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28 November 2017
No 2/11
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French News


This term Castle and Stillwell students have looked at the story ‘La Chenille Qui Fait De Trous’ which we all know as ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’. The Receptions, Year 1s and 2s looked at the days of the week and numbers, whilst also learning some new words. The Year 3/4s used the story to recognise and translate high frequency words. Classes have also learnt about places we can visit, such as dans le parc (in the park), dans le jardin (in the garden) and à laferme (at the farm).


Holly students have spent the term learning about comptines (French nursery rhymes). They listened to a variety of comptines before choosing one to learn off by heart. Students have then created a presentation of their chosen comptine to show to some younger students, with their final goal to teach the comptine to the younger students. I have been super impressed by the focus and dedication displayed by students in completing this task.


Students have been taking turns being Le Petit Prince et La Petite Princesse. The Prince and Princess read through an introduction for the lesson, call the role and ask the class a variety of questions such as, “Comment allez vous?” (How are you?) and “Quel temps fait-il aujord’hui? (What is the weather today?) The pair also help with classroom jobs and help identify students in the class who are using their school values throughout the lesson.


All students have been learning the French Christmas song, ‘Quand Le Père Noël Vient Me Vister’ (When Father Christmas Comes to Visit Me). The song is about Father Christmas going down the Cheminée and what he is wearing. Students have enjoyed learning French words for boots (bottes), pants (culottes), belt (ceinture), coat (manteau) and stocking cap (tuque). The whole school will be performing this song at the Christmas Concert, we look forward to sharing this with you on the night.


Merci beacoup.

Madame Mawson (formerly Mademoiselle Brooks)

PE/Health News

Fond are the memories of Dad returning home from work each day and inviting my older sister and I to spend ten minutes outside throwing a tennis ball to each other across the yard. Not only was it a small window for us to spend time bonding with our father before we began the process each night of eating dinner then getting ready for bed; but we were both competitive in knowing that if we caught the ball then the incentive was that we were allowed to return serve to our father as hard as we could.

Although my Dad caught the ball every time, the benefits of playing outside each day supported my learning and accelerated my development across many fundamental movement skills in a way that was fun, fair, and fuelled my desire to compete through lessons of courage and persistence.


A small investment of 10 minutes playing together outside over these summer holidays can go a long way to reinforcing the fundamental skills and excellent wellbeing programs we are committed to teaching our students here at Hackham East Primary School.

Derryn Amoroso, PE Teacher

Sporting Grants

This year we have successfully applied for and won over $14,000 in sporting grants to invest in our students Physical Education. With this money we have purchased new equipment whilst primary students have also had the benefit of a combined 11 weeks of volleyball, football, cricket and baseball coaching delivered by expert sports coaches.


Five teams competed in SAPSASA competitions of athletics, cross country, cricket and football with our best results coming from a win against St Peters Woodlands in girls football and a semi final finish in girls softball.


Five students from Hackham East were selected to represent the Onkaparinga District at the State Championships in both softball and soccer, with one student showing courage to trial amongst 60 others for a position on the Girls State Softball team.

Sports Equipment

At present we are exploring new options of borrowing equipment. We hope this will give more students access to our sports gear whilst reinforcing schools values to look after and return our equipment.

After School Sport

Last year we sent home a questionnaire asking parents to indicate if their children would be interested in playing after school sports of either netball, soccer, football, basketball or cricket. Although there was some interest, there were not enough students to field a team.

If you have a child in year 3 or above next year who would be interested in playing one of the above sports, we invite you to contact the school or visit us in the health room before or after school to express your interest.

Derryn Amoroso & Gab Martin

PE Teachers

The Arts News

It’s almost the end of another year and we are gearing up for the end of year school concert.


We have been super busy in the Arts room with a variety of projects on the go. In Term 3 we bravely took on the Art project of creating our own prints using polystyrene sheets. We had so much fun and students are constantly encouraged to step out of their comfort zones and be free to express themselves - a concept many student (and sometimes adults) struggle with. 









Our Year 5/6/7 students and I embarked on a journey to to discover how to create a website from scratch. We explored www.wix.com and students learned how easy it was to set up a basic website. With their IT skills they were able to learn how to navigate the site quickly and they incorporated some graphic design skills using www.canva.com, my

favourite site and it’s free.


Now we are all preparing for our end of year concert. Only 3 weeks to go.


“Arts Education strengthens student problem-solving and critical thinking skills”


Erina Morunga

Arts Teacher

School News

New Enrolments

If you have a child starting Reception in 2018, please check with Lee Clements, Front Office, if you have not completed an enrolment form.

Your child will not be able to start on the first day of Term 1 if we do not have a completed enrolment form.

Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal

Open Morning 7/12

Open Morning to see and hear writing from our wonderful Authors.

Writing has been a big whole school focus this year and our students have been busy learning many things about the writing process and have produced some great pieces of writing.

We would like to invite you to stay and hear some of your child’s writing on Thursday 7/12 from 8.50 - 9.20am.  Parents, carers and grandparents are welcome.

Sally Slattery, Deputy Principal

Jump Rope for Heart

Students will be participating in The Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart on Monday 4/12 from 9:00-10:20am.  Parents, carers, friends and family are invited to come along and support our students.
Thank you to the school community for supporting this event with all money raised going to the Heart Foundation.  All donations need to be returned to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager by Monday 4/12 or donations can be made online at www.jumprope.org.au.


A case of Norovirus has been reported in the Castle Unit. Symptoms may include: nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, headache, fever, chills, muscle aches and a general sense of tiredness. The onset is sudden and symptoms last for an average of 1-2 days. It is very infectious and can be spread easily from person to person Both faeces and vomit are infectious. The Incubation period (time between becoming infected and developing symptoms) is about 24-48 hours but can appear as early as 12 hours after exposure. The Infectious period (time during which an infected person can infect others), is from the day of feeling ill and up to 2 weeks after recovery. Plenty of fluids should be given and seek medical advice if symptoms are severe or persist. Good hand washing hygiene can help with prevention. See the SA Health website for further information.

Lost Property

Please check the lost property box in each teaching unit for any items that may belong to your child/children.  It is recommended that all items of clothing, drink bottles, lunch boxes or items brought to school by your child are  clearly named so that the item can be returned.

Emergency Clothing

If your child has been given emergency clothing this term please make sure the item(s) are washed and returned to the Front Office by the last week of school term (15/12).  

If you have any items of school dress code that you no longer require and would be suitable as emergency clothing for our students donations can be made to the Front Office.

Premier's Reading Challenge

An assembly will be held on Friday 8/12 (9:00am) in the Penney Unit to acknowledge all students who participated in the Premier's Reading Challenge in 2017.  Parents, caregivers and family are invited to attend.

Congratulations to all participants.  

Deb Scarff, SSO Library

Year 7 Graduation

Parents, carers, family and friends are invited to the Yr 7 Graduation to be held on Wednesday 13/12 at Hackham East Primary School.  Doors open at 7:45pm with the ceremony commencing at 8:00pm and finishing at 9:00pm.

All Library Books to be Returned

We need to have all library books returned by Friday 8/12 in order to do our end of year stock take.  We would appreciate it if you could help your child/children to locate any missing books.

Bills for lost/damaged books will be sent out after Monday 11/12.

Deb Scarff, SSO Library

School Banking

We would like to thank all of our students who have participated in the CommBank School Banking program this year.

Our final School Banking day for 2017 will be Wednesday 6/12.  If your child is eligible to order a reward item please ensure that the reward coupon is completed and returned by Wednesday 29/11.  Any tokens that have not been redeemed this year can be used in 2018.



Please check your child's hair regularly for headlice.  If you detect eggs or live lice treat the hair immediately. Remove all eggs - you cannot assume all the eggs are dead.  Removing them with a fine toothed comb and, if necessary, by hand confirms your child's hair is egg free.  Please inform the class teacher and staff at the Front Office if you have treated your child for head lice.
With your assistance we can aim to reduce the incidence of head lice at our school.

School Concert

Hackham East Primary School Concert

Parents, carers, family and friends are invited to attend the School Concert on Tuesday 5/12.


A sausage sizzle and drinks will be available from 5:30pm.  Students need to be in their classroom by 6:00pm and the concert will commence at 6:30pm.


The Minister of Education, Hon Susan Close will officially open the  STEMWork spaces at the concert.

The School Concert will be held on the oval - bring along a rug, chairs and join in the fun.  We ask that people bringing chairs sit at the back area to allow those on rugs a view of the concert.


A gold coin donation on the evening will go towards playground equipment for the benefit and enjoyment of our students.


The Christmas Raffle will be drawn at the concert.


Fundraising News

Christmas Raffle

Do you have any items suitable to donate for the Christmas raffle?  If so, please leave them in the special boxes in each teaching unit.  Castle Unit have a box in each class room and there is a box in Holly and Stillwell units and the Front Office where donations can be left.  Thank you for your generosity and support.  

Raffle books will be sent home to each family by the end of this week - please ask your child/children if they forget to give them to you.  Raffle tickets are $1.00 each and all money and books need to be returned to Tracy Rowley, Finance Manager.

The raffle will be drawn at the School Concert on Tuesday 5/12.  Good luck and thank you for supporting this fundraising event.

School Concert

The Fundraising Committee will be holding a sausage sizzle before the School Concert on Tuesday 5/12.  Students, parents, carers, family and friends can purchase items on the night.  Drinks will also be available.

Christmas Stall

The Fundraising Committee will be holding a Christmas Stall on Thursday 14/12 from 8:30am for parents, carers and staff to purchase items.  Students will be able to purchase a gift when their class attends during the morning.  The location of the Christmas Stall will be advised on Facebook.

Pastoral Care Worker News

Christmas Hamper Donations

Thank you to those who have donated items for the Christmas hampers.  Donations can still be made with all items donated benefiting members of our school community.  Donation boxes are located in each teaching unit and the Front Office.

I thank you for your generosity and support.

Cherie Love

Pastoral Care Worker


Vacation Care Program

Vacation Care Program

If you would like to book your child/ren in to the Fun and Exciting Vacation Care Program, please fill in the attached sheet by either ticking, or crossing the days you would like to use the service. If you have more than one child, there is space to write their names if both/all children are not to be booked in on the same day. Please make sure you indicate which activity your child/ren are partaking in on January 18th & 19th either Sleepover at Narnu Farm or Excursion to Gawler Animal Farm/Plaster Fun & painting.
Please note there is only a flat rate fee of $52 per day regardless of the activity. This rate is what is charged before Childcare Benefits and Childcare Rebates are applied, so depending on your individual circumstances there may not be very much of a gap. Please speak to Jacky if you would like further information regarding costs.
Notification of cancellations must be given by Friday 6pm prior to the booked day so as not to incur a fee.
A reminder that all new enrolments require a $50 deposit before they are confirmed bookings. Bookings cannot be confirmed until all outstanding fees have been paid in full. A booking confirmation and excursion permission slips will be sent out once all outstanding fees are received.


Children will need to bring their lunch, SunSmart hat (Broad brimmed, legionnaires or bucket hat, NOT baseball cap), drink bottle and suitable footwear/clothing each day. OSHC will provide Breakfast, Morning Tea/Recess, & Afternoon Tea daily and will be providing lunch these school holidays only if booked in for the sleepover on 19th January. Please note some activities are designed to be messy, so please ensure your child is wearing clothing that is appropriate to the activity.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact me on 0499 228 039 or [email protected]
Thank you for your assistance and we look forward to you joining us these school holidays for a safe and enjoyable couple of weeks.

Jacky Smith
OSHC Director


Dates to Remember

November 2017

Thursday 23/11 

Friday 24/11 - Last day for 2017 School Card Applications

Friday 24/11 - Closing date for Parent and Caregiver Survey


December 2017

Monday 4/12 - Jump Rope for Heart 9:00-10:20am

Tuesday 5/12 - School Concert

Thursday 7/12 - 8:50-9:20am - Open Morning to see and hear our wonderful Authors

Friday 8/12 - 9:00am - Penney Unit - Premier's Reading Challenge Assembly

Friday 8/12 - Volunteers Morning Tea, Penney Unit

Wednesday 13/12 - Yr 7 Graduation

Friday 15/12 - Last Day of Term 4, 2:00pm Finish

January 2018

Monday 29/1 - First Day of Term 1

Road Crossing Monitors

Term 4

Week 7 (27/11-1/12)


Dema Liddicoat

Axel Freeman

Wyatt Broadbent


Andrew Millar

Mark Reynolds

Max Connolly 




Week 8 (4/12-8/12)


Hamish Bradbury-Manie

Caleb Bradbury-Manie

Bailey Stopp


To be advised

Isaih Waller-McDougall

Tyler Lenard

Community News

Preschoolers What Can I Do Now I am 4?

An interactive workshop for parents with children around 4 yrs old.  Held on Thursday 23/11 from 12:30-2:30pm at Taikurrendi Children & Family Centre.  Ph Johanna or Tara 81861102.


Foster Care

Foster Carers are needed to provide overnight emergency, long-term, short-term and respite care.  You can be either single, couples, working full-time, part-time or studying.  Free training and ongoing professional support is provided.  Ph Linda 81313456 or visit www.anglicaresa.com.au/foster-care for more information.

Free Private Rental Information Session

An information session to be held on Tuesday 28/11 from 11:30am-1:00pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Ph 83923000 to register.


Cinema in the Park

Free family event, Cinema in the Park featuring The Lego Batman movie,  to be held on Friday 24/11 from 6:30pm at Symonds Reserve, Aldinga Beach.  Movie starts at 8:00pm.  Ph 85565940 for more information.


Parents Lounge

Young Parents program.  Held each Friday until 15/12 from 1:00-2:30pm at Onkaparinga Youth Enterprise Hub, Colonnades Shopping Centre (formerly Jamie Oliver Pop Up Kitchen).  Ph Wilson 83840535 for more information.


Christmas Creative Arts Extravaganza

Held on Wednesday 29/11 from 6:00-9:00pm at Harvest Australia Church Auditorium, 140 States Rd, Morphett Vale.  


Childrens Voices

We would like the children to have their say about what they need in their lives and from the community.  Free family event held on Friday 1/12 from 7:00-9:00pm at Christie Downs Community House, Cnr Flaxmill & Morton Roads, Christie Downs.  


Siblings in Focus

Siblings in Focus is a structured program for 8-12yr old siblings of children with disabilities and/or chronic illness.  Held on Wednesday 10/1/2018 and Friday 12/1/2018 at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Parade, Hackham from 10:00am-3:30pm.  Free.  Ph Tanya 81866944 to register.


Suicide Prevention Network

Meets on third Monday of the month at 7:00pm - Christies Beach Surf Life Saving Club.  Ph Michelle 0438060650 for more information.


Hour of Code

Code EV3 or Dash robots to navigate around an obstacle course or use the Hour of Code website for coding tutorials for beginners.  Held on 4/12 from 3:30-4:30pm at Woodcroft Library.


Christies Beach Christmas Pageant

A great family event held on Sunday 26/11.  Starts at the Dyson Road end of Beach Road and goes along Beach Road finishing at Rotary Park on the Esplanade.  Starts at 10:00am.


Blast Off

Blast Off! Live in Concert.  We are collecting stories from children about their feelings around being safe, healthy, active and ready to learn.  For 1-4yr olds.  Held at Woodcroft Library on 24/11 and 1/12.  Ph 83840050 for more information.


Art Works Excursion

Held on Tuesday 28/11 from 12:30-2:30pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Free.  Ph 81866944 to register.


NDIS Information Session

Held on Tuesday 5/12 from 12:30-2:30pm at Community Connections Hackham, 72 Collins Pde, Hackham.  Free.  Ph 81866944 to register.


Healthy Hearts, Healthy Homes

A workshop which focuses on practical ways to improve relationships.  Held on Monday 4/12 from 6:30-9:00pm at Woodcroft Morphett Vale Neighbourhood Centre, 175 Bains Rd, Morphett Vale.  Gold coin donation.


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