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06 September 2019
Issue Fourteen
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Important Dates 

Dates for your diary 


Friday 6 September

Interact Trivia Night


Wednesday 11 September

Spring Music Concert


Friday 13 September 

Koonung Day 


Wednesday 18 September 

Parent Student Teacher interviews



Friday 18 October 

Year 12 breakfast & assembly 

Year 12 Valedictory Dinner












Principals' Report

Principal Team Report

 At Koonung, we have identified some key values which we believe can form the basis of a strong framework for life. At school these values are often explored with examples of how they can be demonstrated in our learning and interactions both within the classroom and out in the community. Many conversations and Professional Learning workshops have been had with staff as to what this means for us. If our young people leave us understanding the impact of endeavour to achieve excellence, the power of collaboration, creativity, resilience and respect they will be able to navigate a challenging world.

Is resilience the key to student success?

How to promote resilience in our students is a hot topic in education and health at the moment and for a good reason.

Resilience is the ability to cope with negative life events and challenges. It has been described as the capacity to ‘bounce back’ from difficult situations and persist in the face of adversity.

Developing resilience in young people is considered by many as the antidote to the epidemic of mental ill-health across our society today.

The rate of students with anxiety and depression is of growing concern (Sawyer et al, 2000; Mission Australia, 2009) and schools have a role with parents and families to contribute to healthy student attitudes and self-awareness.


There are some specific ways teachers can promote mental health and resilience in students and we have been working through these as a staff to understand the impact and power of our interactions. Increasing student engagement and building student self-regulation and understanding of their own learning is a key component of our strategic plan. It is important to support the building of strong relationships between students and staff and students and their peers. Recent student forums run by our SRC and student leadership gathered student thoughts on motivation and the ways we can improve autonomy and agency for our students. This feedback was presented to staff with strategies to implement in classrooms.


The curriculum in Positive Classrooms and presentations in assemblies are aimed at improving peer relationships by explicitly teaching skills of self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. We are aiming to foster positive emotions by building a sense of pride and belonging within the school. School connectedness is a strong protective factor for health and academic outcomes for all students. The positive anticipation for Koonung Day which has been organised and planned by students and teachers together should generate excitement and connection. The recent discussion and planning for the new building project also was valuable and a means to collect student thoughts and input into the future of the school. Another important element in increasing resilience is to give young people an opportunity to contribute to others. This gives meaning beyond themselves. Engaging our students with the local and global community, through programs like World Challenge, Rotary, mentoring at local Primary schools, The World’s Greatest Shave etc are powerful means to developing empathy and understanding. Working towards worthwhile goals increases students sense of wellbeing which impacts positively on student achievement.


As always, developing our young people is a partnership. As a parent, carer, or significant adult, you can help to develop essential skills, habits and attitudes for building resilience at home by helping our young people to:

  • Build good relationships with others including adults and peers

This can be done by spending quality family time together and supporting young people to engage with others in social settings and within co-curricula activities. Support young people to effectively manage social media and their use of technology. They need to understand the impact of comments and identify truth from fiction on the internet. Words hurt and digital reputations are hard to manage.


  • Develop independence

Give them responsibility and trust them to achieve the task, be it success at school, applying for a part time job etc. If they don’t step up eg by bringing the right equipment to school or being prepared for a challenge, allow them to experience the consequences of disappointment or failure and discuss the plan for next time. These situations are opportunities for learning and growth.

  • Learn to Problem solve

Talk to young people about how they might address a problem, rather than rushing in to solve the problem for them. Try to model 'healthy thinking' when facing challenges of your own. You can do this by demonstrating calm and rational problem-solving when something doesn’t go as expected.

  • Understand, express and manage their emotions

Being resilient is not always about feeling better or having fewer emotional reactions. It’s about managing and responding to emotions in a healthy and positive way. Adults play a role in helping young people articulate, respond to and manage emotions.

  • Develop a positive Mindset

Foster positive self-talk, self-compassion, and a sense of optimism.

If the self-talk is negative – for example, “I am no good at Maths, help them reframe their self-talk to something like, “Maths isn’t my favourite thing, but I’ll be able to cope if I practice and seek help when needed. Homework club may be good”.

Identify that difficult times are a part of life, that everyone experiences challenges and unpleasant situations.

  • Build confidence by encouraging challenge

Promote a healthy attitude of ‘having a go’. Young people learn through trial and error and they need to learn how to tolerate failure when it occurs. Not managing this can leave young people vulnerable to anxiety and lead to them giving up when challenged rather than persevering. It may also limit attempting new experiences which could deny them great opportunities.


Together we can work to support our young people, they are achieving wonderful things in many forums. Giving them the confidence to try, fail and pick themselves up under adversity is a powerful tool for learning and life.  Speaking of wonderful things;  The Spring Music Concert will be held next week which will be a great celebration of the performing arts. Two of our students Henry Andrew and Andy Ma have been selected to perform in the upcoming “State School’s Spectacular”. They are currently participating in a rigorous rehearsal schedule culminating in performances at Melbourne Arena on September 14. The beautiful Koonung Trail Mural has been mounted at the front of the school ready for an official opening and Paul Hamer’s shout out in Parliament for the successful season of Legally Blond is a great recognition of excellence, endeavour, collaboration and resilience.


Marianne Lee





College Notices 

Interact Club Trivia Night - 6 September

If you are still thinking you may like to go to this event you can book tickets on the following Trybooking link or pay at the door. 


2019 Spring Concert - 11 September 

The 2019 Spring Concert showcases the talents of our students who are part of the music program. There is only one show (Wednesday 11 September at 7:30pm) so you will need to get in early if you wish to attend this performance. Tickets are available via the following Trybooking link: 



Koonung Day - Friday 13 September 

Koonung Day 2019 is fast approaching and this year's event promises to be an exciting celebration of all things Koonung. The whole day will be dedicated to appreciating our community and school, boasting a large selection of stalls, events and performances from students and staff. 


I'd also like to put the call out to any families who might offer some support to the day.  For instance, I'd love to have a coffee van on site or some fabulous, speciality events. If you have an idea or could offer something please contact me at phodkinson@koonung.vic.edu.au


The PFA are assisting on the day - if you wish to volunteer on behalf of the PFA please go to the link on the PFA page of this newsletter. 


Put the Friday 13 September in your diary and prepare for an amazing Koonung Day in 2019 and watch this space for further information as the day draws nearer.


Peter Hodkinson

Director of Learning - Engagement and Leadership

Senior School 

City of Whitehorse Young Person of the Month 

Congratulations Catie Muir (12C) who was nominated as City of Whitehorse Young Person of the Month for September. 


Senior School Team 2019


Director of Learning - Senior School 

Mr Conor Sheehan


Senior School Administrator

Mrs Zaiga Bendrups


Year 12 Coordinator

Mr Chris Sheehan



Year 11 Coordinator

Dr Michael Harte


Year 10 Coordinator

Ms Stephanie Van Ekeris






Middle Years 

Middle Years Update 

Families today take many diverse forms. Most kids have a Dad, some have two Dads, others a Step Dad or maybe Foster Father, many have a Father who is no longer with them either through separation or death, others have a Father who adopted them. Others have no Dad, some are lucky enough to have a grandfather. Most, at least, have a Father figure in their life.


We trust that each one of you had a very happy Father's day.

You are very important to our children and their development. The time you spend engaged with your children in any activity no matter how simple is vital. It may be discussing a TV show or a footy game or an incident in the news. Your discussion helps your child form logical opinions. You might have a game of back yard cricket or some rough and tumble game, this is very important in their development of confidence in themselves and trust in you.


The time out which you take to actually chat to your children about their interests or their friends and their hopes for the future, is priceless.


The interests you share with your children are vital in helping them develop into well rounded young people. It might be a love of sport or bush walking or camping.

Perhaps it is sharing your artistic talents. Maybe you are building the foundations for a budding musician through your enthusiasm for music. Do they spend time with you in the garden or 'cooking up a storm' with your Master Chef skills? These precious times are all irreplaceable. Thanks Dad.


Your help and support in their education makes such a difference. The fact that you spent time helping your child fathom out the mysteries of that Science assignment, or perhaps it was the time spent on that Maths problem that had everyone puzzled. The whole family might have ended up working together. Your child will remember those last minute scrambles for help. Thanks Dad.


We appreciate all that you do and understand the time constraints that our busy world imposes. In a way every day should be Father's Day, but I think it is good that one special day is set aside to reflect on just how important your role is, for our whole community.



Congratulations to Keira Tait Year 8F

Over the weekend Keira swam at the Victorian Age Short Course Championships. She had a huge weekend with 7 individual events and 3 relays and making 6 finals. Her results were as follows; 

7th in the 100m and 200m freestyle, 5th in the 100m backstroke, 4th in the 200m backstroke, 3rd in the 100m butterfly and both 1st and 13 year old age champion in the 200m butterfly. Well done Keira!


Breakfast Club



Friday mornings from 8am in the MYC




Homework Club


A homework club is now available to students.  It is held every Monday  in the library from 3:30pm to 4:15pm.


Uniform reminders

  • Blazers are to be worn to and from school
  • Scarves must be plain black or navy  
  • Spray jackets are for PE and Sport Education classes
  • Everyone must be wearing a tie 



Allira Howe

Director of Learning: Middle Years


Junior Debating Triple Victory!

Congratulations to the Koonung Junior Debating Teams for an outstanding triple win on Wednesday   21  August. The topic of the night was ‘That we should ban junk food in schools,’ with Koonung representing the affirmative side. All three teams were victorious as they braved the cool temperatures and kept cooler heads against the mighty wit of the Carey Grammar School teams 5 and 8, and Camberwell Grammar School team 8.

Anthony Hindle and Jonathan Moore

Junior Debating Co-ordinators

Library News

Book week fun

During book week we had fun with debating. Teachers v Students was a great success with the victory going to Teachers. The topic being debated was 'are Teachers necessary to teach?'  The winners did a good job of debating and acting out why they are not required! Was a lot of fun, with students loving the arguments from both sides. Well done to all involved. 


What's Hot

Recently the Fiction shelving was moved to make it easier to move around to browse our amazing collection. The position of the shelving lets more light in and has also created some rather nice niches to read in. Plus the addition of a new books sign, the library is looking its best!





Careers and Pathways

Careers News

 Year 12 students are reminded to complete and pay for their VTAC Applications by September 30, 2019.


Year 12 Term 3 Careers Interviews have commenced. Check compass schedule for interview time.


Year 11 Careers Interviews have recommenced. Check compass schedule for interview time.


Year 10

We are currently processing VET Expression of Interest for VET courses in 2020. We will be assisting students complete their online Expression of Interest for their VET course in 2020 this week. Students will need to bring their USI numbers with them.


If students would like to complete Work Experience over the next few months please see the Careers Office.


Information sessions

Melbourne Army Reserve Information Session
Tuesday | 6.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

September 19

Melbourne Air Force Careers Information Session
Thursday | 6.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

September 23

Melbourne Women in Defence – Trades Information Session
Monday | 1.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

September 30

Melbourne Australian Defence Force Academy Information Session
Monday | 12.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

Melbourne Engineering Careers Information Session
Monday | 6.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

Melbourne Navy Careers Information Session
Wednesday | 6.00pm | Melbourne Defence Force Recruiting Centre

September 17

Swinburne | Advice Night

Wantirna - 17 September 2019, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Hawthorn - 18 September 2019, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Aviation (Hawthorn) - 18 September 2019, 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Planning a grand entrance (or a grand return) to university in 2020? Have all your burning questions answered by our expert course advisers and current students (from where to get the best kebab to how to nail study time) – get on top of preferences and complete your application on the night too! Talk about productive!

Find out more: https://www.swinburne.edu.au/choose/events/wantirna?siid=el|tim|eve|cal|0368


Deakin | Accelerate Information Evening

15 October 2019, 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Deakin University Melbourne Burwood Campus

Deakin Accelerate provides high-achievers with university-level learning opportunities. You will complete two units of a first-year university subject at the same time as your Year 12 studies. Studying one unit per trimester, alongside first-year university students, you will complete your units either on campus at one of Deakin’s four vibrant locations, or study anywhere, anytime, at the Cloud Campus – our innovative online learning environment.

Attend an information evening to learn more about the Deakin Accelerate program and how it will benefit you. You will hear from past program students and find out about the application process.


La Trobe University | VCE Plus Information Evening

25 September 2019, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

La Trobe University, Melbourne Campus

You’re invited to learn more about how VCE Plus works, the subjects on offer and the application process. VCE Plus is an exciting opportunity for Year 12 students to complete two first-year university subjects and have them recognised as part of their VCE. As a VCE Plus student, you’ll get a taste for university early as well as the chance to challenge yourself and gain credit towards your degree.

Find out more: https://www.latrobe.edu.au/events/all/vce-plus-information-evening2



NIDA Drama School – Holiday Program

NIDA is running a series of drama workshops from students in years 7-10 over the upcoming school holidays. The courses help students to develop performance skills including improvisation, voice and movement, devising, acting and rehearsing scenes. Students will perform scenes at the end of the week for family and friends.

They are running at the following locations:

  • Wesley College St Kilda Campus, Melbourne

If you are thinking about going to NIDA or enjoy acting and drama, this course could be perfect for you.

Find out more and enrol here: https://www.open.nida.edu.au/course/OHNDS12


Scholarships & Competitions

Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship

Value: $20,000

Open/Closing Dates: July 22, 2019 – September 22, 2019

The Harding Miller Education Foundation Scholarship Program provides practical support to lift the educational and career aspirations of high potential Australian girls who are facing socio-economic hardship.

Basic Eligibility

  • Girl entering Year 9 in 2020
  • Attends an Australian public school
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident

Selection Criteria

  • Demonstrates high academic potential
  • Shows a motivation to achieve academically and professionally, including an intention to carry on to tertiary education
  • Experiencing personal or socio-economic hardship

Find out more

Young Carer Bursary


Open/Closing Dates: July 23, 2019 – September 3, 2019

The Young Carer Bursary Program supports young carers to continue with their education. The program offers a limited number of bursaries of up to $3,000 each year. Young carers across Australia can apply from late July until early September.

To apply you must be a young carer:

  • Young carers are people up to 25 years old who provide unpaid care and support to a family member or friend with a disability, a physical or mental illness, a substance dependency, or who is aged.
  • aged 12 – 25 years old for the entire time you’re receiving the bursary
  • studying at high school level or beyond, up to and including your first undergraduate degree*
  • an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • not receiving another scholarship

*Undergraduate degrees include: advanced diplomas, bachelor degrees, bachelor degree with honours and associate degrees.

Find out more


Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarships (ITSS)

Value: $1559.85 per fortnight

Open/Closing Dates: August 14, 2019 – September 10, 2019

The Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarship is an initiative of the Marine National Facility (MNF) under the CSIRO Indigenous Engagement Strategy which seeks to significantly increase Indigenous employment and engagement nationally within CSIRO. Through this strategy, CSIRO aims to enhance the educational, employment, training and career development opportunities for people of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent.

Funded by the Australian Government, owned and operated by CSIRO under direction of an independent Steering Committee, the MNF provides a blue-water research capability to the Australian scientific community and their international collaborators. This capability includes the research vessel Investigator. An opportunity exists for two university students to undertake a work placement with the MNF on board the RV Investigator for a research voyage from Darwin to Fremantle as part of the science contingent and MNF technical services team.

The voyage will provide the opportunity to gain a unique experience on Australia’s only blue water research vessel to facilitate skill development and networking, while gaining exposure to methods and techniques applicable to careers in marine science and the maritime industry more broadly.

Indigenous Time at Sea Scholarships are open to students who are:

  • enrolled in full-time study in an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course in a STEM discipline (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) at an Australian university;
  • of Australian Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander descent; and
  • be able to pass a seagoing medical, attend pre-voyage meetings and complete additional pre-departure materials.

Find out more


2020 Glover Prize

The John Glover Art Prize (Glover Prize) is an award for a landscape painting of Tasmania awarded by The John Glover Society Inc. Entry is open to local, interstate and international artists.

The winner receives $50,000 plus a bronze maquette of colonial artist John Glover (1767– 1849) by Peter Corlett valued at $5,000.

Entries are open until Friday 24 January.

Find out more and enter here: https://www.johnglover.com.au


The Nature Conservancy’s 2019 Photo Contest

The Nature Conservancy Australia’s photo competition is now open for entries. It aims to promote conservation and environmental awareness all throughout the world.

There are up to $20,000 worth in prizes to be won. Simply share your photographs from any of the following categories to enter:

  • Cities and Nature: Connecting with nature where we live
  • Landscape: A sense of place, with or without people
  • People and Nature: Recreation, adventure, people enjoying the outdoors
  • Water: Above, below, or in between
  • Wildlife: In the wild or in our backyard

Entries are open until Saturday 31 August.

Find out more and enter here: https://www.natureaustralia.org.au/get-involved/how-to-help/photo-contest/

Ace your applications

It’s that time of year, when regardless of your next move after high school, you’ll be needing to start applications.

Applications to uni, TAFE, applying for jobs, scholarships, bursaries, or even applying for gap year projects or visas to travel overseas.

Here’s our top tips on putting together a great application, that’ll get you noticed for all the right reasons.


Find out how to apply

If you’re applying directly to a uni or TAFE, check their “how to apply” pages and make sure you know the process, and what you’ll need to complete your application. Not all institutions will take direct applications though, and you might need to apply through a TAC.

Read about the application process for applying through Tertiary Admissions Centres (TACs). QTAC in Queensland, UAC in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, UTAS in Tasmania, VTAC in Victoria, SATAC in South Australia and the Northern Territory and TISC in Western Australia.

If you’re applying for work, make sure you read what the employer wants in the application and how to submit it.

Know the key dates – if you submit applications late (after they have closed), you may not be considered and miss out.


Meet the requirements

Most importantly, if there are any eligibility criteria, make sure you read them and that you can tick off each one. If you submit an application but don’t meet the entry requirements, then you’re not going to be successful.

Usually this means you’re the legal age, your residency status is suitable, you have basic skills such as language, literacy and numeracy that meet a required level.

For Uni and TAFE courses, you may need a minimum ATAR / OP, to have studied particular subjects and/or modules, have specific skills.

For scholarships etc. you may need to be a certain gender, have been accepted to study at a specific institution or to do a particular subject. You might need to prove your indigenous, financial, disability, special consideration, rural or other status.

For some jobs, you might need previous qualifications or skills, (and be able to prove them).


Be prepared

Once you know how to apply, when you need to apply by, and that you’re eligible. Spend some time getting together all the bits and bobs you’re going to need. This could include:

  • Personal details:

Do you need proof like a Medicare card, Centrelink number, birth certificate, change of name certification, proof of address such as driver’s license or passport?

If you have them, check they are valid and show the correct details. Otherwise you might have to get them updated before you can apply, or find alternative documentation.

Check if you’ll need to provide copies of documentation, how those can be accepted (scanned, email, hard copies, etc.), and check if they’ll need to be certified by a JP or someone else with the right authority.

For TAFE, apprenticeships, traineeships or other recognised training, you’ll probably need a USI.

If you’ll be getting paid by your trainer or employer, then you’re likely to need a tax file number (TFN), so make sure you’ve applied for one and you have the details handy.

  • Education:

Do you have the right proof of your exam results, academic, sporting, performing, leadership or community achievements at school, have you provided supporting letters of recommendation?

If not, try to get hold of all the documentation before you start your application. Your school should be able to help you out.

  • Back up your claims:

It’s easy to tell someone you’ve got tonnes of skills and experience, but you’ll need to be able to support those claims. Even better if you can do it (briefly) in your application, rather than waiting until the interview.

Use examples (short and relevant), of your skills. E.g. “I’ve developed great team working skills through captaining the school soccer team”.

Make sure you’ve got great references. This is important if you’re applying for jobs particularly. Potential employers will be happy to see you’re reliable, got relevant experience, or are well regarded by other professionals.

For more tips on how to write a professional resume, this blog could help It’s all about the resume. Or have a look at our Super Simple Resume Builder and other resources

If your application requires a portfolio, video or some other form of media, make sure you have all your best work ready to go. Well-presented and looking it’s best, edited to perfection with great content.


Take your time

If you don’t spend much time on you application(s), chances are it will show in the end product. Which could mean that you go to the bottom of the pile.

Make sure you provide everything that’s required to complete to application – this could be a copy of your resume and a covering letter, a completed application form, and any supporting evidence required.

Fill in all the details correctly.

Personalise your application. If you send off a generic application or cover letter, you might not make the best impression that you can. Make the time to address why you think you’d be the best fit for the course or job. Adjust the information you provide to highlight the skills and qualifications you’ve got that best the meet the requirements.

In general, it’s best to keep applications short and relevant. There might be loads of other applications submitted and if yours is brilliant, but really long – it might not get the attention it deserves.

Try and make your personality shine through. Yeah sure you have all the right qualifications and skills, and you meet any other criteria, but so might dozens more applicants. If you can tailor your applications and allow the reader to get a glimpse of you, it could ensure that you get through to the next stage.

Finally, check your work. Check it once, twice is better, three times even. Ask a friend or family member to have a read before you submit and ask them to be brutally honest about any changes you need to make, mistakes you’ve made or information that’s missing.


Press SEND

After all your hard work, don’t forget to do the final stages – press the send or submit button, get it in the post (or to the courier if the deadline’s approaching or it’s a portfolio of all your original work).


Job Spotlight

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers and Drafts people help create the spaces where people live, move, and work. They design, build, operate and maintain all sorts of structures, including roads, ports, railways, mines, dams, structures and more.


What type of person would this job suit?

  • You need to be creative, with an eye for design and strong attention to detail
  • Strong maths skills, and a love of making things line up
  • You should be self-reliant, and able to manage multiple projects at once
  • Good organisational habits
  • Ability to work well in a team, as engineering projects are always team-based


Industries where you find civil engineers:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Public Safety
  • Construction
  • Aviation
  • Transport
  • Environmental Science
  • Sustainability



If you’ve got a passion for any of these industries and you think you’ve got the necessary attributes, then you have some choices.

You can choose to head to university and gain a degree, which will make you competitive for the Professional roles. There are also lots of cadetships and paid internships on offer for engineering students, which could help pay for your degree and provide a salary plus work experience.

Study Civil Engineering at UNSW and graduate with honours (GE rank for 2020: 93)

The 3 + 2 Engineering Pathway from UWA is a good example of a comprehensive course that would give you all the qualifications you need (and then some).

Alternatively, you can start out at TAFE and gain a Cert III or IV, then work and gain experience before deciding if you want to go to uni later on.

The Cert III in Manufacturing Technology from TAFE Queensland is a good example of an introductory course that could get you started. You can even study online.



Engineering Draftspersons and Technicians 

Most jobs require a Cert III or IV

Draftspersons and Technicians assist Civil Engineers by preparing sketches, taking samples, assisting on site, estimating material costs, inspecting works and organising construction.

You will usually be working alongside and possibly under the supervision of a degree qualified engineer.

You could expect to earn over $80,000 per year at this level (but we’ve seen jobs offering well over $100,000 for experienced drafters)



Mechanical Engineer or Draftsperson in Toowoomba

Draftsperson in Ingleburn

CAD Drafter in Adelaide


Civil Engineering Professionals

Minimum requirement: Bachelor Degree

You could be responsible for preparing a site for a build, including taking rock and soil samples, determining safe loads and adjusting design to suit conditions, or you could design structures from bridges to shopping centres, airports to schools, to make sure they can stand up to the elements and remain safe for everyone.

At this level you could expect to earn over $100,000 per year.


Structural Engineer in Canberra

Civil Construction Engineer in South West Victoria

Civil Engineer in Dalby, Queensland


Growth in this industry is strong and expected to remain so. 


Carole Marcianti and Karen Riding 

The Careers Team 



Father's Day Breakfast 

PFA Father's Day Breakfast 


Thank you to Danielle Croyden and her wonderful helpers in the PFA  for organising another fabulous Father's Day event. It was a great opportunity to meet and collaborate over a delicious breakfast and a cuppa. Our warmest thanks to David Winter of  Bread Street for his generous donation and also to Big W, Doncaster who also supported the event.  Attendees were treated to a number of speeches from SRC members who spoke about their dads. Arun Olifent shared a poem he wrote: 


I look up to my father

Like how I look up to the stars and the moon.


They might not be there during the day

Because they are at hard work.


But at night, they are always there

Shining down upon you and giving you light.

To guide you when you are lost in a dark place;

To make sure you do not feel lonely.


Some of us cannot see these stars

The stars may be too far away

Some of us have lost these stars

And some may one day be the stars


For whatever happens

They are always somewhere up there

And without them

The universe would be empty
Arun Olifent 12D



Koonung Day

Koonung Day - Friday 13 September

Koonung Day 2019 is fast approaching and this year's event promises to be an exciting celebration of all things Koonung. The whole day will be dedicated to appreciating our community and school, boasting a large selection of stalls, events and performances from students and staff. 


I'd also like to put the call out to any families who might offer some support to the day.  For instance, I'd love to have a coffee van on site or some fabulous, speciality events. If you have an idea or could offer something please contact me at phodkinson@koonung.vic.edu.au


Put the Friday 13 September in your diary and prepare for an amazing Koonung Day in 2019. 


Peter Hodkinson

Director of Learning - Engagement and Leadership




Year 11 Business Management – Koonung Day stalls

 Over the past few weeks the students in the year 11 Business Management classes have working in groups to carefully prepare a variety of stalls. There will be plenty of options for students and staff to choose from on Koonung Day when they will all open for the first time.


Planning has involved determining what product or service to offer, naming the business, developing a logo/slogan, choosing the best venue to sell from, when to sell (recess/lunch/other) as well as advertising and marketing all being part of a comprehensive Business Plan


Stall – and products

De Ja Brew – variety of drinks

Egg and Bacon rolls

Sausage Fest - sausage sizzle

Fairy Floss


Ice Screamo

Can Hub - games for a free drink

Little Dumplings

Scoop - Cookie Dough and cones

Bubble tea

Muffin House - Muffins and Brownies

Kreme Krispy - Donuts

Smash Bros - video game


Students had to research and purchase products themselves but will be reimbursed through what they make in sales. Any profits will be donated as a cohort to a student selected charity at the end of the task.

As time approaches they are becoming quite excited in anticipation. It is a great learning task – concept, planning to execution.

We are sure they will enjoy the day and the competition as to which stall makes the most profits.


Colleen Siomos and Trevor vanden Driesen

Year 11 Business Management Teachers

Parents and Friends Association  

 PFA news

Hello everyone

 Our PFA  is a very active and vibrant part of the Koonung community.  It provides a great way to familiarise yourself with your child's school and meet other families. The PFA meet twice each term  in the Middle Years Centre. We encourage you to come along.


Koonung Day request for assistance 

Next Friday 13 September is Koonung Day, a day of celebration. The PFA have been invited to participate with some activities and we need helpers.

We have three activities prepared that require you to turn up and help the students enjoy them. The three activities are very simple, but in the right atmosphere are simply fun.

  • Apple Bobbing: an old favourite!
  • Tug of War: let them use up excess energy!
  • Pie-Face: a simple game with cream and laughter!

Would you sign up to help for one or both slots?

Times are: 
11am - 12:30pm

12.30pm - 2.00pm

We would love six helpers for each hour to run the activities safely.

Thanks for your help! Here’s the link to the sign up sheet: volunteersignup.org/CP449






Second Hand Uniform Shop -adjusted opening hours

Koonung Secondary College parents run the Second Hand Uniform Shop and families are able to buy and sell uniform items through this shop.  It is located on campus next to the library and is open every Thursday from 12.45pm to 3.45pm during each school term.  Please note however that Thursday 15 August is a student free day and the second hand uniform shop will not be open.  Please refer to the College website and newsletter for further opening times.


At the moment we have experienced an overwhelming need for Ties, Winter Skirts and Spray Jackets.  If you have any that are no longer in use please complete a Second Hand Uniform Lodgement Form (or for donations no form is necessary) and hand to the school office or second hand uniform shop.


Buying a Uniform:

  • There is no refund or exchange on Second Hand Uniform items purchased.
  • We accept cash or credit card.

Selling a Uniform:

  • Uniforms are sold on a commission basis. Payments will be made by electronic funds transfer to consignors when the goods have been sold.
  • All items will be priced by the Koonung Secondary College Second Hand Uniform Shop according to condition.
  • 30% of the sale price will be deducted as a handling fee. This fee is donated to special interest groups within the school.
  • The Koonung Secondary College Second Hand Uniform Shop reserves the right not to accept items they consider do not meet the College Uniform regulations.
  • Old style dresses and skirts can be donated but will not be resold. These items will, down the track, be sent to less fortunate regions/schools.
  • All items must be clean and in saleable condition, ie. no tears, stains, holes, fading, missing buttons or broken zips.
  • Blazers must be dry-cleaned with the dry-cleaning tag attached.
  • A Second Hand Uniform Items for Sale form needs to be completed with your details and included with items for sale.
  • Items can be left at the College office during business hours 8am to 4pm Monday to Friday.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Uniform Shop on 9897 4726 during shop hours (Thursdays from 12.45pm to 3.45pm) or email enquiries to secondhanduniforms@koonung.vic.edu.au

Remember: If you wouldn’t buy it, neither will anyone else!



Upcoming  PFA meeting dates for 2019

Monday 21 October

December Christmas Dinner TBA 


Your Committee for 2019:

 President -   Andrew Gifford

 Vice President - Danielle Croyden 

 Secretary - George Anastasiou

 Treasurer - Nicky Smith


PFA Contact Details

If you have any questions or would like to help out with PFA events or come to our meetings, please email pfa@Koonung.vic.edu.au - we would love to hear from you.



School Information  

General Office

Office hours are:                        8:00am - 4:00pm

Telephone:                                                9890 9662


Parents should always make contact with the General Office first when visiting the school or trying to make contact with their children.


Appointments with teachers must be made via telephone or email them directly.


ABSENCE LINE  9890 9887

All school absences require written or online approval from a parent/guardian of the student.  Student absence approvals can be entered electronically through our Compass Parent Portal, or, alternatively, a letter of approval must be provided to the school.  Absence approvals can be provided prior to the absence, during the absence or immediately after the absence. The school has a legal obligation to monitor and record student absences and attendance. Failure to provide approval for an absence may impact VISA conditions, VCE conditions and Centrelink payments.



8.50 – 9.20          Period 1

9.20 – 9.50          Period 2

9.55 – 10.25        Period 3

10.25 – 10.55     Period 4

10.55 – 11.20     Recess

11.20 – 11.50     Period 5

11.50 – 12.20     Period 6

12.20 – 12.50     Period 7

12.50 – 1.45        Lunch

1.45 – 2.15          Period 8

2.15 – 2.45          Period 9

2.45 – 3.15          Period 10

NB:  There is a 5 minute changeover in the morning:

Periods 2&3 from 9.50 – 9.55 (Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri)

Periods 3&4 from 10.20-10.25 (Wednesday only)


If a Unit 3/4 teacher is absent periods 1-3 or 8-10 the class will be cancelled unless indicated on Compass. Students should check Compass in this case. 



The  College  employs a part-time nurse and has a range of level 2 qualified first aid staff to deal with injuries or illness that occur at school. In addition to this the wellbeing team consists of 2 counsellors and a visiting psychologist who are available to support the needs of our students. 



Early leavers require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for early leavers from school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office at the beginning of the day. All students must report to their sub-school to sign out prior to leaving. 



Electronic rolls are kept in all classes. Students who arrive late to school are required to sign-in at their sub-school for a late pass. 


All late arrivals require parental approval or acknowledgement. Approvals for late arrival to school can be completed either online (through the Compass Parent Portal) or by handing in a written letter of approval to your Sub School Office. SMS notifications may be sent to parents where a student arrives late to school.



The second hand uniform shop (situated near the Library at Koonung SC) will be open every Thursday from 1pm – 4pm.

Any enquiries please email secondhanduniforms@koonung.vic.edu.au



Please ensure all school clothes, books and personal property are clearly labelled with the student’s name. Many items are not returned to their rightful owners because they are not labelled correctly or clearly.


USBs should include a folder with the student’s name and form to assist in returning it to the correct person. If you have lost anything please check with your subschool office during recess, lunch or end of day.



Please find attached the 2019 canteen menu. The canteen staff will be serving a selection of items from this menu each day. Please note that not all items are available every day but there will be a variety of foods available for students to choose. The canteen is open every day from 8 am. To avoid disappointment and the possibility of long queues, students are encouraged to place lunch orders at the start of the day. 



Community Notices 

Koonung Interact Trivia Night 


2019 Spring Music Concert 


City of Whitehorse Heritage Week 

 For additional information on Whitehorse City Council's annual Heritage Week please open the PDF below: 


Donvale Baseball Club open day 



Box Hill Skate Park Program 



Netball Clinics Doncaster


MASH Movies & Music Trivia Night 


Sakura Picnic Day - 13 October 2019



Headspace Hawthorn Clothes Swap 



Koonung Secondary College Newsletter
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Koonung Secondary College Cafe menu 2018.pdf