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21 September 2018
Issue Nine
Dates to Remember
School Information.
Student Voice
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Dates to Remember


Monday 8th October

Term 4 Begins

Tuesday 9th October

Year 10 Assembly

Monday 22nd October

Last Year 12 Assembly & last day of classes

Tuesday 23rd October

Year 12 Big Day Out

Friday 26th October

Year 7 Immunisation, Year 10 Formal

Monday 29th October

Year 7 2019 Interviews

Tuesday 30th October

Premiers Reading Challenge

Wednesday 31st October

Year 12 Exams begin


Tuesday 6th November


Mon - Wed 12-14th November

Year 9 Camp

Tuesday 13th November

Year 11 VET Classes finish

Friday 16th November

Last Day Yr 10 & 11 Classes

Monday 19th November

Year 10 & 11 Exams begin

Wednesday 21st November

Year 12 Exams finish

Friday 23rd November

White Ribbon Day

Wed - Fri 28 - 30th November

Pre CAL Bike Camp



Monday 3rd December

 Step Up Week Yrs 9-11

Thursday 6th December

Summer Music Festival

Tuesday 11th December

Year 7 2019 Orientation Day

Wed / Thurs 12-13th December

Secondhand Book-sale

Tuesday 18th December

Year 8 Luna Park

Wednesday 19th December

Year 12 Graduation

Friday 21st December

Last Day of Year 1pm Finish



School Information.

House Leaders & Coordinators 2018

RED HOUSE: (Absence line - 9365 8017)
House Leader: Nicholas HOOPER

Student Coordinators Helen Kontos, 

Gowri Nair & Ron Cox
GREEN HOUSE (Absence line - 9365 8015)
House Leader: Robyn BEWLEY
Coordinators: Peter Gould, Erica Toth

& Marie Velkov

BLUE HOUSE (Absence line - 9365 8041)
House Leader: Ewen BURT
Student Coordinators:  Denise Grant, Trent Cocks & Shrikan Reddy.
YELLOW HOUSE: (Absence line - 9365 8034)
House Leader Riki DWYER
Student Coordinators: Ourania Drakoulas
Sophie Galliker & Rachael Barlow



Term 1: 30th January to 29th March

Term 2: 16th April to 29th June

Term 3: 16th July to 21st September

Term 4: 8th October to 21st December


REMEMBER: please call the College if your child is absent for any reason.


The RACI Titration Stakes


Vinegar is used to prepare many different kinds of sauces. The main constituent of any kind of vinegar is ethanoic acid, CH3COOH, which is called acetic acid on the labels of commercial products. This gives vinegar its sharp taste.

The Vinegar and Sauce Company is in a fine pickle! It needs to know the concentrations of three different samples of ethanoic acid, labelled A, B and C, for a new range of products it is developing, but does not have the resources to do the work itself.

School students participating in this year’s titration competition were asked to help!

 Each member of a team performed two sets of acid-base titrations to determine the concentration of one of the three samples of ethanoic acid.

This year there were 322 participating teams from all over Victoria. Keilor Downs College had 3 teams enter the RACI Titrations Stakes Challenge. All students showed enthusiasm and commitment as they practiced their titration technique during lunchtime throughout term 2 and 3 under the supervision and coaching of a dedicated group of Chemistry and Science teachers.

We would like to congratulate all 3 teams as they made the top 35 and so are now invited to take part in the National competition in term 4.

The 3 winning teams are:

In 12th position: Jackson Traversa, Vanessa Liao, Rory Biundo (yr 10)

In 22nd position: Stefan McLouta, Emily Duong, Abarnika Thananchayan (yr 12)

In 30th position: T. A. Dang, Charles Mao Rappell, Michelle Bui (yr 11)

A fantastic effort by all students and we wish them all the very best in the National competition.


Student Voice

Student Voice

Tackling Gender Inequality at KDC.

In Term 2 members of Student Voice attended training delivered by Respectful Relationships at the Sunshine Visy Hub. The training focused on up skilling students to lead initiatives in their school based with a focus on human rights, respect and equality.

As a result of the training, the team decided to focus on tackling gender inequality at KDC, with the aim of creating a culture that promotes respect and acceptance.  

The team has developed and are currently in the process of implementing four actions including a workshop for teaching staff, workshops for Year 7's during Explore and a Gender Equality banner competition.  

Student Voice hosting Respectful Relationships Forum 2.0

Members of the Student Voice team attended additional training to be skilled up as Respectful Relationship facilitators. The students delivered a workshop for other secondary school students on Friday 7th September at the Sunshine Visy Hub. The students facilitated activities and discussion centered around how students can lead change in their respective schools.

The College would like to congratulate Student Voice on their achievements thus far and we look forward to seeing actions taken in Term 4.  


2018 Pre Order School Magazine.

To secure your copy, of the KDC Magazine, either pay online or via the main office by the end of Term 3 - 21st September.
2018 Magazine, will be an epic edition, with articles, photos and quotes of your school year.



KDC 2017 School Magazine

If you missed last years edition, these are still for sale for $10 each.


Radio Education Week

Radio Education Week - Live FM

A number of current and former students, teachers, parents and Ms. Maxwell were involved in prerecording a radio show for Live FM on Tuesday 18th September. The hour-long show will be played during Education Week – and aims to showcase the successes and achievements of the College. Further details to come.   


Your Child's Progress

Child's Progress

To support your child's progress and development we report regularly on your child's work habits and academic performance. Please have a look at the attached image to view the four different ways we report at the College.

Keilor Downs College