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06 September 2018
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Quick Dates

Week 8/9/10, Term 3

Friday 7 September

Cultural Festival heats

9.30am  Year 12 Chemistry Practical Exam


Monday 10 September

Cultural Festival heats

6.30pm  BYOT Parent Information Night (San Damiano Centre)


Tuesday 11 September

Cultural Festival heats

1.00pm  Year 11 Hospitality Assessment

1.50pm  Year 8 Dancing - LG 1, 2, 7 (Padua)


Wednesday 12 September

Photography Club incursion

9.30am-12.30pm  Year 8 Music excursion

Cultural Festival heats

CaSSSA Sport Round 3


Thursday 13 September

Years 11 & 12 Exams commence

Francis & Clare Study concludes for Term 3


Friday 14 September

7.00am-8.00am Bootcamp - Mini Games


Wednesday 19 September

CaSSSA Sport Round 4


Thursday 20 - Sunday 23 September

College Basketball Schools Queensland Competition (Div 2)


Term 4 Sport dates to note

10 October - CaSSSA Sport Round 5

12 October - United Swim Club Night (All Welcome)

15 October - Rugby 7s Practice Games (North Lakes College)

17 October - CaSSSA Sport Round 6

20-21 October - WW1 Queenslander 100km Walk

24 October - CaSSSA Sport Round 7

26 October - United Swim Club Night (All Welcome)

27-28 October - Student Horizons Rugby 7s Championships

31 October - CaSSSA Sport Finals

TBC November - Tennis Trials for 2019

TBC November - Mount Alvernia College Tennis Championships

Sport News

From the Sport Development Leader

Mount Alvernia Sport has been very busy the last four weeks; August is always one of the busiest months and this year has been no different.


We have many reports on various sports to read, and reading these myself I am reminded of how much our students learn and grow through sport.  With Rugby 7s a major sport this year, we have been busy preparing the girls for the contact and skill required to navigate the sport with as few injuries as possible.  As expected, some have occurred already, although surprisingly they have come through accidents within the team rather than against an opponent.  With so much media around the safety of sport I must say I was impressed to see a lot of our students wearing headgear last Friday; while headgear does not grant full protection over concussion, the injuries around this may be reduced in severity.  We will continue to work on skills around tackling safely and skill knowledge to prepare for the next competition in October.

August is also Athletics season, we attended three lead-up meets, held a three-day Athletics Camp and attended both CaSSSA and Met North Athletic Carnivals.  I am very proud to say our girls competed well, with the team results lifted from the bottom of the table to sixth place and within striking distance of fourth.  The results were much more even this year between the large schools and have fuelled our passion to come back even stronger in 2019.

August was also made very busy by the high participation in CaSSSA Trimester 3 Sport trials.  Netball has seen the most growth this trimester, with over 100 girls playing from Year 7 and 8.  In 2016 we had only four teams in this group; in 2018 we have expanded to ten teams.  It is great to see this participation rise.  With this comes the organisational challenge; we really appreciate the response from the parent body this year with regards to coaching and managing.  Without you we would not be able to enter these teams.

With growth occurring in all sports it is time to conduct a review on operations of the Sport Department, in particular how we can create a sustainable funding model, continue to seek improvement, and educate both players and coaches to make the experience an enjoyable one for all.  Our performance on the whole is on the move upwards which is coming from increased participation and also pride that, while our emphasis is on fun and inclusion, this does not stop us from achieving good results.  2019 will  operate a little differently but will be a step in the right direction to enable us to continue to offer such variety of sporting opportunity to our students.



Open Football Team: Lost to Ipswich Girls Grammar in the Quarter Final of the UHL Sport Cup



Open Netball Team: Lost to Mt St Michael's in the Quarter Final of the Vicki Wilson Cup


Rugby Sevens

All Schools Carnival 31 August

Under 18A - 4th Place

Under 18B - 7th Place

Under 15A - 5th Place

Under 15B - 9th Place

Under 13 - 3rd Place


I hope you enjoy reading of the success in the other articles in this newsletter.



Josh White
Sport Development Leader


From the Athletic Captains

We are thrilled to report that we have had a successful season for athletics, from having the best turnouts in years to the UQ Meets, a determined team for the CaSSSA Inter school carnival, and individual success at the Met North Carnival just last week.  Thanks to our coaches and staff who have made 2018 one to remember and hopefully the start of a new culture of hard work and commitment to our college success in the future years.


UQ Meets

It has been a long time since we have been able to have a large number of girls at the lead-up meets to the CaSSSA Carnival; not only were we able to fill our spots, we had competition for places on the team which created positive outcomes for all.  Our track program was well attended, with places in the top eight positions highly contested.  This led to some great PBs, lots of skills learned, including starting blocks, and fun had by all.  Thank you to the coaches, parents and staff who helped us manage these excellent nights.  These meets formed the backbone of our selection into the Carnival team for CaSSSA and provided excellent data for us.


Athletics Camp

Our annual camp was held again on the Gold Coast a week out from the interschool carnival.  We had a full camp with loads of fun had.  A busy day on the track Saturday with Mount St Michael's College also there to spur each other on.  We held a 'Master-chef Challenge' on the Saturday lunch; the dishes produced were spectacular and a hit with the judges who were able to eat them.  Beach Olympics in the afternoon were a reward for hard work and still fiercely contested.  Thank you to the staff and coaches for your time this year, and next year we will be heading to the Sunshine Coast from 9-11 August to hone our skills again.


CaSSSA Interschool Carnival

We took almost a full team to the carnival, minus a few in the senior division.  We are hoping to fill these spots in 2019 to help us move up the results board another step.  The day went very smooth and the girls supported each other well, in particular the supporting year levels in the grandstand.  We took home over 30 ribbons, a record, and sixth place overall.  A special mention to Jemma Keefe who won the point score for the 13 year division.  Our track team also fared well and was instrumental in our overall position.  In the track totals Mount Alvernia College finished fourth overall.  When all the scores came together we ended the day on sixth place and very proud of the girls.  Bring on 2019!


Finals Results

All Hallows 2049pts

Mt St Michael's 1953pts

St Rita's 1899pts

Loreto 1456pts

Brigidine 1414pts

Mount Alvernia 1394pts

Lourdes Hill 1267pts


Met North

Mount Alvernia had fourteen girls attend the Met North Carnival with hopes of making the team.  Again our girls have excelled here. Another special mention to Jemma Keefe, who qualified for five events on the day and set a new record in the 13 year discus.  We are still awaiting the official team, but we believe we will have five or more students make the team.  Well done, ladies.


Caitlin McManus and Ebony McLagan

Athletic Captains


Rugby 7s

All Schools Ballymore Cup

On Friday 31 August our 7s teams put all their training into action at the All Schools Carnival.  Mount Alvernia took down all our teams (five in total) to pitch themselves against the competition.  While we had the largest presence there, we were in awe of some of the other teams and the skill shown; while we were competitive in all categories it was clear that we need to train in more open space.


Our star performers were the U13s who took home third for the day and have real talent to develop over the next few years.  All of our teams had multiple games and got to experience just how fast and skillful the 7s game is.

We would like to thank the coaches, parents, and staff who attended the day, and look forward to the next event on 15 October; this is a friendly game against the North Lakes College teams to prep us for the biggest event on the calendar which is the Student Horizons Schools Cup held late October.


Cultural News


Over the last term, several students have been participating in the art extension program offered at the College - ArtX.

During our after-school sessions, students have been learning about and experimenting with observational painting techniques, specifically developing their use of tone and contrast within 2D artworks.  In order to explore these areas, we have set up still lives with spotlights in order to create shadows, as well as taking ‘selfies’ using lighting to create dramatic effect.  These images have been worked on over a number of weeks in order to create the impression of volume, or ‘3D-ness’ in the girls’ paintings.


The girls have shown a huge improvement in their technical skill since the start of this term, which will also be very evident in the class works that they will produce from now on.


We would like to congratulate these students for their ongoing passion for art, as well as their consistent attendance and desire to achieve excellence in the area of Visual Art.


Creative Generation Art Awards

We congratulate Maggie Ruffle (Year 12) for her participation in the metropolitan region exhibition opening next Friday evening, 14 September, at the Brisbane Institute of Art.  Maggie’s series of five paintings illustrates the rituals of marriage across diverse cultures.

Music Viva visits Mount Alvernia

The Year 7 students enjoyed a vibrant and informing performance from the Torres Strait Island group Wyniss, who shared with us some beautiful music, games, and stories from their culture.


A lovely way to end our week in song and dance.


Captains' Reports

From the......

Cultural Captain

As the term gets busier and our student lives become more oriented towards schoolwork and finishing assessment, it’s easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed - for senior girls especially, with Year 12s doing the QCS test this week, Year11s going through leadership processes, and both year levels going towards exam block.  With students in the younger year levels also busy working on preparations for their assignments and exams, the whole College is feeling the pressure that Term 3 brings.


How do we deal with all of this pressure and find time to blow off steam?  It’s been scientifically proven that spending some time being creative, whether that be colouring-in, dancing around, or playing an instrument, can help you calm down and de-stress.  So, for those girls who are feeling really under the pump, my suggestion would be to take even just ten minutes for yourself and do something you’re passionate about, be involved with the many clubs the College offers so you always have some time in your week to be creative, and give yourself some time to decompress and do the things you love; it's all about balance.


Bethany Parker
Year 12


Visual Arts Captain

Shimea and I are in the process of planning our third, and final, art initiative for this year, so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, the Year 12s, including myself, have been busy preparing for our QCS testing for the past two days.  Many of us have also completed our QTAC interviews and applications.  Of course, whilst this is an immensely busy and important time for us, we can always find time to exercise our art practice.  As we near the end of our high school lives, deciding what we want to do when we leave school can be both a stressful and difficult decision to make.  Personally, it took me so long to figure out what I want to do and I’m still not sure!  There are so many options and pathways now that allow you to always find a way into what you’re looking for.


My biggest piece of advice for any of the girls who are choosing new electives for future school years or choosing university, TAFE, or Certificate courses, is to never limit yourself and always choose what you enjoy.  As a creatively minded person, going into creative industry studies, subjects and/or jobs can be hard because there are so many questions about how you make money in a creative industries job or should you pair business with a creative industries degree or subject?  Should I do Science or Maths because it will get me into a higher-level degree or get me a higher OP score?  However, I have said, and will always say that you will find a way.  If you enjoy something enough, you will find a way to make it work in every aspect of your life so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Happiness is more important than achieving high marks, and people tend to find that, when they’re doing something they love, they do better at it and have the potential to pull out incredibly high achievements and academic excellence. I am super excited for what the future holds, and I can’t wait to explore and push my creative knowledge to new boundaries and into new experiences.


Sienna van Venetien

Year 12


FCIP Captains

Term 3 has been extremely busy for the FCIP.  The term began with the Senior Music Camp at Lake Ainsworth Sport and Recreation Centre.  This camp inspired and motivated the students to practise their instruments leading up to the big competition - the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Musical Festivals (QCMF).  The FCIP competed against 77 other Queensland Catholic schools from the 16th to the 19th of August and overall accomplished outstanding results. The adjudicators were tough but the FCIP received an influx of gold and silver awards - very successful results. The FCIP teachers and leadership team, including myself, are extremely proud of the students and are thrilled that their hard work has paid off. 

For the senior ensembles, the next performance will be at various primary schools. For the younger ensembles, it will be at the end of year showcase.  Keep up the good work!


Erin Tweddell and Georgia Spanevello
Year 12


Choir Captain

The choirs recently performed in the Queensland Catholic Schools and Colleges Music Festival.  The combined choir achieved a gold award and silver was awarded to the Performance Chorale and Showcase.  I am so incredibly proud of these girls for working so hard, and for making the night great with their positive attitudes and commitment to the choir. 


Looking to the future I have an exciting initiative to announce - a combined choir with the Paduan Assisi Vocal Ensemble and Mount Alvernian Voices for the upcoming Choral Showcase Night and our debut Carols by Candlelight.  This choir will meet every Friday between 4:00 and 4:30pm.  I am very excited to see how this turns out.


Emily Lihou
Year 12

Cultural Festival

CULTURAL FESTIVAL and FEAST DAY Thursday 20  September

YEAR of YOUTH  - Define your Generation


The excitement is building as we begin our heats this week in the performance categories of Vocals, Dance, Instrumental, and Acting Out.  The number of students who have signed up to perform has been outstanding.  I am proud of our young women who are being courageous and are confidently stepping up onto the stage to perform in front of the whole college community.


Other ways to participate include:
Literature Competition – due Monday 10 September
Cake Decorating – due Thursday 20 September
Multimedia (Video, photography, soundscape, songwriting) – due Friday 14 September

Everyone can get into the spirit of the theme and dress up in costume on the day.
Food on the day will be available at La Cucina, as well as supplied by food trucks, so cash will be needed for these.


It will be another fun day for everyone to join in the spirit of our feast day and celebrate the end of a productive term.


Lorella Masci
Learning Area Advisor: The Arts



Digital Technologies

Design Competition

Year 10 Digital Technologies students have been developing their Illustrator skills and have designed a T-shirt that they would wear.  Vote for your two favourite designs.  The winning T-shirt will be printed.


Voting closes on Tuesday 11 September.


La Cucina


Friday 7 September

Melanie Horswill

Trisha Kerrin


Monday 10 September

Can you help?


Tuesday 11 September

Erica Patterson


Wednesday 12 September

Brooke Moore


Open daily from 7.15-9.30am & 10.30am-3.00pm (3.15pm Wednesday)

Staff, parents, and friends are very welcome to drop in for coffee—$3.50; $3 in own cup.


Please direct any enquiries to Cathy at College Reception, ph 3357 6000.

Community Notices

Parent Presentation - 11 September


Invitation: United Swimming Club


Activities Corner
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