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04 November 2016
Issue Ten
Message from Mr Whelan
A Prayer for Catholic Mission Month​
Design Learning Space Conference
KCC Production
Geography Excursion
A taste of France 
Indigenous Program
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CMRI Christmas Fair
Stage 5 Music Night
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Message from Mr Whelan

Hello everyone,


Today is the final day of HSC Exams and this evening we have our Year 12 Graduation. Congratulations to our Year 12 students on reaching this day and evening. For the first time in many years, students had an HSC exam (Design & Technology) this afternoon, followed by the rush to get ready for the 6pm start.


Please pray for Josh Gunning (Year 12) and his family. Josh lost a thumb and part  of his index finger in a workplace accident last week. Surgeons successfully reattached the thumb and Josh is continuing his recovery in a Sydney hospital. While Josh will physically miss the Graduation, he will be recognised with his colleagues tonight, with a friend accepting a Graduation Certificate on his behalf.


Our Leadership team has been working on our 2017 Annual Improvement Plan and have it to final draft stage. It will be shared with parents and students when complete. It will continue our focus on improved teacher practice leading to better student learning. It will include the things we will do to enable us to plan effective learning pathways for individual students. One exciting move is the employment of a full-time literacy support teacher who will work to:

  1. Promote an informed, rich and coherent understanding of literacy, where being literate is recognised as central to learning in each content area.
  2. Provide staff professional literacy learning to support effective teaching of literacy in the content areas, including through direct instruction, co-teaching, inquiry cycle planning and coaching.
  3. Provide intensive literacy learning experiences for targeted groups of students and individual students. This includes students who are not progressing, those not working and those who are already highly competent.
  4. Assist with the systematic collection and analysis of student data to measure, monitor and plan aspects of literacy learning.

Along with coaching time to support students become more self-directed in their learning, expect to see more targeted interventions from specialist teachers, such as the Literacy Support teacher, and more teachers working in teams to individualise learning paths for students.


Thank you for your continued support for the idea that students, teachers and schools work to improve each term and year, rather than just rolling along until the term or year is finished.


A Prayer for
Catholic Mission Month​

All Saints Day Prayer

Father, all-powerful and ever-living God, today we rejoice in the holy men and women of every time and place. May their prayers bring us your forgiveness and love.


We pray:

Mary, the Blessed Virgin             R. Pray for us

St Joseph                                          R. Pray for us

St Brigid                                             R. Pray for us

Saints Peter and Paul                   R. Pray for us

Saint Mary MacKillop                   R. Pray for us

Saint Mother Teresa                      R. Pray for us


All Souls Day prayer

We remember loved ones who are no longer with us - family and friends whose life on earth is ended. Though not official saints, they have a very special place in our lives and in God’s plan too.

For all those who have died, grant them eternal rest O Lord, and let the light of your love and peace shine upon them now and forever.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God, rest in peace.  Amen


KCC Prayer Web page HERE

John Nielsen |  Leader of Mission


HSC Completed

Congratulations to all Year 12 students who have completed their HSC exams today. This marks a significant milestone in their education. We wish all students the very best in the next step of their lives and we look forward to hearing of their adventures.


Year 10

As Year 10 progress into Stage 6 HSC Preliminary courses in 2017 we aim to provide students with a range of subject choices. An opportunity has arisen to provide an additional VET course, Business Services. Year 10 students have been provided with their subject lines and informed of the additional subject.

Course overview: This course provides students with the opportunity to obtain national vocational qualifications for employment in the business services industry. Students will be able to gain skills in office administration, business communication, safe and environmentally sustainable work practices and the use of technology in an office environment. Skills gained in this industry transfer to other industries. Occupations in the business services industry include sales clerk/officer, secretary/personal assistant, receptionist, payroll clerk/officer and office manager/owner of a small business. If you are interested in studying Business Services please see Miss Holt.


HSC: All My Own Work

The NSW Board of Studies requires students to complete the HSC:All My Own Work program. This program has been designed to assist students to complete assessment tasks honestly and with confidence.  As part of their commitment to Stage 6, the Board of Studies requires students to complete the five modules before they can be enrolled into Stage 6 (Year 11 HSC Preliminary). Students will be provided class time in their English class to complete HSC: All My Own Work during Week 5.


Jennifer Holt | Acting Leader of Curriculum



We are a sporting nation so let’s explore what opportunities there are for young people in Sport, Fitness and Recreation.


Most people think first of athletes and coaches, but there are also referees, umpires, broadcasters, marketing specialists, agents, equipment managers, dieticians, sports psychologists, trainers and many more positions. Sport is a business that needs managers, accountants and statisticians.


Educational advantage will often open the door to sports positions. For instance, if you want to be in sports PR, get a degree in journalism. If you want to be a sports agent, a master's degree in sports management or a business degree can help.


If ever there was a list of diverse, challenging and rewarding careers, sport and sport recreation roles would be close to the top. Today, more and more people are taking part in physical activity, either for the health benefits it provides or purely for social and recreational purposes. This increase in demand means Australia needs more skilled people who are able to provide these services in a safe, fun and professional manner.


If you are a person that enjoys physical activity, loves interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds, and enjoys helping people achieve their goals, a job in the sport, fitness and recreation industry may be for you.


There are 68,907 people employed in occupations covered by these sectors according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.


The sport, fitness and recreation industries play a crucial role in the health and wellbeing of Australians.


The positive impact they have on the health of both the population, and by extension, our economy, cannot be underestimated.


These are a few websites I recommend you explore to discover careers in sport, fitness and leisure.

Possible Careers in Sport
(this is not an exhaustive list)


Amateur Sport

  • Sport Governance
  • Compliance
  • Operations
  • Sports Management
  • Athletic Administration
  • Development officer
  • Coaching
  • Athlete Affairs
  • Facilities Management
  • Equipment Management
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Ticketing and Sales
  • Sponsorship Sales
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Fundraising
  • Hospitality Management
  • Special Events

Professional Sport

  • Business Operations
  • Sports administrator
  • Recruiting
  • Management
  • Player Personnel
  • Athlete Affairs
  • Development officer
  • Competition manager
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Exercise physiologist
  • Dietician
  • Nutritionist
  • Strength & conditioning specialist
  • Sports scientist
  • Coaching
  • Sports trainer
  • Stadium Operations
  • Facility manager
  • Volunteer coordinator

Facilities and Event Management

  • Facility Management
  • Facility/Field Maintenance
  • Field Preparation and Conversion
  • Ticket Sales and Seating Management
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Food Services and Concessions
  • Design and Development

Sport Merchandising

  • Product Development
  • Product Distribution
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Brand/Product Representation
  • Store Management
  • Internet Sales

Sport Media

  • Journalism
  • Broadcasting
  • Photojournalism
  • Advertising Sales

Sports Education

  • Physical education teacher


  • Exercise physiologist
  • Dietician
  • Nutritionist
  • Strength & conditioning specialist
  • Gym Manager
  • Fitness/gym instructor
  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness supervisor


  • Sport and recreation manager
  • Outdoor activity guide/instructor/leader
  • Outdoor education teacher
  • Community events manager
  • Aquatics instructor/supervisor
  • Lifeguard
  • Swim teacher
  • Recreation centre attendant
  • Pool operator
  • Community recreation/leisure officer
  • Aquatics facility manager
  • outdoor guide
  • outdoor adventure leader


  • Programming
  • Management and Administration
  • Facilities/Equipment Management
  • Operations
  • Travel Planning
  • Event Planning
  • Instruction
  • Sales and Marketing


  • Administration
  • Bloodstock Agent
  • Pedigree Analyst
  • Syndicator
  • Stud Manager
  • Yearling Preparer
  • Broodmare Manager
  • Horse Breaker
  • Horse trainer
  • Thoroughbred Trainer
  • Jockey
  • Trackwork rider
  • Harness driver
  • Stable-hand
  • Foal Watcher
  • Jockey Manager
  • Stable Foreman
  • Stable Hand
  • Stud Hand
  • Equine Veterinarian & Nurses
  • Equine Dentist
  • Farrier
  • Horse Float Driver
  • Racecourse Manager
  • Steward
  • Handicapper
  • Barrier Attendant
  • Bookmakers Clerk
  • Tote Operator
  • Race Caller
  • Judge

Karen Murray | Careers Adviser

Design Learning Space Conference

The basic structure of teaching spaces does not seem to have evolved much over the past century. Schools need to consider how we use space, and how we think about the different ways it can influence the actions of our students. When physical learning environments offer resources and possibilities that support new teaching methods and learning goals, schools are much more prompt to change their operational culture (Kuuskorpi & Cabellos Gonzalez, 2011).


Last week four school leaders attended a conference on School Learning Space Design. In line with the emerging trends indicated in the 2016 NMC Horizon Report, and the recent school focus on STEM, the focus was on the importance that learning space can have on student learning. Presenters from a variety of schools discussed how the changes that they had made to the learning space had impacted on their students achievements. They discussed the impact on teachers, students and learning and how the use of the space was linked to school culture and the need to develop our students skills as 21st century learners. The teachers from Kildare attended with a focus on what we can do within the school, without the excessive cost of changing/replacing buildings. We looked at how sometimes small changes in both space and pedagogy can have large impacts on student learning outcomes. Our focus now is how we can apply what we have seen and learnt in the context of Kildare’s learning environment.


Good teachers and learners are good at ...


  1. Clarifying, sharing and understanding learning intentions and criteria for success
  2. Engineering effective classroom discussions, activities, and learning tasks that elicit evidence of learning
  3. Providing feedback that moves learning forward
  4. Activating learners as instructional resources for one another
  5. Activating learners as owners of their own learning

Well designed learning spaces and working in effective learning and teaching teams can help to facilitate this.


Amanda Brown | Assistant Science Coordinator

Kuuskorpi, M. and N. Cabellos González  (2011), "The Future of the Physical Learning Environment: School Facilities that Support the User", CELE Exchange, Centre for Effective Learning Environments, No. 2011/11, OECD Publishing, Paris.



Catholic Mission explains

"The sock it to something concept is an Australian expression that means to fight, punch or strike out at. For example, each year Socktober will sock it to social issues such as poverty, child labour, child trafficking and homelessness. We want you to help us fight, punch or strike out at social issues, but we also need your practical support".

Congratulations to Reece Jamieson, Aubrey Tanuco and Logan  skeers for winning Socktober prizes.

Logon and Year 11 mates

Reece and Aubrey


The Kildare SRC held a very successful 'Sock it to Poverty' event for Catholic Mission month. Over $600.00 was donated with Oodgeroo the most successful house.

Congratulations to the SRC and thanks to all for your support.


John Nielsen | Leader of Mission

KCC Production

Fifteen of our Year 9-11 Drama students are busily preparing for our upcoming production of William Shakespeare's 'Twelfth Night'. This light-hearted tale has unrequited love, separated twins, forlorn and lovesick knights, merry men and women, misunderstandings and a cross-dressing survivor of a shipwreck!

Tickets are $5.00 at the door and the play runs for one hour without interval. Showtimes are as follows:

Week Six – Term Four

Thursday 17 November     Evening Show             7:00 p.m.

Friday 18 November            Evening Show             7:00 p.m.

Saturday 19 November      Evening Show             7:00 p.m.



Week Seven – Term Four

Thursday 24 November          Evening Show          7:00 p.m.

Friday 25 November                Evening Show           7:00 p.m.

Saturday 26 November           Matinee Show           2:00 p.m.

Saturday 26 November           Evening Show           7:00 p.m.


Fun for all the family!


Michael Mack | Drama teacher

Geography Excursion

Year 11 Geography students recently enjoyed an excursion to Kosciuszko National Park as part of their HSC study of Ecosystems at Risk.  The excursion started with a guided tour of Jersey Cave at Yarrangobilly, where students learnt about the geomorphology of the ecosystem, and the vulnerability of karst environments to human activities. The following day students were immersed in a case study of the alpine ecosystem at Kosciuszko. Here, students examined natural sources of vulnerability and resilience in the environment. They then learnt about the impacts of humans on the fragile landscape, and explored the management strategies being used to try and protect the alpine ecosystem. Our two day study of the National Park concluded with a focus on the extent of snow cover that remains there late in the season this year.

We would like to thank Matt Ward for driving the bus, and our rangers Regina, Dan and John for sharing their knowledge and expertise with us.


Sharon Forwood | KLA Coodinator

A taste of France 

The Year 9 elective class visited the French bakery, the 'Artisan Bakery'. They tasted and enjoyed the wonderful pastries. The excursion was a great success and each student came back with 9 little bags of goodies to share with their friends.


Madeleine Caubere | French Teacher


Indigenous Program

Compact have a program aimed at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students called Burrabinya which means "Leap into your future" its all about connection with cultural heritage and community to develop the confidence, skills, knowledge and understanding required to reach their full potential in Employment, Training and Education. Last Friday 28th October Burrabinya Program welcomed an ex student of Kildare Catholic College, Jayla Nix who spoke to the Burrabinya participants about her  time at school and her journey with her employment and where she is now, how to overcome struggles and who is there to help whether it be at school, Uni, work and also In the Aboriginal community. Also we had Aunt Mary Atkinson attend the day.


Bettrina Rooke | Aboriginal Education Worker


Mandang guwu, yamadhu gadaang yiradhu

(Thank you, have a nice day - Wiradjuri)


Resource Center

On display in the Resource Centre are some new Book Series for students to borrow and enjoy reading. These series comprise:


Geronimo Stilton: this series revolves around a talking mouse from New Mouse City; he is  a journalist and finds himself in great adventures.


Anh Do Weir Do: Weir Do’s the new kid in school. With an unforgettable name, a crazy family and some seriously weird habits, fitting in won’t be easy . . . but it will be funny!


Hey Jack!: this series is full of down to earth, real life stories that boys and girls can enjoy  and Jack’s ginormous imagination injects the series with fun and humour.


The Magnificent Lizzie Brown: set in 19th-century London, Lizzie Brown, at age 12, flees Rat’s Castle to join a travelling circus. These tales are filled with colourful characters, beginning with determined Lizzie herself, and a steady sense of suspense and mystery keeps you hooked on every word until the end. 


We also have extra copies of the Andy Griffiths Tree House series which is so popular with all of our students. All of these series are also part of our Accelerated Reader Program.

Dr Sandra Cox-Townend |Teacher Librarian

CMRI Christmas Fair

Music Performance - CMRI Christmas Fair - 21st October 2016

On Friday 21st October, the KCC Woodwind Ensemble and Chamber Ensemble entertained the crowds at the annual Christmas Fair held to raise money for the Children’s Medical Research Institute. The Chamber Ensemble was first to perform and despite some minor technical issues presented a beautiful performance of “Goblin Dance” and “The River Flows in You”. The Woodwind Ensemble then performed three numbers - “Happy”, “Sesame Street” and “Party Rock Anthem”. Both ensembles were extremely well received by the sizeable crowd and should be congratulated for their commitment to representing the college and supporting this very worthy cause.


Robert Thompson | Music Teacher

Stage 5 Music Night

Tuesday, 1st September saw the KCC Year 9 and 10 music students present their performances for their term 4 assessment. Both classes have been studying popular music this term, which resulted in a fantastic night’s entertainment including songs from David Bowie, Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Thanks to everyone who came along to support our students - performance opportunities in front of large audiences are essential for our students to develop important skills and confidence as performers.


Riverina Conservatorium of Music - Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to the following Kildare students who have been awarded major prizes and scholarships to study in different musical disciplines at the Riverina Conservatorium of Music in 2017. Each of these students were required to present a performance and/or a composition at an audition last Saturday, 29th October.


Sam Campbell-McCrea (Year 9)

Senior Contemporary Vocal Scholarship and 1st Prize Songwriter’s Competition 15 years & under.


Caitlyn Davis (Year 11)

Senior Contemporary Vocal Scholarship.


Israel Shepherd (Year 12)

1st Prize Songwriter’s Competition 16 years & over.


Robert Thompson | Music Teacher


The rumours are true…… Kildare Takes 2 is returning this term!

This is an awesome collaborative event where talented student vocalists are paired with staff for a performance extravaganza! They are supported by an amazing student band and dance troupe.  Through the show we are hoping to raise funds for the purchase of performing arts equipment.


The show will be held over 2 nights:

Friday 9th December: an all ages show in the College Hall, starting at 7:00pm. Tickets available at the door for $5.00 per person.

Saturday 10th December: an Over 18’s only show. Tickets are $30.00 each, BYO alcohol and nibbles. Doors open at 7:00pm, show starts at 8:00pm. Tables of 10 available. Please call Narelle Potts through the College Office to arrange ticket/table purchase.


Rehearsals are already underway for what promises to be a show to remember!!


Melanie Cotterill | Creative Arts Assitant Coordinator

Joel Thompson

NRL's State of Mind Ambassador Joel Thompson visited Kildare Catholic College last Tuesday 25 October, and talked to Year 10 students about his struggles as a teenager and as a rising football star. Joel nominated to be part of a program based on a desire to make a difference in the inaugural NRL State of Mind Ambassador. 

The aim of this program, which will be the constant driver of our work over the next two years, is to;

  1. Use the Game's reach, profile, Clubs and players to reduce stigma around mental illness;
  2. Stimulate help seeking behaviours by educating and informing our community with appropriate resources and literature;
  3. Connect Rugby League communities with our expert partners; and
  4. Develop elite players to be leaders in mental health advocacy within their Clubs and communities.

NRL Welfare & Education Program

The goal of our Welfare & Education Program is to turn talented boys into men of character and integrity; men who are all the better for having been part of Rugby League.

Every element of the program is designed to help our players grow and develop their potential in every aspect of their lives.


"Our people are better for having been part of the Rugby League community"


Our goal is to create individuals who are:

  1. Proud of the game
  2. Balanced in life
  3. Dedicated to professional development and lifelong learning
  4. Good team members
  5. Self-aware and self-confident
  6. Respectful
  7. Wise and ethical decision makers

Mental & Wellbeing Challenges

The NRL Welfare and Education Program has intensified key triggers that may present risks to players mental wellbeing and offers support to manage these.

  1. Relocation - Is the player prepared for living away from home?
  2. Expectations - Does the player have realistic expectations of the commitment required, intensity of training and chance of moving up to the next level?
  3. Supported - Does the club have a strong support structure that allows a player to develop in all aspects of his life?
  4. Injuries - Does the player and club have strategies to manage a players injuries with regard to off field engagements?
  5. Behaviour - Is the player prepared, appreciative and capable of fulfilling the behavioural standards required in the elite Rugby League environment?
  6. Released - Has the player prepared himself for a vocation away from Rugby League?
  7. Retired - Does the player have a transition plan which will provide him with a purpose and identity away from being a professional player?

Mental Health Support

  1. All NRL clubs have a dedicated Welfare & Education Manager and a Careers Coach to support the players in the above challenges.
  2. All professional players, staff and their immediate families have access to: a free, private and confidential counselling service provided by Davidson Trahaire Corpsych.
  3. All clubs and governing bodies have mental health first aid qualified staff that have the knowledge in identifying, approaching and referring a person that may have mental health challenges.
  4. The RLPA and Player Agents have additional counselling services available to all professional players.     
  5. The NRL has a referral system to residential and group rehabilitation services throughout Australia.

Player Wellbeing

At the core of promoting player Wellbeing is the development of a player in all aspects of his life. A player that is more balanced and centered will have greater resilience in coping with stresses as they arise. This Wellbeing model includes:

  1. Physical wellness - Having sufficient energy, vitality, mobility and functional capacity to undertake all daily activities.
  2. Psychological wellness - Possessing the cognitive and emotional resources to express feelings and ability to adjust to life's challenges with general feelings of positive self-worth.
  3. Socially and community engaged - Possessing an interest and building relationship inside and outside of football.
  4. Culturally connected with their origins - Feeling a sense of cultural pride, and belonging to one's culture of origin beliefs, common customs and values.
  5. Vocationally engaged - Having a plan for personal career goals away from the playing field that will provide with purpose, income and fulfillment.
  6. Financially grounded - Possessing the economic understanding of satisfying their current and future financial needs.
  7. Spiritually nurtured - Have guiding beliefs, principles, values and behaviours that give meaning and purpose to one's life.

Reference from:

NRL State Of Mind web site HERE


The College has recently reviewed our procedures regarding the reporting, notification and repair of student devices in an attempt to improve the efficiency of device repairs and costing of parts as required, as per the conditions of the usage agreement. Commencing this week, the following procedures will be put in place:

  • Student reports damage to Mr Collins by using the ‘Student Device Incident Report Form’. The only signature required is that of the student.
  • An email is then prepared and sent to parent/guardian to notify of the incident.
  • Repairs are completed.
  • Account prepared and sent to parent/guardian if repair work not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Thank you for your support with this initiative. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact the College.


Simon Huntly | Assistant Principal

Whats Happening

Important Message

Any student leaving Kildare Catholic College during the year to attend another school, TAFE or commence full time employment needs to collect a “Leavers Form” from the front office and have it signed by the Resource Centre, Canteen, House Coordinator, and the Principal. The student must then have this form signed by their parent/guardian and return to the front office.

Application for Leave

If students need to be absent from school for five or more days they now need to obtain approval from the Principal and complete an Application For Leave Form. This has been put in place by the government and we need to commit to this procedure. Forms are available at the front office or downloaded below. If approval is not given or sought from the Principal, students will be marked as an unexplained absence.


Download Part 1 HERE & Part 2 HERE.



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