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28 July 2017
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Principal's Report

Welcome to Term 3

Welcome back to what promises to be an amazing term of learning and great experiences for our school community.


Visual Arts

Earlier this week our senior school students visited the city on a Visual Arts excursion, taking in a tour of various street art sites and attending a street artist's studio to hear from the artist themselves.  This was a terrific learning experience for our students as they explore the ideas of contemporary art and it's place in society, and compare and contrast art with vandalism and grafitti.  The excursion was a lead in to this term's Visual Art project for senior school - decorating skateboard decks.  I am so excited about this innovative program that Mrs Wallace has put together for the students and can't wait to see the results.



It has been great to see our athletes out and about the oval this week, trying out for our district athletics team.  Thanks so much to Mrs Molnar for organsing the tryouts and I wish all the best to everyone.  I know that we will have a strong team of dedicated and capable students ready to represent our school at the District Athletics Day on August 23rd


School Production

Rehearsals have begun!  This week our students began rehearsing songs, dance routines and scenes in the first steps toward our School Production coming up in September.  Every student will be involved in the play in some way and I am so very looking forward to seeing all of that talent on show.  The show is being produced and directed by Miss Vaughan and a team of staff.  Over this term there will be a few small requests for support from the community as we finalise arrangements for the big night.  Keep your eyes out for notices and FlexiBuzz notifications! 


Pupil Free Day

A reminder that we are holding a  PUPIL FREE professional learning day on Monday 31st July.  Students are not to attend school on this day.  The office will also be closed on this day.  Staff will be spending the day reviewing our school's data and planning strategies to further improve our learning program.

Seeking Feedback

Late last term we conducted the Student Attitudes to School survey (along with schools around the state) to find out what our students saw as our key strengths and areas for improvement as a school.  The results of this survey became available last week.  I must say I am impressed by the positive response from our students and the insights they provided. This week Mrs George and I spent time with  students from Years 4 to 6, discussing the data the survey gave us, their thoughts and ideas about what it meant, and their suggestions for what we might do for the future.  It was great to hear from the students themselves about what their experience at our school is like. We heard very positive feedback that the work we have been doing as a school over the past couple of years to build high expectations and rigour in our curriculum, share learning intentions and success criteria with students and provide a curriculum that meets individual student learning needs is really paying off and improving student learning experiences at our school.


Next week, randomly selected parents will be given an opportunity to provide their feedback throug our Parent Opinion Survey.  Thank you in advance to those who complete the survey.  Your input is highly valuable to us.

Assistant Principal

I am very pleased to announce that following a recent selection process here at KPS, Mrs Sabrina George has been appointed to the role of Assistant Principal.  This is a very significant recognition of the terrific contribution Mrs George makes to our school, her capabilites and skills in leading our school community and capacity to fullfil the requirements of a senior leadership role at KPS.  Please join me in congratulating Mrs George on her appointment.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


From the Office

Direct Deposit details:

Payments can be made via internet banking directly into the schools Bank account.


Acc Name:  Kilsyth Primary School Council

             BSB: 313 140 
             Account Number: 23183981
             Reference: (Family Surname)

Please also send an email to the school  notifying us that you have made the payment, and to which program/event it should be allocated. The email confirms your payment and states:



Child’s name, 

Amount paid

What the payment is for eg: Level 3 camp


Monday- Friday:  8.30am -4.00pm

Absences -Tiqbiz:

Please notify the office of your child's absence using the Tiqbiz app.



Download the app:

  • Apple App Store (iOS - iPhone or iPad)
  • Google Play (android phone or tablet
  • Windows (Phone or Tablet)
  • Mac or PC


Please note that if you have ordered Subway and your child is absent on Friday, please organise to come and collect it from the office at 12.30pm. Unfortunately we are unable to cancel your order.

The office is unable to provide change, and please hand orders into the class at 9am.

  • Subway Order form


Outgrown Uniforms

As winter is now here we are in urgent need of second hand Bomber Jackets and Windcheaters especially size 10 & up. If you have any items that your children have outgrown please drop them off to the office any time.  Thank you

What's Happening @ KPS

Calendar of Events



31st                     Curriculum Day-student free



1st               ICAS English exam


2nd             Family Life-Senior-Parent Information 7-8pm

3rd              Genes for Jeans Day

4th              Junior - Hooptime and Foundation 100 days celebration

7th              Year 5 Lilydale high school visit

9th              Junior- Mrs Sargood visit

10th           Family Life Senior School Senior Students

11th        Whole School - Messenger Dog incursion




Foundation News

A super start to Term 3!

It's been a thoroughly enjoyable start to the term.  Students are settle into the routines that we've worked hard to establish and are ready for the exciting learning that awaits us!  In just 10 days we've had: birthdays, puppies, patterns, stories, awards, safety discussions, magic words (more growth), production and almost reached our 100th day at school!

Happy Birthday to Carson, Abby and our ES staff, Kylie! Tuesday was a sugar filled day to say the least! 


Next Friday we are celebrating 100 days of school.  Students will be participating in a variety of activities on the day from counting, reading, writing, creating and making 100! We welcome you to join us at assembly where we will be sharing some of our day. Notices will be sent home next week with information about our special day - Friday 4th August. 


Kids on the Move!

I'm really looking forward to our Integrated Unit this term. We have started exploring our big idea of 'Safety in our Community.' This practical unit has lots to cover including our excursion to Kew Traffic School.  The big idea we aim for students to understand and to be able to answer at the end of the unit is 'how can we travel safely on the roads in our community?' Most of my days out of the classroom I have been doing a course learning how to improve our ways of designing and implementing units of work.  This unit includes fire safety aspects and also safety with and around pets. Some weeks students will be bringing home activities to complete with you and the family. We hope you can share the learning experience and engage in discussions with your child. For our excursion, students are asked to bring a helmet.  Notices will be sent home closer to the date for this. We welcome parents on the day! Check out some of our explorations so far!



Well done to Miss Vaughan who is driving the organisation of our production.  Foundation students will be dancing to the song 'A Sailor Went to Sea'. We have started some dance moves - some are easier than others. We are grateful for any practise that happens at home! Our rehearsal day is Monday so it would be wonderful if we can limit our absences on a Monday to fit in our practise time!  A notice will be sent home in the coming weeks which will list the type of clothing/costume required for the night - very basic! We are seeking any parents or grandparents who is handy on the sewing machine and would like to support us in making an accessory to go with our costume.  Please come and see me if you can lend a hand. Mark this date in your diary - WEDNESDAY 20th September! The production will be at Lilydale Mercy College. Notices will follow with this information including ticket sales and prices.

What we are Learning

Students have been exploring patterns in Maths. We have identified patterns and then moved on to making and creating patterns. We had a wonderful buddy session this week.  Some of the buddies demonstrated a clapping pattern which was very clever! Then all our buddies helped us to create a pattern on a snake! It's great to hear the students using the language we have been exploring. The next month we will be exploring numbers to 20 and consolidating number facts which ties in nicely with our mental maths. Activities you can be doing at home include questioning such as:

- What is the number that is one more than 16?

- What is the number that is two more than 17?

- What is the number that is one less than 19?

- Can you count back wards for me from 20?

Games such as Uno, snap with a deck of cards and guess my number are great too!



Keep up the wonderful home routines with reading and exploring books! I can see the growth in our students and it's wonderful! Book week is approaching - Monday 21st August - notices will be sent home regarding this as it includes a dress up day!

In Reading we are exploring visualising and summarising this term. Students are using different aspects of fiction books to use their minds to demonstrate their understanding of the books they read. Try reading a book to your child without showing them the pictures. Can they still recall information and tell you what happened throughout the book?


So much happening....

With such a jam packed term it's easy to forget things. Please don't hesitate to come in and chat about your child's progress or to ask about an upcoming event.  The calendar is on our front window with the dates for everything including our CURRICULUM DAY this MONDAY 31st July!  Enjoy the long weekend! Next week we have a student teacher starting - Miss Ellen Morton.  With such a passion for teaching she is nearing the end of her study and we know she will collaborate well with students in our class.


Junior School News

Welcome back to Term 3  !

All of Junior school has made a great start to Semester 2. We have been straight into our new concepts and strategies. In Literacy, we are focusing on visualising and narrative writing. Junior school has been creating interesting pictures in their minds and using those pictures to write creative stories. In Mathematics, our number focus is Subtraction strategies and applied focus is data and chance. 

We have some exciting and engaging activities planned for this term.


On Monday, Junior school had their first dance lesson with our dance instructor Jess. There was lots of excitement and enthusiasm displayed by all of Junior. Junior school will be having production rehearsals weekly with Jess and will be practising back in the classroom also. A notice will be sent home this coming week regarding students costumes.

Please keep this date in your diary - WEDNESDAY 20th September! The production will be at Lilydale Mercy College. Notices will follow with this information including ticket sales and prices.


Creative Designs

We are becoming engineers in Junior School. We are looking at different ways to solve a range of problems. This week our Junior engineers were using a range of materials to create a bridge strong enough for a marble to travel across. All of junior made a design plan, created their ideas and tested their end products. There were some fantastic bridges and catapults made. Well done to all our engineers. 


Diaries and Take Home Books. 

Just a quick reminder that all Juniors should be reading nightly and recording this in their diaries.

Next week we are going to have a little competition across the classes to see which class can remember to bring the most diaries everyday! 



We have had a lot of disappearing jumpers lately! Can you please quickly check your child's jumper to make sure they have picked up the correct one. Please also make sure all school uniform is clearly labelled. Thanks!

Important Dates

Curriculum Day  - 31st July

Jeans for Genes Day - 3rd August

Hoop Time - 4th August

Mrs Sargood Incursion - 9th August

Messenger Dogs Incursion - 11th August

Book Week - 21st-25th August

TRIBES sleepover - 1st-2nd September

Production - 20th September


Senior School News

Welcome to Term 3!

Starting the term off with a roll, our Senior students have been continuing with the program, 'In Their Wheels For A Day.'  Our students had the chance to explore Melbourne's awesome street art scene on our recent excursion, which they will be linking into their Art program with Bu Wallace.  In CBL, we have started our new unit on 'How Communities Survive Natural Disasters.'  We are very excited to announce that Mr. Gooding has kindly committed his time to help run CBL for two hours each week this term and will be joining in on the amazing learning experience our students have each term.  We're all very excited about the approaching production of 'Captain Kelly's Treasure'; our students will be committing time in the coming weeks to practice their individual parts, choreography and songs. Also, we will continue to take part in numerous Webinars that focus on 'Cyber Safety', teaching our students to be safe online.


'In Their Wheels for a Day'

'In Their Wheels for a Day' has been an exciting program that each Senior student will be undertaking this half of the year.  With the aim of building empathy, the program allows students to temporarily put themselves in the life of somebody who is wheelchair-bound.  Students need to manage daily challenges like fitting through doorways, getting a drink at the taps, getting to their table and playing regular games or activities with others.   We will be integrating this program with activities like the Wheelchair Basketball Workshop that is coming up later this term. Teachers in Senior school will also have a go at this, with both Mr. Gooding and Mr. Roscoe having already participated.  


Street Art Excursion

The 'Melbourne Street Art' excursion was a brilliant day out. Our students got to explore Melbourne's  most popular street art lane ways, like Hosier and AC/DC, and learn about individual pieces from well known local artists who guided our kids around to different locations in the CBD. We also got to see what its like to live a day in the shoes of a professional street artist by visiting their studio - there were some pretty interesting things to see!  Students will be working on their own projects inspired by the excursion during Visual Art time with Bu Wallace.



CBL (Challenge-Based Learning)  kicked off this week.  Our students enjoyed tuning into the new topic 'How Communities Survive Natural Disasters.'  Students will be doing workshops, breaking down important concepts and inquiring into questions in order to find solutions to the problems people may face in communities when it comes to natural disasters. As mentioned earlier, Mr. Gooding will be joining in on the fun for our CBL this term. I expect that we will enjoy our time learning new and interesting things during this challenge.  


Cyber Safety

This week our students participated in a cyber safety webinar with many different schools around Victoria. The webinar addressed the important issues that can arise through posting inappropriate comments, photos and also what to do if you see this happen to either another person or yourself.  We will be having another webinar later on this term that focuses on online video games where we aim to have our year fours join us to learn about the important issues to do with this.



Finally, buddies kicked off this week.  Our students in year 1 and 6 worked on creating a boat from aluminium foil that could stay afloat when loaded with different material.  Some students managed to hold quite a lot of weight before it sank!  We look forward to a variety of great learning experiences like this throughout the term. 










This term is quit a busy term in PE.  We have a Basketball and AFL clinic this Friday, Hooptime for the Year 1-6 students.  District Athletics for Year 3-6 students and National Health and PE day.  

Our term started off with a bang where students where using their team building skills to complete activities.  We play a big game of memory, hut building with hula hoops, played with balloons.  It was lots of fun and great to hear students encouraging others and also working with their team find their beanbags.  

This Term for the Grade 5/6 students we are focusing on Striking and Fielding and Target games and activities.  

The Year 3/4 students are consolidating their Fundamental Motor Skills this includes, two handed strike, kick and peer assessment. 

Our Year 1/2 students will continue on with throwing and catching and using these skills during cooperative games and activities.  They will be introduced to the two handed strike and some fielding techniques.  

Foundation students will be introduced to the kicking skill and with production on it way we will also incorporate a little bit of dance.  

Looking forward to a very busy term in PE.


I had a wonderful Science session at the end of last term with our kinder students. It's great to see their excitement for what they are investigating and talking about their observations. 



Our Swimming program is not until Term 4 Week 2 but there will be permission slip and payment will be coming out halfway through this term.  The approximate cost for the week of swimming will be $65 dollars.  Please remember this program is provided for all students to attend to develop their skills and confidence around water.  

Physical Science

This term is all about investigating the physical sciences. Juniors are exploring the push and pull of toys. We will explore the way objects move and that the Push or Pull depends on a variety of factors including their size and shape. We will also look at how the Push or Pull affects how an object moves or changes. Middle school are exploring Heat. We will look at how Heat can be produced in many ways and can move from one object to another. Lastly Seniors will investigate Electricity. We will investigate how Energy from a variety of sources can be used to generate electricity. We will look at electric circuits and how they enable energy to be transferred to another place and then to be transformed into another form of energy. I've been impressed with how quickly students have settled back into school after the holidays. 



As you are aware we have Hoop-time sessions for all students from Year 1-6.  If you are able to help out on the day that your child is going can you please let your classroom teacher know. 


I wanted to share some STEM photos from our challenges at the end of last term. I'm always so proud of how the Middle and Senior students go about solving the challenges. 


Science Awards

Congratulations to Jayden, Wilson, Stralia and Tierone from Middle school on being fabulous scientists. 


Art City Excursion

The senior students had a great time on Monday exploring street art and graffiti in the city. The students were on their best behavior and really got involved and inspired looking at all the street art that our wonderful city has to offer. They learned about the artists behind the art and some of their stories. They also learned about the practicalities and legalities behind the scenes. After walking around the city streets, the students then headed back to the artist studios where they learned first hand what was involved in creating the art.

What the students learned in Monday's excursion will be explored in greater detail in their art work this semester. A huge thank you to the parents who came along and helped out on the day.


Art Supplies Needed

The Visual Arts room is in need of newspapers. Any old newspapers would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

What we are Doing in Art

The Foundation students have been working on food, size and shape. They are learning about big and small spaces.

The junior students have been learning to manipulate clay.

The middle students are working on their sewing skills and are in the process of making pillows.

The senior students are creating a cultural house out of wire and modroc and then adding interest with the use of paint and other materials.

If you have and questions about your child or the Art /LOTE program please drop in and have a chat or phone or e-mail me.

Kym Wallace


Student Wellbeing 

Chaplain’s Chat

Welcome back everyone, I hope that you have had an enjoyable holiday with the children at home, it is lovely to slow down and spend a bit lazier time doing fun things but it is also great to send them back off to school and regain a sense of order too.  My holidays were less than ideal as I have spent the time doing battle with one of those nasty viruses that have laid so many low.

One of the thoughts that has been exercising my thinking of late has been the value of ‘curiosity’ sometimes it can be seen in the light of a ’sticky-nose!’  which does not always carry positive connotations with it, but I feel it is a gift not just for children but for adults too.

Definitions tell us that it is “ eager wish/a strong desire, to know or learn about something..”.

The world is full of so many strange, different, unusual, weird and wonderful things, I have come to understand as I get older that there is more and more that I don’t know but less and less time to find out about them all.

As a child, the world can be confusing and overwhelming, watching others who seem to make sense of it leads to questions and a desperate need for understanding. Curiosity is like oxygen for us, without it we will become diminished, curiosity gives us the energy to engage with our world and gives us confidence to take on new things.  Curiosity accepts that we are not yet the master of our world and that there is more to know, acquiring understanding expands us as a human being and allows us to engage more fully and richly in the experience of being a human being.  Curiosity too can push us to re-examine ways of thinking and challenge old, outmoded understandings.

How do we encourage it in our children, we can model it sharing our questions or celebrating new understandings.  We can create space for children to try things out, to experiment and see what might happen, to watch and wonder, to provide a range of resources for exploring different ideas, to take time to talk about their ideas and thinking and to challenge them with questions to think about too.

Let’s celebrate together the joy of curiosity.


Gill Van Der Ende


'Breaky' Club

Just a reminder that 'Breaky Club' is on again, every Thursday morning from 8.15.  We have toast, cereal, juice, fruit, baked beans and lots of lovely company and time for chats with friends.  Hope to see you there.

Student Awards



Carson-  Carson, it's great to have you participating in class!  We love hearing you speak about your ideas and sharing such great answers.  We are very proud of you!  Keep up the great work.

Oscar-  What a terrific reader you are becoming!  All this reading you are doing at home with your magic words is helping so much.  We are very proud of you, Oscar.  Keep up the great work.

Junior C

Jaslyn-  Jaslyn, you have made a great start to term 3.  You have come in focused and ready to learn.  You are a great role model to your peers.  Keep up the awesome work!

Middle B

Amelia-  Amelia, you have been kicking goals with your learning this year.  You are dedicated and focused.  You should be so proud of your achievements especially in Reading and Maths! Keep up the hard work.

Middle C

Jayden- Congratulations Jayden on your incredible poster and presentation about Dancing.  You blew everyone away and proved that you can achieve amazing things when you put your mind to it.  Keep up the great work!

Senior B

Ashalyn-  Thanks Ashalyn for all your help with set up for Foundation PE.  Thank you for your help with cleaning up breakfast club.  You always take the time to help others, its a great trait to have.  Thank you



Lacey-  What an amazing effort you showed us with your descriptive writing about Cinderella!  Your spelling and word choice showed great thinking.  We are so proud.

Shae-  What a fantastic week you've had Shae - your best yet!  We are all super proud of your effort with your reading and learning your words!  We cant wait to see this continue - go Shae!

Junior A

Jacob-  We love the way you engage in your learning.  Your enthusiasm for taking on new challenges is contagious.  Keep up the hard work!

Junior B

Jayden-  What a great week you have had Jayden!   You have been doing so well with your reading this week and should be proud of your achievements.  All your hard work is paying off!

Junior C

Ashlee-  Ashlee, you have been doing awesome work in reading this week.  You have been creating interesting pictures in your mind during visualising and have been using these ideas in your writing. Keep up the great work!

Middle A

Ruby-  Congratulations on a fantastic Genius Hour project.  You've developed good reading skills in understanding the design process and applying that to get to your finished product.  Well done Ruby.

Brock-  What fantastic understanding of division concepts you've developed Brock!  You've worked hard to understand how to use place value and other strategies to divide numbers.  Well done.

Senior A

Sienna-  Sienna, you are working so hard on expanding your thinking and sharing your insights with the class.  It is great to see you back up your reasoning with evidence and resources!  Keep up the fabulous thinking Sienna. 

Senior B

Swee Mee-  Swee Mee you have worked hard in Maths this week and did a great job showing your understanding of factors.  Your dedication and hard work have helped you make excellent progress in this area.

Senior C

Connor-  Connor, your information report on trout was very insightful and it was structured correctly.  I never knew that you knew so much about fish.  Well done and keep it up!


Kilsyth Primary School
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