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03 March 2017
February Review
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Student Leaders Report
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Swimming Sports
Striving for Excellence
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Patterson River Secondary College
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Dates to Remember 


Wednesday 1st  - Friday 3rd

Year 7 Camp


Wednesday 1st - Thursday 2nd

Years 10 and 11 Forum


Thursday 2nd - Friday 3rd 

Year 12 Forum


Thursday 9th 

School Photos


Monday 13th 

Labour Day - Public Holiday


Wednesday 15th

Year 8 Sport


Monday 20th 

Division Swimming



Thursday 23rd

Open Night 7pm


Friday 24th

Year 7 Sport


Tuesday 28th

Parent Teacher Interviews 12.30pm - 8pm


Wednesday 29th 

Year 7 Immunisations


Thursday 30th

Cyber Safety - Parent Information with

Susan McLean   7pm - 9pm


Friday 31st 

Year 7 Bully Busters

Last Day Term 1 -  2pm Finish


Tuesday 18th 

1st Day Term 2



EXCEL Academic Expressions of Interest Close


Tuesday 25th 

ANZAC Day - Public Holiday


Thursday 27th 

EXCEL Academic Testing Grade 6  9am - 12.30pm


Friday 28th 

EXCEL Sport Expresions of Interest Close

Principal's Report

Welcome to the new members of the PRSC Community

Term one has begun well, with the school welcoming our new year 7 students and four new staff members. The school was a hive of renovation and building works over the summer holidays, with construction beginning on the new senior school building and a number of rooms getting a face lift as our new Year 8 home rooms.  With Mr Robinson's trainee guide dog 'Heidi' successfully entering formal training, we also recently welcomed a new trainee guide dog puppy 'Kovu' to the school. 


In addition to the physical changes at the College, we have also set about a number of changes to the timetable at Year 7 & 8 to allow more effective timetables to be constructed and a greater focus on quality relationships between students and their mentor teachers. We have also embarked upon improving the structure of student leadership and increasing the involvement of the student body in key decision making. In addition to a wide range of student leadership changes that we are embarking upon, we will also be inviting student leaders to rename and restructure the house system at the College in the near future. 


I have taken pleasure seeing the way in which our staff and students have settled into the 2017 school year. 

New Staff Members


From left to right: Rubel Khan (Design & Technology); Rafal Kaplon (Humanities); Rick Price (Design & Technology) and Lachlan Mills (Learning Support)

Year 7 BBQ

It was great to welcome a large number of new families to our College at the Year 7 BBQ on the 21st February. The BBQ was the largest attended BBQ in recent memory and marks the first of my special events that we will hold with our new families over the coming years. 


Cyber Safety Parent Information Session: Susan McLean

On Thursday the 30th March (7-9pm), Susan McLean will be delivering an information session to parents on Cyber Safety. This session is being provided free of charge as part of our school cluster initiative with the City of Kingston. 

Susan is an engaging speaker and is able to offer a range of practical tips and advice that you will be able to implement with your children straightaway. 

Book tickets here







School Council Ballot

There was a large number of parents who have nominated for our School Council, requiring a ballot to be held. Ballot papers will be distributed to families via students from Tuesday 6th March. Completed ballot papers can be returned to office either in person, via students or by mail by Thursday 16th March 4pm. 

Open Night & 2018 Transition Information

Our Transition planning for our 2018 cohort is already well underway, with Open Night planned for Thursday 23rd March. Whilst Open Night is traditionally an opportunity for primary school students and families to tour the school, all familes are welcome. Registration for 2018 Y7 EXCEL Programs are now open. 


Seaford Wetlands Fun Run

35 staff and students took part in the 2017 Patterson River fun run. 

Students from all year levels took on the 6km trail around Patterson River. The school overall took out third place in the team competition. Several students managed to secure medals, including:

Jess Brown (U16 Winner)

Caitlyn Green (U16 2nd place)

Nick Brown (U16 Winner)






School council endorses new Strategic Plan

Following a highly successful school review with the Department of Education and Monash Unversity, PRSC has developed four key goals to help shape the direction of the College over the next four years. 

The school review noted the strong improvements in academic results and staff professional development that occured over the course of the last strategic plan. 

The review combined information from parent surveys, student interviews and staff consultation. 


The four goals include:

Goal 1. To improve teacher capacity to implement the College Instructional Model.

Goal 2. To improve student voice and school connectedness through the development and implementation of a student voice strategy across all levels of the College.

Goal 3. To improve the accuracy of teacher judgements.

Goal 4. To review the current staffing structure and develop a leadership, teacher and Educational Support (ES) structure, with clear, known role descriptions, to cater for the current and future needs of the College.


The goals have been designed to both embed current good practice along with embarking on new initiatives (such as a more comprehensive student voice model). 


Student Medical Management Plans

Any students with medical conditions that require a medical management plan should have returned an updated copy to the general office for 2017.

Private Property and Accidents at School 

The Department of Edcuation & Training requires parents/guardians to be reminded each year that:

  • they are responsible for paying the cost of medical treatment for injured students, including the cost of ambulance attendance/transport and any other transport costs; and
  • parents/guardians can purchase insurance policies from commercial insurers
  • The Department of Education does not hold insurance for personal property brought to schools and it has no capacity to pay for any loss or damage to such property.

Mr Daniel Dew

College Principal





















Student Leaders Report

Welcome Back

Welcome back to everyone in our school community! We hope that all students are settling in to the school year, and that the Year 7 students are feeling welcomed at PRSC. What a spectacular start to the school year with the swimming sports carnival being a success (congratulations red house). This being the final year of the traditional House names we hope that the Athletics Sports Carnival in May sends the House colours off with a bang! Along with Mr Dew, we as captains, hope to provide Patterson River students with a larger variety of leadership opportunities to ensure that we, as a school, can further Strive For Excellence! With the construction of the Senior School Common Room coming along nicely, we hope to continue to keep the yard ‘rubbish free’ to ensure the school is looking its best. Thank you to those who have been doing their part in keeping the school clean, and thus being excellent role models of our school value; respect. We’d like to encourage all students to continue getting involved within school activities and to be as diligent and enthusiastic in their studies for the remainder of 2017.


College Captains: Kaylah Wainwright, Tyler Foreman, Eunika Burger and Jaimik Chauhan. 

Renovation Works

B Rooms: New Y8 Home Rooms

Over the holidays the school renovated four tired classrooms that were still in their original state from the late 1960's. Using funds released by school council from the Building Fund the school went about renovating the rooms using feedback and advice from students.  The Building Fund is financed via tax deductable donations made by families. 


"On the holidays, all of the B rooms were renovated with new tables, chairs, paint, carpet and a new feature colour for each room. The new classrooms make you feel comfortable at the start of the day and ready to learn during the day. The new rooms are very spacious, allowing everyone to have their own space. The feature walls make's everyone's classroom identifiable and unique. The walls stand out in one area which is smart because it attracts students attention and allows the teacher to speak to the kids without being distracted." 

Jimmy M 8A






Senior School Development

Building works began on the senior school development over the summer break. The new slab should be poured in the next two weeks. The building is on track to be completed late in term two and should be ready for senior students to move in at the beginning of term 3. 



Library (STEM Lab)

The College has begun setting up the STEM Lab, taking delivery of new furniture, robotics equipment, Ti-Inspire CAS Calculators and an interactive screen. Year 8 students have been using the space for the robotics elective, along with a range of maths classes. Final work will include cabinet work to store a range of hands-on maths equipment. 


Swimming Sports


2017 Annual House Swimming Carnival

Tuesday 14th February saw our students take over Pines Forest Aquatic Centre for our Annual College House Swimming Carnival. The day was full of colour, music and enjoyment with a large number of students involving themselves in novelty pool noodle races, waterslide rides and modified 3 on 3 basketball matches on the mini court. All of this of course playing second fiddle to the actual swimming events throughout the day. Many students competed throughout the day earning points for their respective houses, with some very successful students winning multiple races in outstanding fashion. With such a strong cohort in 2017 it is quite pleasing to see 42 students qualifying through to the Northern Peninsula Division Carnival to be held on Monday March 20th. 


Notable performers include;

Brodie Mclean Yr 12 - 4 x 1st place

Sarah McCoormack Yr 12 - 4 x 1st place

Felicity Weston Yr 12 - 4 x 1st place

Cody Smith Yr 10 - 3 x 1st place

Kasey Smith Yr 7 - 3 x 1st place


Well done to all students who competed, it was another successful day for the College and a great way to start 2017 in the world of Sport.



VCAL Contribution

Congratulations to the Year 12  VCAL students for their commitment to our College swimming carnival.  

The students ran the BBQ, Tea & Coffee, Waterslide, face painting, and record keeping of events;  all of which contributed to the great success of this popular event.

Well done!



Striving for Excellence

VCE Results

Our 2016 graduates achieved some fantastic results. Overall 99% of the class of 2016 successfully completed their VCE. Other highlights included a total number of 40+ study scores that once again more than doubled our surrounding schools and a median study score in English above 29 for the first time. 


Individual ATAR Results

Christopher McWilliam


Ashleigh Foster


Saduf Azemi


Rani Stubblety


Emelia Goray


Kate O’Driscoll


Francesca Interlandi


Lewis Picker


Diana Breen


Irene Hatzipanagiotou



40+ Study Scores 

(top 5% in the state)

Tom Lucas 

49 - Further Maths

Christopher McWilliam

46 - Physics

Jasmine Du

44 - Further Maths

Ashleigh Foster

44 - Business Management

Jasmine Azemi

42 - Business Management

Francesca Interlandi

42 - Business Management

Kate O’Driscoll

41 - Business Management

Oscar Aust

41 - English

Diana Breen

41 - Food & Technology

Baylin Ferguson

41 - Software Development

Ashleigh Foster

40 - English

Jasmine Azemi

40 - English

Oscar Aust

40 - Health & Human Dev

Anthony Grainger

40 - Further Maths

Antonius Bennett

40 - Software Development

Tertiary Offers

A total of 98% of our 2016 Graduates received a first round tertiary offer, gaining entry into a diverse and impressive range of courses, including:

Biomedical Science
International Studies
Pharmaceutical Sciences
Fine Arts
Biological Sciences
Computer Engineering
Engineering (Sustainable Systems) 

Education (Primary)

Education (Secondary)

Education (P-12)




Exercise Science

Screen and Media (Film and Television Production)

Screen Production

Mechanical Engineering

Music Performance


Food and Nutrition Sciences


Legal Practice

Legal Services

Youth Work

Computing Studies


Criminal Justice


Criminology/Psychological Science 


Environmental Management and Sustainability

Event Management

Exercise and Sports Science

Film and Television

Financial Planning 

Games Design

Health and Physical Education (Secondary)

Hospitality Management

Information Technology


Photography and Photo Imaging

Professional and Creative Writing

Public Health/Commerce

Sport Management/Business

Veterinary and Wildlife Science 

Senior School News

Wheelchair basketball

There’s something special about hearing first hand that life is fragile and life-changing events can happen at any time. Sometimes these events are inevitable, as the two guests from Disability Sport & Recreation told us through their own stories. One was born with Spina Bifida due to a lack of folic acid when she was developing in the womb – now she is wheelchair bound for life. The other presenter was at work when he fell seven stories onto his back and thus, he is wheelchair bound too.

After we heard their stories they helped us to experience how difficult but rewarding life in a wheelchair can be through a game of wheelchair basketball – it was a lot of fun. It’s more difficult than you’d imagine. Maneuvering the wheelchair was tricky and required a lot of brain power. It honestly made me admire those that play wheelchair sports as a recreation; their dedication and motivation to play sport is so very admirable.


Charlotte Hylton, Year 12 VCAL Captain

Wellbeing News

Introducing PRSC
Wellbeing Team Mornings

The Wellbeing Team has developed a plan to provide our parent community with regular information about youth development, emerging youth mental health issues and promote available programs and services that support the mental health and wellbeing needs of students and families.

Meet & Greet
Tuesday 7th March 2017
Performing Arts Centre (Foyer)
Time: 9-10am
Tea, coffee & biscuits provided.

*Gold coin donation for barista coffee
Introduction to the PRSC Wellbeing Members:



Lisa Cavey:  Assistant Principal

Craig Waldron: Student Wellbeing Coordinator





Kelly Maxwell: Student Wellbeing Officer

Paul Robinson: Year 8 Program Manager & Boys in Education Coordinator

Jaclyn Smith: Secondary School Nurse

Neville Cornelius : Psychologist/Guidence Officer


Transition Information 

Transition dates 2017

Enrolment & Transition information for Year 7 students enrolling for 2018.


School Tours
Each Thursday 9.45am. Bookings essential

Open Night
Thursday 23rd March 7pm

(Performing Arts Centre)

EXCEL (Academic) Testing
Expressions of interest close Fri 21st April
Testing: Thursday 27th April 9am -12.30pm
Enquires: Special Programs Manager Allira Lang
[email protected] 

EXCEL (Sport) Testing
Expressions of interest close Fri 28th April
Testing: Thursday 4th May 9am -2.30pm
Enquires: EXCEL Sport Manager Ando Allan
[email protected] 

Academic / Sport / Leadership /
Performing Arts / Visual Arts
Expressions of Interest close Fri 28th April

Interviews: 8th – 12th May
Enquires: Lisa Cavey (Assistant Principal)
[email protected] 










Rosemary Ash 

Transition Coordinator

Transition Information Card



Compass Parent Booklet 


Following parent feedback, we will are beginning a Compass page on our newsletter. For the first time we have attached a copy of a user guide, whilst future editions will include a focus on a particular area of Compass.  






Please remember your Username and Password (pin number). 


























Community Announcements & Advertisements

Paying it forward...          
Book donations put to good use.

Thank you to all the people who donated used text books.   They were transported free of charge by 'Man with a Van' to the Les Twentyman Foundation (who lost all their books in a fire before Christmas), disadvantaged Australian schools and the Philippines... Great result!



Patterson River Secondary College Newsletter
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Cyberspace Parent Session Flyer 2017.pdf
Cyberspace Parent Session Flyer 2017.pdf
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PRSC Transition Info 2017.pdf
Patterson River Secondary College Parent Compass booklet 2017.pdf
Patterson River Secondary College Parent Compass booklet 2017.pdf
Patterson River Secondary College Parent Compass booklet 2017.pdf
Patterson River Secondary College Parent Compass booklet 2017.pdf