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17 March 2017
Issue Four
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Principal News

“The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift”

Lent is a new beginning, a path leading to the certain goal of Easter, Christ’s victory over death. This season urgently calls us to conversion. Christians are asked to return to God “with all their hearts” (Joel 2:12), to refuse to settle for mediocrity and to grow in friendship with the Lord. Jesus is the faithful friend who never abounds us. Even when we sin, he patiently awaits our return; by that patient expectation, he shows us his readiness to forgive (cf. Homily, 8 January 2016). (Message of His Holiness Pope Francis for LENT 2017, “The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift”)

Dear Parents, Students and Friends

Congratulations to our Assistant Principal, Christie Scoble, on her new position as School Service Officer-Learning and Teaching: Curriculum and Pedagogy (7-12) at CSO, Wagga Wagga. Her appointment commences at the beginning of Term 3, August 17. As I have mentioned previously, Catholic Schools Office Wagga Wagga have commenced advertising for an Acting Assistant Principal, Semester Two 2017 and will also be involved in the recruitment process for the permanent position which commences in 2018.

Three letters have come across my desk which highlight how the College Mission is being lived.

The first is from Rina Cannon, People and Programs Team Leader, Griffith City Library. It is a letter of thanks for the dancing and singing performance our students were involved in during Seniors Week. Our “Bollywood” dancers and Pacific Islander singing group uplifted the hearts of those present.  Rina stated, “Nothing is ever too hard for you and your students”.

The second letter was from former parents Rodney and Melissa Zuccato who were “bursting with pride”, after witnessing 30 plus Marian students participate in the local “Relay for Life”. The students’ final tally for fundraising was over $5000. The Zuccato’s described their enthusiasm over the 18 hours as ”electric”.

The third letter came from Adrian Piccoli, MP and Member for Murray.  Adrian congratulated the College on taking out the Canberra Area Theatre Award for Best Set Design. He went on to add, “ eight nominations is amazing. There is nowhere more important than the community in which we live and there is no place better than our schools for this all to begin—everything starts with education and we need keen and enthusiastic teachers to lead and motivate our students into believing they can do anything.”

Our Mission is the lived expression of our Vision. To show to others, that we are living life the best we  can in all manner of ways and sharing that life with others reflects our Vision, “a vibrant faith community engaging with Jesus and His message" Engaging is an active word. It speaks of action. Our Vision Statement goes on to say, “Embracing Mary’s way of courageous acceptance” Another active word in embracing and  Our Mother Mary has shown us to be courageous in taking on challenge, “We fullfil Christ’s promise , "The Way, The Truth and The Life’ in a dynamic and diverse learning environment.

Further expressions of living life to the full have been shown on the sports field this week in Rugby League, League Tag, Cross-Country, Touch and Tennis, Swimming (last week) with Netball and Soccer next week.

Harmony Day, next Tuesday is worthy of a special mention as Marian is a community of so many nationalities and this day is one of the happiest celebrations on our yearly calendar. Families are invited to our assembly at 10am and stay over the lunch break for the activities.

Next Friday and Saturday is the long awaited Marian Cabaret . There are still tables and individual tickets available. A flyer can be found further into this newsletter.

Finally, the AGM of the Marian Catholic College Parent Council takes place on Monday 27 March. There are three vacancies. A flyer with details of how to nominate are this newsletter.

Peace and Best Wishes




Assistant Principal

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences for Year 7 to 11

Last night we held our Semester One Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences. The night provided an opportunity to strengthen the home and school partnership that is required to best support a child’s education. It was also a great opportunity for our new Year 7 parents to meet their child’s teachers and to get a clearer understanding of how their child is managing the transition to high school.

The purpose of Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences is to not only for a teacher to share information about their assessment of student progress, but is also for parents to share information with us about how best to meet their child’s learning needs. Perhaps the most important part of the process is the presence of your child at the meeting. This empowers your child to take charge of their learning by collaboratively working with their support network to make goals for improvement.

If you were unable to attend the conferences, please do not hesitate to phone the office to arrange for an appointment.

Narrative Day for Year 9 students. At the end of last year, our current Year 9 students took part in a Narrative Day workshop to hone their skills in creative writing.  As a follow up, we will be running further workshops at the end of Week 10.

  • Thursday 30 March 2017 - Narrative Day Year 9 Group A
  • Friday 31 March 2017 - Narrative Day Year 9 Group B

The purpose of the second workshop is to build on the skills developed at the end of last year. We want our students to have a good understanding of the key features of what makes a good narrative and we want to give them the practice they need.

The workshops have been designed drawing on professional learning relating to the NAPLAN marking criteria. Students need to know what they are expected to do and how to achieve it. I would like to thank Angela Brown and Justine Parle for their tireless efforts and dedication in preparing these workshops.

Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching



Attention Parents of Year 7 and 9 Students

Please read the letter below providing information in relation to the NAPLAN testing of Year 7 and 9 students which will take place early next term. The timetable for the testing is as follows:


Tuesday 9 May
Language Conventions

Wednesday 10 May

Thursday 11 May

Friday 12 May
Catch up tests

It is important to remember that NAPLAN is not a pass or fail type of test. The purpose of NAPLAN is to provide information to parents, teachers and students about where students are at with their understanding, knowledge and application of literacy and numeracy skills.

Year 7 students will take their NAPLAN tests in Homeroom groups, supervised by their Homeroom teacher. We believe this provides our Year 7 students with the supportive environment needed to do their best. Year 9 students take their NAPLAN tests in the Hall. This provides our older students with more experience of the formal testing procedures they will need for the senior years of schooling. Our Year 9 students will be taking a practice Narrative Test in Week 11 as part of their English assessment, which is designed to give the students practice with a written test in the Hall.

Parents need to support their child by reassuring them that NAPLAN testing is not something to be anxious about. This is particularly pertinent for Year 9 parents, whose children may be feeling additional anxiety due to the recent announcements for the HSC. In terms of meeting the national minimum standards, please remind your child that NAPLAN is only an early opportunity to demonstrate these standards. There will be many opportunities in Year 10, 11, 12 and five years after school to demonstrate it.

If you have any questions in relation to NAPLAN testing, please do not hesitate to contact me on
6969 2400 or via email on [email protected].

Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching


GR8 Thinking @ MCC

GR8 Thinking Skills @ MCC

This year, a key focus of our Annual Improvement Plan is to improve student comprehension. Staff at Marian have spent every Wednesday this year undergoing professional learning to improve their ability to explicitly teach comprehension strategies. We have drawn these strategies from the work of Sheena Cameron in her book ‘Teaching Reading Comprehension Strategies: A practical classroom guide’. Our professional learning is also drawing on the research on what works best in the classroom, particularly the strategy of direct instruction and formative practices.

We have formed a dynamic literacy team that is driving our initiative; Damien Herb, Tonetta Iannelli, Rose Turunen, Toni Griffiths, Angela Brown, Justine Parle, Belinda McKellar and myself. As a team we have decided on 8 key strategies that will become part of the common language of literacy instruction across the classrooms in all Key Learning Areas at MCC. The strategies include:

  • Skimming, Scanning and Summarising
  • Making Connections
  • Predicting
  • Questioning
  • Inferring
  • Visualising
  • Synthesising
  • Self-monitoring.

Please have a look at our Gr8 Thinking Skills posters that will be displayed in every classroom below. Thank you to Lucia Dickie for sharing her artistic flair and developing these posters that will enhance the learning.

The purpose of our work is to provide students with more metacognitive awareness and for students to develop a “toolkit” of strategies they can draw on when they are trying to understand what they are reading. Currently, we have worked on ‘Skimming, Scanning and Summarising’ and ‘Making Connections’ and students have been engaging in these activities in their classes.

Please talk to your child about these strategies. The more students talk about, think about and use the strategies, the more likely it will be that these strategies will become part of their normal cognition. If you have any questions about our current literacy initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the school to speak to either myself or any member of our literacy team.

Christie Scoble

Assistant Principal – Learning and Teaching


Pastoral Care

A HUGE thankyou to the staff and students who volunteered their time this week to prepare a meal for CAREVAN.  This act of kindness makes a significant difference in the lives of those less fortunate and provides opportunities for people to socialise and reduce barriers within the community.

This week I have also been hearing about the inspiring work our year 12 SOS (Sharing Our Stories) students have been doing within our local community. Students were asked by their teachers Mr Neville and Mr Moore to provide an act of kindness to others and assist a service in some way . Not only has this experience provided practical support it has demonstrated to the students the power of kindness.  Students gained a better understanding of applying their Christian values and beliefs within the community and experienced or witnessed the impact of poverty or the suffering of people who are currently experiencing personal hardship. For many students it was an emotional experience and made them appreciate and be grateful for what they are blessed with. Congratulations to the staff for inspiring the students and for the students who demonstrated compassion, maturity and respect for others.

Next week we are celebrating HARMONY DAY and I am certain those who are new to our school community will be amazed by the standard of talent we have and the level of pride students and staff have for their cultural heritage. The day promises to be our best celebration thus far.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe

Regards Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)

Events Calendar and Canteen





The Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians (MCYA) in Years 7-10 has started this term. There are 19 students who joined this year - the biggest participation so far since the College started it in the Year 2000!

This is a staged program designed to help teachers motivate, stimulate, encourage and develop mathematically interested students to bring forth the talent and potential within. This is an ideal program for extension students and for students who would benefit from greater challenge.

It will run for a consecutive 3 week period between March and April. It comprises six problems. Problems can be discussed in groups of two or three registered students before individual submission of solutions. Mr. Morris handles the Years 7-8 students and Mrs Blanco manages the Years 9-10 students.

AND THE WINNER OF THE PI Baking Contest is …….. Ashlen Mecham  !!! Congratulations !!!



Mercy Associates Information Meeting - 22 March 2017

For more information please contact Sister Theresa Foley on 0429661401 or Sister Tricia Johnson 0409913167 


Sports News

YRS 7-9 Girls Riverina League Tag Championship

On Wednesday 15th March, our years 7 – 9 League Tag students competed in the Riverina League Tag Championships at Jubilee Oval. Marian competed against very strong opposition from Wade High, Narrandera High, West Wylong Central and Yanco Agricultural High.

Marian played extremely well throughout the day and achieved our best results to date in this developing sport at the college. The whole team played well, with a number of stand outs during the 4 games. Players of particular note are: Ella Faronato, Sara Negus, Louisa Suiaki, Shautae Birmingham, Maree Rinaldo, Madelyn King and Siuaki Tuiaki.

Marian won 2 of its 4 games on the day.

I would especially like to congratulate their coach Miss Foschi for her time and effort preparing the girls and to Rossana Tupa for being name ‘player of the day’ for Marian.

Well done Rossana.


Diocesan Touch Gala Day

On Thursday 16th March, Marian competed in the Diocesan Touch Gala Day in Wagga Wagga. This day is designed to allow students to compete at an extremely high level of Touch Football as well as select the Diocesan Teams to compete at the CCC Trials on Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th March in Dubbo.

Marian entered 4 teams in the competition, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Senior Boys and Senior Girls with each team playing 4 games on the day. Marian were very competitive on the day, especially in the junior divisions, wining 1 game and narrowly losing 2 others.

I would especially like to thank Mrs Johns, Mr Morris, Mr Le Cornu and Miss Foschi on all their work organizing, training and supporting the sides on the day.

Marian also had a number of students selected for the Diocesan Team. Congratulations to:

Junior Teams: Ella Faronato, Sarah Quarisa, Connor Higgins and shadow Isaac Testoni

Senior Teams: Johnae Oberholzer, Samantha Pandolfo and shadow Zane Huxley

This is a fantastic effort for all these students and a reflection of the hard work put in by the coaches and the students. Well done.

Diocesan Tennis Gala day

Marian also competed in the Diocesan Tennis Gala Day in Wagga Wagga on Thursday. I would like to congratulate the following students on their sportsmanship and effort on the day, our students were commended by other teachers on how they conducted themselves.

This tournament is played at an extremely high level of Tennis and our students competed well all day.

Binit Shrestha was a stand out for Marian on the day, winning all his singles matches and Airlee Savage standing out for the girls competing at a high level all day.

Well done to all students and to their coach Mr Moore.


BISSA Swimming

On Thursday 9th March, Marian took a squad of 26 students to the BISSA Swimming Carnival in Wagga Wagga.

The students were excellent on the day, with a lot of our competitors achieving personal bests.

I would especially like to congratulate the following students in gaining selection for CCC Swimming at Homebush on Friday 31st March.

  • Joshua Golden                 
    50 m Freestyle
  • Aisha Tomkinson             
    50 m Backstroke
  • Sienna Donadel                
    100 m Freestyle
    50 m Breaststroke
    50 m Freestyle
    200 m IM

Sienna Donadel was also named as the 14-year Girl Age Champion of the meet and Joshua Golden came third in the age champion points.

Congratulations to all the students and thank you to all the parents who came along and supported our students on the day.

Other Important Sporting Dates

Fafita Cup V Wade High Monday 20th March, commencing at 5 pm at the Coro Oval

Open Girls League Tag

U16 Boys Rugby League

Open Boys Rugby League

Netball Schools Cup Wednesday 22nd March at Netball Courts Griffith

7/8 Boys and Girls

9/10 Boys and Girls

Open Diocesan Soccer Gala Day – Thursday 23rd March – Yoogali Oval

Open Boys Soccer

Open Girls Soccer

The carnivals are a pathway for selection in the Diocesan Team to compete at CCC
Cross Country Carnival

On Tuesday 14th March, Marian held the 2017 Cross Country Carnival at Lake Wyangan. There was a fantastic atmosphere on the day with some fantastic results.

Congratulations to the following champions for their age on the day.

12 years               Sophia Cabone                  Pasquale Agresta

13 years               Ava Kelly                              Delroy Kasawaya

14 years               Isabella Salmon                 Jonathon Codemo

15 years               Emma Snaidero                Jordan Austin

16 years               Teneeka Andreazza        Joshua Golden

17 years               Samantha Pandolfo         Daniel Rossetto

18 years               Jaclyn Agostini                   Caleb Biondo

I am also very pleased to announce that the winning house for the 2017 Cross Country Carnival is Pratick House. This is a fantastic effort and great participation on the day, well done.

The top 6 placings are eligible to represent Marian at the BISSA Cross Country Carnival,  at Narrandera Racecourse on Monday 8th May.

Below is the list of students eligible for BISSA Cross Country on Monday 8th May at Narrandera Race course. List attached.


Soccer Refereeing Course – New Course Date

Soccer refereeing is a great way to earn money and be involved in a very popular sport in Griffith.

Here are some frequently asked questions:

What money can I make?

Note: The above amounts will attract a 7% deduction for administration fees.

What is involved to become a referee?

  • There is an online course that must be completed prior to the 4th March course.
  • You must complete the course at:

Bring the printable certificate and workbook to the course on 4th March.

When is the course?

This course has been postponed to Saturday 18th March at the Coro Club Auditorium.

Starting at 9 am and finishing between 3 and 4 pm.
What is the cost of the course?

Cost of the course is $ 80

For any further information and or questions, feel free to contact:

Mark Feltracco: 0419532367


Mr J Seers

Parish Chaplain

Lent is a beautiful and special time of grace, a special time for prayer and a time to re-engage with God through a generous life of denying ourselves something and of helping those in need. In our prayer, we do not need to talk all the time. It could be a moment to listen calmly and attentively to the gentle voice of Jesus and hear the echo of his fatherly love encouraging us and urging us on in our Christian journey. Part of our listening to the voice of Jesus involves spending time meditating on the passages in the bible either when we are at home or with the community of faith at the Church every Sunday.

Pope Francis recently challenges us. He says; what would happen if we treated the bible as we treat our mobile phones? Yes, what would happen if we lined up to buy Bibles like we do buy the latest iphones? What would happen if we had Bibles in our back pockets (even a small pocket one), ready to pull them out on a long drive or on a social meeting (Facebook)?

And he says; “If we always carried God’s Word in our hearts, no temptation would distance us from the Father, and no obstacle would take us off the path towards good”.

In this week, on Wednesday 22nd March, we will have the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in our school. May we see it as an opportunity to open our hearts to Jesus who loves us and always long for our friendship. May we courageously and sincerely show him where it hurts us knowing that He never condemns us but will surprise us with his healing and mercy.




Year 11 News


Earlier this week, on Tuesday 21st February, Year 11 students attended the Rotary Youth Driver Awareness (RYDA) Program in Yanco. The RYDA road safety education program helps to equip young people with the knowledge to stay safe on our roads. This year’s theme was My Life: My Choices

On the day, students attended a variety of workshops that focused on the road safety issues of:

  • Speeding
  • Alcohol & Drugs
  • Fatigue
  • Distractions
  • Wearing Seatbelts
  • Lowering personal risks by making better decisions

Students also had the opportunity to listen to the story of a local man from Narrandera, Matthew Whiteman (a young 19-year-old who had a horrific car accident at the age of 11 on his way to the school bus). Matthew suffered horrendous injuries including numerous broken bones, a collapsed lung, and severe brain injury. Matthew stated that his severe brain injury is the one thing that has impacted his life the most, and has forced him to change his whole approach to life in general and his future. He also spoke about how this accident has affected both his family and friends. Matthew’s story touched everyone who was listening.


Another interesting workshop gave the students the opportunity to look at the different stopping distances between 40km, 60km, and 80km. Students were amazed at how much of a difference these speeds made and the impact it could have on someone if they were hit by a car at these different speeds from the reaction time of putting their foot on the brakes.

It was a great day with lots of information and hopefully students have taken something away from the day that will help keep themselves, their friends, and other road users safe on our roads.

My sincerest thanks goes to Mr. Summerville, Mrs. Cox, Miss McMahon and Mr. Marshall for being heavily involved throughout the day.

For more information about Road Safety Education and their programs, their website is a great source of information:


Ms. Lisa Davis

Acting Year 11 Coordinator

Year 7 - 2018 - Enrolling Now

Year 7 2018 Enrolling Now


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