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08 December 2017
Issue Nineteen
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Important Dates

Term 4 

Friday 8 December

Last day for 2018 Year 11 & 12


Tuesday 12 December

Orientation Day for 2018 Year 7


Friday 15 December

Last Day 2018 Year 8 to Year 10

3.30pm, Semester 2 reports available


Monday 18 - Thursday 21 December

Environment Week


Friday 22 December 

Last Day term 4


Monday 29 January 

Office opens


Tuesday 30 January 

Year 7 and Year 12 students start

Year 12 conference 


Wednesday 31 January 

Year 8 to 11 students start 

Year 12 conference 


Thursday 1 February

Welcome assembly


Monday 12 February

Year 8 to 12 photo day 


Thursday 15 February

House swimming carnival 


Tuesday 20 February 

Intermediate sport round robin  


Thursday 29 March

Last day of term 1 

Principal's Message

Dear Parents & Guardians

This has been an extremely exciting and productive year for MGSC. Collectively we have implemented many improvements that have transformed the school both physically and academically. Thirteen months into the job and I still feel energized and proud of the achievements of each and every student.  I am also grateful for the endeavours of our dedicated teachers and education support staff. It isn’t easy when a new Principal joins the school, especially when there hasn’t been a change of leadership for 19 years. I appreciate their adaptability and professionalism over this time. My mantra is always “students are at the centre of all that we do and that is why we must innovate”.

At times the day to day work of our teachers goes unnoticed so here is a short list (but not complete by any means) of what our teachers have been working on in addition to their core responsibilities which is teaching. Teachers have:

  • Surveyed their classes to receive feedback on the teaching and learning program and then acted on this feedback to tailor the work to meet the needs of the individual students.
  • Observed each other’s classes so that they receive another teacher’s perspective on their teaching.
  • Worked in Professional Learning Teams to develop, document and share course content.
  • Contributed to the Curriculum Committee discussions where we debated the virtues of ongoing assessment and reporting, rubrics for assessment as well as the implementation of the new Victorian F-10 curriculum. We analysed parent, student and teacher feedback and implemented refinements for semester 2.  We also aligned the Year 10 subject offerings with VCE subjects to provide more choices to students than ever before to accelerate their program.
  • Contributed to the Facilities Committee where the physical needs of the school were discussed and prioritised. Many enhancements have been made to the buildings and grounds as a result of these discussions. The grounds are looking more inviting with the green thumb of Tammy and many of the buildings have received a fresh coat of paint to bring them back to life.  My thanks go to Bronwen Peterson, our Facilities Manager for being so proficient in her role as well as Gerry Van Den Berg who sees to all of the day to day maintenance of the school.  I would also like to thank Glenn Chadwick and Darren Hawkless from School Council for their contribution to this committee. The work will not stop over the holidays as the library will be refreshed and refurbished in time for the students’ return in 2018. 

We also had a year of change with David Russell departing at very short notice at the end of term two to take up a position as Principal at Parkdale Secondary College. I appreciate the contribution that David made to the school over the last few years and I would also like to acknowledge the positive way in which Bronwyn Moline and Carol Duggan incorporated aspects of David’s role into their already busy portfolios. 

Our Leaders of the school also steered the school towards achieving its goals and so in appreciation I thank our Business Manager, Inny Smit, Leading Teachers, Domain Leaders, Sub-School Teams, Program Leaders (such as STEAM) and our Education Support Staff and IT Team for all of their work.

Our students have also worked hard this year having achieved much in their areas of interest. This incorporates achievements across all subject areas from aerobics to music. Most recently a team of four Year 10 students and one Year 11 entered into a 'Superhack Engineering Challenge' run by Melbourne University and Robogals and walked away with first prize.  Achievements such as this signal that our girls live by our school motto “Courage and Hard Work”.  Very soon a group of girls from different year levels will be going on the HASSE Space trip to NASA as will one of our staff Gemma Johnson.

We have also seen the world through a global lens as we forged relationships with our International Students here as well those met at schools whilst on the trips to France and Japan. I have been humbled and impressed by the way in which our students have been so welcoming and supportive of our international students when they have spoken at assemblies or in class. 

Although many may think that schools are winding down in December, for all of us at MGSC, we are still full steam ahead. The students and staff are immersed in the Headstart Program and the work of 2018 has already begun. This is a sign that we are always looking to the horizon checking for that next change in wind direction.  Thank you to everyone at MGSC for making this a great year.


With thanks


Linda Brown



College Matters

Semester 2 reports

The semester 2 reports will be available on Compass at 3.30pm on Friday 15 December.

This year the college has moved to continuous reporting. This means that as tasks are completed, students and parents are able to view the grade, the rubric and the comment on Compass. These comments will also appear on the end of semester report, along with a report on:

  • Classes attended
  • Progress against the Victorian Curriculum standards (for Year 7-10 students)
  • VCE outcomes (for students undertaking VCE subjects)
  • Work habits
  • Semester exam (if relevant)

Blazer Pockets

Final opportunity to change over old logo to new logo.

Costume World has advised that a limited number of blazer pockets have become available. This is the last opportunity to obtain a new logo pocket  to replace an old logo pocket.  Contact Costume World to purchase a pocket for $24 on 9584 7006 or 

From 2018 all blazers must feature the new logo.

Second-hand Uniform Shop

The transition to school uniform with the new logo is now complete. This means that any items in the Second-hand Uniform Shop with the old logo can no longer be sold ie blazers, VCE jumpers and sports uniform.

We will be contacting families who have these items in the shop and asking if they would like to collect them. Uncollected items will be disposed of.

Parents can still purchase any of the school bags in the Second-hand Uniform Shop with the old logo, until the supply has run out. The shop will not be accepting any further school bags with the old logo.

There is a limited supply of new pockets for sale at Costume World. (Please contact Costume World first to check how many pockets are left.)

Students can purchase a second-hand blazer with the old logo and attach a new pocket. However, please note that we are not able to guarantee an exact colour match.

The shop is also seeking more items for sale, specifically summer dresses, the new PE uniform and blazers with the new logo.

The college greatly appreciates the work of the volunteers in the shop – Donna Harrison, Diane Weston, Annette Fitton, Val Tyers, Val Bletcher and Jo Baxas. The sales from the shop are used to support the school. Of particular note is the donation of $5000 towards Presentation Evening.


Carol DugganBronwyn Moline

Assistant Principals 

Cockatoo Rescue

Many birds have made a home in the magnificent gum trees on the school grounds. During the recent heat-wave a sulfur-crested cockatoo chick fell from its tree hollow nest . Gerry Van Den Berg, our maintenance manager, rescued the young bird and built a temporary a home where it could be cared for by its attentive parents until ready to fly.


Presentation Night

Tuesday 21 November 2017

The annual Presentation Evening is an opportunity to reflect on another year. Below are the addresses from the College Council Chairman and 2017 College Captain. 


From the College Council Chairman 

Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Mentone Girls’ Secondary College’s Presentation Evening for 2017.

Tonight gives us with the opportunity to recognise the outstanding achievements of our students in all areas of the school curriculum and also, most importantly, the chance to wish all of our Year 12s the best of luck and fortune for the future.

Tonight is the last time our Year 12 students will wear their school uniform and be together as a group at Mentone Girls’. The entire school community will have the opportunity to officially farewell them as they face their next adventure, now that they have finished their high school years. I know that the wonderful experiences that they’ve had and the knowledge that they’ve gained at Mentone Girls’ will equip them well in their future endeavours, whatever that may be or wherever it may take them. They just need to remember the school’s motto “through courage and work” as they head out to face the new challenges ahead of them.

As School Council President I can tell you that it’s been a very busy and productive year at Mentone Girls’. Our new principal, Ms Linda Brown, has been at the school for just over a year and has pushed through many significant and much needed change to the school, which has benefited the entire school community – you can see the extent of those changes as you walk though the front gates and which have been carried through the entire school, from the staff room to the class room.

As an enthusiastic and passionate leader of our school and an ardent advocate on the education of young women, I very much look forward to working closely with Linda in the years ahead.

We have been very fortunate to have welcomed back Assistant Principal, Ms Bronwyn Moline, after being away for the entire year in 2016. Together with our other Assistant Principal, Ms Carol Duggan, they have both been a most wonderful and important support to Linda and the wider school community. Thankyou Bronwyn and Carol for the care and passion you bring every day to Mentone Girls’.

However, sadly we farewelled Assistant Principal, Mr David Russell, who for a while acted in the role of principal whilst the school was in a period of transition. The College Council sincerely thanks David for his commitment and most importantly his leadership during his time at the school.  

I’d also like to thank all of the teaching, support and administration staff for their on-going commitment to our school. Your role in educating, supporting and inspiring our daughters to reach their full potential cannot be underestimated.

To all the parents who get involved with the school and volunteer, thank you. Your gift of time and commitment makes the school community a vibrant and stronger one and I encourage as many parents as possible to participate.

To the girls who have been selected to be part of the leadership team at Mentone Girls’ in 2018, I wish you a wonderful and exciting year ahead.

Finally, I would like to leave you with some words from a man that truly inspired a generation of people, the generation of girls who are finishing at Mentone Girls’ tonight. In a famous speech to Stanford's 2005 graduating class, Steve Jobs laid out his philosophy, lessons that any of tonight’s graduates would be wise to learn from.

The two that stand out to me are:

  • Follow your heart and trust that it knows where it's going, and
  • Don't let anything drown out your inner voice

Farewell and good luck to all of the girls of the class of 2017.


James Malliaros


From the College Captain

“The Real World.” It’s a mystical land. It’s one that you can’t pretend that you understand unless you have been in it. Unless you have been in the rink, which, if you think about it, is pretty similar to Year 12. We told those younger years don’t complain about stress until you’re in Year 12, but our parents have told us our whole lives, “You don’t know what it is like in the real world.” And now, we are standing at the door to this unknown place, where if we are lost, google maps can’t help us. Where if we do something wrong, it can’t be fixed by an after school detention. But, the question is, are we ready to venture out into this unknown? How will I enter the real world if I don’t know whether I need to pre-soak my chips? How will I enter the real world knowing psychology isn’t a real science?

We have been preparing for adulthood since the moment we received our pen license in primary school. But the reward of receiving our pen licenses wore off, until we arrived at high school and got our Bunsen burner license. You could now legally light a fire. We levelled up from using chat room on our Nintendo DS’s to iMessaging our friends, or if you were cool kid, you lied about your age on Facebook so you could chat with your friends. At this point in time, we thought we were mature, but we all know year 7 was a time filled with embarrassing moments that were captured on someone’s flip phone.

As you got on the 825 bus with your friends, you called you Mum to say you were going to Southland and she told you that you were not going to buy a dress from Valley Girl that day. So you told her “I can do what I want Mum I’m 12 now,” as you said with braces in your mouth holding a phone that she was paying for. It’s funny how this side ponytail version of ourselves thought that we were at our wisest moment, when in fact our Year 9 self shrugged in disbelief at that embarrassing time of our life.

Year 9.  You were a little edgy, dress tied back with an elastic band, not bringing your blazer to college assembly and meeting with your friends and some St Bede's boys at Mentone Station. You sat in the back of personal learning watching make-up tutorials and scrolling through Tumblr, and then subtly changed tabs to Education Perfect when the teacher suspected you weren’t completing your digital portfolio. You thought you were mature, but just because you were over your One Direction phase. It didn’t mean that you were grown up.

And at the beginning of Year 12, we too thought we were mature. We weren’t "twelvies", we were "Year twelvies". Our hair was no longer in a side pony tail, was no longer straightened, but had that “I just woke up” look. You didn’t sit at the back of class watching make-up tutorials, instead you typed numbers into Atar Calc thinking you needed a 45 in everything to get into your course even though everything really belongs in your 10%.  And now, it’s the end of our journeys as high school students. We have grown up to become young, independent women of the 21st century. We are at our wisest moment yet, we are ready to go into the real world, but our parents are thinking, “You ain’t mature yet. Wait till you have kids. Buy a house. Get a home loan. Hopefully not in that order. Then talk to me about maturity.”

But with maturity, mistakes were made. And I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase from your parents “I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.” If your parents asked you why you were going to two parties in one weekend instead of studying, it’s because they probably made that mistake when they were younger. It wasn’t called "a gath", it was called a Blue Light Disco. In fact, I’m sure many of us here have regretted some things this year, and even made a few mistakes here or there. Whether it was choosing to go out clubbing on a Friday night instead of revising for that SAC. But hey, you learn from every mistake. Or when Stranger Things 2 came out five days before the English exam and you kept telling yourself, "just one more episode". But hey, you learn from every mistake. Or when you took a half hour study break that accidentily turned into the whole year.

Everybody makes mistakes.
Everybody has those days.
Everybody knows what, what I'm talkin' 'bout.
Everybody gets that way, yeah!

Mistakes are even made by the people we look up to .... VCAA. Last year, they sent out a small majority of texts too early. For some, they thought they had been pranked by the Prank Patrol, but Scotty and the ninjas didn’t appear. It was not a hoax.  I made a mistake of choosing to do Methods, (sorry Mr. Hughes it’s not you, it’s me).  And Tina hosted the Halloween party, I will say no more.

Mistakes are constantly made, and this is how we grow. These mistakes are what enable us to prepare for this so called door to adulthood.

It is our teachers and our parents who have always pushed us to do greater things and this support and encouragement will stay with us as we continue to grow and mature and hopefully buy a house and get a home loan, once again, not in that order. From the wise words of Phil Dunphy, “Never be afraid to reach for the stars, because even if you fall, you’ll always be using a parent-chute.”

But the real reason that we got through our high school years is because of each other. A friend is someone in a crowded corridor who pushes you, not pushes into you. Without them, lining up in the canteen would not be a pleasant experience. If you are ever in a pickle, count on your friends. Unless you are tied to a pole outside the school. Some friendships have formed since Year 7. Some only recently. But the biggest bonds are with the people you meet waiting outside the toilet at an 18th. I mean, name a more iconic class of 2017, I’ll wait.

I wish I could bake you all a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and stay together forever.” We have grown together for six years, and I cannot believe that many of us are about to part ways, to follow our different aspirations. You all have a special place in my heart, and it has been an honour to have spent my high schooling with you. I cannot wait to see where the future takes you. Whether the path is short because you have your red Ps, or longer because you have to take the bus, remember to enjoy the journey.

And from the wise words of Nickelback, with a little twist of MGSC:


Every memory of lookin' out the classroom door
I have making waves spread out on my bedroom floor
It's hard to say it

Time to say it
Good bye, good bye


Rachel Butler


College Assembly 

Thursday 23 November 

At the final College Assembly for the year, the 2018 College Captain Sally Walker shared some family adventures and challenges and International exchange student Mariana Amaral do Prado Castro  reflected on her time at MGSC/ 


And so the countdown beings. 

Only a few weeks until the summer holidays start. Between then and now we’re all starting a new year of our schooling lives; new teachers, new classes and new subjects. With new beginnings come new opportunities. Opportunities to meet new people and make new friends, join a new team or put yourself forward for a leadership position.

It might not even be school related; it could be an opportunity to get a job, to travel, or learn to surf or go bungee jumping. I guarantee you in the next few weeks of school and the holiday period after, so many opportunities will arise for all of you and I encourage you all to say "yes" to as many as you can. I know sometimes it seems easier to say "no" and lie in bed binge watching the entire second season of Stranger Things instead but you don’t know what all those opportunities could potentially lead to if you never have a go.

Just recently, I had the opportunity for one of the most amazing experiences of my life. For my mum’s birthday this year my dad decided it would be a good idea for our whole family to do something together. Now we’re quite an active and adventurous family so we put our heads together and all agreed to do a skydive!!  Imagine my mum’s surprise when she opened the card. That’s not the plane ticket she was expecting!!!

Now the thing is, like a lot of people, I have a huge fear of heights. I was so excited nonetheless and it seemed like such a good idea until about 9:28am last Saturday when I was dangling out the side of an aeroplane 15,000 feet above St Kilda Marina. I’d just seen my dad disappear out the door and now it was my turn.  Never in my entire life have I screamed so much as I did falling out of that plane. I kid you not, once I was back on the ground one of the crew members who was waiting at the drop zone asked us who was the one screaming. That lady heard me screaming from 15,000 feet away!  It was the most amazing experience though. My instructor was awesome and he got me to steer the parachute, and do a stand-up landing. My mum ended up loving it too. Even though she had her eyes shut for 80% of the morning. Anyway, moral of the story, when opportunities do come up, try your best to embrace them and have a go. Don’t let your fears hold you back.

The second thing that I wanted to mention is the AFL draft which is tomorrow night.  My brother, Will, has been playing for the Sandringham Dragons footy team for the last two years.  He was hoping to get into the Vic Metro team at the start of the year but was quickly cut from the trials and he was really disappointed - as you would be. Anyway, he decided to play as well as he could for the Sandy Dragons and enjoy the season, and maybe see if he could get into a VFL team next year.  His team had a good year and they were unlucky to lose the Grand Final by two points.  Considering that, we were all really surprised when he got invited to the draft combine, which is where they test AFL prospects. Since then he has had a few AFL recruiters interview him. They even contacted his school, which is Melbourne High, the nerdiest school in Melbourne, to ask about him. Imagine what the teachers there think when an AFL Club phoned up. It doesn’t happen every day.

So it now seems like he has a chance of being drafted by an AFL club tomorrow night. I’m really proud of him. Not because he’s some amazing footy player but because he makes the most of every opportunity he gets and he never quits. He’s proved the Vic Metro selectors wrong and whatever happens tomorrow night he knows he did his best and he’s really enjoyed the season.

So like I said before, there’s no way my mum would’ve jumped out of that plane on her own, and sometimes, like my brother Will, you have a go but things don’t always go to plan. The point is that you do step up and have a go.

So make sure you look for opportunities to step outside your comfort zone, maybe try things you haven’t done before and test your limits. Also remember to support the people around you with the challenges they face.  And when things don’t go the way you want, don’t give in. Believe in yourself and have another go. I guarantee you will always learn something from it and sometimes you will surprise yourself.


Sally Walker 

2018 College Captain 


Postscript - Will Walker was drafted at pick 23 to North Melbourne.  


Good morning Ms Brown, teachers, students and guests,

For those who do not know me, my name is Mariana Amaral do Prado Castro, and I am a Study Abroad student, part of the International Program, from Brazil. And this is my last assembly before I fly back home.

For those who do not know Brazil, do you know the Amazon forest? If yes, that is where Brazil is in South America.

I’d like to share my story with you: being in the Study Abroad program never occurred to me. I always thought that was impossible, because I would have to build my life in a new country with a different culture and then I would have to leave everything. However, my thoughts completely changed when my brother said to me that he was moving to Australia with his wife. They didn’t know any English, didn’t have any friends or jobs here, they just came. Thus, I had the opportunity to study here as well, because when I saw that my brother achieved the impossible, I just realised that I could do the same. So, I came. Me and other exchange or Study Abroad students with the same aim: to discover ourselves.

I was in Australia for only two weeks and it was my first day at school. I was really scared: to study at a college just with girls in a new country, new language and new culture would be a challenge for me. However the students, teachers, and coordinators of the school made me feel so welcome that this helped me with all my doubts. When students showed interest in me and my country, and included me in their groups, like my friends in Year 11 or the International students that visited Sovereign Hill with me, I felt as if I were a part of Australia, a part of a community, a part of this school.  So I would like to thank my Year 11 friends and my International friends.

I would like to describe school in Brazil, because there are some differences. First, we have to study all subjects, which is 15, thus we can’t choose our favourite subjects, and we study in Portuguese. Secondly, high school is just Years 10, 11 and 12, and the majority are private, because public schools in Brazil are really bad, except for the university, which is really good, but hard to get into. Thirdly, all students have to do the ENEM, which is an exam to get in the best universities of Brazil. It has 180 multiple choice questions about general knowledge and one point of view essay. This is completed over two days, between four or five hours each day. Fourth, my school is co-ed and a 15 minute drives from my school. Very different to Mentone Girls'.

Finally, I would like to say how glad I am that I had this amazing experience for six months and met so many wonderful people that I really want to take with me back home for the rest of my life. I would like to say that this is not a goodbye, because everyone here knows that have a home in Brazil.

Thank you and until next time!

Mariana Amaral do Prado Castro

Junior | Middle | Senior School Matters 

Senior School News


Senior students were excited and also apprehensive to begin their VCE studies in Headstart. It was very pleasing to see them take on their new studies with such seriousness. Many of the students are starting to use the VCE Centre during their study periods and also before and after school. 


Students should expect to do some work over the holiday break. Novels should be read, exercises completed and any additional work that is given to them for each of their studies. As we take the work done during Headstart very seriously, students can expect that there will be assessments soon after we return to school in 2018.
Year 12 Conference 

The Year 12 students will be attending a two day conference on Tuesday 30 and Wednesday 31 January 2018. 

Teacher Leaders for 2018 

The new Senior Sub School team is:
Director of Senior School - Ms Sylvia  Christopoulos
Year 12 Managers - Mr Julian Day and Mrs Leah Liakos
Year 11 Managers - Ms Melanie Erwin and Ms Clare Selir



Absences are to be logged onto Compass  or a phone call made to the Senior Office on 9581 5231. If  your daughter is absent on the day of a SAC, a medical certificate will need to be provided as well. 


Sylvia Christopoulos

Senior School Leader

Middle School News


Alpine School

We currently have four students attending the Alpine School in Dinner Plain - Sarah Pontifex, Loren Henry, Millie Jewell and Chloe Corcoran. The girls have been busy honing their leadership skills in the outdoors and working with students from all over Victoria, developing their team building and problem solving skills as well as surviving Victoria’s wild weather over the last week. The students will be presenting their Community Leadership Projects that they developed over their time at camp this coming Friday. We look forward to the students sharing their experience with our College community upon their return.



Students are well into their 2018 Headstart program, having participated in all their electives and Personal Learning program and adjusting well to their new year levels. Students have one more week of Headstart for the year and should maintain organisation for all of their subjects for the remainder of this year, being able to smoothly begin the 2018 year with all their subject material ready to go.


Year 9 Aware Program

All Year 9 students will be participating in the Aware program in the third week of Headstart. This program focus on harm minimalisation around alcohol and other substances. This program will run for half a day across either the morning or afternoon on Wednesday 13 December.


Year 10 STEAM Incursion

On Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 December, all Year 10 students will be involved in an entrepreneurship activity to devise an app. They will focus on app development, design and marketing. We are excited to see the ideas our students can come up with.


Deb Jarvis

Middle School Leader 

International Student |
English Language Centre News

International Student Program & ELC News

This is my final newsletter item as the International Student Program Manager and I would like to thank the College for giving me this opportunity. I would like to wish the ELC students good luck as they transition into mainstream classes; I know that they are incredibly nervous about this experience so please keep reassuring and encouraging them.

Next year, we will be running a series of events to celebrate Cultural Diversity/Harmony Week, commencing Monday 19 March. We are calling on any parents/guardians, students and staff who are interested in participating in this celebration. If you are interested or wish to be involved, let me know at [email protected]

Ms Si Feng and Mrs Yinan Zhang will continue in the International Student Program and our students are so lucky to have such kind and dedicated staff to support all our international students. They can be contacted through [email protected] 

English as an Additional Language (EAL) News

I am excited to be taking up the new role of EAL Coordinator.

First of all, EAL/D is the acronym for English as an Additional Language and Dialect. If a student has been in the country for less than five years (seven years if VCE), the student should check with me if they are EAL. Once they are identified as EAL, a golden dot is displayed next to their name on Compass to indicate to teachers that this student has access to an EAL exam and assessment tasks in English, and may require further support in the classroom.


Ekaterina Xanthopoulos

ISP and ELC Manager

International student competition

The Department of Education and Training is running a video competition with prizes for the winners on the theme, 'A day in the life of an international student'. 

Entries close Friday 15 December.




World Challenge

Car Wash Challenge 

Team Mitrata washed cars at lunchtime over three days to raise World Challenge funds.  The smiles were as shiny as the wheel rings. Great job Team Mitrata! 

World Challenge preparation

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy the holidays. If you feel up to it, it would be great training to go for a long walk wearing a day pack with snacks and water so you become accustom to the weight and feel of a day pack. Regular fortnightly training walks will commence in 2018 (probably near the end of term 1 or start of term 2).

Hint #5: It's not unusual to see porters carrying large and heavy loads whilst trekking. Try to steer out of their way. 


Michael Warden

World Challenge Coordinator

STEAM Matters - Science

SuperHack – MGSC winners

Over the first weekend in December a team of five MGSC students (Casey, Ayannah, Keina, Angi and Katie) were involved in the 'SuperHack' competition. This is a competition designed to teach young girls the core concepts behind engineering. Guided by two mentors, (electrical engineers from Melbourne University) the students needed to learn how to use coding software to solve real world engineering challenges. With their coding skills they then created a professional pitch to ‘sell’ their product designed around sustainable water use in agriculture. Competing against 14 other schools from across Victoria they came home in first place. Some of their prizes included a 3-D printer, an IBM tour and $1,000 to fund engineering development at the school.



This competition was run by The Melbourne University Electrical Engineering Club, Robogals and The Melbourne University Computing & Information Systems Students Association.


Thank you Suzanne Thornley 

As the year draws to a close I’d like to acknowledge the work our lab technician does for the Science students and staff at MGSC. Suzanne Thornley has been at MGSC for the past ten years working to ensure our labs run safely and smoothly. Working behind the scenes she prepares all of our lab requirements and quite often assists during the lessons; especially with VCE classes and dissections. Feeding the lizard, fish, stick insects and caring for our terrariums are just a few other jobs to add to her busy day. We’d like to thank Suzanne for everything she does to make our Science happen!


Louise Rieniets 

Science Domain Leader 

STEAM Matters - Art & Design

Creating a STEAM Logo 

This term the Unit 2 Visual Communication Design students created STEAM logos for packaging. They used the design process to develop and refine their concepts on Adobe Illustrator. 

The project also aimed to produce a STEAM logo that could be used to promote the Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics program at the College. 

Congratulations to

1st  - Gabriella Hall

2nd - Hailey Bartholomew

3rd - Emma Hicks

Expect to see more of the winning logo used in College publications and promotions in 2018.


Gemma Johnson

Visual Arts Domain Leader 


Cricket Victoria Girls' Leadership Forum

On Monday 27 November Hope Maillard, Sophie Johnson, Sinead Garry and Jordy Murphy (Year 7 and 8) attended a Girls’ Leadership Excursion run by Cricket Victoria at Melbourne Girls’ College.  Below they share their experience. 


Emily Price


On Monday I had the amazing opportunity to participate in a leadership forum run by Cricket Victoria. We attended Melbourne Girls' College to take part in several activities all based around leadership skills. Throughout the day, we listened to two panels. We received insight from guest panelist into developing leadership skills.  Speakers included  Belinda  Clark, an amazing cricketer who was the first and only person to score a double century in a women's one day international. We also heard from Isabella Dymalovski. I found her very interesting as she started a business at the age of eight years old and now is only 16 and is very successful managing to expand her business into America. The female speakers were my favourites as it proved that you can be a great leader without being a male. Isabella also appealed to me as she is very close to my age and is proving that as long as you stick with your instinct you can achieve anything no matter how old you are.

There were also four activities we got to participate in including Pilates, Smiling Minds and two workshops. The workshops were all about how to recognise that you are running low on energy mentally and physically. And the other was about asking a mentor for advice or help to achieve a certain skill. Personally what I got out of the day is that I  can now recognise when I need to recharge my internal battery as I know the signs of when I am stressed or scared about something. I also know that girls can achieve absolutely anything they put their minds to and to not listen to anyone putting them down.

My favourite part of the day was the Pilates as it was a great physical workout and it gave tips on how to stay fit and healthy. Because even though in leadership you need to stay mentally healthy it is also important to keep yourself physically healthy.

It was a privilege to go and I am grateful that I could participate and learn about different leadership skills that I can take through life and benefit me in different situations.


Sophie Johnson, Year 8 




National Cheerleading Competition

Two teams competed in the National Cheerleading Competition held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre on Friday 24 November.

Coached by Courtney Anderson they performed extremely well.  The Pom team came fourth and the Cheer team placed  third. Congratulations to the following students for their training and hard work during the year; Artemis Baxas, Hayley Brotherton, Laura Caesar, Phoebe Ces, Ella Grapel, Izabella Kadiki, Allanah Kinkela, Lucinda Levant-Feldman, Georgia Macmillan, Hope Maillard, Kaycie Mason, Chloe Maud, Caitlin Morris, Megan Pettifer, Isabel Pilcher, Keziah Sansom-Gower, Danica Savic, Roma Sterrey, Trixie Sumpter, Frankie Toll, Poppy Ward, Zoe Weeks, Olivia Weston, Alyssa Zimmerman and Alicia Zore.


Emma Milliken

Beep Test Award Winners 2017

Congratulations to the winners of the Joan Barnett Beep Test Award. These students achieved the highest beep test score in their year level, demonstrating their cardiovascular endurance. The higher the score corresponds with a higher level of fitness.

Many students challenged themselves to improve their results throughout the year by completing numerous beep tests on ‘Beep Test Tuesdays’ or by training in Run4Life sessions. Well done to all participants!

Year 7 -  Hope Maillard and Mackenzie Scott  10.8 

Year 8 -  Angel Caris 12.00

Year 9 -  Millie Belleville 13.2 

Year 10 -  Kisarna Berntsen 12.1 

PE Uniform Matters

PE uniform rules have not changed for 2018. 

  • Year 7 and 8 students may come to school and stay in their PE uniform on days they have Physical Education classes. 
  • Year 9 PE and Middle School elective students need to bring their PE uniform to school and get changed at the start of their class.

What my PE uniform is in the wash or misplaced?

  • Year 7  and 8  students can wear the school uniform to school and get changed into something appropriate for sport at the start of your lesson.  Bring a note so your PE teacher knows what has happened.
  • Year 9 students bring a note and something as close to your PE uniform.


Three of our students represented Victoria in netball competing in the Junior Indoor Nationals tournament held in Brisbane at the end of November.  Congratulations to 

  • Lilly Crofts (U12 team)
  • Ruby Crofts (Captain U16 mixed team)
  • Briedi Gibson (U16 mixed team)

Jackie Mathews

Health & PE Domain Leader

In our community

Community Christmas Celebrations

Carols in the Park (Glen Eira Council) Saturday 9 December, 5.30pm to 8pm

Features Sam Moran and Antoinette Halloran
Bentleigh Hodgson Reserve, Higgins Road, Bentleigh  


Carols by Kingston (Kingston Council) Sunday 10 December, 7pm to 9.30pm 

A jazzy celebration with guest artists including Vince Jones and James Morrison. 

Sir William Fry Reserve, Cheltenham


Carols in the Park (Bayside Council) Tuesday 12 December, 7.30pm to 9.30pm 

Concludes with the famous fireworks spectacular.  

Dendy Park, Brighton East, 3187


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