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26 August 2016
Issue Eight
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Greetings Friends,


My children are now 31 (Kim) and 29 (Nick) years of age, but when they were young, I fostered their music talents and encouraged them to learn a musical instrument.

Being a music teacher and an over enthusiastic mother, I had this wonderful vision of the three of us forming a trio and playing music together for others to enjoy.  Flute was my major instrument, so I thought it would be perfect for Kim to play harpsichord (she was already learning piano and flute) and for my son Nick to play cello.   If you know anything about music, you will understand what a beautiful combination these instruments would make and you are probably already humming some well-known repertoires from Bach or Handel.


Well it worked for a little while, especially as I was their music teacher at school.  Both children exuded musically - but my dream was not their dream and my desires were not best for them.


I made Nick persevere with cello – but for some reason he hated this divine instrument.  It wasn’t until I found out that his cello teacher used to hit him over the knuckles with her bow and yell at him, that I allowed him to give up.  He took up guitar (his own choice) and thrived.  Kim stopped playing the flute, but continued to learn and play the piano which she loved and excelled in.   Alas, the “Wansbrough Trio” playing for weddings and soirees never eventuated.


Sometimes I believe we need to encourage our children to ‘have a go’ and persevere, but we must be careful not to put our own dreams and goals onto our children (like I did).


Our children are different to us and one of the most important tasks we have as parents is allow them to grow and be who God wants them to be, not what we want them to be.


If our children are continually moulded into what we want, they will eventually fail (through discouragement, anger or just inability to live up to what we desire).  When we allow our children to truly be who and what God created them to be, they will thrive and blossom.


The most important thing for parents to do is pray!  Give your child to God; help them to discover the unique gifts and talents they have been given and allow God to work in them and through them for His glory and His kingdom.


Philippians 4:4-8 (NIV)

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!  Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near.  Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.


Blessings on your week,

Catriona Wansbrough



Photo: Tuesday 6 September

Ensemble Extravaganza


New School App

The school has a new communication app.

The tiqbiz app works on a range of smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops.  It isn’t limited to just the iPhone or iPad making it a great tool for everyone.
If you haven’t already downloaded the app, we would like to encourage you to please do so in order that you can receive up-to-date information from the school.


Download the app from or from the App store or Google Playstore.

Prayer Day for Schools

Venue: Innovation Centre, St Andrews Christian College

Date: Friday 2 September

Time: 10am - 1pm

All parents are welcome to attend this annual event which St Andrews is hosting this year. It is a gathering of parent prayer groups from various Christian and non-Christian schools  from throughout Victoria.

Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator


Mission Cup - Coins for Change

We are collecting ‘change’ to help support our mission programs (Vanuatu/Cambodia/Pakistan) at St Andrews Christian College. 

Keep the cup in an obvious place in your home or car, drop your loose coins into it and if the cup is full send it to school to be added to the collection. The cup will come back to you, so that you can start filling it up again. 


We hope you enjoy collecting funds this way, and we are looking forward to seeing how these small coins will grow into a mountain of help over the coming years.


Sally Wade

Vanuatu Mission Coordinator

National Christian Schools Sports

National Christian Schools Sports – is a high quality multi-sport carnival that honours God and recognises excellence in student sporting endeavour. The NCSS is held every two years and in 2017 will take place in Sydney, with expected competitor numbers to reach eight hundred athletes from five states. The sports on offer in 2017 include Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball. Students that are enrolled in a CSEN member school are eligible to nominate for selection in these sports.


Athlete Nomination form for students:


Steven Mellody

Head of PE and Sport

Late To School

Students should be at school by 8:40am ready to start homeroom period at 8:45am.
If a student comes to school after 8:45am, they need to go to the Science room (near the Art rooms), where they will receive a Late Pass Stamp in their diary. We request that parents sign the late stamp to acknowledge that you are aware your child was late.


Parents of Junior School students are able to accompany their child to the science room if they desire. 


Tim Farmilo

Deputy Principal

Women in Leadership


Prayer Group

Wednesdays at 8:45am

This year the St Andrews Parent Prayer Group will be meeting every Wednesday morning at 8:45am in the meeting room next to the school office.


The St Andrews Prayer Group would like to welcome and invite all parents to come along and join in prayer, with other parents, for the needs of the St Andrews school community. 


It is a great opportunity to join in fellowship with other parents.


For specific prayer requests, there is a prayer request box at the front reception desk for you to put your request in if you are unable to join us.


We are greatly blessed at St Andrews to have the opportunity to gather together for prayer. As Christians we are called to pray, and we encourage parents to join us. Be reassured that you don’t have to pray out loud if you are not comfortable in doing so.


Suzy Song

Prayer Group Coordinator

House Community Points

Barton 293

Deakin 344

Parkes 238


Important Coming Events for Term 3 2016:




Week 7B

  • Monday 29th - Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Monday 29th - 2nd - Yr9 Mt Hotham Camp
  • Monday 29th - Yr7 Immunisation
  • Tuesday 30th - Yr7-10 Boys Sports Training 7:55am
  • Tuesday 30th - Yr8 Excursion to Hanging Rock
  • Tuesday 30th - NZ Expedition Preparation 3:30-4:30pm
  • Tuesday 30th - Yr10 VCE Subject Selection for 2017 7:30pm*
  • Wednesday 31st - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 31st - CSEN Yr9/10 Sports 


  • Thursday 1st - Yr7-10 Girls Sports Training 7:55am
  • Thursday 1st - Yr10 Deakin University Campus Tour
  • Friday 2nd - PFA Fathers' Day Stall
  • Friday 2nd - Prayer Day for Schools 10am*
  • Friday 2nd - Math Game Day
  • Friday 2nd - Yr1 Zoo Excursion
  • Friday 2nd - Yr5/6 Summer Sport Round 1
  • Friday 2nd - Beauty and the Beast Cast Party 3:30pm
  • Saturday 3rd - Yr9/10 Drama Elective 'Twelfth Night' - Knox Village Cinemas

Week 8A

  • Monday 5th – Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Tuesday 6th - Ensemble Extravaganza 6:45pm*
  • Wednesday 7th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 7th - Yr9 Geography Excusrion - Phillip Island
  • Wednesday 7th - CSEN Yr7/8 Sports Finals
  • Wednesday 7th - Yr3 History Presentation
  • Thursday 8th - Yr7-10 Girls Sports Training 7:55am
  • Thursday 8th - Women in Leadership 10am-2:30pm
  • Friday 9th - Yr2 Scienceworks
  • Friday 9th - Yr1 Wild Action Incursion
  • Saturday 10th-20th - Duke of Ed NZ Expedition

Week 9B

  • Monday 12th – Whole School Assembly 8:55am*
  • Monday 12th – Nude Food Week
  • Monday 12th - Middle School Student Leadership Training Day
  • Tuesday 13th - Yr7-10 Boys Sports Training 7:55am
  • Tuesday 13th - CSEN Secondary Athletics
  • Wednesday 14th - Parent Prayer Meeting 8:45am*
  • Wednesday 14th - CSEN Yr9/10 Sports Final
  • Wednesday 14th - CSEN Primary Athletics
  • Thursday 15th - Yr7-10 Girls Sports Training 7:55am
  • Friday 16th - Barton Fundraiser
  • Friday 16th - Yr9/10 PE Elective - Golf
  • Friday 16th - Last Day of Term 3
  • Monday 3rd October - Term 4 commences

* Parents welcome

Term Dates


Term 3: Monday 18th July – Friday 16th Sept (9 weeks)

Term 4: Mon 3rd Oct – Tues 6th Dec (10 weeks)



Term 1: Wed 1st Feb– Fri 31st March 

Term 2: Wed 19th April – Fri 30th June 

Term 3: Monday 24th July – Friday 22nd Sept 

Term 4: Mon 9th Oct – Fri 8th Dec 

Junior School

Photo: Preps and buddies celebrating 100 days

100 days in Prep

We officially had our 100th day at school on Friday 5th August but as this was the day we were also visiting the Werribee Open Range Zoo, we delayed our “100 days party” until the following week. The Prep classes are always a hive of activity and we do love to celebrate God’s goodness in so many ways!

On Thursday 11th August, we had our official celebration and the Buddies from Year 6L joined Prep S as we partied. Prep J celebrated too, in their classroom and in the school yard. We counted groups of 100 in the yard- rocks, sticks, leaves and other treasures. We took 100 steps across the playground. We made our own 100 medals as it was also Olympic Games time. We put 100 coloured squares (or maybe a few less) on a large number 100 and we made and ate Fairy Bread using 100s and 1000s.


It was a wonderful celebration!


Sonia Sires

Prep Teacher

Prep Excursion to Werribee Open Range Zoo

On Friday the 5th of August the Prep classes visited Werribee Open Range Zoo.

God blessed us with beautiful weather and we enjoyed a wonderful day of observing the amazing animals our awesome God has made. Some of the highlights were seeing a bandicoot up close, watching the giraffes come right up to our bus, holding a snake skin, having some emus chase each other right through our group and climbing through the sheep pens in the wool shed. We were very grateful for all the Mums and a Dad who came along to help us.


Gaye Jones

Prep Teacher

Year 3 So Far...


Middle School

God's Grace

Dear community,
At St Andrews, our staff are passionate about educating students to know Christ and their purpose in Him. I love hearing stories about how God is actively at work here at the College and I’d like to share with you a story of one of our Year 6 students.

I had no idea what religion was.
Four years ago, I was just a student who attended a school that did not have a religion. Before I came to St Andrews, I had never heard about Jesus, God or even the Bible!
When I started attending St Andrews, I began to ask myself questions (I was too shy to ask anyone else). Who is Jesus? Who is God? Choosing a religion was hard for me. I had no idea what was real and who to believe. I had many influences in my life and I was confused! What’s real? Who will I choose? But then I noticed something. These Christians… they really loved God! They really trusted Him! When I look back, I saw astounding faith in their eyes. That was two years ago when I was in Year 4 but for two more years, I still wondered.
One day, my teacher Mrs Provis showed me who Jesus really was. For four years, I knew Jesus by name but not by heart. She explained to me who He was and that He loves each and every one of us! I started to pay more attention to the memory verses she gave me and I slowly began to understand. I began to learn. That day I thought a lot. I pulled out a Bible and read it. But this time, I understood it because I knew who Jesus was now. I understood!
Today, I am a happy Christian. I love Jesus and I know who He is.

What an incredible story of God’s grace! Let’s give God all the glory for the incredible work that He is doing in the lives of the young people at St Andrews Christian College!


Daniel Lee

Head of Middle School

Senior School

Photo: Year 9 and 10 boys with Focus on the Family

Manliness with Brett Ryan and Angel Light Link

Last week the Year 9 and 10 boys enjoyed a visit from Brett Ryan from Focus on the Family. He challenged them to make decisions that honour God, to not be mastered by things like internet or gaming but to take control and to take responsibility for their lives. He also encouraged them to show respect for and work on their relationships with their parents and their female friends.

He answered a wide range of questions for them with sage advice and examples from his and his sons’ lives.


Whilst the boys were hearing from Brett the girls were enjoying a session from Angel Light Link.

Angel Light Link is a Christian organisation based in Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs, focussing on the care and support of young women. They provide prevention, education and early intervention support for a range of young women's health and wellbeing issues.


Working with our Year 9 and 10 girls, Angel Light gave a Biblical perspective on body image and the media's portrayal of women and sexuality.


The response from the girls was overwhelmingly positive. They found it extremely worthwhile.


Greg Crotty

Head of Senior School


Careers News

This issue starts with the information about the upcoming Term 3 School Holidays workshops and programs:

  • Monash University

- Event for Year 11 or 12 students interested in IT, mobile app development and entrepreneurialism

- Femmes in STEM - An event for girls in Years 10-12 interested in Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

- Monash Art Design & Architecture folio preparation workshops for Year 11 and 12 students

  • RMIT University ‘Science in the City’ Lab Tour
  • La Trobe University Outdoor and Environmental Education Spring School Holiday Program
  • Australian Psychological Society - Psychology Careers Seminar
  • Lilydale Airport Flying School Open Day.

Following this information are news items from Monash, RMIT and Bond Universities, Footscray City Films Open Day, Careers as a Paramedic, Nutritionist and Dietitian, as well as information about  the upcoming University Open Days.


If you have a question about a topic featured in the Careers Newsletter, please contact Careers Coordinator Mrs Irena Yevlahova [email protected]


Irena Yevlahova

Careers Coordinator

Parents and Friends

Photo: Child Safety Presentation at PFA Meeting

Keeping My Child Safe

9am Wednesday 14 September in the Meeting Room of the Innovation Centre 

At our recent PFA Meeting, Mrs Fiona Bligh gave an excellent and informative presentation on Child Safety. Due to the positive feedback received from parents we've been able to secure Fiona for another session.


Fiona will be coming to discuss with us Keeping my child safe - what kinds of protective measures can we take to keep our children safe from abuse? There are some simple age-appropriate steps parents can implement.

Fiona is a St Andrews Christian College parent who works in this area. She is the Safe Church Facilitator for the Safe Church Unit of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria.

All parents are encouraged to attend.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Term 3 PFA Events

FATHERS' DAY STALL - Friday 2nd September
PRAYER DAY FOR SCHOOLS - Friday 2nd September
KEEPING MY CHILD SAFE - Wednesday 14th September

Fathers' Day Stall

Friday 2 September

Please see the notice in relation to parent helpers required.


Prayer Day For Schools

10am - 1pm
Friday 2 September
Innovation Centre

St Andrews Christian College is hosting this event, which involves prayer groups from various schools throughout Victoria coming together for fellowship and prayer. There will be a guest speaker, musical items, light refreshments and time for prayer. It would be a blessing to have a number of St Andrews parents attend this event. 


Please contact Suzy Song at [email protected] if you are able to attend.

* a reminder that the St Andrews Prayer Group meets every Wednesday in the meeting room next to the school office commencing at 8:45am. We encourage parents to come and give thanks to God and pray for the needs of the College and the community.


Shaun Beovich

PFA President

Entertainment Books

Only a few books are left. Full of great value savings coupons. Either purchase online at or at the school office from Ms Hoenen. Great value at $65 with $13 from each sale going towards the PFA.


Sonia Sires

Entertainment Book Coordinator

School Banking

School Banking is available every Tuesday. We need more parents to help with the banking. If you would like to join our roster then please email me via [email protected]


Commonwealth Bank School Banking Term 3 Competition
Just a few more weeks until the end of Term 3.
There is still time to enter the current school banking competition to win one of these great prizes!

Heaps of prizes to be won:
200 magazine packs, 90 instant cameras and 50 camping kits
How to enter:
Simply bank 3 times at School this term.
No Minimum deposit – even a single coin will do!

But wait here’s the best bit:

For a chance to win ONE OF 50 PLAYSTATIONS 4s complete the fun activity on


Karen Cheung

School Banking Coordinator

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Sale 50% Off

50% off all items for the last 2 weeks of Term 3 (Wednesday 7th and 14th September).


The 2nd Hand Uniform Shop is open Wednesdays from 8:30am-9:30am in Rembrandts. If you can help on a Wednesday and want to gain Parent Participation Hours please see Liz.


Liz Romney

2nd Hand Uniform Shop Coordinator

Parent Participation Hours

This PDF contains a list of various activities you can do to gain parent hours.


Don't forget Icy Pole Fridays and our Parent Library in the school office.


Next PFA Meeting

The next PFA meeting will be a combined PFA General Meeting and AGM in Term 4 at 7:30pm on Thursday 10th November.


Lesley Goh

PFA Secretary

PFA Committee 2016

President: Shaun Beovich

Vice-President: Sally Wade

Secretary: Lesley Goh

Treasurer: Ann Hawthorne

email: [email protected]



Photo: Middle and Senior Library taking shape

Library News

 Library Staff: Lynne Marks, Joanne Edwards, Wai-Peng Heath



Junior Library

Lunchtime Monday


Middle/ Senior Library:

Monday to Friday: Recess and Lunch


After school:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays until 4pm.

Wednesdays until 3.45pm.


 Email:  [email protected]

Book Week 2016

The theme for this year’s Book Week is “Australia - Story Country”. To coincide with this event, the Children’s Book Council of Australia (CBCA) have announced the Children’s Book of the Year award for recently published titles in a variety of categories. These include Mr Huff  - Anna Walker  (Early Childhood Book of the Year) and Soon – Morris Gleitzman (Younger Readers)

Penguin Books Australia


Watch a trailer for Mr Huff


To view the other winners, please visit the Children’s Book Council website


As part of Book Week, the Senior Library had a display of the shortlisted books that we have in our Junior and Senior Libraries. These will be available for loan from next week.  


There will be more information on the Book Week celebrations in the Junior School in the next issue of the newsletter.

Calling all artists

Wombat Books has a competition for Australian school-age students. They are asked to provide the illustrations for a new picture story by Aleesah Darlison entitled Yay, it’s Library Day.  Students need to be aged between 8 and 17 years and have parental permission to enter. The closing date for entries is 28th February, 2017.

For full details, including the storyline and entry form, see


To learn more about illustrating picture books visit the following site. Hear some well-known illustrators, talk about their work.


Lynne Marks

Library Coordinator

Extra Curricular Activities

Photo: Victorious Boys Chess Team

Book Buzz Club

The Book Buzz Club runs every Thursday at lunchtime. This club was started in Term 1, this year. It is for students from Year 2 to Year 4. The club gives students the opportunity to share their love of books and reading and it also models positive reading behaviour.  It has encouraged some students to read more and to explore titles that they may not otherwise find.  It has also enabled students to practise public speaking and engage in respectful discussion in a small group. It has been amazing to see the confidence it has built up in some of the children. Another aim of the club is for the children to become more excited about writing their own stories and sharing them during Book Buzz.

So far, the students have been bringing along whatever books they are reading or have read. There is also the option of reading the same book and discussing it together or doing a challenge together, such as read a book a week or read a classic.  Students come prepared with questions and discussion points, making sure everyone gets a chance to speak and knows what is expected of them. Students are given as much responsibility as possible in running the meetings.


Some comments from the students about the Book Buzz Club:


“I love books and it is really fun to talk about them. You can also listen to and learn from others.”  Adina


“I can learn more about the other students and the books they like to read. I have also enjoyed Book Buzz because I am learning new words.”  Vicky


“I have heard some lovely stories that I would not have heard of if I didn’t go to the club”. Elise


“I can learn from others and talk about the books I have read”. Beatrice


“I am learning how to be a better speaker when I talk about the books I have read. I also like listening to the way others share their stories and ideas about the books they have read.”  Layla and Samantha


“I love talking and book club gives me a chance to talk about what I love as well - books!  I am starting to write my own book now because I have become more excited about writing creative stories”.  Kevin

Currently all the children who attend the club are from Year 2 but I would love to have Year 3s and 4s joining us. It will be a great opportunity for them to develop their love for reading and their leadership skills as I have ideas for them to facilitate the discussions in small groups. I look forward to more book lovers joining us!


Josephine Das

Book Buzz Club

Chess Success

Last week our Primary Chess Open team competed in an interschool competition conducted at Weeden Heights Primary School.  Our team of boys performed very well coming first overall.  Samuel Tie and Michael Jiang were the top performers on the day going through undefeated.  Nathan Kong and Michael Cho also had very credible performances only losing one match on the day.  Well done to this team which has qualified for the State Semi-Finals.

Yesterday, our Primary Girls team participated in an interschool competition at PLC.  Our girls performed particularly well with only a couple of points separating first and third.  Our girls ended up coming second at the end of the competition.  Congratulations to Shalese Teo in coming third in the individual standings.  Our girls team has qualified for the State Finals in October.


Tim Farmilo

Deputy Principal

Community Notices

Newsletter 8

This section of our newsletter is to give our families information about programs being run by organizations outside of the school which may interest our school families.

These organisations are not endorsed by St Andrews Christian College.

Christian Life and Technology

Hills Bible Church are hosting a conference, Christian Life and Technology on 29 September.


Mission Awareness Night

The Setiawan family from St Andrews are involved in a mission trip to West Papua.


Their church is holding a Mission Awareness Night on Saturday the 27th August 2017 starting 5pm until finish - focusing on Papua and its needs.  A proper Indonesian traditional dinner and traditional entertainment will be provided, and there is a cost of $20 per person, which is to cover food and equipments hire cost.



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