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11 March 2017
Issue Two
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Important Dates

College Semester Dates for Parents








































Principal's Report


Today, the day I am writing this, is 8 March 2017, International Women’s Day. Thanks to Kate Bibby, a MFG parent, I had the pleasure of attending an event hosted by Barwon Health with Caitlin and Mistique (Our College Captains) and Kellie Walker (Leader of Safe and Supportive Learning). 


We had a magnificent breakfast put on by the catering division of Barwon Health (it was amazing) and Dr Kathy Alexander addressed the crowd in St Mary’s Hall where Barwon Health have a Community Education Centre.


Dr Alexander is our Geelong City Council Administrator and I have to say I believe as a city we could not be in better hands. In her address Dr Alexander challenged women to “be bold”.  She cited examples from around the world of countries and cities being bold in the face of challenges in population change, climate change and technological change.


She encouraged us, as leaders,  to inform our communities of the big issues we are facing and to truly help them understand them - believing that from this place of understanding that people can work to make informed choices and to offer ideas to address these challenges. She advocated gathering these opinions and using this data to make the bold and necessary changes necessary in our organisations. Dr Alexander is using this model as the Geelong Administrator in the Our Future Project of Geelong. You can access the Our Future site here:



I raised the importance of schools giving young women the language to be bold – to be able to articulate their feelings and thoughts clearly and in a way that has integrity for them and the people with whom there are communicating.


As the principal of Matthew Flinders Girls I reflected that sometimes as a school we try to gather people’s opinions but may not inform them of the broader issues enough before asking for these opinions. This is something for us to work on.


Learning @MFG


The Geelong Tech School is coming to Geelong and will be located at the Gordon – a bonus for the students of MFG who will have easy access to this wonderful facility. The Tech School’s vision is to inspire the thinkers of today to create the future of tomorrow. The school aims to provide a vibrant, technology-rich teaching and learning hub where our students discover and develop skills and talents for an exciting pathway to the future. The Tech School’s curriculum will incorporate the technology developments and growth sectors in the Region. These include:

  • Energy Technology
  • Food and Fibre
  • Building Design and Construction
  • Advanced Manufacturing
  • Health and Community Care
  • Health Science Technologies
  • Biomaterials and biomimicry
  • Materials Engineering
  • Creative industries

Our teachers have played an integral role in shaping the Geelong Tech School’s Philosophy – especially Mr Paul Dangerfield, Ms Sharon Hogan and Ms Kim Morris – whose work and thinking have created a platform and design framework for the kind of projects and investigations that our students, and students from across the region, will participate in when at the Geelong Tech School.



Term 1 2017 Student-Parent-Teacher Learning Conferences

Thanks to all parents and carers who visited the school to talk to teachers at our March Learning Conferences. This is always a wonderful opportunity for a conversation about learning, progress, achievements, goals, how we can best support your children and life generally.

A breakdown of the attendance by Year level is below.

You can always contact our teachers at the College or by using Compass – we are only a phone call or email away.


Teaching Vocabulary at MFG

Last year we started exploring, with our teachers, some specific teaching and learning strategies and techniques for learning vocabulary. One of the ingredients to academic success, quality learning and providing our students with a literacy foundation that enables them to engage with a world of language is developing our students’ understanding of Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary. The table below defines these Tiers with examples.

One technique is using the Frayer Model – an organiser that helps students to analyse and think more deeply about a word. I’m currently teaching the Larry Watson’s novel ‘Montana 1948’, and I’ve been using this strategy with the Tier 3 words – like ‘corruption’, which is one of the novel’s central themes. My board scribbles (messy I know!) capture my students’ thinking about this word.





We belong to the Academy of Accredited SEAL Schools (TAASS) which is a collective of like-minded schools who strongly value Gifted Education in Victorian Government Schools. We offer an accredited SEALP (Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program) program at Years 7, 8 and 9 (the only one in Geelong in an all girls’ setting) which enables us to also offer a range of other learning experiences for the SEALP students beyond the class.


A few weeks ago I had the great privilege of taking 4 of our Year 9 SEALP students – Annie, Olivia, Jasmine and Jade – to Melbourne University for the TAASS Exploration Day. These students mixed with about 100 students from across other SEALP schools in Victoria. Apart from spending a day immersed in life at Melbourne University, the students learned about global climate impacts and sustainability, participated in an engineering workshop with Engineers with Borders and considered their own future study pathway.



Attention Year 7 & 9 Parents – NAPLAN is back in May this year.


The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) tests will be conducted on Tuesday 9th May through to Thursday 11th May for all students in Years 7 and 9. The NAPLAN tests will cover the areas of Reading, Writing, Language Conventions (grammar, spelling, punctuation) and Numeracy (non-calculator & calculator tests).

Later in the year you will receive your child’s individual report outlining how she performed in each test area.


For more information about the tests, please visit the VCAA website at www.vcaa.vic.edu.au or the NAPLAN website at www.naplan.edu.au.


If you wish to withdraw your child from the NAPLAN 2016 send a letter requesting this addressed to Mrs Robyn Cameron before the 25th of April and a Student Withdrawal Form will be sent home for completion.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the College and speak to Mrs Robyn Cameron or me.



Damien Toussaint, Assistant Principal, Learning and Teaching


What's On @ MFG

2016 RL Bockholt Memorial Scholarship

Sonia Kacprzak a VCE student now in year 12 was awarded the R L (Bill) Bockholt Memorial Scholarship at the end of 2016. This scholarship was awarded to a student in year 11 who demonstrated academic potential and performance, leadership qualities and good citizenship.


Sonia was invited by the sponsors – The Geelong Masonic Lodge, to a presentation ceremony along with award winners from three other schools. Sonia spoke about the need for students to look after each other and how it was important to make people feel welcome. Her friendly hello every morning to staff and students makes such a difference! Sonia was an exemplary House Captain of Freeman House in 2016 and encourages all students to get involved and be proud of their school.


She is pictured here with the Master of the Lodge, Jim Taylor, presenting to the group before being awarded her certificate.



Lipson House has had a wonderful start to 2017 with success in both the swimming sports and the athletics. An amazing team effort from all who participated and the leadership from our captains inspired many of our wonderful students to give many events a go. And those that did not compete supported the team well showing their house colours and expressing great imagination with some fantastic costumes. Well done!


Spirit of ANZAC Exhibition

On Thursday February 23, 2017 all Year 9 students had the opportunity to visit the Spirit of ANZAC Exhibition at The Arena in Geelong.


This amazing travelling exhibition told the story of Australia’s involvement in the First World War, and the ensuing century of service and involvement of Australia's armed forces in all wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations.


The exhibition incorporated a chronological timeline spanning the period from pre-First World War Australia to the present day, using a mix of visuals, artefacts, audio and film to engage our students.  A special feature of the exhibition was the inclusion of stories of local war heroes such as Albert Jacka and Joe Slater, which added a special component to the displays, making them ‘up close and personal’.


We thank all of our students who attended this excursion for their genuine interest and respectful behaviour on the day.  Special thanks go to Mr Kelly, Ms Cameron and Ms Rowe for also attending on the day.

Robyn Myers

Leader of Humanities

Harmony Day
Cultural Diversity Week Celebrations

On the 21st March we will be celebrating Harmony Day as part of Cultural Diversity Week.


The WONDERFUL Diversity Team with assistance from our Humanities, Community and Music Teams have been busily creating a week full of activities to raise awareness and build our school communities understanding around diversity.


Get involved in collaborative pavement art, Henna, African games, a poster competition, art in the garden, learn how to wear headdresses from around the world and enjoy food and music with your friends.  Also, don’t forget the MFG multicultural talent show on Friday!


Harmony Day- 21st March 2017

  • Casual Dress/Wear Orange to show your support
  • $2 for students who choose to dress casually
  • $1 for students who choose to wear orange (Harmony Day colour) or multicultural dress


All money raised will go towards supporting our sponsor child, Misozi.



Misozi lives in Nyimba with her parents and her 4 brother and 2 sisters in the Area Development Program in Zambia.


We are looking forward to seeing LOTS of orange and Multicultural Outfits!

Harmony Day 2017 - Everybody Belongs Competition Poster

Harmony Day, March 21, 2017, celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.  It is a day for all Australians to embrace cultural diversity and to share what we have in common.

The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians.

As part of our celebration of Harmony Day, the Humanities and Languages Learning Areas are running a poster competition.  The competition is open to students in all year levels.  Posters will be displayed in the library.  Prizes will be awarded to the first, second and third award winners.


WHAT:   Create an A3 sized poster that celebrates the Harmony Day theme ‘Everyone Belongs’.  Your poster must include original artwork and/or design elements


WHEN:  Posters must be handed to Ms Myers no later than 3:15 pm on Friday March 17, 2017


WHO:  Students from all year levels are eligible to participate; an elite panel of judges will make the final decision


WHERE:  Posters will be displayed in the Library during Diversity Week


WHY:  Celebrate the wonderful diversity and sense of belonging at our school. Win vouchers to use at the MFG Cafe

Farewell to our Intrepid Travellers!

On Sunday March 26 (at 5am in the morning!) 12 students, 2 parents, Mr Toussaint and his family and Mr Keast will set off on an 18-day Indian Ocean adventure. Ms Crofts will join the group a week later at the start of the school holidays.


Initially the group will spend three days on the beautiful island of Mauritius and learn about its tea and sugar industries. The island has a connection with our school because 214 years ago, Matthew Flinders was captured by the local French officials and held prisoner on the island for over 6 years. A statue erected in his honour will be visited during the school trip.


Our Matthew Flinders travellers will spend most of their time on Reunion Island, staying with families connected with our French sister school Lycée Sarda Garriga. Although the MFG students will spend plenty of time in the classroom, they will also hike in the mountains, spend a day in the capital city, visit a volcano, see dolphins in the wild, learn about the cultivation of vanilla on the island, shop at markets, sing our national anthem to the mayor, eat delicious curries and speak lots and lots of French!


Oui, la vie est belle!


Michael Keast


Understanding Autism Seminar


Schools' Creative Writing Competition


CSEF- Camps, Excursions, Activities Funding

Dear Year 7 families


We would like to thank those families who have completed their CSEF applications.

If you have not done so yet please call into the Administration office to complete a form

and provide a copy of your Centrelink card. We have just released information for our Year 7 Camp and your application should when approved be available towards this cost.

Applications close at the end of Term 1.

Conveyance Information

We wish to advise that the Transport Division of the Department of Education now require us to obtain from all applicants proof of purchase to travel when lodging your application for your claim.


Please provide a receipt or copy of your travel pass etc for us to copy and attach.


Without this step the Department will not validate your claim and no payment will be received by us on your behalf.

Introducing Qkr


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