22 September 2017
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Calendar of Events

2017 School Calendar

Week 1A

Monday, 9 October

  • Student Free Day

Tuesday, 10 October

  • All Students Commence Term 4

Wednesday, 11 October

  • PTFA Meeting 7.30pm Board Room

Thursday, 12 October

  • Southern Metro Region Athletics
  • Year 7 Geography - Wonthaggi Desal Plant Excursion

Friday, 13 October

  • Year 5 Civics & Citizenship Incursion - Parliament of Victoria
  • Year 8B Geography Excursion Whitecliff, St Andrews, Cape Schank

Week 2B

Monday, 16 October

  • Year 9 Camp – Charnwood
  • Year 12 Last Day
  • Year 12 Graduation - CCC

Tuesday, 17 October

  • Year 9 Camp – Charnwood
  • Year 12 Pastoral and Farewell Day

Wednesday, 18 October

  • Year 9 Camp - Charnwood

Thursday, 19 October

  • Year 9 Camp – Charnwood
  • Primary Region Athletics

Friday, 20 October

  • Year 9 Camp – Charnwood
  • District Lightning Premiership
  • Newsletter

2017 Term Dates

Term 3
Tuesday 18th July – Friday 22nd September

Term 4
Tuesday 10th October – Tuesday 5th December


Student Free Days
Monday 9th October
Monday 6th November


Public Holidays
Labour Day – Monday 13th March
Good Friday – Friday 14th April
Easter Monday – Monday 17th April
ANZAC Day – Tuesday 25th April
Queens’ Birthday – Monday 12th June
Melbourne Cup – Tuesday 7th November

2018 Term Dates

Term 1 – 9 Weeks
Monday, 29 January – Thursday, 29 March
(Preps start full time of the week commencing Tuesday, 13 March 2018)
Term 2 – 11 Weeks
Tuesday, 17 April – Friday, 29 June
Term 3 – 10 Weeks
Tuesday, 17 July – Friday, 21 September
Term 4 – 10 Weeks
Tuesday, 9 October – Friday, 14 December

From the Principal

Lakeside College – Giving glory to God and serve the world in love

“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” Psalm 19:1


There have been many wonderful events this term – camps, excursions, deb balls, new students and families, new staff members, art afternoons and thanksgiving services.


I’m not going to lie, writing this note a couple of days before heading to Italy, finds me excited at the prospect of experiencing a long planned and hoped for holiday with my wife.


Hands down, without a shadow of doubt, the most wonderful thing I saw this term came in the form of an expression of joy on a Prep student’s face when he heard that one of his classmates won an award. Seeing someone so happy for someone else achieving something blew me away. No jealousy, no disappointment, no sadness – 100% happy for his classmate.


What an example this young man sets for us all.


I’m honest enough to say that I struggle with jealousy. My biggest struggle is to not be jealous of the teachers who get to spend much more of their days with students than I do. As I sit at my desk writing policies, reading government papers and working on matters of compliance, I often have an internal sense of cranky seeing teachers wander off to spend their time working with young people. I often joke “If I’m a good boy maybe God will let me become a full-time teacher again one day”


Don’t get me wrong, it is privilege to be a Principal. It has is pleasures and pains like all occupations. As a young Christian I thought that giving glory to God meant that I needed to be happy all the time and look forward to everything I had to do. As I’ve grown older and wiser, I no longer believe this to be the case.


The Bible reminds us that all of Creation declares God’s glory. As human beings, we are part of Creation and our simple act of existing, of waking up each day, gives God glory. There is nothing we can do to bring God more or less glory. Our actions may bring joy and happiness to others, but God’s love rests on us at all times.


We are not called to be happy at all times but we are called to be content and to continue striving to care for others. This continual striving to love others and to continue developing our, I believe, gives God the greatest happiness and joy.


The thing about giving glory to God is that God doesn’t need us to give him glory. He is God after all. But when we undertake acts of love for others, as God would have us do to give Glory to him, we are helping another. That is what I believe to be the heart of Giving glory to others.


So the next time I’m tempted to feel grumpy seeing a teacher walking off to class, I’m hoping to be a little more like the young man i mentioned earlier. Being happy for a colleague having the gife of spending time teaching children.


May we all have opportunity to be content in our circumstances and look to give God glory at all times – others will be blessed as a result.




Mr Tom Brennen

Staff Spotlight

Founding Teacher, Miss Karnakowski

Miss Karnakowski has been a teacher at the College since it first opened 11 years ago. Over the years she has seen it grow  into the vibrant school community we all know and love.  She grew up in Upwey before moving interstate and returning to Melbourne, now she lives locally in Pakenham. 


Her favorite part of being a teacher is helping students to understand and recognise how intelligent they are and watching them grow in their learning. She also love to see our students happy and loving school.


Outside of work, Miss K as she is affectionately known by the Junior School students enjoys geocaching, bike riding, rollerblading, going to the beach, shopping and eating out. An odd fact you might like to know is that she took one year off before beginning at Lakeside College and worked at an Asparagus farm packing asparagus for local supermarkets!

Mrs Simjanovska

Frau as she is known by the students, which means Mrs in German grew up in Macedonia, travelled extensively throughout Europe and is reported to know her way around the ski slopes very well. She has been a teacher for 24 years with the last 3 of those at Lakeside College. Frau holds a BA in English Language and Literature - Teaching and Interpreting/Translation major and has completed an equivalent to 14 VCE subjects!


She has two grown up boys: one is a tennis coach who played tennis professionally for 12 years competing internationally. The other is following in his mums footsteps studying to be a teacher.


In her spare time Frau enjoys sport, skiing, water skiing, basketball, volleyball, dance Zumba and the Macedonian Folk Dance.  An interesting fact about Frau is that she is a dog breeder for Samoyeds and her dogs are champions of Australia and a few European countries.


Thank you for being in this edition's spotlight Miss Karnakowski & Mrs Simjanovska!

Junior School News

Service Learning – Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS)

In our Service Learning curriculum, we wish to inspire our students to make a difference. As such, this year’s Christian Studies focus encompasses the Australian Lutheran World Service (ALWS) theme “Walk My Way”. We are developing units of learning to inspire, inform and equip our students to be active and aware about justice and development. The theme "Walk My Way" will allow students and teachers to ‘walk in someone else’s shoes’ as they learn about why people in poor countries walk for food, water, health care, education, for safety and they learn about people living with disabilities and their ‘walk’ in life.


On Tuesday March 21, Years 3 - 5 had a visit from with Vicki Gollasch of ALWS, as an introduction to our focus Service Learning ‘Awareness’. ALWS ‘Awareness’ school resources are targeted across all levels of primary, secondary, and designed to integrate with Australian Curriculum. Vicki returned to run an age appropriate presentation to the Prep – Year 2 students the next day. Vicki is a wonderful presenter and was able to provide the real life perspective for our ALWS service learning units which will become a strong focus in Term 3. We encourage you to have a look at the ALWS website which provides information regarding this important learning area.


The Bible Verse selected as a focus for these units this year is simply:


“...He (God) has told you what He wants, and this is all it is:  to be fair, just, merciful and to walk humbly with you God.” (Micah 6:8)


Focus questions for our students are:

  • Is our world really unequal?
  • What is social justice?
  • How important is long term development to people living in poor communities?
  • How do you feel about the role you may play in responding to justice issues around the world?
  • Why is there so much poverty in our world?
  • What else do I need to know in order to make informed decisions?
  • What are some of the risks children are exposed to when living in rural villages?
  • How does a child in a poor community live and what does their future hold?

Junior School Disco


Last Friday Junior School students danced the night away in their best disco attire at our annual Disco. The Disco was studded with lots of games and competitions directed by DJ Kevin. We were wowed by some committed ‘breakouts’ on the dance floor as students (and some staff!!!!) displayed their best ‘moves’. Mr Molnar and Miss Keller may not have won any of the dance competitions but they did win our admiration for ‘busting’ their moves dressed in their very thick crocodile and bear onesies…and surviving!  A big thank you to all our dedicated Junior School staff for their supervision and sense of fun.


Jane Wiebusch

Head of Junior School


Year 2 Sleepover

Last Friday gradually filled with anticipation and excitement. It was the day of the disco and the Year 2 sleepover.  What would it be like? what would we be doing? how would it feel to be at school with my friends? over night?  Words like fun, nervous, scary, fantastic, great, awesome and unsure were highlighted as we talked about and prepared for the event.


Then it was time and the night began. Flashing lights, fabulous loud music and footsteps of fantasy were seen as we began to show our fantastic and crazy dance moves. Even staff were seen to dazzle everyone with their disco dance moves. Following the disco, we enjoyed the most delicious pizza and a selection of fresh fruit.


Thanks to a break in the rain, we were able to set off on a walk around the school with our torches lighting the way. It seemed that the night life was amazing and fantastic as we encountered slithering, slimy slugs and slow, silvery snails slinking along the pathways. The rain soaked trees and pathways twinkled and shone in the night light and the stars softly glowed through the clouds. Frogs of another more delectable kind appeared as a secret bounty of chocolate frogs made their way onto the tennis court. Miss Keller helped us form a line to scour the court for any leftover or escaping chocolates. We delighted in eating our find!


We returned to the warmth and cosiness of our classroom where we settled and introduced the special furry friends we had brought with us. Some were treasured birthday gifts and others lifelong friends from early years. We then snuggled into our beds and watched movies till lights out was called.

Finally, all were settled and asleep…


Tiny pattering feet and a few stifled giggles of excitement sent out the call that it was morning. Slowly we awoke to the realization that the sleepover was now over. We packed up and said our good byes.  All of us agreed that it was a wonderful night and that the sleep over was indeed a highlight of Year 2.

Special thanks to Miss Keller(Monkey) and Mr Molner(Dino) for their energy, support and care as they assisted Mrs. Priebbenow for the night.


Mrs Priebbenow

Teacher Year 2



Wednesday 20th September saw 6 Junior School students who qualified in their respective Athletics events represent Lakeside College at the Casey Athletics Track.


It was a terrific experience for our students and all represented the College in a most impressive manner, demonstrating great team spirit and determination to do their personal best.


Congratulations to the following students:

10 Year old Boys 100m Relay Team – Mandella K, ,Bryce K, Nyak N & Jai B. -   finishing in 5th Place

11 Year old Girls 1500m – Achel D – 3rd Place

12 Year old Boys 100m – Nathan P – 4th Place

10 Year old Boys – 1500m – Jai B – 2nd Place

10 Year old Boys – 800m – Jai B – 3rd Place


Jai will now go on to represent the College at the Regional Athletics on the 17th October. We wish him all the very best for this event.


Well Done to all competitors and we look forward to 2018 when students again get the chance to try their hand in a variety of athletics events!



Mrs Cox
Year 5 Teacher

Junior School African Drumming Incursion

On Tuesday 19th of September, 2017 Lakeside College organised an African Drumming Workshop, held in the new Performing Arts room of the Junior School building. The students had a wonderful time, participating in drumming actions and were captivated by the sounds of the African drums and percussion.


The College invited three local Kindergarten groups to the incursion workshops and these groups were from Great Beginnings, Good Start Early Learning and Lakeside Children’s Centre. Many of our future Prep 2018 children attended and were thrilled at the opportunity to show their friends their “big school” for the following year.


Our Prep classes also enjoyed these workshops with their Classroom Teacher. In particular, Mrs Carter and Miss Taylor worked up a sweat and even had to take off their scarves to participate in the dance and movement actions. Prep students put up their hand to dance to the beat of the drums in front of their peers, providing them with the opportunity to build on their confidence and performance skills. These Prep students were Lily, Indi, Riley, Fern, Chloe, Maya, Harper and Isla.


Our Year 1 classes too participated in these workshops, each with one of the Kinder groups. Mrs Barclay and Miss Kellar indeed enjoyed these workshops. Year 1 students also performed in front of their peers and these students were Samara, Jamie, Nikhil and Jai.


Hosted by our College Registrar Rebecca, all children participated in an African Drumming Workshop, led by African Drummer Bouba, born in Africa and derives from an African family of drummers. Bouba explained to the students about African culture and traditions, even taught students how to say “thank you” in his native language.


Bouba showed students how to play the small drums through a variety of different techniques and beats, which allowed students to play in a group based setting, where they could explore freestyle dance and movement. These workshops were thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated by our students and their teachers, along with the Kinder Educators and Kinder groups.



Mrs McAleese


Middle & Senior School News

Secondary Division Athletics Results

The College is proud to share the results of our 2017 Secondary Division Athletics Competition held at the Casey Fields Athletics Centre on Monday 18th of September.


Severe winds didn’t stop several of our students achieving personal bests and we have several competitors that placed first in their respective events and have qualified for the Southern Metropolitan Championships in the first week back in Term 4 (Thursday 12th October).


Students that placed on the day were as follows:

Kaitlyn  (Year 7)- 1st in Long Jump, High Jump & Triple Jump, 2nd in Discus

Matthew  (Year 12)- 1st in Triple Jump, 2nd in Long Jump

Ashleigh  (Year 10)- 3rd in Shot Put

Ethan  (Year 9) - 3rd in Shot Put

Meg (Year 11) – 2nd Javelin

Callum (Year 12)- 2nd in Discus & Shot Put

Erin (Year 9)- 1st in Javelin & High jump, 2nd in 90m Hurdles

Abby  (Year 9)- 3rd in Javelin

Alex (Year 8)- 3rd in Triple Jump

Riley  (Year 7)- 3rd in 90m Hurdles

Nyakoak (Year 8)- 2nd 90m Hurdles, 3rd in Long Jump

Nathan (Year 10)- 3rd in Discus

Kaylah (Year 11)- 1st in Hurdles, 2nd in Triple Jump, 3rd in Long Jump

Michael  (Year 11)- 1st in Hurdles & Triple Jump, 3rd in Discus

Jordyn (Year 10)- 1st in 100m, 400m,

Kouk (Year 12)- 1st in High Jump, 2nd in 100m

Awoui (Year 7)- 2nd in Javelin

Paulo  (Year 10)- 3rd in Long Jump

Achol  (Year 8)- 2nd Triple Jump

Gus  (Year 10)- 3rd Javelin

Riley  (Year 8)- 3rd in Long Jump

Tyler (Year 9)- 3rd in 400m


Mrs Moss

Sport Teacher




On Thursday 14th September select students from Year 7-10 participated in a Floorball Gala day hosted by Berwick Secondary College and the Pakenham Floorball Association. 


Students participated in a round robin competition against other local schools and spectated an exhibition game involving several Australian players.  Students Erin  (Year 9) Travis and Charlotte  (Years 8 & 7) and Kyle (Year 9) were also selected to play in the exhibition game umpired by Aidan  (Year 10).


It was a fantastic day, and two of our teams were runner’s up in their respective pools on the day. A fantastic result in what is sure to be a sport our College will continue being successful in.

Mrs Moss

Sport Teacher



Food Technology

The Year 8 students demonstrated confidence and ability today when they produced an amazing lunch for the staff at the end of a very busy term. The dishes ranged from a Halal snack pack, jerk prawns with a mango salsa, marinated chicken wings, nachos with guacamole and tasty beef burgers.


The students should feel extremely proud of their efforts as they received praise and positive feedback from the staff. The students all have a state recognised certificate in Food Safety and Handling and demonstrated their skills to the best of their ability throughout the class. Great job Year 8!



Mrs Niewand
Food Technology Teacher


College Musical Production

Amazing set + amazing cast + amazing band = amazing show!  

After months of rehearsal and preparation, Lakeside's version of the classic "Pirates of Penzance" hit the stage on September 8 and 9.  


Amazing set + amazing cast + amazing band = amazing show!  

Many who attended are dubbing it our "best show yet".  A lady from the Gilbert and Sullivan society who attended Saturday's matinee thought it was a "brilliant version".  If you missed this one, make sure you don't miss the next - it's sure to be bigger and better (with more surprises!).  


Thoughts from the students:

- It was a great experience and we all got lots of laughs of out it.  -Cheyenne

- Production was awesome, we all had great fun & it was a great experience. If I was watching the show I would have enjoyed it for sure.   -Charlotte

- The whole process was fun and if I was the audience I definitely would have enjoyed the performance :)   -Alyssa



Mrs Fox
Music Teacher

Sustainablility News

Year 8 Garden Wall outside the Art room

Students from Left to Right: Sebastian, Breann, Voranda, Alexander, Ethan.


The Year 8 Recycle Art class designed a garden wall utilising milk bottles as the pot to grow a range of colourful flowers. This collaborative project took about 6 weeks from the planning, designing and approval phase to the installation of the wall shelf and pots. We couldn’t have completed it without the help of our maintenance coordinator Mr Krause who installed the recycled metal lengths used as the shelf. Thank you John. Well done Team on the completion of the project. You all worked cooperatively and creatively together to create an eye-catching wall that will bring colour and life to a once flat metal wall.


Mrs Benn

Art Teacher

Lakeside Sustainability Committee tours Goodstart Early Learning Centre facilities.

The Sustainability Committee recently visited the Goodstart Early Learning Centre to see the sustainable garden and indoor initiatives developed by Beth Mason, the Centre’s Director.


Beth proudly showed us all the wonderful initiatives that have been introduced that encourages a play-based learning environment. We were all very impressed and inspired by the facilities including the sustainable garden that has a dry river bed and mud patch, vegetable garden and indigenous plants creating environments for different play experiences. 


Lakeside College is inspired to review our garden spaces and to hopefully introduce some sensory experiences into the Junior School play areas.


Mrs Benn

Sustainability Coordinator


Left to right:

Center Director Beth Mason with Lakeside College staff, parents & student.  


Parents, Teachers & Friends Association

Secondhand Uniform Shop

Reminder that Term 4 is changeover to Summer Uniform. 


The College Secondhand Uniform shop will be open during the school holidays on 

Thursday 5th October 9:30am - 12:30pm

There are plenty of items to choose from that are in good condition. 


At the conclusion of Term 4 all items with the 'old' logo will no longer be available for purchase and will be donated to a charity overseas. 


Opening Hours for Term 4

Tuesdays  8:30am-9:30am Thursdays 3:00pm-4:00pm

Car Boot Sale

The PTFA would like to invite you to take part in the Inaugural Car Boot Sale for Lakeside College on Saturday 11th November from 9am - 1pm. 


This new fundraising initiative hopes to combine a sustainability focus and community mindedness to bring together our community. 

The day will include the car boot stalls, a BBQ, some fairy floss, popcorn and lots of goodies to buy or trade. 


To book a car boot stall:

  • Email [email protected] to book your car boot stall and receive your confirmation email after we have received your booking fee.
  • Stalls are $20 per car, cash payment in an envelope to the office is required to hold your stall. 

Who can book:

Any parent, guardian or friend who wants to sell their used goods or anyone who has a craft market stall who would like to sell their goods. 


On the day for stallholders:

Arrive from 7am to have car access to your stall, set up and be ready for the fun to begin. All car movement will be stopped by 8:30am. 


Up and coming PTFA Dates



10th      Tuesday - Term 4 – Starts

11th      Wednesday - PTFA meeting 7.30pm

26th      Thursday - Lunch Order Money due

28th     Proposed Shopping Tour



3rd      Tuesday – Lunch Order Day

8th        Wednesday - PTFA meeting 7.30pm - AGM

11th      Saturday – Carboot Sale - 9-1pm




29th      Monday – Preps first day “Tears and Tissues” PTFA morning tea.



3rd        Saturday  – PTFA Carnival

Woolworths Earn and Learn

Earn & Learn is finished for 2017

As you know, our school has been participating in Woolworths Earn & Learn. The program has now finished for this year, so a big thanks to everyone who supported our school. It was terrific to see all those completed sheet coming in over the last 4 weeks.


We have now counted all the stickers and have finished with a total of 12546 stickers.   An awesome effort for a small school such as Lakeside College.


With these point we should be able to get a small variety of new educational equipment for our school. Thank you to everyone for your support !  Also a big thank you to the Year 5 class who stuck down those numerous stickers then counted and collated all the data.


We look forward to another successful collection in 2018!


Mrs Cox, The Earn And Learn Committee (Kaelan, Grace, Neville and Lana) and  the rest of the Year 5