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17 May 2019
Issue Seven
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Lalor Secondary College
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Principal's Report

Acting Principals Report 

 While Corey Jewell has stepped into a short term position at the North Eastern Metropolitan Region it has been my absolute privilege to be Acting College Principal these last two weeks.

The college has been its usual vibrant self, humming along with a variety of activities  taking place. Tuesday saw the first day of Naplan Testing for our year 7 and 9 students. This time, all tests were completed on a digital platform and spread across 10 days to allow all students to have access to the schools computer facilities in order to complete these tests. Considered planning ensured that all tests ran smoothly and that our students were given the best possible opportunity to perform at their very best.  Students have completed their Writing and Reading components of Naplan, with Language Conventions and Numeracy tests scheduled for next week. A very big thank you to Mary Snowball for the scheduling of the tests and ensuring that all the finer details met the national requirements. Also a huge thank you to the year 7 and 9 English staff, who were placed in charge of administering the Naplan tests with their classes. I know students appreciated having a familiar face in the classroom while they completed these tests.

The college also celebrated Educational Support Staff Day with a morning tea on Friday, to acknowledge the work of ES staff at our college who work alongside teaching staff to support the work of teachers and improve learning opportunities for our students. Their roles in the college are varied, but they are united in their passion and dedication to the students at our school, and it is a privilege to have them as members of our college community.

Next week Is Education week, and this year will have the theme of Celebrating Careers as a focus. This ties in with various events run at the college with senior students organised by Krystal Bussell and supports the many conversations students will be having with their teachers about suitable pathways to careers and work. As a reminder, all year 10 students need to return their Work Experience forms to Ms Bussell, as the Work Experience program is a formative aspect of the decision making process students need to undertake in terms of planning a pathway into senior years and future careers.


Acting Principal 

Laura Forster 


Assistant Principal's Report

Year 10 & 11 & 12

I was lucky enough to attend the progress awards assemblies for both Year 11 and Year 12 last week. It was an absolute honnor  to celebrate not only academic success, but the hard work and effort that many of our senior students are making in their studies. During these student leader led assemblies, we were also treated to presentations from students about the recent overseas trip and had updates on our school house competition.


As we get closer to the end of Units 1 and 3 the frequency of assessment tasks grow. It is incredibly important that students use tools like their diaries and wall calendars to organise their time outside of class to ensure that they are adequately prepared. Senior students should be limiting hours spent in part time employment to ensure that this is not interfering with their studies.


Assistant Principal

Julie Ryan  


Year 7 & 8 & 9

Dear Families,

It is always a pleasure to receive positive feedback from the public about our students. I recently took a call from a senior citizen who had been a teacher for many years, now retired. She happened to be shopping in Northcote when greeted by a number of our junior students during their field work projects who were down that way surveying local businesses.

 The students shared what they had been learning and maintained an attentive conversation for 10 minutes or so. This member of the public was so impressed with the demeanour, appearance, courtesy and engagement of our students that she felt he had to ring us! She commented, ‘They were just so full of life and learning, I found myself wishing I was a teacher again! Congratulations to the great many of our students who display outstanding behaviour in public that attracts such praise! Congratulations, also, to our teachers who ensure broad educational experiences for our students beyond the classroom.

Again I remind families about the importance of strictly observing winter uniform requirements. College council is greatly aware of the comfort of students, as well as appearance and safety. Careful observation of uniform guidelines assists all of these things. Students have provided input leading to change in uniform, and student involvement and consultation continues to be a key part of policy development. Our uniform, properly worn, provides excellent service and a sense of belonging and pride.

I am very concerned about student safety when crossing roads near our school. Please speak with your students about the importance of remaining off mobile devices when crossing roads, and to carefully follow the instructions of crossing supervisors. In Lorne Street, I have observed students crossing over the speed hump areas in the belief that they are pedestrian crossings. They are not, and this is potentially very dangerous.

Our year 8 students are making plans for their ‘sleep-over’ at school, to raise funds and awareness about homelessness. Congratulations to staff and students for the initiative, and to students for getting involved. I think I can feel a restless night coming on, but this is a small price to pay compared to the many young Australians who are homeless each night.

Our Indigenous group has commenced its AIME series of consciousness raising workshops about identity and Aboriginal heritage. It was with pride that I viewed footage of Lalor students showing leadership, full participation and leading the way in performances. What a great way to connect with students around the Melbourne area on similar issues. Congratulations to Mel Foster and Simon Matzke for providing these opportunities to our students.


Assistant Pricipal 

Tim Cottrell


Camps Sports Excursion Fund

CSEF applications CLOSE on the 27th of June 2019.

If you have not submitted your application, please make sure your application is submitted to the General Office prior to the 27th of June.

Late applications are not accepted by CSEF



Spectacular School

Spectacular School 


Forthcoming Events & Notes

NAPLAN Testing

After School Homework Club
Year 12 TIS Excursion 
NAPLAN Testing

 NAPLAN Testing
Education Week Careers - Photo Booth 

Yoga Thursdays
 NAPLAN Testing

NAPLAN Testing


After School Homework Club
 CHESS Tournament



Yoga Thursdays
Year 10 Careers Expo



School Values 

Therese Antonio 10B
Maha Alhamdani 10F
Mareen Albadri 10E
Jessica Baker 10I
Armina Barzardi 10B
Bethany Batsanis 10B
Asal Chameh 10B
Layal Ibrahim 10B
Katerina Kekez 10I
Latifeh Rabiei 10F
Julia Corallo 12B
Melis Demirtas 10A
Angelina Durdobakovski 10I
Joseph Franco 10D
Aleyna Gozel 10A
Samira Habib 10B
Hala Habib 10G
Chloe Lu 10C
Inbrahim Moussa 10C
Kristian Maznijoski 10B
Jay Nguyen 10G
Xaviah Noue 10A
Adrian Popovski 10E
Jenny Pham
Abby Pham 10H
Dylan Rule 10B
Daniel Samuel 10G
Kon Sangas 10I
Joey Sculli 10G
Tina Tran 10C
Dimita Zezov 10E
Dorothy Ah Fook 11A 
Arona Tuitea 9C 
Sami Sazimanoska 12F
 Jaafar Al Musawi 12A 
Luke Burt 8E 
Justin Stefanovski 7G
Tabarek Al Rahmawee 8B
Nikku Sharma 9B
Michael Bagnanto 9I 
Jenna Hunter 7G 
Carl Balhon 7B 
Matilda McBrearty 12D 
Julia Corallo 12B
Chloe Veith 12G 
Natalie Griffiths 10D
Ariana Antica 10D
Jaykob Taylor 10D
Elyem Demirbas 10I
Oriana Dragarski 10I
Kon Sangas 10I
Brendan Garcia 10I
Abdul Mohammad 10C
Victoria Winata 10H
Chloe Spencer 7F
Tyrone Sok 7G
Suganja Sathiyananthan 7H
Zachariah Mataafa 7E
Kevin Ly 7H
Shou Lai 7H
Najad Haibe 7H
Brian Ah Fook 8B
Johnnie Tran 7H
Shavani Mainelli 10B
Ashton Burgoyne Sullivan 10D
Isabella Macciocca 8I
Arona Tuitea 9C





School Captains  

School Captains

School Captains:                                     Obaida Chreiki  &  Meliz Bilgin


Vice Captain:                                             Octave Tuitea   &     Humeyra Yildiz


Arts Captains:                                           Julia Corallo   &      Karla Yarak


Sports Captains:                                      Luca Gioskos  &     Emily Cabrera






After School Homework Program


Yoga Thursdays


Whittlesea Community Connections


City Of Whittlesea




Health Ability




Library News

Library News



The Library has a range of electronic databases that are available for College students and staff and these can also be accessed at home.

Here are a few of our favourites:




World Book Online offers a wide range of digital databases with unique, educational content and these include all the articles from The World Book Encyclopaedia and a range of multimedia.  This database helps with each step of the research process and provides supplemental tools such as language translation, a citation builder, and text to speech. Students should use this resource as one of their first points of reference prior to doing a general Google search when undertaking research for assignments and projects across all subjects. World Book is a trusted and credible source of information and this is important at a time when there are a lot of false and unreliable sources on the Internet. All of the World Book articles contain citations and images and the other benefit is that there are dictionary definitions next to the difficult words, helping students improve their literacy skills.  



To access World Book Online, students can go to the website at https://www.worldbookonline.com and then type in the username and password which they can obtain from the Library.


The following award-winning World Book Online products are also included in our subscription:


·      World Book KidsMake learning more fun! World Book Kids was developed especially for younger users with a wealth of engaging games, science projects, and activities. It features an intuitive user interface, simple navigation and browsing capabilities, and thousands of easy-to-read articles packed with stunning illustrations, videos, and interactive maps.


·     World Book StudentTailored for primary and junior secondary students, World Book Student is a comprehensive site that includes a collection of content, features, and tools specifically developed to make online knowledge accessible and easy to integrate into school assignments. The site features the entire World Book Encyclopedia with high-interest content written at an age-appropriate level to engage students in learning. Student is loaded with practical features to help users develop their research skills and enhance their projects. 


·      World Book AdvancedA powerful reference tool designed to meet the research needs of users from Year 9 and above, World Book Advanced is full of facts and features to help users conduct research projects. The site features the entire World Book Encyclopedia, an atlas, a dictionary, world newspapers, and local and country research guides. Advanced integrates all primary and secondary source databases and up to 18 different content types in a single search.


·      World Book TimelinesWorld Book Timelines offers hundreds of pre-generated timelines across eight broad topics, which cover various time periods in history or span the life of historical public figures. Featuring more personalization and customization options than any other World Book site, World Book Timelines also allows users to create their own timeline from scratch, adding events, descriptions, and media.







Echo Education is another excellent online database that is available to our staff and students and extremely beneficial in English where Oral Presentations are a compulsory requirement of the 7-12 curriculum. Here, students can find information on a range of issues that are currently debated in the media. There are arguments for and against issues as well as videos, background contextual information and relevant newspaper links.

 Once again, students can access the username and password from Library staff or their English teacher.







Liars : The Set Up by Jack Heath

Jarli is competing in a robot battle when he is approached by sinister government agents. They want him to use his lie-detector app at a conference to prove the defence minister is telling the truth.    


The minister may not be lying, but someone else is. When one of the delegates is attacked, Jarli becomes the prime suspect. He can’t even use the Truth App to prove his innocence, because someone has hacked it.   Soon Jarli is on the run from the police, unable to trust anyone. Only one person could be behind this diabolical plan. Can Jarli stop Viper before its too late?    

AWOL : Last Boy Standing by Andrew Lane

Young Bond meets Alex Rider and Cherub in this brilliantly written, fast-paced spy action thriller. Special Agent Bex arranges to meet teenage Kieron in a cafe to tell him that she can’t risk his life any more. She parks her car and seconds later it blows up, scattering flaming wreckage everywhere. Bex needs to grab Kieron and get him out of danger’s way- but his friend Sam is also in the cafe. He had followed Kieron to find out what secrets he was keeping from her. Bex has to take Sam and Kieron back to her flat, but just as they get there it too explodes. Someone is trying to kill them, but whoever it is doesn’t know about Kieron. That may be their only saving grace. But how were the explosions managed and who wants them dead? High-octane action and fast-paced adventure - guaranteed.

On the Come Up by Angie Thomas

The highly anticipated second novel from Angie Thomas, the internationally bestselling and multi-award-winning author of The Hate U Give.


Sixteen-year-old Bri wants to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. As the daughter of an underground rap legend who died right before he hit big, Bri’s got massive shoes to fill. But when her mom unexpectedly loses her job and homelessness is staring her family down, Bri no longer just wants to make it - she has to make it.  



We Are Okay by Nina LaCour

Marin hasn’t spoken to anyone from her old life since the day she left everything behind. No one knows the truth about those final weeks. Not even her best friend, Mabel. But even far away from the California coast, at college in New York, Marin still feels the pull of the life and tragedy she’s tried to outrun. 


Now, months later, alone in an emptied dorm for winter break, Marin waits. Mabel is coming to visit and Marin will be forced to face everything that’s been left unsaid and finally confront the loneliness that has made a home in her heart. 


An intimate whisper that packs an indelible punch, We Are Okay is Nina LaCour at her finest. This gorgeously crafted and achingly honest portrayal of grief will leave you urgent to reach across any distance to reconnect with the people you love.



The Colour of the Sun by David Almond

The day is long, the world is wide, you’re young and free.         

One  hot summer morning, Davie steps boldly out of his front door. The world  he enters is very familiar - the little Tyneside town that has always  been his home - but as the day passes, it becomes ever more mysterious.         

A  boy has been killed, and Davie thinks he might know who is responsible.  He turns away from the gossip and excitement and sets off roaming  towards the sunlit hills above the town. As the day goes on, the  real and the imaginary start to merge, and Davie knows that neither he  nor his world will ever be the same again.         

This an outstanding novel full of warmth and light, from a multi-award-winning  author.


52 Mondays by Anna Ciddor

When Anna sets out to find the doll of her dreams, her two younger sisters are eager to help. But it’s not easy. This is 1960s Australia and there’s no computer or internet yet. This is a time when teachers still write with chalk, cars have no seatbelts, and Mr Whippy sells ice-cream cones for half a penny.

Anna and her sisters fill their days with fun, mischief and adventure - like the time Anna glues a block of wood to her middle sister’s foot, then worries it will be stuck there forever! They celebrate birthdays and Passover together, cope with friends being mean, and feed peanuts to the bears at the zoo.

But through it all, Anna never loses sight of her dream.

Inspired by the author’s real childhood, this is a warm, funny and fascinating family story from the author of The Family with Two Front Doors. 




Congratulations to the following students who have completed the Challenge in the past fortnight:


Johnnie Tran 7H

Kevin Ly 7H

Najad Haibe 7H

Shou Lai 7H

Suganja Sathiyananthan 7H

Brian Ah Fook 8B

Tabarek Al-Rahmawee 8B



It is great to see an increasing number of students logging on to the website and getting closer to reaching their goal to complete the Reading Challenge. Students have also received value cards for reading five, ten or fifteen books. Keep up the great work everyone!



Georgia Flaskas

Library Resource Centre Manager







On Thursday 2nd May all Year 11 students attended the VCE and Careers exhibition, held at Caulfield racecourse. The afternoon was a great opportunity for our students to begin researching some pathway options for their future with representatives from a large range of universities, TAFE’s, apprenticeship & job agencies, as well as independent providers all present. Students were able to wonder freely and talk to the various providers in order to discuss prerequisites and requirements for whatever their interests are.


On Thursday 9th May a group of Year 10 students got the opportunity to attend the first Melbourne Polytechnic trade taster day, at their Heidelberg campus. Students got to try a range of activities in various trades including carpentry, plumbing, locksmithing, electrotechnology, painting & bricklaying. Students really enjoyed the hands on aspect of the day and even got to make a wooden chair and phone holder. There will be more TAFE taster days coming up for students in terms 2 and 3. Please check compass for more details.


Next week is education week, which this year will focus on careers. As a part of this program there will be a Year 12 excursion to La Trobe University on Tuesday, a  careers photo booth in the drama centre on Wednesday at lunchtime, and guest speakers from Melbourne University for all VCE students at lunchtime on Thursday in the SSC. We hope the week allows students some time to reflect and have a think about what possible opportunities they have in the future.


All Year 10 students are reminded that work experience forms are due on Friday 31st May. There will be a workshop taking place on Monday at lunchtime for any student who is still struggling to find a placement.


Year 12 students are currently completing one on one pathways meetings, which is giving them some time to begin thinking about what options they have looking forward towards 2020. Any student who wishes to discuss any future pathway options are encouraged to book an appointment with Ms Bussell in the careers office.


For all the latest careers updates check out the Lalor SC Careers newsletter via compass, or our website www.lalorsccareers.com



United Nations

Model United Nations Conference

Our year 10 students recently took part in Model United Nations Conference on Friday, 10th of May at Latrobe University.  Model United Nations is an educational platform for students to learn about diplomacyinternational relations, and the role of United Nations.  Model United Nation involves and teaches participants speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities.

Participants known as delegates, were placed in committees and assigned countries with topics to discuss.  This year, our students represented a nation and their stance on prevention of mass atrocities.  Their presented logical arguments for their contenders and supporters to debate.

We are extremely proud of our students for taking part in this event and would like to congratulate the following for their commitment, effort and perseverance:

  • Emily Jovanoska
  • Asala Khodragh
  • Hawraa Saleh
  • Hayat Mourad
  • Manel Fedda
  • Amelia Sazimanoska
  • Melis Demirtas

Without a doubt, this was an extremely successful day for our students.

A special thank you to Humanities Faculty Leader Sam Kotsopoulos and Year 10 Team Leader Peter Leos for initiating and supporting our students throughout the entire process.

This experience allowed our students to expand their understanding of global issues including mass atrocities and the role of the United Nations. 

Students standing among various schools and engaging in essential dialogues affecting human rights has clearly inspired their interests in youth activism and community change.

Author:  Ms. Kumar


Education Week

Education Week 2019
19 – 25 May


The theme for Education Week 2019 is “Celebrating Careers”.  We have a thriving careers program at Lalor Secondary College, led by our Careers Co-Ordinator Mrs. Krystal Bussell.  This program is supported in Year 9 Explore classrooms in Term 4, as students prepare for Work Experience and by the Year 10 Work Experience Program, held in July each year.

We will be celebrating careers for Education Week at Lalor Secondary College between Monday 19 May and Friday 23 May.  There are scheduled events for various year levels and on Wednesday 21 May, students will be able to show off the careers they are aspiring to by dressing up and having their photograph taken in our “Celebrating Careers Photo Booth”.  This will take place in the Drama Centre and all students are welcome to join in the fun at recess and lunchtime.


Tuesday 20 May

Wednesday 21 May

Thursday 22 May

Year 12 La Trobe University  Career’s excursion

Celebrating Careers Photo Booth – Drama Centre (P1-Lunch)

Melbourne University Guest Speakers – Senior Study Centre for Year 11s & 12s (Lunch)


Kat Carmody (Curriculum Leader) and Lana Siryani (Pedagogy Leader)

Food Technology 

Food Glorious Food 




On Monday 13th May the Koorie students of Lalor Secondary College attended a Cultural emersion day at Deakin University in conjunction with AIME Mentoring program. Students participated in a series of activities and workshops around culture, goals and being their best. There was dancing and singing and students had the opportunity to meet students from other schools around Victoria. A special mention to Jaykob Taylor and Jida Mccrae-Cooper who got up and performed in front of a massive audience.



Languages Club 

Languages Club


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