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10 August 2018
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Principal's Report

From the Principal



Art Week

Last week was designated as ‘EDSC ART WEEK’. An initiative of the hard-working Art Domain and our Student Leadership Team, the week was marked by a series of events that displayed and celebrated artistic events and hugely entertaining student participation.


The week’s events included face-painting, a Project Runway Paper Fashion Competition, a student Impressionist Still Life Competition, Attitudes Set Painting and student chalk-art – all set to a soundtrack of lunchtime music organised by our student leaders.

It was great to see the level of student engagement and participation during the week, let alone the displays of artistic talent that were evident during the events conducted.


A huge note of thanks to our Art teachers, Warwick Bennett, our Art Domain leader and our student leaders for their energy and drive.


On Tuesday of last week, our Year 11 and 12 VCAL students conducted a highly entertaining and informative exhibition of their work component/industry experiences in our refurbished upper-courtyard space.


It was wonderful to see the array of skills and industries that our current group of VCAL students are involved in – from Childcare, Automotive, Carpentry, Hairdressing, Landscaping and Hospitality, in their student-based apprenticeship program.

As our VCAL students are only attending classes for two days each week, it is understandable that a large percentage of our student population know little about the extent, challenges (and opportunities) associated with the VCAL program. Last week’s Expo was notable for the level of engagement it generated from our students who showed a keen interest and appreciation of the scope of the program and the pathway opportunities it offers.


A big thank-you is extended to Kelly Kingham, our VCAL Coordinator, our VCAL teachers and, of course, our VCAL students for organising the expo and sharing their personal journeys and experiences.

National Scout Day – Scout Scarf Day

Wednesday 1 August last week was National Scout Day. The International Scouting movement celebrates this day by declaring it "Scout Scarf Day". On this day, all active and former scouts are requested to wear their scout scarfs in public to make the "Spirit of Scouting" visible.


The date of the event commemorates the very first Scout Camp on Brownsea Island in 1907.

The scouting scarf is a strong symbol for the scout promise and for their articulated mission to leave the world as a bit better a place than they had found it. A noble idea!


Scout Scarf Day is also an opportunity for current and former members of Scouting around the world to proudly wear their Scout scarf to school or work to display their pride in being involved in the largest youth movement in the world and a great opportunity to raise awareness of our local Scouting community.


Our EDSC student community has a number of students involved in the Scouting movement. I was honoured last Wednesday, at a brief ceremony in our College courtyard, to be presented with a Scouts Victoria scarf by our Year 8 student Ruth Csorba to mark Scout Scarf Day. I wore the scarf with pride for the remainder of the day and would like to thank Ruth and our other ‘scouting’ students for their gesture. I was honoured to be included in the worldwide theme of the day.


Senior School Course Counselling

Our current Year 9, 10 and 11 students have this week been engaged in interviews with senior staff about their courses of study for 2019. As we undertake this, we are also planning for any staffing needs for 2019. Thank you to all students, parents and the senior staff for their support throughout this important process. It was especially pleasing to see so many parents attending counselling interviews.


Last week we also conducted a V.T.A.C Information Evening in our Performing Arts Centre, as our Year 12 students begin the process of selecting courses for tertiary study next year. To assist them to make appropriate choices the senior school coordinators and the Careers Coordination team will continue to conduct information sessions and provide individual appointments with students. 


On Tuesday evening, we conducted a VCAL Information session for students considering a VCAL program as a desired pathway.

Italian Sister School

East Doncaster Secondary College has enjoyed a sister school relationship with the Italian Secondary College, Istituto Istruzione Superiore Biagio Pascal in Novara from the Piemonte region in Italy since 2007. Our students have been hosted by families in Novara ever since the beginning of our association and were again hosted this year during our tour to Italy back in April.


We are delighted that a group of students and teachers from Novara are planning to visit us in August this year. The Novara group plans to arrive in Melbourne on Thursday 23 August. They will leave Melbourne to fly back to Italy early on Saturday 1 September. They will be with us for 8 days and 9 nights. At this stage, we are expecting 16 students accompanied by two teachers.

If your child was hosted by an Italian family earlier this year, we would hope that you would kindly be able to return the hospitality that was offered to your son or daughter.


It is an excellent opportunity for our students to develop a meaningful relationship with a student from another part of the world. We believe that students who nurture such relationships will benefit from an increased passion for language learning, gain a curiosity about potential travel and be enriched by a greater understanding of the global community.


It is also very rewarding for parents and families to host a student from another country. As a part of the East Doncaster Secondary College Internationalising Education Agenda, this exchange will assist us to enhance cross-domain learning and greater cultural understanding.


Please contact Justin D’Andrea or Liz Dean at the College if you would have in interest in acting as a host family during this visit.

Respectful Relationship Week

Next week at our College has been designated as Respectful Relationship Week. Our student leaders have been extremely busy behind the scenes organising a number of activities to engage, entertain and inform our College community. One of the key aspects of Respectful Relationships week involves students and staff being asked to commit to a College "charter" or way of thinking about how we treat each other at EDSC. Our College leaders and the Respectful Relationship team have produced a "pledge". This simple statement is designed to bring together the philosophy of Respectful Relationships, strongly reject family violence and encourage a safe and respectful environment within our school.


The EDSC Respectful Relationships Pledge is as follows:


"All members of our school community have a responsibility to stand up against family violence and the misuse of gender power and control. We foster relationships that are respectful, caring and fair."


I look forward to outlining a number of the activities undertaken next week in our next Newsletter.

John Roberts


Creating a Culture of Curiosity

Our school’s purpose is to develop passionate learners who are critical thinkers with the confidence and capability to engage in the global community.


Care and Compassion, Curiosity, Excellence, Fairness, Resilience, Respect and Teamwork are the core values that underpin the culture of our school as we embrace the challenges of 21st Century learning.

Important Dates

Term 3

Monday 13 August - ASI Science Olympiads - Biology

Monday-Friday 13-17 August - Respectful Relationships Week

Tuesday 14 August - ICAS - Mathematics Competitions

Wednesday 14 August - ASI Science Olympiads - Physics

Thursday 16 August - Year 8 BTYC Gymnastics Program begins

Thursday 16 August - Italian sister School Visit: Parent Information Evening

                                              7:00-8:00pm - The John Landy Centre

Friday 17 August - Year 10 History - Jewish Holocaust Museum Excursion

Friday 17 August - Year 12 English Crucible/YOW Incursion

Sunday-Friday 19-24 August - Year 11 Central Australia Camp

Sunday-Friday 19-24 August - Year 11 Ski Camp

Monday-Friday 20-24 August - Year 11 Gold Coast Camp

Monday-Friday 20-24 August - Year 11 Tasmania Camp

Monday 27 August - Staff Professional Development Day - STUDENT FREE DAY

Thursday 30 August - Attitudes Performance Evening 6:45-9:00pm - EDSC Performing Arts Centre

Friday 31 August - Year 10 Social - 7:00-10:30pm - Karralyka Centre - Maroondah Room, Ringwood​

Monday-Wednesday 3-5 September - Year 8 Camp (8A,8B,8C,8D & 8E)

Wednesday-Friday 5-7 September - Year 8 Camp (8F,8G,8H,8I & 8J)

Friday-Sunday 7-9 September - 12OE1 White Water Rafting Expedition

Tuesday 11 September - Year 12 Breakfast

Thursday 13 September - Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews (no classes running on this day)

Monday-Friday 17-21 September - Year 10 Work Experience week

Tuesday 18 September - Senior School Spring Concert 7:30-9:00pm - EDSC Performing Arts Centre 

Friday 21 September - Last day of Term 3  Students dismissed at 2:30pm

Monday 8 October - First day of Term 4

Wednesday-Friday 10-12 October - 11OES Great Ocean Road Camp

Monday-Tuesday 15-16 October - 10OES Bushcraft Camp

Wednesday 17 October - Immunisations Year 7 Round 2 (Human Papillomavirus - HPV)

Wednesday 17 October - Immunistations Year 10 (Meningococcal ACWY)

2018 School Term Dates

Term 3 - 16 July to 21 September 2018

Term 4 - 8 October to 21 December 2018

Important School Term Dates 2019

Term 1 2019

Wednesday 30 January – Year 7 & Year 12 students return

Thursday 31 January – Year 8 - 11 students return (All students on Campus)

Friday 1 February - Official School Photo day

Monday 18 February – School Photo catch up day

Monday 25 February - Friday 1 March - Year 7 Camp week

Friday 5 April – Last day Term 1


Term 2 2019

Tuesday 23 April – First day of Term 2

Friday 28 June – Last day of Term 2


Term 3 2019

Monday 15 July – First day of Term 3

Friday 20 September  – Last day of Term 3


Term 4 2019

Monday 7 October – First day of Term 4

Friday 20 December  – Last day of Term 4


From the Office

CSEF - allocation reminder

If you have already applied for the Camps, Sports and Excursions (CSEF) Fund at the College, please remember to advise us to allocate these funds against the next Camp, Sport or Excursion event that your child is required to pay for.


CSEF funds will not automatically be allocated. You  need to advise us which events you would like these funds to be allocated against.


Please call the General Office on 9842 2244 if you require any more information.

Payments to the College

Students can make payments at the following times: 8:00am-8:45am, recess, lunch and after school. Parents may make payments from 8:00am-4:00pm.


When making payments in cash please ensure that the correct money is enclosed in the payment envelope, as many students do not come to collect their change.


All payments for excursions must also include the permission form in the payment envelope and be returned to the General Office prior to the excursion payment due date.


Parents are reminded that receipts for payments are no longer being issued.  A statement showing payments made will be provided upon request from the General Office. For payments that are tax deductable, receipts will be posted home.


If a parent requires a printed receipt, this must be requested in writing on the payment envelope. Receipts will be posted within 14 days of the transaction.


All cheque payments are to be made out to ‘East Doncaster Secondary College’  and not ‘EDSC’.  The bank will no longer accept cheques made out to EDSC.


Do not hesitate to contact the General Office if you have any enquires regarding the College Charges or if your account details have changed.

Student Absences

If a student is unable to attend school, is going to be late or needs to leave early, the school must be informed of ALL absences, whether it be illness, appointments, holidays or any other reason.  You can do this via the following options: 


The easiest way is to Login to Compass with your Parent Login and  ADD A PARENT APPROVAL .

Click here for Compass Login


Calling the absence line BEFORE 8:30am on the day of the absence. Phone:  9842 2244 (dial option  1)


Sending a note with the student for early departures.  Teachers will not allow students out of class without a note or an approval on Compass.


 Any unexplained absences will be followed up with an SMS notification if their child/ren are absent without an explanation. Please do not reply to this SMS as this service is not available.


Phone messages from students will not be accepted.

Unwell Student Reminder

Please remind your child to ask their teacher if they can visit the school Nurse in the Sick Bay if they are feeling very unwell during school time and need to go home.  Students are not to contact parents directly.  Our Nurse will contact parents and ensure that correct protocols are followed.

Late Passes/Leaving Early

Students arriving late must go straight to the General Office to sign themselves in via the Compass Kiosk otherwise they will be recorded as absent and a text message will be sent out.


Students must carry their EDSC Compass Student Card with them at all times. It is necessary to use this card to sign in and out via the Compass Kiosk. If a student has lost/misplaced their card they must replace it by placing an order online through Compass.


Students will not be permitted to leave class and sign out without having an approval on Compass or presenting a note from a parent/guardian to their teacher.


This note needs to be put in the box beside the Kiosk in the General Office when the student signs out.  An approval can be loaded on Compass instead of providing a note, however this must be loaded before the time of the student’s departure.

Excursion/Sporting Reminder

Please be reminded that all students in Years 7-10 are required to attend classes if they return from an Excursion/Sporting event early.  They are required to attend classes even if the event has finished earlier than expected.  They are required to stay until 3:15pm.

Student Lunches

Just a reminder to parents that we are unable to deliver lunches to students during school time.  If your student has forgotten their lunch, it can be left at the General Office but it is the student’s responsibility to come and collect it. 


Hot food is not suitable to be left at the office.  PLEASE NOTE:- Take-away food is not allowed during school hours.

Student/Library Cards

Please remind all students that they must carry their Student/Library Cards with them at all times.


ALL students must sign in/out with their card at the General Office when they are arriving late or leaving early for any reason.


All Student Library Cards have now been distributed for 2018.


The cards are also used for any student photocopying that is done at school.

Student Locker Security

We would like to remind Parents and Students that it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that their locker is securely locked at all times.


Students who have not arranged to supply a suitable padlock for their locker will be asked to purchase one from the General Office.


All students from Year 7 to 12 have an iPad or laptop for school work that must be kept secure.  Please refer to the 1-to-1 Learning Program policy for further information on Caring for 1-to-1 devices. Replacement combination padlocks are for sale throughout the year from the General Office for $20.


The school will not be held responsible for items that are not properly secured in lockers.

Parent Details

Have you moved house or changed phone numbers?

If so, please remember to fill in a ‘Change of Details’ form. A form can also be collected from the General Office.  Please return this form as soon as possible. It is important that we have your most current details for general purposes and in case of an emergency. It is also important that you keep your mobile phone and email address details up to date on Compass. This is to ensure you do not miss out on vital information including student attendance alerts.


School Jumper/Jackets

PLEASE NOTE:  It is important to name your students’ jumpers/jackets!


If a student loses their jumper/jacket and it has their FULL name CLEARLY marked, if it is found it will be returned directly to the student during class. 


These jumpers are expensive and there are many left around the College grounds after sport and after lunch.  Wherever possible, they will be returned if they are labelled with the student’s full name.

Changes to Secondhand Uniform Sales

East Doncaster Secondary College has been successfully utilising the company Sustainable School Shop for the sale of secondhand books for several years. During this term, we will be making the transition for second hand uniforms to also be sold via the Sustainable School Shop. Therefore we are no longer accepting uniforms for sale. For those families who already have uniforms for sale at the school, we will continue to sell these until Friday 15 December 2017 (9:00am to 1:00pm). After this, families who have unsold uniforms, will be advised to come and collect them.


For information on how to sell your uniforms through the Sustainable School Shop, please see the attached flyer or go to www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au

Please note that the College will continue to accept good quality uniforms for donation to Student Wellbeing.

College Events

Respectful Relationships Week - Monday 13 August – Friday 17 August​

Respectful Relationships Week will be held from Monday 13 August to Friday 17 August. Many staff and students have been working hard to deliver many fun and exciting activities to promote East Doncaster Secondary College’s commitment to providing a safe and supportive environment for all members of our school community.  

One of the key aspects of Respectful Relationships week involves students and staff being asked to commit to a College "charter" or way of thinking about how we treat each other at EDSC. Our College leaders and the RR team have produced a "pledge". This simple statement is designed to bring together the philosophy of Respectful Relationships, strongly reject family violence and encourage a safe and respectful environment within our school.

The EDSC Respectful Relationships Pledge:

"All members of our school community have a responsibility to stand up against family violence and the misuse of gender power and control. We foster relationships that are respectful, caring and fair."


Students and staff will have the opportunity to sign this pledge throughout the week along with the opportunity to participate in a number of student led initiatives such as:

  • Positivity Pegs, Positive Messages, Photo Booth
  • Art/Writing Displays in the Library
  • Ready Steady Cook competition
  • Busking performances
  • Staff vs Students Netball Game
  • Student Debate
  • Battle of the Bands
  • Out of Uniform Day Friday 17 August – Red/White themed with money going to World Vision
  • Share the Dignity Sanitary Donation Drive

We look forward to a great week!!

Rebecca James & Stephen Cunningham

Respectful Relationships Coordinators

Respectful Relationships Week – Share the Dignity Drive​

East Doncaster Secondary College help to Share the dignity


As part of our focus on Respectful Relationships East Doncaster Secondary College are pitching in to assist women and girls experiencing poverty or homelessness by helping to collect personal hygiene products as part of the bi-annual Share the Dignity Drive.


On any given night, over 45,000 Australian women are homeless and sadly this number is constantly rising. One of the biggest issues faced by these displaced women, is the fact that they don’t have access to safe, hygienic sanitary products.


Share the Dignity is a charity organisation founded by Rochelle Courtenay that seeks to provide the basic essentials for women and girls in crisis by sending the call out for unopened packets of pads, tampons and personal hygiene products to distribute to women nationwide.


The Students and Staff of East Doncaster Secondary College understand how important it is that everyone in our community knows that access to sanitary items should be a right not a privilege


“Share the Dignity is about helping people who are in real need. Homelessness and family violence are big challenges for our/most community and people can make a real difference close to home with small acts of kindness,”


“We are delighted to support this campaign by providing our College as a collection point for donated pads, tampons and personal hygiene products. Just look for the pink collection boxes.”


The biannual collection drive is on during April and August, with distribution to registered charities taking place in May and September.


Any further questions/inquiries can be addressed to Rebecca James.


Art Week - Student Report

Week Three this Term, we were given an opportunity to run the first ever Art Week at East Doncaster Secondary College. Students ran numerous activities and competitions throughout the week. One example was an impressionist competition where easels were set out in the courtyard during lunch times to allow students to draw and paint still life on to paper. The Visual Art captains and Art teachers judged the artworks and awarded students for their excellent work.


We also ran a “Project Runway” inspired paper fashion competition, where students were encouraged to create an outfit using newspaper, wire and tape. The final outfits were fantastic and the fashion parade on Friday was a great success.


On other days, we had chalk challenge (drawing Australian native animals), appropriation challenge (photoshopping people’s faces on to famous art works), and other fun art activities running.

Overall, the week was a fantastic opportunity for students to express their artistic abilities and get involved in different activities. I hope Art Week will continue in the future years; it was an honour to be part of organising this week.


Once again congratulations to students who have won the competitions. And, thank you all students and staff for helping to organise, run and take part in Art Week.

by Helen Lee

Visual Arts Captain


Music News

Solo Night

On Monday 30 July in The Performing Arts Centre we had our biggest ever night of soloists in one concert, with 23 students volunteering to present a piece of music they have been working on. Some performers are undertaking external music exams this semester, but others, including some Year 7 beginners, took up the opportunity to improve their performance confidence.


Congratulations to all the Solo Night performers; Tintin Cao, Jonathan Ch’ng, Adrian Chan, Samantha Chin, Mahan Fardi, Gordon Jiang, Aidan Leung, Priscilla Leung, Nicole Liew, Yicheng Liu, Joshua Loke, Nathanael Looi, Matthew Ma, Oscar McNamara, Sherry Miao, Evan Nomikos, Dickson Phon, Felix Poon, Hannah Tho, Keane Toh, Melody Wang, Michael Wang and Yuki Yu.


COMPASS Email and Consent Reminder

With our busiest term for music performances well underway, this is a gentle reminder to please check Compass regularly to see if any events require parental permission. The logistics of taking large music performing ensembles out of school are significant, and made harder if students need to be chased at the last minute for parental consent. Please help us make all our performances outside of school safe and enjoyable for all.


All event information is included in Compass events so please read through the information carefully. Please also remind your sons and daughters to check their school email consistently so they are aware of all the relevant details of our performances.


As our upcoming performances are mostly out in the community, it is important to look our best. Hopefully all student musicians now have the full Music performance uniform, but check your Music Handbook or ask the Music staff if you are unsure of uniform requirements.

Upcoming Events

14 August – Concert Band at Vic School Music Festival

15 August – Beginner Band, Junior Strings and String Group at Oxfam School Music Festival

29 August - Symphonic Band at Vic School Music Festival

31 August – String Group at Ballarat South Street Festival

1 September – Chamber Strings at Ballarat South Street Festival

18 September – Senior Spring Concert, EDSC PAC


Carl Williams

Instrumental Music Administrator

Careers News

Important Dates

VTAC appointments with Craig Browne for Year 12 students have been scheduled and start Monday 20 August  (they run across weeks 6-8 of term 3)


Tertiary Institution Open Days are attached...

Craig Browne

Careers Coordinator



VCAL News -

On Tuesday July 31, our year 11 and 12 School Based Apprentices and Trainees put on an expo to display the skills and knowledge they are learning on the job and at TAFE. We were very lucky with a sunny day that allowed many students and staff to have a go at many activities, such as bricklaying, changing a nappy and making up baby formula, wiring up a power point, checking levels on a car engine, and many more!


We currently have students completing School Based Apprenticeships & Traineeships (SBATs) in the following areas:

  • Automotive
  • Electrical
  • Early childhood education and care
  • Carpentry
  • Landscaping
  • Companion animal studies
  • Retail
  • Hairdressing
  • Hospitality (front of house)
  • Commercial cookery
  • Technical production
  • Beauty
  • Warehousing

Our SBAT students also prepared displays that explained the tasks they complete at work, OHS requirements, modes of communications, and applications of Maths at their work – all tasks that will be used as evidence for outcomes for their intermediate or senior VCAL certificates.


The students presented themselves very professionally, and gave a great insight into the highly skilled industries that they are getting a head-start into entering. The VCAL teaching staff are very proud of our students’ efforts – great job guys!

Kelly Kingham

VCAL Coordinator


Middle School News

Middle School Study Sessions - Years 7-9

Students from Year 7 to 9 are invited to join the 'Study Sessions' on Tuesday nights from 3:30pm - 4:30pm in the 400 block.


Please fill in and return the attached Permission Slip if you want your child to attend.

If you have any questions about these sessions please speak to Kate Leaumont.

Breakfast Club

Every Wednesday morning at 8:00 am in The John Landy Centre.


Hot drinks and food provided, games played and an opportunity to meet students from other year levels.


See you there!


Middle School Staff


Head of Middle School

Kate Leaumont

[email protected]





Year 9 Coordinator

Craig Carpenter

[email protected]






Year 9 Coordinator

Naomi Creelman

[email protected]











Year 8 Coordinator

Brigid Fahey

[email protected]





Year 8 Coordinator

Clare Hartley

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Haydn Bethune

[email protected]






Year 7 Coordinator

Emily Mathews

[email protected]





Year 7 Coordinator

Georgina Walter

[email protected]





Transition Coordinator

Tina Marchant

[email protected]




Middle School Secretary

Lin Dalben

[email protected]


Senior School News

Congtatulations - Pierre de Coubertin recipient 2018

Congratulations to Lexi  who is our Pierre de Coubertin award recipient for 2018. Lexi is an outstanding leader and hard working athlete.


Each year the Australian Olympic Committee recognises the contribution to sport by one senior student from each school in the state with the Pierre de Coubertin Award. The award is intended to recognise those who actively participate in a range of sports, and in doing so, exemplify the attributes consistent with the fundamental aims of the Olympic movement.


Lexi is a very talented sportswoman across many areas. She has excelled in her soccer endeavours and is always willing to give her best. Her highlights include captaining the Victorian State Team three times (National training centre), competing at the Youth National Championships, competing in the Under 17’s Women’s National Team (mini Matildas) and more recently playing in the senior Women’s National Premier League. 


During her time at East Doncaster, Lexi has always been a wonderful mentor and role model who has encouraged others as well as providing expert coaching tips and guidance for younger year levels. Lexi is talented, yet humble and an admirable recipient of this award.


Congratulations, Lexi!

Ashley Lawrance

Physical Education Coordinator

EDSC’s Exchange Student - Lynn

East Doncaster is very fortunate to be hosting Lynn – a Rotary exchange student from Germany who is now embarking on a new adventure on the other side of the world. Lynn is from Poppenbüttel, a town approximately 10km north of Hamburg where she lives with her parents and younger sister.


She will be with us for the next twelve months as a Year 10 student (moving into Year 11 in 2019) while staying with several host families. She has already impressed us with her excellent English skills and no doubt these will continue to improve along with an introduction to Aussie slang (some of which she’s already tried out).


Lynn was met by our Year 10 Captains on her first day at EDSC who greeted her with a gift of Australian snacks. We hope this is just the beginning of a fruitful and mutually beneficial exchange of friendship and goodwill.

Jarrod Sturnieks

Head of Senior School

Important Dates

Year 11 Camp Week 20/8-24/8

Year 12 Breakfast 11/9

Year 10 Work Experience Week 17/9-21/9

Year 12 Valedictory 25/10

Year 12 Final Assembly 26/10

Year 12 Exams Commence 31/10

Year 11 Exams Commence 7/11

Year 10 Exams Commence 19/11

2019 Concluding Program 26/11 – 30/11

VCE Orientation Week – 3/12

Senior School Study Sessions

All students from Years 10-12 are invited to come to The John Landy Centre after school each night from 3:30pm-5:00pm. The 'Senior School Study Sessions' are an opportunity for students to catch up on homework, collaborate with peers or work with teachers when they are available for extra assistance. Parents/guardians please note, these are not timetabled supervision sessions for staff, any extra assistance offered is done in addition to the normal after school requirements for our teachers. I would like to thank staff in advance for their offer of support.

Jarrod Sturnieks

Head of Senior School

Breakfast Club


Senior School Staff


Head of Senior School

Jarrod Sturnieks

[email protected]





Year 10 Coordinator

Errin Wilson

[email protected]



Year 10 Coordinator

Mark Glover

[email protected]




Year 11 Coordinator

Paul Basford

[email protected]





Year 11 Coordinator

Sally Polidano

[email protected]






Year 12 Coordinator

Lynette Smith

[email protected]






Year 12 Coordinator

Jonathan Davies

[email protected]





Senior School Secretary

Toni Willoughby

[email protected]

Parents and Friends Association

Entertainment Books

The NEW 2018 | 2019 Melbourne Entertainment™ book or digital membership are available for just $70. You’ll receive over $20,000 in valuable offers, and membership is valid until 1 June 2019.


You can order at the school office and online via the following link



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Next Meeting

Please join us at our next meeting to be held on Monday 27 August in The John Landy Centre at 7:30pm.  All welcome.


Parents and Friends Association

Canteen Menu


Students are reminded that the College Canteen is open before school from 8:30am until 8:45am, then again at Recess and Lunchtime only.

Community Announcements

Whitehorse Manningham Libraries -
Young Adult Literacy Festival



EPC (Eastern Palliative Care) - Calling for volunteers


East Doncaster Secondary College Newsletter
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