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25 May 2017
Issue Seven
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Principal's Report


Dear Families,

As previously published, late last term I travelled to Ireland as part of a sponsored trip with other school principals from Melbourne. The following is a summary of two of the guest speakers:

1. Imelda Wickham, a Presentation nun, who has worked as a prison chaplain for the past 35 years;

2. Peter McVerry, a Jesuit priest, who has worked with the homeless in Ireland for the last 40 years.


Sometimes when we think of social issues within our society we forget that there are real people experiencing the problems. Both Imelda and Peter saw them completely and wholly as human beings who needed support and kinship – not as problems that needed to be solved. They spoke of these people as having fallen on difficult times for a multitude of reasons – some very often of their own doing – but never made judgments about them as human beings because of it. They simply walked with these people, shoulder to shoulder, offering support and assistance where they could and comfort and friendship when they could do nothing else.


Both of these people shared story after story of promise,  hope,  heartache and devastation, all the while extolling the dignity of each and every person that they came to know. Both Imelda and Peter spoke about how working with the excluded, marginal people, living on the edges of our society had deeply affected their spirituality and the way they read the scriptures. Peter said when he reads the scriptures he reads it through the eyes of compassion not through the eyes of the law and rules. He commented that he thinks people of today are looking for a God of compassion and perhaps all they are getting is a God of laws.


Peter challenged us and our church to think about the message of the gospel that we need to bring to people. If people flocked to Jesus in his time – which they did – why is this not happening with our modern church? Jesus’ message was relevant to the people he ministered to. He was in kinship with his people; he walked with them, ate with them, lived with them, whatever their circumstances. He challenged the authorities and stood with the marginalized. His message was apparent in his actions. He called for the modern church's teachings to be more connected to the people. Peter stressed to us that the very essence of being Christian is that we share Jesus’ dream of justice and peace in order that we can all live a fulfilled life.


Peter challenged us further as individuals and asked us:

“How do we live together to bring the kingdom of God to each other?”

When people encounter you, they should experience the kingdom of God – do they? These are important questions for us to ask ourselves.


Future Jobs

Next year's Preps will graduate from secondary school in 2030. Most of them will eventually be in occupations that are yet to exist. An article in the Herald Sun (20/05/2017) stated after thirteen years of schooling, 70% of students would participate in 'tech-focused' careers. That is a staggering statistic provided by the Good Careers Guide but reinforces the importance of Information and Computer Technology (ICT) in today's curriculum. Our students have learnt about coding, cybersafety and using a 3-D printer in their specialist class with Mr Martello. In the future, the students will be learning through the use of Virtual Reality goggles. Last year we upgraded the ICT infrastructure and purchased approximately 150 devices. We have provided our students with the resources to enhance their learning. ICT will continue to be an area of focus as we prepare our students for 2030 and beyond.

National Sorry Day in Australia


National Sorry Day is an Australia-wide observance held on May 26 each year. This day gives people the chance to come together and share the steps towards healing for the Stolen Generations, their families and communities. Stolen generations refer to Indigenous Australians who were forcibly removed from their families and communities.


The first National Sorry Day was held on May 26, 1998, which was one year after the tabling of a report about the removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families. The report, known as Bringing Them Home, acknowledged that Indigenous children were forcibly separated from their families and communities since the early days of European occupation in Australia. This removal was official government policy in Australia until 1969.


Australia’s Prime Minister Kevin Rudd tabled a motion in parliament on February 13, 2008, apologizing to Australia’s Indigenous people, particularly the Stolen Generations and their families and communities, for the laws and policies that inflicted profound grief, suffering and loss. This event is seen by many as a step forward in reconciliation.


Earlier this year we added new Australian and Aboriginal flags to the front of our school.


The Aboriginal flag is horizontally divided into two equal halves of black (top) and red (bottom) with a yellow circle in the centre. The black symbolizes Australia’s Aboriginal people and the yellow circle represents the Sun. The red represents the Earth and people’s relationship with the land. It also represents ochre, which is used in Aboriginal ceremonies in Australia. 


The Torres Strait Islander flag features three horizontal stripes, with green at the top and bottom of the flag and blue in between, divided by thin black lines. A white dharri or deri (a type of headdress) sits in the centre, with a five-point star underneath it. The color green represents the land. The dharri symbolizes all Torres Strait Islanders. The black represents the people and the blue represents the sea. The five-point star symbolizes the island groups. The star is white, which symbolizes peace in this case. Bernard Namok designed the flag.


Previously I have written about the importance of being positive and grateful while showing appreciation for the recognition of others. Thankyou to the students, staff and parents/guardians who have been demonstrating these attributes at Galilee. While constructive feedback is a critical part of improvement, positive appreciation and recognition leads to improved wellbeing and ultimately performance. If you are wanting to acknowledge someone's effort or performance, approach them personally and don't assume that someone else has done it. With a number of people displaying this behaviour it can have a dramatic impact upon the culture of an organisation such as Galilee.



I've observed some students arriving late and not signing in at the office which is an important safety protocol. At Galilee we have a large enrolment boundary, meaning that some families have to travel a reasonable distance to arrive at school. We understand that at times, due to circumstances beyond your control (ie unusual traffic congestion), that families may be occasionally late for school. The school day begins at 8:50am and we appreciate the effort that families make to be punctual. If your child is late for school, arriving after 8:50am, they need to be signed in at the school office. Shortly after 8:50am, the front gate will be closed for safety reasons. Being punctual is important for your child's learning but being late can be disruptive for the remainder of the class. By being punctual, you are showing your child/ren that you value their education and school. If you consistently arrive late, you could aim to leave five minutes earlier. Please support the learning of our students by being on time for school. 

Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences will occur on Monday 26th June from 2:00pm-7:30pm, with school finishing at 1:30pm on this day. Other conferences will occur on Wednesday 28th June from 2-5pm (school will remain open as normal on this day with specialist teachers supervising classes). 

Information will be emailed home and sessions will available to book from tomorrow morning.

It is compulsory for students to attend from Prep—Year Six. The meetings will go for a period of 15 minutes, comprising TEN minutes with student-led conferences followed by an allotted FIVE minutes for parental questions about the report. If students are unable to attend with the parent/ guardian, they will need to be re-scheduled to a suitable time for all. These scheduled meetings are not the only time made available to parents to discuss their child’s progress; these can be made at any time suitable to all parties.

In a student-led conference format, students and teachers prepare together and then the students lead the conference while teachers facilitate. The triad then sit together to review and discuss the work and the student’s progress. The message is that the students are responsible for their own success. Student-led conference models vary but the premise is the same: This is the student’s moment to share his or her reflections on achievements and challenges.


Some of the benefits of Student-Led Conferences:

  • Students are given the opportunity to accept responsibility for their learning.
  • Student-parent communication can be improved.
  • Students become self-evaluative about their role in the learning process.  
  • Students become more conscious about what they are supposed to be learning in each learning area. 
  • Students self-identify their areas of strength and development.  
  • Students (with their teacher’s assistance) select work that accurately reflects their progress. 
  • Students work on improving their organisational and oral communication skills. 
  • Students, parents and teachers can engage in honest dialogue about student progress. 

Why have Student-Led Conferences?

Why have Student-Led Conferences? The purpose of a student-led conference is to make students more fully aware of their own learning and to help them take personal responsibility for their progress. In the traditional parent-teacher conference, students are ‘third parties’ to assessment, hearing about their progress through teachers and parents. Teachers and parents play a vital role in education but students must also take an active role in this area to maximise their potential for success. In preparing for a student-led conference students see how their strengths, weaknesses and behaviour can affect them as learners thus allowing them to take more responsibility for and control over their achievement in school. Student-led conferences are an experience that can improve the communication of both students and parents. In a student-led conference, students learn how to reflect on their learning, evaluate their progress and communicate this information to their parents. It is a fantastic opportunity for parents to listen to their children, to encourage growth and to help their child with specific problems. Hints for parents:  

  • Express positive interest and anticipation about the upcoming conference. 
  • Listen and respond to the student. 
  • Express pride in growth and progress.  
  • Ask questions (see below for samples).  
  • Be positive, offering to help in areas where improvement is needed.  
  • Recognise that students need to develop independence in communicating progress – the teacher will be there to facilitate and answer specific questions but will not take charge of the conference.

Possible questions to ask during a student-led conference: Can you explain this to me? How did you come up with this idea? How have you grown in this area? How can you improve in this area? How can we help you at home? What was important to you about this? If you could do this work over again, how would you change it? What future goals do you have as a student?


Catholic Education Funding

The text below is written by Catholic Education Melbourne

School funding needs to keep pace with school costs.

Nearly one in four Victorian students attends a Catholic school.

Catholic school families are pretty similar to government school families and are open to anyone seeking Catholic education. Catholic schools tend to keep school fees as low as possible, so that more families can make that choice for their children.


Over the next three years, the Australian Government has committed to growing funding for Catholic schools in Victoria by only 3.5%. While this might seem high in the current climate, to put it into context, teacher salaries in Victoria are expected to increase by 3.25% over the same timeframe.


This short-term gain comes with long-term pain.

From 2021, the Turnbull Government is now proposing to introduce a minimum annual indexation rate of 3%. The government originally intended on introducing a variable measure that would have resulted in significantly lower annual increases to Catholic school funding. While the government’s newer proposal is a positive step, annual funding growth may not keep pace with school costs, particularly if teacher salaries continue to rise at the current rate.


Any decision to reduce Catholic school funding – by not having school funding keep pace with actual school costs – could mean that parent fees may have to go up. Alternatively we would need to identify other cost-cutting measures that could impact the educational programs we provide for our students. If you would like to support Catholic Education in their negotiations please contact your local Federal Member of Parliament.



Peace and Blessings,

Simon Millar

Upcoming Dates

**Dates and times may change

Term Dates 

Term 2  April 19 - June 30

Term 3 July 17 - September 22

Term 4 October 9 - December 19 


Mon 29  Year 2 Parent Morning Tea &

                 Eucharist Reflection Day for Year 4

Tue 30  Prep Parish Mass Ss. Peter and Paul 12pm

Wed 31  Year 1 Parish Mass Ss. Peter and Paul 12pm


Thu 1  Dads Night

Fri 2  Movie/Disco Night

Fri 9  School closure day

Mon 12  Queen's Birthday Public Holiday  

Tue 13  SEB Meeting

Mon 19  Year 3 Parent Morning tea

Tue 20  Drums and Vocals Soiree 5pm - 7pm

Wed 21  Violin, Keyboard and Guitar Soiree 5pm - 7pm

Mon 26  Students finish 1.30pm - Student Led Conferences 2pm - 7.30pm

Wed 28  Student Conferences 2pm - 5pm

Fri 30  End of Term Mass at Ss. Peter and Paul 9.30am

School Closure Dates

Friday June 9

Friday August 25

Monday November 6

Friday December 1

Sacrament Dates

First Eucharist - Ss. Peter and Paul, South Melbourne

  • Preparation Class 4 - Saturday 27th May
  • Reflection Day – Monday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist – Sunday 4th June at 10.00am - at Ss. Peter and Paul

First Eucharist Dates - Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Middle Park and St. Joseph's Port Melbourne

  • Preparation Class 3 - Saturday 27th May
  • Preparation Class 4 - Saturday 3rd June
  • Reflection Day – Monday 29th May at Galilee - 8:50am - 3:25pm
  • Sacrament of First Eucharist - Saturday 17th June at 6pm - at Our Lady of Mount Carmel 




Sept. 14  Confirmation Faith and Parent Information Night

Nov. 4  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 8  Sacrament of Confirmation Rehearsal with Bishop Elliot at OLMC

Nov. 11  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 11  Sacrament of Confirmation OLMC

Nov. 18  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Nov. 25  Preparation Class Ss. Peter & Paul's Hall 4.45pm

Dec. 3  Sacrament of Confirmation  Ss. Peter and Pauls 10-11am


Public Holidays

12 Jun   Queen's Birthday
29 Sep   AFL Grand Final Friday
7 Nov     Melbourne Cup Day


Wednesdays 2.40pm

May 31  4R and 4G

June 7  Prep F

June 14  Prep F & Year 5

June 21  Sport 

Second Hand Uniform

Open Monday 3.30-3.40pm & Friday 8.40-8.55am

Located in Prep Building

Clean uniform donations appreciated

Lunch Orders

Available to order Wednesdays and Fridays only


Education in Faith


Celebrating Pentecost in our Schools

By Vincent (Vas) Clementine, Formation Officer, Liturgy, Prayer and Spirituality, at Catholic Education Melbourne

The feast of Pentecost, which we celebrate in a couple of weeks, is about God’s presence with us. In the story of Pentecost in the Acts of the Apostles, the disciples experienced the Holy Spirit entering into each one of them and then drawing them together.

On that day in Jerusalem there were people gathered from all over the world, people from every culture and language group. When the disciples went out to share the Spirit of Pentecost they were able to communicate with those people of diverse cultures and languages in a way that spoke personally to each one: ‘in our own languages we hear them speaking about God’s deeds of power’ (Acts 2: 11). On that day the first Christian community was born: a community of forgiveness, of cultural diversity, of sharing, of equality, of mutual support and benefit, of understanding and trust (Acts 2: 43–47). For this reason, Pentecost is sometimes called the birthday of the Church.


First Eucharist Sacramental Preperation

Many of our Year 4 students have been preparing to receive the Sacrament of First Eucharist for the first time. 


On Monday 29th May our Year 4 students will be involved in a First Eucharist Reflection Day  at Galilee.


The Reflection Day will take place during normal school hours in the school hall and will give the students an opportunity to celebrate all the learning that they have been doing in the lead up to the Sacrament of First Eucharist.


During the day we will attend the Parish Mass at St Peter and Paul’s. We will work through several activities that will allow the children to dialogue with others and enhance their understanding of First Eucharist. The activities will be run by teachers from Galilee. 


We thank the parents, parish staff and school staff for all the work that they are doing to ensure that the students are well prepared for the Sacrament of First Eucharist.


Singing Practice with Anita

Many of you will be aware that Anita has begun to lead us in singing hymn's and Mass responses during assembly.


We thank Anita for this wonderful initiative and we trust that the students will not only enjoy this new addition to the school assembly but also benefit from learning the hymns and new responses as well as learning a little more about meaning behind the responses.


The aim behind this initiative is to encourage student participation and increase students knowledge and understanding of the liturgy. 

Leadership and Management

School Vision Statement


Earlier this year we started a process of reviewing and re-writing Galilee's School Vision Statement so that it was inline with current educational priorities and included the combined voices of staff, students and parents in our community.


A representative group of students, parents and staff volunteered to collaboratively work on forming a Vision Statement for Galilee.


Then a School Improvement Team made up of a small group of students, staff and parents met to refine the Vision Statement.


After many hours of work and a long consultation process we are excited to announce the new Galilee Vision Statement:


At Galilee students, staff and parents:

  • LIVE as faith-filled global citizens who purposefully contribute to the world,

  • LOVE by fostering a safe, inclusive, active and positive community,  

  • LEARN and teach collaboratively, using evidence to empower inquiring minds.

We thank our school leaders; Charlotte and Ethan, parent representatives; Brendan (Alice, Year 4)  and Vivian (Daniel, Year 3 and Eliza, Year 5) and representatives from the staff; Danielle Gerecke, Amy Burns and Jane Ferris for their work in preparing this document.

P.E Specialist Change

P.E will change for Year 3C next week.  The students will need to wear their sport uniform on Monday 29th May.


There will be a pretend emergency drill this Friday (26th May), that will require all classes to go into a pretend lockdown. These practice scenarios are conducted once a term to make sure that we are able to protect the students and staff of Galilee in the event of a real-life emergency situation. Completing these practice scenarios are a normal part of a school's responsibility in regards to Occupational Health and Safety.  At the completion of the activity, we will inform all students that the lockdown was a pretend situation and there is absolutely no cause for concern.

Joss Coaley

Galilee OH&S Representative

School Uniform

It is the policy of Galilee Regional Catholic Primary School that all students must wear school uniform. Wearing the correct uniform is in keeping with our aim of developing in our students, a feeling of belonging and a sense of identity. The positive image that the school presents to the community is given high priority. 

We express our gratitude to all parents/carers for encouraging your child's wearing of school uniform every day.


Galilee School Uniform can be purchased from PSW or the second hand uniform shop





Uniform requirements:

  • Students need to wear the correct uniform to school on a daily basis and to and from excursions unless otherwise stated on a permission note.

  • If there is a genuine reason for a child to be out of uniform on any particular day, a signed note must go to the student’s classroom teacher at the start of the day stating the student's name, the date, and the reason for not wearing correct uniform and when the student will return to wearing the correct uniform.

  • If a student is out of uniform without a written explanation, a note will be sent home from the school explaining that the student attended school without the correct uniform. If the student continues to attend school, out of uniform without a written explanation, further communication and follow-up will occur.

  • Students are currently required to wear the winter uniform to school.  Here are some examples of correct winter and sports uniform:

Please note if you are experiencing difficulty in providing the correct school uniform for your child, assistance may be available. Please contact the Office for more information.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. When can I buy the rugby top?

A. The rugby top is now available from PSW.


Q. What changes have been made to the uniform?

A. We have added a rugby top for all students to be worn with the PE uniform for extra warmth. We have upgraded the quality and fit of a few items that can be purchased as items need to be replaced. The transition to these new items will occur naturally as items need to be replaced.

  • Galilee navy pants in the winter uniform are a new fit

  • Galilee Hats are now made with better quality material and a softer brim

  • Galilee Tracksuit pants have an improved cut

  • Hair Accessories may be forest green in addition to Navy or Maroon as an option when students are wearing the winter uniform.


Q. Can the new rugby top be worn on any day?

A. No, the new rugby top can only be worn on sport days with the exception of the Year 6 students who are able to wear their rugby top on any day of the week.


Q. Can the microfiber zipped  jacket be worn without the woollen jumper when a student is in the winter uniform?

A. No, the woollen jumper needs to be worn first, before the microfiber jacket is worn with the winter uniform. With the PE uniform students can wear the microfiber jacket over their polo top. The woollen jumper is not part of the sport uniform.


Q. Can the students wear singlets or undershirts under their polo tops to keep them warm?

A. Yes, the singlet or undershirt needs to be white or in keeping with the colours of the school uniform.


Q. Can my son/daughter wear the Galilee navy blue pants or Galilee navy blue shorts with navy knee high socks during winter?

A. Yes, your son/daughter can wear pants or shorts as long as it is the complete winter uniform. With shorts it will be a requirement for students to wear a mid length sock.  That sock is currently in production. In the interim, the navy anklet sock can be worn through Term 2 but the new sock will need to be purchased in Term 3 if students want to continue wearing shorts.


Q. Can navy tights be worn under the maroon netball skirt?

A. No, the maroon netball skirt needs to be worn with white ankle socks. If a student is cold on a day that they are wearing their sport uniform they need to wear the Galilee navy tracksuit pants.


Q. Can the woollen jumper be worn on days students are wearing the sports uniform?

A. No, a student can only wear the rugby top and/or the microfiber zipped jacket with their sports uniform. The woollen jumper can only be worn with the winter uniform - enforced from the beginning of Term 3.


Q. If a student attends school wearing a an incorrect jumper or puffer jacket without a note, will the student be asked to remove the jumper or jacket?

A. Yes, if a student is wearing an  item of outer clothing that is not inline with the school uniform such as puffer jackets the student will be asked to put the item of outer clothing into their bag while they are at school, unless the student comes to school with a note explaining why they need to wear the particular item of clothing.


Q. Can the bib of the tunic be removed?

A. This particular uniform item is intended to be a tunic, not a skirt. However, provided that the school jumper is not removed, the bib can be removed from underneath. However, if the school jumper is removed, the bib on the tunic must be in place.


Q.  What style shoe can my child wear?

A.  Your child can wear all black leather velcro, lace-up or buckle shoes (for girls).  Black leather runner-style shoes need to be replaced with either velcro or lace-up shoes as your child grows out of them.  Other non-leather (i.e. Dunlop Volleys) or multi-coloured shoes will need to be replaced by the beginning of Term 3. Any style and coloured runners can be worn on sports days.


Q.  Can I purchase school pants from other stores?

A. The school uniform  such as pants and shorts should be purchased from PSW to ensure a consistent fabric and colour.  If your child has the incorrect school pants, they must be in correct uniform by no later than the beginning of Term 3.


Q.  What accessories can my daughter wear?

A.  Hair Accessories may be forest green in addition to Navy or Maroon as an option when students are wearing the winter uniform. Stud or sleeper earrings are the only jewellery items that can be worn at school.


Below is the current Galilee Uniform List available from PSW.



Learning and Teaching

Number Intervention    

Our Number Intervention programme is progressing well, with some wonderful achievements being made by our Year 3 and 4 students in Number. Many thanks for the continued hard work of our Learning Support Officers: Sophia, Pauline, Rosa and Tegan and a big welcome to Maree who has joined the team this term.


Congratulations to Marco C (4R) and Adele D (3R) for their awards for exceptional effort and improvement in Maths!  

Marco has this to say about his progress: “Going to the Number Intervention sessions with Mrs Ferris has really helped me with my addition and subtraction and knowing my number facts.  I’m much quicker now!  And, now I can read and write big numbers like 999 888 777 666 543” (He actually can!) “I can count by 10s, 100s, 1000s, 10 000s and more.  The arrow cards have helped me a lot. Now Maths is way easier.  I like coming to Number Intervention!”

Adele says: “Number Intervention has helped me a lot, so now Maths is easy.  I feel more confident in Maths.  I used to be the last person to finish, but now I’m the first!  That makes me happy and grateful that Rosa helped me.”


Thanks also to Maree and Sophia for their work in Maths with students from Years 2-6.  After pre-testing the children in their classes, teachers design a programme which differentiates between the varying levels of student knowledge and skill in the particular topic.  Maree and Sophia then work with various groups of children, supporting the teacher to focus on the needs of each child.


Below are some ideas that you can use with your children at home to develop a strong basis for Number.  In each newsletter, I will include a progression of activities – with daily practice, counting and patterns should become automatic.  Here’s to helping our kids grow in confidence in Maths!        



  • Count forwards and backwards by ones and tens to 100 and beyond.
  • Increase the number range to include numbers in the 1000s (when your child is confident with smaller numbers).
  • Write some of the number sequences, forwards and backwards. You can write them in a ladder (Start at the bottom for forwards sequences and at the top for backwards sequences).







Use buttons, blocks, shells or other objects to partition the numbers 6, 7, 8 and 9:

Start with 6 objects.  Have your child find as many ways as they can to break the 6 objects into 2 groups.  Eg 5+1, 3+3, 2+4 and so on.  Children from Year 1 and up can write the combinations as sums.

Repeat with 7, 8 and 9 objects.

Practise until the combinations for each are automatic!


Jane Ferris

Number Intervention Leader

[email protected]

Book Club

Issue 4 of Book Club is out now. Orders are due by the 7th June. All orders are to be placed through the Loop App. No cash orders will be accepted at school. 


Please note: Some books will not be distributed until the beginning of Term 3.


It has been wonderful to hear about all the learning taking place in the classrooms this term. The emphasis is very clearly on Science. Students have been busy learning about electricity, energy, habitats, the sun and moon and even earthworms! 


On Tuesday 23rd May Prep E and F visited their buddy classes to complete a STEAM experiment called 'Dancing Worms'. The Prep students worked with Year 6 to predict what would happen when they dropped lolly worms into a bicarb and vinegar solution, record their responses and create a presentation using iPads.


The teachers were very excited to watch the worms dance! Unfortunately, the experiment did not go to plan and the worms did not dance - they only danced their way to the bottom of the cup! Although the experiment was not a success, it did raise lots of discussions as to why it all went wrong. The students became super scientists and kept investigating and hypothesising. It was great to watch and listen to this rich discussion.


It was wonderful to see the Year 6 students taking on their leadership roles with pride, and working with their buddies enthusiastically and patiently! 


We had lots of fun and are excited to share our results with the school community.

Thank-you to Miss Evans and Miss Fahy for creating a great hands-on experience for all of our students.



If you would like to try this STEAM experiment at home, please visit: 


New Resources have been ordered for students to use within their STEAM topics this term. Our focus is on Science. If you are an expert in the Science field, please make contact with your child's/children's classroom teacher/s. We love having parents participate within our community.


With help from my Year 6 STEAM Leaders Amelia C and Isabella T, we have been able to create STEAM boxes for each year level to use. These boxes are designed to provide teachers with the resources they need to create hands-on STEAM learning for their class. Resources include recycled containers, cardboard tubes, crepe paper, wire, pliers, polystyrene balls, pipe cleaners - the list goes on. If you are able to donate any materials for our boxes, please leave them with the School Office or alternatively send  an email to [email protected] to find out exactly what we may need. Thank-you!



Miss Kayla Hart

STEAM Leader/Year 6 Teacher

Premier's Reading Challenge

Well done to all the students who have entered the Premier's Reading Challenge.  We currently have 109 students registered.  What an amazing effort!  If you are experiencing difficulties using the login and password details given to your child, please don't hesitate to email me.  

Danielle Gerecke

[email protected]

Student Wellbeing

Friendship Groups

As a follow-up to last week’s Friendship Group session which focussed on persistence, you might like to watch the video clip that we watched in our groups and discuss with your child/ren their ideas of what happened and how they could transfer the strategies the bird used to their everyday life.

Piper Short Movie - A baby bird finds a way to survive a big wave.




Together as a group and individually they had to complete a difficult activity -  ask them -How they felt doing it? What did they have to do to enable them to complete the activity?





I hope you enjoy doing this activity with your child/ren.


Julianne Price


Student Wellbeing /Student Services Leader
































School Community

Parent Appreciation

At Galilee we want to form stronger bonds with both students and their families. It’s great when staff, students and their families appreciate the efforts of each other. Feeling genuinely appreciated makes people feel good, lifts us up and empowers people to do their best work.

How can we practise appreciation?

  • Ask yourself: what are you proud of today? What can I do better tomorrow?

  • Take notice of what others are doing right. What are their positive qualities? What is it that they bring to the table?

  • Be appreciative of people by being specific about what they have done and what you have noticed. Let them know by writing them a note, sending an email or engaging in conversation with that person.  

Not only does authentic appreciation of someone else make them feel good, it makes you feel good!

Movie Night / Disco Night

By now, you should have received an email from your Class Reps about the upcoming Movie Night and Disco Night on Friday 2nd June. These nights would be impossible to run without the support and help from our parents. In the past, children have loved these fun nights outside of school time. Please email your Class Reps for more details.

Year Two Morning Tea

Please join the Year Two Class Reps for Morning Tea in the Hall next Monday 29th May. Everyone is welcome to attend! Thank you to Lissette, Helen, Cecelia and Ellis for organising this event.

Parent Survey

This week we have sent out a parent survey about the Open Morning initiative. We would appreciate if you could fill this in as we are reviewing the current practice and would love your feedback.

Mother's Day

 Thank you to all of the volunteer parents who put in an incredible amount of effort for the morning, afternoon teas and lunch event. Thanks to Megan Hess, we hope she inspired you all.

A big thank you to our sponsors who donated our lucky draw prizes - Scarlett Bags, Kate Nolan (Golf Professional Extraordinaire), TeaDrop, Emerald Deli, Pickadeli, Miss Nail Bar and Miss Brow Bar, Converse, The Lunch Lady, Denise Fung Henderson, Madame Bonbon, Bibelot, and Simon Millar for the delicious bottles of rose.

Thank you to Galilee parent and generous florist who donated her time, flowers and jars to our Mother's Day celebrations.

Below are more of Nicole's wonderful photos of the lunch.  Nicole Anderson is a Natural Light Melbourne portrait and lifestyle photographer in the Melbourne Bayside area. Nicole has recently moved from Dubai with her husband and daughter, Alexis (Prep E), who attends Galilee where she was a photographer for 7 years.  She specialises in family portraits, newborn photography, kids photography, children photography, engagement photography, maternity Photography and events photography. Her business details are on the Local Connections page of this newsletter.


Recipe of the Week!

To build home and school partnerships we are starting a new recipe section in the newsletter. This week’s recipe comes from our very own Miss Kayla Hart.

Miss Hart's Homemade Banana Bread

1 ¾ cup self-raising flour
¾ cup caster sugar
2 tablespoons milk
¼ teaspoon bicarbonate soda
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
60g butter
2 eggs
2 ripened mashed bananas (the more the merrier)

Preheat oven to 180°.

Cream butter and sugar into a mixing bowl. The add the eggs, one at a time.
Add mashed banana.
Sift flour into the mixture gradually.
Add the milk and vanilla. Stir until combined.
Pour into a greased 25cm loaf tin.

Bake at 180° for 45-50 minutes in a pre-heated oven.
You’ll know it’s cooked when it springs back when you touch it on the top.

Send us your photos of Miss Hart’s Homemade Banana Cake and we can add the best looking ones to our next newsletter. Happy baking!


Holly Evans and Brighid Fahy (Parent Partnership Leaders)
[email protected]
[email protected]

Social Events

REMINDER School Disco and Movie Night - Next Friday 2nd June

We are still in need of some parent helpers on the night - please contact Jessica Conway if you can lend a hand ([email protected])


Movie Night - TROLLS (School Hall) Prep - Grade 2

Please arrive between 5:45pm and 6pm (post early dinner)

Pick up 7:45 - 8pm (no later please)


Disco Night - Church Hall (opposite school entrance)  Grade 3 - 6

Please arrive between 5:45pm and 6pm (post early dinner)

Pick up 7:45 - 8pm (no later please)






Parent Night - Emerald Hotel last week

A big thank you to the 40 strong parent group that came to the parent drinks last Friday night - it was a really great night with lots of new parents coming along.

A big shout out to Peta Christie and Russell Robertson for their support on the night providing us with fantastic entertainment and lots of singing and dancing - thanks Robbo!




The donations basket is now located at the school reception for you to leave any hamper item, gifts or vouchers.


We are really in need of some parent help both in preparation and on the night. Please email [email protected] or [email protected] if you are willing to lend a hand!


Social and Fundraising Committee 

Student Reports

Year 1 Classroom Report 

We have been learning the story of The Good Samaritan. We came up with some ways how we are going to be more like The Good Samaritan.



In STEAM we have been looking at what a plant needs to grow. They need air, sunlight, water and soil. We have planted seeds and are taking care of them to help them grow into plants.



We have been learning lots about addition in Year 1. We played ‘What Makes 20?’ We rolled one dice and had to figure out what number could be added to the number we rolled to make 20.


Galilee Out of School Hours Care


Local Connections

School Holidays



Thank you for catching beautiful moments at the Mother's Day lunch.








Thank you for your donation of vibrant flowers for our Mother's Day events.

Flowers for Jane - offers free inner city delivery and same day delivery on their daily market fresh flower bouquets $35.

You can purchase your flowers via their website




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