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08 April 2020
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Be Fearless, Be Joyful, Be Renewed:
Living the Spirit of Easter

Dear Parents and Carers,


The staff of St Joseph's wish every one of our families a blessed and holy Easter. Thank you for all of the encouraging emails of gratitude and acts of kindness over the last few weeks. The staff is very appreciative of your incredible support as we have transitioned into a mode of operation that we never imagined at the beginning of the term.


I am very grateful for a staff who is so capable, professional, generous and faith filled. They have genuinely been focused on their students, their learning, wellbeing, and needs.  I wish them a well deserved and restful break with their families.


How Can My Child/ren learn about the events of Holy Week and Easter?

In the first week of Term 2, student home learning will include Holy Week and Easter. These activities were scheduled for this week, Holy Week, until the pupil free days were announced. Easter is the most significant season in our Catholic Faith and it is important to the growth in faith of each student that learning about the events of Holy Week and Easter are still provided.


The Stations of the Cross

As the first teachers of your children in our faith, you may wish to spend time on Good Friday exploring the events of Jesus' death in an age-appropriate way. The Stations of the Cross for Children from Loyola Press may be helpful.  Also available in the PDF attached below.


Celebrate with Bishop Brian Mascord on Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter


An Easter Reflection For Parents and Carers (From Loyola Press)

The Easter season—beginning on Easter Sunday and continuing for 50 days—is an opportunity for us to cultivate a spirit that defines who we are as Christians. So what does living the spirit of the Easter season mean in practical terms? Here are three concrete suggestions.


Live with Joy

Joy is a deep-down gladness that cannot be taken away, even in the midst of sorrow. The Passion and Resurrection of Jesus teach us that suffering is transformed through faith in the Risen Christ. With this faith, we are able to hold on to an enduring sense of joy even in the midst of the sadness we experience from the loss of a loved one, a failure to achieve an important goal, or a setback during recovery from an illness.


Live without Fear

The Resurrection teaches us that God can overcome anything, even death. When the Risen Christ appears to the women at the tomb and later to his disciples, his first words are “Do not be afraid!” (Mt 28:5,10) These words speak to our hearts, helping us cope with the fear from the loss of a job, a serious illness, or a crumbling relationship. Our faith allows us to trust that God can overcome our most serious problems.


Live with New Eyes

Easter means to live with a sense of newness.  Just as the return of spring lifts our spirits and makes us feel like the whole world is new, the Resurrection of Jesus makes “all things new.” (Rev. 21:5) The Easter spirit is a spirit of renewal that enables us to show up at work with a positive attitude, to renew relationships that have been taken for granted, and to express appreciation and affection to those closest to us. It means to see the world through new eyes—God´s eyes.

We can use these 50 days to cultivate an Easter spirit that enables us to be truly Christian: embracing joy, living without fear, and seeing the world again—as if for the first time.


For all things at St Joseph’s and at home, give thanks!

Jen Charadia


School Holidays

School Holidays begin from, and includes, Friday 10 April and concludes on Friday 24 April.

Term 2 begins on Monday 27 April when remote learning will resume for students.

Mrs Annie Harris

We wish Mrs. Annie Harris all the best as she begins parental leave and awaits the birth of her baby next term. Mrs. Lili Carter and Mrs. Shannon Stanizzo will be the class teachers for 1M in Term 2. and I thank them for looking after the learning needs of 1M students.

CatholicCare Referral - Remote Services

Please contact CatholicCare should your child need counseling services.


Measures to Support Families Experienceing Significant Financial Impact

Please download the letter below and feel free to contact the school with any financial matters you wish to discuss if in financial hardship.

Note:  St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School does not offer Direct Debit payment option

COVID-19 Catholic Education Information Centre

Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong has launched a new COVID-19 Information Centre on its website. It is the best place to find the latest information about CEDoW's systemic response to COVID-19.

We will continue to provide you with updates if the situation changes and as soon as new information becomes available.

Principal Awards and Merit Awards

Principal's Awards and Merit Awards will resume at a date to be advised.


Acknowledgment to Country

St Joseph's Bulli acknowledges and pays respect to the Dharawal people past and present, the traditional custodians of the land on which our school is built.


Our Catholic Identity

Bulli Parish Weekly Bulletin


As the Lenten season of sacrifice and self-denial approaches its conclusion, we now prepare for the most sacred time of the year for us as Catholic Christians, Holy Week. During this time, we commemorate and remember the last week of Jesus’ life on this earth—from his institution of the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, to his suffering and death on the cross on Good Friday, to his glorious resurrection on Easter Sunday!


You are invited to walk this journey online with Bishop Brian Mascord as we livestream the following Masses and liturgies from St John Vianney Co-Cathedral in Fairy Meadow:

7pm AEST | Holy Thursday (9 April)—Mass of the Lord’s Supper

10am AEST | Good Friday (10 April)—Stations of the Cross

3pm AEST | Good Friday (10 April)—Commemoration of the Lord’s Passion

7pm AEST | Holy Saturday (11 April)—Mass of the Easter Vigil


You can watch here on this page on our Facebook page or YouTube Channel.


As we endure together the new world order that we currently find ourselves in, engaging wholeheartedly in the Easter Triduum has the power to change us forever. Holy Week is an intense immersion in the fundamental mystery of what it is to be Christian. During these days, we suffer with Christ so that we might rise with him at his glorious resurrection.


This is indeed a graced moment for us and the world—God is calling us to clear our schedules of unnecessary activities and fix our minds and hearts on Jesus and what he did for us. Let us bear the cross so that may be worthy of wearing the crown he wore.


We look forward to you coming home for Holy Week with Bishop Brian.

Sacramental Programs and Celebrations of the Sacraments

Preparation for and celebration of First Reconciliation, Confirmation and First Communion for children will be postponed until further notice.


Holy Week

Celebration for Students

To recognise and celebrate the significant events of Holy Week and Easter Sunday,  St Joseph’s students will begin each day of Week 1 next term focusing on a particular Holy Week/Easter event through prayer. We encourage families to join with and support the students each day in prayer, where possible. 



On Easter Sunday Christians celebrated the day Jesus was resurrected – the day he rose from the dead. Our challenge this Easter Season is to show that the risen Jesus is alive in our hearts and minds through compassionate actions.

How can we all continue Jesus’ mission of LOVE in the World today?


School News

Update from the Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong Director of Schools

Tomorrow our school community will receive an update of the current COVID-19 situation. This  update will include the following:

  • A recap of the major COVID-19 events over the last month

  • A summary of how Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong has responded

  • A reminder of the support that’s available to families

  • An outline of what to expect over the holidays and in Term 2

The update will be sent to tou via COMPASS email and I urge all parents to read this update as we head into the holidays.

2021 Kindergarten Enrolment Applications

2021 Kindergarten Enrolment Forms are now available from the school office. You may also access the forms from our school website.  

Applications can be handed into the school office during school terms, or emailed to


The Easter Bunny visited St Joseph's today...

Thank you to all the families that drove passed this afternoon to collect their Easter egg!



Happy Birthday

9 April: Sophie I Yr5

10 April: Sophie P Yr2 & Celie S Yr2

11 April: Jayden T Yr5

12 April: Poppy S Yr1

15 April: Rachel C Yr3 & Grace M Kinder

19 April: Claire R Yr3

24 April: Arielia D Yr6, Milla K Yr3 & Amelie M Yr2

26 April: Pheobe R Yr1

27 April: Eli R Yr1

28 April: Kate H Yr3





Parenting Page

CatholicCare Support During COVID-19

Please contact CatholicCare should your child need counseling services.


COVID-19 Does your parenting rulebook still apply?

by Michael Grose


The current social isolation policy as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has confined people to their family cocoons. Life for parents is very different now that we can no longer share the parenting load with relatives, friends and professionals outside the family home.


Parenting success will require you to quickly adapt to new circumstances, by replacing some of your current parenting practices with methods more in tune with close quarter living. This may seem uncomfortable at first, as you may be going against some current beliefs that are in vogue. In effect, you may have to create a new parenting playbook suited to your family’s needs, rather than being dictated by ‘groupthink’ that social media encourages.


As a way of helping with this process I’ve examined four common parenting rules of thumb, and replaced each with a new, more appropriate rule.


Current rule: Put your kids first

Current parenting practices place children before parents in many aspects of life. The tendency to put our own personal lives on hold for the duration of their childhood while we cater for children’s after school activities is an obvious example. Nothing wrong with wanting the best for our kids, but it needs to be questioned if it comes at the cost of a parent’s quality of life.

Try instead: Put yourself first- Most parents know the importance of self-care but fail to put it into practice. Make yourself a priority and attend to your own physical and mental health and personal happiness. Practise the good care habits that we encourage in kids – eat well, sleep well, get plenty of exercise, take regular time out and ensure you do something each day that brings you joy. It takes a great deal of selflessness to be a parent. Finding ways to prioritise ourselves can actually make us even better at it.


Current rule: Focus on individual good

The shift to smaller families has brought about a shift in focus from parenting the gang to parenting each child individually. This shows in everyday activities such as individually-designed meals for each child and paying children for completing chores. The propensity to focus on individual needs often comes at the expense of the family good, which is evident when difficult times arise.

Try instead: Focus on greater good

Alfred Adler, the father of Individual Psychology believed that children’s moral development is fostered in full when they contribute to the wellbeing and functioning of the family. It’s a ‘we’ before ‘me’ concept. When children are living in close proximity with each other for long lengths of time it’s essential for them to consider the needs of others as well as their own needs. “How does my behaviour impact on others? How can I help? How can I ease the load?” become the prime consideration for all family members.

Current rule: Parents are responsible

The responsibility in many families falls to parents to resolve most problems, even if they are owned by kids. If a child leaves a lunch at home, often a well-meaning parent will take it school. A child’s friendship issue is resolved by parents. Conflict with a sibling? Mum or dad will sort it out. The propensity for parents to take responsibility for what are essentially children’s problems is exhausting (for parents) and leads to unprecedented levels of parental guilt when children are unhappy. Yes, we even tend to take responsibility for their individual happiness.

Try instead: Children are responsible

The current social isolation measures mean it’s almost impossible for a parent to sort out all of a child’s problems. “That’s your problem. Please work it out yourself” is the mantra for close quarter living you can apply to many situations such as boredom, hunger and dealing with noisy siblings. At times of children’s high need during social isolation caused by COVID-19 I suggest that you make yourself scarce, emerging only when you know kids have tried and failed to resolve their own problems.

Current rule: Get their compliance

Most of the current child and adolescent management techniques are built around compliance. “How can I get my kids to do as I wish?” still dominates much of the current parenting narrative, reflecting old practices when children were seen and not heard, and corporal punishment was in vogue. These methods are not suitable for getting kids onside on the family cocoon.


New rule: Win their cooperation

Some time in recent years the management narrative shifted from getting compliance to gaining cooperation from kids. This shift requires a change in mindset, behaviour and language from parents. The language of compliance (“I want you to do this!”) still has a place in family-life albeit very minor, however the language of cooperation (“I need this done.”) in all its forms represents this essential shift in management mindset that is required in the current circumstances.


The new circumstances we find ourselves in due to COVID-19 while daunting at first glance, offer an opportunity to revisit old habits, principles and rules in all areas of life, including your parenting. It’s human nature to feel comfortable with old ways even if they are not working for us. Sometimes it takes a crisis such as the one we are all experiencing to examine old habits, principles and rules to see if they are suitable. If they are not, then its time to create a new rulebook.

Leading the Way for Children During the Coronavirus Pandemic


Need Help with Devices and the Internet at Home?





The eSafety Commissioner website helps Australians to have safer, more positive experiences online. The site has a parent page that provides advice for parents and carers to help children have safe experiences online.  eSafety Commissioner




Dates to Remember

2020 Term Dates


April 2020

Monday 6 April - Thursday 9 April

Staff Development Days

Monday 27 April- First Day Term 2

CANCELLED- Pupil Free Day- Staff Development Day

May 2020

Wednesday 6 May

School Photo Day  (Postponed - new date 28 October)

National Walk to School Day (Cancelled)


12-22 May

NAPLAN Year 3 and 5 (Cancelled)

June 2020

Thursday 11 June

School Athletics Carnival TBA

July 2020

Thursday 23 & Friday 24 July

Year 5 Overnight Canberra Excursion TBA

Thursday 30 & Friday 31 July

Year 6 Confirmation TBA

August 2020

Wednesday 12 August

First Reconciliation Yr3 TBA

September 2020

Thursday 3 September

Father's Day Stall

October 2020

Wednesday 28 October

School Photo Day

November 2020

8 and 15 November

First Holy Communion Yr3 TBA

Canteen Closed

Canteen Closed

Please be advised that the school canteen will remain closed for the rest of Term 1.

Parents & Friends

April Lawn Mowing Roster

Please be familiar with social distancing and gathering requirements, and keep up to date with these before arriving at school to mow lawns. The lawns can wait, your civic responsibilities in light of COVID-19 and your own health are a priority.


Mark Patterson: Leading Hand

Todd Caine
Karl Lavis
Jason Zanatta
Brock Askell
Michael Benefiel
Ash Turner
Dominic Philippa







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