12 April 2019
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Merciful Father, hear our prayer and console us.

As we renew our faith in Your Son, whom You raised from the dead,

strengthen our hope that all our departed brothers and sisters

will share in His resurrection, who lives and reigns with You and the

Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever.


St Norbert, pray for us.

From the Principal

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students, Staff and Friends of St Norbert College,

The end of another term has come and what an eventful, community filled time it has been and as always, a plethora of quality teaching and learning experiences for our young people.


As we have journeyed through Lent and with Passion Sunday only days away, we are reminded and called, to revitalize our relationship with God and one another. We mark this special time as an opportunity to celebrate at Easter, the life, the death and the joyous resurrection of Jesus.


This week, as a College community, we celebrated Easter with our Holy Week liturgies. I felt compelled to send a special message of thanks to all of those students individually, who were involved in the liturgies, either as a reader, part of the liturgical choir or the tableau artists. It was through their willingness and commitment that they brought to life, the challenges of Jesus’ time and the joy of his resurrection. We were all challenged to reflect and pray about how we can use our time, talents and treasures, to be a beacon for others. Thank you to Miss Kyd, Mr Beins and the students involved in presenting such reverent and reflective liturgies.


Some sadness often flows at the end of a term, when staff and students finish their time at St Norbert College. I would like to take this opportunity to wish Mrs Deise Carvalho, our College Psychologist, our best wishes in her future endeavours and thank her for her contributions to the Pastoral Care of our students over the past seven years. The College has embarked on a process of appointing a full-time Psychologist to maintain this provision for our students and families.


Our Humanities International Tour, currently in Rome, continues to open the eyes of our students to an educational, cultural and spiritual world beyond our shores. With the students and staff expected to return on Easter Sunday into the caring arms of family and friends, we continue to pray for their safe passage and return. We look forward to hearing of the wonderful experiences next term.

Congratulations to Mr Luke Ford, and the staff who assisted, in facilitating a marvelous Inter-House Cross Country carnival on Tuesday afternoon. The start of each race sees an amazing burst of our House colours in action, a scene of colour, movement and energy like no other. Thank you to the parents and family members who came along in support and to the student participants. Well done to Prémontré House and Mr McGrath and Miss Alban, for taking out the overall trophy, but a special mention to Xanten House and Mr D’Souza for their energy and enthusiasm throughout the afternoon in securing the “Spirit Bear” award. Full results are included later in this newsletter.


A reminder to all, that next term sees the arrival of the College winter uniform. I encourage all students to take the small amount of time required to ensure, well before the start of next term, that they have their winter uniform in a fit and appropriate state to be worn from the first day. Holiday hours for the Uniform Shop are included in this newsletter for those needing to purchase new items.


I hope and pray for all in our St Norbert College community, for a joyful, loving and holy Easter and that we use these opportunities to bring peace to those we hold dear.


God’s blessings to you all

Mr S Harvey (Principal)

NAPLAN – Substantial Above Average Gains in 2018

I am very pleased to advise that a short time ago, the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA), identified our College as having demonstrated substantially above average gain in reading and numeracy achievement for our Year 9 cohort in 2018 (our current Year 10 students), as measured by NAPLAN. 


Student gain is a way to measure the impact the school has had on student progress. That is, when the background of students is similar across schools, it is more likely that any differences in gain made by students are related to the teaching and learning capabilities of the school.


We are very proud of the literacy and numeracy programs here that focus on improved outcomes for our students as evidenced by this recognition. Congratulations to all staff and students for this wonderful result.


Dean of Studies



In the previous newsletter, I alluded to developing the skill of asking the right questions, as noted by Professor Jim Ryan, the President of the University of Virginia, and previously the Dean of Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.


“Posing good questions is harder than it might seem. Asking good questions is hard because it requires you to see past the easy answers and to focus instead on the difficult, the tricky, the mysterious, the awkward, and sometimes the painful. Asking good questions is crucial to success in just about every imaginable career. Good teachers for example, appreciate that well-posed questions make knowledge come to life and create the spark that lights the flame of curiosity. And there is no greater gift to bestow on children than the gift of curiosity.”


One of Professor Ryan’s crucial questions is, “I wonder if…?”, and so, I wonder if we should reframe the conversations we have with students regarding post-school destinations?


In a recent article for his New York Times column*, Professor Adam Grant, an organisational psychologist at the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) has proposed that we ask a different question from the one that asks students, “What do you want to be?”, but rather, ask questions that invite students to consider what type of person they want to be, and to think about all the different things they want to do?


Professor Grant’s concern is that the question may force a student to define themselves in terms of work, and therefore sends a message that success is the value of primary importance. Yet the argument often put forward is that most parents would say they value their child’s ability to be kind, caring and compassionate towards others. The danger is that we define ourselves by our jobs, and our worth then depends on what we achieve (or getting into the right course beyond school).


And so, if we invite our students to ask, “I wonder if…?”, we might then apply this across the range of school experiences, and invite students to consider the value and importance of what they are doing, for example:

  • I wonder if I am truly giving my best effort?
  • I wonder if this will help me to improve?
  • I wonder if I can achieve a better result by doing the hardest thing first?
  • I wonder if my attitude to learning now will help me in my future?
  • I wonder if I ask my teacher for help, I will understand the content better?

As a student asks these types of questions, they develop and form their values (E.g. Respect; Adaptability; Commitment) that will influence the adult they seek to become, and in turn will guide the choices they make in life. Our natural and innate curiosity forms effective learning, and therefore, encouraging students (and teachers) to ask good questions, opens doors to enriching life beyond school.





All students enrolled in a General Year 12 course and/or a Foundation Year 12 course are required to complete the externally set task (EST) developed by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority for that course. The EST is compulsory and forms part of the school-based assessment, and is included in the Assessment table in the Year 12 General and Foundation syllabuses as a separate assessment type with a weighting of 15 per cent for the pair of units. The Handbook can be accessed on the Authority website via the link:


This year, the externally set tasks will take place from Wednesday 8 May through to Wednesday 22 May, and no EST’s will be scheduled on a Thursday or Friday. The College expects all students to be in attendance to complete the EST’s for all General or Foundation courses.


The City of Canning Library is offering free access for members to Studiosity for online, after-hours, one-to-one help with homework and study questions? From school to university students, Studiosity is able to help across a wide range of subjects and questions through Canning Libraries Online.

Students need to become a member of the City of Canning Libraries by joining online at:


You can also download the Studiosity mobile app (App store or Google Play) and link it to your account for extra features that includes: Save a question for later; Snap a quick photo of a problem or use voice-to-text technology.

NAPLAN (Online)

Please note that applications for an exemption, adjustment for disability for NAPLAN must be submitted by Friday 12 April, 2019. The application for an injury adjustment may be submitted up to Tuesday 14th May. Please contact the College if you require a form or go to:


Mr R Dowling (Dean of Studies)

Deputy Principals

College Uniform

A reminder for all students and parents that students are to arrive impeccably presented in Winter Uniform for the commencement of Term 2 on Tuesday 30 April. This means polished shoes and clean uniforms, including clean blazers in excellent condition. Hairstyles should be conservative, neat, tidy, of natural colour and collar length hair should be tied up. Each year at this time, we ask our girls to ensure their winter skirt length is on the knee given that they may have grown over the summer and for boys to ensure they have not outgrown their shirts and can still do their top buttons up under their ties. May I please enlist parental support to ensure that your son or daughter tries on their uniform with plenty of time to get any issues rectified or purchase new items if necessary prior to the commencement of Term Two.


The College Uniform Shop will be open during the holidays for uniform requirements on:


  • Tuesday 23 April 2019           1.00pm – 6.00pm
  • Wednesday 24 April 2019    9.00am - 2.00pm
  • Monday 29 April 2019            9.00am– 1.00pm
  • Tuesday, 30 April                     8.00am – 8.30am

May I also take this opportunity to once again remind parents to label all uniform items with their child’s first name and surname. At the end of each term we have a number of articles of clothing, bags, caps, sport bags and shoes in Lost Property not labelled and not claimed.

ANZAC Day Service

On Thursday 25 April, the Canning Districts RSL Sub-Branch will be holding the annual ANZAC Day Memorial Services at the new War Memorial situated behind the City of Canning offices, Albany Highway, Cannington. The ceremony will commence at 8.00am. Oscar McDonald and Emma Pickering will be representing the College by making a speech then participating in the march and laying a wreath. The College community is encouraged to attend.

Celebrating Mums and Grandmothers - Save the Date

The Parent Committee would like to invite all mothers and grandmothers to a light breakfast on Friday 17 May at 7:30am with their children. Please see the flyer and RSVP to with the number attending.



Parents and students are reminded that the College is unable to give out any medication (eg Panadol, Nurofen, antihistamine etc) unless it is an emergency. It is recommended that if students need non-prescription medication for headaches and allergies, that they keep a small quantity in their lockers.


Ms S Rainford (Deputy Principal - Years 7,9,11)


Interim Reports

Interim Reports are now available to families through the ‘Reports’ tab in SEQTA Engage. The Interim Report provides students and parents with an opportunity to reflect upon student progress throughout Term One and to consider what adjustments can be made to improve performance next term. The Interim Reports are used to indicate student progress and so do not include any marks or grades – these will come with the publishing of the Semester One Report at the end of Term Two. For Year 7 students and parents, the rotational elective program does not appear on the Interim Report but will instead appear on the Semester One Report. Year 7 students will commence Term Two in a new rotation of electives with a new set of teachers to guide them.

Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews


The first Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews for the year will take place on Tuesday, 7 May between 12.00pm and 7.00pm. This is a Home Study Day, so students do not attend school but should accompany their parents for interviews in their full College Winter Uniform. Parent-Student-Teacher-Interviews provide parents with an important opportunity to discuss student progress in more detail with subject teachers. In some cases, teachers have requested an interview on the Interim Report. In these situations, it is important that every effort is made to meet with the subject teachers so that positive actions can be put in place to improve student progress next term.


The College uses Edval Interviews to book Parent-Student-Teacher Interviews with an email having already been sent to Parents/Primary Care Givers instructing them how to access Edval Interviews. The email will also provide parents with a unique log-in code as well as a link to the online booking system. Interview length will be eight minutes with two minutes being allocated for parent movement between teachers. Bookings close at 9.00am on Monday, 6 May.


On the day of the interviews, each teacher will have 36 interview slots available for parents. However, a standard classroom teacher teaches over 100 students across all of their classes – for some teachers that number is closer to 150. It is for this reason that we have restricted interviews to one slot per teacher per student. To help with this, please ensure you only book ONE timeslot with your child’s teacher, even if they teach your child in multiple subjects. If you are unable to secure a timeslot during this round of Parent-Student-Teacher interviews, you may contact the relevant teacher(s) directly via email to arrange a conversation on another date. If you have any difficulties accessing Edval Interviews, please contact the College when the school opens at the commencement of Term Two. Please note that the College Administration is closed for both weeks of the coming school holidays.

One Term Down

With the conclusion of Term One comes the realisation that a significant part of the school year has already passed. For Year 12 students, they are now approximately a third into their final year of school. Thoughts will quickly turn towards exams and Graduation as the next term progresses.


For Year 7 students, they would look back upon the past term with a sense of achievement and relief. The first term of high school can be very challenging but our new Year 7 cohort and settled in and have quickly embraced their role as members of the St Norbert College community.


For Year 10 students, they are about to embark upon possibly the most important time of their school life so far. This term, they will be working hard to secure the necessary results that will enable them to enrol in their preferred subject choices in Years 11 and 12. The time has come for Year 10 students to seriously consider their strengths, interests and possible future careers. With the support of parents and the College staff, the students will be guided towards making informed decisions that will prepare them for a future of their choice.


Term Two is an exciting time for all students at St Norbert College that will culminate in their Semester One report. I wish all students a restful and relaxing break but at the same time I encourage them to do what they can over the next two weeks to ensure that Term Two is a successful and rewarding school experience.


Mr P Hawke (Deputy Principal Years 8, 10, 12)

College Bus Service

College Bus Service

College Bus Service

From next term there will be some minor changes to the Cloverdale and Forrestfield bus services.

Information regarding the changes will be provided to students on the buses on Friday 12 April.

The College website will also be updated during the holidays.

Mr J O’Sullivan (Business Manager)


Blessed Hugh of Fosse Basketball Scholarships Now Open

Basketball Scholarships are available for students entering all years 7-12. The scholarship covers 50% of College tuition fees. A prospectus for the Specialised Basketball Program is available on our website or from reception. Basketball try-outs are held on Thursday June 27 and Tuesday 2 July commencing at 3.30pm in the Fr Peter O'Reilly Centre.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

College Production 2019

2019 College Production - “Around the World in 8 Plays”


The College production for the year is a very funny and charming drama play called “Around the World in 8 Plays”. It is the story of a travelling group of actors who arrive in a town wanting to sell stories for money. There are fantastic characters in the stories and everything is done with imagination, creativity and a great deal of fun. Audiences will love the quirkiness, charm and fun of this production.


There are three performances of the production:

  • Wednesday 8 May   -  7.30pm
  • Friday 10 May   -  7.30pm
  • Saturday 11 May  -  2.00pm

 Tickets are $10 and can only be purchased by going through the TryBooking link:


Don’t miss out on seeing this production. A huge cast, great stories and a fantastic night out.


Miss K Hilton (Drama Teacher)


Student Achievements

Student Achievements - Thomas Rogers - X5

Congratulations to Thomas Rogers (Year 8) who last Friday was awarded the 2019 Variety Heart Foundation Scholarship for The Arts - Saxophone. He was awarded $4,000 which he has used to buy his very own Tenor Saxophone. 


Well done Thomas on your hard work and commitment to your musical studies!



Mr C Beins (Head of Learning Area – The Arts)



Alumni 2018 - Emily Lewis (Dobbie)

It was with great pleasure that I attended the official Opening of Pulse Perspectives at the Art Gallery of WA on Tuesday 9 April to celebrate the best visual arts talent in the state. The calibre of work our teenagers are producing is so layered and subtle in both application of materials and conceptual rigour that you would be mad to miss it.  Emily Lewis (nee Dobbie) was selected by AGWA curators for her work “Death Inspires Me”.  The work is on show in the Centenary Galleries at the Art Gallery of WA until July 22 along with 45 other students’ works.



Year 7 - "The Amazing Race"

Year 7 Social

Thursday 4 April 2019,  saw the Fr Peter O’Reilly Centre abuzz with students participating in the Year 7  Social – ‘The Amazing Race.’  This event broke attendance records with 136 students taking the opportunity to compete in teams, striving to be the first to complete a variety of activities.  Organised and run by the Student Representative Council, the Social gave students the chance to broaden their friendship networks and was a great way to end their first term at the College.  Below are some comments from students who attended the evening.

"I enjoyed all the activities but the bit I most enjoyed was every time you received a card there was a puzzle you have to solve to go to the next game.  I found it really fun and unique".   - Zunera Siddiqui


"I liked that they mixed up the groups so you got to know new people "- Alyssandra Briggs


"I thought that the social was so great. To be honest I didn't think it would be as good as it was! "- Patrick Costantino


"My favourite activity was the one where you use your head to bounce the beach ball into the bucket and the activity where you stay still and quiet for as long as possible". -  Grace Edmonds


Miss M Smith (SRC Coordinator)




World of Maths Roadshow

“World of Maths” Incursion


Last Monday, 8 April, the Year 7 Mathematics students participated in the “World of Maths Roadshow” presentation, conducted by Mr Mike Matthews.


Mr Matthews begun the activity with an inspiring talk for the students, encouraging them to try things in life, even if they seem difficult or they will make mistakes. Making mistakes means learning!

The Incursion consisted of a series of mathematical games and puzzles, all “hands-on” activities without any technological devices; a refreshing change and a unique experience for our students. They moved from activity to activity in groups, working together to solve the 25 different mathematical problems, ‘equipped’ with their curiosity and enthusiasm, all in a fun atmosphere.


Here are some of their comments:


“The Maths Incursion was fun. I liked it because the activities were fun and the instructor was funny. It was also great because I got to work with friends”.                                                                         Logan Davies


“The Maths Incursion​ was fun. I learned new things. The instructor taught us many things”.

                                                                                                                                                                             Justine Valdez


“We thought that the Math Incursion was good, although we felt it went for a little too long, but it was very interesting and we had fun problem-solving.”                                                             Taylah and Bianca


“I liked the Maths Incursion. It taught me things I didn’t know and it taught me logic and new maths skills.”                                                                                                                                                              Dakota Quinn


“I thought the Maths Incursion was very interesting and it was fun to do the activities. I learned a lot from the Incursion”.                                                                                                                             Jaxon de Montille



Quotes from the introductory speech by presenter, Mr Mike Matthews:


“We don’t call them mistakes, we call them learning experiences”.


“Practice makes progress and progress means we are getting better and better”.


 “There are two types of people in the world; winners and learners. Never think of yourself as a loser, you are a learner!”




Ms D Tersigni (Italian and Mathematics Teacher)

Year 11 Integrated Science

Marine Biology Excursion


Last Tuesday 2 April, the Year 11 Integrated Science classes went on an excursion to Mettams Pool at Trigg beach.  To prepare for this excursion students became familiar with the Intertidal ecosystem including the rocky shore and reef in Western Australia. They discussed the organisms that inhabit different areas of the reef and how they have adapted to do so.  During the excursion students set up transects along the reef and waded through the water to record both biotic and abiotic information.


After a stop off at Sorrento Quay for some lunch, the group made their way to the Aquarium of Western Australia. Here students studied the wonderful living things that inhabit Western Australia’s coastline in more detail. It was a fun educational day, enjoyed by students and staff.

I would like to thank Mr Godfrey, Mr D’Souza and Mrs Fitzgerald for giving up their day to help supervise this excursion.


Ms S Gardner (Integrated Science teacher

and Head of House - Kilnacrott)


Inter-House Cross Country Carnival

The Inter-House Cross Country Carnival was held on Tuesday 9 April. Students participated in record numbers with each House greatly represented by boys, girls and staff.


The day started off with a great performance by Certificate II and III Music groups and I would like to congratulate them on their performance and thank Mr Beins and the Arts Department for their assistance.


As always, we had judges in the crowd and they were required to rank the best House on their spirit. I would like to congratulate Xanten House on winning the Spirit Bear.

The Individual awards are listed below and I want to congratulate the students below on their fantastic determination.


Year Group

Runner Up Girl

Champion Girl

Runner Up Boy

Champion Boy


Angela George


Angelina Smith

Mitchell Keeley

Nickolas Miragliotta


Holly Litterick


Paige Craven Bower

Kevin Sunny

Vladimir Lavi


Clare Davey


Holly Giles

Mathieu Eustasie

Lance Cornwall


Zeta Steven & Mamiko Kobayashi


Lily McDonald

David Puttick

Francesco Tilli


Ivy Harding


Chloe Reder

Colin Sunny

Marcus Triscari


Gracie Farrar


Felicity Plewright

Dawn Saji

Jacob McLean


Prémontre Housé won the Inter-House Cross Country Carnival for 2019 on the back of some outstanding performances. I would like to congratulate all Prémontré students, staff and Miss Alban for leading the House in the absence of Mr McGrath.

  1. Prémontré – 951 points
  2. Tongerlo – 924
  3. Kilnacrott – 869
  4. Xanten – 802
  5. Magdeburg – 742


ACC Swimming Success

Once all the ACC Swimming Carnivals have finished, the ACC runs what is known as a virtual carnival. The results of the virtual carnival will now be used to select the ACC Honorary All Star Swimming team.

The “virtual carnival” is a great opportunity for students to gauge their individual performances against the best performers from all other ACC schools.


I would like to congratulate Year 8 student, Riley Suckling for being named in the ACC Allstar Swimming team for the following event:     U/14 Male - 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay.


Athletics Success

At the recent College assembly, I spoke about a group of students who were participating at the National Athletics Championships in Sydney. We have recently been advised that the following students have been awarded medals for their events.

  • Alex DeSilva – Bronze Medallion – U/16 Boys Hammer Throw
  • Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn – Bronze Medallion – U/16 Boys 4x200m Relay
  • Jordan-Blaze Lightbourn – Bronze Medallion – U/16 Boys 4x100m Relay

Ex-Student and 2018 Alumni, MJ Jansen Van Rensburg also medalled winning gold in the U/20 Boys 3000m Steeple Chase.

Basketball Success

Nes’eya Williams has continued the rain of medals bringing home a Gold Medal from New Zealand after representing the Oz Indigenous Basketball Team. The grand final went into double overtime with Nes’eya playing a starring role in her team's come from behind victory.


Mr L Ford (Head of Sport)

ACC Basketball

ACC Championship Senior Basketball

This term in basketball the ACC Championship Senior Basketball teams have been very competitive in their competitions. The students have been putting in hard work in their classes in preparation for the competition. After playing the last fixtured game this week both teams have enjoyed an excellent season.


Boys Team:

Vs Lumen Christi               W (52-24)

Vs Corpus Christi              L (52-38)

Vs Emmanuel                     W (50-36)

Vs CBC Fremantle            L (50-36)


The boys have gained a lot of experience from the competition with players ranging from Year 9 - Year 12. The boys unfortunately won’t advance to the next round however, as a team they have improved as a group. The boys were led by our seniors Aidan La Brooy and Ethan McShane but also had some strong contributions from Jack Sorrell, David Puttick, Derek Barton and Joshua Dodsley.  They also received assistance from Deklyn Simms, Kieran Overmars, Bailey Crossley and our youngest members who held their own throughout the competition in Lance Cornwall and Ethan Port-Louis. Overall the boys conducted themselves in outstanding manner and displayed a high level of skill at times.


Girls Team:

Vs Lumen Christi               W (99-5)

Vs Corpus Christi              W (68-45)

Vs Emmanuel CC              W (101-15)

Vs St Brigids                        W (70-30)


The girls were led by seniors Felicity Plewright and Nes’eya Williams with assistant from Laniesha Paddon, Ivy Harding and Shenae Hartree quickly took control of all four games the girls played in. The girls team continued to work together and improve over the course of the competition. Contributions from Ella & Chloe Reilly, Caitlyn Popelier and Polly King were exceptional and assisted the team in being competitive this term. The girls will now look to Term Two where they will compete against some of the top basketball schools in the state when they play finals next term.


All athletes should be commended on their efforts and sportsmanship showed throughout the ACC Championship Competition.



Mr R Godfrey (Specialised Basketball Coordinator)

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The SNESA League and Reserves both enjoyed strong wins against Lynwood/Ferndale in Round 1 of the Perth Football League (PFL) home and away season.


After taking the 2018 season off, Mathew Wilson opened the Saints account, as the Reserves team looked to avenge last year’s elimination final defeat. Coming off his grade cricket grand final victory last weekend, it didn’t take long for  Cooper Carrington to get back in the swing of things, finding the goals three times in the first term. Player/coach Jake Cornwall kept himself busy at both ends, kicking one in the second quarter, the Saints leading by 34 points at the main break.


A four goal to three second half, meant that the Saints led at every change. A potent forward line allowed the Saints to have 19 scoring shots to 7 for the match. Club debutants Beresford, Foster and Chris Mervin provided some solidity down back. It was also the young and sprightly midfield including the Snazzurri Trio in Italiano, Di Fabio and Gangemi, along with ruckman Lennon Butler, gave the Saints plenty of running power.


As the sun continued to shine and conditions heated up, it was a slow start in the League match, with the Saints up by 2 goals at quarter time.

Led by a beastly attitude from Ben Hall at Centre Half Forward, the Saints began to capitalise, going into the main break four goals up.


Seven players made their League debut, six of which making their club debut. Joel Catalano was everywhere, kicking two goals while WAAFL/PFL veteran Andrew Catalano showed his class and experience.

Josh Bell’s club debut was short lived, with the backman going down with an ankle injury in the second term. Ruckman Michael Guest managed to take control of Centre Half Back, impressing his new found teammates.


Fellow ruckman Jack Winter was lively, providing some strong contests around the ground. While Greg Hall pushed his younger brother up the ground and held his own deep in the forward line, with two goals after a few years on hiatus.


A total of 7 individual goal kickers, gave the Saints some diverse avenues to goal, keeping the Cougars busy all afternoon, running out 59 point winners.


22km and a further 250m above sea level, our Thirds took on Kalamunda. With a few late outs, the saints started the game with 19 and Kala capitalised, kicking two early goals. The saints had their chances early, but were wasteful kicking only three behinds.


The saints finally found the goals early in the second with Brendon Beale reading the play for a nice snap around the body. Club debutant Shannon Hammond injured a hamstring in a timely tackle which led to another goal. While the Saints had their tails up around the ground they were wasteful in front of goal, kicking only two goals from eight scoring opportunities in the first half.


The third quarter was hurtful for the Saints as Kalamunda kicked away with four goals in ten minutes. The Saints down by 25 points at the final change. The old Thirds guard of 2018 in Adams, Edwards, Burgess and Romaro tried their best to rally the troops and another club debutant Braeden Atkins was swung forward, kicking an important goal in the final quarter to kick start a final charge.


It was a long time between drinks, eight years in fact for Trent Smith. However the SNESA veteran still presented well and managed to get himself on the goal kickers list, keeping the Saints in the game. An instinctive off the ground goal to another debutant in Nick Falcetta (dc nicko) brought the Saints back within three goals. But it was not enough, with Kalamunda running out 19 point winners.



SNESA 11.13.79 def LYNWOOD/FERNDALE 2.8.20
GOALS -  Dobbsy, Griff
, J Catalano, G Hall 2,  Campo Br endan Hall and Ben Hall 1
BEST - Ben Hall, A Catalano, Guest, J Catalano,  Shinners
, Kirkland, Winter, Dobbs


SNESA 10.9.69 def LYNWOOD/FERNDALE 4.3.27
GOALS - Carrington 3, Wilson,  Biddle
, Italiano, Di Fabio, Butler
BEST -  Colkers, Julien
, Biddle, Italiano, Di Fabio


SNESA 5.12.42 def by KALAMUNDA 9.7.61
GOALS - B Beale,  Camaratta,
 Atkins, Smith, Falcetta
BEST - B Beale, Edwards,  Hunwick
, Beattie, Burgess


Injuries - Bell (ankle - league) Hammond (hamstring - Thirds)



Former Tongerlonian Blake Wilkinson (Class of 2010) will play his 100th game for SNESA this Saturday against Cottesloe. Blake (aka Bilko) commenced his career as a colt at SNESA in 2011. He was a member of the 2011 Colts Premiership Team and has always displayed a strong work rate on the field. He is a well-respected player amongst both his teammates and opposition players. Get down this Saturday to Soklich and Co Oval (Queens Park Reserve) and support an ex-student's great milestone!

Thanks to all the SNESA past players that came down to the club on Thursday evening to present the 2019 jumpers to League 22 team. A great night was had by all.


This week sees an exciting start to the 2019 SNESA Home games with all 3 teams playing at Soklich and Co Oval (Queens Park Reserve) kicking off with Reserves at 11.20am. Please see flyer attached for further details of this exciting day!


For anyone looking to earn a bit of cash on the weekend and be involved at the club, SNESA Football Club is always seeking assistance for the following paid positions:


-          Boundary Umpires

-          Goal Umpires


Thanks to Catalano's Seafood for their ongoing support and sponsorship in 2019!


Please forward all enquiries to or contact Club President Rafic Aoun on 0423 869 440.




Uniform Shop

Mondays 8.30am – 11.30am
Thursdays 1.00pm – 4.00pm


NEW: St Norbert College Towel Ponchos

$40 available from the Uniform Shop 





APRIL 2019

No Appointments on these dates available

Tuesday 23 April 2019:   1.00pm – 6.00pm

Wednesday 24 April 2019:    9.00am - 2.00pm

Monday 29 April 2019:   9.00am– 1.00pm

Tuesday 30 April 2019:   8.00am - 8.30am


Mrs R Kelly (Uniform Shop)

Parent Contact Details

The school needs to successfully communicate with families, sometimes at short notice and it is important that family contact details are kept up to date. On many occasions, we encounter difficulties in trying to contact parents or guardians by telephone. Home and mobile numbers are often out of service, mobiles switched off, or message bank facilities lacking. Occasionally work situations have changed making day time contact by phone or email difficult. We ask that all families pass on any changes of contact details to the school as quickly as possible. To ensure we have your most up to date contacts your child would have brought home a Student Information sheet at the start of the term and we request that you complete this form and return to the College at your earliest convenience.


Mrs A Hughes (Principal’s Executive Assistant and Enrolment Officer)

Term 2 – Winter Menu

Please be aware that our Menu has some changes coming into Term 2.   It will  be on the website soon.  As the Café must comply with strict rules set by the Department of Education we must comply with these guidelines and follow the ‘Traffic Light System’.  Therefore there will be a few items currently offered in the Café that will not be available or they will be substituted for healthier options starting from Term 2.  Our Café aims to serve you fresh and healthy meal options every day and there will be plenty to choose from.  Please see attachment.


Mrs C McIntyre (Canteen Manager)

St Joseph's Parish -Holy Week Program


Lost Property

There are a large number of lost items currently in the lost property boxes located upstairs in the ORC. Items include tracksuit jackets, running shoes, school shoes, towels, goggles, school shirt, jumpers, canons basketball uniform, socks and hats.


Please feel free to come up and have a look through the items if you are missing something.


Mr M Price (Head of Health & Physical Education)

Woolworths Earn & Learn

Woolworths Earn & Learn is back again for 2019. Earn stickers every time you shop at Woolworths, place them in the box or add them to your sticker sheet and place the completed sheets in the box at Student Services or at the front of the PE office. Every sticker collected will go towards new equipment for the College.


Sticker sheets are available in Student Services.


Mr Matt Price (Head of Health and Physical Education

Consent2Go - Email contact


Heard any alumni news lately?


Norbertus, the St Norbert College alumni magazine, would love to hear any news about former students: engagements, weddings, births, graduations, promotions, sporting achievements, travels, reunions, catch-ups… Photographs and details gratefully accepted.

Please email

Class of 2009 Reunion

Saturday May 18 from 7pm

The Camfield, near Optus Stadium


Mathematics Workshop


In Focus Careers



  • Tuesday 30 April 2019 - Term 2 Commences (Winter Uniform)
  • Tuesday 7 May 2019 - Home Study Day and Parent / Student / Teacher Interviews from 12.00pm-7.00pm 
  • Friday 17 May 2019 - Celebrating our Mum's Breakfast - ORC , 7.30am to 8.30am


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