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08 March 2018
Issue Three
Important Dates
Principal's Report
Swimming Carnival
A Better Place to Be - Year Seven Camp
First Days of High School
Visual Arts Excursion to ACCA
School Photos
Performing Arts News
Library News
MGC Homework Club
Applications open for Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund
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Important Dates


7th March - International Women's Day Breakfast

9th March - World's Greatest Shave

12th March - Labour Day (Public Holiday)

13th March - Curriculum Day

21st March - Harmony Day Assembly 

22nd March - Year 10 Mock Job Interviews

23rd March - Athletics Carnival

27th March - Parent/Student/Teacher Confrences

29th March - End of Term




Principal's Report

On 23 February, Minister Richard Wynne visited MGC to learn about our plans for a new Performing Arts and STEAM Centre. Our school is in an excellent location to provide a range of community and system-wide educational facilities with inner-city access such as a 400 seat theatre and a STEAM centre to showcase transdisciplinary learning on a key Victorian government initiative

I look forward to updating you on our work with key stakeholders to build these facilities for our current and future students.


Visible Wellbeing with Professor Lea Waters

On 13 March all teaching and education support staff will work with colleagues from Hawthorn West Primary School and the University of Melbourne’s Professor Lea Waters on the Visible Wellbeing program. The program is the culmination of twenty years of research in psychology and education conducted and published by Lea who developed the program to combine the science of wellbeing with the science of learning. The design seeks to achieve three key goals. Firstly, helping students and staff to support their own and other’s wellbeing. Secondly, helping students and staff to more systematically build wellbeing using a clear set of evidence-based tools and finally enhancing learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.


Swimming Carnival

Congratulations to Andrew Kovassy, all staff and our Sports Captains, Annie Coleman and Cassie Carman on a successful swimming carnival on 27 February. The beach and ocean theme was portrayed beautifully by the girls and staff in costume and song.


Head of School Girls Rowing Regatta

Following on from a successful regatta last weekend we wish our rowing girls the very best of luck for the Head of School Girls on the Barwon River in Geelong from 15-18 March. We are proud of our rowers who have already displayed hard work and determination in attending every training session and regatta to date. A great deal of work is being done behind the scenes by Head Coach Stephanie Burgess, Rowing Leader, Andrew Beck and our dedicated committee to make our participation possible.


Student Member Category of School Council

The Department of Education and Training (DET) are still determining how best to implement the Minister’s announcement on a mandated student member category. Once this advice is available, students in Years 7 - 12 are eligible to nominate for School Council membership. We look forward to wider student voice on Council in the near future.


Alumni Open House

The 2018 Alumni Open House took place on Saturday 24 February from 5-6pm. Girls from a range of graduation years and their families enjoyed seeing how the college has evolved over time and browsing through memorabilia including old photos and Upstream magazines. Our Alumni President, Robina Stott, Vice President Charlotte Cachia, executive member Edwena Dixon and Trevor Howlett hosted each returning student with warmth and welcome. Thank you to Jordyn Taylor for all of the behind the scenes support.


Thank you for making our school a community of learning and welcome. Alumni, rowing, wellbeing and student voice in this report alone illustrate what a great school we belong to.


Kind regards,




STEAM Robotics and Engineering 

STEAM Robotics and Engineering A busy year ahead with several exciting events already underway for 2019, headlining with the new Year 9 STEAM Robotics and Engineering elective. We have a class in each semester running robotics which is taught by our STEAM Leader, Wendy Keen. Students are building their robots and undertaking the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy course. Students are learning about making the robot move, how to use the sensors and how to use commands such as repeat, if/else statements and wait.
Students are applying their knowledge to programming robots to take on the Lego League challenges, which will culminate in a final competition.

March the 14th is Pi Day

An approximation of pi is 3.14 or March 14 using the US date system
Pi is at the centre of our understanding of geometry and much of mathematics.
It is how we calculate the area of a circle (pi times the radius squared), the volume of a sphere (four-thirds of pi times the radius cubed) and a host of other such simple calculations.
Pi is a transcendental, irrational number. 3.14 is just the beginning. The number of decimal places after 3 is infinite with no recurring pattern.
That's why it is a favourite party trick of memory show-offs. The world record, according to Guinness, for reciting the decimal places of pi is 70,000. It is held by Rajveer Meena, who peeled off the numbers while wearing a blindfold last year. It took him 10 hours.
Look out for some pi(e)related fun next week.


Space Camp 2019

Preparations are underway for Space Camp 2019. After the success of the 2017 camp, an information night will be held on Tuesday 17th of April at 7pm for anyone interested in attending. During this session we can answer your questions and explain how this camp will run. Students from the 2017 camp will also be there to give their thoughts on the experience.


STEAM Careers Expo

Towards the end of term 2 on the 14th of June, MGC will be holding a STEAM Careers Expo. Speakers from a wide range of STEAM careers will visit the college and speak to Year 9 students about their jobs, the pathways to enter these fields and take questions from students. These sessions will be aimed at Year 9 students just before they begin making important decisions about the courses they will pursue in Year 10 and VCE.


Do you work in a STEAM field?


Would you have an hour or two to donate on the 14th of June to speak to students about your job? We would love to hear from you! Please email Catherine ( [email protected] ) with your name and career area.  All volunteers will need to apply for a free Working with Children card.


Swimming Carnival

Annie Coleman - Sports Captain

This year’s swimming sports was a huge success! We were blessed with a sunny day and a program which ran to time! Thank you to everyone who helped throughout the day; Senior and Middle School Executive, SRC, teachers and a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO CLAIRE CHEESMAN for running the largely popular Zumba :) Thank you Arts for running the Costume Comp which was taken out by the Year 12 Jellyfish, with the Fishermen in 2nd place and Sandmen in 3rd. Congratulations to MARIS on their convincing win!! Another big congratulations to those who raced on the day :) It was a brilliant swimming carnival with an even better atmosphere! Get keen for Aths!!


A Better Place to Be -
Year Seven Camp

By Sophie Hart

On Monday the 12th February Chisholm and Melba went on Year 7 camp and on Wednesday the 14th  Lyons and Maris set off on school camp. This year’s camp was held at the picturesque town of Warburton at Camp Arrabri.


I was in the later camp on Wednesday. We had along bus ride and then finally we arrived. Unfortunately the weather, when we stepped out of the bus, was not quite as sunny we all expected. But everyone’s mood lightened when we saw the pool!


Soon after meeting our cabin groups, we split up to start our first activities. A few activities we did on the first day were; Low ropes, giant swing, flying fox and swimming. Everyone’s favourite was the giant swing even Ms. O’Connell has managed to sneak a ride on the swing again!


After dinner, we all gathered in the indoor basketball court for some bush dancing ! A man from a country band came in to teach us about some unique Australian instruments and later on some hilarious dancing! Whatever energy we had lost during activities was gained in bush dancing and the event resulted in tears of laughter!


The night walk was super exciting! There was a trail leading through the forest. On trees there were signs with letters on them, and you had to find all of the letters in order to solve the puzzle. Stargazing was the cherry on top of a magical day. We spotted several constellations and even Ryans Belt.


We woke up to a frosty morning, no one wanted to creep out of their cosy beds. Other activities we participated in were the Yarra river walk, archery and mini golf. The river was ice cold and looked so different from what it looks likes in front of Melbourne Girls! When we finished activities we got some free time to practise our much anticipated red faces. Soon after dinner we all gathered in the Games Room for our talent show! There were six performances all of which were hilarious and entertaining acts. We then watched a movie in our sleeping bags and before we knew it it was time for bed.


The last day was a visit to a rainforest and a picnic lunch by the river.

It was very sad leaving Arrabi Lodge, it was a pleasant camp where friends were made, memories were created and fun was had by all! A huge thank you to all of the teachers you made camp a better place to be.


First Days of High School

By Elena Jafari 7L1

On Tuesday the 31st of Janurary the Year Sevens had their first day of high school. There was a flutter of nerviness and excitement in everyone’s eyes.

At 8.50am we had our first assembly of the year in our classes then off to our wellbeing classroom for an introduction to year seven life. Once we arrived at our classrooms we had our first wellbeing lesson. At our first wellbeing lesson we learnt the ropes on how things are done at M.G.C.


Then at lunch most of us had become a bit used to high school.

In the third period we had our first actual lesson. We learnt what to bring to that lesson each lesson and what that lesson is about.

In fourth period we met another teacher. Then we went to an assembly about how to safely use public transport.   Then the entire year seven grade went together and went in groups on which tram, train, bus or any other form of travel they used. This was so that we could meet people that take the same train or tram route or live close by.

Overall I think that Year Seven had an amazing first day of school.



Visual Arts Excursion to ACCA

The year 10 Visual Art students enjoyed a visit to Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA) last week, where we viewed the exhibition Unfinished Business: Perspectives on Art and Feminism. The students were led through the exhibition by Shannon Lyons, Educator ​and Program Co-ordinator at ACCA. She convened an engaging interpretive discussion with the girls about the artworks. The students developed their creative and critical thinking skills as they contributed their ideas and searched for meaning in artworks that included painting, performance, photography and film. 


Thanks to Oliver Hull, Visual Arts Technician MGC, who accompanied us.


Emma McCowan

Visual Arts Teacher



School Photos


Performing Arts News

2018 Music Camp- 27th-29th April

Music Camp is running again at Urban Camp in Parkville this year, in Term 2, second weekend back.

We will be leaving Period 4, Friday, 27th April and spend the weekend rehearsing, culminating in a concert for family and friends on Sunday, 29th April @ noon.

All student involved in the Instrumental Music Program and ensembles such as Choir, A’capella Choir, Orchestra and String Ensemble are encouraged to attend.

The camp forms and payment need to be returned to the General Office by Wednesday, 21st March for the camp to go ahead.

Please direct any questions to Anne Corry, [email protected].

We look forward to sharing a weekend of beautiful music making with you!

Anne Corry

Manager of Performing Arts and Instrumental Music.


"Bring It On" - Last Week of Auditions

Week 6 has seen auditions for MGC’s 2018 Musical Production, “Bring It On”, conclude, with Year 7 students completing their auditions on Tuesday after school (Surnames A-K) and Thursday after school (Surnames L-Z).


Any student who hasn’t been able to audition yet- your last chance is to attend the catch up auditions at lunchtimes on Thursday 8/3 and Friday 9/3 in the Auditorium.


Call backs will begin on Wednesday, 14/3 @ 3.30pm. Students will be notified by e-mail if they have received a callback, so make sure you check your e-mails!

Casting will be completed and announced on Wednesday, 28/3, last week of Term 1.


Remember- anyone who auditions will be accommodated- there is no such thing as “I wasn’t good enough”…


Students who have applied for Crew will be contacted in Term 2.

Don’t miss you chance to be involved- BRING IT ON!!


Anne Corry

Musical Production

PS: Don’t forget to put the dates of “Bring it On” in your calendar!

Term 3, Week 4, Wednesday 8th-10 August @ 7.30pm.

Term 3, Week 5, Wednesday 15th-17th August @ 7.30pm.

Thank You to our Musicians for Pedal Cinema

Thank you to the following students for volunteering their time to perform so sensationally at  MGC’s Pedal Cinema on Friday, 23rd February:

Sonia Li, Sarah Richards, Georgia Clarke, Lucia Stella, Ruby Ricci, Emily Tonoli, Kala Rosebirch, Hannah Willoughby, Anya Hemley, Jocelyn Phuong, Jamila Jalloh and to our Soul Band, led by Andy Clarke:

Astrid McFarlane, Alex Dolan & Ophelia Murray-vocals.

Charlotte Barter and Lucia Stella-guitar

Caitlin Moloney-bass

Jean Palamara and Marissa Di Marzio-Drums

Isabella Rogers-Headicar and Charlie Young- Keyboards.

Congratulations to Andrew Vance and his army of Environmental reps for another fantastic evening.

Thank you to Trevor Howlett for his mixing of the sound.


Library News

Library Events


Student Book Reviews

Read something good lately? Want to tell the world? (Or at least the school community?)


The library is looking for submissions of student book reviews to feature in the MGC Newsletter and website! 


If you’d like to submit a review, please make sure it’s between 100-200 words and about a book in the school library/e-library - if you’re not sure if we have a copy of a book, just ask! Submissions will need to be entered by the 19th of March.


For more information, or to submit your review, email Beth at [email protected], or the library address at [email protected].

Study Room Names - Voting Now Open!

Voting is still open for the Study Room Naming Competition! Vote for your preferences here

The top ranked authors, as voted by students will be chosen to name our new library study rooms.

Voting will close on the 9th of March, at 3pm, so have your say before it's too late!


MGC Homework Club


Come and join us Monday and Thursday afternoons for Homework Club.



The Library




Hope to see you there!

Ms Hajzler

Applications open for Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

From : Lahiff, Cynthia M

Applications for the 2018 Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund (CSEF) are now open, until the end of Term 2 on Friday 29 June.

The CSEF helps ensure all students are able to participate in school trips and sporting activities.

A payment of $125 for eligible primary school students and $225 for eligible secondary school students is paid directly to the school to be used towards camps, sports and excursion costs for the benefit of the student. Families holding a valid means-tested concession card are eligible to apply, as well as certain students and families that fall in to a special consideration category.

Payment to schools will begin from Thursday 1 March, however schools can accept and process applications for the CSEF until the end of Term 2 on Friday 29 June.


Changes to the application process

Students who received CSEF at your school in 2017 do not need to reapply in 2018, unless there have been changes to family circumstances, or they have changed schools.

Schools should copy 2017 applications across to 2018 in the CSEF system for eligible students who are still enrolled at your school before 29 June.

New applicants will have to complete an application form, see: Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund

For more information on changes to the CSEF application process, see: Managing Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund


Key dates


Applications for CSEF are open

Thursday 1 March

CSEF payments to schools begin

Friday 29 June

Applications for CSEF close


Eligibility for State School Relief

Victorian government school prep and year 7 students who are CSEF recipients are also eligible for a uniform package. Applications for year 7 uniform packs are now open, and applications for prep winter uniform  packages open in Term 2, see:  Prep winter uniform support

These initiatives are part of making Victoria the Education State and the Government's commitment to breaking the link between a student's background and their outcomes.  

For information about the uniform package initiative, see: State Schools' Relief



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