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St Joseph the Worker Primary School

06 December 2019
Issue Three


Inspired by St Joseph, we strive to be an inclusive faith community that challenges and supports each individual, ignites a passion for learning and empowers each to be a steward of creation.

Let Us Work Together.


We acknowledge the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation as the traditional owners of this land.  We pay respect to their elders, both past and present.

Message from the Principal
Important Dates & Information
2019 Athletics Carnival
Year 1/2 “Let’s Ride” Bike Education Lessons
SLA Values for Life Incursion
Learning Life Faith
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Message from the Principal

December 2019

Dear Parents and Guardians,
 It is hard to believe that we only have just over one and a half weeks left of school for 2019! The teachers have finalised the Semester Two reports and it is very pleasing to see the progress and growth the children have made in their learning over the second half of the year. We are very fortunate at St Joseph the Worker to have such a dedicated staff who work extremely hard to support students' learning and help them achieve their best.


Christmas Carols

Thank you to all the families who attended our Carols night on Monday evening. It was a wonderful evening gathering in our church to celebrate Advent together as a community. I was very proud of our students and their singing.  Special thanks to Kate and Vicki for their leadership and organisation of this important event in our faith community.


Parent Volunteer Morning Tea

A huge thank you to all of the parents who were able to come along to our Parent Volunteer Morning Tea held yesterday in the staffroom. It was a lovely opportunity for the school to thank all of our parent volunteers who have given of their time and talents throughout the year. Research proves that an effective parent and school partnership has incredible benefits for your child's development and we value every person’s contributions who make our school such a great place for your children.

On behalf of the students and teachers, I would like to also thank all of the volunteers who were unable to attend the afternoon tea. All of your efforts, however big or small, are greatly appreciated. Thank you to Maria Raso for organising this event.



This year we are saying farewell and thank you to the following families who are leaving our school at the end of the year: 


 Thank you for your contribution to our community and we wish you all the very best for the future.

We are also saying farewell to Stephanie Asdagi and Cara Boustead as they begin maternity leave at the end of this year.  We thank you both for all your work here at St Joseph the Worker and wish you well as you embrace parenthood in 2020. We will be acknowledging and thanking Stephanie and Cara at our final assembly on Thursday, 12th December. It would be wonderful if parents could join us to thank Stephanie and Cara for all their work at our school.


Student Leaders 2020

The role of School Captain is very important in a school and in recent weeks, aspiring leaders in year 5 were interviewed for positions of leadership in 2020. Congratulations to the following students who are our new student leaders in 2020. 

  • School Captains - Michael B & Alessia B
  • School Vice-Captains - Sam P & Sharla S
  • Chappell (Blue) Captains - Daniel S & Julian A
  • Cawley (Yellow) Captains - Renee K & Gabriel D 
  • Rosewall (Red) Captains - Max M & Charlotte S 
  • Clarke (Green) Captains - Isaac E & David D

Orientation for 2020

The whole school orientation for next year will take place next Friday, 13th December. Meeting new classmates and teachers provides students with the opportunity to make connections in preparation for the coming year.  As teachers, we consider a student’s social, emotional, academic and physical development when placing them in classes for 2020. Please trust us to do the best for all students.  As staff have spent considerable time working together to organise classes for 2020 and in the spirit of working together, l ask parents to discuss class placement in a positive way with their child. 


Thank you

I thank everyone for his or her continued support of our school this year. It has been another busy year and we have worked together to support the teaching and learning of our students. I value the great work of the School Board, our P&F, classroom helpers, our dedicated Mums who lead our Playgroup every week, our parents who pop into school and stay to assist whenever there is a need, as well as the many other parents who make valuable contributions to support our school. It is through your continued enthusiastic support that we continue to provide a vibrant learning environment for our students. 


Enjoy a happy and holy Christmas and a very safe holiday break.

Maria Barnes.


Important Dates & Information

December 2019:

Monday 2nd, Carols Evening 

Thursday 5th, Parent Helper Morning Tea 

Monday 9th, Surf Life Saving Visit (MLA & SLA)

Thursday 12th,  Assembly, 2:45 pm

Year 6 Graduation Mass 

Semester 2 Reports Go Home

Friday 13th, 2020 Years 1 - 6 Orientation

(11:15 am - 1:00 pm)

Monday 16th, Year 6 Big Day Out 

Wednesday 18th, Mass @ 12:15 pm 

Final Day of Term for Students (1:15 pm finish) 

Important Dates for Year 6 Students (2019):

Thursday 12th December, Final Day of School (finish at 3:15 pm) & Graduation Mass at 5:00 pm

Friday 13th December, No School 

Monday 16th December, Big Day Out  (8:30 am - 3:15 pm) 

Tuesday 17th December, No School 

Wednesday 18th December, Students to attend End of Year School Mass only at 9:10 am. Full School Uniform Required. 

Important Dates for 2020:

Wednesday 29th January, Prep Students First Day (8:30 am - 1:15 pm)

Thursday 30th January, Year 1-6 Students Return to School

Wednesday, 11th March School Closure day
Wednesday, 20th March School Photos
Tuesday, 9th June School Closure Day


The Year 4 students of 2020 at St Joseph the Worker Primary School will be receiving the Eucharist for the first time on Sunday,  May 31 at 10:30 am.


The Year 3 students will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Tuesday August 11 at 7:30 pm.


The Year 6 students will be Confirmed on Saturday August 22 at 3:30 pm

2019 Athletics Carnival

St Joseph the Worker Athletics Carnival

On Wednesday 6 November, St Joseph the Worker held their annual Athletics Carnival at Meadowglen Athletics Track in Epping.  All students gave their very best efforts on the day: running their fastest and giving their best effort in field events rotations.  I was tremendously impressed at the cheering that came from each team, but even more so when I saw students applauding and high-fiving members from other teams for their efforts!


After the first round of sprints (60-100m), Red team was leading on 113 points, followed by Yellow and Green tying for second with 111 points, and Blue in fourth place on 98 points.


Athletics is a sport that can be participated in by everyone, as there are many disciplines: running, jumping and throwing.  During the field event rotations, Green team caught up to first place with 1 323 points accumulated, followed by Yellow (1 281), Red (1 259) and Blue (1 202).


Final points were tallied at the end of the day with optional track events for older students (200m and 800m), which students nominated to do prior to the day, and team relays in which all students were involved in to accumulate double points for their team.  The yellow team took victory at the end of the day with 1 596 points accumulated, which was only 6 points in front of Red team (1 590) – a VERY close score!  The blue team placed third overall with 1 492 points, and Green bring in 1 478 points for fourth place.


Congratulations again to all students who gave their best during the day, regardless of how many ribbons they came away with: your friends, families and teachers are proud of your stellar effort!


Thank you also to the staff and the parents who offered their help and support during the day – this day could not have happened without you as well, and I appreciate your assistance.


Cara Boustead

PE Teacher



This term in Prep, we have been learning about the concept of change and where we can find it in many different areas. On Friday the 22nd of November, Charlie and Edina from Hands-on Science came to visit us to teach us about Chemical Changes and give us the opportunity to be scientists.

We got to make predictions, observations and record our results from our different experiments. We explored how different liquids react when you shake them up and the kinds of bubbles they make.

We explored how food dye changes when you add it to plain water, saltwater, and vinegar water. 

We also explored how cabbage water changes when you add baking soda, plain water, and detergent.

We observed the changes that happen when you add baking soda to plain vinegar and when you add baking soda to vinegar and detergent. We learnt that the bubbles appear faster when added to the one with detergent.

If you want to know what happened in the last experiment with the magnesium, you will need to ask one of the Preps!

We got to practice many skills like measuring correct amounts, working as part of a team, recording our observations, and making predictions. Thank you to Charlie and Edina for coming to help us learn!


Year 1/2 “Let’s Ride” Bike Education Lessons

During the term, Year 1/2 students participated in the “Let’s Ride” Bike Ed program by Cycling Australia.  Each Friday for four weeks, JLA students bought their bikes and helmets to school to learn from cycling coach Vanessa Bof.  Here are some of the new things that some of our students learned during their Bike Ed lessons, other than the important skills required for riding a pushbike unassisted:


“Don’t wear a sun hat underneath your helmet because it won’t fit properly.  A proper fitting helmet is meant to save your head from injury if you fell off your bike!” 

– Sienna, JLA3


“We learnt that standing up to pedal your bike gives you more power.  You can go faster on the flat ground, but it also helps you to push hard when you are going through thick grass or uphill.” 

– Alessio and Jono, JLA1


“There are two types of stops: an emergency stop where you back pedal to stop your bike in a hurry.  A random stop is when you decide to slow down or stop by yourself. You just have to be controlled.” 

– Harriet and Chloe, JLA2


“I learnt to ride without training wheels!  I started with them at the start of Bike Ed because I had never ridden before, and now I can ride with two wheels only!” 

– Christian, JLA3


We hope that students will continue to practice riding their bikes without training wheels, and even encourage their families to go for bike rides with them?  It is a great way to learn road rules and road safety, practice their newfound bike skills (a skill they can use for life!), but most importantly it is a great and easy way to keep fit and healthy!  It is also a great alternative to driving cars, and so saving the environment at the same time!


SLA Values for Life Incursion

Year 5: Lead the Way Developing Leadership Skills

On Wednesday the 27th November, SLA had an incursion about change and transformation. We learned a lot about stepping up into year 6 and how we have to be leaders of the school. We got to understand this by playing super fun activities. He also showed us a powerpoint that gave us loads of information. This powerpoint explained what to do when people underestimate and bully you, and the right things to do when this happens such as:

  •  Tell a teacher

  • Speak with your mouth, not your actions

  •  Tell someone

 I also think that it made people think more about their actions and tell the teacher more than breaking the hands-off rule. It also made the quieter kids realize that the teacher is always there for you and you have someone to talk to. It also taught us that a little goes a really long way especially when someone is hurt or upset. This was a really good incursion and I hope it happens again.

- Chali & Leila 


This term, the year 5's had an incursion about the leadership. It involved working together, participating as a group. We did fun activities like The Cool Dude Story which was about treating others the way you would like to be treated.

- Michael and Isaac

Year 6 - Hit the Ground Running Transitioning to High School

On the incursion, we learnt about the values in high school, that there are different situations in high school that we will experience when we go to high school. We also learnt that we need to be organised with our subjects like having a timetable or a diary. The person also gave us tips on high school like not doing your homework in the last minute. I thought it was very helpful for everyone and it gave me some tips for next year.

- Marcelle


This term in SLA we have been learning about change and transformation on Wednesday the 27. SLA had an incursion about change and transformation from year 6 to high school. During the incursion we were talking about what qualities you need in order to thrive in secondary school and learnt about through a slideshow and fun activities. We also learnt ways to make high school easier and how to deal with bullies. We were also talking about how we need to work harder and strive in secondary school we are excited about the transformation we are going to experience next year coming.

- Gianni


Learning Life Faith

Christmas Carols Evening

On Monday, December 2, St Joseph the Worker Primary School students and community gathered for a wonderful evening of Christmas Carols. It was great to see so many families in the church singing along with the students.  It was truly a reverent and special evening.


W.E.S.T Wall of Fame

Our final entrants to for 2019 onto the W.E.S.T Wall of Fame are four students who have shown kindness through their words and actions. These students are: Stephanie Lentino in grade Prep, Antonio Derrico in JLA, Calista Lee in MLA and Alaa Khiebek in SLA. These students were four of many students who were nominated because they helped other students and staff in a variety of ways. It is great to see the list of nominations grow each day. 

The School of st Jude

As mentioned in an earlier newsletter, our school has been sponsoring Alex from the School of St Jude for many years now.  Now that Alex has completed his education we will continue to support the School of St Jude, by sponsoring 6 year old Vivian. Our support has helped the school in many ways. Here is a time line of the Journey so far.

In 2020 we are expecting a visit from Gemma Sisia herself.  Gemma will be in Australia in March, with one of her students. We are hoping to fit our school into her busy schedule. Confirmation of this visit will be shared as soon as we have more information.


During this Holy Season let us remember the true meaning of Christmas. 


Pope Francis says;

“It will be Christmas if, like Joseph, we make room for silence; if, like Mary, we tell God, ‘Here I am’; if, like Jesus, we are close to those who are alone; if, like the shepherds, we leave our sheepfolds in order to be with Jesus,” Francis said.

“It will not be Christmas if we seek the blinding lights of the world, if we fill ourselves with presents, lunches and dinners, but we do not help at least one poor person, who resembles God because God arrived poor on Christmas.”


Christmas is about giving to those in need. Let us teach this to our children. Show them how important it is to do something for someone else.


One way we can give to others is by donating. Soon all students will receive a star with a grocery item written on it. This item will be your donation to those in need. All items will be collected in the classroom, taken to the  Church and placed under the Christmas tree. The items will then be delivered to people, who at this time of year, are facing hardship.


Creating Language Experiences at Home

Language Experience is a strategy used largely in junior school but is something that you can do at home (with children of all ages) these school holidays.


Language experience involves students discussing their shared experiences, then, through an adult-led discussion, they learn vocabulary and phrases to assist them in a writing activity. The practice aims to extend your child's oral language competence and connect oral language to written language.


The experience for a language experience session can be a hands-on activity (such as cooking or making models out of clay or play-dough), a family outing, a special object (perhaps a Christmas present) or reading/watching a text. After you have had the experience, talk with your child and discuss what they are seeing, hearing, feeling or thinking.


Depending on the stage and ability of your child, the writing can be done together or your child can create an individual responses, which can later be read, thus reinforcing the reading, writing, speaking and listening link. 


Below are pictures of some Grade One students enjoying making hamburgers. They will be discussing this experience further and writing about it next week.


Enjoy your Christmas break and remember to keep making the link between oral language, reading and writing over the holidays.


Jessica Milesi 

Literacy Leader



Year End and Summer Holidays

As the school year comes to a close and we head into the summer holidays, please where possible continue to engage with your children and their learning. As previously mentioned there are Mathematical learning opportunities around us each and every day.


Travelling Overseas - look at the local currency, buy a postcard and stamp to sent to a relative, maps, weather statistics, flight times, etc

Staying Home - cooking, TV schedules, calendar dates for visiting family, planning day trips, counting money, board games etc


Stocking Fillers

- Board Games

- Puzzles

- Dice

- Playing Cards

- Rubik's Cubes


Maths Websites

Math is Fun 

Primary Maths Arena

Study Ladder

Maths Playground

Math Blaster


Maths Apps

Splash Maths


Rocket Math

Time Land

IXL Math


Jill Marr 

Numeracy Leader


How do we develop and nurture our child’s self-esteem in a world where the likes, comments and followers are often seen as the social currency for popularity, confidence and self-worth?


School Advisory Board

On behalf of St Joseph The Worker Primary School & the School Board I would like to thank you for your continued support of our school.

Special thanks to our Parents & Friends group for their contributions to our school. We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated group of volunteers who work tirelessly all year organising many events & fundraising activities. 

We are blessed to have so many members of the school community getting involved, helping with activities such as reading in the classrooms, helping with excursions, barbeques, hot lunches, school banking, discos, donations & even a few sleepless nights at camp, the list goes on. 

I’d like to acknowledge and thank departing board members Vanessa Saccuzzo (Secretary) & Maddy Tragas for volunteering their time & for their valued contributions & commitment to the school board.

I would like to thank Maria Barnes for her leadership & hard work throughout 2019 her commitment & dedication to the school has been inspirational.

Thank you to Father Manny for your spiritual guidance & for helping our children to grow in the catholic faith.

My admiration & gratitude to all our teachers & support staff, you do an amazing job. We have a dedicated & hardworking group of individuals working together to guide & encourage our children to be the best they can be, educating & challenging them to be lifelong learners. 

Most importantly I’d like to recognise our wonderful students who continue to strive to do their best, may you continue to build on your successes & challenge yourselves to reach your full potential.

Congratulations to our grade 6 students as they begin a new chapter in their lives, all the best for your future success & happiness.

On behalf of the St Joseph the Worker school board we pray you have a safe and happy holiday season & look forward to working together again in the new year.



Dear families,

Bookings are now open for the summer school holiday program. Activities include visiting the zoo, ice skating, science experiments and Carnival of Colour. Please visit for more details and to find your most convenient holiday care service. (The closest service providing holiday care this summer break is in Preston).

We are holding an open morning on Thursday the 12th of December from 7-9 am. All current and new families of the school are welcome to join us. Tea, coffee and sweets will be provided. This free event is a great opportunity to see before school care in action and to meet staff. Even if you can only pop in for a few minutes during school drop off we’d love for you to join us.


               St Joseph the Worker, TheirCare Fee Guide

Please see the above Flyer for information about the school holiday program.     

Parish of
St Joseph the Worker

Mass Timetable:

Saturday – 8.30 am English, 6.00 pm English (1st Saturday Maltese Mass at 6 pm)
Sunday – 9.00 am Italian, 10.30am English

Monday – 9.10 am Communion Service
Tuesday – 10.00 am Italian
Wednesday – 9.10 am English
Thursday – 9.10 am English
Friday – 9.10 am English

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School Holiday Program Information.pdf