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03 August 2017
Term 3 Week 3 2017
Dates to Remember
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Dates to Remember


Friday, 4th August

Bus Fees Due


Saturday, 5th August

5-8:30pm Pathfinder Club Night


Monday, 7th August

School at Work - Open Classrooms OC

Years 11/12 SEISS Netball/AFL


Tuesday, 8th August

11:10-12:50pm Year 6 Orientation


Wednesday, 9th August

9am-10:50am Prep Orientation 1 OC


Thursday, 10th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Pri)


Friday, 11th August

Combined Schools Day of Worship (Sec)


14th - 18th August

Science Week


Tuesday, 15th August

Years 9/10 SEISS Netball/AFL

ICAS Maths

Primary School Author Visit


Wednesday, 16th August

4-6pm  Open Campus NWS


17th - 23rd August

Book Fair OCP Staff Room


Friday, 18th August

Start Smart CBA Incursion Yrs 4-6 NWS



21st - 25th August 

Book Week


Monday, 21st August

Primary School Book Parade


Tuesday, 22nd August

6:30pm Real Schools Parent Meeting


Wednesday, 23rd August

4-6pm Open Campus OC


24th - 30th August

Book Fair NWS Dining Room


Thursday, 24th August

Years 5/6 Science Incursion


25th - 27th August

Pathfinder Urban Camp


28th - 1st Sept

Literacy & Numeracy Week


Monday, 28th August

Years 7/8 SEISS Netball/AFL


Thursday, 31st August

Years 5/6 ASV Maths Olympiad


Friday, 1st September

Primary School Father's Day Breakfast

Father's Day Community Walk and Morning Tea


Sunday, 3rd September

Father's Day


4th - 8th September

Secondary Festival of Faith


Tuesday, 5th September

Year 6 Orientation, Periods 3&4


Wednesday, 6th September

Year 7 Immunisations


Saturday, 9th September

5-8:30pm Pathfinder Club Night


11th - 15th September

eSmart Week


Monday, 11th September

Years 5/6 Hooptime


Wednesday, 13th September

Prep Orientation Day 2 NWS/ OC

Periods 1&2


Thursday, 14th September

Years 3/4 Hooptime


Monday, 18th September

Years 7-9 Girls AFL


Tuesday, 19th September

Staff vs Students Challenge


Thursday, 21st September

Primary Musical Production


Friday, 22nd September

Last Day Term 3

General Information

​Primary PB4L Value Awards

'For showing excellence off campus'

Officer Prep/1W - Sharlea, Alexander S

Officer Year 2/3/4N - Jayden 

Prep DH - Nyanyout

Year 1W - Hayu and Robera 

Year 1/2K - Nandani

Year 3C - Natoli

Year 3J - Pavneet 

Year 4W - Daniella 
Year 4/5RC - Eric 

Year 5/6E - Ella 


Year 1W - Brandon

Year 1/2K - Jeremy

Year 3C - Subodhi

Year 3J - Amelia 

Year 4/5RC - Buomkuoth 

Year 5/6E - Asha and Jeremy 

Switch off the Screen and Get Active


Book Week 2017


How to help your child at home to succeed at school


PB4L Value for Term 3
Weeks 3&4

'Excellence Off Campus'

Summer Camp 2018 Applications are out now!

At our Summer Camps, we provide opportunities to make new friends (and catch up with old ones), take on new adventures and learn more about specific interests, all with the assistance of our carefully selected team of staff.


Our aim is to teach, encourage, support and empower all who attend, as well as show them Jesus’ love as part of a caring Christian environment. With energizing and exciting activities, fun and inspiring worships with awesome speakers, and loads of other awesome stuff, Summer Camps are not to be missed!


Places are limited, so get your application in early!


GAP Camp (16-18 years)     January 11-15 2018

Juniors (10-12 years)             January 16-21 2018

Teens (13-15 years)                 January 23-28 2018


To register and for more details see VicYouth.com or contact us on 9264 7740.


From the Narre Warren South Campus

Father's Day Breakfast


HC Big Bash

Last Friday saw our Big Bash of cricket tournament come to a close at NWS. Three teams of mixed boys and girls from our Year 5/6 classes battled it out for bragging rights and the glory of lifting the cup high.


Playing by recognised Indoor Cricket rules in the MPC at lunchtimes, students batted in pairs for two overs each and every player had to bowl one over per match.


Skill levels ranged from first time cricket novices to experienced club players, but as the round robin of matches progressed, we saw a rapid increase in knowledge of rules and game play, and execution of skills required.


Congratulations to our three captains, voted by their team members; Yadveer, Abhay and Joel, who marshalled their players, organised batting pairs and set fields for their bowlers.


Team Classified, captained by Yadveer, comfortably accounted for Team Legends in the final, to secure victory and the glory of raising the cup and being showered in confetti.


Classified Team Members: Yadveer (C), Alex, Durety, Eden A, Faith, Jacob, Jeremy, Max and Ryan T

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

New School Banking rewards now available!

Exciting new Term 3 rewards with a Future Savers theme are now available, while stocks last!


For every deposit made at school, students will receive a silver Dollarmites token. Once students have individually collected 10 tokens they can redeem them for exclusive School Banking reward items in recognition of their regular savings habits. There are two new items released each term, so be sure to keep an eye out for them!


Thank you for supporting the School Banking program and remember, School Banking day is every Monday.

Mrs Tammie Sokaluk

NWS School Banking Coordinator


ICAS Science Stars!

Students from Years 3-6 were nominated to sit a variety of ICAS standardised tests during Terms 2 and 3. Students receive details of their results and a certificate of participation for each test. The English test was most recently sat this past Tuesday. Congratulations to Jeremy (Yr 6) for receiving a Merit certificate, and Mannat (Yr 5) for achieving a Credit in their recent Science Tests. Students still have one more test remaining, Maths, everyone's favourite!

Mr Roger Sevenhuysen

Deputy Principal Primary

Harmony Day

On 16th June, we  celebrated our diversity and unity in Harmony Day Celebrations. Children brought food from their cultural background to share with others and dressed in colourful cultural costumes.


After engaging in activities in the classroom to highlight different countries, the children gathered in the Chapel to perform some Cultural Songs and Dances.  It was great to hear and see the performances. 


Congratulations to all who shared with pride the great aspects of their culture, their music, song and dance, their beautiful costumes and yummy food. 

Mrs Lian Scheermeijer, Indonesian Language Teacher

Ms Nomi Jackson, Performing Arts Teacher

From the Secondary Campus

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs Cheryl Sonter

Food is a key component of life, and to that end staff and students enjoy having Mrs Cheryl Sonter as a member of staff at the Secondary Campus.  As well as loving food, Mrs Sonter is also a passionate car enthusiast.  Though there is something else about Mrs Sonter which is perhaps less known.


Mrs Sonter is not just a Food and Nutrition and Humanities classroom teacher at Heritage College, she is also a valued and long time member of HEIA (Home Economics Institute of Australia) in which she is the nominated delegate for Victoria, chairperson of their Finance Committee, and sits as Treasurer on the institute's principal governing body, the HEIA Council.  In her role at HEIA, Mrs Sonter also plays a large part in organising and running their annual conference.


Most recently, she has been solely selected to represent HEIA in discussions with the peak school curriculum body, ACARA, about how to best train teachers for their work in Primary and Secondary schools across the country.


We here at Heritage College are proud to have Mrs Cheryl Sonter on staff.


Mr Darren Martin

Deputy Principal Secondary


To find out more about HEIA or the ACARA curriculum which we follow at Heritage College please visit the following websites:



Multicultural Day

This year we did Multicultural Day a little different to previous years by combining with Festival of Faith! On Friday most students dressed in their cultural attire, wearing a vast array of colourful patterns and designs to raise funds for our Nepal Service trip. Students and staff also brought delicious cultural dishes that were sold at lunch.


The highlight of the day was the performances by our talented students. First up we had Marnath and Chudier perform a fantastic African dance in amazing costumes that Chudier handmade herself. Next up we had sister duo, Chloe and Ava, showcase their Cook Island roots by shaking their hips and then getting the students from the crowd to do the same! Lastly, we topped off the great performances with an African dance group: Ruth, Harmine, Gallane, Emma and Concy showing us their amazing choreography.


In total we raised $434.65 for the Nepal service trip!!


Thank you to our school community for participating in this event. Whether you dressed in your cultural attire, donated money to the cause, made or purchased food, helped set and pack up or performed, you all played an important part in making the event happen. Thank you and I look forward to making this important event bigger and better next year!

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele

Multicultural Day Organiser

Years 9/10 ASV Futsal

A group of Year 9 and 10 students were selected as part of the Adventist Schools Victoria Futsal team. They travelled to Futsal Oz in Mt Evelyn to play against our ‘sister schools’ Edinburgh College, Gilson College (Mernda and Taylors Hill) and Nunawading Christian College.

Our girls won 2 out of their 5 games, and drew 1, placing 3rd overall for the day. Our boys won and drew 1 game each, placing 5th overall for the day. All students represented our school with excellence, displaying great skills of respect and resilience.


Gilson College – Taylors Hill was the overall winner of the day taking out both the girls and boys competitions.


Thank you to the Year 9 and 10 teams for a great day of Futsal! I thoroughly enjoyed my time with this talented and skillful bunch of students.

Mrs Palolo Lafaitele




Senior Expo


From the Officer Primary Campus

Year 2/3/4N Report

Alexander, Anthony, Sharlea, Regan and Jayden all received Excellence awards this week at officer campus.


Mrs Kim Nuske

Year 2/3/4N Teacher

There's a Frog On My Log!

This week, the Year 1 students have had fun exploring arrays through using logs and frogs.

Catch them before they jump away!


Miss Jen Wells

Prep/1W Teacher


Library News

Our transformation continues in this space! The primary students are really appreciating all the space they now have in their library. It is great to see them sprawled out in different spaces enjoying their book of choice. They have quickly adapted to appropriate library etiquette. Well done to our primary students!


A reminder that all our students are welcome to visit the library during break and lunch times, and are required to respect the library policy. The library is the students’ space for quiet study and reading.


Some pictures below of Mrs Nuske and her class during their library period.


Mrs Ruramayi Stewart

OC Librarian


Heritage Church News


From the ELC


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