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04 December 2017
Issue Eighteen
Important Dates
Principal's Report
2018 House Captains
Year 12 Celebrations
Early Commencement
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Important Dates

December 2017

Monday 4th: Year 11 Early Commencement

Monday 11th: Grade 6 Information Night

Tuesday 12th: Grade 6 Orientation Day

Tuesday 19th: Presentation Night - Eastbank - 7.00pm

Thursday 21st: Euroa Pool Day



January 2018

Wednesday 31st:  Students  Return 1st Day Term 1


Tuesday 13th: Swimming Sports


Tuesday 6th: School Photos

Principal's Report

Principal's Report

Year 12 Graduation & Valedictory

It was an absolute pleasure to celebrate the completion of 13 years of formal schooling with our Year 12 Class of 2017 last Friday, 24th November.  Our graduates day commenced with a shared breakfast, kindly hosted by our Year 10-12 Staff Team.  This was followed by a celebratory assembly with our entire student body and many parents, carers and family members of our graduating class.  It is without hesitation that I can say we have a fine bunch of young men and women leaving us this year.  Their time with us has been filled with learning and leadership, especially in this their final year at McGuire College.  The day concluded with a wonderful Valedictory Dinner with our graduates dressed to the nines, as they celebrated their achievements with family and staff.


On behalf of the College Community I would like to extend our thanks to our 2017 College Captains – Ali Alnajar, Taylor Parker, Darcy Andersen and Jade Newey, for the fantastic work they have done as student leaders throughout the year, not just within their year level but across the entire College community.  They have proven themselves to be exemplary role models and wonderful leaders.  I also wish to extend our kindest thoughts and best wishes to every one of our graduating students, we look forward to hearing about some amazing futures beyond McGuire College for these fine young people.


Extra-curricula events

The past few weeks have been interspersed with a range of extra-curricula events designed to support and extend students at our College.  Some of the highlights have included:

  • The SEAL Trivia Night with many students and families of our Year 7 & 9 SEAL students going head to head in a trivia event.  Thank you to our team of Rob Steer, Cam Woodcock, Ahmet Latifoglo and Emma Adam for their work in this space.
  • This past week saw our Year 7 students host family members and Year 6 students/families for our eLearning Showcase.  This provided our students with an opportunity to showcase and share their eLearning skills and capabilities.  Thank you to Emma Adam and our eLearning Champion Team for hosting such a great event.
  • Throughout Semester 2, McGuire College, under the leadership of Sam Owen, have developed and implemented an Elite Sport Rugby Program to support students across the Better Together Alliance.  This program has provided students with a vehicle to pursue an interest and passion in rugby, whilst at the same time promoting high levels of effort, engagement and attendance with school.

Curriculum Days for 2018

College Council met recently and approved the 2018 Curriculum Days.  Each year the College staff have four days where they have the opportunity to work and learn together in order to support the achievement of students and the fulfilment of our Strategic Goals.  In 2018 the school year will start with two curriculum days, Monday 29th January and Tuesday 30th January.  As such, students will commence on Wednesday 31st January.

The final two curriculum days for 2018 will be held on Wednesday 2nd May and Wednesday 1st August.  Both of these days are student free days.



In 2017 we have seen some very impressive improvements in the attendance rates of students and I can’t stress enough that attendance at this stage of the year is still vital for all of our students in Years 7-10.  Our Year 10 students will be taking part in an early commencement program that gives them a head start on their Year 11 studies.  This gives our Year 10 students an opportunity to start working on their VCE or VCAL curriculum, including the opportunity to fully prepare over the holidays.  The Early Commencement program is part of the 2018 course and will contribute to students enrolment rates, students and families are reminded that all Year 11 students will require an attendance rate above 90% to be eligible to the many benefits and special programs that VCE and VCAL bring at McGuire College.


Our Year 7 students have almost reached the highest attendance rate of a year level in 2017 and with continued high attendance rates, they may take out this prestigious recognition in 2017.  Keep up the great work Year 7 students and families.


Kind Regards


Brad Moyle


2018 House Captains

House Captains 

We are pleased to announce our newly elected House & Spirit Captains for 2018. Congratulations to the following students:



Daemonette Curran

Abbas Mohammadi


Lizzy Smith

Kayla Dibella


Dyamond Simi-Etuale

Masooma Ekhlasi


Michael Coonerty

Maddison Newey


Spirit Captains



Bella Hart

Noor Zia Faqeer-Zada


Dylan McNair

Shah Ibrahimi


Hemang Bheda

Bethany Duke


Fatima Albender

Corey Reardon


Year 12 Celebrations

Valedictory Dinner

Valedictory Dinner Fun! Year 12 students, families and staff enjoying this momentous evening in celebration of the end of Year 12.


Final Assembly 


Early Commencement

Success Integrated

It has been great to welcome Success Integrated to the College to engage and inspire our Year 12 Class of 2018 to be the best they can be. Darren and his team have been working with our students on goal setting for success, stress relief, mind mapping and committing to the “I can…I must…I will” pledge for 2018


Year 9 

Year 9 Bike Camp


Last week the Year 9 Outdoor Ed class travelled to Wangaratta to tackle the Wangaratta to Bright rail trail. We had some fantastic weather conditions and little head wind to contend with. 


We stopped overnight at Myrtleford Caravan Park and the staff there were very complementary of the behaviour of our group.  We finished the trip in record time, a fantastic effort and all students are to be congratulated for their great teamwork.


Special thanks to Trevor Wilson and Miss Vibert who volunteered their time as the front and back markers and made sure that the students were safe on the trail.


Andrew Nicholls

PE/Health/Outdoor Ed Domain Leader

Badminton Tournament

Congratulations to 9D PE class for their participation in the annual Year 9 badminton tournament! Well done to Joel Bilney and Sarah Miller for taking out the championship, enjoy your $5 canteen vouchers!




Music Matters

Jon Madin

Jon Madin with his fantastic marimbas, musical bikes and ding boxes will be creating wonderful music this week in music workshops with Instrumental music students and Year 7s.  We will be building a soprano –alto marimba and also new this year - ding boxes.


The music rooms will become a music workshop area and an instrument building worshop. Thankyou to the Fairley Foundation for providing funding to support the visit of the great musician Jon Madin to our school.


Fairley Scholarships to region band camp

Thankyou to the many students who have applied for the 10 scholarships on offer to attend Band Camp.

 The recipients will be announced and presented at Presentation Night.

Presentation Night Concert

Musicians including the “outstanding” Concert Band and Jazz Ensemble will be performing an informal half hour concert prior to the annual McGuire College Presentation Night on Tuesday, December 19 from 6.20 to 6.50pm.

These musicians will also perform two short items in the formal program.

Could all the musicians please return the feedback form re attendance on the night, so that the night can be planned.



Gabrielle Ryan

Music / Instrumental Music Co-ordinator.


SEAL Trivia Night

Last Tuesday we had a fantastic SEAL Trivia Night.  It was great to see so many students and their families turning out. The rivalry between siblings, between father and son etc was hilarious to watch. Congratulations to “You’re the Best” who romped home as the winning team and “Foreheads” who were close runners up. They all walked away with some great prizes from our sponsors.


Special thanks to our hosts Summer and Emily and organisers

Mr Woodcock, Mr Steer and Dr Latifoglu.

Our sponsors: Kebab Boyz Shepparton, BelCibo & Co, Degani Shepparton, The Good Guys, Officeworks, Fun City Entertainment Complex Shepparton.



Discovery Day

On Thursday 22nd November, the Year 9 SEAL class from McGuire and other students from Shepparton, Wanganui and Kyabram high schools were given the opportunity to explore Melbourne University during two days and one night.


As we entered the University of Melbourne we were warmly welcomed by the student hosts in charge, as well as the professor who officially gave a mini speech where he talked about the chances that can lead you to study at Melbourne University and the different pathways choices that can be successful for the future.

After the open buffet dinner provided by the campus we were split up into small groups of 10 and had to perform a ‘RACE AROUND CAMPUS’ activity in which we had to complete puzzles in order to move on to the next destination. The team that included the majority of McGuire’s students, Zahra (the leader), Zanab, Joel and Benjie ended up winning the race and won campus caps.


The next morning we woke up at 7:30am and were provided with a broad breakfast. We were then given a quick tour around the campus and had a brief description of each zone. Our first activity was an interactive physics lecture, we then moved on to an optometrist building where we were given a colour-blindness test by a student from that area of study. Morning tea was in a fancy café area where we had crepes. The next lecture was about dog senses and human senses where we conducted a taste and smell test. We followed student hosts to an open area where we had pizza for lunch.


The final activity was on international engineering where they talked about how the people of Cambodia have to live in unsafe floating houses on the water due to poverty and limited equipment. Then we were split up into groups and had to make miniature boats on a limited budget. The winner was chosen according to how many marbles the boat could hold before sinking into the water. McGuire’s teams proudly ended up coming in 1st and 2nd place.


By Zanab Al-Hussainy and Zahra Rezai




Reading Certificates

Congratulations to the following students who received a 2017 Reading Award by reading 25 books or more.


Year 7 : Tabia Faizi, Jason Furness-Hodkinson, Hasan Almusawi, Kani-Lee Donald-Binns, Hamidullah Haidari, Jack Plozza Lia, Faith Setu, Hannah Archibald, Kade Hardy, Chloe Johnson, Olive McKenzie

and Reza Azizi.

Year 8 : Faiaza Haidari, Iman Sudi, Yasmine Alkarawi and Moara Smith.

Year 9 : Alyssa Manzone, Saideh Nazari, Angus Campbell

and Jafar Alzuraijawi.

Year 10 : Sean Ryan

Year 11 : Mahala Archibald


Faye Andrew and Dianne Steele



Information for Parents

Expression of Interest 2018 Italy Trip


North Shepparton Community Learning Centre


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