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13 September 2017
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Principal's Report

Music at Marlborough

I am really looking forward to tonight's African Drumming Performance as it is the culmination of all the practice and skill development by our students who have been working with our drum teacher, Kofi. Our students have had this fantastic experience with a Musician in Residence thanks to the hard work of our Parents Association and our school community who support our fundraising events. We will continue to use PA raised funds in the future to provide fantastic learning opportunities for our students, so your support of fundraising events is highly appreciated.


Playing, listening to and creating music … involves a tantalizing mix of practically every human cognitive function.

-'Music, the food of neuroscience?', Rober Zatorre (2005)


Seeing the students develop their musical skills has reinforced for me the importance that music plays within education. Whilst appreciation and exposure to music is highly stimulating for students, actually making your own music and developing your capacity to play an instrument has been shown to make significant improvements in learning outcomes across the curriculum.


This attachment provides further details about the cognitive impact of music lessons:


With this in mind, providing more opportunities for all of our students to be involved in developing their musical talents, either with a specialist music teacher or musicians in residence, will continue to grow and strengthen as a key part of the curriculum at Marlborough. Along with our well established Just Brass Program and our highly skilled Instrumental Teachers, we aim to provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students in music.


We are committed to providing a school experience that maximises both academic and well-being outcomes for all our students. The most effective way to do this is by implementing best practices across the curriculum that research shows will improve these outcomes. That may be with how we teach (our instructional practice) and also includes what we teach (music, STEAM, etc).

Dates to remember


Wednesday 13th

  • Gr 3/4/5/6 Netball Clinics (during normal PE classes)
  • Whole School African Drumming Performance (evening) - students to arrive at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start

Thursday 14th

  • Anxiety Forum for Parent Community (evening)

Wednesday 20th

  • Gr 3/4/5/6 Netball Clinics (during normal PE classes)

Thursday 21st

  • Gr 5/6 Invention Convention
  • Grade 2 Sleepover
  • Grade 1/2 BBQ Dinner

Friday 22nd

  • Prep Breakfast
  • Last day of Term 3 - Early dismissal at 2.30pm


Monday 9th

  • First day of Term 4

Pupils of the Week

These students will be awarded their certificates at the following assemblies:

Monday 18th September 

Amelia C (PA) - For trying her Personal Best when reading. She is attempting to use her known phonemes to help when reading.

Ben R (PB) - For the incredible effort he has put into his reading.  I am so impressed with your progress.  You're a star, Ben!

Roman H (12A) - For doing his Personal Best with his narrative.  Roman worked hard to create an exciting story for others to read.  Great job, Roman!

Yua K (12B) - For challenging yourself in mathematics.  It has been wonderful seeing all the complicated arrays you have made in multiplication.  Keep up the great work!

Ayla J (12C) - For showing your Personal Best in our drumming sessions.  Your enthusiasm gets us all energised and excited.

Zaiden F (34A) - For working cooperatively with his partner Ryan in STEAM activities.  Last week they made a giant pyramid structure and this week demonstrated their understanding of computer coding receiving a certificate of completion.  Fantastic!

Jordan M (34A) - For the energy he demonstrated in our African Drumming dancing rehearsal.  Jordan led the whole unit in the dance.  What a wonderful performer!

Josh S (34B) - For being a good helper and showing inititive to organsie the reading challenge cards for the whole unit.  Thank you for doing your Personal Best, Josh!

Anika P (34C) - For her magnificient energy she brings to our African Drumming practices!  Anika always tries her Personal Best during our dance - I can't wait to see her at the concert.  Well done!

Aidan L (56A) - For his wonderful sense of humour.  Aidan always makes us laugh and has an amazing way to make people enjoy a moment.

Jaxon A (56B) - For his enthusiasm during our African drumming rehearsals.  Jaxon uses his whole body to engage the audience and always has a smile on his face.  Well done, Jaxon!

Monday 9th October 

Riley T (PA) - For the fantastic effort he has been putting into his writing.  Riley is now starting to use spaces, full stops and capital letters.  Keep up the great work, Riley!

Amelia M (PB) - For working hard to include others during class time and outside play.  I'm so proud of you, Amelia!  Keep it up!

Ada A (12A) -  For always being so thoughtful and giving Appreciations to her classmates.  We are so lucky to have such a kind student in our class.

Brandan V (12B) - For improving the detail in all of your writing.  It has been wonderful seeing you do your Personal Best and writing without stopping.  Keep it up!!

Tamieka G (12C) - For showing Attentive Listening in every session at school.  We love that you are showing so much confidence and are contributing to class discussions.

Ryan B (34A) - For working cooperatively with his partner Zaiden in STEAM activities.  Last week they made a giant pyramid structure and this week demonstrated their understanding of computer coding receiving a certificate of completion.  Fantastic!

Mitchell T (34C) - For working so well during our inquiry time.  Mitchell tries his Personal Best to be a great partner and is working hard to develop an interesting script.  Great job!

Aysha F (56A) - For being so committed to her school work.  Aysha always puts in 100% to all of her tasks.  Super effort.

Gayatri T (56B) - For the way Gayatri always cooperates in group work.  She is always helpful and friendly towards the group members and is a pleasure to work with.  Fantastic role model, Gayatri.


School News

Earn & Learn 

Please remember to collect your Earn and Learn stickers when you shop at Woolies!!

Sticker sheets are available at the school office.

Hoop Time

Monday September 4th played at The Rings, Ringwood. 

The rain held off as we walked to The Rings and when we arrived it was straight into game play. We had two mixed basketball teams, Marlborough Magic and Marlborough Mavericks. Both teams played four thirteen minute games before the semi final and final matches.


Marlborough Magic, Future stars Team

Alec, Ayesha, Atticus, Jayson, Tom M, Jaxon, Ava , Nathan, Grace C and Grace D. 


Marlborough Mavericks, Rookies 2 Team

Gemma, Paisley, Sam, Annabelle, Brodie, Taylor, James T and Siobhan. 


Marlborough Mavericks  won 3 out of 4 games but unfortunately didn't make the finals.   Marlborough Magics won 3 out of four games in their pool and made it to the semi finals. The competition in the semi final was a fierce but in the end our opponents took the win. It was a terrific team effort by all players.


Special thank you goes to Bronwyn Milne (our coach plus parent helper) to walk to and from The Rings. Great to see Cherie M, Mary G , Naomi F, Jamie I, Bec T and Grace C grandparents come and support our basketball teams. 


Bonny Chisholm

District Athletics Trials - Warrandyte South District
Bill Sewart Athletics Track: Thursday 7th September

What a cracker of a day we all had!   We were all apprehensive as the carnival had been cancelled the day before but the rain and wind thankfully stayed away (mostly!). 


It was a day filled with fantastic performances from all of our students. Special congratulations to Nathan F (1500m, 800m & 100m relay), Teig J (hurdles & high jump), Sam V (100m, 200m & 100m relay), Tom M (100m relay), Thomas E (100m relay), Carla D (long jump & high jump) and Lewis M (shotput) who are all through to Divisional.  Congratulations and good luck!


Overall Marlborough came equal fourth in the track events and 5th in the field events.  Overall we came 6th but a special mention to the 11 year old boys (Nathan F, James T, Tom M, Lewis M, Teig J, Sam V and Thomas E) who together WON their age group!


Of course, the day couldn’t have run without staff help ( thanks to Jane Barnes, Michelle Mielnik and Shae Warren) and our volunteers (thanks to Cherie Mountney and Aidan Miller). 


A huge thank you to all Marlborough students present and the Marlborough Community. It was fantastic to see so many parents, guardians and  grandparents supporting our students and our marvellous school!


Bonny Chisholm

PE specialist

Chaplain's Chat

Kids Matter – How Children Experience Fear


An important part of a child’s growth involves learning how to cope with the common fears of childhood. As children learn to manage their emotions and overcome everyday fears, their confidence grows as does their ability to take on new challenges. Parents and carers can play a critical role in helping children develop skills for managing their feelings.


Fear reactions are made up of physical changes, feelings and behaviours. The body responds to fear by speeding up the heart rate and breathing so that we can act quickly to respond to danger. Along with these symptoms, adults and children alike may experience other physical symptoms such as feeling tightness in the chest, feeling like they have ‘butterflies in the tummy’, get sweaty palms, or feel shaky in the knees. When the fear is very strong, some of us may turn pale with fear. Children will often describe the unpleasant feelings as ‘feeling sick’. 


Learning to manage fear involves social and emotional skills for self-awareness and self-management. We all need to learn to recognise and manage physical symptoms, anxious thinking and fearful behaviours.


The chart below shows the kinds of symptoms and responses children can have to fear. The skills that can help manage these symptoms are listed on the right.

Additional resources are available for parents and carers on the KidsMatter website at

Dorothy Dullege
School Chaplain


National Health and Physical Education Day 

As it was National Health and Physical Education Day last week, we had a Sports Expo Day on Friday 8th September for the Grade 3-6s.  The students rotated and participated in three activities with specialist Coaches: 

  • AFL: Matt Goodyear , (Collingwood Football Club 2015/2016, now Western Bulldogs)
  • HIP HOP : Katrina Salamouras, (Dance instructor )
  • TEAMWORK: Beau Lang (Taekwondo Australian Player)

The students were challenged in the teamwork activities having to communicate, cooperate, plan, discuss, encourage, trust and problem solve with their team mates. Lots of decision making was involved as well as a lot of fun. Beau was an excellent presenter, the students worked well as a group and completed the tasks.


Hip Hop involved learning a dance routine. It was a bit tricky but the students coped well. Some were encouraged to do a solo performance. A lot of funky dance moves were had! Katrina was a great Instructor. 


AFL is always a favourite and the students learnt skills in a fun environment. Matt did skills, drills and fun activities with the students. Prizes were given away at the end of the Day.

It is encouraging that Marlborough students participated and learnt from their Sport experiences as well as having enjoyment and laughter along the way. Thank you to Marlborough parents and staff for their support and encouragement for the Sports Expo.


Bonny Chisholm

PE Specialist


Bendigo Bank School Banking

Just a reminder that School Banking is every Thursday.

If you would like an information pack/application form please collect one from the school office.


Parent's Association

Calling all green thumbs.....

MPS Parents Association will be holding a plant stall at the car boot sale and 100% of money raised will go to our school.

Fancy yourself as a green thumb and like to help??

Any donations of cuttings, grown plants (indoor or out door), plastic pots or bags of soil would be gratefully accepted. Or if you knows anyone in the industry that would be willing to donate some plants - fantastic!

Our small collection so far includes, various cactus, butterfly plants, and herbs.

Donations can be left at the chook shed (back of 3/4 building) or let me know and I'll organise another time to meet up with you!



Simone 0412 113 116


Dear MPS Families,


With our Car Boot / Craft Market fast approaching -  Sunday 15th October, the Parents Association will be again seeking your skills in baking for our Cake Stall. 

During the first week of Term 4 every family will be sent home an explanation letter and plate to be filled with baked goods.  Please have a think about what you can donate - we will be selling pieces / slices as well as whole cakes. 

This stall usually brings in a great deal of much needed funds for our school - if you can help out, it would be greatly appreciated.


HELP NEEDED to coordinate our MPS stall


We are seeking one or two coordinators to manage the roster, organise the pricing of donated items and run the MPS stall on the day.  If you can help, please contact Gloria / Dora or Beck B or give your details to the office and we shall contact you.  Many thanks.

Many thanks,



Movie Tickets

Discount Movie tickets are now available online!!  No need to fill out forms or wait for your tickets to be printed  - you can go straight the website and get your tickets instantly (and our school still receives the commission!).



Login: MarlboroughPS

Password: MarlboroughPS




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