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09 February 2018
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Important Diary Dates

2018 Term Dates

Term 1: 2/5 February to 28 March

Term 2: 16 April to 21 June

Term 3: 16 July to 21 September

Term 4: 8 October to 12 December

Important Diary Dates for 2018

Monday 12 March

Labour Day Holiday


Tuesday 20 March

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)


Wednesday 28 March

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)

Term 1 concludes for students


Thursday 29 March

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Friday 30 March

Good Friday

Monday 16 April

Term 2 commences


Wednesday 25 April



Monday 11 June

Queen's Birthday Holiday


Thursday 21 June

Term 2 concludes for students


Friday 22 June

Report Writing Day (no students)


Monday 16 July

Term 3 commences


Tuesday 7 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)


Thursday 16 August

Parent Teacher Interviews (Prep-12)



Friday 17 August

Professional Learning Day (no students)


Friday 21 September

Term 3 ends


Monday 8 October

Term 4 commences


Monday 5 November

Mid Term Break


Tuesday 6 November

Melbourne Cup Day Holiday


Friday 23 November

Report Writing Day (no students)


Monday 10 December

Presentation Night (Years 3-12)


Wednesday 12 December

Term 4 ends


Principal's Message








     Mrs Josie Crisara


Welcome back to what will be a great 2018. We welcome our new families as well as our existing families. We are celebrating 20 years of Aitken College this year with a Gala Dinner to be held on Friday 22 June.  All current and past parents, staff and alumni are welcome to attend - please save the date.  

Prep 2018

Our Prep students commenced last Friday and it was an exciting but emotional time for all. This year the event  was marked with the first children of past students commencing in Prep.  How exciting is that.



This prayer was shared with the primary students but applies to all.

Dear Jesus

Be with us this day as we gather to bring Your blessing upon our school.

Bless each one of us as we enter this school bringing our joys and sorrows.

Bless our friendships as we become a family of friends.

Bless our learning as we work hard with our teachers.

Bless our family as we share and learn together.

Bless each person who enters our school that they may share in the joy and happiness that comes from You.

We ask this, through You Jesus.

In Jesus name, we pray.


2018 Theme

My theme for the year is 'Teams Achieve'.  I spoke to staff about this in their day to day practice and to the Year 12 students on how working together they can achieve great things and this will be my focus at the Parent Information evenings.

Year 12 Conference

The Year 12 Conference focused on  setting up the year for students. A number of Aitken Alumni students attended and gave some salient advice: 

- Stay focused

- Work hard

- Make the most of opportunities

- Take care of yourself and friends

- Limit the use of social media to avoid distractions

- Avoid the dramas that might occur during the year; people will not care in 12 months time

- Get sleep, find optimal levels so you can concentrate and study

- Have breaks, play sport, listen to music

- Study for exams, practice questions and practice exams

- Enjoy every moment because you will miss it

- Stress is overrated, if you sleep well, eat well and work hard

- Time management is a key

Subject Awards Year 12 Class of 2017

At the Brookhill Assembly we celebrated subject achievements from the Year 12 class of 2017.  The following students were awarded subject awards for being the highest achieving students.

We congratulate Amanda Moore on being the recipient of the Long Tan Award for her leadership and community spirit. Along with acknowledging Brian Chan who was our Dux achieving an ATAR of 99.75; we had two students who achieved perfect study scores of 50; Matthew Shaw in VET Music and Robert Northby in Further Mathematics.

Year 12 Tertiary Destinations

128 students were in the class of 2017  (117 VCE and 11 in VCAL).  The graphs below show details of destinations, institutions and fields of study.  As you can see, with such a large cohort, students follow many different pathways based on their interests and careers aspirations.  We wish them well as they journey into the next phase of their lives.


Roads and Traffic

Thank you for your patience and consideration regarding traffic both within the College grounds and its surrounds.  Our main aim is to ensure the safety of all members of the community. Please be vigilant and drive safely.


Hume City Council has installed a school crossing in the Providence Estate.  We thank them for these works. Parents are asked to reinforce with their children that they must use the crossing to traverse Positano Grove.


Please continue to write to authorities regarding the duplication of Mickleham Road. 


This week I received the letter below from the Roads Minister in response to an email I sent last year.


Dear Ms Crisara


Thank you for your email of 31 October 2017, regarding traffic congestion on Mickleham Road, Greenvale. I apologise for the delay in responding.


The Andrews Labor Government recognises that residents in Greenvale and Yuroke encounter traffic congestion on the road network and is working closely with key stakeholders, including the Hume Council, on various transport priorities. Mickleham Road is recognised as one of these roads.


VicRoads has recently undertaken traffic modelling investigations for Mickleham Road to monitor current traffic volumes, and to assist in a better understanding of forecast traffic volumes in the future. In addition, initial planning investigations (e.g. Cultural and European heritage and environmental investigations) have begun on these roads.


These investigations are important to ensure that potential future upgrades will mitigate any impacts on the surrounding area.


Work has also begun on the Mickleham interchange as part of the Citylink Tulia Widening project to reduce congestion and make it easier for road users to access the Tullamarine Freeway.


Any further improvement proposals for Mickleham Road will be considered for funding in a future program. In the meantime, VicRoads will continue to monitor the matters you have raised.


Hon Luke Donnellan MP

Minister for Roads and Road Safety


2018 BHP Billiton Teacher Award Winner

The 2018 National Winner was awarded to Dr Adele Hudson. We congratulate her on this wonderful achievement.  See attached for more details.


Deputy Principal









   Mr Kim Forward

Public School Buses

I have previously written to parents about student use of Myki cards and the disappointing habit that students have of avoiding ‘touching on’ to pay for their bus travel. Staff will continue to supervise use of Myki cards as much as possible when students board buses in the afternoons. I strongly encourage parents to ensure that children are using their card correctly and that the card is topped up regularly; it is frustrating to see many students attempting to board their bus without any credit on their cards – it is the parent responsibility to monitor this.

Positano Grove Pedestrian Crossing

There is now a pedestrian crossing in Positano Grove next door to the school. This has been installed to enhance student safety when walking to and from school. Please encourage your children to use the crossing properly. Beware of parking incorrectly near or on the crossing as Council officers are actively monitoring traffic in the street and have issued fines.

Student Accident Insurance

The College has insurance that covers expenses resulting from student accidents. If you wish to obtain further details, please contact the Finance Manager.

My Aitken App

Parents using My Aitken may be interested in the App version for phones and tablets. Search for Firefly for Parents in the App store, enter the school code “Aitken” followed by your My Aitken email address and password. You will be able to access your child’s timetable, work tasks, assessments and feedback.

IT Support

Any parent requests for IT support such as logging into the Community Portal or My Aitken, or accessing information on these portals, should be emailed to [email protected].

No Smoking on School Sites

It is an offence in Victoria to smoke on any school property or within four metres of a school gate. Please observe this law whenever you visit the school.

Coles Sports for Schools

For families who shop at Coles, you can collect the Sports for Schools Vouchers and place them in the box at Reception or at the Senior School Office. We will be able to redeem the vouchers collected for sport equipment for children to use in Physical Education classes.

Overseas Exchange Host Family

Have you ever considered inviting an exchange student into your home? WEP is looking for Australian families to join their community of volunteer host families! If you are interested please see flyer attached.


College Activities

2018 Kitchen Garden Program

Volunteers are required, please click below for more details.


Parents & Friends 

Welcome to the new school year. We have some very exciting events this year.

Movie Night

Our first event is the Movie Night to be held on Friday 16 March. We will be playing 'Despicable Me 3'. The night will start at 7.00pm with the movie to start at 8.00pm. We will be selling popcorn and drinks. We will also have the coffee and ice cream vans attending. So bring your picnic blanket and join us for a night under the stars. See attached flyer


Committee/Volunteers Wanted

We welcome all new parents and invite them to join us, either as a committee member or a volunteer. Even if you only have one hour to give, we appreciate all the help we can get.

P & F Meeting

Our first meeting of the year will be held at 7.30pm on Tuesday 20 February in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre seminar room (upstairs room P24).

Mrs Allison Phelan

Parents and Friends Association Secretary










    Mr David Murphy

Year 12 Student Learning Conference

The year began for Brookhill on Thursday 1 February in the members area at Moonee Valley Racecourse with the annual Year 12 Student Learning Conference. This year, we were honoured to have 2017 College Dux, Brian Chan, as keynote speaker. Brian shared his strategies for effective study with the new Year 12 students. Brian emphasised the need to maintain balance in life by maintaining contact with friends and having time out for recreation. Students then participated in study skills workshops run by Elevate Education; these are the culmination of the series of workshops undertaken by all Brookhill students throughout Years 10, 11 and 12. They also had seminars with College Counsellor, Ms Jill Johnson on mental wellbeing during Year 12 and with Miss Lutton and their Head of House on the academic aspects of Year 12. The conference finished off with a formal sit down dinner in the committee room, at which several of Aitken College’s past Year 12 students spoke to the current senior group about their experiences.

Absence from School

If a student is to be absent from school, please phone the Senior School Office on 9333 9107 before 8.30am and leave a message stating the student’s name and reason for their absence. Parents will receive a phone call from the Senior School Office regarding absent students when no contact has been received. If students are to be absent from school due to holidays, parents or guardians must notify the College in writing at least two weeks prior to the absence.

Leaving School Early

­For a student to leave early, the College MUST have written permission from parents. If a student is leaving school early they are required to sign the Early Leaver’s Book located outside the Senior School Office. Students should have a signed note from their parent or guardian authorising their absence. This should be posted in the Senior School letterbox. If the student does not have a note authorising their absence they must be signed out by the parent or guardian collecting them from school. If a student is leaving the school early due to illness they must report to Sick Bay.

Sport Uniform

It is not acceptable for a student to wear sport uniform outside PE classes. Sport uniform is not an alternative to regular uniform, except in situations of medical necessity. We will not be accepting notes from parents excusing sport uniform, unless supported by medical evidence. Please note that students cannot wear sport uniform to and from school.


Please support the College with the following non-negotiable points:

  • Exaggerated hair styles, designed to attract attention (for example, shaved at the back and sides) are not permitted.
  • Hair colouring must be uniform and natural looking.
  • Piercings - Students may wear a single stud or sleeper in the ear lobe. Other piercings are not permitted. A student who gets a non-regulation piercing will not be allowed to wear it “while it heals”.

Year 12 Students

Year 12 students are reminded that they are expected to attend Homeroom each morning, even if they have a study class period 1. Year 12 students may sign out early if they have a study class period 5, provided they have lodged the appropriate permission form (signed by parents); these forms are available at the Senior School Office.

Driving to School

Year 12 students with Driver Licenses may drive to school and park in the Western Staff car park. To gain permission to do so, students must obtain a Driving to School application form from the Senior School Office, complete this form and lodge a $50.00 deposit with the Accounts Office. Students will be briefed on this procedure in Assembly.



VCAL – the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning – offers a flexible program for students who have a clear career direction, by giving them a head start into that pathway.


Congratulations to the successful Aitken College VCAL graduates from 2017 who have either entered full time employment, are continuing with their studies or gained an apprenticeship.

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award scheme is part of the program for Year 11 and Year 12 VCAL students. The Award is an internationally recognised and valued program that encourages and empowers young people to engage with their community, explore their potential and challenge themselves to achieve personal excellence. This is achieved through structured, independent and non-competitive voluntary activities which encourage personal discovery and growth, self–reliance, perseverance, responsibility and service to the community. The Award provides opportunities for young people to develop into mature, active citizens who will positively contribute towards society.


Congratulations to the Year 12 students who received the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award and also to the Year 11 and Year 12 students who were awarded their Bronze Award.


Year 12 Student Learning Conference

Last week, the current Year 12 students attended the Student Learning Conference at the Moonee Valley Racecourse, focusing on individual and team goals.

Mrs Jenny Lilley

VCAL Coordinator










    Mrs Francis Scuderi

Welcome to another school year. 2018 promises to be as busy as usual and we look forward to another productive and enjoyable year.


The Year 7 students  have started off well. Despite some nerves and anxiety, they seem to be settling well and are preparing themselves for their camp to Phillip Island on Monday 12 February.

First Week Of High School

The Dunhelen team for 2018 consists of myself and three Assistant Heads of School, Mr Ben Prentice (Year 7), Mrs Elpis Vlahopoulos (Year 8) and Mr Michael Patchell (Year 9).  We are also very fortunate to have a wonderful group of teachers on the team; Miss Charlotte Beales (7B), Ms Graziella Carta (7C), Mr Tassie Eleftheriou (7E), Ms Christalla Koukoullides (7K), Mrs Jenny Shipp (7J), Mrs Linda Camilleri (8C), Miss Sarah Howells (8H), Mr Titus Lal (8L), Mr Gordon Oreo (8O), Ms Sherry Sadler (8S), Mr Luciano Bernes (9B), Mrs Caron Flynn (9F), Mr Linden Koodravsev (9K), Mr Alistair Shaw (9S) and Mrs Elsa Tsalapatris (9T).  Feel free to contact your child’s Homeroom teacher for any concerns you may have.

Student Responsibilities

This week at Assembly, I spoke to the students about their responsibilities. I have listed these here for you to read and discuss with your child if you wish:

  • Ensure you are punctual to school every day
  • Check My Aitken often for tasks that you may need to complete
  • Be prepared for all your classes every day – this means checking your diary every night in preparation for the following day
  • Ensure your iPad is fully charged every day
  • Read the Bulletin every day – on My Aitken
  • Complete all work required of you and seek assistance if facing difficulties etc.
  • Be kind and respectful of all students and staff and report anything that you think is disrespectful or offensive
  • Use the bins provided – Keep YOUR school clean
  • Ensure your uniform is always clean and ready for the next day
  • Follow all school rules
  • Be kind
  • Do the best that you can do. Try your hardest always.

Obviously, some of these pertain to life even outside school and it is important that students know that they too have responsibilities. Working together can also make an enormous difference to your child’s education and school life. It is important that they see us as a team, working for their best interests always. Please do maintain contact with their teachers. Often, it is hard for teachers to get to the phone and an email might be better. The teacher will get back to you via email or phone for discussion or an appointment time.

Middle Years

The middle years are ‘trying’ years that require a lot of patience, understanding and communication. Children at this age are trying to assert their independence, but they still need adult guidance and boundaries. Take the time to ‘try’ and have conversations with them, understand that friends are very important to them, help them to organise routines for homework and for leisure time and assist them in trying to manage school and out of school activities. It can be a difficult time for some parents, however, listening and empathising with your child, acknowledging their feelings and keeping all lines of communication open is a start to what can also be an amazing time in their lives. As tricky as it can be, you will get through it. You might even smile about it later.


Students should be in correct uniform every day. Please take the time to read the Aitken College uniform policy, which is on the College website. Students out of uniform will receive demerits so please ensure that you and your child are familiar with the policy.

Once again, a very warm welcome to all the Dunhelen community and I look forward to another great year.









   Ms Karen McArdle

Welcome to the 2018 School Year!

This is going to be a great year! The staff have been working hard in preparation for this year and much planning has gone into ensuring this will be a year of much learning aimed at children’s instructional level, many challenges to excite the learner, and personal growth and development for students.


The Cumberland years are noted for encouraging and developing increased independence, a ‘Can Do’ attitude, development in social and teamwork skills, increased use of iPads to assist the learning and teaching processes, as well as greater emphasis on the application of learned and higher order thinking skills. We ask parents to work in partnership with staff and to support their children as they work to achieve these skills.

The Cumberland staff work as a team, dedicated to the education of children, and I am very proud to lead such a team.


Year 3H - Jane Heasly

Year 3A - Bianca Duell / Isabel Monroy

Year 4C - Daniel Catoggio

Year 4P - Hannah Petterson

Year 5K - Nigel Keegan

Year 5M - Samantha McAdam

Year 6A - Emma Dowling / Ron Rees

Year 6K - Maria Koullas

New Year Resolutions for School

We all make goals at the beginning of a new year but, sadly, many of these are not achieved. To assist parents and students to become better organised from the start of the year and continuing through the year, I recommend the following:

  1. Make copies of your child’s timetable - one for you and one for them.
  2. Develop a routine
    1. Children arrive home
    2. Get out of uniform – uniforms to go to laundry
    3. Have afternoon tea
    4. Complete homework
    5. Pack bag for next day and put in car or near front door
    6. Get uniform out and ready for next day
    7. Play
    8. Next morning, pack morning tea and lunch in bag before leaving.
  3. To assist with the packing of bags, students will be bringing home a ‘Bag Packing’ proforma to be completed. This needs to be displayed on a wall so children can have easy access. In the beginning, it may be on the fridge, but as they develop the skills, it can move to their bedrooms.

In the columns, get students to write all of the things they need to pack for that day. Note library days, sports days, music lesson days etc… Also add extra-curricular activities they might do either at school or after school that day. Train your child to pack bags and sports bags etc by supervising and even creating specific packing lists for particular activities e.g. swimming bag

  1. Have a duplicate pencil case, ruler etc at home. This reduces losses etc and packing items.
  2. Set up a corner where your child can do homework etc. In the earlier years of Cumberland, the kitchen table is okay, but as they progress through the years, they will need a space where they can leave work in progress.
  3. Supply your child with blank To Do Lists and Stick Its – we all use them and training them early means they will be better organised early!

Developing organisational skills does not just happen – you need to invest time and effort into it. Just remember, your investment will pay off as they become better organised. Good Luck!!


Communication with School

Communication between home and school is very important. Your child’s teacher is the first port of call for classroom and learning related issues. If an issue concerns the school or relates to issues across year levels or the safety of a child, then communication should be made with the Head of Cumberland, Karen McArdle. The best way to communicate with teachers is via email and with the school via email or phone.


Teachers spend 80% of their time in the classroom teaching and the remainder in planning meetings, professional development and directed duties. Please keep this in mind when sending emails. Your emails are important to us, but teaching a class will take priority over responding to emails. Teachers will respond as soon as they can or when they have the information you request; they will endeavour to respond within 48 hours. Remember, teachers have 30 students and can have numerous emails to respond to, so try to keep emails to important issues only.

Distribution of Class Lists and the Privacy Act

It has come to my attention that, at the end of last year, some students took photographs of the class lists which were displayed for them to see which class they were going to on Step Up day. These students did not have permission to do so and certainly should not have emailed them home. These were school documents and should not have been photographed or sent home.


It was very disappointing to learn that some parents, upon receiving the document from their children, then distributed them to other parents. The school works hard to protect the privacy of its students and families, and this has undermined much of our work. I advise parents to look at the Privacy Laws regarding the distribution of information. On behalf of the College, I apologise to families for this disclosure of information about their child/ren. I ask parents to assist the school in keeping our children and their information safe and to not distribute information in future.

The Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act) regulates how personal information is handled. The Privacy Act defines personal information as:

…information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

Common examples are an individual’s name, signature, address, telephone number, date of birth, medical records, bank account details and commentary or opinion about a person…………………

First Day

Excitement was in the air as students caught up with their friends, met new classmates and their teachers, moved to their classrooms and unpacked their books. For the Year 6 students, it was all about the iPad and how quickly they could get them formatted and connected with the school so they could start using them! There were smiles everywhere!!!!!


Many parents had smiles too as they caught up with friends and went for coffee or lunch – childless or at least with fewer!


I encourage everyone to keep the positive and happy vibe going throughout the year!


Parent Helpers Information Session

The College is offering Fairview and Cumberland School parents the opportunity to partake in the parent helpers’ information session. It will outline the program requirements and how parents can actively be involved in College life. Parents who do not attend the session cannot assist in the classroom. The session is scheduled for Tuesday 6 March 2018, from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Interested participants can email

[email protected] by Friday 2 March.









   Ms Kerrie Neophytou


Every new year at Aiken College brings a great deal of joy and cherished moments. I acknowledge it is an amazing blessing to be part of this community and experience the first day of school for new students and parents. It was a day of celebration and of course mixed emotions for our families, and it was also lovely to see many grandparents and other extended family members.


The preparation of children starting Prep spans over six months and the hard work of all of the parents and staff during this time contribute to a successful beginning to school life. Beginning school holds many emotions; excitement, apprehension, anxiety, laughter and tears and these are all fine. All members of our community are supported and it was wonderful to see our new families join our College community.


The 20th year celebration coincides with two of our Alumni’s children beginning Prep. A wonderful and exciting milestone for the College and the Alumni families.


We welcome all our families to the 2018 school year. We look forward to a very exciting and rewarding year.


Prep Students on their First Day of School with their Families


Prep J Visiting Ms Neophytou in her Office


Exploring the Playground


Fairview Staff

The Fairview staff includes:

Prep J        Miss Gemma Jackson 

Prep M       Ms Mikayla Millane

Prep R        Mrs Natasha Radley

One L          Ms Joanne Lanagan

One M         Mr Scott Munro

Two A         Mrs Anne Adams &

                     Miss Madeleine McAllister                

Two B        Mrs Michaela Di Paolo &

                     Mrs Nicole Gilbert

Teacher Assistant: Mrs Sarina Mazzone

Integration Aides: Mrs Emma Pedersen, Mr John                                            Clampitt & Mrs Leanne Connell

Chapel and Assembly – every Monday from 9.00am to 10.00am

Chapel services are scheduled every Monday from 9.00am to 9.30am and it is then followed by a topic focused Assembly from 9.30am to 10.00am. We always welcome parents, grandparents and friends to these services. All visitors must sign in at the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre foyer. I would like to ensure that any adults in the audience, who may choose to record any part of Chapel and Assembly, are not uploading any images on their personal social media platforms. It is crucial our children’s privacy is respected and protected.


Assembly Schedule

Please see attached

Fairview Information Evening

The Fairview School Information Evening is scheduled for Monday 12 February at 7.30pm in the Chapel and Performing Arts Centre. The session will provide parents with the opportunity to meet their child’s Homeroom teacher and discuss home and school expectations. It is crucial that parents attend, as it reinforces College procedures and ensures a smooth transition for the children.

Allergies and Anaphylaxis

Anaphylaxis is the most severe and sudden form of allergic symptoms. An anaphylactic reaction can be serious and life threatening. We have a number of children with anaphylactic reactions to certain food. This was a discussion point with the children at Assembly this week.


Parents have received communication in regard to children in their child’s class, with such reactions. Please keep this in mind when you are preparing your child’s snack and lunch.  The content of your child’s lunch box may cause a severe anaphylactic reaction to one of these children. If you plan to bring birthday treats to school, please speak to the Homeroom teacher before you prepare a treat.


Please take note of the following points:

  • We request that the children bring to school a re-useable drink bottle and lunch box. We are also encouraging that the lunch box used eliminates the need for any plastic wrappers around food.
  • Each child is required to have a bottle of water at school.
  • Please ensure that your child is wearing the correct footwear. This includes: flat black lace up leather shoes or leather pull up boots, no buckles or velcro. Pull up boots are only worn in the Preparatory School and children entering Year 3 must wear flat black lace up shoes (refer to included document).
  • Your child must bring their hat to school everyday. Children without a hat will not be permitted to play outside or participate in their Physical Education class.
  • It is also advised that your child bring a small tube/bottle of sun block. Please ensure that they have sun block on before they arrive to school.
  • Fairview children are not permitted to visit the canteen before school begins.
  • It is also compulsory that all hair is tied back in a pony-tail, at all times. If the hair is at a length, which it can be tied back, it must be tied in a bottle green hair tie or ribbon.
  • Prep and Year 1 children are required to bring a spare change of underwear, socks and trackpants/shorts (blue or green) to school.


Parent Helpers Information Session

The College is offering Fairview and Cumberland School parents the opportunity to partake in the parent helpers’ information session. It will outline the program requirements and how parents can actively be involved in College life. Parents who do not attend the session cannot assist in the classroom. The session is scheduled for Tuesday 6 March 2018, from 6.00pm to 7.00pm. Interested participants can email

[email protected] by Friday 2 March.

Fairview Open House

The Fairview Open House focus is to provide the families, parents and grandparents an opportunity to visit their child’s classroom. We look forward to your attendance. Two further sessions are scheduled from 2.15pm to 3.00pm on:

  • Prep  -      Monday 5 March 2018
  • Year 1  -   Monday 26 February 2018
  • Year 2  -   Monday 19 February 2018

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF)

Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) - Term 1 2018 Applications

Do you have an eligible Centrelink Health Care Card / Pension Concession Card or Veterans Affairs Gold Card? The Victorian Government has established a Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) to provide payments to eligible students to attend camps, sports and excursions. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card or temporary foster parents are eligible to apply. An amount of $125.00 per year will be paid for eligible Primary school students, with $225.00 per year paid for eligible Secondary school students. Payments will go directly to the school account and be tied to the student. If you have not applied for 2018, application forms may be obtained from the College or downloaded from: and must be lodged at the school by Friday 22 June 2018.  Eligibility criteria apply. For more details please refer to

Mr Petar Gajic

Finance Manager


Career News

We are delighted to be commencing a new school year and are excited about meeting with the Brookhill students as the year progresses. We will continue with our open door policy in B21, where we are happy to meet with students during their study periods or at recess or lunchtime without an appointment.  Of course, students are also very welcome to make an appointment if they prefer.  We are available to talk about career and course options, future pathways and subject selection and to assist with course and career research. We encourage all Year 12 students to come and see us at least once during Semester 1. 


We will be speaking at the Senior School information evenings over the next few weeks and will be on campus for Parent Teacher Interview sessions. 


The Career News is written and published fortnightly and will be available via My Aitken / Resources / School Life / Aitken News / Careers Newsletter / Careers Newsletters – 2018 Editions.  Career News aims to keep parents and students up to date and informed about all things ‘career’ related, with details of seminars, workshops and information sessions, information about occupations, tertiary course updates, including new courses and Open Day information.  Career News Issue 1 for 2018 is now available and includes information about the UMAT 2018, obtaining a Tax File Number, the new First Year Model at VU, the Australian Defence Force Expo, a career as an Occupational Therapist or a Physiotherapist, degree courses in Nursing and Midwifery and more.


The Careers office is staffed most days except when we are at meetings or professional development seminars.  Please contact us on 9333 1866 or email: [email protected].   


Mrs Clare Borg & Ms Rae Gibbs

Careers Counsellors

Chaplain's Corner

Miracle at Mallacoota – What Value the Life of a Child and the Power of Prayer

It was New Year’s Eve, I was walking with my son Lachlan, along the estuary by the boats at Mallacoota in the huge caravan park at 6.30pm. It was a beautiful evening and my cooking duties at our Beach Mission were over for the day. The water was clear and I could see the bottom, the fish and the weed. People everywhere, but not just there. I saw a large child’s doll floating face down in the water; I commented to Lachlan. Could have passed by, but I bent down and lifted it out. It was no doll. It was a 2-year-old child and for all appearance this child was dead. Whitish - blue skin and eyes open and pupils completely dilated. It is an image which will stay with me forever, a huge shock.


I placed the child on the ground, head down the slope and fingers in his mouth clear the airways and just started CPR. I was praying all the time…'Jesus let this kid live'. All hell broke loose around me. Brothers and sisters turned up screaming. His mother knelt by his side and cried, ‘Liam don’t leave us.’ I was seriously breaking ribs… or so I thought. He was just so tiny. Lachlan called an ambulance and went to find it. He would later tell me that as he ran through the Caravan park, someone saw him and without knowing what was happening informed him that there was an emergency nurse at site 171. Amazing! I was still pumping.


An uncle turned up and gave some breaths. I was counting the minutes. I,2,3, nothing, 4,5,6, praying, 7,8,9. At 10 minutes, the child’s solar plexus convulsed and he took a breath, just as the nurse and the ambulance turned up. I stood back and let the professionals take over. The police had arrived and it was an emotional place. The child was taken to the Mallacoota airstrip and kept alive for an hour before being flown to Canberra and intensive care. All signs were seemingly hopeless.


The family was Christian and they contacted their churches. Our campsite at the Beach Mission did the same. A huge network of prayer started all over Victoria thanks to social media. The police took statements from myself and Lachlan, they were preparing for a Coroner’s report. In Canberra, the staff had little hope. From 10.00pm till 5.00am little Liam lay unconscious and showing no signs of anything beyond breathing. People prayed. At 5.00am he groaned and opened his eyes and said, ‘I am hungry’. The hospital staff were amazed. They used the word miracle for they said kids in that state usually take a week to open their eyes and then are severely compromised, with significant brain damage. 24 hours later Liam was playing in the ward and in 48 hours he was discharged and returned with a grateful family to Mallacoota. I was able to pray with them and talk about their terrible experience, one which became a miracle of faith and the healing of a young child in the dark hours before dawn.


So…remember to value the life of your children, especially near water, and never doubt that God is listening when times are the toughest.


Mr Chris Ward

Director of Chaplaincy & Student Services


Humanities Herald

Welcome to 2018! We in the Humanities Faculty are very excited to be relaunching all our fantastic programs for 2018. We want to applaud all our 2017 VCE History and Sociology students who achieved some amazing results.


We have worked hard over summer to revamp our courses and cannot wait to develop our students’ knowledge and skills this year.


Another busy year in Humanities awaits, including:

  • Year 8 History Medieval Day - 16 March
  • Term 2 – Aitken Model Competition
  • Year 10 History JHC Semester 1 excursion - 26 April
  • Year 10 Geography Semester 1 Sandringham excursion - 26 April
  • Year 9 History WW1 incursion - 4-5 June
  • Year 7 History Ancient’s Day - 14 June
  • Week 3 of Term 3: Humanities Week
  • Year 10 History JHC Semester 2 excursion - 4 September
  • Year 10 Geography Semester 2 Sandringham excursion - 4 September
  • Term 4 – Aitken Map Competition

We hope everyone has a great year!

Mr Ben Lawless

Head of Faculty Humanities

Performing Arts

It is lovely to be back for another vibrant year of Performing Arts events at Aitken. My thanks to Ms Beth Thomson and Mr Daniel Pedersen as well as the rest of the Performing Arts team who kept things running while I was on Long Service Leave and filling some other positions.

College Musical

Yesterday we held the information session for this year’s major production, 'Disney’s High School Musical'. There was a great deal of interest and auditions will take place in the coming week. Ms Beth Thomson will be Directing the show, with Mr Nicholas Frampton as Musical Director. Any students who are interested in auditioning but missed the session needs to see Ms Thomson as soon as possible. Rehearsals commence in the next two weeks on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. The production opens on Friday 27 July and tickets will go on sale at the end of Term 2.


College Middle School Play

Today we held the information session for this year’s Middle School production, 'The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe'. This production will be Directed by Ms Jacqui Flood with all of the production details being handled by the Year 10 Theatrecraft class. Auditions will be held late next week for students from Years 7-9 who are interested.


SunFest Battle of the Bands

Entries are now open for students in Years 7-12 wishing to take part in this year’s SunFest Battle of the Bands in Sunbury on Sunday 18 March. This is a great opportunity to showcase your talent on a professional stage. All styles of bands are encouraged to apply, however, the music content must be family friendly. Interested students can collect an application form from Mr Frampton in P33. Applications close Friday 16 February.


Performing Arts Captains’ Concert

Our major performance opportunity is The Performing Arts Captains’ Concert which will be held on Tuesday 27 March. This is one of only two concerts where students get to present their own creativity in all of the areas of the Performing Arts.


This year’s Captains, Caitlin Crane and Caitlyn Reddoch have begun the planning and will soon be seeking items from students. If necessary, auditions will be conducted by the end of February, so get planning and rehearsing your ideas. Please keep an eye on student daily bulletins for sign-up.

Mr Michael Cooper

Director of Performing Arts

Physical Education

Primary Sport

Our first round of the Year 5 & 6 Summer Interschool sport competition is Friday 16 February against Westmeadows. Children were given the opportunity to try out for either cricket, basketball, softball or volleyball. Congratulations to the students who were selected for one of these teams. I encourage you to come along and support your child and your child’s team on fixture days from 9.30am – 11.00am. Please note the following Summer Season fixtures attached below. I look forward to seeing you.

Our remaining Year 5 and 6 students will participate in an exciting school based sport program at the College.


Please also note the following Interschool sport dates this term:

Monday 5 March - Woodlands Swimming Championships

Thursday 22 March - District Cross Country

Mr Nigel Keegan

Primary Sports Coordinator 

Visual Arts

Events and Programs 2018

We have some exciting events and programs to look forward to in Visual Arts this year.  In Term 4 our annual student Art and Design Exhibition will take place. The Artist in Residence this year is Mr Nicholas Jones. He will be working with secondary art students in Semester 1 and Semester 2. His area of expertise is sculpture using books and paper.


Following the 2017 Aitken Art Exhibition a group of 32 students (from Prep to Year 11) had their artwork selected by Ms Anne Smith, Program Arts Manager from the Independent Schools of Victoria for a combined Art Exhibition in Term 2 and Term 3. This exhibition will be in the ISV building in Spring Street, Melbourne and work from ten Independent schools will be represented in it. More information about this will be given in the newsletter closer to the opening.


A reminder to all secondary Art students from Years 6 to 12 that it is important to name all equipment in their Art Kit/Box, including their apron and Visual Arts Diary. Students are asked to bring their Art Kit and Visual Arts Diary to each class.


Primary children have one class of Art every week, or a double every two weeks. Every child must wear a protective Art smock which has long sleeves and openings that are easy to secure. The art smock should cover the whole school uniform. Parents please name your child’s art smock and ensure that it comes to school during the first week of Term 1. Thank you for your assistance with this.


Books Wanted

If you or your family has any books you no longer want please donate them to the Art Department. Any hard cover books and paperback books are welcome. The Artist in Residence this year will need lots of books! Thank you.

Mrs Michelle McKay

Head of Faculty Visual Arts

Business Directory

Lincoln Cleaning

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Contact details: Eileen or Lupco Arsovski

Mobile: 0412 119 168 or 0404 799 780

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The Art Studio

The Art Studio provides Drawing and Painting Tuition for students of all ages. Small personalised classes are run by a qualified teacher. All materials are provided for. Our aim is to encourage confidence and creativity in each student, as they produce beautiful take home works of art.

Contact details: Silvia Parisi

Mobile: 0414 466 572

Sunshine Printing

We are a family owned and run printing business with over 30 years of experience. We are capable of servicing all your printing needs. We offer quality, affordability and customised printing service.
We also print Memorial Cards and Service Books.

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Bulla Produce

94A Bourke Street (corner Green Street) Bulla VIC 3428

Stockfeed, Pet Food, Saddlery, Farm Supplies

Contact details: Kahn-Allen family Jackie and Tony

Telephone: 9307 1441
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Hany Amin Maths Tutor

Is Maths too hard? Do you need help with your Maths homework? Would you like someone to extend your mathematical knowledge? Do you need help setting a strong mathematical foundation for VCE? Just give me a call and through my passion, experience and teaching techniques you will achieve great results.

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Nature Direct

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Kids Love Learningland

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Mortgage Choice

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Contact details: Chris Howitt

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Community Activities

Hume City Council Get Active

Please refer to flyer attached for more information


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