Galilee Bulletin

31 January 2020
Issue One
Dates & Information
Community Links
Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School
(03) 9699 2928
301 - 319 Bank Street
South Melbourne, Victoria, 3205

Dates & Information

Break Times

First Break - 11.00-11.40am

Second Break 1.50-2.30pm

It is preferred students leaving early are collected at the beginning or end of these breaks to minimise disruptions to classes.

Term Dates

Term 1  Friday Jan 31 - Friday March 27 at 1.30pm

Term 2 Tuesday April 14 - Friday June 26 1.30pm

Term 3 Mon July 13 - Friday Sept 18 1.30pm

Term 4 Mon Oct 5 - Tuesday Dec 15 1.30pm

Term 1

February 3 -Students finish 1:30pm

                       -Meet the Teacher 2-7pm

February 5 - Meet the Teacher 2-5pm

                       -Welcome Evening 5-7pm

                       - No Preps at school

February 7 -Beginning of Year Mass 9:15am

                       -Year 4 Camp Parent Information 3pm

February 11 - Reconciliation Family Faith Night in Galilee School hall-6:00pm/ StsPP Reconciliation Parent session in Galilee staffroom 7pm/ OLMC Reconciliation Parent session O’Connor in Pilkington Rooms, Middle Park 7.30pm

February 12-14 - Year 4 Angahook Camp

February 12 - No Preps at school

February 14 - Teeth on Wheels Dental Visit

February 18-21 - Year 6 Canberra Camp

February 19 - Preps not at school 

                         - Year 3 Family Reconciliation Faith Night 6pm

February 21 - Teeth on Wheels Dental Visit

February 24 - Dendy Swimming Carnival 

February 26 - Preps not at school

                         - Ash Wednesday Mass 9.15am

February 27 - Athletics Carnival MSAC

February 28 - Whole School St John's First Aid 

                          - Year 5 Camp Parent Information Session 3pm

March 2 - Preps begin full time

March 4 - Open Morning 9am

March 5 & 6 - School Closure Days

March 9 - Labour Day Holiday

March 10-13 - Prep 2021 sibling interviews

March 12 & 19 - Classroom Helper Course

March 16 - Reconciliation Reflection Day Year 3 in the School Hall

March 17-20 - Year 5 Merricks Camp

March 24 - School Photos

March 25 - Stations of the Cross 2.30pm

March 26 - Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation

March 27 - Harmony Day celebration 

                    - End of Term 1:30pm dismissal

School Closure Days


March 5 & 6

August 14

November 2

November 27

Community Dates

Wed 5th February: Welcome Evening 5-7pm

Wed 4th March: Open Day 9-11am

Thurs 12th March: Classroom Helper & Number Intervention Course 9-11am

Thurs 19th March: Classroom Helper & Number Intervention Course 9-11am

Assembly Presentation

Wednesdays 2.40pm

Camp Calendar

2020 Camps

Year 4 Angahook February 12-14

Year 6 Canberra February 18-21

Year 5 Merricks March 17-20

Lunch Orders

Available to order Mondays and Fridays only


Medical Consent Form

Please use this form if your child needs to take any temporary medication at school (antibiotics/eye drops/ventolin/creams or lotions etc.).


School Uniform

Please read the policy below if you are unsure of the correct wearing of the Uniform. Students who are in incorrect shoes, with a note, must be for a maximum of one week. Correct shoes are to be worn till the end of the school year (it is not acceptable to be in incorrect shoes to save purchasing of new shoes towards the end of the school year).

Boys should NOT be wearing the striped navy blue sock (they are for Winter).

Galilee Uniform Policy:


PSW Uniform: 1/128 Bertie Street, Port Melbourne 9768 0385

Second Hand Uniform @ Galilee

Open: Monday morning 8.45-9.10am

Located in Prep Building

Donations of clean/well cared for uniform happily accepted.

Galilee Out of School Hours (GOSH)

To register and book for your child to attend before or after school care, please do so via this link:


Dear Families,

Welcome back to all families!  We hope you have enjoyed the holidays and some quality time with your child/ren.  We especially welcome our Preps who attended their first formal day. They settled in quickly, had tours of the school and met their Buddies. A large number of parents met in the Hall with morning tea being organised by Miss Carnovale.

We thank parents for their flexibility in making appointments for either Wednesday or Thursday for assessments to be administered by teachers. All staff participated and commented on how valuable it was to learn about the students' achievements.

We also welcome our new staff, Dorothy Hall (Year 5), David McLeish (Year 4), Sheridan McAuliffe (Prep), Kingsley Hill (PE), Bianca Trewhella (LSO), Jack Sandow (LSO),  Brooke Perrin (Speech Therapist) and Shelley Blignaut (Occupational Therapist).

A reminder that Preps do not attend school on Wednesdays during the month of February.

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher meetings are an opportunity for parents/carers to meet their child/ren's new teacher and also provide as much information about their child/ren to the new teacher in relation to health, learning etc.

Meet the Teacher meetings will be held on Monday  3 February from 2-7pm and Wednesday 5 February from 2-5pm. Students will finish at 1:30pm on Monday.  If your child has not been picked up by 2pm, they will be placed in TheirCare and a fee will be charged to families.

Students will finish school at 3:25pm on Wednesday.

If you have not yet booked a Meet the Teacher time, please do so via the PTO website which can be found on the school's homepage.

Welcome Evening

Families are invited to celebrate the beginning of the year at our annual Welcome Evening next Wednesday 5 February form 5-7pm. Food trucks and drinks are available for purchase.  Please note this event is not BYO food or drinks.


Communication is critically important for the relationship that you and your family develop with the school. Please familiarise yourself with the school website and policies. Each Thursday an alternating Newsletter/Bulletin is emailed and always available on the website. They are designed to be read on smart devices. You are also strongly advised to add the Parent Calendar to you phones to access relevant dates. An Information Booklet from each Year Level is also sent home each term and the next one will be available on February 13. We also ask that families connect through DOJO. Open Mornings are an ideal time for you to develop a relationship with your child's teacher. These are just a sample of the types of communication, beginning formally with Meet The Teacher next week. Communication can be overwhelming when you first begin so take your time to adjust and ask questions if required.


The Summer Uniform is to be worn in Term One with Sports Uniform to be worn on Friday (except January 31st) and when your child participates in Physical Education. Students are required to be in the correct uniform at all times but if not possible due to unforseen circumstances, a written message should be given to your child's teacher.

Please see the school's Uniform Policy on the website.


Galilee Second Hand Uniform Shop

The uniform shop will be open on Mondays this year from 8.45 -9.10am.

The first day will be Monday 3rd of February.  It will also open an extra day on Thursday 6th Feb from 8.45-9.10am.


Surf Life Saving

On Friday 7 February, students in Year 3 and 4 will participate in a Surf Life Saving excursion in Port Melbourne.  Year 4 students begin at 10:30am and Year 3 students begin at 1:00pm. Please ensure that you have allowed permission for this excursion via CareMonkey.

Beginning of Year Mass

Next Friday 7 February, we will celebrate the beginning of the school year with a Mass at Sts Peter and Paul Church at 9:15am.  We hope to see many families there. Please note that Preps will not be present at this Mass.

Year 4 Camp Meeting

A reminder that next Friday 8 February at 3pm, there is an Angahook Camp Information session for Year 4 parents.

Class SRC and Social Justice Leaders

Next week, Year 1-6 classes will be electing an SRC and Social Justice Leader for their class. 

The Social Justice Leader will have the role for the whole year and will meet with Mrs Rochecouste when required, to organise various fundraising and donation collection for charities.  Social Justice Leaders in Years 3-6 will be required to attend the St Patrick's Day Mass on March 17 at St Patrick's Cathedral.  

Students will elect an SRC Leader for Semester One and elect another leader for Semester Two in June.  The SRC will be lead by Sammy Bamford and Annmaree Pinner and will meet at lunchtime every Tuesday with the class SRC Leaders.  

When nominating themselves for a Social Justice and SRC Leader, students must not have been in the role for the past two years.  If a male student is elected as SRC Leader in Semester One, a female student will be elected for Semester Two.  Students nominating themselves will prepare a brief speech to the class about why they want to be this particular leader.  It is important that students do not bring items such as stickers or food (lollies, cakes) or make promises in attempts to induce votes.

Community Partnerships at Galilee

At Galilee we have many ways in which parents can be involved. Parents are encouraged to be involved in and work cooperatively with the school as part of a community. Parent participation enriches our school programs, improves the environment and enhances student growth and learning. All Galilee events are on our School Calendar which can be found on the school website. 


We invite parents and carers to attend a Morning Cuppa (formally Community Catchup) on the second Monday of each term from 8.45am - 9.30am. This is a great opportunity to catchup with other parents in the community and create links with our Galilee families. The dates for 2020 are; Term 2: Monday 20th April, Term 3: Monday 20th July, Term 4: Monday 12th October.


We also have an opportunity for parents to express their opinion, exchange ideas, see how the school is tracking on various initiatives and explore data from surveys. This is called Community Conversations as we create conversations with our community. These are held twice a year with dates TBA. The first one is held in Term 2 and the purpose of this session is for the school to provide details on what the school has enacted in response to the feedback given in the previous year’s Community Conversations. The Term 4 session’s purpose is to explain the CEMSIS surveys, completed by students and parents. Parents are given an opportunity to analyse and provide ideas in response to the data. 


You may like to be involved by being a year level representative. Year level representatives are responsible for bringing the year level together, distributing a year level contact list and other communication, putting on one event per year (with the assistance of the Parents Association) and liaising with the Community Partnerships Leader. 


We also have a Parents Association who come together termly to discuss the events of the year and fundraisers and assist in the implementation of various initiatives throughout the school.


At Galilee, we have a group called DOGS (Dads of Galilee School). This is made up of Dads at Galilee who are interested in our school community. Events include Bunnings BBQ, an overnight camp and more!


Parents are also able to apply to join the School Education Board which is an advisory group of parents who supports the Principal in pursuit of education and the development of Galilee.


Classroom Helpers

We encourage our parents / guardians to be active members of our school community. As part of that, we love to have parent helpers in our classrooms, assisting at school excursions and incursions and special days. All parent helpers must have a valid Working With Children’s Check with a copy given to the school office. 


Communication will be sent home at the end of Term 1 regarding being a regular classroom helper. 


Parents are also able to be a helper on incursions and excursions, sporting events, classroom resource preparation, sacramental preparation, school and parish liturgies, volunteering around the school and classroom helpers.


Parents, Visitors and Volunteers

All parent helpers, visitors and volunteers must have a valid Working With Children Check.

Visitors and volunteers must present their Working With Children Check upon arrival. 


Upon arriving at Galilee, parents, visitors and volunteers must come straight to the office and sign in on the iPad at the office. When signing in,  parents, visitors and volunteers will read and sign our Child Safety Policy.


Parents, visitors and volunteers policy - extract.

Parents, Volunteers, Visitors, Contractors and other members of the School community will: 

  • behave in a manner that supports Galilee’s values and treat people with respect, dignity and courtesy;
  • behave in a professional manner; not discriminate, harass, bully (including intimidation), act or threaten to act violently towards staff, students, associates and other members of the School community;
  • strive to ensure their child/children are punctual to school everyday; 
  • vacate the school grounds once classes commence; 
  • allow staff to supervise, investigate and manage students without interference; 
  • discuss issues or concerns about Galilee, staff, other parents or students through the correct school procedures.


Galilee places a high value and priority on maintaining a safe and respectful working environment for our staff.  We regard certain behaviours as harmful and unacceptable in so far as they compromise the safety and professional wellbeing of our staff.  These behaviours include, but are not limited to:

  • shouting or swearing, either in person or on the telephone;
  • physical or verbal intimidation;
  • aggressive hand gestures;
  • writing rude, defamatory, aggressive or abusive comments to/about a staff member (emails/social media);
  • racist or sexist comments; and
  • damage or violation of possessions/property.


Excursions and Incursions

Galilee’s excursion/incursion program enables students to further their learning and social skills development in a non-school setting. Excursions complement and are an important aspect of the educational programs offered at Galilee. 


Excursions and incursions aim to reinforce, complement and extend learning opportunities beyond the classroom. We hope that by involving students in excursions and incursions, we develop an understanding that learning is not limited to the classroom and school and that valuable and powerful learning takes place in the real world.


Prior to any child attending an excursion, parents/guardians must have signed a permission form via CareMonkey. 


Parents of children involved in excursions may be invited to assist in the delivery of excursions. When deciding on which parents will attend, the teacher in charge will take into account:

  • The need to include both male and female parents. 
  • The need to give opportunities to all parents. 
  • The special needs of particular students.

The requirements that all assisting parents and volunteers must have a current WWCC.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about how to get involved, please contact Ms Carnovale


Community Links



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