20 June 2019
Issue 39:19  20 June 2019
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farm life
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be joyful

There are lots of things in life that can make us feel happy or are fun to do. For example, eating chocolate, listening to music and riding my motorbike are things which make me happy and are a lot of fun, although not necessarily all at the same time.


However, the things we look to for fun or happiness are always limited or short-lived. A chocolate bar doesn’t last very long and I’m left wanting more. The song I’m listening to finishes too quickly. So I listen to it over and over again, but then it starts to get boring and I want to listen to something different. My motorbike rides always come to an end, or with this weather it can start to rain, neither of which are a lot of fun.


When the Bible talks about joy, it means more than having fun or feeling happy. The kind of joy we read about in the Bible is something much deeper and longer-lasting.

For example, Psalm 149:4,5 says,


The Lord is happy with his people.
He did a wonderful thing for his humble people.
He saved them!
Let his followers rejoice in this victory!
Let them sing for joy, even in their beds! (ERV)

The people who wrote the Bible found a deep and lasting joy in the faith that God saves us. In the New Testament we see God’s saving work in Jesus. Because of what Jesus did for us in his life, death and resurrection, God is happy with us, even when we get things wrong. God heals our brokenness, frees us from guilt, fear and shame, and gives us a life that is stronger than death.


For so many reasons, God can give us deep and lasting joy. Even when life is hard or messy, when things aren’t fun or we’re not feeling happy, we can still find joy through faith in God’s saving work in Jesus.


I thank God for the happiness and fun he gives us in so many ways, such as chocolate, music and motorbikes. However, Jesus is the one who can give us deep and lasting joy.


God’s peace and joy be with you and your families

Pastor Eugene

from the principal

Wine and Cheese Night's back, bigger and better!

A message from the planning team....

For a third year in a row, the Good Shepherd Lutheran School Wine and Cheese Night is here!  This is our major fundraiser for 2019.


A scrumptious spread of cheeses, meats, fruits, and delightful treats. All enjoyed with some of the best local wine and beers too! 



You'll be delighted by live music and a welcoming atmosphere surrounded by friends and new faces. 


As our auctioneer warms up his vocal cords, there is anticipation around the return of the live auction and various raffles, giving everyone a chance to contribute to the improvement of our school through the valuable funds raised.


Funds raised in the past, made possible the development and construction of the outdoor classroom, the purchase of outdoor furniture, new window furnishings in the library and a plethora of ‘hands on’ science and technology resources for students.



Many projects await and your support will help bring these to fruition.  Replacement of old playground equipment and the further transformation of outdoor learning areas including aquaponics investigation and preparation areas, quiet prayer and conversation spaces, and improved nature play areas.   As you, our existing families and students have already benefited from the school’s heavy investment into existing infrastructure over recent years, now is also the time to support future generations through the development of new ELC learning and play spaces.


Your generosity through the Wine and Cheese Night directly supports the ongoing development of our school.  If you'd also like to support the night through the donation of prizes, please let Sharon in the front office know.  Don't forget early bird tickets are on sale until 26th July and at $25 per ticket which includes food and a free drink on arrival, it really is a night not to be missed. So gather a group and purchase your tickets today via the QKR! app or by seeing Sharon in the front office.

See you there.

Student Achievement Reports

Student Reports will be uploaded to Edumate at the close of school next Wednesday.  Student academic reports were once the cornerstone of communication to parents; much has changed.  Families who have been with us at Good Shepherd over  a number of years will recognise that feedback and the 'picture of student progress and achievement'  has developed significantly.  

  • learning conversations
  • incidental learning conversation during the year
  • Semester One progress academic reports
  • Semester Two end of year academic reports
  • Book work being sent home and shared at different times
  • Individual Learning Plans and ongoing conversations, and
  • Seesaw, our digital portfolio of student learning.

Over years, there have been alterations to the academic report as curriculum changes have rolled out across Australia. Currently our academic report shares a summary of learning twice a year.  We are compliant with government regulations as teachers report on your child’s achievement (A-E scale).  It is our choice to also share an Effort scale. Teachers also summarise mathematics, English and Inquiry learning in report comments.  An overview regarding what has been covered over the semester is also included.  


Currently teachers are sharing learning via Seesaw in differing ways: photographs, videos, sound files, copies of Lexile reading data, student learning goals etc.  All Seesaw posts are a form of feedback to students and parents.  Seesaw posts are planned by our teaching teams and are aimed to provide continuous ongoing feedback to show growth in learning.


We encourage you to be active in checking on Seesaw weekly and having conversations with your child about the ongoing feedback given to you. This feedback will continue to be intentional.  We encourage you to participate in the journey of feedback and show an interest in the progress of your child.  How is the feedback from teachers building and shaping a picture of your child on their learning journey? The Seesaw posts are shared to support your child as evidence of their learning.


When you read the academic report next week, read it alongside the evidence shared with you throughout the semester on Seesaw. This will give you a full picture of ongoing learning and growth.  Celebrate your child's successes and assist them in setting some learning / behavioural goals for next year.  Although it occupies only a small part of each achievement record, I encourage parents to focus first and foremost on the ‘effort’ score reported for each learning area.  


Whilst individual strengths and weaknesses each impact on a child’s level of academic attainment, outstanding effort is an accurate indicator that your child is maximising potential.  Celebrate!!  The language we use as parents is powerful in shaping our children’s future success – data in a study of the language of praise will astound you.  This clip takes less than 5 minutes to watch, but it could change your child's performance and achievements for life!  

Optional Attendance Day

Parents are reminded that due to the musical, an optional attendance day will be held on 28 June, which is the last day of term.  This day acknowledges that many children will be exhausted after Thursday evening's musical showcase performance.

Working With Children Check

As of the 1st July 2019 all people who work or assist in the school in any capacity are required to have a Working with Children Check (WWCC). This requirement is one of the recommendations taken up by the State Government from the Nyland Royal Commission into child protection.


The current DCSI clearance that volunteers are expected to have to allow them to volunteer in the school, will cover this requirement (WWCC) until their DCSI clearance expires (this can be checked with Pauline).


The WWCC is for ANY interaction with children (helping in the classroom, canteen, coaches, excursions, camps etc).


The school will not be able to accept the services of any volunteer or employ staff without this requirement. To do so would mean that the school would receive a large fine. If you do not have a current DCSI clearance you are encouraged to obtain one ASAP. This can be arranged through the front office and is of no charge for volunteers.

my kitchen rules

The Purpose:  To use our 5 senses to explore culinary offerings; from garden to plate. To give varied experiences using food to create, collaborate and celebrate!

  • Visiting the Central Markets
  • Visiting a cooking school
  • Excursions into the community
  • Experiences to touch, taste and learn about food

On the first day we went to Scoffed cooking school and did Vietnamese cooking. After that we went to the Botanic gardens and looked at different herbs and spices that we use in cooking.

On the second day we went to Sprout cooking school and we made stir-fry noodles and pumpkin cakes. Then we went to the Central markets and we had $5 to spend on whatever we wanted. Most people spent it on lollies.

On the third day we went to the TAFE bakery and learnt how to bake bread. At the end of that we came back to school and made cards for the helpers.

I enjoyed Sprout Cooking School the most. I liked that we had a really wide variety of things to choose from to include in our stir-fry and cake.

When we went to TAFE there was a machine which would automatically make dough and into perfect shapes and sizes which I thought was pretty cool.


Xixi C



monarto - middleton

Purpose: To experience different animals in different environments and Victor Harbor coast walk.  Visits were made to Monarto Zoo and Victor Harbor.

  • Travel to Monarto Zoo to experience meercats,  white rhino, carnivores, reptiles and insects, chimpanzee and giraffe, before travelling to Middleton for  2 nights.
  • Visit the SA Whale Centre and walk from Middleton along the coast. Visit Granite Island for a night nature walk and whale watching.
  • Granite Island walk. Return for end of school.

On the first day we went to Monarto Zoo. We were looking at all the animals and went on a bus tour through their habitats.

On the second day we went to the whale centre in Victor Harbor, learnt a lot of facts about whales and did some experiments about how whales catch their food. At night we went penguin watching.

On the last day we went for a long walk near the beach and then came back and packed all our tents before heading home.

The best part of this trip was going through the exotic animals habits at Monarto and seeing what they do.  While we were looking at the chimps, lots of them were fighting with each other and that was pretty funny.

I had never been penguin watching before so that was pretty cool. We saw 3 penguins.


Lauren C



fishin' trip

The Purpose:  Understanding, valuing and participating in safe, enjoyable, responsible recreational fishing in South Australia.  The venue was Port Victoria.

  • boat safety
  • 2 fishing expeditions by boat in the plentiful waters surrounding the township and towards Wardang Island (weather permitting) targeting whiting, snapper, snook and squid
  • cleaning your catch
  • cooking your catch
  • tour of local farms
  • tour of maritime museum
  • beach walks and games

On this trip, we went fishing off  boats and played team games on the beach. We hunted rock pools and found lots of crabs and other creatures. We went to the Maritime Museum at Port Victoria and also went to a farm which had a 'man cave' with lots of cars in it.

Fishing off the boats was the best part and we caught Snook and Squid.

Cooper, Jye, Owen and I had to go down to the beach to get some sea water for Mr Wilksch to clean the fish. We had to go rock climbing on the way down. Cooper’s shoes got drenched when he was reaching with the bucket to get some water.  It was really funny!

This was my first time fishing off of a boat and it was my first-time going rock pooling.


Alby B



farm life

Purpose:  To get the urbanites out into nature and experience the various aspects of farm life at Gumeracha.

  • Orienteering/ treasure hunt
  • Collecting and chopping firewood
  • Catching yabbies
  • CFS visit
  • Bonfire time
  • Twilight nature hike
  • Animal experiences – collecting eggs, making chicken treats, getting close and personal with sheep, alpaca, farm dogs and baby chicks
  • Free exploration of property & nature play
  • Visit to the Springhead dairy farm
  • Miniature boat making & racing
  • Tree climbing & creek play
  • Bush art & craft
  • Tree planting with Trees For Life

On the farm, we got to bottle feed lambs.

We touched an electric fence by mistake and got 'zapped' so we touched it again and found out it was electric.

We got to walk in the creek. In one place it was shallow and only up to my ankles then one step forwards and it was above my gumboots!

I enjoyed hanging out with friends and sitting around a camp fire. We got to go for a walk around the property which was quite big.

One day we were jumping off a small waterfall and one person fell backwards after they jumped and got soaked. That was pretty funny!


Jim K



an artist's retreat

The Purpose: Enjoy three days at the beach, viewing nature and expressing creativity through a variety of art experiences, surrounded by Australia’s raw landscape and seaside views.  The location was Pine Point on York Peninsula.

  • Seaside retreat
  • Natural seascape, landscape and nature inspired painting /drawing / art works
  • Learn or improve your sketching, painting, creativity in relaxed, fun and informative sessions
  • Develop techniques during skilled workshops with input from local SA artist(s)
  • Walks on the beach and York Peninsula hiking tracks

On our adventure, we went to the beach and did some painting, walked along the beach and collected shells. There was a cliff in the backyard which was really high up.

We got to experiment and play with lots of different art techniques and mediums. We had an artist come in to help us with our chalk pastels. We took some photos while we were walking along and exploring the village.

I’ve never actually seen crabs before in real life. Some people were holding them, but I was too scared to hold them.


Precious P



candle and soap

The Purpose:  To make our own candles and soaps. Students will look into the science and maths required to make candles and soap and then create their own.

  • Day trip to Hahndorf candle and soap making shops.
  • Learning about the science and mathematics involved in candle and soap making.
  • Making candles and soap.

On the first day we went to Hahndorf and went to a café first and some kids bought a hot chocolate. It was a really good hot chocolate. We went to visit two candle shops and a soap shop, and we got a small free sample from each place. Some people chose to buy candles and soap while we were there.

We had lunch at the German Arms Hotel and then came back to school for a safety talk.

On the second day we made candles. We had to measure wax to melt. Once it was melted, we added colours and fragrances to our candles if we wanted.

On the last day we made soap. We were allowed to make as many soaps as we wanted. The instructions were up on the wall for us and we followed them carefully as we made them. I made about 14 soaps and 8 big candles and 6 tea light candles.

I’ve never made candles and soap before so that was a new experience for me.


Natasha W



so you think you can play

The Purpose: to gain an insight into what it takes to be a professional athlete.

  • Visit professional team practice sessions and tour professional facilities
  • Guest speaker to unpack nutrition and sport
  • Professional athletes (Olympic/Commonwealth representatives) sharing their thoughts on what it takes to succeed
  • Interact with professional sports team for training/participating

The first day we went to the Adelaide oval and we went to where some of the Adelaide Strikers girls train for cricket. We trained with their equipment. They bowled and we batted. They bowled really fast. They showed us the gym that they work in and the trophies at the gym. We also got to try some of the gym equipment.

We did a tour around the oval and got to go in the scoreboard and got to run out onto the oval. When we came back to school, we did some karate which was really fun.

The next day we went fencing and met a gold medalist. We learnt the basics of fencing.  We did some basketball with Alex Starling and learnt some tips and tricks.

On the third day we went to Ninja Warrior. We did both courses as a challenge and I won both courses! After that we did blind sports back at school and we had to use balls with bells in them since we couldn’t see them. It was really hard and very tempting to look over the blindfold.

The fencing and the Ninja Warrior were the best part of this experience.

Blind sport was something that I had never tried before. 


Saje K



join the circus

The Purpose:  To try your skills in juggling, hula hoop, basic tumbling, human pyramids, face painting and balloon animal making. We explored the wonderful world of the circus and creating our own circus spectacular.

  • Introduction to the circus – history, film, costumes
  • Trip to Cirkidz Circus School where we had a 2 hour workshop daily 
  • Balloon animal making session
  • Face/arm painting lessons

Every day we went to Cirkidz for 2 hours and used their acrobatic equipment. They taught us how to do some tricks. Then we went to an organic café for lunch and had a play on their playground. When we came back to school each day, we got to do different activities like face painting, balloon animals and we went to a cirkidz 'fear not' show.

I thought it was good how everyone had a go at something and getting to try out new skills that you would probably never get to try. It was really enjoyable and fun.

Mrs Deanshaw got stuck in the silks one day and we all had to help get her out.  It was funny!

There was a bit of fear with heights and trying new things, but I felt great when I had a go.

I really felt like I was in the circus.


Oliver H



adrenaline adventures

The Purpose:  To test your nerve and conquer your fears! This three day adrenaline adventure will give you an opportunity to experience some challenging but rewarding experiences.  Locations include Novatel Barossa, Morialta and Mt Crawford Forrest.

  • Day of hiking and exploring Mt Crawford Forrest
  • High ropes course at the Barossa
  • Learning how to tie climbing knots
  • Learning techniques for climbing and working through an extensive high ropes course
  • Team Challenges
  • Rock climbing at Morialta

The first day we went to Latitude for an hour and a half. I did rock climbing and the sky walk. There was a Ninja warrior course and only Mr Miles and Connor got up the wall. When we came to school, we had baked potatoes and German sausages and smores for dessert. We played a team game and then we went home.

On the second day we went to the Barossa and went through a high ropes course. We learnt how to keep the person who is climbing safe so that they don’t fall. We had 4 hours to complete all the obstacles. The high ropes course was pretty scary.

On the last day we went rock climbing. We saw a koala sleeping when we went to the first base. We had to abseil down a rock. We got some cuts on our hands while we were doing this. It was really fun but also really scary.

The abseiling down a rock face was the best.


Abbey M-G



parent information

News from the Library

Premier’s Reading Challenge

The PRC reading time concludes on 6th September.

While many students have completed the challenge and their photo is on the board in the Billabong, some still have a way to go. Holidays are a great time to get through some reading. We encourage all those not finished to read, read, read! Reading 12 books between February and September is an achievable task and we appreciate the encouragement you give your children.

Overdue library Books

Overdue notices went home last week. We would like all overdues returned so students can borrow for the holidays during the final week of the term.

ALC Visitors

Joel Savage and Jacob Fabich are first year students attending Australian Lutheran College.  They are training to be Pastors, and have come to Good Shepherd to see the bond that happens between a church and a school.

During their week with us, they have attended many classes, assembly, lunchtime activities, and will be in Chapel tomorrow.  

If you get the chance, say "Hello", and wish them well in their vocation with the church.

Showcase Musical Tickets

Tickets for this year's production Tales of the Ocean are still available.

Parents are able to purchase:

  • a maximum of 4 tickets for the matinee and
  • a maximum of 4 tickets for the evening performance.  

Tickets are $5.00 each, and may be purchased through the office.

Please note that there are no tickets available to be purchased on the night.

Pre-ordered tickets will be coming home today.


The matinee will be held next
Wednesday 26 June at 1.30pm.


The evening performance will be held on
Thursday 27 June at 7.00pm.

Changes to Volunteering at School

As from 1st July all staff /volunteers who work or assist in the school in any capacity are required to have a Working with Children Check (WWCC).

  • Parents/carers who currently hold a 'police clearance' are not able to volunteer at school until they have completed the new WWCC check.
  • People who currently have a 'DCSI clearance' are able to volunteer until the clearance expires, after which they will need to complete the new WWCC check.

If you are unsure of your clearance, please contact the school office.

There is no charge for volunteers to complete this clearance.


Valuing Safe Communities online training and an in-house Volunteer Training session still need to be completed in addition to the WWCC for those wanting to volunteer as drivers, sport coaches or for help on camps and excursions.


Earn and Learn

Between 1 May and 25 June, shoppers at Woolworth supermarkets are given a sticker for each $10.00 spent in store.  Individual stickers or completed sticker sheets are being collect by the school via a box in the front office.

Please note that participation in this program is optional.   We do not wish to persuade families to change their shopping habits for this purpose.

Entertainment Books

Entertainment Books are available for sale at the school office.

Family and friends can place orders here for books or digital memberships.

Free Counselling Available

For free counselling service appointments with Hanelie Swart, please ask for her contact details at the front office or you can email her at [email protected]

Qkr! App for Online Orders

Online ordering is available to Good Shepherd families.

This app is free and easy to use and accepts all debit/credit cards.

Installation steps are as follows:


Uniform Shop

The uniform shop is open for business on

  • Tuesday:  1.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Wednesday:  2.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Thursday:  1.30pm - 3.30pm
  • Friday:  8.15am - 9.15am

Please contact Rachel, our Uniform Coordinator, via email [ click here ] for all your uniform enquiries.  


The canteen is open for business at recess and lunch on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's.

Online Qkr! orders must be placed by 8.45am with separate orders for each child.

  • Soup for next week will be potato, leek and bacon
  • Various musical themed treats will be available for $1.00 - $3.00
  • Lactose free milk and Gluten free options available

Volunteer Roster:

Wednesday 26 June  

B Nielsen / L Chapman / K Foskett

Thursday 27 June

V Cursaro / A Panozzo / H Kaur

Friday 28 June

Closed due to Optional Attendance Day

LLL Banking this week

Bank books will be returned to you by Monday next week rather than today.


Interested in Playing Netball?

Positions are available for students to join a Good Shepherd Under 9 Netball team, starting Term 3.

Matches are played on Monday afternoon at the Golden Grove Recreation Centre.  If you are interested, please email our sport co-ordinator here.

Past Student's Achievement

Olivia Hobby has had a great year with her chosen sport - judo.

Last month she represented Australia at the Cadet European Cup in Poland and Portugal.

Next month she will represent Australia again at the Asia Pacific Championships in Taipei. Taiwan.

We congratulate Olivia and wish her all the best with her forthcoming competitions.

Netball Result

U9 GS Champs

It was a nail biting match this week as the Good Shepherd Champs faced off against Golden Grove Lutheran. Both teams were challenged which resulted in a low scoring game. The Champs were thrilled to welcome a new member. Anais played very well in her debut game! Welcome to the team Anais. Well done team! 

Goal scorer: Lucy 

Rebekah Devcic (Coach)

Basketball Result

U8 GS Magic

After a two week break with the Bye and Public Holiday, the GS Magic came up against the Hawks on Monday afternoon.  It was a very even match with scores level at 2-2 at half time.  Even though we had a narrow 8-2 loss in the end, we had plenty of scoring opportunities.  

It was great to see the team try some of the skills we have been practicing at training like pass fakes and pivoting.  Hudson continued his scoring form with another basket this week.

Scorer: Hudson 2 pts.

Gavin Dew (Coach)

U12 GS Shooters 

We played a more evenly matched team this week which gave all our players plenty of opportunity with the ball. Unfortunately luck wasn't on our side as it seemed the ball just didn't want to go through the goal ring for our team. Everyone remained positive and kept trying which is great to see.

Scorers: Oliver 4 pts, Stuart 2 pts and Micah 1 pt.

Kirsty Beitz (Coach)

diary dates

Diary Dates


   21 June     SEED day

   26 June     Showcase matinee

   27 June     Showcase performance

   28 June     Optional Attendance Day

   28 June     End of Term 2

 1 - 5 July     Staff Professional Learning (pupil free)

    22 July     Term 3 begins with Chapel

    23 July     Connected School Council meeting

    30 July     Assembly led by Stage 3T

Save the Date

   10 August     Wine and Cheese Night

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