12 December 2018
Issue Four
Kew High School
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We Are Our Choices

Throughout 2018, students were again, provided with a wealth of choice both inside and outside the school and within the regular curriculum or via extra-curricular activities.

Many elected to take every opportunity provided and to develop their skills and show case their talents in visual and performing arts, through the production, Theatre Studies performances, junior plays, art exhibitions or in concerts. Others chose to participate in a range of sports, coaching or training and being part of school teams, involved in various competitions.

In the classroom, students made choices in relation to subjects, work ethic, and attitude to learning. There was no compulsion to attend extra classes or seek out further teacher guidance but some selected to receive support before or after school. Some took up the offer to be extended with competitions in Maths and Science.


Students became active members of the student leadership body and School Council contributing to student voice.

Others nominated themselves and through the rigorous selection process were selected to be involved in the trip in 2019 to Borneo, the Alpine School next year and travels to Japan and New Zealand. Students decided to be involved in school camps and excursions and reap the benefits. These events were available and pupils made the choice to apply or ignore the offers.


In life we are continually faced with a range of opportunities and we are able to be involved or not, and consequently accept the results of our choices.


We are our choices. (John Paul Satre)


Clare Entwisle


Fun Filled Term

Term 4 has been a fun filled time at Kew High School.  There have been many exciting events and programs involving chaplaincy.


Remembrance Day Grant – Boroondara Council

The School were fortunate to receive a $1000 grant to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One. As part of the commemoration the school held a Remembrance Day Service on Monday 12th November. The service was attend by State Member for Kew Tim Smith and 400 students from Years 7, 8 and 9. All in attendance were given a Remembrance Day poppy, as well as 100 long stem poppies with the names of families members who have served in the armed forces were placed into the VCE garden.  Along with the poppy display an Aleppo Pine was planted in the VCE Garden. The Pine was donated by Greg Davies a past Kew High School Chaplain. The grant funds will also be used to purchase a plaque and garden bench to sit alongside the Aleppo Pine.

Peer Support

Congratulations to the 38 Year 9 students who have been selected for the Peer Support Program in 2019. The leaders met their buddies for the first time on Orientation Day and will work with them during Semester 1, 2019.


Chaplaincy Second Hand Book and Uniform Shop

A big thank you to the volunteers who have worked through the busy season of books and uniform sales. The modules have been overflowing with uniforms and the volunteers have been busy packing book orders. This is a great service to the school and also financially supports the chaplaincy. Sadly we say good bye to many parent volunteers this year including Kathy Hongmung – Roster Coordinator, Jane Andrews – Book Coordinator and Helen Hendley – Shop Coordinator. Thank you for your generous support of the second-hand shop over many years.

Chaplaincy Fundraising

Did you know that the Kew High School Chaplaincy does not receive Federal Government funding? Each year the Chaplaincy Committee and the School raise all of the funds to pay for the Chaplaincy program. Thanks to the commitment of a wonderful group of volunteers each year the Chaplaincy Committee raises over $41000. But it’s not easy. You can help by volunteering to assist in the second-hand uniform and book shop where the commissions collected supports chaplaincy.  You can get involved in the Chaplaincy committee or simply support the fundraising events held each term.


Rosemary Carter

School Chaplain


A Fantastic Standard of Artwork


On Thursday 18th October, Kew High School had the annual VCE Art Show. It was fantastic to see so many parents, friends, family and staff fill the exhibition space to browse the Year 12 artwork and celebrate the success of the students.

The VCE Art Show showcased an extensive range of artwork from subjects including Art, Studio Arts, Media and Visual Communication Design. Artworks included paintings, 3D sculptural pieces, prints, photography, interactive multimedia displays, films, packaging designs, merchandise designs, poster designs, and much more.


Congratulations to the following students who were awarded the art prizes for their efforts and outstanding outcomes this year – Ziqi (Ashley) Cao (Art), Sophia Cleaver (Studio Arts), Howard Aitken (Media), and Michelle Nguyen (Visual Communication Design).

We congratulate the Year 12 students on all of the effort they have put into their creative endeavours this year, the standard of artwork was fantastic.


Sophie Richards

Visual Arts Teacher


State Quarter Finals

The Year 7 boys cricket team have successfully won their way into the state quarter finals which will be played at the end of November. They will travel to Wangaratta to take on Galen Christian School with the winner progressing to the semi finals. The team has progressed past their division and region opponents relatively easily. In each game they have been able to set up strong batting scores, which their opposition haven’t been able to chase down. Their bowling and fielding have also proven to be strong. We wish them success in the upcoming finals.


Louise Bates

Sport Coordinator

Photo: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2018-world-rowing-indoor-championships/event-information


Photo: http://www.worldrowing.com/events/2018-world-rowing-indoor-championships/event-information

SSV Indoor Rowing Championships

This year, Kew High School competed in the inaugural SSV Indoor Rowing Championships held at Melbourne Girls College.


The day commenced with a welcoming address from current world record holder and two time Olympic silver medalist, Josh Dunkley-Smith. Then, the 14 students from Years 7 and 8 took part in a 60 second timed race, 500m, 1000m and 2000m races on the rowing machine.


The boys walked away from the event setting records and with many medals. They had the benefit of training with 3 time Olympian Jane Robinson in preparation for the competition. Congratulations to all those students who participated.


Louise Bates

Sport Coordinator



X-Box Captain Report

The role of X-Box Captain is to roster those who play on it and for how long. I also keep track of who plays on it. It is good being a captain as I join in and challenge other people.


The Games Club is a good way to catch up with your friends and have fun. If you play a board game, you can play and have fun at the same time. It is a welcoming environment and there’s a game for everyone to play.


Oliver Mansfield

Year 8 Student


Celebrating Diversity and People With Disability

Kew High Shool celebrated the International Day of People with Disability on Monday 3rd December.  This is a United Nations sanctioned day held each year on this day. The aim is to increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability. This also provides the opportunity to celebrate everyone's diverse abilities.

The SRC and the STEM group joined with the Disabilities Team to plan and run many activities during lunch time. Orange and blue balloons festooned the quadrangle. We had our fantastic band and singers belting out tunes. There was lots of fun with the assisted blind-folded obstacle course, sit-down volleyball, Aspie video games in the library, meditation games and more.

All the students had a wonderful time and both staff and students joined in the fun, games and cleaning up afterwards. The hard-working Disabilities Team are to be congratulated for their hard work. It was a great day to celebrate and appreciate everyone's differences and unique capacity.


Veronica Brunton

PSD Coordinator


A Letter of Gratitude to Phillip Naughton

Dear Phillip,

Thank you for guiding me in the gardening club! Doing gardening is meaningful and I feel I was quite reluctant to leave it and I will definitely miss it very much.


Following you to do the gardening really opened a completely new world to me. I was a bit astonished when I saw you picking up different kinds of herbs and vegetables and put them in your mouth straight away. I got to know that many vegetables can be eaten raw. You got me more interested in vegetables as well. I really like to eat snow peas now, crispy and sweet. I learnt to use lettuce to wrap different kinds of vegetables. I really appreciate that you invite us to be a healthy and nutritious lunch, which inspired me to eat healthier as well.


I also feel I have learnt a lot in the gardening club. You are a good and generous teacher, as you never get tired of giving us knowledge. You not only taught us how to plant the vegetables step and step, but also tested us and explained the reasons patiently to us. Sometimes, I was embarrassed with my poor English as I didn’t know the names of the plants. Thank you for your understanding and spelling out patiently the name of the plants. You also invited us to notice the waste ground at the school, which raised our awareness of the environment and the feeling that I was doing something meaningful made me happy.


Doing gardening also helped me to reduce the study stress. Although it was a bit hard to wake up in the early morning, especially during the winter, it provided me a chance to move away from the studies and to appreciate the beauty of the nature.


By following you working on the school ground, I also got to know more about the school. I didn’t know that there were so much weed that needed cleaning and so many trees needed trimming and taking care of. I was proud when we finally cleaned up the ground behind the locker and planted the area. The whole experience was a miracle.


Thank you so much Phillip. You are really a good teacher and gardener. Thank you for teaching us this year and I hope you will inspire more students to love the school and appreciate the beauty of nature!


Kind regards,


Shanying (Anna) Zheng

2018 International Student Captain


Good Times!


Friday the 24th of November saw the Year 12 class of 2018 and their teachers gather for a final celebration at the beautiful San Remo Ballroom in Carlton North.

The girls looked stunning, the boys looked suave and Mr Gleeson was on fire spinning the decks as our resident DJ.

Highlights included reminiscing the school production ‘Grease’, Ms Entwisle dancing up a storm, a super fun photo booth and general good times!


The whole evening was a lovely occasion and a terrific way to celebrate the end of school for the class of 2018.


Seraya Brain and Katy Tucker

Year 12 Coordinators



Year 9 Art Exhibition

In Semester 2, the Year 9 Visual Arts students participated in the 7 x 5 Art Project inspired by the Heidelberg School movement, whereby, timber cigar box lids measuring nine by five inches (about 23 by 13 centimetres) were a budget alternative to a canvas. The Year 9 students’ goal was to create a landscape artwork using a timber art board of this size.


After completing a series of preliminary exercises and some research, the students meticulously applied their artistic skills using mixed media and methods such as acrylic paint, oil paint, markers, collage, pens, and photography.


Once complete, the artworks were displayed in the ground floor corridor at school. On the evening of Thursday 6th December, there was an official opening of the Year 9 Art Exhibition. It was wonderful to see so parents, students and teachers attend the evening and celebrate the artistic talent of the Year 9 students.


Congratulations to all of the Year 9 Visual Arts students who participated in the project, the Q-Network for supplying delicious nibbles, and all of the teachers and staff who were involved.


Sophie Richards

Visual Arts Teacher

Photo: Nathan Izlemek, Year 10


Photo: Nathan Izlemek, Year 10

Australian Schools Volleyball Cup

Below are photographic galleries taken at the Australian Schools Volleyball Cup, which took place in Term 4. All photographs were taken by Nathan Izlemek in Year 10. Well done to all those students who participated in the week-long event.

Senior Boys


Senior Girls


Year 11 Boys Division 1



A Busy Term in Science

Science Club

Science Club is a place for experimentation and inspiration. This terms activities have included using digital image analysis to count bacteria growing in a petri dish, building and tested boats powered by magnetohydrodynamics, creating layers of colour in a measuring cylinder and Halloween fun with dry ice. The year will conclude with using laser cutting and 3D printing to make Christmas decorations and growing crystal Christmas trees.

SharkWise Incursion November 29th by Mia Rocca in Year 7B

On Thursday 29th of November, the Year 7s had a guest speaker who talked to us about sharks features and how to be safe in shark prone waters.  Dr Travis Dutka from Latrobe University came in and shared his Sharkwise Presentation with us. Travis went over the topics of adaptations, habitats and safety around sharks. He brought along a Tiger Shark jaw, which many of us had the chance to see up close in our Science lessons. It was a very informative and educational presentation, and was interesting to see how sharks behave and the statistics of sharks around Australia.


WildAction Incursion

WildAction bought a wonderful menagerie of Australia wildlife to Kew High School to complement the Year 7 Classification and Ecology units. Highlights included the joey hopping around room 11 and the koala snuggling up to the presenter.

Professor Bunsen

The Year 9 students were entertained and inspired by Professor Bunsen’s exciting demonstrations using mostly ordinary household equipment and chemicals.


Year 11 Physics Exhibition Evening

Year 11 Physics includes a unit of study where students can choose from 12 different options, ranging from the physics of the stars to sport to music to the human body. Students really enjoy selecting their own topic and create a digital presentation accompanied by a hands-on demonstration. Highlights included the wind-tunnel with dry streamers to demonstrate air flow around different shaped aircraft and cars, the “carrot” recorder demonstrating resonance in an open pipe, the black-hole funnel showing the warping of space-time and the lie-detector based on human resistivity. The innovation and breadth is a great feature of the night, which is open to parents, students and members of the school community. The posters from the student extended experimental investigations were also on display, giving an insight into the diversity of topics accessible to the students.

Barbara Mckinnon

Science Coordinator