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18 May 2018
Issue Five
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Principal's Post 

From Mr Phillips


Earlier this month the State Budget was released for 2018/19. There were a number of headline items relevant for schools contained in this year’s budget, released on May 1. It includes the:

  • huge investment in capital works for new schools and also for the 134 schools, including Ringwood Secondary College, who gained funding for upgrades, rebuilds or new facilities. It is the single biggest investment in the last 100 years.  
  • boosting of the TAFE system with targeted free training courses
  • Headstart program for apprenticeships where students can complete their schooling and a trade at the same time
  • new Year 9 Careers Education program which will be online based
  • additional funds to cover the cost of VETiS.
  • secondary school element of the Literacy and Numeracy strategy has been funded and will give us extra resources for teachers in these key areas. 

As I have previously informed you, Ringwood Secondary College has been allocated $5.5million in the current budget for Stage 2 Capital works. We have nearly $1.3million remaining from Stage 1, that can be added to this funding, together with some College funds that will enable us to complete a project just over $7million.


We will be able to commence this planning straight away as our masterplan and asset management plan are complete, our architect is appointed and funds are available. In the next few weeks we will consider options in conjunction with Clarke Hopkins Clarke and confirm the direction for our planning with College Council. We hope to tender the project later this year.


In other local news, a new Wellbeing hub is to be established in Maroondah with an annexe of the Institute of Positive Education being established at Heathmont College. A new partnership will build on the City of Maroondah’s Community of Wellbeing work and will support the use of Positive Psychology in over 20 local schools. The funding of $890,000 supports the funding of a Project Manager to lead the establishment of the annex and funding for the professional development of staff in each participating school.


The Music Department undertook its annual trek to the Generations in Jazz, National Championships at Mt Gambier last weekend. All of our ensembles performed well and some highlights included the all of our stage bands competing effectively against senior bands in all sections and the mosh pit experience with Cat Empire!


A successful launch for the Performing Arts World Tour 2019 on May 1, has resulted in nearly 50 families considering their involvement and commitment before early June. Anyone else who is interested in further details should contact Mr McNamara our Director of Performing Arts.


Tickets for this year’s production of The Addams Family go on sale on Tuesday May 22 and may be booked through


NAPLAN testing is currently being undertaken for our students in Years 7 and 9 and for the first time this has been done online. The system has been very stable and there have been no difficulties experienced in making this transition to the new format.


We are looking forward to our Athletics Sports Day to be held at Proclamation Park next Friday May 25th with a carnival atmosphere and lots of House based activities for the occasion. All students are expected to be involved and the weather forecast is looking most promising.


Michael Phillips

Assistant Principals

From Mrs Stathatos

We are now in the middle of the term and approaching the exam period where students will focus on revising their learning and applying their knowledge and understanding in their examinations. The Learning Behaviours that were emphasised in the progress reports last term continue to be relevant as students practise resilience and persistence, and collaborate with their peers to gain the maximum benefit at this time. Through the experiences in the BOUNCE program, practising mindfulness and being aware of their own emotions students can help put themselves in a good position to perform at their best in the examination period. One of the tips for studying by Dr Michael Carr- Gregg is for students to study in groups and teach each other. That, and taking hand written notes during revision are some of the strategies students can use to support their learning.


Next week the Department of Education is Celebrating the Arts during Education week. There is a range of activities on offer by the DET in the link below.

 Equally, Ringwood Secondary College is Celebrating the Arts with a weeklong program showcasing the wonderful work that students are involved in and that teachers offer. During Education Week, the Visual and Performing Arts will be showcasing what is being done to drive student achievement in the arts. Engaging students in the arts can help foster their learning and creativity, build confidence and self-esteem. Having fun is of utmost importance! Information about the week has been posted on Compass.



The Parent Citizen Teacher Association is preparing for the annual Education Week Staff Thank you Morning tea on Wednesday the 30th of May. It is an opportunity to celebrate teachers and the warm relationship that exists between parents and staff. Thank you in advance to the members of the PCTA who are preparing for this occasion.


BOUNCE and Year Level Assemblies

One thing that strikes me as I attend BOUNCE classes and Year level assemblies is that the high expectations we have of students are being realised in how they behave and how they listen and participate in these forums. It is noticed by the community too when students are out on excursions- we often have members of the general public commenting on their good behaviour and their politeness – and we work hard to instil a sense of respect and responsibility that comes with being a student at Ringwood Secondary College. Thank you to parents who support us in ensuring these values are lived every day.


NAPLAN online

Over the course of two weeks students in Year 7 & 9 are participating in NAPLAN online. In the past two years we have been a trial school of the online platform, moving away from paper based tests and have provided feedback about the strengths and challenges of this system. This year the process has been smooth and we hope that the online platform will allow a faster turnaround of information to parents and teachers.


NEVR concert at Hamer Hall

A terrific opportunity for our music students to be part of a richly rewarding and high quality orchestra takes place this Tuesday May 22 at Hamer Hall. Members of the Ringwood Secondary College Symphony Orchestra will join students from other schools to form the NEVR Symphony Orchestra for the night. Students and staff have been busily rehearsing and are looking forward to performing on the night. We wish them all the best and in light of their performance being a Star Wars theme ‘May the force be with you.’



The Ringwood Secondary College Green Team with their teacher Ms Jacqui Godrey has been busy gaining support for a range of activities around sustainability and caring for the environment. Their focus on Envirofest this Tuesday led by prefect Brooke Marshall culminates in a student focus ‘op shop your uniform’ ( hat, gloves, beanie etc) and donating a gold coin to fund a recycle bin, a future activity of the Green Team. Further information about the activities of the Green Team can be found on Compass



Eleni Stathatos

From Mr Barut

Students at Ringwood Secondary College continue to flourish and grow under the caring leadership of their teachers and their House Co-ordinators. Notwithstanding the engaging curriculum and motivation to learn, students have all the opportunity afforded to them to be involved in all aspects of college life.


Some of the highlights have included the Year 7 cohort having some Elevate sessions on Study skills, note taking and organisation. There will be a follow up consolidation session next term where all students will be guided through best practice in preparing for an English text response. The skills learnt now are vital as they move through secondary school.


The InterGreat Parent Expo showcased personal projects from the Year 9 group that was shared with friends, parents and teachers – students were proud at talking about their learnings and enthusiastic about their finished products – in fact, some students showed amazing entrepreneurial promise!!

The Year 10 students have the Metec excursion to look forward to that prepares them for their Learners and other programs that relate to road safety.


Senior School have been busy with study, study, study! Having said that, so many of our students have also been involved in the college production and other musical events. This is fantastic to see and we all celebrate and encourage their involvement.


The College is always supportive of parent involvement through the educational journey and parents are invited to contact House Co-ordinators if they require any assistance or clarification. We endorse and commit to the principles of respectful relationships, thus, the expectation is that any communique has to be positive, respectful and solution focussed. We ask for your continued support in this expectation.



As part of the ongoing process that allows the College to gain feedback on its learning programs and pedagogical practices, the Naplan for Years 7 and 9 provides very important data on the learning growth of our students. As such, the Attitudes to School Survey focuses on culture and the learning community that is Ringwood Secondary College. This important information allows the College to adjust and change accordingly, that reflects the ongoing needs of all our students.



Have arrived and are being distributed as we speak (or type) – Years 7 and 8 have had theirs delivered, and more flow on should occur from early next week. If your order is not there, please contact Compass directly to have the matter looked into.



Our students look resplendent in their school uniform and they wear it with great pride. Not only is school uniform an easy option every day (in terms of what to wear) it also showcases to the local community that we are proud of our identity and the reputation of the College. If any garments need to be worn that are outside the Dress Code Policy, an interim pass can be issued by the House Co –ordinators. To whit, parents are asked to provide a note.

Please note: passes will not be issued for hoodies.


James Barut

From Mrs Allison

Communities of Wellbeing


Exciting news on the Wellbeing front!


In the recent state budget, it was announced that the state government has allocated significant funds to develop a new integrated Wellbeing Centre in Maroondah. The centre will further develop the work already done by the ‘Communities of Wellbeing’ founded through the City of Maroondah Council and a team of key stakeholders. A formal partnership is now established between City of Maroondah Council, The University of Melbourne, The Institute of Positive Education (Geelong Grammar School) and the Maroondah Principals network, to further support the implementation and development of positive education, based on the principles of positive psychology, into over 20 schools. It is an exciting project that will see a training facility for teachers and educational leaders to further their leadership skills and provide our children with resilience skills and opportunity to flourish.  This partnership will explore new opportunities, to expand into other Victorian regions, in the future with the aims to collaborate and share expertise so as to create strong and resilient communities where wellbeing is maximised, and citizens can flourish individually and together.


Ringwood Secondary College has been actively involved in the ‘Plus 10 Schools’, a sector of the Communities of Wellbeing, instrumental in fostering a positive education network of Maroondah primary and secondary schools.


House Activities

Each term House activities have been organised into the allocated ‘Bounce’ time with the primary aim to create a sense of inclusion for all our students. I have witnessed many great activities that display, energy, fun and collaboration and I would like to thank Karly Horton who oversees the organisation and event planning with our student leaders.


There are many co-curricular events and activities available to our students, other than House events, to extend their breadth of learning. It is a timely reminder for students, that it is never too late to join a sporting team, help out with fundraising activities or involve yourself in a positive activity!  


Parent Groups

I would particularly like to thank our parent groups such as the Music Association, PCTA, and our Heritage team, to name a few, who work tirelessly for our College. Their energy, commitment and enthusiasm provide wonderful opportunities for our students and I would encourage more families to become involved in College events.


This week’s wellbeing focus is: Perseverance (often labelled as Grit)


What is perseverance?

Why do some people succeed and others fail? Perseverance is doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Words such as persistence, tenacity, determination, resolve, resolution, resoluteness, purposefulness describe perseverance.


Angela Duckworth has written a great book called Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance that explains her theory of "grit" as a predictor of success. She discusses how perseverance and passion matter as much as talent and intelligence and that true success comes when we devote ourselves to endeavours that give us joy and purpose.


Grit, the combination of passion and perseverance for a singularly important goal—is the hallmark of high achievers in every domain. By cultivating a growth mindset (a belief that our talent and abilities can be improved with practice), it allows us to talk to ourselves more optimistically (by challenging the reasons for setbacks or failures as neither permanent or pervasive) so we can persevere. Ask yourself, when you’re faced with setbacks, disappointments or plateaus in your progress, what are the stories you tell yourself?


A few tips from parent zone


  • Regularly encourage children to try new things. You may also want to try something new with your child, like roller-skating or a new arcade or video game. No one is perfect at anything when they start, and this is a great way to show your child that falling down or not winning isn’t the end of the world.
  • Adjust the degree of perseverance needed. If children need a small challenge, present one related to activities they already have ability in. If they need a bigger challenge, take them out of their prior-experience comfort zone.
  • Share some instances when you’ve needed perseverance and grit to accomplish a difficult task. We don’t often talk about our earlier failures, so children sometimes think that adult successes all come with ease.
  • Be overt. Tell them that they are working on perseverance skills and let them know that struggle and failure are likely. Knowing that they are meant to struggle makes it much easier to deal with.

How can you fall down seven times, and stand up eight? Grit is the key element!  So, if you are interested, you may to do the ‘Grit’ survey that measures the character strength of perseverance.


Maria Allison


From the Office


A reminder to all parents if you are interested in joining the Facilities Committee, please feel free to come along to our next meeting on the 31st May, 7.30pm in the main College administration building.


During the first few weeks of term 2, our main focus has revolved around catching up from the extensive works over the recent term holidays.


Recent works:

  • Instal of projectors in 4 portables
  • Electrical repairs
  • Additional security cameras
  • Oval works
  • Service of stoves, commercial fridges/freezers

OH & S

  • Service of all gas heaters
  • Tree works from Arborist report
  • Tagging


Chris Salisbury

Facilities Manager

School Council

It was a very busy school council meeting on Wednesday night with a lot of important school stuff discussed, but our new school council president, Sharon Rogers, did an awesome job of getting 

through everything and getting us home at a reasonable hour. 

Here are some of the more interesting things we talked about. 


RSC has received a further $5.5M grant from the state government to go towards the stage 2 

development of the school. This money together with the $1.3M leftover from the stage 1 

development of the junior school Michael Phillips Learning Centre building, and a further 

$400K from the school itself will go a long way towards the development of a new science 

and technology area for the school. Although this is a bit short of the $12M we would have like 

to finish everything, $7M is still nothing to be sneezed at. As this grant is available to the 

school now, and the architects already appointed, construction should be able to begin in 

early 2019. Final details of how the money will spent are yet to be decided at school council. 


The state government is going to be establishing a new Wellbeing hub in the City of Maroondah with an annexe of the Institute of Positive Education being established at Heathmont Secondary College. A new partnership will build on the City of Maroondah’s Community of Wellbeing work and will support the use of Positive Psychology in over 20 local schools including RSC. 


Starting midyear we will be having 2 newly elected school council members coming from the 

school students themselves. 1 position is for 2 year term and is open to students from years 

7 to 11, and the other position is a 1 year term open to all students from years 7 to 12. These 

lucky 2 student members will have full voting rights on school council just like everyone else 

on the council. 


As of the 1st of July the school cleaning contract will be managed by the Department of 

Education and Training itself. This is something that is out of control of the school and is 

happening to all government schools in Victoria. We have now been told by the DET that 

Tradeflex will be the new cleaning contactor appointed for RSC. 


Over the last school holidays there was a lot of work done around the school. Most things 

you won't see or notice, but the painting work done to the schools gymnasium and library 

facades look great. A lot of new LED lighting has been installed at the school, and the 

staffroom roof which was leaking has been replaced along with new insulation. The concrete 

has also been relayed at the year 9 locker area. 


The cancelled athletics day is now rescheduled for Friday the 25th of May. Lets hope we 

have better weather this time. 


World Strides has been appointed to be the provider for the schools 2019 world tour. 


And lastly tickets to the school production "The Addams Family” are now on sale to the school 

community. Get in early as I am told these tickets sell fast.



Terry Bebe

Ringwood Training

Upcoming Welding and 4WD short courses.

Please call for information

Laura Lloyd

Ringwood Training

03 9845 7560

Knit for Peace

A group of Year 9 students will be involved in the assisting the ‘Knit for Peace’ initiative during week 8 and 9 of this term. Knit for Peace (Melbourne) are a group of knitters, who meet up and knit for those in need.


We are looking for any donations of wool and knitting needles to assist with this community project. All donations are welcome at the front office up until June 1st.


Emma Lim




To help manage your child’s/children’s attendance so that all absences are updated and accounted for on a regular basis – please help by following these few simple steps

This is particularly important for VCE students who have a 90% attendance requirement across all subjects


Daily Absences

1     Please contact the attendance line before 10.15am to have the absence recorded


2     Or Log onto the Parent Portal in Compass and record the absence yourself before 10.15am – Please write a reason for the absence

3      If you are leaving a message on the attendance line please leave the reason for the absence


Late to School

If a student will be late for any reason - with parent approval

  • Notify the school via the attendance line where possible in the morning
  • Or send a note with your child
  • In both instances the students will need to sign in at the office on arrival.

Any absence not recorded before 10.15 am will automatically generate an SMS message. Please respond if you receive an SMS and call the attendance line as soon as possible.

To ensure that we can manage the welfare and safety of everyone in the school community it is important that the above steps are followed.


Late to Class

  • Please note that any ‘late to class’ entries cannot be approved by a parent as it is a student’s responsibility to attend each class on time.
  • If the class absence is in relation to a school based activity then the absence can be updated by the school. Please call the attendance line to do this


Kay Priestly

Attendance Officer

Sub Schools

Middle School

Term 2 Update!

We are currently in the midst of Term 2 and students should be ensuring they are completing their work and maximising their learning opportunities.  It is also a time when students need to be vigilant in submitting assessment tasks in a timely manner and also continually referring to their Compass to remain up to date with their course work.  Parents can also support students by regularly viewing their child’s Compass to check and monitor student progress. 


Matthew Tucker

Middle School Leader


Upcoming Year 10 Exams

The Semester One Year 10 exams will commence on Tuesday 12th June and conclude on Friday 15th June. There will be no timetabled classes on for Year 10 students during the exam period. Students are only required to attend their timetabled exams. These exams have already been scheduled into student timetables, which can be viewed via Compass. Students will be told what equipment they will need by their teachers. If any student requires ‘Special Provision’ for any reading, writing and/or extra time, please collect a form from the Middle School Office. These forms are due back to Miss Bailey no later than Friday 25th of May.


Alyce Bailey

Mabo House Coordinator

(Middle School)


Positive Morning Tea

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, 100 Middle School students had been nominated by one of their teachers to attend a morning tea hosted by the Middle School Team.

The students were nominated for their strong work ethic to achieve their personal best academically, and going above and beyond in the classroom. The students had an amazing time and it was great to be able to acknowledge these students for the positive efforts they have been making in our classrooms. Keep up the hard work, as we look forward to celebrating the achievements of these students, along with many more throughout 2018.


Peter Vlahos

Jackman House Coordinator

(Middle School)



The focus of InterGREAT this term is ‘Self in the Community’. Throughout the term students have been gaining an appreciation of the importance of Community. In their major assignment students are in the process of interviewing someone from their community who makes a difference and are creating a documentary film about them.


As we progress through the term, it is now time for our Year 9 students to make a difference in their local community. The Community Engagement program has seen InterGREAT staff establish a range of partnerships with groups and organisations in the Maroondah area. Students will be involved in visiting disability services, schools, aged care homes, municipal venues and recreational areas where they may volunteer their time and services and thus contribute in a positive way to their community. 


I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with our school community in coming weeks!


InterGREAT - Volunteering Opportunity

As mentioned previously in the newsletter, during InterGREAT we are looking at how individuals can make a difference in the community and hearing from various community organisations about their role and what they do for their community

Next week we have visitors from Interchange Outer East. They will be discussing the important role of volunteers in the community and the benefits of volunteering.
They will also be offering volunteering opportunities for students aged 14 and over in their school holiday programs or throughout the year. This is a great way for students to make a positive difference to the lives of others in their community. 
Interchange Outer East is a non-profit, community based organisation that provides support to children and young people with a disability, and their families. They actively work to make connections between people and to foster a sense of inclusion within communities.
Interchange Outer East have this to say about the benefits to the volunteer:

“Our Volunteers have the opportunity to develop skills in leadership, confidence, patience, and interpersonal skills while gaining a sense of self and an understanding of those who are different to them. We do this by providing them with an environment that empowers them to exercise skills that they would otherwise not use. By providing these opportunities, our volunteers have said they have learnt more about the world. They say that volunteering allows them to strengthen their social relationships and express or act on important values, such as humanitarianism and helping the less fortunate. Being involved in our volunteer program has even assisted some of our volunteers with early admission into university”

Please have a chat to your child and see if they are interested in this opportunity. We will be having a Parent Information Night held at Interchange Outer East in Ferntree Gully on Tuesday 29th May at 6.30pm


Virginia Watson

InterGREAT Coordinator


Junior School News

Term two is disappearing fast, already we are four weeks in. Some of the things we have enjoyed this term include:


‘Ringwood Rocks Respect’ Mental Health Carnival

Our annual Mental Health Carnival was held the day before Anzac Day and once again, was a raging success. Students were encouraged to come dressed as someone or something that they respected and the array of ideas on show was very impressive. During lunch break the carnival got underway and offered an array of rides, games, food, art and music activities. Year 7s were fortunate enough to spend all of period 3 enjoying the carnival atmosphere and here’s what a couple of them had to say about the day:


My favourite part was the Inflatable thing with arms that you had to dodge. It was so fun to be knocked over.

Seth Gunstone


I really loved the bubble suits. At first, I wasn’t sure what it would be like to get inside them, but when I did it was really fun!

Will Marie


The inflatables were really cool. I loved that you could jump off and land on the soft pillow below.
Vicki Charlton


The jousting arena was my favourite thing. I jousted with my friend Lachlan and it was hilarious.

Ben Nicholas


Lunchtime Activities

As the cold weather settles in we have been offering some inside activities to entertain our Junior School students. Our Chaplain, Adam Bryant has been hosting a screening of the NBA playoffs at lunchtime in the Junior School and Faith Stepniewski has started a Wednesday Board Game activity in 401.

Students can also participate in the Manga High Maths Challenge during Thursday lunchtimes in 402. As you can tell by the photos they have been very popular and students are having a great time.

Elevate Workshop

On Friday 10th May Year 7 students were guided through a second workshop on Study Skills run by Elevate. The program is designed to assist students manage their time better by taking ownership of their time and responsibilities and improving memory recall for consolidating their learning. We have been delighted by the feedback from the students who from all accounts really enjoyed the sessions.


Parenting Seminar

Our head of Junior School, Anna Urbano attended a seminar presented by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. She noted the following interesting and helpful strategies for parents that we would like to share with you all:

  • “ourpact” is an app that can be used to monitor all devices on the internet in the home
  • Parenting research centre has lots of strategies for parents of adolescents which can be accessed at:
  • “mood gym” is an online therapy tool to assist adolescents manage their moods
  • “three good things” is an online app that can be used instead of a gratitude journal
  • “breakup shakeup” - helps students to cope with relationship breakdowns
  • “cold turkey” is a program parents can install to block distracting websites/games
  • Prince Boofhead syndrome/Princess Bitchface syndrome- two books by Michael Carr-Gregg to help parents manage difficult teenage behaviours

Junior School Assemblies

Each term our Year 7 and 8 students attend Year Level Assemblies during which we provide important information and celebrate student achievements. On Tuesday 8th May we recognised the following Year 7 students who took part in the Maths Ninja Challenge:


1st   Betty Geng

2nd  Cathy Thieu

3rd   Jacob Wu

4th   Chanul Pathirana

5th   Shumeng Li

6th   Shaun McHardy

7th   Lucas Truong

8th   Amelie Winter

9th   Jackson Smith

10th Isaac Kirchner


Congratulations to all students who participated and consolidated their maths skills.

Year 7s enjoyed some fun ‘Minute to Win It’ games at the end of the assembly and we thought that you might enjoy seeing some of the photos.


Athletics Day

Sadly, our scheduled Athletics day had to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Just a reminder that the Athletics will now be held on Friday 25th May at Proclamation Park.


World Challenge

Last term Year 8 students heard about an amazing opportunity to take part in a three-week humanitarian tour to Vietnam and Cambodia in December 2019. We still have five places available so if you would like some more information please contact Kim Watson at [email protected]


Kim Watson

Junior Sub School Leader - Mabo


Around the School

RSC Respectful Relationships

The RSC Respectful Relationships team have been working to promote gender equality both within the classroom and the school yard. In response to student and parent feedback we introduced an initiated that will hopefully encourage our female cohort to utilise the sport spaces at lunchtime and recess. In most secondary schools, there seems to be a shift away from girls playing sports and often the basketball courts, footy fields, and soccer pitches are dominated by males. To develop the confidence of our female students to “play ball” we have designated a sports space every Thursday for Term 2. The “games began” on the 3rd of May when 40+ students and 10+ teachers took to the courts for some friendly 2 on 2 basketball. It was great to see so many junior girls get involved and we hope to see more come along over the course of the term.


Anna Benson

RSC Careers News

Find out about what is happening in Careers

Helen Doherty

Careers Advisor

Enviro Fest 2018!
Tuesday May 22

The Green Team led by Prefect Brooke Marshall and Mrs Godfrey are running the very first EnviroFest 2018 on Tuesday May 22!

There are many ways YOU and your child can participate in the day’s activities


Donate your old clothes in the Closet Cleanout clothes drive!!!

We have given out a special red plastic bag to all interested students and they are to be returned to school full of unwanted clothes and shoes during week 6 (21st to 25th May). Get the whole family involved and bring as much in as you can! 

We receive 20c per kilo from donations so please come get another bag if you need it!

Donations can be made in the Link Corridor before school (between library and staff room) any day of week 6.

If your child didn’t get a bag this week, sub schools will have spare bags and will take unwanted bags (don’t throw them away!) so ask them to pick one up if you want to have a closet cleanout.


‘Op-shop your uniform’ with accessories from the op-shop. (e.g. A beanie, scarf, gloves, hat, jewellery etc.)

50% discount for all students at the Bedford Road EACH op shop! Just show your student card.

Please encourage your child to visit op shops in your area and op-shop-ify their uniform!

Prize for the most imaginative op-shop uniform accessorising!

In the spirit of giving, we ask for a gold coin donation (collected during period 1)

to fund a recycle bin for the school yard – did you know 6,000 kilograms of clothing is dumped in landfill every 10 minutes?? This project is going to cost us $3000! So please accessorise and donate your gold coins and we can all work towards being a leader at school recycling!


DJ and photo booth @lunchtime

Students can show off their dance moves as they dance in your op-shop-ified uniform and get their picture taken at the photo booth!


Meat Free Canteen for the day! And no straws!

The Green Team have worked very closely with the canteen to come up with delicious vegetarian options for the day. Why not get a lunch order that day?

Using a straw is a ridiculous waste of plastic and dangerous for the environment so always say no to plastic straws!


We would like to raise awareness of our Green Team and recruit more members, so if your child wants to be a part of the Environmental action at our school, please encourage them to email [email protected] and we will add you to our meetings, and follow us on Instagram @rscsustainability


We are so excited to be able to have this event and hope that every student, teacher, and family will get involved too.


Jacqui Godfrey

Sustainability Coordinator​


Indonesian News!

On Friday 11th May, after 6 weeks of intense training, ten students from Years 9 and 11 participated in the first round of Sayembara Lisan at Emmaus College in Vermont South. Students were required to complete three sections in the competition: general conversation with the examiner, a pre-rehearsed speech about a topic of their choice in Indonesian, and spontaneous discussion with the examiner about the material presented in their speech. On the day students competed against students in the same year level from other local schools including Whitefriars College, Emmaus College, Scotch College and Waverly Christian College. A highlight of the day was meeting the Indonesian Consul General for Victoria and Tasmania Ibu Spica.

All students did exceptionally well and we are eagerly awaiting the results of the first round. The second round will be held at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre in June with an awards ceremony happening at Melbourne University in July.

Students enjoyed a well-earned Indonesian meal together at PappaRich at the conclusion of the event.


Congratulations to the following students:


Year 9 –

Leigh Smith

Tara McPherson

Isla O’Haire

Summer Croft

Finlay Wright

Klay Po

Smile PE


Year 11 –

Isaac Thatcher

Fraya Jordan

Patrick Cottin


A huge thank you to our Indonesian Language Assistant Bu Vera Sumanta and Indonesian Student Teacher Pak Paul O’Shea for helping coach the students prior to the event and then supporting them on the day too.




Jessica Lundie

Head of Languages


Focus on Commerce

Term one and the start of term two have been busy for the Commerce faculty.

Students have had the opportunity in class to develop their knowledge and understanding of the business, financial and legal worlds and to take part in a range of excursions. It has been exciting to see them grapple with real world challenges.


Yr 11 Economics Excursion

On 22nd February, our Year 11 Economics class went on an excursion to Eastland Shopping Centre. The aim of the excursion was for students to survey as many customers possible in an hour in order to gain a deeper understanding of consumer behaviour and attitudes.

The students were challenged from the beginning as a lot of the shoppers declined to be interviewed. It was most encouraging to see their resilience as they kept asking until shoppers eventually agreed to be surveyed.

The students enjoyed the excursion. Many said they found it useful because it provided a real world experience to help them understand how different strategies by businesses and other factors and influences, can affect the decisions consumers make about what items they purchase.


Anthony Del Sureto

Economics teacher



VCE Legal Studies Court Visits

Our VCE Legal Studies students have been privileged to experience the Victorian Criminal Justice System in operation. Students attended the County and Supreme Courts in Melbourne in March and May, where they were addressed by two County Court judges about their role and the challenges facing the judiciary and the legal system. Cases students were able to observe included: a murder trial, a plea hearing in the County Court as well as a civil damages suit.

Our year 12 students also had a tour of the Jury pool room and were given a presentation about the importance of the jury system and its operation by Paul Dore - The Juries Commissioner.


Deb Wilkins, Donna Harris & Helen Doherty

VCE Legal Studies teachers



Yr 10 Dollars & Sense & Unit 1 Accounting

Monopoly & Mega Bucks

Students have enjoyed the challenge of playing Monopoly and Mega Bucks in the year 10 Commerce elective – Dollars and Sense and Yr 11 Accounting.

The purpose of playing the games was to look at the impact of our financial decisions. This  includes borrowing money to buy property versus renting, choosing to  save versus choosing to spend as well as the pressure for impulse spending.

Overall the game highlighted that it is better to purchase strategic property than rent, and it is hard to rein in impulse spending.


In playing Mega Bucks the students were exposed to how changes to the economy affect spending as well as the value of the dollar. They experienced the impact of taxation and the difference between the economic indicators.

Hopefully this sets our students up to be savvy consumers and financial managers.


Clare Rafferty & Gemma Bishop

Education Week

'Celebrating the Arts'

Lots of things happening at the College next week for Education week - check out the poster!


Performing Arts 

Tickets on Sale Now:

Don't miss out on your tickets for the 2018 Production of The Addams family.






The Addams Family features an original story, and it’s every father’s nightmare.


Wednesday Addams, the ultimate princess of darkness, has grown up and fallen in love with a sweet, smart young man from a respectable family – a man her parents have never met. And if that weren’t upsetting enough, Wednesday confides in her father and begs him not to tell her mother.


Now, Gomez Addams must do something he’s never done before – keep a secret from his beloved wife, Morticia.


Everything will change for the whole family on the fateful night they host a dinner for Wednesday’s ‘normal’ boyfriend and his parents.




Please book your tickets at:





Karl McNamara


Director of Performing Arts












Music Department

From Mrs Pero

Thank you to everyone who supported our annual Jazz Night on 30 April. This year saw a new venue, The Central Club Hotel, in Richmond. A special thank you to staff and parents who assisted us with transporting equipment and chairs for Jazz Night and also the Music Association for their support with the door and raffle on the night. It was great for our ensembles to play for such a large and appreciative audience in a venue with such great atmosphere.

All ensembles, who performed at Jazz Night, gave even better performances at Generations in Jazz, Mt Gambier the following weekend. Although no places were awarded, all ensembles gave their best and gained a lot from the various performances and workshops throughout the weekend.

All ensembles considerably improved on their rankings from the previous year. With five and a half thousand students attending Generations in Jazz this year, a thousand more than last year, that is quite an achievement for all groups. One pleasing result was our Senior Vocal Ensemble gaining equal 8th place with another reputable high school whose ensemble had 2 of the principal singers from this year’s Victorian Schools’ Spectacular. The highlight for the weekend was the Saturday Night’s Concert by Cat Empire. Quite an incredible experience with a 6,000-strong audience all up and dancing for most of the concert. Thank you to all staff and students who attended Generations in Jazz for a great weekend of music and enthusiasm.

As you know all the ensembles work with jazz great Bob Sedergreen in preparation for Generations in Jazz and we have just received some great news regarding Bob’s recent achievements. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame at the Bell Awards held this week.

Australian Jazz Bell Awards, also known just as the Bell Awards or The Bells, are annual music awards for jazz music in Australia. The awards were named in honour of Australian jazz pianist, composer and band leader, Graeme Bell, at their inception in 2003 at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival. The awards recognise the achievements and excellence of Australian jazz artists locally and internationally and encourage others to match those achievements. Congratulations to Bob from all of us who have had the privilege of working with such a great musician and educator over the years at Ringwood. A more than well-deserved acknowledgement of Bob’s impact on the music scene in Australia and his large contribution to music education.


Last Sunday 30 members of our Symphony Orchestra joined forces with 40 other students from the region to rehearse as the NEVR Symphony Orchestra for the upcoming regional concert at Hamer Hall on Tuesday 22 May, 7.30pm. It was great to observe Dr Peter Morris, from Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith University at work with our students - a very inspiring educator and conductor! Looking forward to their next and final rehearsal in the College Hall this coming Sunday 20 May. This is not only a wonderful opportunity to work with other schools and a great conductor but also being part of a high-quality orchestra performing on Hamer Hall stage during Education Week.

Tickets for the concert are selling fast. Please click on the following link to order tickets:

Ticket costs range from $20 to $30.


Our Junior Autumn Concert is on Monday 28 May in the College Hall. All students are expected to arrive at 6.45pm. Front of House will open at 7pm. Concert will commence at 7.30pm. Ensembles to be featured are Training Band, Training Strings, Training Stage Band, Junior Concert Band, Junior Stage Band, Junior Choir, with special guests Intermediate Strings and Heathmont East Primary School’s Senior Strings.


Tickets can be purchased via TryBooking on the following link:

Please note this concert sells out quick due to limited seating.
Admission costs are $12 Adults, $9 Concession, $32 Family of 4. Included in this cost is a TryBooking fee of 30 cents per booking and the money raised from ticket sales enables the school to finance the RSC music program.

On Friday June 1, both Senior Strings and Symphony Orchestra will be performing at the Victorian Schools Music Festival at Hawthorn Arts Centre (Hawthorn Town Hall), Burwood Rd, Hawthorn. Parents are most welcome to attend. More information regarding this event can be found at or check each event on COMPASS.


You will be able to hear the fruits of all our intermediate and senior groups at our upcoming Senior Concert, Thursday 21 June. All intermediate and senior groups will be performing at this concert. Please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to hear our senior and upcoming musicians. Details regarding booking tickets will be on COMPASS soon.


Upcoming dates:

NEVR “Tributes” Concert, Tuesday 22 May, 7.30pm, Hamer Hall


Junior Autumn Concert, Monday 28 May, 7.30pm College Hall


Victorian Schools Music Festival:

Senior Strings, Friday 1 June 12.45- 5.30pm, Hawthorn Town Hall

Symphony Orchestra, Friday 1 June, 6.20 – 9.45pm, Hawthorn Town Hall


Senior Winter Concert, 21 June, 7.30pm, College Hall


Janine Pero

Director of Music


Intermediate Boys Baseball

 The Intermediate boys baseball team competed at the Region competition on Thursday the 26th of June. The put up an good overall performance beating Lilydale and Vermont but unfortunately lost to Box Hill today. Highlights of the day included Charlie Collins pitching, a fantastic performance. Also Jude Sanders catch in the outfield against Box Hill – Awesome!

We were lucky that Charlie survived a hit to the head from a wayward pitch, thank goodness for helmets.

Well done to all the boys who took part.

We would also like to wish Charlie Collins the best of luck as he heads off to Panama. Back in January he competed in the Oceania championships in New Zealand for the Under 15’s Australian team. They won and are now heading to Panama to compete in the World Cup. Amazing effort. Have a great time Charlie.

Roi Boutsikakis

Director of Sport


Equine Assisted Therapy

Equine Assisted Therapy may be used to assist in the treatment of personal and psychological concerns such as:

  • PTSD
  • ASD behaviours
  • Eating Disorders
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress
  • ADD and ADHD symptoms
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Attachment issues
  • Substance abuse and addictions
  • Bullying
  • Relationship issues
  • Self confidence / self-worth concerns

 Leanne Winter

Clinical Psychologist

Mullum Road Clinic

4Me and Emerge

4Me and Emerge are back in 2018!

4Me is a structured 12 week program (fortnightly = 24 weeks) group for LGBTIQ+ young people aged 14 -18. Emergeis a fortnightly social support group for LGBTIQ+18- 25 year olds. Both programs are run in partnership by Knox City Council Youth Servicesand headspace Knox. If you have any clients who are LGBTIQ+ or questioning and need a safe space to explore identity, sexuality and gender contact myself or Madeleine. Attached are flyers for more information.


Madeleine Powerat [email protected]

Chenai Mupotsaat [email protected]

Skills First Reconnect Program

The Skills First Reconnect Program is a Victorian Government, Department of Education and Training initiative aimed at supporting 17-64-year old’s to explore their education, training and employment aspirations and then collaboratively create a plan to achieve those aspirations.


K.Y.M. (Victoria) Inc is working across the Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges Local Government Area’s to deliver one-on-one support initially to assist Registered Reconnect Participants with identifying potential education and employment pathways, enrolling and engaging participants in pre-accredited and accredited training that builds knowledge, skills and confidence and will assist on their pathway back into education, training or employment.


Eligible participants for the Reconnect Program fall into two categories;

*         Aged 17-19

*         Not completed Year 12 or Equivalent


Qualification (Certificate II or Higher)

*         Are available for work but have not had full time employment for 12 or more consecutive months


*         Aged 20 - 64

*         Not completed Year 12 or Equivalent Qualification (Certificate II or Higher)

*         Is Long Term Unemployed (not in full time employment for 12 months or more)

Individuals must also meet the Victorian Training Guarantee (VTG) eligibility requirements for enrolments into a VET Qualification to receive subsidized training, you can check eligibility for this at the following link:


If you know of someone that you think might benefit from personalized support to identify their education and employment goals and to create steps to achieve them please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us to discuss a referral to K.Y.M. (Victoria) Inc’s – Skills First Reconnect Program.


For further information or referrals please contact Indi Mills, Programs Coordinator, at K.Y.M. (Victoria) Inc. on:

0477 994 003 or via email at [email protected].

Maroondah City Council

Maroondah City Council presents “Impact of Video Games on Children” Thursday 24 May 7pm – 9pm. Presented by Steven Dupon. To book head to:<>

For more information, please contact Cathie Wills, Children’s Services Officer, on 9294 5740 or email [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> If possible please distribute via your school newsletter, facebook or any social media. FREE. 


Parentzone Anglicare

(Contact the listed person for more info including flyers):


“Strengthening parent support program” Ringwood and Online now available. Contact Grace Miano on 9735 6146 or email [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>.

For more info also head to


“Fathering after separation”

Lilydale Helena on 0488 501 204 or 9735 6134


“Parenting anxious children”

Sharon Muir on 0438 683 049 [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>


“Tuning into kids”

Julia 9735 6190 or 0400 866 495 [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>


 “Talking Teens”

Helena – Anglicare Parentzone 0488 501 204 or 9735 6134

  *[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>


  “The Man Cave”

a preventative mental health and emotional intelligence organisation for boys and young men.


Live-IN Mentors

Our organisation is looking for Live-In Mentors (Lead Tenants) who might be interested in becoming role model housemates to young people aged 16-18, who are on orders from the Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS).


Maroondah Community Assist (MCA

Dear Maroondah Community


This winter Maroondah Community Assist (MCA) is collecting donations of non-perishable food items to help those in need across Maroondah. 


We are asking local schools, kindergartens, sporting clubs and community groups to support this much needed Winter Food Drive. 


There are a number of ways you can help. Please see the attached letter and promotional flier for more information.


If you have any questions about the campaign please contact MCA volunteer Mary-Anne Lowe on 0419 326 000.


Together we can make a difference to the lives of people in our local community. 


Thank you.


Dee Halls

Bramleigh Estate

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