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07 March 2019
Issue Three
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From the Principal

Recent bushfires

I wanted to take a moment in this week's newsletter to pause and think about all of the different communities across Victoria that have been affected by bush fires, people who have lost their family homes, pets, stock, farms and vineyards.  Some of you will have direct contact with extended families and friends who have been affected by the fires, while others of you will have gained an understanding by listening to the radio or watching the news.  It is at times of great adversity that people are able to lean on family, friends and the community, for support.  

2019 School Council

Congratulations to Fouad Lotfi-Jam, Michele Brooks and Fiona Pumpa who are duly elected onto the 2019 School Council.  Our Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held on 25 March at 7:30pm when office bearers will be elected.  You are more than welcome to join us at the AGM.   

Earth Hour - 30 March, 2019

Jade, our Grade 6 Environment Captain, has expressed interest in Mullum Primary School participating in Earth Hour 2019 on 30 March.  We have registered the school and Jade will be presenting information to the school community at some of our Monday morning assemblies.  Keep your eyes open for more information to follow.

Netball Court

What a wonderful sight.  Our netball court and surrounds has been asphalted!  We can't wait to start using it.  News update from the Apexcivil crew installing the court is that their work will be done by the end of this week and the line marking will take place in about one month, allowing time for the oils on the asphalt to dissipate.  On Tuesday 12 March the landscape architect, RB Landscapes, will come in and install platforms from the embankment onto the court and then we will be able to open it up for the children to play on.  We can't wait.

On the Write Track

We have added a new page to the newsletter and will be showcasing student writing.  This fortnight we have writing from Mrs Moloney's Year 5 class.  I hope you are as impressed as I was.

Division Swimming

Congratulations to Joe (6C) for representing Mullum Primary School in the  Division Swimming competition at Aquanation on Monday 4 March.  Joe swam in the butterfly race for 12/13 year old boys and came second.   Joe now goes on to represent Mullum at the Regional Finals on Friday 15 March. Joe is one of our International students and first joined us at the beginning of this school year.  We are very proud of your achievements and wish you all the best for Friday.

Student Led Conferences

On Tuesday 2 April all families are invited to a Student-led Conference.  Each conference will last for 30min and your child will conduct the conference with you in their classrooms.  At the conference your child will talk you through the learning goals that they are working on in class and share examples of where they have demonstrated the goal in their work.  We will be opening up bookings for these conferences soon and will send home details of how to do this.

Drop off and pick up from camps.

We have changed arrangements for the drop off and collection of students for camps.  All camps, from this year on, will leave from Mullum PS and the buses will deliver students back to school directly.  This change is effectively immediately as our Grade 5/6 camp is next week and students are required to meet their teachers at Mullum Primary.  There will be orange cones out along Panfield Ave for buses on Tuesday 12 March and Friday 15 March for bus parking.  Please ensure you do not park in any of these spaces.

Grade 5/6 Camp 

Next week I will be joining our team of dedicated staff, and all our Grade 5 & 6 students, at Phillip Island YMCA Coastal Discovery Camp.  There is a sense of excitement in the air and we are all looking keenly at the weather reports to see if we are in for some good weather.  I would like to take time to thank Clare, Emily, Sam, Sharon and parents Ryan, Jacob and Stuart, for taking time away from their families for the week to be with your children, ensuring they have a wonderful experience.  Teachers often hear comments from parents that suggest this is a holiday for them and that they must enjoy the extra pay.  Our response to these statements is that it is not a holiday when you have over hundred children in your care and there is no extra pay.   Teachers have a choice to attend camp and they choose to do so because they value the experiences the students are going to gain from being at camp.

Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge is open for registrations and Mullum Primary School is very excited to be participating.  The Challenge is open for all students from Foundation to Grade 6 until 6 September, 2019.  


Children in Foundation to Grade 2 are required to read 30 books, with 20 or more from the Challenge Book List.   Children in Grade 3-6 are required to read 15 books, with 10 or more from the Challenge Book List.


The 2019 Challenge Book List will be sent out as soon as it is available.  All students will be registered for the Reading Challenge through the school, however, parents will need to log in and help their child record the reading they have done.  More details to come soon.  


Start reading! 


Upcoming Pupil Free Day

School Council have approved Friday 26 April as our next Pupil Free Day.  Please note this in your diaries.

School Tours

Over the last few weeks I have taken a number of tours for our 2020 Foundation enrolments.  I encourage you to speak to neighbours and friends and invite them to tour our wonderful school.  Mulllum Primary School has much to offer local families and we want to share that with them.  Prospective families can book a tour that suits their own schedule by ringing the school office on 9870 2120.  

Safety online

Over the last week it has come to our attention that some children are talking about the Momo Challenge.  My preliminary research on this Challenge is that it is most likely to be a hoax and that what children are responding to an image of a character associated with the Challenge.


When hoaxes and scare mongering sweeps across the internet it is always a reminder, as parents and educators, to consider the appropriateness of unsupervised access to the internet, the amount of time children are on line, what filters are on our devices and what to do when something pops up that you weren't expecting.  


Recently families were asked to discuss and sign our Acceptable Use Agreement.   Once signed these documents are kept and the content is discussed in class and when there is a breach of the agreement.  Keeping your children safe online when they are at school is vitally important to us and at every opportunity we are updating filtering options and teaching children how to manage themselves on line.


Here are two links to articles that may provide you with more information.  Please be mindful that there are images that may upset your child should you be sharing this with them.

Dates For Your Diary

Upcoming Events

Friday 8 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Saturday 9 March

- Bunnings  Ringwood BBQ Fundraiser


Monday 11 March

- Labor Day Public Holiday


Tuesday 12 - Friday 15 March​

- Grade 5/6 Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp


Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 March​

- Teeth on Wheels 


Monday 18 March 

- Presentation of leadership badges by Michael Sukkar at the school assembly


Thursday 21 March 

- Twilight Sports 5.30 - 7.45 pm - food order forms for the BBQ are due by Monday 18 March 

- Harmony Day - wear a touch of orange


Friday 22 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Monday 25 March

- School Council AGM 7:30pm - everyone welcome

- First School Council meeting for 2019


Friday 29 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Saturday 30 March

-Earth Hour


Tuesday 2 April

- 30 minute, student-led visits to classrooms with parents between 3:45 and 5:45 pm, more details to follow


Thursday 4 April

- Last day for Easter egg donations


Friday 5 April

- Easter Raffle Draw

- Last day of Term 1, 2.30 pm dismissal



Term 2

Friday 26 April

- Pupil Free Day


Wednesday 8 May

- House Cross Country


Friday 10 May

- Mother's Day Stall



Term 3

Monday 15 July

- Pupil Free Day - 100% guarantee, no minimum enrolment, Camp Australia childcare will be available on this day.


Monday 29 - Tuesday 30 July

- Whole School Production - Porridge


Friday 2 August 

-Whole School Trivia Night


Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 September

- Teeth on Wheels (second visit)

On The Write Track

Grade 5M Writing

Lost and Alone

I feel sad and neglected sitting alone in the dark shed with no one to play with. Once upon a time I was young and shiny! Now my body is faded, scarred and deflated. I remember back to when I felt amazing. I was rolling through the long, green grass having so much fun. I enjoyed being touched and handballed by people and hearing the THUD of being kicked around by smooth, shiny footy boots. A brand new soccer ball that shines like the sun has now replaced me. Sadness! Alex


The Cat

I’m curled up on the big, floral patterned armchair next to the window. It’s as soft as a marshmallow and very comfortable. The bright sun shines down on my spotted, tabby coloured body, making me feel warm and safe. My body twitches as I dream of chasing mice up and down the hallway. I wake up with a start as my dream ends. Now that I’m up, I might as well play. Meow! I call to my owner. Come play! But she’s too busy and ignores me. So I race down the hallway by myself, using my paws to bat my brightly coloured ball left and right, left and right like a skilled tennis player. I love being a cat!   Alexa


My Big Adventure

As I run about outside in the cold breeze I feel refreshed and alive. The grass is wet under my paws from the morning dew. The sun is just beginning to shine through the clouds. Bang! I hear a loud crashing sound coming from the house next door. It reminds me of the fireworks exploding on New Year’s eve. I was scared then and I feel scared now. I look for a safe place to hide and squeeze through a crack in the wall. I end up under the house. It is dark, almost pitch-black. I can barely see. Suddenly I realise something is touching my face. I see a giant spider hanging down from its sticky web.  Now I’m really scared! I sprint out of the darkness, squeeze back through the crack in the wall and out into the light. I race inside through the cat door and snuggle up in my bed feeling safe again. Hamish


The MCG  

Sitting on the edge of my seat I stare out over this amazing stadium. I see thousands of people cheering, just like me. Seagulls fly overhead, their squawking unable to be heard above the noise of the crowds in this famous circular stadium. They land in huge numbers on the bright green turf. The smell of chips and hot dogs waft through the air. Finally, the siren sounds, the teams run out and the crowd erupts. The atmosphere is incredible!  Harry


My Nanna’s Garden

The bees buzz, the sun shines and the figs are like big brown orbs hanging on the tree. They are shouting out my name to be eaten. The day is hot and the oranges are burning in the sun. The ripe, red strawberries look delicious and as I pop one in my mouth I realize how sweet and tasty they are. The hungry birds try to peck the blueberries hoping they don’t get stuck in the big white net. Bang! A loud noise scares the birds away. They flap madly and fly to the nearest tree. I look up and see my old football stuck in the branches, its colour now faded and dull. It reminds me of the colour inside the watermelons growing in my Nanna’s garden.  Jack      


Speed on Wheels

VROOOM! The V8 engine roars to life like a purring jaguar. The red exterior shines brightly like the rays of the sun. It then speeds down the highway like a careless driver is in control. It takes swift, sharp turns as if no one is watching, before the engine slowly dies down as it reaches its destination. Lucas

Positive Education

Social Intelligence at Mullum Primary School


Foundation have begun looking at how emotions may be delivered through body language and facial expressions.


Grade 1

The Grade 1 students have focused on ways to be a good friend; What that might look like, feel life and sound like.  In addition they have discussed strategies on 'how to join in and play'. The students have developed strategies for including everyone in the yard and what to do if they had difficultly finding someone to play with.

Grade 2

What can particular emotions look like? Grade 2 have been playing a game will illustrates what a person who is happy, sad, excited, angry, confused, proud, shy and shocked look-like.  They have transferred this understanding into their reading by recognising what the character may be feeling through the pictures in the story book.

Grade 3&4

Grades 3/4 have been using the characteristics of social intelligence to help them understand how characters in the fiction books are feeling.

Grade 5& 6

Listening and being in the moment can be challenging at times.  Do we give people our full attention all the time?  Grade 5&6 students have been learning about Active Constructive Responding.  What is this?  This is when you show the 'deliverer of information' that you are listening and interested in what they are saying.  You ask questions and try to understand how the person feels.  If you actively constructively respond both the deliverer and the responder benefit from these conversations.

Performing Arts

Production Update
by Mark Nunis

The cast have been working really hard these past few weeks.  It has been fantastic to see the characters develop and come to life.  In the next few weeks we will begin to learn our choreography with our dance teacher Karen.


Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Kitchen Garden News
By Ros Hill

We are hoping this cooler weather lasts for the sake of our plants. Radish, lettuce, basil and spring onions are flourishing and we will be using some of this produce in the kitchen over the next few weeks.

Last week we created 'Fried Rice Lettuce Cups' and these were universally popular. This week we are focussing on 'Fractions and Fruit' ie applying our knowledge of fractions to cut fruit accurately and make mathematical comparisons, as we create fruit kebabs. Recipes are attached to the newsletter.



Division Swimming Results

Congratulations of Joe C in Grade 6 for coming SECOND in the 50m 12/13 year old boys individual butterfly race! 

Joe has now progressed to the Regional Swimming carnival on Friday 15 March.  He will come home early from camp on Friday morning to attend this competition.

Best of luck Joe!!


Twilight Sports

On Thursday 21 March the staff at Mullum would like to invite the Mullum community to our annual Twilight Sports event.  This will be held on the Mullum oval with a BBQ dinner starting at 5.30 pm (order by Monday 18 March or  bring a picnic) and races approximately 6.15 pm.   It is a fun evening where you get to catch up or meet people in our community and have some fun while you watch the races - and participate if you'd like.  Races are for current students, younger and older siblings... parent and special person races too.  More information will be emailed home via Compass soon.  Hope to see you there!

In Other News

Student of the Week

Week Ending 22/02/2019

6M       Hamzah B

6C        Oscar K

5Y        Nazia H

5M       Lucas B

34PH  Avery Y

34B     Marshall S

2T        Daniel N

2R        Luke L

1W       Sophie S

F1SH   Dion T

FC        Nathan W


Week ending 01/03/2019

6M      Annabel J

6C       Toby B

5Y        Sophie N

5M       Marissa W

34PH  Dylan W

34B     Caden M

2T        Katrina H

1W       April B

F1SH   Elizabeth Q

FC        Soraya L-J

Parents' AssociationNews

PA Meeting

Next PA meeting will be held Monday 29 April, 7 pm in the staffroom.

What's Coming Up

Mullum PA has lots of fun events happening this term.


Bunnings BBQ  - This Saturday 9 March, Mullum PS is running the Bunnings BBQ.  A big "Thank You!" to our helpers who have committed to helping for an hour or two on the day.  We would love all our Mullum families and friends to head on down to Bunnings Ringwood this Saturday to buy a snag or two and support our wonderful school.

Twilight Sports - We are also after helpers for the BBQ at our Twilight Sports night on Thursday 21 March. The sign up sheet is located on the PA noticeboard at the school office.


Easter Raffle - Keep an eye out for raffle tickets and the call for donations of Easter eggs as our annual Easter Raffle is fast approaching.  Last year over 12 lucky families took home a hamper full of yummy Easter eggs on the last day of term.  Please pop an extra Easter egg or 2 in your shopping trolley to donate to our raffle.  The raffle will be drawn on Friday 5 April.

Icy Pole Friday

$1 in the Hall at lunchtime each Friday during Term 1.

Advertisements & Community Noticeboard News

See our Community Noticeboard for more information about;

  • Maroondah City Council - 2019 Kinder Expo, FREE!  Wednesday 13 March 6-8.30 pm at Karralyka.  Book online,
  • Croydon Library - Reading - Why is it so hard for some kids?  Free event, Thursday 21 March at Croydon Library.  Bookings essential,
  • Celebrate Mooroolbark Festival - Red Earth Unearthed Talent Quest, Friday 22 March @ 7 pm.  Call for contestant, Free entry, by 8 March.  Enter via
  • South Warrandyte Community Cinema Under the Stars - Wreck It Ralph 2, Saturday 30 March from 6 pm.  Colman Road Reserve, South Warrandyte.  Tickets, $7 adults, $5 children.
  • Juventus Academy Melbourne - Term 2 Registration, 9 week program$300 & $50 for kit.  Register now
  • Tutoring Annex - Get in touch today to secure a brighter future for your child,
  • Victorian School of Languages - Enrol Now, Croydon Centre, Melba College, Saturdays 9 am - 12.20 pm.  Chinese SL, Karen, Chin (Hakha), Chin (Falam), Mizo, Zomi.  Fees $80 per year,  enrol online
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