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12 March 2020
2020 Issue 3
From the Deputy's Desk
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From the Deputy's Desk

At Bayside, it is our vision to nurture and prepare young people for a life of responsive discipleship. Sometimes we wonder what it means to be a responsive disciple? A wonderful recent example, is from Year 9 student Jasmine Gleed. Jasmine saw a need, and felt an urgency to respond in a practical way to serve her community. This is the kind of response that brings glory to God. I asked her to share how she responded to the recent bushfire crisis.


Hi, My name is Jasmine and I have recently completed a fundraiser in response to the bushfires this summer. During the really bad

bushfire period in Australia, many people were losing their homes, farms, animals, communities and some people even lost loved ones. As I was watching the news, I felt hopeless, and I desperately wanted to help those affected by the fires, but I did not know what I could do, other than just giving a little bit of money. I wanted to make a difference that meant something to myself. 


After a few days, the idea of chopping my hair off to raise money came about, and after a few discussions, I decided to set up a fundraiser and started to spread the news. Before I knew it, donations were coming in fast. My original goal was $1,500, and that was achieved in a few days, so then I decided to put it up to $2,500, and a few days later I reached that goal too. The final amount raised was over double my original goal, a total of $3,355. This money was distributed three ways: to our local Baxter Fire Brigade who sent 16 firefighters to Gippsland, the WWF wildlife relief fund to help the animals affected, and finally, the Mallacoota bushfire relief, to help rebuild the community loved by many, many people. Thank you to everyone who donated and spread the news to help me achieve this result!


Parent Conferences

This Wednesday and Thursday teachers have been available for Parent-Teacher (Primary) and Parent-Student-Teacher (Secondary) Conferences. If you were unable to make it, please ensure you touch base with your children's teachers. Contact them by email, and they will arrange a short call to ensure we continue our partnership in strength.


Absence Line

If your child is absent from school, it is a government requirement that the College record an explanation for the absence. We recently activated a text service to remind parents to call the College to supply that reason. If your child is away, please call the absence line (5971 6798) before school starts to explain the absence. If you receive a text, please call immediately to advise the College of the reason.


Toni Steinbergs

Deputy Principal

Pray for Bayside

Pray that our biennial Twilight Carnival would take place next week under sunny skies, and that final preparations would fall into place.


Pray in thanks for our Association, the members of which will this week share a meal together to celebrate its 40th anniversary.


Pray for the health and safety of our community - parents, students and staff - as we head towards the end of term and school holidays.


Pray in thanks for all the amazing opportunities that our children have to learn here at Bayside, as shown by all the reports in this newsletter!

Primary News

From the Head of Primary


Last week at the Primary assembly, Pippa, Mrs Scott’s therapy dog in training, was introduced formally to the Primary School students. Mrs Scott explained the correct way of approaching Pippa. Students were told to ask for permission to pat Pippa. Students need to hold out a closed fist towards Pippa for herto sniff prior to patting her on the back. This procedure is what the students have learnt in their Responsible Pet Ownership incursions when in lower Primary. Students are not to go down to Mrs Scott’s office to visit Pippa. They will see Pippa when Mrs Scott comes up to the Primary area at recess or lunchtime, or by special arrangements between the teachers with Mrs Scott. I am sure that Pippa is going to be very popular!


Primary Athletics Day

Last Friday, a very successful Primary Athletics Day was held, despite the showers in the afternoon. Thank you to Mr Klan for his organisation and for those parents who were able to assist in the running of the events. It was wonderful to see approximately 90 parents/ carers and extended family members supporting the students on the day, and there were some very colourful costumes in house colours to add to the fun of the day. 



Bayside Family Network

Last week, the Bayside Family Network held their first workshop for the year. It was held in the new parent space in M block, and was really well attended. Preschool children were babysat in the adjoining space, and the floor was covered with lots of lovely things to play with. I would encourage you to keep the evening of Wednesday 6 May free, for the next Bayside Family Network evening session. 



Twilight Carnival - Friday 20 March

Please support your children’s class/es with the stall that they are running for the Twilight Carnival. It may be in the form of donating goods to be sold, or your time on a roster looking after the stall for a short period of time during the afternoon/evening. It should be a great community event! A reminder that it is a free-dress day during the day so that students are ready to attend the Carnival. Students need to be in sunsmart clothes (no singlets please) and wearing shoes that they can run around in. 


Primary Assembly

The next Primary Assembly will be held on Monday 23 March at 2:30pm. Parents/carers are always welcome to attend. Year 5/6E will be hosting the assembly. 


God bless


Glenys Bailey

Head of Primary

Years 3/4 Explore

On Wednesday 4 March, our Years 3/4 went off to explore the Cranbourne Botanic Gardens. 


Community Achievement

Year 5 student Lexi received some lovely news over the long weekend. She was awarded the

Somerville Junior Community Member of the Year Award at the Somerville Family Day.  She was nominated by a parent from her previous school for the fundraising she did for Light the Night, and also for inspiring kids and their families to send her their collected bread tags, which she collects on behalf of Breadtags for Wheelchairs, plus a few other charities she's supported. 


Lexi would love to encourage students at Bayside to forward their breadtags to her as well. She is busy coming up with plans for her next fundraiser for Light the Night, which she'd love to share with the school community. Well done, Lexi!

Across the College

Year 9 OES Cable Park Adventure

On Wednesday 4 March, the Year 9 Outdoor & Environmental Studies class had the awesome opportunity to go to the Melbourne Cable Park.


The students went knee boarding, tandem knee boarding, wake boarding and even were pulled by the cable without any floating device, it was very entertaining to watch!


The students' willingness to participate was awesome, with a great time had by all. We are exploring the idea of a sustainable planet and are looking at the concept of ‘created vs built’. Well done to all the students, parents and teachers who came along!


Daniel Briglia

OES Teacher


Joel McKerrow Workshops

In Year 7 English we have had the opportunity to work with renowned poet Joel McKerrow in our classes over the last few weeks. We have prepared a short poem around a topic we are passionate about, explored how to begin writing a poem, and worked on selecting vocabulary that maximises meaning.


We have now performed these poems, using a variety of skills that Joel shared with us during his three days at the College. Whilst we were nervous, this was an activity where many of us overcame challenges, and were able to share a little bit more of ourselves with our classmates. 


Joel Williamson & Ulli Austermann

Secondary English Teachers


The Cafe is back

On Monday 24 February, Maddi, Terriesa and Lucy started the North Campus cafe again for 2020, with a new name "Espresso & Co". 

Students and staff alike flocked down to experience the brilliant hot chocolates and soy lattes.

We are open Thursday next week (19 March) from 10:45am to 1:45pm, and the following Monday (23 March) for the same timeframe.


Come in and join with us in our learning cafe - "Espresso & Co".


This cafe is part of the Year 12 VCAL curriculum - Work Related Skills - learning and applying real world work skills. Other students undertake Years 5/6 mentoring, and building/maintenance within the school.


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator

Years 9/10 Attend the Theatre

The Years 9/10 Performing Arts students experienced the beautiful old Regent Theatre in Melbourne last week. Billy Elliot danced across the stage as we sat in awe of very talented people who brought the story of rags to riches to life in a new way.


Angie Mathews

Performing Arts Teacher


SchoolTV - Recent Reports

Special Report: Coronavirus - a guide for parents

Coronavirus is an evolving international health concern. Around the world, people are being affected in many ways. Individuals of all ages from numerous nationalities are being diagnosed with the virus – it doesn’t discriminate. Although children are considered at lower risk of infection, they are not immune to the multitude of news reports regularly seen or heard in the media...

This month on SchoolTV - Happiness & Gratitude
Happiness is a term that captures a huge variety of positive emotions such as humour, serenity, optimism, joy, pride, inspiration, love and hope. Happiness means different things, to different people and is essential to your understanding of emotional literacy. Throughout history, philosophers, religious writers and poets have pondered on the meaning of happiness and how it might be achieved. In the last few decades, scientists and psychologists have researched this further by studying a field of science called positive psychology...

Senior Secondary News

From the Head of Senior Secondary

Top Class Dance 2020 - Lauren

On Monday 17 February, our Year 12 student ,

Lauren, performed at the Melbourne Recital Centre to the delight of the audience, parents and Shirley Patterson. Lauren demonstrated grace, skill and beauty of form during her skills-based solo performance ballet, which focused on the rhythms of the heart. Congratulations Lauren on your excellent achievement and this fine performance.


A few words from Lauren 

For the past two years, I have had the opportunity to study VCE Dance at my dance school, Theatre De La DanSe. For the Units 3/4 performance exam I created two dance solos based on a heart condition called Supraventricular Tachycardia (SVT). The performance replicated the heart rate at a normal, moderate pace. It then increased, and then abruptly slowed down, eventually returning to normal pace. 


Top Class is a VCAA event, which gives students who achieved high performance scores the opportunity to perform their works, and gives inspiration to those currently studying the subjects. I was privileged to be part of Top Class and proud to represent both Bayside and my dance school.


Lauren - Year 12

Outer Eastern Prayer Breakfast

On Friday 28 February, College Captains Teagan and Karina , Vice Captain Cade and Senior School prefects met at the College at 5:30 a.m. in order to attend the Outer Eastern Prayer Breakfast. During this annual event, schools join together to pray for the nation and to enjoy breakfast together. 


This year’s guest speaker was the Australian artist Bindi Cole Chocka, who was born in Melbourne in 1975.


Bindi is an ingenious artist who speaks to society through her work as a photographer, artist, writer and guest speaker. Bindi shared snippets of her early life and conversion to Christianity. She also explained how she uses her artworks to portray the difference coming to know Christ has made to her outlook.

If you are interested, further information about Bindi can be found at this website.



Student highlights of Outer Eastern Prayer Breakfast

I loved hearing about the change knowing Jesus brought about in Bindi’s life. It was so encouraging to see how God can transform a person. Going to this breakfast challenged me to ensure my identity is being found in Christ alone rather than earthly things. 



The ‘Platinum Sponsor’, of this year’s breakfast was Destiny Rescue, an organisation saving young girls from human trafficking. The exposure at the breakfast to such confronting and disheartening circumstances evoked a raw sense of compassion. The organisation, Destiny Rescue, followed by Bindi’s speech of transformation, offered a sense of redemption and hope, reminding us that despite things that might happen now, God will always help us, and there are people around us willing and waiting to assist.



Sharyn Hadlow

Head of Senior Secondary

Thinking Historically in VCE

VCE History involves large amounts of reading, so it is important students discover which various ‘tools’ best help them to personally engage and become familiar with important terms, concepts and events in human history. Students have been using a range of tools to learn the behaviours and ideas of people in other places and times: Edrolo online lessons, videos, posters, pneumonic memory words, photographs, slideshows, crossword puzzles and illustrated timelines.


In Term 1, Year 11 History students have studied the outcomes and ineffective treaties that followed World War 1. They are currently investigating the factors that permitted the rise of fascism and Nazism before World War II.


Year 12 History students have studied factors that caused the dramatic collapse of the Tsarist rule in Russia. Students have studied the economic, social, political and ultimately spiritual turmoils that followed the fall of imperial Russia. They examined the methods by which Communism, under Vladimir Lenin, gained political control of the largest country on earth, and laid the foundation for the terrible decades that followed under the rule of Joseph Stalin.


Peter Bakker

Secondary Teacher

Year 12 Business Management

During the last two weeks we have begun learning about staff management - the importance of staff in achieving business objectives, and the role of management in motivating, supporting, training and leading their staff. Last week we learned about three theories of motivation - Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Locke and Latham’s Goal Setting Theory, and Lawrence and Noirah’s Four Drive Theory.


We considered what drives and motivates us - both external and internal factors. We can be motivated by external rewards and recognition, pay, the need to feel safe and have our physical needs met and a sense of belonging. We can also be motivated by internal factors, such as a desire to achieve goals or a desire to achieve our full potential. For a life lived apart from God, we default to putting our own individual needs and desires first, to look after “number one”. 


From a biblical perspective, we are called to live a life that is submitted to God and to put the needs of others above our own. This is counter-cultural, and I believe we are only able to truly be motivated by love as we receive God’s love for ourselves. We are able to “love because He first loved us” (1 John 4:19).


In considering our own goals, desires and needs, let’s submit them to God and allow Him to transform our thinking so we can be motivated by love!


Sonja Campbell

Secondary Teacher



Hamburgs on the North Side

Now that the Bayside Northside poultry area has been completed, I'm proud to introduce our first new tenants: Samson, Delilah, Timnah and Gaza, a small breeding flock of Golden Spangled Hamburgs.


This light, very active heritage breed is highly sought after by backyard poultry fanciers who appreciate the breed’s handsome looks, active foraging ability, lack of broodiness and snow white eggs. This will be the first breed that our senior Agriculture classes will focus on in honing their poultry skills before breeding these spectacular chickens in the spring.


David Goschnick

Secondary Teacher

Year 11 VCAL 'Exploring Gifts and Abilities'

Our Year 11 VCAL students have been running workshops for their class about things they love to do. The sessions have included gaming skills and techniques, movie scene dissection, cornstarch experiments, making paracord bracelets, cooking a BBQ, learning to play guitar and making homemade pizzas.


The students have done really well and learned many valuable skills in the process.


Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher


Year 10 VCAL - Industry Electives

In Year 10 VCAL our outdoor maintenance and bike track teams worked together to clean out and sort the potting shed on North campus during the wet conditions last Thursday. They did a brilliant job and had to use teamwork and problem solving skills to achieve such a great result.


Ken Berry




Students in Units 1 & 2 VCE Health & Physical Education are currently learning about 'Acute and chronic injuries and illnesses of the musculoskeletal system'. 


In class we had a visit from two physiotherapy students from Monash University. They shared what being a physio student was like at Monash, their own background of sporting injuries, rehabilitation processes for those injuries, and also demonstrated correct sports taping protocols to the students. This included taping of the ankle, knee and thumb. After watching the taping demonstration and explanation, the students then had an opportunity to practise these taping strategies on their classmates, with constructive feedback given by the physiotherapy students.


Joshua Goschnick

Secondary Teacher


Year 11 VCE English

Students have spent their first weeks of Term 1 studying Charles Yale Harrison's 'Generals Die in Bed', unpacking the horrendous ordeal soldiers experienced in the trenches of WW1.


They are also becoming discerners of truth by analysing the methods used by the media to sell us their worldview. Students are currently involved in practice writing and peer feedback in preparation for their first SAC next week.


Rachelle Cooper

Secondary Teacher


Food for Life Year 12 VCAL

In the last few weeks we have been discussing what it means to eat local, what is in season and how that can affect our food choices, plus the impact this has on our food footprint and the general well-being of our local industry and the economy.


This has created some interesting conversations and discussions around choices we make when shopping, and how this fits into the world wide picture of a healthy planet.

So welcome to our dish for this week… a Mediterranean minestra, which is simple, cost effective and in season, enjoyed by all…


Gino Ciancio

Secondary Teacher

Critic for a Day

On Monday 2 March, our Years 11 & 12 Literacy students spent the day being ‘critics for a day’.


Students visited a range of exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria analysing and critiquing the work and the manner in which work is displayed, paying particular attention to purpose and context. Students then visited the Bluetrain cafe at Southgate where they assessed and wrote a review of the restaurant and the business practices.


This was followed by the writing of poetry to reflect their experience of our beautiful city of Melbourne. 


Lara Curtis-Morris

Secondary Teacher

Year 11 Business Management

Year 11 Business Management students have been learning about the effects of external pressures on the way we operate businesses. They spent time considering and reflecting on how societal attitudes need to be heard and understood in order to effectively respond as a business.


The need as Christians to also learn to listen to others and truly understand why they feel and believe as they do has created some deep and valuable class discussions, as students have courageously tackled the topics that are a part of society today. Learning to love God and love people as a priority should continue to inform all that we do in our lives, our businesses and the way in which we operate in all we do.


Lara Curtis-Morris

Relaxing on the North Side

Some of our Year 12 girls found a lovely warm spot to relax on a recent sunny day in the amazing gardens on North campus.



Twilight Carnival 20 March

You have just one day - until midnight on Friday 13 March - to purchase rides wristbands at the early bird price of $30 each:

CSEF Financial Assistance - do you qualify?

The Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) provides payments for eligible students to attend activities like:

  • school camps or trips
  • swimming and school-organised sport programs
  • outdoor education programs
  • excursions and incursions.

Applications for 2020 are now open and will close on 26 June (end of Term 2). See the CSEF website to check your eligibility.

Don't miss out on your conveyance allowance

If you are new to the College, your circumstances have changed or your child has just started Prep or Year 7, you could be eligible for a Conveyance Allowance.


For further details go to the conveyance website or call into the College Office for more information.




Holiday Programs


Open Day - Sat 2 May

Who can you invite to visit the College? As well as enquiring families, current families are more than welcome to enjoy all the fun of our annual Open Day, this year on Saturday 2 May.


Uniform Shop Hours

The Dobsons uniform shop is open the following regular times during term:

  • Monday 8:30–11:30am
  • Thursday 1:30–4:30pm.

Families wishing to purchase, sell or swap items of second hand uniform are welcome to use the official College Second Hand Uniform Facebook Group: 

B2Me Business Directory

Connect with others in our College community by signing up to our online business directory at!


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