Photo: Painting of Caulfield Junior College by Sammi Li, Student Teacher.

Caulfield Junior College Newsletter

23 March 2020
Issue Eight

Honesty, Empathy, Respect, Optimism.


From our School Leaders,
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From our School Leaders,

From our Principal,

The first term has come to an earlier end than we had planned for. Our children will commence the term 1 vacation period four days earlier than normal. We thank each and every school community member for your understanding during these interesting times, positive messages of support and for keeping our children as safe and healthy as possible.


Our Preps have all completed their entry testing and finished their first weeks of full time attendance during the last part of the term. Their work in settling in to the routines of school and the changing learning expectations that school brings has been exemplary. Well done to the staff, the families and especially to our students.


Today we have had many parents visiting to collect their children’s stationery items, readers and the learning packages prepared by our teaching teams late last week. Please don’t access the content before next term.


A reminder to all families that term 2 will commence on Wednesday April 15th. We are awaiting official direction regarding a possible prolonged closure and have prepared ‘learning from home plans’ for all students. All learning plans will also be sent home via Compass before this date.


The 2020 National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) has been cancelled. This decision was forwarded to us last week and will not directly impact the learning plans for the school. Families from year 3 and 5 will need to note this change to the school calendar.


We will continue to be in contact with all families using Compass to update any information or directions as they become available.

If your family

  • cannot access Compass,
  • or you do not have an internet/wireless/ wi-fi connection
  • or not have a suitable device to access electronic messaging or content

Please contact the school office immediately to discuss any related issues.


The coming vacation period is a key Christian celebration.  Many communities celebrate Easter as the time of the resurrection and Easter eggs are a symbol of this new beginning. I trust all our families enjoy the vacation and prepare for unheralded changes in the way we learn, the way we act as a community and the increased responsibilities we all have in taking on the challenges of COVID-19.


Chris Chant


Caulfield Junior College Newsletter
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