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05 September 2019
Issue Seven

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

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From the Principal

High Expectations, Inclusivity, Students with a Voice, Excellence for All!

Dear Families

It’s an absolute privilege to work in a school seeing the students happy and engaged in the work that is out in front of them.


As I walk from room to room across both campuses, I see the children eagerly working on their tasks.  They are either working on their new Smart Spelling words, carrying out reading activities, writing about their Inquiry work on the planets, the weather, the solar system or how to support the environment.  The mathematics sessions are either on numbers, counting, addition, multiplication, probability or even fraction work.


The preparation for the Caulfield Concert is progressing well with Mr Podbury as Director.  Costumes are being worked out, as the children eagerly wait for the big Concert day so that they can proudly perform their songs and play for the families.


At Glen Huntly, the children have almost completed their Art work and with Ms Liz and their teachers will proudly display their pieces at the Exhibition early next term.


The Seniors’ Confirmation is next week and they have been prepared with complete understanding of the potential they have as young adults in celebrating the gifts and talents that have been bestowed onto them.


Technology classes continue to remind children about being safe on line and teaching them how to be creative with programs designed to promote creativity and curiosity.  PE teaches new skills and provides opportunities for the children to excel at what they do well, and Mandarin engages children in games that I don’t comprehend. (I might have to stay a little longer in the lessons).


Lastly the wellbeing of the children continues to be supported and developed via the Resilience Project lessons, Bounce Back strategies, You Can Do It! Skills and Circle Time discussions.


The dedicated teachers prepare the tasks for the children so that they can achieve success and where needed, are supported by the caring Learning Support Officers who work in the classrooms.


This is all in a week’s work! – How lucky am I to be able to witness the development of the children as they grow on their educational journey?


As primary educators of your children, parents walk alongside the work that is done at school. Your continued support, encouragement and partnership with the school is valued and always appreciated. 


So,…. I say “Thank you!” to the staff, parents and carers who work together in the best interests of our children ensuring that they are happy, safe and engaged with all that they do at school.



What fantastic celebrations at both campuses for our fathers, grandfathers and special friends last week.  The vibe was electric in having so many attend the special breakfast.  Thank you to the staff, PFA at Caulfield and Glen Huntly as well as the troupe of workers lead by Dan Clohesy, who provided a delicious breakfast and such a variety of coffees.   I hope that the dads received great pleasure in the gifts that were especially hand selected for you.


Thank you to the  Year 5/6 mums and gran who helped out with the Stall.   There are some fabulous photographs on a separate page in the newsletter under the heading "Fathers' Day" for you to look through.



CEMSIS is a set of surveys that have been built specifically for Catholic Schools in Melbourne by Learning Services teams at Catholic Education Melbourne, in partnership with researchers at Learning First and in wide consultation with Principals in our schools. 


Students, staff and families will have a 3 week window in which to participate in the surveys. Families should be receiving an email with the web link, and personal login details. You are encouraged to take part in the surveys so that you can respond with your feedback to the number of questions relating to St Anthony’s School.



On behalf of the children and parents, I wish Emma Clausen and her husband, Jeremy, the best of good luck as they prepare themselves for their new family.  May the eventual arrival of their new baby bring them much joy and happiness and they embrace all that parenthood entails.


Mrs Georgie Timmins will return to our school and work four  days in Year 1/2EM for the remainder of the year, working alongside Mrs Linda Di Camillo and the Junior team.



We remind all families to update their CareMonkey profiles with contact numbers and addresses as soon as they are changed.  We also encourage you to add contacts other than parents/ carers as your emergency contacts too, as these contacts on CareMonkey are our first point of call when required.



Congratulations to the following Year 5 & 6 children who have advanced to the next stage of the Athletics which will take place on Friday, Lewis, Hadassah, Cian, Nicholai, Ned, Lucy & Kiera.  See heading "District Athletics 2019" in this newsletter, for events and photos.




From the Deputy

Child Safety - Daniel Morcombe

Dear Families, 

Next term, our school will, once again, be implementing the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum with students from Foundation to Grade 6. The curriculum is based on principles of best practice in child safety education and centres around three key messages: Recognise, React and Report. Through a series of lessons, students will learn how to recognise, react and report when they are unsafe or find themselves in situations that can have a significant detrimental effect on their physical, psychological or emotional wellbeing. At St Anthony’s we recognise that students not only need to be guided with their safety in the online world, but providing students with strategies for ensuring personal safety in the real world is equally as important.


The parent handbooks from the Daniel Morcombe program are available on our school website, and this will give you a thorough overview of the lesson content and resources being used; the handbooks also offer support and advice to parents to guide conversations at home with your children about personal safety.


 The Daniel Morcombe Foundation has also developed a fantastic App which can be downloaded free of charge. The iTunes App can be found here - Help Me App


The 'Help Me' App is a great way to not only help keep children safe, but assists people of all ages, from 7 to 97, covering all kinds of personal emergency situations. One of the major safety features of the App is the 'Help Me' button, which sounds a warning and allows you to send off an SMS text to two (2) nominated 'safety' numbers, as part of your Trusted Safety Network. Included in the text are GPS coordinates from where the text was sent, so the sender can be located or a last known place of contact is indicated.


Information about the Daniel Morcombe Child Safety Curriculum can also be found here - Child Safety curriculum.



The first key safety message of the curriculum to be covered will be ‘recognise’.  Recognise is about being aware of your environment. Children, young people and adults can all learn to take notice of what is happening around them to help keep themselves safe. Everyone can use clues, such as the things we see, hear, smell or feel to help protect us from harm and keep ourselves safe. Clues can be simple things that warn us about danger, e.g. hearing a fire alarm or seeing smoke, that prompt us to react. We can also use clues to prepare for potentially unsafe situations, e.g. if we are walking alone at night, then we try to use a well-lit route and avoid secluded lanes or parks. 


When we recognise that there might be a safety problem we can take steps to move away or reduce the risk or develop strategies that can help keep us safe. For instance, if you are in a busy environment or a local event where there are big crowds, you might consider what you and your child could do if you became separated. Strategies could include: going to a highly visible pre-determined meeting spot; writing your phone number on a card and placing it in your child’s pocket; identifying who your child could approach if they become lost, e.g. police, staff at a booth. 


If you have any questions regarding this program then please feel free to email me or make a time to chat. I encourage you to check out the ‘Parent Handbook’ on the website so you are able to support and reinforce these valuable safety messages at home. 


DAY FOR DANIEL - Friday 25th October 

As part of the curriculum focus we will also be celebrating Day for Daniel on Friday 25th October.  Please look out for more details closer to the time.

Kind regards,



Deputy Principal


Confirmation Retreat Day

On Wednesday 4th September, 2019, the Year 5/6 students and staff from both campuses attended a Retreat Day in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.


Our first stop was at St. Francis Church, Melbourne.  The students were invited to go to reconciliation and also visit The Lady Chapel, where some students were able to light a candle and say personal prayers in the chapel to Our Lady, the Mother of God.


Next, the students and staff travelled to the Missionaries of Charity in Fitzroy which was followed by a trip to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne.  Here the students and staff went on a scavenger hunt in the Cathedral to find all sorts of interesting facts and relics.  A visit to the Carmelite Sisters Chapel in Kew was a great experience for all.


Lastly, there was a quick visit to St Anthony’s Franciscan Father’s in Hawthorn before returning home.  The Retreat Day was enjoyed by all.



Religious Education Leader



Student Wellbeing


Reading is my Secret Power

On Friday 23rd of August the St Anthony’s community came together to celebrate Book Week with a Book Week parade. This year our school was especially privileged to be joined by the 4 year old kinder group from Head Start Early Learning Centre in Carnegie.


Our parade began with our Foundation students, followed by our Year 1/2's, 3/4's, our special guests the 4 year old group, Year 5's and for the last time our Year 6 students. Of course, the staff and families also had an opportunity to parade their costumes too.


After the parade our students broke up into multi-age groupings and spent time together reading and sharing the story books the they had been writing and publishing during the week based on this year’s theme ‘Reading is my Secret Power.’


A big thank you must go to all the staff, families and students for helping to create a wonderful day. A big thank you also to Miss Estelle Austin for providing the music for the parade and Mrs Kathy Sansalone for her tireless efforts in maintaining the library and providing the students with high quality literature to appreciate and read.

See  the "LIBRARY" section of this newsletter, for more  wonderful Book Week Parade Photos .



English Leader



eSmart Week

What does being eSmart mean to you?

National eSmart Week 2019, 1 - 7 September 2019


The web is a great place to learn, be creative and stay connected. However, with one in five young Australians found to have been cyber bullied – and the many other challenges young people face online – it’s important we invest in giving our community the skills they need to be responsible digital citizens.


In 2019, National eSmart Week is being held in line with National Child Protection Week.  The theme is ‘Keeping Communities Safe Online’ with an aim being that together we can build an Australia that is free from cyber bullying, with a population that embraces the best that technology can offer, while also being smart, safe and responsible online.

National eSmart Week


In ICT classes this week the students in Years 3/4 and 1/2 revisited what it means to be eSmart.  Google's Be Internet Awesome program provided a starting point for discussion.  Our video shows some of the students' thoughts and recommendations on being safe online.  Hopefully, the students' ideas might prompt discussions you may have at home with your children around this important area of online safety.

Some resources you may find helpful are:

From the Office of the eSafety Commissioner, Keeping kids safe online starts with you - Start the Chat and  eSafety information


Google’s Be Internet Awesome for the family:  Digital Safety Resources, Tools for the home.  Be sure to check Google’s Digital Wellbeing Family Guide  on this website as it gives tips, advice and activities about online sharing, critical thinking, security, positive behaviours and what to do when something inappropriate or negative appears.

Loretto Campbell

eLearning & ICT Specialist

Library News

Book Week Parade


District Athletics 2019

District Athletics

On Thursday the 29th of August, St Anthony’s participated in District Athletics. We took the bus to Duncan McKinnon Athletics Facility. When we arrived we went straight up to the grandstand. Mr Podbury asked for the students that were doing a running event, and he took them for a warm-up. The track events were 800m, 100m hundred and the 200m. Then there were the field events which were Shot Put, Discus, High jump, Long jump and Triple Jump. Finally, it was time for the relay in which all of us tried really hard. A relay team contains 4 people and everyone in the team runs 100 metres.  It was probably the best event because the 4 people that were chosen ran with their friends. Throughout the day we faced difficult challenges, but we pushed through it. It was an amazing day and we came 6th overall!


Congratulations to the following children who will be moving to the next level:

  •  Lewis - 11 Boys 800m and 11 Boys High Jump
  • Hadassah - 9/10 Girls 200m
  • Cian -11 Boys 200m
  • Nicholai -12/13 Boys High Jump
  • Ned - 12/13 Boys Shotput
  • Lucy - 9/10 Girls Long Jump
  • Keira - 9/10 Girls High Jump 

By Sophie & Kayla



Fathers' Day Breakfast

Fathers' Day Breakfast 2019

Thank you to the PFA, Dan Clohesy and the wonderful cooks who helped celebrate our dads, grandads and special friends by providing a bacon and egg breakfast last Friday morning!  Lots of fun was had by all especially when competing in the paper plane competition.  We hope all the special men in our lives had a wonderful weekend.

Parents & Friends (PFA)

Ladies Day Out

Saturday September 14th 2019

Port Phillip Estate Winery

Numbers filling fast so put in your payment to secure your spot



Save the Date

  • Scary themed Family Disco  -                        11 October 2019 CONFIRMED
  • Parents' Trivia Night, Friday                        15th November 2019
  • Next PFA meeting, Tuesday 17th September at 7.30pm


Class Liaisons

Foundation – Jo Jeans

1/2EC - Simone Mitchell

1/2MC - Kim Davie

3/4TD - Ali Clohesy/Sharon Stewart

3/4MR - Michelle Kelly

5/6VN - Lina O'Byrne / Donna Paatsch

5/6EA - Megan Affinita

Fathers' Day Stall & Special Friends Breakfast 2019

Thank you to all the helpers who made our Dad's, Grandads and special friends feel extra special on Friday last.  What a great turn out.


Community News

News from our community

A message from Rob our Tennis Coach, tennis will go ahead for students next week as the refurbishment of the courts has been delayed.




Our Sponsors

A Word From Our Sponsors .......



 Kind regards,

 Joe Panetta

Club Manager

Anytime Fitness Carnegie | 03 9571 4609 

Level 1, 1227 Glen Huntly Rd, Carnegie

Dates to Remember

Pencil these dates in ......


Friday 6 September 

Assembly Hosted by Year 5/6 (9-10am)

Saturday 7 September

Mass & Practice for Confirmation (6-7pm)

Week 9

Thursday 12 September

Confirmation (7pm)


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