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05 April 2019
Term 1 Week 10
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Principal's Report

Principal's Report -
Week 10

The first term break is already upon us! The growth we have seen in the children this year has been great, especially with our new preps who have settle well into school and are almost part of the furniture. Next term continues to be a busy time with the 3&4 camp, Athletics, NAPLAN, Bike Ed and bike ride, 4-6 camp in Melbourne along with King Valley Cluster Day.

In the classroom for this week the children have been presenting their Inquiry project, where they had to compare life in Australia to another Country from around the world. The children have presented in a variety of ways, with lots of interesting facts and observations about the world we live in.

Next term in numeracy the children are studying addition and subtraction so this week we have been undertaking pre testing to discover our understandings and misunderstandings on these topics.

In reading we have been developing and practicing their skills in taking ‘tracks’. These are written notes of their thinking, thoughts and questions while reading the book.

Bike Ed Trailer and Bike ride

The year 3 -6 children will be going on a bike ride from Myrtleford to Bright on the first Friday back in Term 2 on the 26th April. If parents could make sure that the children have a roadworthy bike, brakes working , oiled chains etc for the ride . If children do not have a suitable bike please let me know ASAP.

The Bike Ed Trailer will be at the school for the first two weeks of the term for the children to practice their skills. All the children will be involved in this program. If possible could all children bring their bikes to school for the full two weeks.


The children have been practicing for the upcoming athletics day in week 5 of Term 2. This day is always a fun day. This year Moyhu Primary school will be catering for the day by running the BBQ and selling drinks. Please let me know if you can help out on the day. 

Puppet show

The children will be attending a puppet play at the Myrrhee Hall on Wednesday 24th April. This is the first Wednesday of the term.

Art Today

The students had art today. The topic was Think and Print. They needed to make a shape from cardboard to do a rubbing with special crayons in which they finished with a stencil. Then using the stencil they  made, print out a picture from the stencil. You can see a fantastic example below with Sam, Julukbia and Natalie's finished pieces. 

Finally, have a great break for the Easter holidays, hopefully Easter Bunny is kind to you and brings chocolates. School starts back on Tuesday 23rd as Monday is a public Holiday. Thursday will be a public holiday with ANZAC Day on the 25th April.


Rick Martin


Classroom News

In the Classrooms

The last week of Term involves lots of time for students to finish off any work they need to get completed. Our main focus was on inquiry so students could present all the work they had done.

Our prep students have also been very busy learning their Golden Words. The words they know include; and, a, I, be, in, is, it, the, of. It is great watching the pride on their faces as they learn a new word! It would be great to continue practising these words over the holidays.   

Students have been presenting their inquiry projects this week. For every student who presented, two other students were picked to give feedback using our marking rubric. Students were able to give really constructive and truthful feedback to their peers in a respectful way. Presenters responded well to the feedback, often agreeing with the score they were given. We all learnt lots about the other countries from the wonderful presentations, everyone should be very proud of their efforts.

Emmy’s country was Japan so she wore a Japanese hat for her presentation and taught us several Japanese words! This is one example of the very informative presentations we seen from Grade 1’s to 6’s. Fabulous effort Emmy! 

Don’t forget to keep reading over the holidays! We are hoping everyone will be at 25 nights of home reading when we come back in Term 2 so we can have a class party!


Dates to Remember


Monday 1st - Music

Tuesday 2nd - Bluearth and SAKG

Friday 5th - Macc Van - Art

                          Last day of Term 1 2:30pm finish

Term 2 - April  

Monday 22nd is Easter Monday - Public Holiday - No School. 

Tuesday 23rd - First day of Term 2

                                 Marc Van - Library

                                  Bike Ed trailer activities start - Runs for 2 weeks. 

Wednesday 24th - Cluster Morning at Myrrhee Hall - Puppet Show

Thursday 25th - Anzac Day - No School on this day

Friday 26th - Year 3-6 Bike Ride

Monday 29th - Music

                               School Council Meeting 5:30pm

Tuesday 30th - SAKG and Bluearth


Friday 3rd - MACC - Art

Monday 6th - 9th - 3-4 Camp at 15 Mile Creek

Tuesday 7th - Marc - Library Van

Monday 13th - Music

Tuesday 14th - 16th NAPLAN testing Year 3 and 5's

                                SAKG and Bluearth

Friday 17th -MACC - Art

Tuesday 21st - Cluster Athletics Day

Monday 27th - Music

Tuesday 28th - SAKG and Bluearth

Friday 31st - MACC - Art


Wednesday 5th -6th - Year 4, 5, 6 overnight camp to Melbourne

Monday 10th - Queens Birthday Public Holiday - No School

Tuesday 11th - SAKG and Bluearth

Friday 14th - School Open Day for 2020 9:30 to 11:30am

                             MACC - Art Van

Monday 17th June - School Council Meeting 5:30pm

Friday 28th June - Last Day of Term 2 - 2:30pm Finish

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