected of them to successfully complete the project. Opportunities for reflection, feedback, and modifications are provided through various stages in the project. Technology is used in a range of ways to enhance and promote student learning and deepen understanding. Projects pose important questions for students to think about and inquiries for students to explore. Students engage in critical and creative thinking as they solve the problem presented. Teachers play a crucial role in framing questions and guiding students to think and frame their thoughts and devise possible solutions as they work mathematically, scientifically and technologically to solve problems which present themselves.

A major consideration when planning projects is catering for the learning needs of all students. Students learn best by making connections, designing, building, testing, evaluating and modifying designs until the project outcomes are achieved. Throughout this process students are actively engaging in critical and creative thinking. They engage in active problem solving by gathering data to inform planning, when they conduct investigations, designing or through the development of prototypes and solutions. They leverage digital technologies throughout the project in communicating findings, solving problems, and assisting with the collation and analysis of data.
For the source of this definition, click here.


The day promoted the learning benefits of Project Based Learning (PBL):

- Student-centred

- Collaborative

- Engaging

- Requires contemporary learning skills

- Focuses on work that matters

- Requires critical thinking, communication and active problem-solving


The highlight of the day was when the teams we were sitting in were given our own 'Ungoogleable' question.


'Can we create a simple, low-cost robotic hand with the same function as a human hand'


We became the students with one hour, textas, butchers paper and a treasure trove of resources, to solve it. I initiated a plan, based on the human body: bones, skeletal muscles and tendons, then communicated it to my team, then I scoped the resources to see if it was possible and used a drawing to further explain my thinking. We were all on board. 

We discovered a motor on our table, so two of our four team members began to investigate the possibility of incorporating a motorised element rather than keeping it analogue, while the remaining two participants commenced construction. After several tests we established that time restraints would prevent this additional feature, so two became four once more and we continued construction. We achieved a completed (some would say life-like hand, thanks to a watch and artificial nails...polished of course) by the deadline. 

Then group by group we presented our plan and completed 'hand' to the class. 

Whilst our 'hand' could give a handshake hi-five and hold and transfer a cup 1m, it could not hold a ping-pong ball for the intended 1m transfer. 

There were a variety of designs and two of the groups did achieve the challenge...but a team member turned to me and said, "Yes, but which group got the most laughs?"

True. We certainly had showmanship in our presentation. 

In the book I am reading at the moment, The Science of Happiness by Stefan Klein PhD, I had just read a passage that makes the connection between enjoyment, engagement and learning. So my team member raised a valid point.


"Mood influences mental ability. How easy it is to raise people's spirits, and that happiness and reason are not mutually exclusive. Students who can laugh and are comfortable in class learn more easily. Employees who enjoy their work will also be productive.

As the saying goes: The brain runs on fun."


At the completion of our presentations our facilitators asked us, 

Is Product more important than Process?

A resounding "No".

We still practised all of the behaviours that we were trying to encourage. We reflected on our learning and were able to make suggestions about modification to improve the design as well. 


The speakers were:

Latha Shivasubramanian, an Education Officer with a background in Engineering, Computer Science and Project Management. She has completed further study gaining her Master's degree in Astronomy and Astrophysics; and Nathan Moore, a Leading Teacher who has lead the IT research program 'Classrooms of the Future' at Charles La Trobe College, who has extensive expertise in the Digital Technologies

Natasha Taylor

Natasha will be continuing with a long-term project of a rather large scale . She has now commenced her leave of absence from CHPS to complete the growing of, then ejecting and rearing another infant. We look forward to having her back soon.



CHPS Science Show 2018

This year our School Science Show will take on a different format.

Viewing of the entries in the show will take place in the evening of Tuesday 13th November from

6pm - 7:30pm in the Multi-Purpose Room. 


Students can drop off their entries at the MPR before or after school on Tuesday 13th of November.

All entrants must sign in with a teacher before placing their project on display.


Year 2 Community Event

Photography Exhibition

On Tuesday the 11th of September the Year 2 cohort celebrated the completion of their unit, ‘Communication’ with a photography exhibition in the Multi-Purpose room.

The ‘gallery’ was well attended by our school community making it such a meaningful and vibrant event.

Students took their photos using iPads and edited them using Snapseed.

The photos fell under three categories, People, Nature and City.

We would like to thank all the classes across the school and Parent and Carer community who were able to attend.


Community Notices



Fire Works !! - Alphington - 14 September


Dan Donnelly


MLC - Information Session Artwork














Children’s Yoga - 6 Week Program

Our yoga program has been specially designed to allow children to experience yoga in a fun and relaxed way to:-

• Build strength and flexibility

• Improve emotional control and self-regulation 

• Increase calmness and resilience

• Encourage empathy for self and others

• Connect with themselves and celebrate their unique qualities

Two Sessions:

Age group: 10 to 12 year old

Monday from 15 October to Monday 26 November 

4.15pm to 5pm

(*No class on  Monday 5 November Melbourne Cup long weekend)


Age group: 7  to 9 year old

Wednesday 17 October  to Wednesday 21 November 

4.15pm to 5pm


Investment per child $100 for 6 weeks

Early bird special : $85.00 payment by 28 September 


Space limited to 12 Children only, book early to secure your spot.


Lori Curran   - Dip RMT

Yoga Teacher 450+









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