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19 June 2018
Issue Ten
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Student Awards
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Canteen & Sausage Sizzle
Community Notice - 'Should I Stay or Go"
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  • 20th - 22nd June Grade 5 Camp 5DS & 5PD - Group 2
  • 21st - 22nd June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill 5JM & 5AC
  • 21st June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews (4-6pm)
  • 22nd June - Regional Netball, Soccer & Football (AFL)
  • 25th June - School Council (7pm)
  • 26th June - 3-6 3 Way Conversations / P-2 Parent Teacher Interviews Students dismissed at 1:00pm
  • 27th June - Scotsburn SC3 Earth Ed Excursion
  • 28th - 29th June - Gr 5 Sovereign Hill (5DS & 5PD)
  • 29th June - Sausage Sizzle and Donuts ​-                                                  (Details on Canteen Page)  
  • 29th June - Last day of Term 2, 2:30pm Finish
  • 1st July - Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Fundraiser 
  • 15th July - First Day Term 3


  • 22nd June - 5/6 Assembly
  • 29th June - Whole School Assembly

Admin News


Uniform News

Our School uniform coats have arrived and ready for sale.   We have sizes 6-8, 8/10, 10/12 & 12-14 in stock at this stage.  Smaller sizes will be available next term.  All sizes are $60 . 


Hotel Transylvania 3 Movie Fundraiser

Further details on page 3.


Pre-Schooler Program

To all our preps that have received confirmation letters for 2019, can you please call the school on 5341 3560 to book into our Pre-Schooler Program which will run in October this year.


Principal Report

School Concert

With the end of term closing in, our attention turns to the School Concert, which is scheduled for August 22-24.  To extend opportunities for family members to attend, we have an additional performance this time round.  The concert schedule will be as follows:

  • Wednesday August 22 – Rehearsal, starting at 10:30am
  • Thursday August 23
    • Matinee, starting at 10:30am
    • Evening Performance starting at 6pm
  • Friday August 24
    • Evening Performance starting at 6pm

The evening concerts have an earlier start time compared to previous years (6pm rather than 7pm).  Given the additional performance, we’re conscious of not over-taxing the kids with late nights. 

In terms of looking after students and staff, please note that school will not start until midday on Friday August 24th.  Child care will be organised in the gym for those that require this service on that day. 

The ticket price for the 2018 concert will be:

  • $20 for the Thursday matinee concert
  • $25 for each of the evening performances


Families will be restricted to 5 tickets for the evening performances, but be allowed to purchase as many tickets as they like for the Thursday matinee performance.  Tickets will be sold online as per previous concerts and we’ll give you plenty of notice as to when that’s opening up.


As has been the case in previous years, the concert will be recorded and DVDs available for purchase afterwards.  Class photos will also be available for purchase after the concert.


Teachers will soon be turning their attention to the development of acts aligned with this year’s theme….’A Night at the Library, Where Books Come to Life’.  Many of our staff will be looking for some help with the development of acts, training up the students and making costumes and props.  Please don’t hesitate to put your hand up when the call for help comes out.  One of the best things about the school concert is the community involvement.


Story of Buninyong Performance

Congratulations to our Grade 4 staff and students, Mr Skillbeck, Miranda Donald, our rock band members and school captains on the Story of Buninyong performance last Thursday night.  A large crowd came along to see a very entertaining performance.  The performance is certainly a nice way to round off a unit of work that is loaded with learning for our grade 4 students. 


Movie Fundraiser

V.O.T.S Movie Fundraiser

Movie screening – Regent Multiplex

Hotel Transylvania 3

A monster vacation

Sunday 1st July -1.45 pm

Tickets $15.00 ea.

Get your tickets from the office.  Can also be purchased on Qkr (but you still need to collect your tickets from the office)


Official Trailer below


Student Wellbeing

Supporting the Soup Bus to Show Gratitude

Last week our VOTS students (and many other students from around the school) went into the Soup Bus to help create sanitary packs for the homeless. Over the years, we have had a long-running connection to the Soup Bus and take the opportunity each year to raise the understanding of empathy and gratitude by allowing the students to positively add back to the community. The kids did a fantastic job and were able to see first hand how the bus operates. A big thanks to Miss Joy for organising the activity and to those students who helped create the packs. They will go toward much needed support for those less fortunate in our community. Well done kids!

Be Positive Focus – Gratitude

This week is the second week of our focus on gratitute and working with the kids on identifying the people, places and things in which they are grateful for.

Research indicates, people who constantly reflect gratitude towards the things in their life, end up having a greater wellbeing than those who don’t.  Thus, this is an essential part of our B+ Program. If time permits, we ask that you hold regular discussions with your children about people, places and things that they are grateful for.  This could take place around the dinner table informally, or if you would like, you could develop a family gratitude journal. Whatever you choose to do, we’d love to hear from you. If you are able to, please send Scott a photo of your gratitude at home. We’d love to share it with the rest of our community.


Image source: http://quotesideas.com/happiness-gratitude-quote-picture/

A Story of Gratitude…

Teaching children values can often be accomplished through a story. Hopefully this story can support you to open up the discussion around gratitude at your house…


‘An Octopus in Trouble’


Once upon a time there was a shy and quiet octopus. He nearly always went about on his own because, although he wanted to have lots of friends, he was too self-conscious.


One day, the octopus was trying to catch a very slippery oyster. Before he knew it, he had tied himself into one massive knot, and he couldn't move. He tried with all his strength to wriggle free, but it was no good. In the end, despite the great embarrassment he felt at being seen in such a tangle, he had to ask for help from the passing fish. Many fish swam past, ignoring him, but one very kind little fish offered to help to untie all those tentacles from all those suckers.


The octopus felt heartily relieved when he was finally set free, but he was so shy that he didn't dare talk to the fish and make friends with him. He simply thanked the fish, and quickly swam off. Later, the octopus spent the whole night thinking that he had wasted a great opportunity to make friends with that very kind little fish.


A couple of days later the octopus was resting between some rocks, when he noticed that everyone around was hurriedly swimming past. He looked into the distance and saw an enormous fish coming over to feed in that area. The octopus quickly hid; then, peeping an eye out from his hiding place, he saw that the huge fish was chasing the kind little fish who had untied him. That little fish really needed urgent help, but the big fish was so dangerous-looking that no one dared to go near. The octopus, remembering how the little fish had helped him, felt that he had to do whatever he could to come to his aid.


Without hesitating, the octopus shot out from the rocks, like a ray. He put himself right in the path of the giant fish, and before the fish could do anything about it, the octopus had shot out the biggest jet of ink of his life. He grabbed the little fish, and swam off back to hide in the rocks. Everything happened so fast that the big fish had no time to react. However, he soon recovered from the surprise. Off he went to the rocks, looking for the octopus and the little fish. Now he really wanted to gobble them down!


Soon, though, he began feeling a terrible itch; first in his gills, and then in his fins, and then all over his body. It turned out that this giant fish had a very artistic nature, he adored colours; and the octopus's dark ink had given him a terrible allergy!! So the big fish swam away, irritated all over.


As soon as he was gone, all the fish who had been hiding came and congratulated the octopus for being so brave. Then the little fish told them all how he had helped the octopus a few days earlier, but he had never known anyone be so grateful that they would end up doing something so dangerous. Hearing this, the other fish discovered how nice the shy octopus was, and everyone around was keen to be the friend of such a brave and honourable octopus.


Source URL: http://freestoriesforkids.com/children/stories-and-tales/octopus-trouble

Teaching & Learning

Collaborative Learning Days

During the last 3 weeks of the term, each year level will participate in two collaborative learning days. These days are a chance for students to join with another year level where peer teaching and collaborative learning activities are organised.


During these Collaborative Learning days staff will take the opportunity to partake in essential reflection and planning sessions to ensure Term 3 gets off to a strong start.


Students are becoming very familiar with these days now.  The partnerships that are developed between different year levels across the school are very positive and productive.


Way Conversations and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Thanks to everyone who has booked in for an interview. These sessions are extremely important to ensure there is strong communication between home and school. To help with the smooth running of the evenings please remember:

  • There is 15 minutes allocated to each interview.
  • If your interview is going longer than expected, please arrange another time to finish off the discussion.
  • Mention any burning issues or questions at the start of the interview so there is time to discuss these.

To assist with these sessions being effective the following table outlines some important information to keep in mind.


Buninyong PS in the News

It was great to read the Saturday Courier and see Buninyong P.S represented in 3 different articles that highlighted different learning experiences for the students.



The Chess team performed extremely well in a tournament at Ballarat and Clarendon College.  Providing opportunities for students in the Chess team to apply their learning is an important element of the program. Well done to Isabelle, Jarvis, Billy, Ned, Poppy, Sadie, Caleb, James, Zia, Aiden, Harper, Andrew, Thomas & Oscar who represented the school extremely well.  Our thanks to Nadia Smyth who transported and supervised during the day.


Young Authors Program

Buninyong Primary School Last week the Young Authors’ spent a day at the Ballarat Soccer Stadium with 60 other students from across Ballarat learning about the art of writing. The day involved authors Claire Saxby and Sue Lawson working with the students over a number of workshops. The students were supported in learning about brainstorming ideas for writing, making our writing complex through the use of detail and giving and receiving feedback.

Another important part of the Young Authors’ Program is the ability to share written pieces with each other and provide feedback. The online forum Showbie is the Application that is being used for this purpose. Well done to all students who represented Buninyong to a very high standard and we look forward to the second workshop early in Term 3.



Scotsburn Fire Game

On Friday at Scotsburn, there was a Fire Prevention board game launched by Scotsburn community leaders in conjunction with local council and Emergency Management Victoria. The board game; 'Should I Stay or Should I go?’ is aimed at upper primary school aged students to learn survival strategies when faced with a bush fire. This has been a great initiative and both Scotsburn and Buninyong campuses have a number of board games to play and learn with.



Academy 1270

Students in the Academy 1270 Maths Extension program participated in their second Maths Olympiad last week. This Olympiad had some very challenging questions that saw students drawing on a number of problem solving strategies including Draw a Diagram, Guess and Check, Create a Table and Develop a Formula.


The students once again performed very well with some very good results. Below is one of the questions from the Olympiad… how would you go about answering this question?


Physical Education

Term 2 Calendar Events:

21 June – Regional AFL (Boys Team)


Term 3 Calendar Events:

18 & 25 July – Golf clinics

19 July – State Championships Cross Country

13 August – Interschool Golf Competition (click here to register)

2-7 September – Snow Trip

14 September – Division Athletics


Term 4 Calendar Events:

12 October – Regional Athletics

18 October – P-2 Sports Day

22 Oct – 8 Nov – Life Education

Good luck

We wish the Regional AFL team the best of luck this week as they battle out on the next round of their competition on 21 June!

Congratulations Macey

Macey had a fantastic long weekend in Warrnambool. She has achieved her first ever qualifying time! She has qualified to swim in the 50m breaststroke 11/under at the 2018 Victorian Country SC Championships in Wangaratta in August! She is excited to be a part of the Ballarat Team that will be going.  Well done, Macey!


Interschool Golf Team

Any Grade 5 or 6 student interested in signing up for the Interschool Golf Team, who will play on 13 August (9am -1.15pm) at Buninyong Golf Club, will need to complete this registration form before 23 July, 2018. There is a $10 entry fee and transport to and from Buninyong Golf Club needs to be arranged by the parents/guardians (please let Ms Morris know if there are any problems with transport). 

SEDA Clinic

Over the past four weeks, SEDA have once again been involved with Buninyong and have offered our classes the opportunity to take part in cricket, netball, basketball and AFL sessions.  Many classes have taken part in the Friday sessions and have enjoyed the opportunity it has offered.  We’d like to thank Andrew and his team at SEDA for all their hard work and continuing to include us in their programs.


Jump Rope for Heart

                            $3009 raised!!

Well done to all the students who continue to raise money for Jump Rope For Heart.  Keep up the great work!  Our leader board is as follows:


It’s not too late!  Click here to register with Buninyong Primary School.

P.E. Shoes:

A reminder as the weather starts to set in that students need to have clean, dry sports shoes for P.E.  We recommend bringing a spare pair to school to ensure maximum participation in class.  To find out when your child has P.E., please check your Compass portal.

Scotsburn News

Holiday Feeding

If you have any food scraps over the break, our chooks would love them if you are in the area.


Looking after Pip

If you would like to take Pip the lizard home for the holidays, please drop in and make the arrangements with Bec.


Story of Buninyong

A big congratulations to the Gr 4’s who performed so well last Thursday evening. All of the rehearsals made it such a great success, with a special thanks to the amazing Miranda who pulled the show together. Thanks also to the various parents that helped with all of the transportation throughout the Story of Buninyong Program.


Scotsburn Talent Show

We were entertained last Friday by an amazing variety of acts. We had singers, dancers, magic tricks, keyboard players, acrobats and more. The judges had the difficult decision of choosing the winner. Congratulations to Josh Hicks who was announced the winner.


Enrolment Forms

We have reached that time of the year again where parents are reminded to submit enrolment forms for their children if they are starting Prep next year. Please ensure they are in by the end of the term.


First Aid Course For Kids

Last week, Miss Wood arranged for the students to participate in a First Aid Course. The students learnt some valuable skills which will hold them in good stead should they need to help someone.



We are excited to announce that we have 2 teams who have begun preparations for this year’s South Street Debating Competition. The students involved are Scarlett, Pat, Claire, Will, Josh, Sienna, Freya and Axel. The students will be practising very hard over the next few weeks so that they are ready for the 31st July.







Fire Safety Game Launch

Last Friday, the Launch of the Fire safety Game, ‘Should I stay or should I go” was a great success. A power of work has gone into getting it off the ground, with the result being a valuable learning experience for the students. Thanks also to the parents that came along to support the launch.

Grade 5 Camp

With Gr 5 camp coming up this week. Please ensure that you read the information note which explains departure and return times and ensure that all notes have been returned ASAP.


Sovereign Hill

The Gr 5’s will be attending Sovereign Hill in the last week of term. Please ensure that you read the information note which explains departure and return times.


Milo For Sale Thursday

If students would like to purchase a Milo for $1, Will Harrison will be selling them at recess.


ABC & ROCCH Awards

Gr P-2 – Asher

Gr 2-4 – Eddy & Rueban 

ROCCH Award – Axel 

Specialist Award – Rueban 

B+ Award – Summer 


Friday Rotations

Our next rotation for Term 2 will be on the 22nd June.  Our groups will be doing the following:

Term 2 - Lunch Order Roster

Lunch orders need to be collected from the Buninyong campus at 12.40pm. Please ensure you organise a swap if necessary so that the students don’t go hungry!


Term 2 - Important Dates & Extra-Curricular Events

Grade 5 Camp to Halls Gap – 20th – 22nd June   

Grade 5 two day Sovereign Hill experience – 28th – 29th June

3 Way Conversations – 21st June (4pm-6pm)

3 Way Conversations – 26th June (1pm finish for students)

SC3 to Earth Ed – 27th June

Term 2 Finishes – 29th June

ICT News & Fortnite Review

ICT News

This term the Grade 6 ICT team have been running coding sessions every Tuesday at lunchtimes. They are introducing kids to coding through the use of Spheros, Hopscotch and Scratch. The students that have been coming along are having a great time and learning lots. It’s been great seeing the things that students come up with and how the Grade 6 team are coaching the younger students. 


App Review – Fortnite

Fortnite is a very popular App that we do not endorse as a school but thought you might like to know a little bit more about it.  The following information is offered from an online App preview site.


If you haven’t heard your kids talking about Fortnite yet, chances are it’s just a matter of time. Fortnite is a new video game available for consoles (like Xbox and PlayStation 4) and computers, and iPads, that anyone can download and start playing for free. Its developer, Epic Games, recently reported as many as 3.4 million concurrent players, and its popularity is still growing. That puts it on par with some of the biggest games around.

The game is a “third-person shooter”—meaning it involves shooting enemies, and the player views the action as if from a position behind the character they are controlling.


A game that involves shooting people might sound best suited to older teens and adults, but it’s not hard to find parents reporting that even younger kids—eight or nine years old—are avid players.


What is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a third-person online multiplayer shooter game. It offers a couple of distinct modes, the most popular of which by far is the free-to-play Battle Royale mode, which takes inspiration from books and films like The Hunger Games and the Japanese cult hit Battle Royale. The game drops up to 100 players onto an island, where they try to find weapons to both defend themselves against and attack other players. The playable area gradually shrinks, forcing players into encounters with each other until just one player remains and is declared the winner.


There’s another mode, called Save the World, but it’s probably not the mode your kid is playing (or is asking to play) because it’s currently available only to people who pay a minimum of about $50. In Save the World, players are pitted against computer-controlled zombie-like enemies. This mode has some basic Minecraft-style play mechanics that involve scavenging resources and using them to build fortified structures and weapons.


How violent is Fortnite?

Fornite is noticeably less graphic and gritty than games like Call of Duty or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (another popular battle royale-style game), but the action is still squarely focused on gun-based combat. Its presentation slants much more towards cartoon than photo-realism, and players are given a third-person perspective of the action, which makes the experience a bit less intense than a first-person shooter. There’s no blood or gore, and bodies of defeated enemies simply disappear. Still, keep in mind that the player’s goal is to use familiar looking weapons—shotguns, automatic rifles, and the like—to try to kill pretty much every other character they see.


Will my kids encounter strangers playing Fortnite?

Players can interact with each other via voice chat. That means your kid could not only be exposed to bad language, but also potentially endure bullying, hear racist, sexist and homophobic comments, and could potentially even be petitioned by other players for identifying personal details. The good news is that voice chat can be switched off with just a couple of clicks in the settings menu, eliminating this danger.


For more information, you can click on the following links




Student Awards

Congratulations to our Grade 3-4 ROCCH Award Winners for Last Week!

At last week’s assembly we presented the following children with ROCCH awards for the great work that they are doing in their classroom and around the school. Well done kids!


Act of Kindness


Student News

Grade 6 Canteen
Can-team News

  • Milo: $1 in your own mug;  $1.50 in a biodegradable cup
  • Choc Chip & Triple Choc biscuits: 50c each

Friday recess: 11-11:30am

Parent Helpers wanted: 10:30 - 11:30am

We will need helpers to keep milo going through Winter on Fridays.


What’s growing in the patch?

At the start of this term the Grade 3s have been busy weeding and tidying up the veggie patches. We’ve taken advantage of the sunshine and planted beetroot, sugar snap peas, broad beans, silver beet and purple cauliflower seedlings. Students on garden duty have been checking for cabbage moth eggs, tasting parsley, fennel seeds and rosemary and getting their hands dirty!


School Holiday Netball Clinic


Canteen & Sausage Sizzle

Canteen Duty

This week is the last week the canteen is open for the Term. 

Remember to get your lunch orders in before Wednesday 1:00pm


Sausage Sizzle


Community Notice -
'Should I Stay or Go"

Free Tennis Clinic


Learn To Swim - Fed Uni


Host Family Wanted


My Health Record - Free information session


Celebrate 140 years in Ballarat with the YMCA


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