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07 September 2017
Term 3 Week 8 2017
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From the Principal

Facing the Giants

Have you ever faced a seemingly insurmountable task?  How did you feel?  Did you react with your limbic system or your neo cortex?  Are you facing a proverbial “giant” right now in your life?  What about your children?  What giants are they facing?



Today’s newsletter article is to encourage you that, whenever you face a “giant” in your life and whatever that crisis or trial may look like, Jesus Christ is there to face it with you!  
Here is a classic example:
When the Israelites journeyed towards Canaan (the promised land), they encountered many ‘giants’.  Some of these included:  The Red Sea, deadly snakes, a lack of water, and lots of angry people.  One of their last ‘giants’ were literal giants!  They were a nation of giant human beings from the land of Bashan (see Joshua 12:4).


How would you have felt facing those giants who stood in the way of the promise? The Israelites felt the same - they were terrified.  However, Moses looked back to how God had led them and said, “Let’s move forward in confidence, that God will protect us”, and that is exactly what happened.  As they moved forward in faith, God delivered His people (see Deuteronomy 3:3).  


Did you know that God has promised you a really bright and wonderful future? (see Jeremiah 29:11).  Did you know that Heritage College has a promised bright and wonderful future too? In fact, just this week we had some guests come to the College and asked us some questions that engendered some deep thought and helped us see that God is moving mightily at our college to bring about excellence in learning and excellence in character development.  This ‘giant’ reflection process has been a valuable one and one that God has helped us through!


We also have four Japanese students visiting Heritage College who are currently facing a ‘giant’ change to their regular lives.  They are transitioning into a new culture, a new language, and a new community.  Wow, what a giant process to go through!  We can attribute their ease of transition to a God who knows all about a new culture, a new community and a new environment and who can help ease their nerves.  



What about our Year 12 students? There are giants ahead for them this year too in the form of final examinations for some students and decisions for the future for all students.  Let’s pray for our Year 12’s that those giants will be overcome.  
So how about you?  What are the giants in your life today?  Whatever they may be, I can assure you that God loves to see our perceived impossibilities as his opportunities.  God wants to provide you even more expressions of His great love.


So here is your challenge:  face the giants!


Mr Sonny Aiono


Dates to Remember


Saturday, 9th September

5-8:30pm Pathfinder Club Night


11th - 15th September

eSmart Week

Secondary Festival of Faith


Monday, 11th September

Years 5/6 Hooptime


Wednesday, 13th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 NWS/ OCP

Periods 1&2


Thursday, 14th September

Years 3/4 Hooptime

Monday, 18th September

Years 7-9 Girls AFL


Tuesday, 19th September

Staff vs Students Challenge


Friday, 22nd September

Last Day Term 3

Finish 12:50pm


Sunday, 1st October

Daylight Savings Starts


Monday, 9th October

First Day Term 4


10-13th October

Year 9 Camp


Wednesday, 11th October

ASV Primary Basketball Tournament


Saturday, 14th October

Pathfinder Club Night 5-8:30pm


Monday, 16th October

School at Work - Open Classrooms NWS


Tuesday, 17th October

ASV Years 7/8 Basketball


Wednesday, 18th October

Prep Orientation Day 3 OC 9-12:50pm

Last Day Year 12


Thursday, 19th October

Year 7 MCG Excursion

Friday, 20th October

School Fees Due


Tuesday, 24th October

Years 9/10 SEISS Volleyball/Tennis


25-26th October

Year 9 Solo Camp


Wednesday, 25th October

Prep Orientation Day 3 NWS



Thursday, 26th October

Primary House Athletics Carnival


Friday, 27th October

Bus Fees Due

World Teachers Day


Sunday, 29th October

Pathfinder Fair Day Practice



Tuesday, 31st October

New Student Orientation Day

(excluding new Preps)

General Information

​Primary PB4L Value Awards

'For showing Excellence in Shared Spaces'

Prep/1W - Jasmine

Year 2/3/4N - Lincoln

Prep DH - Jonathan

Year 1W - Kwayedza

Year 1/2K - Lantu

Year 3C - Kena

Year 3J - Liam

Year 4W - Juni

Year 5/6E - Matthias

Year 6MJ - Lydia


Year 3C - Jayden C and Jayden N 

Year 3J - Kaitlyn

Last Day of Terms 3 and 4

Please note that the last day of Terms 3 and 4 will conclude at the early time of 12:50pm.


Thank you.


Heritage College Leadership

From the School Captains

This week's value is excellence.  The meaning of excellence is the quality of being outstanding or good. Excellence is a great quality to have and it can really help you with your grades.


A quote about excellence is, “Perfection is not attainable but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.”


We all know that no one can be perfect, but I know that we can all be excellent in at least one area of our lives.  It might be handball, or maybe basketball or Maths. Whatever it is, if you really try and be perfect at it, you WILL be excellent at it!


Have a great week everyone and God Bless!


Eden and Max

School Captains


Father's Day Breakfast

'It was fun and well-prepared. My dad thought it was a nice thought that the school had the idea to celebrate Father’s Day'.  Scarlett


'I thought it was a great opportunity to have lots of quality time with my dad. He thought it was a great idea that the school had prepared for all dads to come, and he had a fantastic day'.  Georgia


'I think Father's Day was really fun because all the fathers came. It was fun helping out. My dad thought it was really nice, and he had a really good day. He got to see his friends too and catch up them and with the others. I enjoyed my day with my dad'.  Ciera


'It was a great experience to be able to show my dad how the school day goes. He enjoyed his time at Heritage College'.  Jeremy


'Great! It was a good experience showing my uncle around everywhere. He thought it was good. I was surprised he came because he drove from an hour away'.  Abhay


'It was cool. He was happy to get a good breakfast'.  Ryan 

Mr Nigel Eales

Year 5/6 Teacher

Entertainment Book Fundraiser


eSmart Competition

Week 9 sees the start of eSmart Week at Heritage College!


To celebrate eSmart Week, there will be a school wide eSmart Competition. There will be prizes for the winner at each Year Level - with the Primary winners having a choice of either a Six Inch Subway Meal or a $6 lunch voucher for the canteen and the Secondary winners having the choice of either a Foot Long Subway Meal or a $10 lunch voucher for the canteen as the prize.


The competition will require students to address the following questions and choose a response type to represent their ideas:


Foundation - Year 1

Key questions to address:

  • How do I use Digital Technology? What makes Digital Technology fun?
  • What would be the best way to use Digital Technology?

Response Options:

  • 30 second - 1 minute video response
  • Poster
  • Google Slides

Years 2 - 6

Key questions to address:

  • What does it mean to be safe online? How can I be safe online? 
  • Top Tips for being safe online!

Response Options:

  • Google Site
  • Blog 
  • 3 minutes mini iMovie
  • Google Slides 

YEARS 7-12

Key questions to address:

  • What does it mean to be a digital citizen or to have digital citizenship?
  • How can you positively influence your global digital community?
  • What are your top tips for being a positive digital citizen?

Response Options:

  • Create a Google Site
  • Create a Blog 
  • Create an iMovie
  • Create a Google Slides Presentation
  • Create a Prezi

The Rubric that your entry will be assessed against can be found here:

Foundation - Year 1

Years 2 - 6

Secondary eSmart Competition Rubric


Competition Entries will be due to Mrs Moss by Friday, 15th September 5pm.


Please email Mrs Moss with either your Google Site address, your blog address, Prezi address or a link to your iMovie - Google Slides Presentation in your Google Drive or YouTube.


Otherwise, simply hand your poster to your teacher to put in Mrs Moss' pigeon hole before the end of school on Friday, 15th September.


I look forward to seeing all your amazing ideas and creativity.


Happy planning, designing and creating!


Mrs Naomi Moss

eLearning & Curriculum Coordinator



PB4L Value

Value for Weeks 9 & 10

'Excellence in Bathroom Spaces'

From the Narre Warren South Campus

Year 6 to Year 7 Transition


Maths Olympiad

Thank you to the Maths Olympiad team for representing us so well and having a fun time with Maths!


Congratulations to our medal winners in their teams; Eden A - gold, Jeremy - Silver, and Max - Bronze.

Miss Mary-Jane Jean

Maths Olympiad Organiser


'The maths Olympiad was fun, it taught me how to problem solve and to have a good time. I even won a bronze medal'.  Max


'Maths Olympiad was an amazing experience. Firstly, to have fun doing Maths, secondly, working together, but best of all making new friends'.  Jeremy 


'Math Olympiad was very fun, I made lots of friends and we all did many Mathematics challenges throughout the day. My favourite activity was the problem solving cards. Some of the cards had hard questions and others were not so hard. One of the friends I made was Beccy. Beccy comes from a school all the way from Mildura. Her group had to take a plane early in the morning to get to Gilson just to compete in the Maths Olympiad. Overall, I had lots of fun and wish we could have another Maths Olympiad soon'.  Michelle 


'Well I had fun with basically all of the "quizzes / riddles." They were very interesting, especially the first riddles. I made some new friends. A guy called Liam. We were good friends and I'd like to meet him again. So anyways that was basically my experience'.  Reese 


'The Maths Olympiad was so fun! My favourite part was my team getting the silver medals then being told, 'There's been a misunderstanding, your team actually gets gold!' So yeah that was exhilarating!' Eden A 


'The Maths Olympiad was really interesting and fun. It was challenging, as well as hard, but overall really fun and it was great that we got to meet other students and teachers from our sister schools'.  Yadveer

Father's Day Walk

If there is ever a time for students to celebrate their achievements, it would definitely be when they are giving service to someone else. Last Friday, our upper primary students had the opportunity to serve others as they walked around the local estates offering a special hand wrapped gift to the fathers in our community.


For many locals, this is a time they look forward to, as they know that Heritage College does this as an annual event. Comments like “It’s great to see you again” or “I’ve been waiting for you this morning” are what appreciative fathers say to our students. Such comments put a beam of joy of the faces of our students, as they get a true sense of what giving to others is really about.


We wish to sincerely thank Mrs Pathania (Abhay’s mum) who gave some of her time to support our students on this walk. Without the support of our school community these events would not be possible.


What would society look like without fathers that have the integrity to build up a responsible generation to come.


Thanks you Fathers!

Mr Nigel Eales

Year 5/6E Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Revise for your VCE Exams with SWOT

If any students undertaking a Unit 3&4 subject wish to take advantage of this fantastic exam preparation offer, they must fill out their details on the Google Sheets form that was emailed to students and pay their money to the office (name and SWOT on the envelope) before Thursday, 14th September.


Miss Jody Lawson 


Year 10A Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Year 10A is currently learning about Marine Pollution in Geography and its impact on our world. Last week, they created rope entirely made from plastic bags. Through this task, they were able to put their Geography skills in motion to reuse and recycle the common plastic bag into rope that was strong enough to hold a human teenager. Some also chose to make skipping ropes.


Plastic has remained the most common category of rubbish picked up on Clean Up Australia day over the last 20 years. In 2009, it made up 29% of all rubbish found. Of the plastic rubbish found, 17.6% were plastic bags with an average of 40 plastic bags being found at each Clean Up site. That means there is an average of half a million shopping bags collected every year on Clean Up Australia day (Clean Up Australia Org, 2017).


It is my hope that through this task students become more aware about how they can be more practical in reducing, reusing and recycling; educating themselves, their families and their communities about the impact of daily pollution, not only to our marine environments, but our world as a whole.

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele

Head of Humanities

Year 7/8 SEISS AFL/Netball

Monday saw our Years 7 and 8 students participate in the AFL/Netball SEISS gala day at the Dandenong Showgrounds. The boys battled it out in the freezing cold conditions as they came up against some tough opponents throughout the day’s play. The boys sustained a few tough losses against MECS and Bayside, however, managed to hold their heads high regardless.


One of the stand out moments was during the game against MECS. The boys displayed exemplary sportsmanship towards one of the other players. In the face of defeat, they enabled a player from the opposition who had physical and social disabilities to kick a goal against them. The parents of the boy were ecstatic when they heard the news and contacted the College.  This act of service was a highlight of his day and the Heritage AFL boys should be acknowledged for their outstanding efforts on the day.


The Years 7 and 8 girls displayed great skill, teamwork and resilience throughout the day too. Although we finished in last place overall, for both competitions, the girls kept their heads up and played Netball to the best of their ability. Where most teams would have chosen to focus on the negatives, both our Years 7 and 8 teams focused on the positives such as scoring in every game, working together and supporting each other throughout the day. I was very proud of the way our ladies represented our school.

Mr Reuben Sleight and Mrs Palolo Lafaitele

Sport Teachers


From the Officer Primary Campus

Year 2/3/4N Fractions

Year 2/3/4N had so much fun learning fractions last week. Mrs Nuske gave each student three whole lolly snakes. Students then had to follow a series of instructions to cut their whole snakes into smaller fractions! Students loved being told to eat one third or one quarter of their snake! Who knew that fractions were so much fun!! 


Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 2/3/4N Teacher

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