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Northcote High School Newsletter

08 November 2016
Issue Seventeen
What's Coming Up Summary
Coming Up - Art & Design Show
Child Safe Standards @NHS 
Coming Up-Sunsmart Policy
Project Refresh-Consultation
Coming Up - Student Eye Tests 2017
Coming Up-2017 Italy Tour Info Night
VYLC Program Report
Final Exams!
End of Year Program
Friends of Hudad Report
Yr 8 Philanthropic Project
2016 City School
Largest ever bake sale!
Our Olivers do it again!
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Pathways and Careers
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What's Coming Up Summary


Wed 9 Nov - Italy Trip 2017 Info Night


Thurs 10 Nov - End of assessment Yr 10 & 11


Frid 11 Nov - Yr 10 & 11 Exams Commence


Tues 15 Nov - Yr 8 Girls Futsal


Thurs 17 Nov - Yr 8 Boys Futsal

Thurs 17 Nov - Junior Concert Clocktower, 7 pm - Bookings (click here)



Mon 21 Nov - Yr 10 Work exp (to 25/11)


Mon21 Nov - Cambodia Trip  (to 9/12)

Mon 21 Nov - Yr 7 & 8 Showcase


Mon 21 Nov - City School Presentation


Mon 21 Nov - Art & Design Show - Bookings (Click here)


Tues 22 Nov - Yr 7 Girls Futsal


Wed 23 Nov - Yr 12 Formal


Thurs 24 Nov - Yr 7 Boys Futsal


Frid 25 Nov -  Lit trip to Sydney


Frid 25 Nov - GVBR (to 4/12)


Wed 30 Nov - 6-7 pm, Community Consultation, Project Refresh, Library

Important dates Summaries


Help us develop a Comms strategy


Coming Up - Art & Design Show

Photo: Artwork by Janna Tsigaras

We are looking forward to you joining us to celebrate Art and Design at Northcote High. The exhibition will showcase VCE folios and student work from Studio Art, Visual Communication and Design Media and Product Design – wood, metal, plastics, textiles and food. 


We are anticipating a fabulous show featuring our young artists, designers and producers – supported by the dedicated and talented Art and Design Faculty Team.

A further highlight will be the annual Northcote High Archibald Prize exhibition, featuring a diverse range of portraits created by our talented Year 7 artists. The winner of the NHS Archibald Prizewill be announced at the opening.

Where:           Northcote High – Olver Hall

When:            Monday 21st November

Time:             6:00 – 8:00pm

Food, drinks and live music will be a feature of the night along with an official opening and an award ceremony


Please RSVP for catering purposes by following the links below. It’s free to book! or


Further enquiries - please connect with [email protected]



Child Safe Standards @NHS 


Children have the right to be safe and protected, including at school. It is important that you feel confident that your child is safe and well in the care from their school. Schools are responsible for keeping children safe. Schools have to meet legal requirements for the care, safety and welfare of students. From 1 August 2016, they also need to meet child safe standards to achieve a zero-tolerance approach to child abuse. 


In 2013, the Victorian Parliament held an Inquiry into the Handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations, resulting in the Betrayal of Trust Report. 


The Department of Education and Training also recognised that many schools will have existing policies and procedures that aim to keep children safe. The Child Safe Standards provide a framework to identify gaps and improve policy and prac-tices around child safety. We have been working through our existing policies to ensure that we comply with the department requirements. The Child Safe Standards are compulsory minimum standards for all Victorian schools, to ensure they are well prepared to protect children from abuse and neglect 


To create and maintain a child safe organisation every school must have: 

1. strategies to embed an organisational culture of child safety, including through effective leadership arrangements 

2. a child safe policy or statement of commitment to child safety 

3. a code of conduct that establishes clear expectations for appropriate behaviour with children 

4. screening, supervision, training and other human resources practices that reduce the risk of child abuse by new and existing personnel 

5. processes for responding to and reporting suspected child abuse 

6. strategies to identify and reduce or remove risks of child abuse 

7. strategies to promote the participation and empowerment of children. 


School governing authorities must take account the diversity of all children, including (but not limited to) the needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, children with disabilities and children who are vulnerable.



Coming Up-Sunsmart Policy

It’s time to be sunsmart

NHS adopted a sunsmart policy in May 2016.


Some background

The sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the best natural source of vitamin D. However, too much UV exposure from the sun, is a major cause of sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and skin damage leading to skin cancer.It's important to take a balanced approach to UV exposure to help with vitamin D levels while minimizing your risk of skin cancer by using a combination of sun protection methods.


Skin cancer kills nearly 2,000 Australians each year – more than the national road toll – and two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the age of 70.

From September to April


In Summer, in Victoria (from September to April) UV reaches damaging levels of 3 and above; increasing the risk of skin cancer.  and use a combination of the five SunSmart steps when protection is required:


Students should:

  1. Ensure they apply sunscreen (SPF 30+) each morning, prior to leaving for school.
  2. Keep a small tube of sunscreen in a bag / locker.
  3. Reapply sunscreen throughout the day as necessary. Additional locations in which sunscreen is to be located include each sub-school office, the PE department and the general office.
  4. Ensure a hat is purchased alongside the PE uniform, and brought / worn in PE lessons, as well as to/from school and at recess and lunch (this also includes camps and excursions).
  5. Ensure appropriate sunglasses that offer UV protection are brought to / from school.
  6. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight during recess / lunch. Find suitable positions with shade.

Families should:

  1. Ensure students apply sunscreen (SPF 30+) each morning.
  2. Ensure students have a hat, sunscreen and sunglasses made available. Encourage students to wear these to and from school, as well as at recess and lunch and whilst on camps and excursions.
  3. Reiterate and discuss the risks associated with sun exposure on a regular basis.
  4. Continue to model sunsmart behaviour outside of school.

Some other points:

Note: In the winter months of May – August, sun protection is not recommended. Throughout these months, staff and students are encouraged to get some sun exposure for vitamin D – important for the development and maintenance of healthy bones, muscles and overall health.


 From May to August, as UV levels are lower, people are encouraged to be outdoors around midday each day, with some skin uncovered. Being physically active outdoors will also help the body to make vitamin D.


 People who work outdoors  for long periods of time including PE teachers and grounds staff, may need sun protection all year, as they are at an increased risk of skin cancer. At this time of year, sun protection is also recommended when near reflective surfaces (such as snow) or if UV levels reach 3 or higher.


Project Refresh-Consultation

Progress Report & Community Consultation

The redesign process for the way we organise teaching and learning at Northcote High School is now at the stage where we are developing possible models for putting our ideas into practice. Research and consultation with staff, students and community members has led to guiding ideas, but these ideas now need to be implemented, and this is where things get interesting!


We invite our parents, guardians and community to:

A Community Consultation

Wednesday 30 November, 6.00-7.30pm in the School Library

  • How do we really put our students at the centre of what we do?
  • How can we prepare our young people for the future?
  • How could school be different?
  • How can we make learning more personal?

RSVP [email protected]

Coming Up - Student Eye Tests 2017


Northcote High school  is pleased to announce that the Student Eyecare Program will begin 2017.  An optometrist will be onsite during school hours to provide students with a free comprehensive eye examination that is covered through Medicare Australia. 1 in 6 students have eye conditions that go undetected. This is due to the high level of visual demand on their eyes from books, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Every attendee will receive a full report about their eye health and a prescription will be provided if glasses are required. The prescription can be taken to any optical store to get the glasses made. 


Please contact Katie Archibald if you are interested in this free service.

Katie Archibald 

Head of Student Services 

Coming Up-2017 Italy Tour Info Night

Photo: NHS students at Pompeii

Tour Information Night Wed 9 November, 6pm


Studying Italian and need a dose of culture? Join us for the 2017 student trip to four cities of Italy! Attendance at the information night is a must!


Projected dates Sat 16 Sept - Thurs 28 Sept 2017
Locations: Rome-Florence-Venice-Milan

Tour Cost of approximately $5,200 (based on 20 students) includes:

  • Return economy airfares with Thai Airways (TBC) Melbourne – Rome / Milan – Melbourne
  • Prepaid airport/airline taxes and levies $155.00
  • Train fares
  • 4 nights’ accommodation in 3 star hotel in Rome with breakfast  (triple/quad rooms)
  • 4 night’s accommodation in 3 star hotel in Florence with breakfast (triple/quad rooms)
  • 2 nights’ accommodation in 2 star hotel in Venice with breakfast (triple/quad rooms)
  • 1 nights’ accommodation in 3 star hotel in Milan with breakfast (triple/quad rooms)
  • Dinners every evening at a local restaurant
  • Coach Transfers: Rome Airport – Accommodation, Full-day Excursion to Pompeii, Rome – Siena, San Gimignano – Florence, Florence – Modena – Venice Tronchetto, Venice Tronchetto – Milan, Milan Accommodation – Airport
  • Guides: Meet and Greet at Rome Airport, Half-day in Rome (Baroque Rome), Half-day in Rome (Vatican). Half-day in Pompeii, Half-day in Florence, Meet and Greet in Venice, Half-day in Venice
  • Entrances: Vatican Museum, Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, and one other Museum, Pompeii Excavations, Uffizi Gallery, Ferrari Museum, Last Supper (subject to avalibility)
  • 3 x 3 hour Language Lessons in Florence at “Instituto Il David”
  • 3-Day Roma Pass
  • 48-hours Vaporetto pass in Venice including meet and greet for delivery
  • Return Luggage Transfers from Venice Tronchetto to Hotel (1 piece of luggage per person included)
  • Tourist Tax in Rome, Florence and Venice
  • Insurance with VMIA.

Not Included:

  • Passport/Visa costs  
  • Meals and entrance fees other than specified
  • Personal expenses

VYLC Program Report

China so far has been absolutely fantastic but definitely jam-packed. As expected, the plane trip to China was long and uncomfortable and many of us struggled to get over an hour of sleep. The first thing many of us noticed upon arrival was the highly polluted air, it was difficult to see something that was just 100m away.

After several delays, we were finally on our way to Beijing Foreign Studies University. On the way, I couldn't help but notice the excessive amount of cars on the road and the lack of compliance many had to basic road rules. We are so lucky.


Beijing Foreign Studies Universtity was massive, with two campuses - an east and a west campus. The facilities were huge- there were hundreds of classrooms, countless basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, a running track, a gym, a swimming pool, an underground plaza, the biggest library I've ever seen, let alone the five storey canteen! Our school days have been very long but worthwhile - sometimes up to twelve hours. Our week days generally look like this: Breakfast at 7:30 followed by a 3.5 hour Chinese class finishing at 12, lunch, Chinese related activities such as tai chi or free time followed by a cultural lecture or an excursion and then finally dinner, self study and back to our dorms. My Chinese is ever-improving and the immersion coupled with the daily language classes and self study has shown to be a major factor in my progression.


We have visited many tourist attractions such as the Forbidden City, Olympic Village, The Great Wall Of China, Summer Palace, Lama Palace, Beijing Hutongs, Behai Park, Shanghai River Cruise, several museums and there is still many more to come. It is crazy to think that China has a history that dates back over 5000 years and even crazier to see how many ancient monuments and buildings are still standing.
China is a buzzing hub of energy, full of thousands of buildings and millions of people. In Shanghai you can travel for over two hours and still be in the city. The people in China are very hospitable and friendly, kind and welcoming.


Everything in China is very affordable, especially the food. The food has certainly been a highlight for everyone, all broadening our palette and trying strange things - even scorpions!


I am more than grateful for this opportunity, I know I'm making the most of it and am looking forward to the following three weeks.

Mikka Jordan

Final Exams!

Photo: Ms O'Heare with VCE Lit students after their exam

Unit 3/4 students are midway through completing their VCAA external examinations. It has been fantastic to see how the students are approaching the opportunity to show what they have learnt over the preceding six years of secondary schooling.


The library and VCE centre has been abuzz with students and teachers supporting each other through their last stretch. Year 11 students undertaking a 3/4 have also approached the exam period with focus and a real intent on achieving results of which they can be proud.


The Year 12 exams are just the start of our Northcote High examination period. Students in Year 10 and 11 are about to embark on their exams, beginning Friday. Students are finishing off their class work as well as revising their work from this semester in time for tackling their exams head on.


We wish all students currently, or about to take exams, the best and know that their hard work will be rewarded.


You can find the Year 10 and 11 examination timetable on myNH on the relevant Year Level pages. 


Mr Shane Gemmola Head of Senior Sub-School

End of Year Program

End of Year Activities Summary 


Wednesday 14th Dec

Thursday 15th Dec

Friday 16th Dec

Year 7 Big Day out!  

Luna Park

Year 7 Big Day in!

In School Activities

Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games

Year 8 Big Day in!

Dodge ball Tournament

In School activities

Celebration Assembly

Year 8 Big Day out!


Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games

Year 9 Big Day in!

In School activities

Year 9 Big Day out!


Morning Yr 7-9 Cinema Afternoon Yr 7-9 Games



Northcote High School's End of Year Activities program is running in Week 11 of this term, Wednesday14th until Friday 16th of December. It is a great opportunity for staff and students alike to celebrate the hard work and successes of 2016 by having a little fun together.


Above is the summary outline of what is happening during the activity week and all year 7-9 parents will receive this in a Compass newsfeed. Information regarding student selection and payment for their Big Day Out and their fantastic In-school activities will be sent to you next week in a Compass newsfeed and a letter home - so please look out for it. Please take the time to go through the information with your child and fill out as appropriate for you and your child's needs. We are really looking forward to the program this year and have lots of great activities on offer for the students.

Mr Josh McDonald

Assistant Principal

Friends of Hudad Report


On behalf of the Year 7s, their teachers and YLPLs, I just wanted to send you all a quick message to thank you for your support for the Philanthropic Project. So far we have raised close to $6500 for the Friends of Hudad. This will be a great contribution to help in the construction of a school. There is a community passionate to engage in education, but the logistics of a 6 hour trek often makes this difficult. The much needed funds that we have raised thus far will make a significant development to the lives of many.


Many sincere thanks to those of you who contributed time, money and effort to support this cause and our students (pics attached).


Ps… It’s not too late to donate:





Yr 8 Philanthropic Project

Photo: Photo courtesy RSPCA

The Year 8 philanthropic project this year has been very successful in aiding the animal rights charities we chose. Our pet photo competition that ran towards the end of term three had many entrants, and raised money while getting the whole school involved. The mobile phone drive collected many phones which will be donated to the zoo to preserve the gorillas' homes. We also ran a goods drive for the lost dogs home which received a lot of useful equipment to donate. We thank you for collaborating and participating in our philanthropic project, and for helping us make it so successful.


By Alice and Gemma, Year 8 captains

2016 City School

City Experience – by Eva Baird and Nadine Robinson-Danckert 9E


The Year Nines recently embarked on an investigation that involved taking a trip to the Melbourne CBD for three days. The idea behind the experience was for students to construct a survey that was to be presented to the general public and to investigate a topic of the students choice. Taking advantage of the time allocated to us in the city, we were asked to complete certain tasks over the course of the three days. These activities consisted of The Amazing Race; a collaborative learning experience in which students were given allocated destinations to go and complete activities which required teamwork, navigation and initiative, visiting Syn FM; a radio station run by students aged between 12-24, where we were given the ropes on completing a simple radio segment, and a session at The Big Issue; an eye opening workshop which revealed much of the truth of stereotypes surrounding homelessness.


When first introduced to the idea our initial thoughts were three days in the city to do whatever we want. However as it became clear this wasn't going to be the case, we decided to make the best of it and delve into the project on-hand. The more work we put into the project the more we got out of it. By the time the dates of City School were upon us we found ourselves more than a little curious as to the outcome of the next three days. After learning the hard way that not all trams go the same way we completed the Amazing Race with hilarious memories and knowledge of our city's streets and shopping centres. With this newfangled knowledge we went about selecting diverse members of the public to complete our survey. The topic we chose to investigate was homelessness, and unsurprisingly this was a delicate subject to address. One of our questions on the survey was "Would you be more likely to donate to a homeless person if they had a pet?" We encountered a number of responses, but the most surprising of all was "You want me to give you my dog?!" It took a lot of explaining to calm him down and tell him that we did not, in fact, want his dog. However we found most people were more than happy to oblige to taking the survey. The more people we interviewed the more confident we became at pitching our surveys and the more involved we became with the topic. To add to this we then participated in a workshop at the Big Issue office. Here we were educated on the misinterpreted stereotypes of homelessness and how this can relate to our everyday lives. We discussed the issue by engaging in an activity that placed us in the shoes of a person experiencing homelessness and the discrimination that stems from that. To end this informative workshop a man stepped forward to tell his personal account of his experience with homelessness and the ways we can prevent others from suffering from this issue. Syn Fm was another opportunity we were given to build our confidence. In our experience it was a way for us to create something entirely independent with the aid of teachers and adults and empowering to know we had the potential to create this.


By the end of the three days we had completed over two hundred surveys, completed a workshop, found our way around the city and made our own radio segment. At the same time we had spent time with our friends, created unforgettable memories and enjoyed the overall experience. City School is a great way to learn skills you can't learn in a classroom and educate yourself on topics you are personally interested in. A big thanks to all the teachers who helped and organised this amazing adventure and we hope the year nines that proceed us will enjoy it as much as we did.

Largest ever bake sale!

Students from 8A, B, J and H raised almost $500 for the Children First Foundation, in our annual Monster Bake Sale last week. This was a "20% Project" Tutorial Project for Izabela PRVCIC, Maeve EMMERSON, Greta LATHAM-DEMANT, Erin MCDONAGH, Sarah HUNT, Sarah KADIJK, Camille VAN HECKE, Fotini TETIKIS and Theoni RAPTIS of 8A; Esther VINCENT and Lucy CLYNES of 8B; Sophie MCBRIDE, of 8J and Piper FLOOD of 8H. The event was organised by Isabelle YOUNG of 8A.


Children First is a Melbourne based not-for-profit charity. Their mission is to transform the lives of children who need us most by giving hope, exceptional care and pathways to a brighter future. The Foundation has a proud history built on the belief that excellent medical care is a basic right of every child regardless of where they are born.


Children First receives no government funding and relies on the generosity of donors, corporations, trusts and foundations. With this help they are able to bring children from developing countries to Australia for surgery that is not available in their country of birth. They also support disabled or chronically ill children in Australia by providing the ‘gap’ funding for equipment and services to improve their quality of life. You can find more information here


Our Olivers do it again!

Photo: Sunshine Film Fest trophies based on Millennium Man

Oliver Crawford Smith and Oliver Bailey took out first prize in the secondary school catagory  at  the 2016 Sunshine Short film festival for their film ' No Excuse'. Their film screened at  Village Cinemas Sunshine on 28th Oct. The $2,000 first prize was sponsored by G. L. Lee Real Estate & Westpac Bank. 


Well done boys!


Community News Page 1



Community News Page 2





Pathways and Careers

Year 12 Reminders


Year 12 students and their families are reminded that they can still seek assistance from NHS throughout the Change of Preference period. Please use email in the first instance, as Kylie Witt will be away on a school trip for much of this time. Bear in mind that responses to these emails may not be immediate, so direct any urgent queries to VTAC or specific institutions. The Senior School team can also help with many queries.



This service is now open, and closes again on November 11.


Many of the universities are still making changes to their course offerings and adding new courses. Keep an eye on their websites and VTAC’s social media sites to see if any of these are suitable for you.


You can get help from Kylie Witt at school from December 12-19. She’ll be back at school on January 18, 2017 for students who need assistance dealing with the offer process.  

Download a useful handout for Year 12 students here that outlines what still needs to be done between now and January.


Year 10 Tips for Work Experience


This is the last newsletter before Work Experience Week for our Year 10 students.

All students should have completed all the relevant paperwork and their OHS modules. Students without a placement will need to speak with the Year 10 Sub School Team, as they will be expected to attend school.

What’s next?

During Week 7, students will be given a copy of the work placement form, which should be taken home to parents and filed for future reference. They will also be given a Work Experience Reflection Journal. Please take some time to go through this with your son/daughter to ensure that they get the most out of the experience. They should be filling in a section each day. They will need to bring this journal with them for the first VCE Orientation session on December 5.

Expectations during the placement:

Students should attend every day at the times arranged (see placement form), and adhere to all dress rules and other expectations. The attached handout will give you some useful tips on what to expect when you get to a new workplace.

Who to contact if you need help

During work experience, Ms Witt will be on a school trip, so please direct any queries to either your child’s tutor or a member of the Year 10 Sub School team.

In the case of absence, please contact both the employer and the school on the morning in question to notify them of this.


Summer School at the VCA & MCM


Working with industry professionals in state of the art facilities, the summer programs are immersive learning experiences. Share your summer with like-minded, passionate performers and artists while developing your fundamental skills and building your confidence in a relaxed and stimulating environment

2017 Summer school intensives available in: 

·         Acting
·         Film and Television
·         Pop Song Writing
·         Music Theatre
·         Composition for Animation
·         Visual Art: Drawing & Painting
·         Dance
·         Music

Find out more and register here:

Free Creative Workshops


Wednesday 30 November

7/20 Otter Street Collingwood

The Academy of Design Australia is offering free workshops for students on Wednesday 30 November.  Both individuals and class groups are welcome.

These workshops will provide an overview of the major-studies offered by the Academy.  Students can choose one workshop from:

  • Communication Design
  • Fashion & Costume Design
  • Filmmaking & Photography
  • Graphic & Digital Design
  • Interior Design
  • or Visual Arts.    

These sessions give students the opportunity to meet with current tutors, who are all are practising artists and designers, as well as ask questions about working in a creative field.   

 To find out more and register:


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