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21 February 2019
Issue Two
From the Principal - Marie Beale
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Art room news -  Term 1 2019
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From the Principal - Marie Beale

Welcome Morning Tea

Last Friday, 15 February, a group of industrious Year 4 girls (Leia, Bella, Jess, Annabella, Maddy & Chloe) decided to hold a welcome morning tea for any new family at Mullum Primary School.  Since December 2018 the girls commenced fundraising through a treasure hunt in the school ground for a gold coin donation; decorated invitations and then attended on the morning and served morning tea their parents had provided and chatted to our new families.  Everyone in attendance appreciated the efforts of the group and loved chatting to the girls.  Thank you to the parents who supported this and to the families that attended.

Thriving Families

On Tuesday 5 March from 7-9pm Maroondah City Council are offering a free Parenting Information Session.  Hannah Gamble a local Paediatric Occupational Therapist will explore with families how to create the conditions for your family to thrive, not just survive.  This work links so well with the Positive Education work we are currently undertaking in classrooms at Mullum and I would strongly commend this session to you.  Bookings are essential as places are limited.  Please check out the link below.   

School Council Elections

School Councils play a key role in Victorian government schools, and being a member of council is a rewarding and challenging experience.  Working as a team, council supports the school to provide the best possible educational outcomes for students.

Membership of School Council is drawn from the parents, Department of Education and Training (DET) employees and the wider community.  


Although each councillor brings their own their own valuable life skills and knowledge to the role, councillors may need to develop skills and acquire knowledge in areas that may be unfamiliar to them.  These might include developing a broad direction and vision for the school, building community partnerships, interpreting data or financial statements, maintaining and building the school's facilities and understanding legislative and policy requirements.


It is time to call for nominations for two new school councillors to join the Mullum Primary School Council, for a period of two years.   See the documents below. 


Science - Biology (Term 1)

Throughout Term 1 your child will be participating in a weekly science lesson focused on different scientific areas of study.  This term each level, across the school, will be studying Biological Science. Even though each level is studying biology, there is a different focus as students move throughout the school, providing opportunities to build on prior knowledge, gained over the last two years of the science program.  


Foundation - Understanding animals where they live, what are their common features, classifying animals

Grade 1/2 -  Identifying living and non-living things, what makes something a living thing?

Grade 3/4 - Living things have life cycles

Grade 5/6 -   How living things adapt to different environments. Check out the photos of Grade 5 mould growing experiments, can't wait to see what is going to grow.

Junior School Council

Elections for Junior School Council (JSC) are now complete and I would like to congratulate the following students for being selected by their peers for this role:

FC - Yao

F1S - Madden

1W - Sophie

2R - Makyiah

2T - Mimi

3/4B - Liam

3/4PH - Joel

3/4W - Leia

5M - Harry

5Y - Tyler

6C - Layla

6M - Tyson

These students will be meeting every Wednesday lunchtime with Mrs Carmichael to plan events, provide feedback from their class and make changes around the school.  This week JSC have been discussing the house point system that is currently in place.  We look forward to working with this group of highly motivated, commited students.

Visit from Federal Labour Candidate - Shireen Morris

On Friday 15 February Shireen Morris the Federal Labour Candidate for Deakin visited Mullum Primary School to tour the school and to discuss Labour promises in the upcoming May elections.  Shireen indicated that Mullum Primary School is promised $360,000 of increased funding over three years if Labour are elected.  To keep things balanced we have invited Michael Sukkar the Liberal Federal Member for Deakin to visit Mullum Primary School at a Monday assembly in March and we will be discussing any promises they may be able to offer us.

Dates For Your Diary

Upcoming Events

Thursday 21 February 

Notice of election of School Council members - nominations now open


Friday 22 February 

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Tuesday 26 February

- Photo Day


Friday 1 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Tuesday 5 March 

- Parent's Association meeting, 7 pm


Wednesday 6 March 

-School Council membership nominations close at 4 pm today


Friday 8 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports



Saturday 9 March

- Bunnings BBQ


Monday 11 March

- Labor Day Public Holiday


Tuesday 12 - Friday 15 March

- Grade 5/6 Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp


Wednesday 13 - Friday 15 March

- Teeth on Wheels (forms due 27/2)


Monday 18 March 

- Presentation of leadership badges by Michael Sukkar at the school assembly


Thursday 21 March 

- Twilight Sports


Friday 22 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Monday 25 March

- School Council AGM 7:30pm - everyone welcome

- First School Council meeting for 2019


Friday 29 March

- Grade 5/6 Summer Interschool Sports


Tuesday 2 April

- 30 minute, student-led visits to classrooms with parents between 3:45 and 5:45 pm, more details to follow


Friday 5 April

- Last day of Term 1, 2.30 pm dismissal


Term 2

Wednesday 8 May

- House Cross Country


Term 3

Monday 15 July

- Pupil Free Day


Monday 29 - Tuesday 30 July

- Whole School Production - Porridge


Wednesday 18 - Friday 20 September

- Teeth on Wheels (second visit)

Positive Education

By Emily Murcott, Head of Positive Education

Social Intelligence

Whilst kindness continues, your child's understanding and knowledge of social Intelligence will begin this week. Throughout this term each class will be focusing on what is social intelligence, and how we can become more socially aware and put it into practice.

Social intelligence falls under the virtue category of Humanity. Humanity describes strengths that manifest in caring relationships with others. These strengths are interpersonal and are mostly relevant in one-on-one relationships.


Key Concepts

Social intelligence involves two general components:

  1. Social awareness: what we sense about others
  2. Social facility: what we do with our awareness


Social Intelligence Motto

Be friendly.


Exercises for Boosting Social Intelligence

Practice noticing, labelling and expressing emotions. After you become aware of an emotion, label it, and if appropriate, express it to another. Write five personal feelings daily for four weeks and monitor patterns. Watch a favourite TV program or film muted and write or share the feelings that you observed.



The Blind Side



Five Years - David Bowie

The Gambler - Kenny Rogers

People - Barbara Streisand

Everybody Hurts - REM

Everyday People - Sly & The Family Stone


Italian Language 
By Angela Zerella

Term 1 2019

Welcome to the Italian program for 2019 and a special ‘Ciao’ to all the Foundation students and our new students that have begun their learning journey here at Mullum.


Italian Program Term 1


This term Foundation students will be introduced to the Italian language and culture and will begin exploring different sounds, words, and expressions through action related talk and play. Stories, games, songs, chants, rhymes and dance will be use to rehearse vocabulary and to build their familiarity of the sounds and rhythm of the language.

The students will be learning some basic greetings and farewells, (ciao, buongiorno, arriverderci), how to introduce themselves (Mi chiamo ….) and some Italian colours.  They will also be introduced to the story of Pinocchio, the much loved Italian puppet, and begin to learn some common Italian expressions and some body parts vocabulary.


Grade 1/2

In Term 1, the students will be using the Italian language to explore the five senses (I Cinque Sensi). They will be investigating how the senses provide us with information to keep us safe and allow us to enjoy the world around us. During the unit they will be learning the Italian vocabulary for the five senses and their associated body parts. They will also be learning phrases such as ‘I can see…’ and ‘I can hear…’ and begin to learn some adjectives that are used to describe the senses.


Grade 3/4

This term, the students in Grade 3/4 will be learning the Italian vocabulary for hobbies and pastimes. (I Passatempi) They will be practising how to express likes and dislikes and learn a range of phrases and expressions to talk about leisure time activities. They will conduct a class survey using learnt language to demonstrate their ability to use correct pronunciation and intonation when asking and responding to questions. They will also be examining the common elements of Italian verbs (are, ere, ire word endings) and use this knowledge to compose their own lyrics to a song with actions to perform to their class.


Grade 5/6

The students is Grade 5/6 will be learning vocabulary for parts of the body with a focus on grammar, including the masculine and feminine gender of nouns and their singular and plural forms.  They will be given opportunities to investigate words and discuss the patterns they notice and general rules they can apply to the Italian language. They will be demonstrating their ability to use a bilingual dictionary to locate words and to determine their gender. Later in the term the students will be exploring Leonardo da Vinci’s observations of the proportions of the body and use the Italian language to test his findings. They will also be presented with some Italian idioms, expressions and proverbs that contain language related to the body. They will be translating and interpreting the language and creating  bilingual posters to demonstrate their understanding of these expressions.



Photo: This is ME - Mullum Whole School Artwork IDENTITY

Art room news -  Term 1 2019

Photo: This is ME - Mullum Whole School Artwork IDENTITY

Self Portraits
By Mrs Lawn

Welcome back to the Art room! It’s always interesting to begin the year with a focus on self portraits. We can look back to this time last year through our folios to see how our skills have developed and the perception of our selves has changed. It brings me joy to see how the older students employ strategies they have learnt in previous years to experiment with and refine their portraiture skills.

Throughout the term we will be investigating a number of interesting 3D ways to present the self. Recycled soft drink cans will be an interesting ‘canvas’ on which students will make a ‘mini-me’. Bunting will feature the stencilled faces of our younger students, whilst totem poles will feature the shapes and features of Picasso inspired faces of the Grade 3 and 4 students.


Other News…..

Our ceramic kiln refurbishment is coming along nicely with a full service and repair and future fitting of gates and an automated temperature gauge. Although this is not as exciting from a creative point of view – the long awaited progress will allow for the ceramic program to run in full swing next term, when we resume our creation of tiles and mosaics for enhancement of our school grounds and buildings.


Check out the link to Mullum’s Art Room on Instagram mrs.lawns.artroom   

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program

By Ros Hill

The year began with some super hot weather and, unfortunately, our school pumpkins did not survive, despite the great efforts of the Flood family (thank you).  So, how does your pumpkin grow?  I am very interested to hear from anyone who has pumpkins growing.

The Grade 3 and 4 children have been busy clearing the garden and planting seedlings.  We look forward to harvesting some delicious vegetables such as carrots, lettuce and  radishes.  Money collected from selling pumpkin seeds and vegetables from the garden last year has been put towards a wagon - thanks to Ben from Camp Australia for connecting it all together.


In the kitchen the children have been developing safe knife techniques as they have prepared 'Cucumber and Mint Dip' and 'Tabbouleh'.

On the noticeboard near the front office is a list for any adult to add their name to if you are interested in supporting this program by assisting in the kitchen each week. Please see me if you have any questions.

Our equipment in the kitchen is slowly building but, we are always interested in further donations - we are currently collecting plates (dinner and side), forks and cutting boards. Any donations can be left at the school office.


District Swimming Carnival Results 2019
By Fiona Pumpa

Congratulations to Isabel R in Grade 5 and Joe C in Grade 6 for their efforts at the District Swimming on Carnival at Tintern on Monday 18 February. 


The results were:

Isabel                  11 year old girls


Freestyle            2nd                                                       





Joe                     12/13 year old boys


Freestyle          2nd


Backstroke       2nd


Butterfly            1st

Joe has qualified for the Division Swimming Carnival on Monday 4th March at Aquanation.

Interschool Sports Results

Round 1 - 8 FEB 
Mullum Primary School played Park Orchards Primary School.


Sofcrosse -Park Orchards def MPS

Basketball Open - Park Orchards def MPS

Basketball Girls - Park Orchards def MPS

T-Ball Open  - Park Orchards def MPS

T-Ball Girls - Park Orchards def MPS

Volleybounce - MPS def Park Orchards

Hot Shots - MPS def Park Orchards

T20 Cricket Girls - Park Orchards def MPS

T20 Cricket Open - Park Orchards def MPS


Round 2- 15 FEB
Mullum Primary School played Dorset Primary School.

Sofcrosse - Dorset def MPS


Basketball Open - Dorset def MPS

Basketball Girls - Dorset def MPS

T-Ball Open - MPS def Dorset

T-Ball Girls - MPS drew against Dorset

Volleybounce - MPS def Dorset

Hot Shots - MPS def Dorset

T20 Cricket Girls - MPS def Dorset

T20 Cricket Open - Park Orchards def MPS

Round 2
Mullum Primary School played Dorset Primary School.

Sofcrosse - Dorset def MPS

Basketball Open - Dorset def MPS

Basketball Girls - Dorset def MPS

T-ball Open - MPS def Dorset

T-Ball Girls - MPS drew against Dorset

Volleybounce - MPS def Dorset

Hot Shots - MPS def Dorset

T20 Cricket Girls - MPS def Dorset

T20 Cricket Open - MPS def Dorset


Round 3 - 22 FEB
Mullum Primary School is playing Warranwood Primary School.

At Warranwood PS:
Basketball Open

Girls T20 Cricket Open

Girls Lacrosse 
At Mullum PS:
T-Ball Open and Girls 
Hot Shots Tennis 

Round 4 - 1 MAR
Mullum Primary School is playing Bayswater North Primary School.

Round 5 - 8 MAR
Mullum Primary School is playing Wonga Park Primary School

In Other News

Student of the Week

Week ending 08/02/2019

6M       Jade M

6C        Xander H

5Y        Victoria H

5M       Alexa L

34W    Jessica H

34PH  Lachie X

34B     Angus McV

2T        Paige M

2R        Hailey W

1W       Kim Boih

F1SH   Noah M

FC        Georgia D


Week ending 15/02/2019

6M      Sophia H-B

6C       Olivia McD

5Y        Rhys G

5M       Sanne B

34W    Bella M

34PH  Angus McI

2T        William M

1W       Samantha H

F1SH   Lun Bawi

FC        Thomas S

CSEF Applications Open

Recipients of Camps Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) in 2018 will be reapplied for automatically in 2019.  If there is any problem with your application you will be contacted by the office. 

New families or families with new students to Mullum PS can apply by filling in the attached form (also available from the office).  Please ensure you provide a copy of your eligible Centrelink Card along with your application.


School Photo Day - Tuesday 26 February. 

Next Tuesday is School Photo Day!  

How to order forms have been sent home with each child containing  your individual ordering code.  All school photo orders are to be placed online using your code by midnight Tuesday 26 February at;
If you lose your code please see the school office.  For issues with placing an order or payment please contact Creative Exposures directly on 5255 5042 or [email protected]  
Family / Sibling photos must be pre-ordered online by 10 am photo day.  Family / Sibling photos will not be taken unless pre-ordered.


Teeth on Wheels Consent Forms Due

If you wish your child to visit the Teeth on Wheel dentist please return forms to the office by next Wednesday 27 February.

*Student's in Grade 5/6 will be on school camp during this time but may visit Teeth on Wheel during their second visit to Mullum PS: 18 - 20 September, 2019.


Parent's AssociationNews

Next PA Meeting - 5 March 

It was great to see so many parents stop by at the "Meet at Mullum" night last Tuesday and sign up to lend a hand at our upcoming events.  Thank you!

Sign up sheets are located on the PA noticeboard near the office for; Icy Pole Friday, Twilight Sports BBW and our upcoming Bunning BBQ.  If you are able to assist please write your name down.

Our next PA meeting will be held on Tuesday 5 March, 7 pm in the Staffroom.  We would love to see you there.


Bunnings Ringwood BBQ - 9 March

Saturday 9 March 9 am - 4 pm 

Co-ordinator -  Mark Penny

Volunteers needed between 8 am - 4.30 pm.  Click here now to sign up to help for an hour or two:


Icy Pole Friday



$1 in the Hall at lunchtime each Friday during Term 1.






Parent's Association Fundraising Dates 2019

Term 1:  29 January - April 2019

  • Icy Pole Friday - each Friday lunchtime
  • Bunnings BBQ – 9 March
  • Twilight Sports BBQ - 21 March
  • Easter Raffle- Drawn 5 April

Term 2:  23 April - 28 June 2019

  • Mother’s Day Stall - 10 May
  • Staff Run Event- Week Beginning 20 May (date TBA)
  • Italian Day – Date TBA
  • Pie Drive - Pick Up 19 June
  • Hot Dog Day - 27 June

Term 3:  15 July - 20 September 2019

  • Trivia Night- 2 August or 9 August (date TBA)
  • Father’s Day Stall - 30 August
  • Pie Day + Raffle - 19 September
  • Second Round of Pie Drive (if required)

Term 4:  7 October - 20 December 2019

  • Chocolate Drive - Pick Up early term 4
  • Icy Pole Friday
  • Diabetes Clothing Collection- 14 October
  • Parents Social Night – 25 October

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