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06 June 2019
Issue Three
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Principal's Report

Morning Tea with Mr McClare

One of the most important parts of being a Principal, or any educator for that matter, is the ability to seek out and respond to feedback. Finding out what is going well at Kalinda and what we can do better is an important job at any stage of my time at the school. Listening to feedback is hugely important in my first year here, but would be just as important in my tenth year at the school.

As well as regularly meeting with staff, parents and School Council, it is crucial that the students have the opportunity to have their voice heard. From next week, I will begin weekly 'Morning Tea with Mr McClare' sessions with students from across the school. Each week on Friday mornings, from 10:00am-11:00am I will be meeting with 5 random students selected from a class in the school. Over the course of the year I will have the opportunity to have a deep discussion with students from every class.

Before my first Morning Tea with a group of students next week, I would like to invite any interested parents to join me for morning tea next Friday 14th June at 9:00am in the staff room. I hope many of you can make it to this Morning Tea straight after drop-off and I look forward to getting to know more of you and hearing your feedback about what is great about Kalinda and what areas we can improve in.

New staff at Kalinda

Over the last few weeks we have been recruiting for Semester 2. Our aim was to find high quality replacements for Stewart Clyde, who left the school at the end of term 1, and Zoe George who will be leaving to live overseas at the end of this term (good luck Zoe).


Simone Bailey will be the new 1/2Z class teacher from the beginning of Term 3. Simone has been a qualified teacher for quite some time, with  experience in the classroom a few years ago. Since then, Simone has been doing exceptional work as an ES staff member here at Kalinda. She is fantastic with all students, dedicated to the school and she makes great relationships with the students she teaches.


Natasha Weekes will be the new 5/6C classroom teacher from the beginning of Term 3. Natasha is a highly experienced teacher, with leadership experience. She will be a great asset to the school and the 5/6 team.


This term, we have utilised a new recruitment process, having the opportunity to observe candidates teaching a small group of students before we move to the interview stage of the selection process. This allows for us to assess pedagogical practice and even more importantly, the way a teacher relates with the students in their class. Having gone through this process with these new teachers, we are assured that they will form great relationships and achieve strong learning and well-being results with their class in the second half of this year.


I would like to take this opportunity to also thank Carli Lange and Zoe George for the wonderful job they have done. Carli will continue to work at Kalinda in a part-time capacity and I am particularly appreciative of the dedication and care she shows towards her students. We wish Zoe and her family all the best in their new adventures overseas

We are kind. We are resilient. We are respectful.

From the Assistant Principal 

From Mrs Hopkins' office....

Picture it, you are in the car or around the dinner table. Maybe you are snuggled in bed after a bedtime story or maybe it's whilst you are waiting in the cold for soccer or dancing to start. As a busy parent, you snatch this moment to celebrate your child's day and if you are lucky....get a little insight into their day. 


You: "So, how was your day???"

Them: "Good". 

You: "Great!! What did you do?"

Them: "...Nothing".

You: ....

Them: .........

You: .....................


Does this sound familiar? Perhaps "Nothing" is replaced by a shrug or "I don't know" but either way very often our children find it really hard to sum up their day. The school day is 6.5 hours of constant movement, stimulation, questions, challenges, fun and play. By the end of all this it is hard for our children to choose one thing to focus on long enough to explain to you! 


These conversations are incredibly powerful though, and continually strengthen the relationship between home and school by demonstrating that you value education and most importantly, your child's day. Don't shy away from these opportunities, steal them where you can. By varying the questions that you ask you can gain not only a good understanding of what they are learning, but also works as a 'check in' on their emotional wellbeing and social life as well. Try some of the following (not all at once! This isn't Hot Seat!) and see how you go! 


What score out of 10 would you give your day? Why?


                                                                     What was something you did today that you've never done before?


What or who made you smile today? How?


                                                                      Did you make someone smile today? How did you do that?


Did you have a moment today where you thought "I can't!"? What happened next?


                                                                       What mindfulness practise did your class do today?  


Which Play is the Way concept did you demonstrate today? How?


                                                                        What was challenging about Maths today?


What is your learning goal in Writing at the moment? How are you going?


                                                                         Which reading strategy are you working on?


Where did you play in the yard today?


For bonus points - try taking turns and sharing your own answer to these questions too! Helping your child see that grown ups have ups and downs, smiles and frowns, challenges and celebrations ...(and yes even 'boring' moments or days!) is pretty powerful as well! 


Happy Days Kalinda! 

Lauren Hopkins

We are kind.                                                 We are resilient.                                                    We are respectful. 

Save the date

Upcoming events to mark in your calendar: 



Day Date Event


Thursday 6 June Parent information session for Sex Ed, whole school community
Monday 10th June Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Thursday 13th June Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6
Friday 14th June Excursion to MSO for Years 1 and 2



15th June

19th June


Pyjama Day (gold coin donation)

Thursday 20th June

Jump Rope for Heart Day, all grades

Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6

Tuesday 25th June Performance Assembly, 9.10am
Wednesday 26th June Hot Dog Special Food Day
Thursday 27th June

Sex Ed session for Years 5 and 6

Science Expo, 3.00pm for years 3 and 4

Friday 28th June

Final day of Term 2.

Early dismissal, 2.30pm

  13th to 19th August Lilyvale Primary (our sister school) will visit as part of the Branch Out exchange program with Japan
Thursday  15th August Branch Out Special Food Day

Working Bees

Sunday June 23

Saturday August 17

Sunday September 15

Sunday November 24

Looking Ahead, Key Dates

Term 3    
Tuesday 30th July House Athletics for Years 3 to 6
Monday 12th August National Science Week commences
Monday 19th August 

Book Week commences

Sunday  14th September State School Spectacular
Wednesday 18th September Footy Pie Day and Footy Maths Day
Friday 20th September Final Day of Term 3
Term 4    
Tuesday 5th November Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
Monday 18th November House Athletics for Foundation to Year 2
Friday 6th December Swimming Program commences
Friday 20th December Final Day of the 2019 school year.

Special Dates for Future Foundation Students


2019 Term dates


2020 and beyond


Spotlight on student learning



5/6s have been exploring angles in their own names...


3/4 have been preparing for their Science Expo.

"Design and recreate a model of a planet that will support life".

How interesting! Thanks 3/4H!



More on the Science Expo...


Kalinda Kids Corner

The Kalinda Kids Corner is a place for Student Voice. A place to showcase student ideas and reports. 

What do our students have to say this week?

Save the Bees - a message from 3/4

The 3/4s were interested by World Bee Day on May 20th and decided to do some of their own research. There are some very passionate budding Bee experts in 3/4P!


Says Cara: "Why are bees important? Because they pollinate your fruits and veggies and flowers. Without bees...I just don't know what would happen!"



A message from Olive:

We are so proud of Olive, can you help her achieve this dream?



My name is Olive and as part of my leadership role this year I have come up with an idea for our new Kalinda garden beds where we will grow fruit and vegetables to sell at our school assemblies to our Kalinda families with all money raised from the sales going to charities chosen by our students.


To make this happen I have had some support from local businesses which I am very grateful for  but I am also looking for some support from our generous Kalinda community as we are still in need of the following 


- Garden tools

- Watering cans

- Spades

- Seeds to plant/Plants ( Fruit and Vegetable)

- Vouchers or cash donations to purchase garden products or plants


All donations will be very appreciated and support us in creating this great new garden for our school and any donations can be dropped off at the office.




Student Achievements

Student Achievements

The children of Kalinda have many wonderful talents, achievements and hobbies. If your child has recently celebrated an achievement of some sort we would love to hear about it! Maybe they have broken a record at Little Athletics, earned a new belt in Karate, been selected for a choir or dance group, or been awarded a special badge in Cubs, Scouts or Guides. Whatever the accomplishment, please send details (and photos if possible) to kalinda.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au or chat to Lauren Hopkins (Assistant Principal) because we would really like to share their achievements here! 

Around the school


Earn and Learn is back on for 2019! This year we are very excited to be a part of the program and we are collecting stickers to put towards new maths equipment for our classrooms. Please encourage all your family and friends to bring their stickers into school. Sticker sheets and collection boxes are in the foyer, near the office.


You can download and print a sticker sheet from https://cdn0.woolworths.media/content/content/earn-and-learn-sticker-sheet.pdf


Japan Tsunami Appeal

Ringwood North District Cross Country

Congratulations to all students who competed in the District Cross Country last Tuesday at Domeney Reserve, Park Orchards. Our students were challenged as they competed against the best runners in the Ringwood North district on a very difficult course which included many hills and uneven terrain. Despite these challenging conditions they were still able to achieve really great results. They all performed really well on the day as they persevered through really tough conditions. It all paid off in the end as they finished second on the day out of ten schools within the Ringwood North district.


A special congratulations to Jack C, Callum S, Ava J, Genma S, Rory G and Blake G who finished in the top 10 and have progressed through to the next level, which is the Maroondah/Manningham Division Cross Country. Also congratulations to Emma F, Jemma W and Belle W for finishing in either 11th or 12th place and are listed as emergencies for this event.  


Thank-you to the parents who attended and showed their support on the day. A special thank-you to our parent helpers; Sarah Freer and Carlee Shultz  who assisted with the event itself by providing direction and encouragement.


Jessica Swingler

Maroondah / Manningham Division Cross Country


Well done to Ava J, Gemma S, Rory G, Blake G, Alex S, Callum S and Jack C who competed in the Maroondah / Manningham Division Cross Country on Tuesday the 4th of June at Yarra Valley Racecourse.


This was the third stage of the cross country competition so as you could imagine the competition had risen once again, though our students responded very well. From all reports they demonstrated great effort and run exceptionally. They all achieved really great results and should be very proud of these achievements.


A special congratulations to; Ava J who finished 3rd, Gemma S who finished 12th, Rory G who finished 3rd and Callum S who finished 4th. These students finished in the top 12 of their race and because of this they now progress to the fourth stage of the cross country competition which is the Eastern Metropolitan Region Primary Cross Country Championships. What an achievement, well done!


I also just wanted to say thank-you to the parents for taking their child/ren to this event and showing such great support. THANK-YOU!


Miss (Jessica) Swingler

Physical Education Teacher



From staff and the Office


 Special Food Day

Hot Dog Special Food Day forms are due Next Thursday, June 13th. Please be aware that no late orders can be accepted.


Last Day Reminder

The last day for Canteen Lunch Orders this term will be Monday 24th June.

We will have the Hot Dog Special Food Day on Wednesday 26th June, which will have been pre-ordered.

Then the Canteen will remain closed until Wednesday 17th July. 



We have multiple days where we URGENTLY need help in order to continue to provide this excellent service.  If you can help, please go to https://www.volunteersignup.org/XJ3WF

The roster is available for the whole year, including Special Food Days.

Next Week

Monday 10th June - Queen's Birthday Public Holiday

Wednesday 12th June, susanne H; 

Thursday,  13th June;  Helper Needed please

Friday, 14th June;           9.30 to 1.30pm Helper Needed please

and                                       11.45am to 1.30pm  Jane C


Following Week

Monday 17th June,    Helper Needed please

Wednesday 19th June, Helper Needed please

Thursday 20th June, Helper Needed please

Friday 21st June,        9.30am to 1.30pm, Helper Needed please

                                          11.30am to 1.30pm, Martina M



We will be holding a special Uniform Jumble Sale on Wednesday 12th June, all day  Most Items will require only a gold coin donation, but some items (eg jackets in good order) will be priced higher.  Proceeds will be donated to State Schools Relief.


Come to the trestle tables outside the office for a preview after school on Tuesday.


We will also be selling non-Kalinda items, priced appropriately.

Fundraising and Parents and Friends



Support Kalinda Primary School!

The perfect way to celebrate, well - anything! 


Give your loved one the VIP treatment with Entertainment! Packed with thousands of valuable offers across dining, retail, attractions and travel, an Entertainment Membership is the gift they can enjoy all year round.






Kalinda Disco Tips


Health and First Aid

Cold And Flu Season

Welcome to the first instalment of Health and First Aid at Kalinda Primary School. Each newsletter will have a new focus or update about current health and first aid issues within the school community. This newsletter’s topics are a bit chilly…

Cold and Flu Season

There have been an increasing number of students attending school with cold/flu symptoms.

If your child has signs/symptoms such as:

  • Coughing
  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Sneezing, blocked or runny nose
  • General congestion

They may have a cold. They need to stay at home until they feel well again.

If your child has signs/symptoms such as:

  • Fever
  • Sore throat
  • Tiredness
  • Muscle aches

They may have the flu. Please take them to their doctor. They need to stay at home until they feel well again.

Staying home when they’re unwell is for the health and safety of your child, their classmates and the school community.

If you are feeling concerned about your child’s symptoms of a cold or flu then see your doctor. Please see the attached image for more information about cold/flu symptoms, treatments and myths.

Join the Ice Pack Detectives!

Somewhere, somehow, some ice packs go missing when they leave the Sickbay Fridge. Have you seen any? Lost ice packs would love to be cold again!

To become an Ice Pack Detective, look around the yard and your classrooms – if you find any Ice Packs, bring them home to the Sickbay!

Every Ice Pack Detective will receive a special sticker for each ice pack brought back to the Sickbay, so start looking!


Anna Diacos EEN

First Aid Officer

Kalinda Primary School



Articles and Information from OshClub

Ongoing Information


Phone: OshClub on 0439 992 434   Email: kalinda@oshclub.com.au

Head Office: 1300 395 735   



Coordinator: Jane Evans

Assistant Coordinator: Jamie Quinn

Program Assistant: Sarah Taroza

OshClub Casual Staff: Wendy Reid, Lauren Hilston, Kaitlyn Robertson, Wiki Tut and Loressa Mancuso


This Week and Next Week

This Week - Welcoming Winter

Monday:        3D Snowflakes, am; Bob Down Tiggy, pm

Tuesday:       Origami Icicles, am; Poison Ball, pm

Wednesday: Paper Cup Animals, am; Grandma's Undies, pm

Thursday:     Speed Uno, am; Winter Relays, pm

Friday:           Zoob Construction, am; Fruit Salad, pm


Next Week - Getting our Science On!

Monday:       Sensory Chemistry - Playdough , am; Poison Skittles, pm

Tuesday:      Bread Hand hygiene experiment, am; Soccer , pm

Wednesday: Bleeding Blossoms, am; Basketball, pm

Thursday:    Bath Bombs, am; Balloon rocket races, pm

Friday:          Sensory Chemistry - slime, am; Table Tennis, pm



Osh Club Vacation Care

Bookings are now open for Vacation Care during the upcoming school holidays. Please see the attached flyer for booking information and details about our theme days, incursions and excursions. Further information can be found at http://www.oshclub.com.au/vacationcare


Please note: online bookings for each session close 24 hours in advance. If online bookings have closed and you would like to make or cancel a booking, please SMS the program phone on 0439 992 434. Any other queries, please feel free to call, SMS or email us at kalinda@oshclub.com.au. 


Handy Links

Instructions for accessing student sites: 

1. Click on the link above

2. Ensure (by checking in the top right hand corner of your screen) that you are not logged into any other google account other than your child's Google account. If you are currently logged into a personal or work Google account, you will not be able to access the student site

3. Select the Year level of your child. 

4. Enter the username and password that was issued via your child's diary. 

5. Please contact your class teacher or the school office if you are having issues. 

Public Announcements


Kalinda Primary School Newsletter
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Our Olympiad 2019 team sitting their first Olympiad this week.