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27 November 2018
Term 4, Issue 8
Term 4 Dates
Principal's Report
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Term 4 Dates


Nov 28 - Yr 6 Ecolinc

Nov 30 - Reports go home

Dec 3 & 7 - Yr 1,2 & Scotsburn Swimming

Dec 3 - Yr 6 Biocats (Gp 1)

Dec 4 - Yr 3 Sovereign Hill

Dec 6 - Parent Teacher Interviews (1pm finish)

Dec 7 - Sausage Sizzle

Dec 10 - Yr 6 Bio cats (Gr 2)

Dec 11 - Prep Orientation Day
Dec 11 - Yr 7 (Public schools) Orientation Day

Dec 12 - Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)

Dec 12 - SC1 to Sovereign Hill

Dec 13 - Blue Light Disco (6-7:30pm)

Dec 14 - Preps to Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Yr 4 Sovereign Hill

Dec 18 - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup (6pm)

Dec 19 - Prep, Yr 2, Yr 4 Movies

Dec 19 - Yr 6 Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Scotsburn Pool Breakup

Dec 20 - Yr 6 Graduation Evening (6pm)



Nov 30 - 4-6 Assembly

Dec 7 - Whole school /Family Group Assembly

Dec 14 - No Assembly

Dec 21 - Whole School Assembly

Early Dismissal Day

Thursday 6th December all students will be dismissed at 1:00pm for Parent Teacher Interviews. 



Base 1270 will be running from 1:00pm (at the same cost as a normal afternoon). 

Get in quick to book your spot!


With an abundance supply of eggs at the moment, they are currently at the bargain price of $2.00 for half dozen. 


Sausage Sizzle


It is a huge task to cater for a school of our size, and many hands make light work… we appreciate every set of hands!


  • 10.00—11.30 (set up & cook)
  • 11.30—1 (cook & clean up)

Times are approximate and help welcome at any stage!

Please sign up to help via this link, email Narelle Sullivan  [email protected] or see the office staff.   


Principal's Report


Over the past few months we have been putting plans in place for next year and as you’ll see in the outline below, there won’t be a lot of change from 2018.


Class Structure

In 2019 we will again be running with 28 straight year level classes at our Buninyong campus and 3 multi-age classes at Scotsburn. Overall, classes will have an average of approximately 22/23 students which is excellent…we know that we are better able to cater for individual learning needs if class sizes are kept around that level.                                             


As you can see from the table below, we have a few staffing changes, but largely the set up looks very similar.  Josh Ebbels has decided to resign his position and stay in the family business, meaning Scott McGlynn will continue to act in the Assistant Principal (Student Wellbeing) role and Aaron Coulter will continue to act in the IT Leading Teacher position.  Both roles will be advertised and filled substantively at some stage during 2019. 


We will welcome 3 new teaching staff, those being Louise Marr, Kate McKenzie and Liz Morgan.  All 3 come highly regarded from their current and previous schools and will be great for Buninyong PS.  Our new teaching staff are already getting involved with our school by attending a planning day with their 2019 team and spending time in classrooms. 


A classroom teacher selection process has commenced to fill a vacancy in grade 2.


As is always the case, some staff are changing roles within the school as we strive to build strong teams at every year level and give staff the opportunity to experience a variety of roles over time. 


You will notice mention of Helen Arts running an alternative program.  This will be one day each week and involve students who face challenges in the classroom environment.  The program will provide participating children with a break from the regular classroom routine, with the aim of building their capacity to cope in a regular classroom.  Over the coming few months we be developing ideas around this program and early next year we’ll be making contact with parents of students who are candidates.


If you have any questions regarding arrangements for 2019, please call and arrange a time to catch up with Bernie.



You will have all received your 2019 Fees & Charges list by now.


Thank you to all the parents / carers who have started paying for these or have set up payment plans.


If you would like to set up a payment plan, a variety of options are available including Centrepay / Bpay / Direct Deposit or QKR. Please see the office staff if you have any queries.


Please Note: A few have enquired as to whats covered in the classroom subscriptions.  This pays for affiliations to learning support programs that are required throughout the year. These include Mathletics / Spelling Mastery / Reading Eggs and Literacy Pro. These can only be purchased through the school and are an essential educational item for your child’s learning.





A reminder that MOTM 2019 scholarships are now open.  Please fill out the form attached to this newsletter and have that in to the general office by Wednesday 5th December.  The three winners of the scholarships will be announced at the final assembly this term.  


MOTM DVDs will be ready to purchase just in time for Christmas.....great present for the grandparents.  If you would like to purchase a DVD @ $25, contact the office.


Student Wellbeing

This Fortnight’s B+ Theme is… Stress Management and Optimism

This is the first week of the fortnight that our classes are focussing on the theme of ‘Stress Management and Optimism’ with the kids. This element is included to support students to deal with stressful situations and also to empower them to cope with change.


The fortnight will aim to address some key learning around:

  • Recognising their own emotions and how these affect their actions.
  • Listing a range of strategies to manage physical, social and emotional change.
  • The use of goal-setting and positive thinking to help with change.
  • Identifying their personal strengths and how they can use these in dealing with change.
  • Describing ways in which they can self-calm (e.g. Meditation, partaking in enjoyable activities, list making, etc)


If time permits, it would be great if all families are able to follow up with some discussions with your child around the above at home as well.

Summer Uniform Reminder

As the weather is warming up, we would like to remind families of our Summer uniform requirements for our school uniform.

As we know, uniform ensures:

  • Our students are well-presented
  • Makes life easier for families
  • Helps students identify with the school and belong
  • Students are easily recognisable on excursions

We thank all families for your support in upholding these values and if you would like to view our school council’s uniform brochure, please visit:


PLP Meeting Reminder

A reminder to all of our PLPs that there is a meeting scheduled for this Thursday the 29th of November 2:30pm. If you are unable to make the meeting, we ask that you please organise another representative to share your class’ views. We look forward to seeing you there!


Blue Light Disco


Preps in 2019 with Additional Needs

Families who have new Prep students coming to school in 2019 and have been identified as having additional needs (e.g. Speech therapy, paediatric investigation, Autism, significant medical condition, etc), are encouraged to make a time to talk to Scott.


Scott will be able to help those families in understanding the Department of Education’s support framework and provide information on how our school supports the transition into Prep and also any additional resourcing that we may have access to.

To arrange a meeting with Scott, please call the office to book in a time.

School Report

Student Report Information

Student reports provide you with a clear picture of your child’s progress. They are used for every student in all Victorian government schools to report student achievement against the Victorian Curriculum.


Schools report on key learning areas and the capabilities deemed to be important in fostering a well rounded education. Schools have far more flexibility in the frequency of reporting against each of these areas and capabilities with some exceptions. The table below outlines the specifics.

Capabilities Explained:

These are the skills and abilities intended to help prepare young Australians to learn, live and work in the 21st century. There are 4 capabilities included in the Victorian Curriculum.

  1. Critical and Creative Thinking Capability aims to ensure that students develop:
  • an understanding of thinking processes and an ability to manage and apply these to their learning
  • skills and learning dispositions that support logical, strategic, flexible and adventurous thinking
  • confidence in evaluating thinking and thinking processes across a range of familiar and unfamiliar contexts.


2.  The Ethical Capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings  and skills to enable students to:

  • Analyse and evaluate ethical issues, recognising areas of contestability
  • Identify the bases of ethical principles and ethical reasoning
  • Engage with the challenges of managing ethical decision making and action for individuals and groups
  • Cultivate open-mindedness and reasonableness.


3.   The Intercultural Capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • demonstrate an awareness of and respect for cultural diversity within the community
  • reflect on how intercultural experiences influence attitudes, values and beliefs
  • recognise the importance of acceptance and appreciation of cultural diversity for a cohesive community.


4.  The Personal and Social Capability aims to develop knowledge, understandings and skills to enable students to:

  • recognise, understand and evaluate the expression of emotions
  • demonstrate an awareness of their personal qualities and the factors that contribute to resilience
  • develop empathy for and understanding of others and recognise the importance of supporting diversity for a cohesive community
  • understand how relationships are developed and use interpersonal skills to establish and maintain respectful relationships
  • work effectively in teams and develop strategies to manage challenging situations constructively.

Other Elements of the Report Include


Assessing Student Work Habits

In response to feedback from parents over the past 18 months, some support advice has been developed to help understand the judgments made against work habits.


These work habits are an extremely important ingredient of effective learning and therefore we would like to provide parents with a greater understanding of what each work habit means and how we come to make judgments against each.


In order to simplify this process we have reduced the judgments to a 4 point scale, which is more balanced than previous reports. These work habits have been reported against in English, Mathematics, Japanese, Art, Music and Physical Education to help paint a picture of student learning behavours across the curriculum.


Below is a rubric of some example learning behavours aligned with the judgments made.


Teaching & Learning

Reporting & Parent Teacher Conference Process - Term 4 2018

Parent-Teacher Conference bookings will open at 5pm today. You will notice that there are two booking opportunities on your Compass portal. Please take the opportunity to book your conferences early to avoid disappointment.

  1. Classroom teachers – 15 minute conferences
  2. Specialist teachers – 10 minute conferences

Parents are encouraged to book interviews with their classroom teacher and specialist teacher by choosing the relevant booking options.


Please see the instructions below to assist in making your bookings.

The purpose of the Parent-Teacher Conferences are to:

  • provide further explanation about report comments,
  • elaborate on the level of achievement and level of progress,
  • elaborate on effort and work habits,
  • elaborate on social/emotional aspects, and
  • provide an opportunity for parents to ask questions.

Booking a Parent-Teacher Conference on Compass

Step 1: Log on to your Compass portal. (If you have lost your login details please use forgot password options on Compass website)




Step 2: Click on ‘Book Parent Teacher Conference’ or on the Conference tab.


Step 3: There are two conferences; Classroom teacher conference and Specialist teacher conferences. Click on conference for classroom teacher and follow instructions on screen. Please note you will need to repeat process for the Specialist Teachers.


Step 4: Check date and time of conferences booked and add to your calendar. These times will be noted on Compass portal in case you forget.


If you are unable to access the internet, please contact the school office at the Buninyong campus and the admin team will be able to make bookings for you.

Focus on Academic Behaviours.

Last week we started looking at ways in which parents can promote discussions with their children about the many facets of learning. We will make our way through a number of behaviours that are directly related to Academic performance.


This will be particularly important around this time of year when written reports are made available to parents. Today we start with Academic Behaviours.


Academic Behaviours are those behaviours commonly associated with being a “good student.” These include regularly attending class, arriving ready to work (with necessary supplies and materials), paying attention, participating in instructional activities and class discussions, and devoting out-of-school time to studying and completing homework. It is easy to see how these behaviours would directly relate to how well one does in a class. Academic behaviours are the visible, outward signs that a student is engaged and putting forth effort to learn. Because they are observable behaviours, they are also relatively easy to describe, monitor, and measure. Academic behaviours are quite often an outcome of interest in evaluating interventions designed to improve students’ school performance. Many programs, policies, and even curricula could reasonably be considered effective if they lead to an increase in student attendance, homework completion, studying, or class participation.

Coffee & Hot Chocolates - Parent Teacher Interview Day


Scotsburn News

Scotsburn News

Christmas Hamper Raffle

With our Christmas Concert fast approaching (Tuesday 18th December), a basket has been placed in each classroom for donations for our annual Christmas Hamper Raffles. It would be great if you could pop something into the basket in the coming weeks.


Campus Kris Kringle

Students have received a note inviting them to participate in the Campus KK. If you would like your child to participate, notes must be returned by Friday.


Christmas Watering Roster

If you are able to help out with the watering over the Christmas break, please contact Naomi Moore on [email protected]


Working Bee

A big shout out to all of our wonderful parents. We will be having our final working bee for the year on Tuesday 11th at 3.30pm-4.30pm. It will be a great chance for us to get the school grounds looking great in readiness for our end of year break up.


Looking After Our Animals

If you would like to take care of our lizard at home over the Christmas break, please drop in and see Bec ASAP. 


Scotsburn PJ Day

Well done to the Gr 6’s who organised and ran a very successful and enjoyable PJ Day. It was great to see so many of the students getting into the spirit of the day.


Election Day BBQ Fundraiser

A big thanks to the many parents the contributed to our BBQ and Bake Stall fundraiser on Saturday. We would also like to extend our thanks to Marg Howard along with the many grandparents that also baked slices for the day. Special thanks also to Laura who helped to coordinate the day. The money raised will be added to our share of the concert profits to help improve our water supply and catchment. We currently have Mike Gray helping us to get this project completed.  


Swimming Lessons

Our Swimming Program commences on Monday 3rd December. Please return all swimming notes along with payment ASAP. There will be a slight change to our swimming program, due to the early finish for Parent Teacher interviews on Thursday 6th December. As such, the students won’t be swimming on the Thursday. Instead, they will have a makeup lesson at our Scotsburn ‘Fun Day’ on Thursday 20th December. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Library Books

If any students have library books to return, could they please either return them by Friday 1st December.


Preparing for a Bushfire

With the warmer weather approaching, preparing your family and property for a possible bushfire is crucial. You could download ‘Your Guide to Survival’ along with the template from the CFA’s website www.cfa.vic.gov.au/plan-prepare/your-guide-to-survival/ as a starting point. You may like to also attend your local fire brigade for any further safety tips.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 – Xavier & Asher

Gr 2-4 – Mercury & Leo

ROOCH Award – Ivy


Zooper Doppers

We will be selling Zooper Doopers for $1 on Thursday.


Canteen Helpers Required

The Scotsburn Campus will be on duty to support Tracey in the canteen on Wednesday 28/11, Friday 30/11 & Wednesday 5/12 from 11am to 1:15pm. Please contact Tracey [email protected]  if you are available to assist.


Friday Rotations

Our first rotation for Term 4 will be on the (30th November). Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 4 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!

Term 3 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

30th Nov - Reports Sent Home

3rd – 7th Dec - P-6 Swimming program

6th Dec - Parent teacher (1pm finish for students)

11th Dec - Orientation Day for 2019 Preps

12th Dec - Parent teacher (4pm-6pm)

14th Dec - Scotsburn Shared Xmas Lunch

18th Dec (6pm) - Scotsburn Christmas Breakup

20th Dec - Scotsburn (Fed Uni Pool) Break up


Christmas Village Display


Specialist Homework

Part of this weeks specialist homework, there was a task to build a house out of Lego.  Have a look at this awesome construction.


Physical Education

Good luck Armani

From Friday to Tuesday this week, our superstar, Armani, has represented Victoria in the National Track and Field competition in Melbourne. 

Armani competed in the 11 year old 100m and 4 x 100m relay on Sunday.  She qualified for the finals in the 100m and, with a new P.B. of 13.6, she finished 7th…..IN AUSTRALIA!!  Her relay team took out the gold medal with metres to spare! 


To watch Armani in action, click here and move forward to the following time stamps:


100m heat – 3:15:14

100m final – 5:05:09

4 x 100m relay - 6:25:29


It has been a full on week for Armani and her family and all of Buninyong Primary School would like to congratulate her on the trememdous effort, sacrifices made and success attained.  We are sure to see Armani on the track and field stage in the future. 

Congrautations Armani!

Maestro & Me

Maestro & Me

On Monday, all students who participated in the Maestro & Me program this year, had the opportunity to perform the pieces they had composed with Gemma Turvey, at the M Pavaillion stage in the Queen Victoria Gardens in Melbourne (just opposite the Arts Centre).


With the help of some very supportive parent helpers we all went down by train and met Gemma and her New Palm Orchestra in the gardens. We also met some more parents and grandparents and members of the public who had come along for the concert.


All the students performed really well and should be very proud of themselves.


Please have a look at the short video to see how they went.

Here’s to another successful Maestro & Me in 2019!







It is fabulous to see the commitment by students to learn as many characters and earn as many belts as possible before the end of the year. CONGRATULATIONS to the following students who have earned their Hiragana Karate belts recently:


White Belt

Jessica Main, Zahra Taylor, Ruby Williams, Cassandra Reidy, Oscar Worland, Willow Klaver, Tane Colliver, Abby Crawley, Missy Davies, Emilia James, Felix Worland, Sophie Gudgeon, Keenan Smith, Oscar Smith, Chelsea Jew, Jarrod Joyce


Yellow Belt

Rowie Donald, Indigo Davies, Milan Pilmore, Aiden Taylor, Oscar Worland, Ella Morganti, Alice Renfree, Mia Reynolds, Tilly Davidson, Brayden Joyce, Niamh Seare, Jackson Tatt, Toby Taylor, Tom Shillito, Ava Oldaker


Green Belt

Bella Allgood, Luke Eddy, Oscar Worland, Charlie Baradine, Koby Le Maitre, Mieke Dekok


Orange Belt

Olivia Mees, Oscar Worland, Kobi Wood, Izzy Channon, Toby Taylor


Blue Belt

Tahlia Jacka, Oscar Worland, Tyler Leehane, Ava Mahar, Izzy Channon, Poppy Harris, Rachel Gerada


Black Belt

Tilly Tozer


Buninyong PS uploaded over 140 photos of onigiri making in class – contributing 700 meals to those in need. There were also many photos uploaded by students and their families at home. WELL DONE everyone.






ICT News

Digital Detox

Thursday 29th and Friday 30th November


Our digital detox is on this week and we have been busy putting plans in place to minimise the use of technology over these two days.


We’ve had quite a few discussions at school about how this looks and how we will do things differently. Have you had a discussion at home about other activities than can be done and how you might limit the use of technology?


We will be running a competition at school for each class to try and become the digital detox leaders. Our ICT leaders will be creating a chart to track device usage over the 2 days, and the class with the least usage will be crowned the winners and receive a great prize.


To recap:


  • Thursday 29th and Friday 30th of November
  • No iPads, laptops, TVs or projectors at school
  • Encourage students to keep devices away at home
  • Parents are invited to join with us in putting devices away


Our aim with the digital detox is to:

  • Rethink how we use technology in class
  • Support parents in managing device use at home
  • Generate discussion on the impact of technology at school and at home


Don’t forget to check out our video of suggestions of things to do when the internet is not working or we are staying off devices.



Screen Time

In preparing for the digital detox now is a great time to look into setting up “Screen Time”. This is a great new feature in the latest IOS update which is very useful in managing device usage at home.


To learn more, have a look at this video



BASE 1270

Base 1270

What another fantastic week at Base 1270! Thank you to those children who helped Mel to plant the vegetables and flowers in our veggie patches, they are growing by the day. 


Last week our FriYAY group had a blast making slime. Thank you to Charlotte Crimeen for being our slime teaching expert! This FriYAY we will be getting our hands dirty again as we are using paper mache to make a volcano. Make sure you book in so you do not miss out on this fun, hands on experience.

Please remember the rules and expectations at Base 1270. We want everybody to have fun and enjoy themselves in safe environment.


We look forward to seeing you all this week!

Base 1270 staff.



Base Admin


Please call the office or email [email protected] to notify us as soon as possible if your child will be absent. This will just assist us with staffing and making sure everyone is quickly accounted for at the beginning of the session.


Did you know that most families are eligible to claim Child Care Subsidy (CCS)?

CCS is a payment from the Australian Government to assist families who work, train or study with the cost of child care (After School Care, Before School Care & Vacation Care).


Please see the document below for more information and speak to Mel in the office if you have any questions.


Student News/Awards

Congratulations to our Grade P-3 ABC and ROCCH Award Winners for Last Week!

At last week’s assembly we presented the following children with ABC and ROCCH awards for the great work that they are doing in their classroom and around the school. Well done superstars!



Canteen Price List Term 4



Our coffee machine is up and running and open to all staff, parents and students (for a hot chocolate) every morning.  

The canteen will open every school day at 8:00 till 9:15am.               

Perfect time to get yourself a coffee while dropping the kids off at school.


Coffee $4.00

Hot Chocolate $3.00


The grade 6 canteen CAN-TEAM will now be selling frozen treats on WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS. There is often confusion with school lunch order days so we’re hoping this will streamline things.



Community Notices

Carols by Candlelight...Helpers Sought

Carols by Candlelight is run mainly by the Buninyong & Mt Helen Lions Club, together with a voluntary committee of both community and church locals. The choir from Buninyong Primary School performs each year at the carols.


This year the organising committee is asking for physical hands on assistance for both setting up on the Saturday 8th December morning from 8:00am for an hour or two as well as packing up after the event from 9pm onwards.


The organising committee meets almost monthly throughout each year and would  welcome new members at any time.  If you are available to help with this year’s carols, either with the set up and pack up, or by joining the organising committee, please contact Jill Spencer on  5341 3602.

Buninyong Christmas Tree Farm & Pop-Up Shop


Buninyong Community Appreciation Day


Buninyong Township Plan


Ballarat Library

I am pleased to announce that the Summer Reading Club is taking place at Ballarat Libraries these summer holidays.


Last year the Summer Reading Club was a huge success!

  • Over 43,000 children participated across Australia, and
  • more than 360,000 books were read.

Celebrating its eighth year as a national program, the Summer Reading Club could be even bigger and better this year, with the help of your school!


The theme for the 2018 Summer Reading Club is Curious Creatures. Young readers will be encouraged to explore new worlds as they develop a curiosity of creatures.


At Ballarat Libraries, Summer Reading Club activities will run from December 1st until January 31st. To launch the Summer Reading Club at our library, we will be hosting a Launch party on Friday November 3th from 5.00pm to 6.30pm


Registration is FREE! When participants register at our library they will receive a Summer Reading Club pack. Alternatively, they can also register through the Summer Reading Club website at www.summerreadingclub.org.au.  


National prizes are also up for grabs for online participants.


To encourage participation in the 2018 Summer Reading Club, I invite teachers and library staff at your school to promote this program to students and their families. Invitations to the Summer Reading Club party are included to add to your school newsletter.



Julie Bull

Children’s and Youth Librarian

Ballarat Libraries

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