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22 August 2019
Issue Thirteen
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Quick Dates

Week 6/7, Term 3


Friday 23 August

Year 10 Hospitality Barista Course


Tuesday 27 August

Year 10 Legal Studies excursion (Class 3)


Wednesday 28 August

Year 11 P.A.R.T.Y. Program (RBWH)

Book Week Lunch (iCentre)




From the Principal

Dear Parents and Carers, Staff and Students, and Friends of Mount Alvernia College


Each year, the Holy Father asks for our prayers for a specific intention each month.  For the month of August his intention for prayer is Families, Schools of Human Growth: That families, through their life of prayer and love, become ever more clearly 'schools of true human growth'.  This short video, from Pope Francis, reminds us of the importance of families and the relationships in them.  This video was part of our staff prayer this morning, which was prepared by Ms Elise Cohen as it is pertinent to the theme a of families. 

At the College Assembly today, we celebrated the academic achievements of our students in Semester 1 of this year.  It was wonderful to see the range of student achievements and the way that these young women have grown along their learning journey.  These achievements were from all academic disciplines, and it was good to see the pride on these young women’s faces, and their families' as their names were announced.

As I watched the process and saw the number of awards that were received, I pondered upon how the partnership between parents, teachers, and students can best support educational outcomes, and what we can do as the whole Mount Alvernia community to better engage with each other for this to happen.


This week I was fortunate to hear the findings of research into the effects of parent and community engagement on children’s learning.  What is clear from the research is that any student’s learning journey is a three-way process – student, teacher, parent.  We need to be investigating further just how we might achieve this is open for discussion.  At the last Parents and Friends Executive meeting, I raised this subject in my report and I am very interested in your viewpoint about how this engagement could happen.  I am also acutely aware of the need to be more targeted if we are to have good results for student achievement and wellbeing.  I am reflecting on this all the time and I really welcome any feedback.


As you would be aware, I have advertised for the College Leadership Team for 2020 and beyond.  This was a very detailed process and I am very pleased with the results.


We received a great number of highly qualified applicants and so the decision to shortlist and then interview took some serious deliberation.  The College Leadership Team for 2020 and beyond is now finalised and I am in a position to announce the new team.  We were exceptionally fortunate to have such a large field from which to draw – 65 people in total applied for the four positions - and it was not easy to make the final decision.  The positions are as follows:

  • Deputy Principal – Student Development and Wellbeing, Annette Butterworth;
  • Deputy Principal – Teaching and Learning, Kath Little.  Kath is currently at Ambrose Tracey College.
  • Deputy Principal – Identity and Religious Life of the College, Richard Rogusz.  Richard is currently at St Rita’s College.
  • Deputy Principal – Staff Development and Organisation, Danny Crump.

These positions are for the next five years with the option of another five years on a successful appraisal. I am confident that this team will work well together and lead their portfolios into the future for a great outcome for everyone at the College.

Pax et bonum

Kerrie Tuite


Principal's eHonour Board


Assistant Principal - Student Learning, Data Analysis & Logistics

Academic Success

This week we congratulated a large number of girls on their academic achievements for Semester 1.  It is a testament to these young women, who have maintained commitment and dedication to their studies during the first half of the year.   I trust that they will continue to excel moving forward, and that they inspire others to achieve to their potential.


Well done to all girls who received both academic and other subject awards.



In Francis School, students in Years 7 and 8 are working to establish good habits and good foundations for themselves as learners.  They are finding new ways to organise themselves with multiple teachers and multiple learning areas.  They are learning to communicate with teachers and with their peers in positive and productive ways, and are beginning to understand who they are in the world as learners. Today we commended the following girls for their exceptional achievements academically:


Year 7 Academic Awards

Eliana Arena Madison Hall Mia Newbold
Georgia Blake Emma Henderson Kate O'Driscoll
Ella Chun Isabella Kasparian Sienna Patane
Madeleine Colclough Taya Lauder Ella Quinton
Annabelle Connellan Sophie McKenzie Emma Revie
Harper Connors Maya McLaughlin Amelie Rolph
Alyse Effeney Mia McNamara Gabby Sippel
Tess Elkin Lexie Muldowney Dominique Van Zyl
Ella Falzon Imogen Nally Tiara West

Year 8 Academic Awards

Sienna Ballantine Zoe Jones Grace Riley
Jemma Barber Alice Kelly Charlotte Robertson
Lucy Browne Tia Kinghorn Lily Ryan
Ilani Buntain Kaitlin McCormack Poppy Ryan
Taylah Butler Bridie McKinlay Giselle Shaw
Eden Cook Izzy Militano Mackenzie Sippel
Zoe Elkin Sophia Nielsen Rosie Thomas
Emma Furlonger Ava Paddison Hayley Turner
Nyah Henderson Sophia Papantoniou Grace Urquhart
Caitlyn Howard Sofia Poy Isabella Vos
Lizzie Johnston Lara Rackham Erin Winstanley


Years 9 and 10 are vital learning years, as well as key transition points in our girls’ learning journeys.  To achieve well academically at this crucial time, girls must be extremely well-organised; they must be tenacious; and of course they need to be exceptionally hard-working.  Years 9 and 10 girls who have been all of this and more and impressively achieved As in the majority of their studies are:


Year 9 Academic Awards

Ella Abbott Audrey Goddard Lara Picton
Sophie Bennett Matisse Irwin Charli Riddle
Keeley Boucher Jemma Keefe Nicola Rzepka
McKenna Brown Daisy Lacanau Hannah Slade
Isobel Byrne Amber Lawrey Amelia Spanevello
Lauren d'Agostino Aleisha King Marley Stewart
Keely Downes Hannah Lowe Ruby Davissen
Rose Duncan Imogen Napier Lucy Piddington
Samantha Galvin Bridget Petersen Charli Smith
Lisa Gardiner Lucinda Poy

Sophia Smyth


Year 10 Academic Awards

Loren Arcadio Bronte Hardware Ella Riley
Aliana Coco Rhianna Janas Sneha Reju
Karsa Collins Erin King Hannah Schaper
Monique d'Arx Natalie Kroll Livi Snape
Jillian Effeney Samantha Maguire Anya Wadham
Chloe Evans Kealey McMinn April Waldron
Fiona George Lara Meoni Cassie Young



In the Elizabeth Hayes School, the Year 11s are earning Queensland Certificate of Education points and practising all the assessment types that they will use in Year 12, and the Year 12s are sitting summative assessment that contributes to their final results at the end of their schooling.  The work is academically challenging and requires the girls to be organised, balance their workload, draw upon all their previous learning, and strive for their very best results.  The following students have worked shown commitment and dedication to their studies to achieve As in the majority of their subjects:


Year 11 Academic Awards

Jaide Boccalatte Olivia Mills Meg Soy
Sarah Buglar Sophie Patterson Emma Stone
Anna DeBellis Sara Petroccitto Phoebe Sutch
Charlotte Elgey Mikayla Prentice Tillie Weinert
Sophia Fasone Ruby Quinn Chloe Winstanley
Olivia McManus Laura Raineri Emily Wilderbeek
Jessie McMurray Allira Rolph  

Year 12 Academic Awards

Melanie Adcock Lauren Kroll Sarah Northfield
Bethany Dooley Lara McCormack Olivia Rawstron
Beth Falzon Chloe McGibbon Holly Smith
Caitlyn Goan Zaneesha Militano Mady York
Fiona Hollamby    

Debra Evans

Service Learning

Year 8 Students at Molly's House

As part of Service Learning at Mount Alvernia, our Year 8 students visit Molly’s House, a local childcare centre.  On Tuesday, being Book Week, our girls each took a group of Molly’s kids and assisted them to write and illustrate a story.  When they were finished, they went to the mat and read one of their picture books to our girls, before sharing their own newly written and illustrated stories with the whole group.  Our wonderful Mt A girls read the story while the Molly’s kids looked on, very proud of their accomplishments.  Some even had Book Week costumes on – can you find the princess and the lion?




Romeo and Juliet

This week, Year 10 English students enjoyed a fast-paced, contemporary interpretation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, performed by shake & stir theatre co.  Three actors playing multiple roles brought the play to life with moments of high tension, dramatic action, tragedy in fight and death scenes, and some comic relief - Mrs Karen Farrow (Drama teacher).


The performance was a modern take of Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet.  As the play is originally three hours long, the actors condensed it into the scenes that led up to Romeo and Juliet meeting as well as their key scenes.  Highlights from the play were the way the three actors portrayed each of the characters and also brought in humour.  They related it back to how teens behave and party which interested us the most.  Overall, the play was a wonderful experience and a memory that will be cherished by the Year 10s for a long time. 

Teliah Allen


I liked how they adapted the play to be more appealing for a teenage audience.  I liked how they cut down the play to just the most important scenes, added humour and made it into a more modern and relatable version.  Overall the performance was a great experience. 

Georgia Dreise


Drama X

Drama X students had the opportunity this week to attend an entertaining performance of The Final Days of Bedlam, written for La Boite Theatre Company by playwright David Burton to be performed by young teenagers.  Fifteen South East Queensland high school students auditioned at La Boite for a twelve-week intensive program to rehearse the play to public performance standard.  In conjunction with the La Boite Theatre Program, our talented Drama X ensemble has been rehearsing for two hours every week to rehearse this play and engage in workshops with professional actors.  The students will be presenting their own original public performance at the College in Week 4. 


Karen Farrow,Drama teacher

The night out at La Boite was very entertaining as the actors used tension, movement, and comedy to make the performance engaging and interesting.  I thought that viewing the La Boite interpretation of this piece was beneficial as we as a group are now able to consider their staging of the scenes.  We will then be able to compare their scenes against our somewhat already developed scenes and better our interpretation where necessary.

Hannah Lowe, Year 9


It Takes a Spark Conference


The It Takes a Spark conference held at our college was an amazing experience that I will treasure forever.  This wonderful opportunity focuses on the empowerment of girls in the field of STEAM.  We were given the chance to meet inspirational female industry role models, such as Dr Talitha Best and Amy Heffernan.  My favourite part of the day was listening to the keynote speakers.  They provided so much interesting information about what type of work they do and how they arrived there.  The biggest thing I learned from the day is that there are so many opportunities in STEAM.  Also, as it was my second year of being involved, it was great to see an increased number of students attending.  My interest in STEAM has certainly increased after being able to participate in this wonderful opportunity again.

Sneha Reju (Year 10)


The It Takes a Spark conference, hosted by Mount Alvernia on Friday 9 August, provided the opportunity for girls and teachers across Brisbane to be a part of a student-led movement in STEAM and entrepreneurship.  The day consisted of three guest speakers: Amy Heffernan, a field application specialist and research fellow at UQ; Natasha Huang, who talked about the future of robotics and how much robotics has developed over the past few years;  and Dr Talitha Best, an Associate Psychology Professor at Central Queensland University.  Each speaker gave us insights into females working in STEAM and all the opportunities there are in their respected fields of study.  Between each guest speaker was a variety of workshops such as What’s in the Box?, which I had the opportunity, alongside a few other students, to run.  We taught girls from all the way from the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg about different uses in technology through the use of Ozobots, 3D pens, and Sphero Balls, all while having fun.  From stretching our way through the STEAM Circus to constructing and flying drones, the day was one to remember for all students and teachers, who walked out of the San Damiano Centre with massive smiles on their face.

Elise Hart (Year 10)



The It Takes A Spark conference is held in a variety of locations across Australia and, on 9 August, Mount Alvernia College was fortunate to be the host school of this event.  The day is a day aimed at improving participation in the STEAM areas (science, technology, engineering, arts, and maths), and included a variety of speakers from differing science fields such as environmental chemistry, robotics, and psychology.  Between presentations there were several activities and workshops in which students could participate, with Mount Alvernia students leading What’s in the Box?, and the scratch and microbits activities - both of which explored technology through the use of 3D pens, coding, and a variety of robots.  Overall, the day was a huge success and we could definitely see that the students who came enjoyed it.

Angelina Guscott (Year 10)

Visual Arts in Practice

Excursions - 2019

The Year 11 Visual Arts in Practice class has been busy this year!  Firstly, we journeyed to Artisan Gallery and Store at Bowen Hills to seek inspiration for our collaborative sculptural works.  More recently, we also travelled to the Pillars Project and Fish Lane at South Brisbane to research street artwork in Brisbane.  The girls worked really well, documenting works and writing notes on their worksheets; many of these ideas and influences are starting to emerge in their in-class designs, which is great to see.  We were also lucky enough to have time to stop for a brief coffee and biscuit at a local café and soak up the city lifestyle; overall, not a bad way to spend a Tuesday morning! 



As their teacher, I really enjoy taking the students out of the classroom and environment; this is sometimes challenging due to timetabling and other demands; however, the learning and insights that they gain from these experiences is invaluable.  I’m sure the Year 11s would also agree that experiences like excursions help them to see beyond the school gates, and to recognise the potential and opportunities that are available to them as creatives in the 21st century.

Rhiannon Markwell



iCentre Bookchatters Facebook Group


We have set up a Facebook group for all parents, staff, and friends of the College who love reading.  If you enjoy hearing about what others are reading and sharing what you have read, please feel welcome to join this group.  Simply click on the link and request to join.


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