Photo: 2019 Senior School Leadership team with Principal - Mark Sutton (right) and Deputy Principal - Michael Lane (left)

Cecil Hills High School Newsletter

23 November 2018
Issue Eleven
A wish for enduring peace
Thank you
We believe in success
A new experience
Another world is possible
We're absolutely honoured
Around the school
All roads lead to Rome
Updating your family details
Our new school app 
In our community
Sports Shorts
Young Writers' Festival
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A wish for enduring peace

Photo: Lawrence Hanna's family, with Anne Stanley, the Federal Member for Werriwa and  Tanya Davies, the State Member for Mulgoa

Remembering Lawrence Hanna

Our school community gathered on Friday 9 November to mark 100 years since the armistice with the family of Lawrence Hanna to dedicate our thoughts to this brave ANZAC from Liverpool. Crystial Sullivan from Year 8 acknowledged the traditional owners of the land.  School Captains, Alan Dan and Natalie Narvaiza described the importance of armistice and life of Lawrence (Lal) Hanna.


Lest we forget

They were joined by Vice Captains, Joella Khouchaba and Kosta Tsoukalas, who read the poem -

 Lal Walked Proudly by Jo Marlin (Lal’s granddaughter). Anne Stanley, Federal Member for Werriwa, and Tanya Davies, State Member for Mulgoa, planted the tree of remembrance. We solemnly reflected on the Ode of Remembrance and observed one minute silence.  A beautiful acoustic rendition of the National Anthem was performed by Year 11 student, Lunar Daftar and music teacher, Mr Darren Abbott. Finally, all the guests and students enjoyed a delicious morning tea provided by Ms Bryon and the hospitality students.

Remembrance Day at Cecil Hills High School - read more about this event here.


Thank you

Your support is appreciated

Cecil Hills High School enjoys significant support from our parent community. We are able to offer innovative and enriching opportunities that help us develop the whole child. Our hardworking staff provide many activities to support your child as "we believe in success".

We are able to provide such programs to students through a strong commitment by our parents to paying school fees. We are very fortunate to have very high levels of parental support in this regard and as a result, we are a well-resourced school with excellent facilities and technology.


We ask that school fees are finalised to help us provide the best possible learning experiences fro your child and facilitate a faster sign-out process at the end of the year.  We have a school expectation that school fees are paid before other items such as excursions and camps and for Year 12, the jersey and formal.


Our preferred  payment method is Parent Online Payment (POP). Please refer to our website and click on "make a payment" and then follow the prompts. This is a secure payment page hosted by Westpac and linked to the school's website to make it easier for you to pay school related payments. 

We believe in success

Respectful, Responsible, Successful

Our house, in the middle of our street
Our house, it has a crowd
There's always something happening


 ‘Our House’ by Madness from ‘Our House’

Student Wellbeing

Cecil Hills High School has been recognised by the NSW Department of Education’s Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation as a model school for effective student wellbeing practice. Our school has been the subject of a major case study which will help other schools learn from our expertise.  One of the department's priorities is that every student is known, valued and cared for in our schools. We are proud to have been highlighted as a centre of excellence for student wellbeing.


In Term 3, our school was involved in a trial of Edrolo software for Year 11 and Year 12.  This software has online quizzes for students to complete, important video advice from HSC Senior Markers on a range of questions and revision of key content.  Further information on Edrolo can be found here:


Due to the success of the trial, including very positive feedback from staff and students, our school has committed to using Edrolo for Year 12 in 2019.  The cost of Edrolo will be included in our 2019 fees and is $25 per student per subject which gives them access to Edrolo for the entire year.  This is less than the cost of one single tutoring session and will give our students an academic advantage.  Our school will use Edrolo in these courses: Business Studies, Legal Studies, Ancient History, Modern History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, PD/H/PE, Mathematics and English.

Executive staff

Mrs Jo Tyson has been asked to assist at another school as Deputy Principal on a temporary basis.

I would like to thank Mrs Tyson for all of her hard work in the last few years as Deputy Principal and we look forward to her return.  


In the meantime, Ms Mel Scott will be Deputy Principal for Year 7 and Year 10.  Ms Lisa Saliba will relieve as Head Teacher – PD/H/PE and I look forward to continuing to work with both Ms Scott and Ms Saliba in these roles.


Well done to Celeste Wrona (Creative and Performing Arts teacher) for more public recognition of her fantastic work!

Schools Spectacular

Good luck to our performing students (Gianni Fava, Christina George, Vincent Huynh and Lachlan Hawkins) at this weekend's Schools Spectacular at the Qudos Bank Arena, Sydney Olympic Park this weekend. Schools Spectacular is an outstanding showcase of the talent in NSW public schools. In terms of sheer size, scale and scope, Schools Spectacular is unequalled in the world with a 2700-strong choir, 2300 diverse dancers, an 80-piece symphony orchestra, a world-class stage band and a huge number of outstanding solo performers. 

Read here about Vincent's experience!

Tickets are still available.


Brought to you by Cecil Hills High School



Year 8 Create-a-Cake

Under the guidance of Mrs Byron, our Year 8 Create-a-Cake class students are busy preparing for their Cake Showcase event! We can't wait to see (and perhaps taste) their fabulous creations.


We extend an invitation to parents and family members of Year 8 Create-a-Cake Class to join us at this event - have a look at your children's wonderful cake creations, cast your vote and enjoy the festive atmosphere. We're looking forward to seeing you.

  • Wednesday, 5th December
  • 1:10 pm in the School Library

P&C Meetings

Our next P&C meeting will be held at 6:30pm on Monday, 3 December 2018.  There will be a repeat session at 9:30am on Thursday, 6 December 2018.


I look forward to continuing to work with the staff, students and parents of Cecil Hills High School, the best school in NSW.


Mark Sutton, Principal

A new experience

Photo: In the woodwork workshop

Learning new skills

For the past three weeks, our Special Education students were given the opportunity to explore textures, sounds and machines  in a very hands on timber program with Mr Faga in the woodwork rooms. There were moments of excitement, nervousness and fear as some of our students had touched a pedestal drill and an electric sander for the very first time. Week by week, we saw our students' eyes and ears light up and confidence gained as they observed or learnt something new. When asked what they loved most about the program, they answered "we loved it and would do it again because it was a lot of fun." 

Each student came out of the program with a pen/photo holder and a key holder to take home to show their parents. I am so proud of the combined efforts from both our students, teachers and student learning support officers and in particular the hours that Mr Faga had put in to make our Timber program a success for our students. 

Ms Pham, Teacher - Special Education


2019 Senior Student Leadership team

Congratulations to our 2019 Senior Student Leadership team. All students who stood for election are to be congratulated for doing a fine job of presenting themselves and their ideas to their fellow students.  For some of them, simply nominating and completing the election process was a step outside their comfort zone.  Such bravery is to be applauded.

Best wishes and thank you to our outgoing Senior Leadership team

Julia Ngov and Jarrod Carluccio  - School Captains 2018

Natasha Cheak and Phanouk Nop - Vice Captains 2018

Milena Cugalj, Olivia Macmillan, Winston Lay, Zac Grant - Senior Student Representative Council 2018





Another world
is possible

#Standup4HumanRights I

Represented by Year 9 students Daniel Gatica and Bilal Shah at Cabramatta High School’s Peace Day celebrations on the Tuesday 13th November. We were part of 20 other schools who joined to hear 2018 Sydney Peace Prize winner Joseph Stglitz address the gathering.


Professor Joseph Stiglitz want to see a change in the economy from a divided society of the rich and powerful, who have political might over others and the remainders.  A report conducted by Oxfam shows that 82% of all wealth created in the last year went to the top 1%, which the bottom 50% saw now increase at all.



The focus of the day was that another world is possible and that our students can made the change. We walked the avenue of nationalities representing our diverse population. Doves were released in our hope of peace throughout the world.


Each school was presented with a ceramic white poppy. The white poppy represents remembrance for all victims of war, it is a pledge to peace and to challenge militarism.


Stephanie Haskett,  Head Teacher History and Languages

We're absolutely honoured

Photo: School Captains, Alan Dan and Natalie Narvaiza

A little about us

A leader is a special kind of person, someone that people look up to. I think I’d be a good leader because I’m pretty tall. A leader is not afraid to take risks. Many times I have risked leaving my comfort zone, but it has made me into better person. A leader never gives up. Sure, I failed my maths test but that won’t stop me from trying even harder. A leader is someone who is helpful and resourceful. Playing music, videos for Harmony Day, Literacy Tutoring - these are the things that I have helped the school with.  A leader is kind and respectful. I have always prided myself in being a friendly person and I always try to help others in any way I can.  A leader not only leads the people, but understands the people. I’ve taken a shot at leadership before, once as the School Captain of Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School (shout out to all the Bonnyrigg Heights people). I’ve also been at this school since the very beginning of Year 7 and I’ve made connections with many teachers and students. Finally, the last point that I want to talk about, is that, a leader shouldn’t take themselves too seriously.


I attended Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School for seven years, from 2007 to 2013. I’d actually just moved from Melbourne to Sydney, so I started at this school pretty late in the year. During my time at Bonnyrigg Heights, I got the chance to be school captain and it was my first major experience at being in a leadership role.  When I started high school, it was a little intimidating at first. I was starting at a completely new school with new students, teachers and rules so naturally I was a bit scared. Even though I felt this way at times, I was mostly excited and enthusiastic.


As School Captain, I will try to be as friendly and kind as I can. I want others to not be afraid to approach me if they ever want to talk about things. On that note, I want to be a helpful leader as well, meaning I’ll do my best to assist people and the school. Also, I think it's important to not take myself too seriously and have a bit of fun from time to time.  As mentioned before, I was the school captain of Bonnyrigg Heights Primary School, so I have had some experience in leadership roles. I’ve done other things to help Cecil Hills High School as well, such as filming and photography for Harmony Day, hosting assemblies, music performances and literacy tutoring.

Alan Dan, School Captain



I attended Cecil Hills Public School. I was a little nervous to start but I was overall very excited to experience all the opportunities high school would offer! As a role model for Cecil Hills High School students I would like to emphasise the need for communication between myself and the student body, setting example for uniforms, diligently working with peers and teachers as completed in the past with the previous SRC.   I have a pen, it’s a good pen, right? You can hold it, you can click it, you can scribble with it you can even do this little spinning trick. But what if I told you I could use this pen to make Cecil Hills High School even better than it already is.  You might be wondering  "How Natalie, how could this pen possibly be used to make Cecil Hills High School even better than it already is?"  The answer is simple.   A pen can be used to create, you can create artwork, you can create a story, you can create an equation but more importantly you can create ideas.   But the thing is -  it’s not just about creating ideas, it’s about turning ideas into action. I believe that with this pen, we together can create an idea and transform it into an action.  Over the past years I have collaborated closely with students and teachers to turn other ideas into actions.  I hope students feel comfortable to come and speak to me - so I can turn YOUR ideas into an action.

Natalie Narvaiza, School Captain

Around the school

Christmas Drive

As Christmas 2018 approaches, Cecil Hills High School is  proud to be supporting Borderless Communities, a local charity supporting families in need (see their Facebook posts).  As we prepare for this special time with our family and friends, and perhaps holidays, many families may not have this luxury. 

Let's be the joy to those less fortunate.  

We're encouraging our school community to support  this initiative by donating items from the list above. Donation bags are available for collection from the School Library. Thank you to our Year 9 students for this wonderful initiative. We would be grateful if filled bags could be returned to the office by Friday, 7 December. 


If you have any questions, please contact Mrs Green or Ms Marks, Year 9 Advisers at Cecil Hills High School.  Your support is greatly appreciated.



Graduating Year 12 Class of 2018


School Uniform Shop opening hours 
January school holidays


Uniform Shop - SPECIAL Opening Hours for Year 6 Orientation day




All roads lead to Rome

Well not exactly!

Our road led to Canberra and National Museum of Australia’s amazing exhibition on Rome. Ancient History students arrived keen and ready at 6am on Wednesday 24th October to depart our school for the long journey to Canberra. On the way down to the National Museum of Australia, we watch Mary Beard’s documentary on Roman Life. We arrived at 10am and started our education program on the exhibition ‘Rome: City and Empire’. Students were divided into two groups and analysed sources in regards to the concept of empire. Students then toured the Exhibition looking at elements of empire from their prior learning. The Exhibition allowed to students to get an overview of ancient Rome but also saw relevant artefacts for the Augustan Age like Agrippa’s bust and Augustus’ bust. There were statutes from Pompeii and Herculaneum also on display. After lunch, we explored the rest of the museum. On the way home, students keenly watched the movie “Spartacus”.


Student comments:

I believe that it is such a great experience to visit the National Museum of Australia and to witness the Rome exhibition. Witnessing all these magnificent sculptures and artefacts is a truly unforgettable experience.  Dejan Karac


Attending the exhibition was very educational due to their engaging range of sources, which included statues, jewellery and many more artefacts. The exhibition gave me an insight on how ancient Rome was and the way the Romans, Egyptians and Greeks all shared similarities. Taylor Vo


On this trip to Canberra we were very lucky to have direct connections to our syllabus. It was so exciting to be able to see artefacts and sources from ancient Roman Empires. I definitely learnt a lot and encourage others to go.   Hannah Samson

The Ancient History excursion provided me with a firsthand insight into our Year 12 course. It was unfathomable that what our class had constantly viewed on electronic screens was right in front of me. This experience was extremely valuable and rewarding for the future.   Aisha Shah


I really  enjoyed the trip by the bus. I was amazed at all the history.  Filip


Mrs S Haskett, Head Teacher, History and Languages

Updating your family details

Are your child's details up to date?

The need for our school to keep student contact details up to date and accurate is extremely important, particularly in the case of emergencies.  If you have not already done so, please complete the attached form and return to the school.  Please remember to include your email address!


Our new school app 

Download it now

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new school website and mobile app for iOS and Android devices. Together with our in-house developer, Mr Vargas and School App Solutions, we aim to build a more informative and intuitive online experience for both students and parents. 


In our community

NSW Health

Whooping cough can be spread at schools and despite vaccinations some students may still become exposed.  Read the attached information about the disease. If you have any concerns, please go to NSW Health  or contact our local NSW Area Health on tel.8738-3000.


Are you supporting a learner driver?


Road safety reminders and fines


PCYC events


School holiday activities


Sports Shorts

Water Polo

Our under 15's boys and girls water polo teams participated in the Sydney South West knockout recently.


Our girls were very strong, with plenty of experience from the open's tournament earlier in the year.

Unfortunately the standard of competition from the other schools was just as good. Renae Prasad of year 9 used her speed in the water to advantage and scored a few crafty goals, largely thanks to some strong midfield work from Jasmine Quach and Jessica Stanley. Our defence was good, but each of the other teams had several girls that play competitive water polo. We managed to finish fourth in the region. 


Our 15's boys were new to the game with only one student having previously played the game.

However, the strong swimming ability and transfer of skills from other sports, allowed the boys to quickly learn the skills required to be competitive. We managed to trouble the scorers each game with some well-constructed goals and some close results filled us with confidence going into the regional final against Prairiewood High School. Leading 2-1 with two minutes to go wasn't enough to secure the win. Prairiewood managed to score some great pressure goals to take the prize, whilst Cecil Hills finished as regional runners up. Well done on an excellent result.

Western Sydney Wanderers Cup Finals

Our girls and boys teams played in the Western Sydney Wanderers Cup finals this week. The girls had one win and two losses to finish third in their pool. The boys won three games and lost one to finish top of their pool. But in their quarter final they ran out of legs and went down to a fresher Mamre Anglican School. Well done on another impressive season.


Mr  B Condon, Sports Organiser


Young Writers' Festival

Storytelling the underlying theme

Cecil Hills High School had the pleasure of sending Monika Eftimovski, Lena Gian, Tiana Nikolic and Aisha Shah from Year 11 to Western Sydney University, to part take in the Greater Western Sydney Writing Festival. Students were nominated by their English Teacher and later invited to part take in a creative writing workshop. An invitation that also comes with an opportunity for a full University Scholarship.

Our students were welcomed with a key note speech by Shirley Le, an acclaimed award winning writer from Western Sydney. Ms Le addressed hundreds of school students from the Greater Western Sydney Region about issues and barriers she faced being a young Asian Australian writer.


After the inspiring address, a sense of hope and excitement filled the lecture theatre. Students then broke off into small groups and worked with established writers and academic professionals by actively participating in creative writing workshops.


Tiana described the experience as a great way to “interact with a variety of school kids”. Tiana further noted that working with other students from across Sydney had a great “influence on [her] own writing”. This wider student engagement during the workshops allowed our students to work collaboratively with others in developing their writing skills, understand the importance of language techniques and how their own unique experiences can inspire their writing. 

The significance of storytelling was the underlining theme throughout the day. As young writers and the next generations influences, our students understood the importance of appreciating diversity in our greater community. Students felt proud to represent Cecil Hills High School and share their creative stories and experiences to a wider audience.


Ms Kulevski, English teacher


Important Dates


Monday, 26th

Year 7 Swim School week

Year 10 Music Concert

Tuesday, 27th

Year 10 NAPLAN minimum standard test

Wednesday, 28th

Year 9 Fire Education presentation

Year 9 Photography excursion

Year 10 Commerce to Canberra



Monday, 3rd

International Day of People with  Disability

P&C Meeting 6.30 pm

Tuesday, 4th

Year 6 Orientation Day

Year 8 team building day at Jamberoo

Year 9 Science excursion

Wednesday, 5th

Year 8 Create-a-Cake Showcase

Thursday, 6th 

Repeat Parent Info P&C Session 9.30 am

Friday, 7th

Year 12 History Extension to Sydney Uni

Monday, 10th

School Presentation Assembly, 9.00 am in our school hall

Tuesday, 11th

STARS and YARN group to Luna Park

Wednesday, 12th

Year 7 Science to Taronga Zoo

Thursday, 13th

HSC results released

Friday, 14th 

School Colour Run event - at school

Zone Blues Ceremony

Monday, 17th

Year 9-10 PASS Surf Camp, through to Wednesday, 19th

Tuesday, 18th

Creative & Performing Arts Student Showcase

Wednesday, 19th

Year 12 Society & Culture and Year 12 Extension History to State Library

Last day of school for all students

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Uniform shop 2019 opening hours.pdf
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