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19 October 2018
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News..Pride, Achievement,Travel, Sport 

Wayout Pride Camp

During the final week of term 3 a number of students from the CSC Diversity Group attended the Wayout Pride camp at Pax Hill, Ballarat. Funded by the School Focused Youth Services and organised by Cobaw Community Health, this camp was a great opportunity for LGBTIQ+ students from all over the Goldfields region to get together. The students were able to race go carts, participate in photography and social media workshops, get crafty, and perform for their peers. The camp was also a wonderful opportunity for them to connect with other LGBTIQ+ young people in their community and bond over shared experience.


Shera Blaise

School Councillor

Jacob Mizzi

Jacob Mizzi of Year 7B recently completed his long term woodwork project of making a guitar.  Jacob’s passion for woods and playing guitar was the motivation behind the combination and led him to the idea. He was also inspired by his family’s connection to the building trades.

“My brother is a carpenter and Dad knows a lot of trade stuff like metalwork , components and wiring, so I have learnt a fair bit from both of them,” he said.

The guitar took 18 months in total from start to finish, although Jacob did have a break from it for a few months before finishing it in woodwork class at school.




We are starting to plan for another exciting trip to Japan in September 2019 which will be open to 2019 Year 9 to Year 12 students.

Families are invite to attend an information evening on Thursday, 1 November at 7pm in the Wellbeing Centre.  All welcome.

If you have any queries please contact Lyn Ellery, Japanese Coordinator, on 5479 1111 or [email protected]



Lyn Ellery

Japanese Coordinator

Rafting Camp Yr. 9 Steiner – 12th – 14th of September

On Wednesday the 12th of September, we went on a rafting camp. We visited Lake Eildon and learnt about the importance of ‘Riparian Zones’ at the Yea wetlands.  We arrived at Big River and relaxed at our campsite. On Thursday we met our instructors Sean and Darren, we got ready to on the water with a safety briefing and skills session. In pairs we rafted down the Big River, going down the majestic rapids with many of us falling in! On Friday we rafted down the King River, which was much harder. It was a great camp and we learned so much. Thanks everyone who made the camp possible!


Teague and Lulu

Footy Fantastic

Bendigo Junior Football League U15

Girls best & Fairest. Tia Davidge plays for South Bendigo, She won on 21 votes.



Coming Events

Dates to remember!

Don't forget to look on the calendar in XUNO for these and future events


20 - 13 Nov CSC Art Show

22    SSV Athletics (state)

22   Talk It Out

22-26 Music Recitals senior

24   Final Day for Classes Yr 12

25   Farewell Assembly Yr 12

​30  Cyber Safety Yr 9

31  Musician of the Year

31 Steiner class meeting

31 School council meeting

31 Yr 12 exams start


5   Staff PD Day  - STUDENT FREE DAY

6   Melbourne Cup Day - PUBLIC HOLIDAY

8  Baker Boy Hip Hop Workshop - (see advert right)

9 T20 girls and Yr8/9 boys cricket

12-16 Yr 7, 8, 9 Music Recitals

19-23 Yr 10/11 Exams

22   Graduation Dinner Yr 12 


Year 12 Graduation: 22nd November

The 2018 Year 12 Graduation Dinner will be held at the Campbells Creek Community Centre with ticket now on sale from CSC Reception. The evening is formal and a three course meal is provided.  Tickets cost $50 per person with an allocation of 3 tickets for each year 12 student. 

Year 12 - final weeks letter to families

Please click on the link below to read the events planned for the year 12 student's final week at CSC. 


BUSES: riding for the first time or on a different bus? Students need a pass.

 Bus passes are managed at CSC Reception and students must provide a written note signed by a parent/carer before the pass can be provided.  If you would like more information about this process, please don’t hesitate in contacting CSC on 5479 1111.


Principal's News 

Year 12 students

Welcome to the final term of the 2018 school year! Despite the recent two week vacation, we had many Year 12 students at school over the break working diligently with their teachers in the lead up to the VCE exams. I wish our Year 12 VCE and VCAL students all the best as they complete the final stages of their secondary education during the next month or two. For our VCE students, performance exams will be taking place over the next few weeks for Languages, Music and Theatre Studies, followed by the written exams for all subjects commencing with English on October 31.

Building Update

During the final month of Term Three, there were several meetings between CSC consultative groups (comprising staff, students and school council members) and Y2 Architecture as we have commenced planning for the $11.75million completion of our school rebuild. These initial meetings focussed on determining the exact location of our new buildings, with a decision being made to locate the new Library and Administration Building closer to the visitor car park on Lawson Parade (i.e. near our current flag poles and Lawson Hall), while the Artisans’ Building and Canteen will be located on Lawson Parade, but to the east of the Administration and Library Building. At the meetings held towards the end of Term Three, we started planning the location of the separate rooms and facilities within the two larger buildings, while also planning the extension of the Performers’ Building. Planning and design work will continue over the next few months, and construction is scheduled to commence by the middle of 2019.

Safe Partying – Important Resources for all Parents and Guardians

A common query our wellbeing staff receive relates to teenage parties. Most parents are aware of the complexities of hosting teenagers’ parties or have some concerns about their teenagers attending such parties. On this note, I urge all parents to review the valuable resources produced by Victoria Police and the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF). The Victoria Police safe partying resource  ( ) contains an excellent Partysafe Program Booklet which is essential reading for any parents who are hosting a party involving teenagers. The ADF website ( ) is another valuable resource for parents. I particularly encourage all parents to read the information on “teenagers” under the “Alcohol and Drug Use” menu. Both resources contain important practical advice about keeping our teenagers safe. I also encourage parents to contact our Wellbeing Staff at school (Alli Williams, Shera Blaise and Lisa Cochrane at Blakeley Road and Melissa Laragy-Walker at Etty Street) for further advice about any issues relating to safe partying or teenage alcohol and drug use.

CSC Sharing our news


Paul Frye 



Cyber Safety / Glandular Fever/ Youth Drugs

Digital Communications (cyber safety) media project with some of our Year 9s.

One of the objectives within Mount Alexander Youth Wellbeing Project is to increase young people’s skills and capacity to design and implement projects that increase resilience and mental health. CSC's Wellbeing Team are working closely with the Mount Alexander Shire Council to meet this objective. Storyland, however is making it all come real. Storyland is a full service creative agency using video, social media, brand and marketing and is working with the students to explore and create media to communicate how to be safe and happy online.  Twenty-seven Year 9 students were elected to participate in the program.

The students got straight into it during their first session by working with two local actors. They took a look at how written communication can be read and understood in very different ways. 

[image #1].   They heard their own recorded stories and of things going wrong online, told by an animated character.

[image #2].  Over the next sessions they will design their own animated characters to share anonymous stories.   

[image #3].  Spliting into groups, a filming group re-staged the actors to record the “spoken text messages”,

[image #4], while another group worked on memes...

 [image #5] and the remainder worked on face construction for the animated characters.

[image #6]  

The second Digital Communications class took place at the “storyland” offices last week.

The project is running for the next 3 weeks and will result in a public launch of the media created by the group on the 7th of November.

Our work has been highlighted in  Central Vic  PCP news below:


Glandular fever

Aka : infectious mononucleosis

Aka: The kissing disease


As CSC currently has a couple of students with glandular fever, we hope the following information will refresh your  knowledge on the symptoms for early detection and treatment and hopefully prevent further students catching it.















Here are Some Fast Facts:

  • Glandular fever is usually caused by the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV).
  • Symptoms include a sore throat, flu-like aches and pains, a widespread, non-itchy rash, fever, swollen glands and fatigue.
  • It has an incubation period of 4 to 6 weeks. In other words, symptoms appear 4 to 6 weeks after the person is infected with the virus.
  • The symptoms may continue for several weeks, and the fatigue may persist for several months.
  • There is no cure, and glandular fever usually passes without treatment.
  • EBV is contagious. It can be passed on through contact with the saliva of a person who has the infection, for example, through kissing, coughs and sneezes and when sharing cutlery and drink containers.
  • A person remains contagious for at least 2 months after initial infection with EBV...another reason not to share drink bottles!
  • Keep healthy e.g. get enough sleep and eat well.
  • If you, or your child have any of the aforementioned symptoms, please see you doctor
  • For more information please access:

           or contact our School Nurse, Alli Williams on 5479 1111.

  • Don’t forget to let the school know if your child is diagnosed with glandular fever.

Young People and Drugs

Young People and Drugs

Drugs – what every parent needs to know

We live in a world where drugs are unavoidable:

•   17% of young people identified themselves as being committed smokers.

•   35% of young people reported having their first full serve of alcohol by the age of 14.

•   21% of young people men and women aged 14-17 drink alcohol at short term risk of alcohol related harm–at least monthly.

•   17% of young people aged 16-24 reported using cannabis once a week or more.

We can’t ‘drug-proof’ our young people, but we can make it less likely that drugs will become a major issue in their lives.

It is important not to get too dramatic. Most young people do not use drugs, and most go on to live happy and fulfilling lives. Many of the strategies we have put in place in the past few years are working. Death rates of young people are falling. The rate of heroin overdose deaths has fallen. Fewer young people are smoking tobacco. However, we can always do better.



Firstly, it is important that school students have access to accurate information about drugs. Trying to scare them out of it doesn’t work. Telling them just to “say no” doesn’t work either.

No drug is instantly addictive but some drugs can be instantly fatal (whether taken in isolation or in combination with driving a vehicle).

Most of the problems for young people actually relate to legal rather than illegal drugs. Pain relievers are Australia’s most abused drugs


Types of drug using young people

Broadly speaking there are three main categories of drug using young people:

Experimenters: Many young people experiment with drugs but do not go on to become regular users. We need to ensure that if these young people do experiment they do so safely.

Socially disconnected young people: These young people see drugs as a way of fitting in and gaining friendships. In many ways, this is the most preventable group. By ensuring that each person in our school has a range of people to associate with, rely upon and talk to, we can lessen this group substantially.

Self-medicators: These young people with emotional difficulties such as depression use drugs as a way of treating their distress. We need to ensure that these young people get the professional help that they need.


What to look for

Throughout the later years of school, it is wise to keep asking yourself the following questions:

• When was the last time I had a good conversation with my child?

• Is he or she more secretive?

• Is she or he locked away in the bedroom more often?

• Does my child have access to money that I can’t explain?

• Has his or her appearance changed (looks tired, red or glazed eyes, sniffing as if he or she has a cold, restless, agitated or unusually irritable)?

• Do I know my child’s friends?

• Am I getting silent hang-ups when I answer the telephone?

• Is there any evidence of drug-using paraphernalia such as plastic bottles with holes in the side, pieces of garden hose, scales or spoons?

• Does my family have rituals (regular activities or events) that we do together?

• Are there alcohol-free family rituals?

• Does my family convey a message that misuse of substances is not acceptable?


Risk and Protective Factors

Risk factors in secondary schools:

• drug misusing peers (especially for girls)

• opportunities to use drugs

• depression


Note: Drug misusing teenagers tend to over-estimate the prevalence of drug use among young people.


Protective factors in secondary schools:

• connectedness with family and school, and a diversity of friends

• academic success

• social and resistance skills


How can we make drug misuse less likely?

Drug misuse decreases as connectedness to an adult increases. Stay involved in your child’s life.

Young people often act as if their parents are an unnecessary and embarrassing burden. Don’t fall for this act. They need you around more than they (or you) know.

Know their friends. Organise social functions; food is a good way to get to know teenagers.

If you are worried, talk to someone. Don’t be afraid to seek help. School can be a good place to start. Information on drugs can be obtained from:

Direct Line - 1800 888 236

DrugInfo Clearinghouse - 1300 858 584

Parentline - 132289

Family Drug Help - 1300 660 068


Be prepared to talk to your child about your concerns and persist until you feel reassured (not just until they say “it’s all right – don’t worry”). If you remain concerned, seek help. In addition to the above help lines, GPs, student welfare coordinators, drug and alcohol services and psychologists are also useful sources of assistance.


More info is available here:

Mental Health & Wellbeing 

Mental Health Week - MHW





Bush Classroom

This is fantastic article by the ABC  Bailey and Chase Muscat feature.

Bailey talks about his dreams of becoming a Park Ranger.  



Updates for all families

College Uniform

With the end of Year 12 classes approaching this will mean the end of our transition period into all CSC students wearing our College uniform. This means all CSC students will be expected to wear our uniform. We will be introducing a new system to manage students who consciously choose not to wear the correct attire. This new process will be shared with all students and families at least 2 weeks before its introduction.

Surveillance camera in Wellbeing Precinct

Due to ongoing concerns with students accessing the PE change rooms during class time and interference with personal belongings, we plan to install 2-3 cameras in the Wellbeing corridors. The cameras will be positioned outside the change rooms, which will allow staff to track student movement at specific times throughout the day. If you require further information in relation to this matter, please contact me on 5479 1111.


ICT update

CSC has been trialling the removal of student access to YouTube during recess and lunch, due to excessive download volumes and strain on our ICT systems, preventing staff from completing work. As the trial finished on Friday, 19th of October, we  will  seek feedback from the CSC community to determine if this becomes a permanent arrangement.

Bus Pass process

While students are welcome to travel on a bus that isn’t their normal bus (or they don’t use the buses normally), they need to obtain a bus pass. Bus passes are managed at Reception (front office) and students need a written note from home before the pass can be given to your child. If you would like more information about this process, please don’t hesitate in contacting CSC on 03 5479 1111.


The 2018 NAPLAN results for CSC Year 7 and 9 students are now available on XUNO or can be collected from the Administration Office.


Just Hird

Assistant Principal

Year 12 Hoodies 2019

Year 12 students have the option to purchase a CSC Year 12 Hoodie with their ‘nickname’ on the back. The cost of the hoodie is $72.50. Sample sizes have been available for trying during week 1 of Term 4.  Orders and payments are to be made online at

The orders need to be completed and paid for by Monday, 29th October and the company does not accept any late orders.  Faye Cordy



2018 Parent Payments – Essential and Optional Items

Accounts for payment of essential and ‘opt in’ items such as music tuition have been forwarded to families to be paid by the 16th November.


We ask that these outstanding amounts are paid in full each year in order to be able to provide our students with a high level of classroom resources and support in their learning areas and the continuation of a wide range of subject choices.


Support for families regarding payment options of any funds still owing is available by contacting Family Finance Manager Karen Burton on 5479 1111.


Payments can be made using BPay (the codes are included on your statement); in person using cash, cheque or EFTPOS; via telephone using a credit card or direct debit into the College account. 


Resource Lists

Resource lists for 2018 are currently being prepared and will be distributed to families the week of 19th November.  A big change for 2018 is the decision to work with local business Castlemaine Office Supplies on the supply of student learning resources.  Details regarding payment and collection options are currently being finalised with additional information to be forwarded to families as soon as possible.

Congratulations to our Year 12s

As we move into the final week of school of our Year 12s, on behalf of all the Education Support staff at CSC, I congratulate them all and wish them the best of luck for their exams and future adventures.




Elissa O'Connor

Business Manager


Sandhurst Athletics Carnival

Unfortunately this year we did not have a whole school CSC Athletics carnival. This was due to the construction still being undertaken at Wesley Hill.

The CSC athletics Carnival will be back bigger and better in 2019!

In its place we held Sandhurst Athletics trials to create a team of students to compete in Bendigo. There was a great turnout of students trialling for these positions here at school.

From the Trials we formed a squad of 37 students who came to the Sandhurst Athletics on Friday 14th September. All students tried their best with many great results. We congratulate those students who won their events and will represent the school at the Loddon Mallee Finals early in term 4. It was also great to see four CSC students win the overall age group champions.

Age group Champions

17 Female- Jade Richardson

17 Male- Bodie Maffescioni

20 Female- Sidney Showell

20 Males- James Chaffey


Amelia Britt- 13 Females- 3rd Hurdles

Zac Frye- 15Males- 3rd High Jump

Shaye Archer- 15 Males- 3rd Javelin

Abi Gunter- 15 Females- 3rd Discus, 3rd Shot put

Chloe Langley- 16 Females- 2nd shotput

Abbie Kimber- 16 Females- 3rd Discus, 2nd Javelin

Zeke Williamson- 16 Males- 1st Shotput, 3rd Triple Jump

Bryce Svancar- 16 Males- 1st Javelin

Bodie Maffescioni- 17 Males- 1st Javelin, 2nd Triple Jump, 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Discus

Jade Richardson- 17 Females- 1st 100m, 1st Long Jump, 1st High Jump

Sidney Showell- 20 Females, 1st Javelin, 2nd Triple Jump. 2nd Long Jump, 2nd Shotput, 2nd Discus

James Chaffey- 20 Males- 3rd 100m, 1st Long Jump, 2nd 400m, 1st High Jump


Shanee Squire

Sport Coordinator











Loddon Mallee Region Athletics

On Thursday 11th October five CSC students participated at the Loddon Mallee Athletics held in Bendigo. These students won their events at the Sandhurst Athletics to make it this far, which was an achievement in itself.

It was perfect conditions with the sun out and little breeze. All students were very well behaved and had a great day out encouraging each other. We had some great results on the day so we congratulate students on their efforts.

  • James Chaffey- 5th Long Jump
  • Sidney Showell- 2nd Javelin
  • Bodie Maffescioni- 2nd Long Jump, 3rd Triple Jump, 5th Javelin
  • Jade Richardson- 2nd High Jump, 3rd Long Jump, 3rd 100m Sprint
  • Bryce Svancar- 4th Javelin

Shakira Williams – AFL - Indigenous All Nations Vic U 15 Football Squad

Shakira Williams was one of three in the Central Victorian AFL tryouts to accept and actively participate in the VICTORIA  AFL Indigenous All National Under 15 Squad. This involved Shakira participating in a Kick Start AFL pathway program at Parkville, Melbourne. The training included fitness testing, ball handling, tackling and kicking skills.

At the end of the camp,  Shakira played a game in the forward and  defence exhibiting her skills in attacking the football, reading the play and staying on her opponent . Her team won 64 to 58.

Shakira met a diversity of young girls from Indigenous and multi -cultural backgrounds as well as learning and being recognised by AFL Kick Start program officials. It was a positive learning experience for Shakira that she will be able to share with her peers.



Music Update

Castlemaine Secondary College Musician of the Year Award 2018

Attention all Music students.....

In recognition of the Castlemaine Secondary College’s commitment to maintaining a high standard of musical performance and to fostering musical potential, the music faculty is once again offering an award for Musician of the Year.


The Award will be given on two criteria:

  1. A solo performance presented on Wednesday, 31st October at 7.00 p.m. in the Performers' Precinct Foyer. Two contrasting pieces must be presented with a time limit of not more than 10 minutes.
  2. The student’s commitment to the musical life of the college. 


The winner will have their name placed on an honour roll and receive a medal on the night.  Two distinguished performers will also be awarded medals.  The Musician of the Year will be presented with a cheque for $150 at the CSC Awards Night, and $100 each for two distinguished performers.


This year’s adjudicator is David Chisholm. David has an international practice defined through diverse and hybrid collaboration for which he has won six Green Room Awards, a French Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award, a Highly Commended Paul Lowin Prize, a Mention at 36th Bourges International Competition of Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Art, a Special Mention in the X Media Forum, 31st International Film Festival in Moscow, the Medibank Private State and National Arts Awards and The National Young Achiever of the Year.

From 2003 to 2006 he taught genre theory at Centre for Ideas, Victorian College of the Arts. He has presented seminars on his music in Australia, France, Ireland and Italy. David has undertaken multiple artist residencies in Australia, France and the USA and in 2017 was an Australia Council for the Arts Composer in Residence at HIAP in Helsinki, Finland. David teaches Music Composition and Cultural Studies at Monash University and recently completed his PhD at Melbourne University. David is based between Santiago, Chile, and Bendigo, Australia where he is the founding Artistic Director of the Bendigo International Festival of Exploratory Music.


Kirsten Boerema
Music Coordinator


Spring Recital

A lovely afternoon was had by all at our annual Spring Recital held at the Uniting Church on the 9th of September. We were entertained by a wide variety of items presented by our senior students.








Year 8 Camp

Year 8 students  soaked up the wonders of the Great Ocean Road and windy Warrnambool.  Some even braved swimming and were reportedly treated to the sighting of a rare mermaid! Everyone had a fabulous time and lots of great memories taken away from the experience.






Community Events

Interested in forming a Castlemaine Youth Choir?


Tim Watson, who runs the Castlemaine Children’s choir, is keen to hear from interested high school students interested in forming a Castlemaine Youth Choir.


The idea would be the Youth Choir could join in with the children’s choir on larger pieces and learn to sing the more challenging harmony parts. Members of the youth choir would also be supported to make their own decisions about music they want to sing and could even learn to write their own original music for the group.


Castlemaine Children’s Choir has been operating for over two years. It’s for children in grade 3 and above. Any interested high school students are welcome to attend and if there is interest from enough older students a second group could be formed to rehearse separately from the children’s choir.


The children’s choir sings contemporary music and develops pitch and rhythm skills. It occasionally performs at community events and is supported by Castlemaine Community House.


It runs 10:30 – 11:15am Saturday mornings at Continuing Education building, Templeton St, Castlemaine (next to old Fire Station), starting back Saturday October 20th.

The choir will run each Saturday until December 15th. Will not run on 3rd November (long weekend) or Saturday 1st December. The children’s choir has a fee of $60 for 7 weeks (term commitment required)



Castlemaine Secondary College News
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