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18 October 2019
Issue Ten
Farewell - Year 12's 
Year 12 Information / Dates
Important Dates
Secondhand Booksale
Year 10 Psychology
Japanese Exchange Week
Year 10 & 11 Uni Experience
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Farewell - Year 12's 

Farewell KDC Year 12's:

Today we farewell our Year 12 students, we are all very proud of their efforts and achievements. We wish them well in all their future endeavours .



Year 12 Information / Dates

Year 12: Important Dates:

We are almost half way term three and its time to start planning for the end of year activities. Whilst your focus should clearly be on completing your senior school certificates, (VCE or VCAL), and getting the best possible result, there are a number of more fun events to look forward to.

Below is a list of the dates we would like you to be aware of. Some of the events involve a cost, and the school needs to know the numbers of attendees well in advance, so start planning now.




Cost and payment date

VTAC Course Counselling day

Thursday, 29th August

Students make a booking with their HG teacher and have access to the Careers team to assist in course selection


VCE (Yr 12) meeting and lunch for VCE and VCAL

Monday, September 9th

VCE students gather in FLC in Period 4 for an Information session.

Lunch provided for VCE and VCAL. 


Practice Exams

Wednesday 25th Sept-Tuesday 1st October

Students complete a practice exam for each subject in the FLC. Fully supervised.

(See Practice exam timetable on Compass)


VTAC course selection submission due

Monday, 30th September

Final date for VTAC course preferences. Entries after this date incur a late fee – up to November 2nd.


Last day of classes and Celebration Day

Monday 21st October

Fancy Dress day. Parade in the gym. Last day lunch. Early dismissal


Big Day Out

Tuesday 22nd October

Barwon Heads. Students are bussed to event. Lunch and snacks provided. Fun and games!!

$60 pp

Payment by 20th September

Study Time

Wed 23rd-Tuesday 29th October

All Year 12 teachers available during regular class time in week prior to exam. Some additional revision classes may be running.


Exams Commence

Wednesday 30th Oct – Wed 20th November

Most exams in the FLC.

Students will be notified of any alternative arrangements.

All students will be given an exam Navigator in Term 3.



Friday, 22nd November

Lakeside Reception Centre

Further information about times, tables and tickets to follow.

$75 pp

Payment by 1st November

Results available

Thursday, 12th December

Students register on VTAC and install the app to receive results


Graduation Ceremony

Wednesday 18th  December

Luxor Reception Centre

Official ceremony followed by supper.

$28 pp (no charge for students)

Payment by Wed 4th December  

Change of Preference week

Monday 16 Dec – Wed 18th  Dec

Careers and MIPS team available to counsel students on course selections and change of preference

Careers office – Green House

Events which require payment (apart from the Graduation) are now open on Compass.  Payment options are available on the Compass event. If you have any questions regarding these events, please see your House co-coordinator or Ms Moloney in the Curriculum Office.

Sue Moloney

VCE Co-coordinator

Important Dates


Monday 21/10 - Year 12 Assembly - Last day of classes

Tuesday 22/10 - Year 12 Big Day Out

Wednesday 23/10 - Year 10 & 11 Uni Experience

Friday 25/10 Year 10 Formal


Tuesday 5/11 - MELBOURNE CUP DAY

Wednesday 6/11 - KDC Year Book 

Monday 11-13th Nov - Year 9 Camp

Tuesday 12/11 Last Year 11 VET Classes

Friday 22/11 - Year 12 Formal

Wednesday  27-29th Nov - PreCAL Bike Camp


Thursday 5/12 Summer Music Festival

Wednesday 11-12th Secondhand Book Sale

Friday 13/12 Last day of Year 7-9 FORMAL classes

Tuesday 17/12 - Year Luna Park

Wednesday 18/12 - Year 12 Graduation

Friday 20/12 - Last day of year - 1pm Finish

Secondhand Booksale

Secondhand Booksale:

Year 10 Psychology


Year 10 Psychology classes finished Term 3 with a pictorial representation of the nervous system and its various functions. The students had lots of fun whilst summarising a week of work into one diagram. Great work everyone.



City Project Winners:

Congratulations to all the RAPPs City project winners! Amazing race, first place went to 9R3 with 1500 points. There were 8 group winners for their Expo displays (see attachments). Hope you're all enjoying your canteen voucher and pen. Well done everyone on an amazing term, particularly the Expo night.


Japanese Exchange Week

2019 Japanese Exchange Week:

The Japanese exchange student program has been happening for 27 years, between Shiroi schools and Keilor downs college. When we all first met, we never would’ve thought how strong our relationships would become. After a very short visit to Australia, we made amazing relationships between each other and made the best of memories. The goodbyes at the end of their visit, were sad and teary. None of us will ever forget each other and we have all promised to stay in contact. We can’t wait to continue this tradition next year. When Keilor Downs College travels to Japan.

Elly: Saturday

Shortly after our first meeting, we went on our first excursion to Sovereign Hill. Although we were still a bit awkward, we bonded over the trip, reading aloud words of things we had previously learnt in Japanese or English. We went in the shops, examining the products displayed on the shelves. Both the hosting students and Japanese visitors left the shops in awe, amazed at the tiniest details of each souvenir. Despite the long walks, we had all fun exploring the history of Australia as well as improved our Japanese skills, familiarising with the ways native speakers express themselves. Even though there were some communication difficulties, we all, in the end, had the opportunity to experience one another’s culture and get to know them. Overall, the experience taught me that language barriers do not matter in attempts to friendship.


Bethannie: Monday

After a fun weekend, we all came back to school on Monday. But that day we weren’t staying at school. On Monday we all got a bus to Melbourne city. Our first stop being the famous Eureka SkyDeck. In the famous building, we took the high speed elevators to the Sky Deck level. When the girls walked up to the window, they all looked down at the small roads and people and took a step back saying かわい (SCARY). Then after walking around the sky deck, taking in the Melbourne City views, they went on to the edge walk. The glass box that extends out of the side of the building. As it extended out, over 80 stories high. The girls looked down at the frightening view, they all started hugging each other and squealing. After the edge walk, we all went downstairs to the gift shop. The girls bought they’re souvenirs and then we walked to federation square. There the teachers gave us $15 and we split into groups and went our way. Visiting Federation station, Swanston Street cuisine. Stopping at all the shops to take a look. Buying starbucks and bubble teas and waffles. The girls having a blast, buying gifts for their families and friends back in Japan. Experiencing Australian cuisine. With every mouthful they say

おいしい” (delicious). Then we head back for federation square, to get on our bus and go back to school.


Sarah: Wednesday

The Japanese trip to Australia was a short but plentiful experience. With the many friendships made and the fun experiences, the goodbye was a sad and tearful experience. However, before the girls from Japan left, we took them to Watergardens for some last minute gift shopping and the last selections of souvenirs, the day lasted four hours but felt very short. As we shopped around, many fun and happy memories were made. Touring the shopping centre, we had many experiences where we would have to display English, and Japanese skills. Things such as ordering, asking if something was still in stock and even asking if the girl’s liked something or not all of a sudden became a task that both students would have to work around. The Japanese students though, really did aid our Japanese skills and will aid us in our language studies. I am very thankful for the student’s visit and will remember the girls forever!


We encourage everyone to host a Japanese student as it is a wonderful experience. And if you have the chance to visit Japan, don’t hesitate about going. Whether it’s hosting or travelling to Japan, it’s an incredible experience. And everyone should be able to enjoy the fun we had.



Year 10 & 11 Uni Experience

RMIT University Experience:

Today our Year 10 & 11 Students had the opportunity to explore RMIT University (Yr10) & Latrobe University (Yr11).
The experience is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to explore pathways beyond school, receive information that will help them prepare for their choices regarding tertiary education, explore strategies and mechanisms to cope with the demands and stress of VCE and allow them to engage and connect with their peers.



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