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20 August 2019
Issue Twelve
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Diary Dates
What's happening
Working Bee-August 24th
Parenting Ideas by Michael Grose
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PFA  News



The note below lists all the items we are requesting as fete donations. Please print it off and pop it on the fridge as a reminder!


Sandra Michela is running craft sessions every Tuesday morning between 9.30am and 12.30pm in the old staff room, creating some beautiful items to sell on our Craft Stall on Fete day. She could do with some more helpers so if you're available, feel free to come along, even if it's only for an hour. 



We will also be running a huge silent auction on Fete day which is a huge fundraiser for us. If you have a business that  could donate an item or a service please let us know ( .)

Some examples could be: holiday house stay, landscaping services, restaurant vouchers,  basically anything people would pay money for!


This Friday 23rd August we will be wrapping the Fathers' day gifts in the staff room from 9-11am and would love some helpers!

If you are available to help please let Leesa ( or Pooja ( know.


Thursday August 29         Fathers' Day Stall                                                 


School Fete                       October 12th

Kids' Disco                         Saturday November 9th

Community Breakfast   Friday November 22nd

Mango Fundraiser


Leesa Needham

Ph: 0408 556 669

From the Principal,
Linda Jones

Our mission is to inspire the self belief and motivation in students that will enable them to achieve and grow

School Facilities-Electrical Upgrade

I have been liaising with the architects who undertook our capital works project in relation to United Energy undertaking an electrical upgrade for our school. This upgrade is the final part of our project and is necessary to ensure adequate provision of electricity to meet our needs now and into the future.

The works will entail a new ‘kiosk’ in the grassed area, inside our grounds, on the Truganini Road side of the prep building. Works are to commence shortly. There shouldn’t be any significant disruptions to our school day but the area will need to be fenced off during the project. The Victorian Schools Building Authority will contribute some monies to this project but approximately $40 000 of school monies will also be needed.

Lunchtime Activities

Offering children a variety of choices during lunchtimes remains a focus at our school. Activities that are available and supervised by our staff, who generously give some of their lunchtime to support such activities, on various days, throughout the week, are:-

  • Indoor Games 
  • Technology Club
  • Lunchtime Library
  • Lunchtime Choir
  • Envirostars
  • Japan club
  • Year 6 Homework Club
  • Cars and construction  area  main and prep verandah – available each day

Coding Club and Drama Time are also options but these programs are run by private providers and paid for by families. These activities are advertised via our newsletter.

This term some of our year 6 students have generously offered their time on Wednesday lunchtimes to offer even further choices to our students. They are:-

  • Guiding students to play outside games such as quoits, jenga and noughts and crosses. I recently purchased some larger timber versions of these games with monies we have raised from our second hand uniform sales
  • Joining the Prep to 2 students on the oval while they are playing football and soccer. They are coaching if asked on the finer skills of footy and soccer and supporting the younger children to play safely on our oval
  • Working with Natalie, one of the kinder teachers, to guide interested students on the play opportunities that are possible in the newly developed ‘bush kinder” area. We are liaising with Natalie to rename this area to reflect our shared use and care for this area.

Activities such as these support our students’ learning, build friendships, develop social skills and help ensure our school is a safe and happy place.

Department of Education Privacy Policy

The Department of Education and Training values the privacy of every person and is committed to protecting information that schools collect. All staff and service providers (contractors), (whether paid or unpaid) of the Department and our school must comply with Victorian privacy law and this policy. Below is a link that can be accessed to provide families with further information:-


Copies of the Schools’ Privacy Policy are available at the office if you would like a paper copy of this document. If you have further questions please call into the office and ask.

Taking Some Leave

I would like to let families know that I have applied for a week’s Long Service Leave from Monday 26th August till Friday 30th August. I will leave the daily running of the school in the very capable hands of Karen Bentata-Grimm and our Leading teacher, Liz Harley.  

Karen has been granted Long Service Leave for the last two weeks of term. I wish her a very happy break with her family and hope she returns well rested in term 4. Ms Liz Harley will support me at this time as our Acting Assistant Principal.

Head Lice Alert

We have had several incidences of head lice in the school recently. Please check your child’s hair regularly and treat it if necessary. A head lice treatment fact sheet is available at the office. It would be appreciated if girls tied their hair back in a ponytail or plait to minimize the risk of spreading from person to person.



Diary Dates


Wednesday 21st August

School Council Meeting 7.30pm


Friday 23rd August

Assembly in hall 9am (Year 2s performing)

Fathers Day Wrapping- staff room (after assembly)


Monday 26th August

Second Hand Uniform Shop 3.15-3.45pm


Tuesday 27th August

Year 1 Science Incursion


Wednesday 28th August

House Athletics Day Years 3-6

at Duncan Mackinnon Reserve


Thursday 29th August

Fathers'/ Caregivers Day Stall 9-11am


Friday 30th August

Crazy Hair and Sock Day - gold coin donation


Monday 2nd September

Curriculum Day- no school


Tuesday 3rd September

Second Hand Uniform Shop 8.45-9.15am





What's happening

Victorian Premiers' Reading Challenge

It’s not too late to participate or complete your Premiers’ Reading Challenge for 2019!

Children from Prep to Year 2 are encouraged to read or ‘experience’ 30 books with their parents and teachers. Children from Year 3 to Year 10 are challenged to read 15 books.

All children who meet the Challenge will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the Victorian Premier and former Premiers. The closing date is 6 September 2019.

All you have to do is log on at with your username and password and enter the books you have read or been read to. Your record will be verified on the closing date of 6 September 2019.

To log on and enter your books, see your classroom teacher for your username and password.
Happy Reading!


Collecting Bottletops

The Envirostars are currently collecting plastic bottle tops (from milk, soft drink bottles etc) to donate to a charity which makes them into prosthetic limbs for children in need. We need as many lids as possible, so please drop off washed lids to the tub at the office.


Uniform Shop Dates


Monday 26/8                 3.15-3.45pm

Tuesday 3/9                   8.45-9.15am

Friday 13/9                     3.15-3.45pm

Tuesday 17/9                8.45-9.15am

Crazy Hair and Sock Day-
Friday 30th August

The Junior School Council are having a Crazy hair/Sock day next Friday 30th August. Come to school with a crazy hair do or some crazy socks or both! Bring a gold coin donation as we are raising funds for the Cancer Council.


Working Bee-August 24th

Working Bee-this Saturday

The Buildings and Grounds Committee have planned a two hour working bee to be held on Saturday morning, AUGUST 24th from 10:00am until 12:00pm.

We would love to see as many people as possible. We especially welcome parents who are new to our Carnegie community to join in. It is always a nice opportunity to chat with other parents and get to know them

Most of the tasks for the day will be reasonably straightforward, including;

- gardening activities

- spreading softfall under playground equipment

- general grounds maintenance

- cleaning up sandpit areas, drains, spouts etc.

We supply tools and equipment but we can always do with extra wheelbarrows, brooms, shovels, rakes and gloves for personal use. You may bring relevant garden tools to help with these tasks, please make sure they are all labelled.

We will stick to the planned times and finish the work strictly at 12pm. We will provide drinks and nibbles at the end of the session.

Because of the nature of the work undertaken, it is preferable that the day be for adults only. However, children can be accommodated if necessary.


If you are able to attend, please return the attached reply slip as soon as possible to help us with our planning or send me an email:


Thank you,

Karen Bentata-Grimm,

Building & Grounds Coordinator




Working Bee – Saturday, August 24th 


YES, I am able to attend the working bee between 10:00am and 12:00 pm


Parent’s Name:  __________________________________

Child’s Name:    __________________________________                    Year: ____

Parenting Ideas
by Michael Grose


Emotions have influence

Emotions have enormous influence personally and socially. In particular, emotions impact on children in these ways:

  1. Retention, memory and learning: A child doesn’t learn in a vacuum, free from their feelings and moods. You’ll know from first -hand experience that a child who is happy and content is more likely to learn than one who is agitated, anxious or depressed. When children are overwhelmed by emotion it’s difficult to think straight; memory and other cognitive functions usually head south when emotions, whether pleasant or unpleasant run high.
  2. Decision-making and judgement: Ever sent off an email in a fit of rage, only to regret it later? If so, you’ve experienced how poor our judgement can be when our emotions get the better of us. Reflection and thinking through options goes out the window when we are under emotional duress. Similarly, children make bad decisions when they are under stress, or experiencing the extremes of emotions. Being able to reign in and regulate how they feel means children are able to make better, more thoughtful decisions.
  3. The quality of personal relationships: Friendships, family and partner relationships thrive on predictability. We need to be able to predict how others react, and when people act on extreme emotion, or they can’t regulate their emotions, relationships become tricky. It’s not just unpredictability that makes relationships challenging. Anyone who has lived with a continuously angry, anxious or sad person will know that relationships operate on shaky ground. The ability to bring balance to your emotional life will invariably result in more positive relationships.
  4. Physical and mental health: If anger is your constant companion then it’s hard to stay healthy. Your blood pressure is affected; your mental state is impacted negatively and your well-being will be poor. Quite simply, the state of your emotions impacts on your total health. But it’s in the area of anxiety management that emotional intelligence is vital. A child needs to be able to recognise his moods before he can attempt to manage, regulate or change them.
  5. Overall effectiveness: I’m amazed how more productive I am when I pay heed to my emotional state. For instance, as a presenter I welcome the nervous tension I feel before a talk. If it’s not there, then I know that I won’t perform to my best. Emotional readiness holds true for children and teens. Before they are to perform any task – whether at school, in sport or in the arts – the ability to manage their moods, their nerves and even their enthusiasm will increase their overall effectiveness.


Emotional intelligence benefits kids in so many ways, yet we’ve been slow to develop it in children and young people. I suspect that most parents intuitively know that emotional smarts is beneficial but they are unsure how to introduce it into their parenting.

Start by tuning into your own emotional life and gradually turn your attention to that of your children. You’ll be amazed how even this small step will have a huge impact on you, your parenting and your kids’ overall happiness and well-being.

Visit: for more ideas from Michael Grose



Students of the Week

August 12, 2019

Hely L  Year 1             For showing such confidence in his three way conference and speaking so proudly

                                        about his favourite writing pieces and fantastic learnings.

Arthur G  Year 1        For being an amazingly well prepared and confident speaker for his show and

                                         share about his special country.

Jaishnavi S   Year 2   For always being so positive, kind and helpful to everyone in Year 2. Keep

                                          spreading  your joy!

Rohan K  Year 2          For being an active listener and always being ready to help others. Thank you!

Dhruvi  Year 3              For running your SLC with such confidence. It was great to hear you reflect on

                                          your learning in such a mature way.

Nick K  Year 4              For his improved effort and attitude towards school.

Chloe T Year 4             For her incredible maturity and dedication towards all aspects of school. We are so

                                          proud of you!

Ari O   Year 5                For showing great confidence while presenting at assembly. Well done, mate!

Mansi J  Year 5            For being a great class member in 5A. You always try your best and support your


Tien N  year 5              For amazing work during maths LAF groups. Keep up the great work.

Nikhilesh N Year 5     For applying yourself during our unit on fractions and seeing success.

Senior House Athletics

Duncan Mackinnon Athletics Track
Wednesday 28th August

This year, all year 3 to 6 students will participate in our school Athletics Carnival. During P.E. lessons students have been learning and practising the techniques of different events and have been using modified equipment to help them learn. This day is a great opportunity for the students to participate at a proper athletics track.


All students will leave school at 9am sharp to begin the rotations by 9.40am and return to school by 2.30pm for a short assembly in the gym around 3pm. The high jump and shot put have already been conducted during normal P.E. times at school due to time & participant number constraints on the day. Although these events have already taken place, the results will still count as house points for place getters and the opportunity to represent Carnegie at the District Carnival on September 9th.


Parent            If you are able to offer assistance at our event this year then we would love to

Helpers:        hear from you! Please email Amy at if you are able

                           to volunteer as a parent helper.


Hurdles (optional)

Long Jump



Triple Jump




High Jump



















































































Transport:    Buses will leave at 9am sharp and return to school around 2.30pm


Lunch:           Students need to bring a cut lunch and drink bottle (no lunch orders). Also, bring healthy snacks which can be eaten over time in small portions.


Clothing:       T-shirt, shorts and running shoes.

A tracksuit needs to be worn to keep warm before and after the events.

As we are outdoors, students are advised to bring a hat/sunscreen or rain jacket depending on the weather conditions. The event will go ahead in inclement weather so be prepared.


Cost:              Covered by the sports levy. The sports levy is a prepayment and is included as part of the school requirements.


Dallas O’Brien,                                                                       Amy Travers,

Sports Co-ordinator                                                              Sports Co-ordinator

Wellbeing News

Coping with Stress

As a part of our whole school approach to student wellbeing at CPS, students from prep-6 have been developing an understanding of what stress is and how to cope with it. This has occurred through the implementation of the program ‘Resilience Rights and Respectful Relationships’. 

Current research suggests that stress is a normal part of life, especially as children get older. Children who cope better with life’s stressors develop good mental health and wellbeing. Assisting students recognise their personal signs and symptoms of stress and develop effective strategies will help them cope with challenges in the future.  

Below you will see examples of some of the fantastic work the students have done.



Arts News

Year 1 'Heads and Tails'

The Year 1 students read the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s shortlisted posture book, entitled, ‘Heads and Tails: Insects’ by John Canty. They created a clay insect just like the ones in the story!


Year 4 Indigenous Inspired Art

The Year 4 students are thrilled with the results of their two and three layer art prints created to celebrate NAIDOC Week.


Science Week

Across the school we had many exciting activities to celebrate National Science Week

Due to swimming, we celebrated Science Week early with an incursion for Years 3- 6, with a visiting Palaeontologist. We were very grateful to Alicia Sometimes for organising this for us. Other year levels conducted their own science activities. Make sure you read on for the fabulous recounts by year 1s about their Science Day.

Year 3-6 Science Week Incursion – Investigating Dinosaur Fossils

Danielle Shean has worked for many years discovering fossils. A few of her prehistoric finds have included a claw from a tiny herbivore, a tooth from a raptor, a Pterosaur tooth, a bone from the spine of an Allosaurus and even some armour from an Ankylosaurus. She gave us a great insight into the exciting world of paleontolgy and the methods used to find and extract fossils. She also bought in a wide variety of fossils for students to make their own inferences about.

We learnt that what scientists know about fossils changes over time with new discoveries. They build up a better picture about a prehistoric animal, such as a dinosaur as more pieces are found.

It was so interesting hearing all about fossils and then being able to look at so many. We all had different ideas about what they might be and we were able to use evidence to  support this.

Did you know that Paleontologists make a lot of inferences?

We shut our eyes and listened to a prehistoric landscape and using our prior knowledge made inferences about what might have been there.

Grade 1 Science day

Grade 1s had an exciting day celebrating Science! Read on to find out about their hands on exploratory activities.


On a beautiful day I was at school.  It was science day!  I was so excited.  Yellow house was going into Miss Lipson’s class, which was 1C.  We were doing Magic Rainbow Milk.  We needed milk, food, die and detergent.  The first thing we needed to do was to put the ingredients plate.  First Miss Lipson poured in the milk then she put three colours in.  The colours were blue, orange and red.  Then she asked us to predict what will happen.  My prediction was it might bubble up and make colourful bubbles.  But I was wrong.  It swirled around.  I was amazed.




On a Tuesday morning I went to school and it was Science Day.  First we made a Magic Rainbow Milk and did a prediction.  After that Ms. Lipson poured the dishwashing soap in then it looked like a marble.  After that we moved to a different class room and it was Ms. Minniece’s class and we were going to make Bath Crystals.  We got a cup and an Icypole stick.  The Ms. Minniece poured some salt and hot water and mixed it all up.  We had to wait three days for it to be ready.

After recess we moved on to Ms Oosterbaan’s class and we were going to make play dough.  First we did our prediction.  When we were finished we sat on the floor and started making the play dough.  When we put it on the pan it caused a chemical reaction. 

When we finished cooking it looked like scrambled eggs.  Then we gave it a big mix and it turned into play dough.  After that some people put the play dough in bags for yellow house to take home.  Then we moved on to Ms. Airdrie’s and we were making snow fluff.  First we got in to groups.  Then Ms. Airdrie put shaving cream and corn flour in the bowls and started mixing it up.  Five minutes later we sat on the floor and Ms. Airdrie gave it a big mix.  After that we had to split the snow fluff into even groups.  I felt happy because it was fun.  I loved Science day.  It was very, very fun!



Aftercare News

Youth Leadership Victoria

Carnegie Primary School OSHC

Opening Hours:  Before School Care 7am-8.45am

           After School Care 3.30pm-6.30pm

Vacation Care 7am-6pm




email: /

A copy of the enrolment and booking form can be downloaded through our website on:

Prices for the Program:

Before School Care

Permanent Booking: $14

Casual Booking: $17

After School Care

Permanent Booking: $15

Casual Booking: $20


New Procedure for Casual bookings

Due to our numbers increasing, during our After-School Care Sessions. The service has been put in a position to introduce new measures to our casual booking system, in order to ensure we don’t go over our maximum license capacity of (100 children) and to enable the staff to deliver a quality and safe program for the children that meets staff to child ratio

Effective from Tuesday 3rd of September:

Casual bookings by email or text to the service, will only be accepted by 12 midday with confirmation from the service that the child is able to attend

Mobile: 0402043810 Email:

Children who just turn up to the service without confirmation from the service, will be taken to the school office to be collected by their parents

Thank you for your understanding in this very important matter in order for us to run a safe and compliant program.

Karate Incursion

Every Thursday afternoon (4.15pm-5.15pm) Cost:$5 per session. If you would like your child to partake in the sessions please advise the service

There is also a scheduled Curriculum Day on Monday 2nd September.  

We are planning to go to Packer Park for the day (weather permitting) If you require your child to attend please notify the service of your child’s attendance.

Curriculum Day- Monday 2nd September

We are planning to go to Packer Park for the day (weather permitting) If you require your child to attend please notify the service of your child’s attendance.

Holiday Program 

Bookings are now open online for September school holiday program 


















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