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05 June 2017
Issue Eight
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Principal's Patch

Well I can’t thank the staff, students and parents enough for the continued very warm welcome I have had since arriving in this beautiful school. I am so inspired every day that I am here as I walk around discussing the school with parents, children and staff! It’s a beautiful learning environment that’s for sure!
In my fist week I took great pleasure in sending a quick snapshot of my Friday afternoon experience to my colleagues as I watched our surf classes happening! It really is a unique opportunity at this primary school level to have access to this sport – that excites me for our children and the ongoing opportunities that provides for them.
Last Friday I attended soccer where our Palm Beach teams did a wonderful job. Again we have some fantastic parents who supported the children with travel to and from the venue and also gave a hearty cheer and ongoing encouragement when they needed it.   I only saw one game and it was a nail biter where we won up just one goal at the final whistle! I’m sure the parents were proud of our children but as Principal I was so very proud of the team comradely and the spirit of support the boys showed one another. Again this is a reflection on what the school stands for and the obvious investment in children and their development into young adults who are ready and able to “perform” across multiple contexts. The talent that we have in our school being shown by our students and supported by staff and families is amazing and exciting!


My First 30 Days

Importantly as a new leader in a school I always have a bit of a mission in the first 30 days at a site to make sure I get out and about and see our children, our staff, our parents and pretty much anyone else who will engage with me! It’s been a real pleasure 10 days into my appointment here to be able to have some in depth discussion with a wide range of parents in particular. In my mind there’s no doubt from the feedback that we have a very much loved place for our children to some and learn in. The parental perspectives have been very, very positive! Children are happy, parents are happy and certainly our staff are happy as well and that’s making for a great environment.
I had the pleasure this week of working with two of our year one classes for 40 mins each. It was a great opportunity to see these wonderful children engaging with literacy as I did a book reading and we discussed Authors purpose and the relevance of the Illustrator as well as doing some word work around rhyme, real and nonsense words. I had a hoot of a time as we played with words and made stories of our own!
This week I also met a number of parents from Prep who were engaged in making some of the most beautiful wind chimes I have seen! The PREP teachers would like to send a HUGE thank you to all the parents that came to help with assembling the wind chimes.  They had a big turnout of parent helpers, we appreciate you volunteering your time in assisting our young students with their project.  
Don’t forget to hang the wind chimes up and get ready to see if they withstand the winter winds. Thanks to the teachers, students and parents once again for the very warm reception.


Computer Lab Number Two

Just a quick update on progress here……. We have commissioned the required electrical work to support the new lab area and so we are one step closer to delivering on the second space for our students to engage in deep learning with ICT as a tool. We expect the computers will be arriving in the not too distant future and so are suitably excited about this. We will keep you updated on progress.

Townsend Avenue

Last week I met with Local Council and main roads staff to discuss heightened safety measures that we could look at for Townsend Avenue. We discussed current programs for schools including “walking, wheeling to school” and road safety messages that we could look at. Education is the key for our students and our parents. I also noted last week our local police were actively enforcing the 40km/h zone which I was happy to see after observing just that morning a vehicle well in excess of the required speed limit. Whilst I understand that getting a ticket is not pleasant for any of us, it serves as a reminder of the role we all play in making sure our children are safe at these peak school times.  
Council will be investigating and actioning a number of additional supports to assist with the safety of our children as they go to and from school at peak times. Thanks to our Deputy Principal Rachael Clarke for her leadership in this meeting. Given I had only been in the school for a week, Rachael provided a much needed long term perspective on the issues we face as a school regarding road safety.


One form of home/school communication we use is Facebook – please take the time to like us as we send frequent information out through this channel. We have had some great recent feeds that just show a snapshot of what children are doing, learning and so on. The principal seems to quite like getting his face on there as well! It’s a great place to celebrate the positive achievements in our school community!


Deputy's Desk

Under 8's Day

What a successful day we had celebrating our under 8s last week.  It was great to see so many of our students enjoying creative, sporting and technical pursuits.  From shaving cream and bubble stations to the inflatable football field and ten pin bowling the activities were diverse.  Mask making was popular as was the paper plane building and testing station.  Many memories were captured in our photo booth and students who needed a rest from the buzz of activity were entertained on the story rug.  Take home treasures were made at our pasta necklace stall and the painting station was a favourite.  Our Prep and Grade 1 TLC, Megan Woodley, did a fabulous job coordinating the day and the volunteers involved with the set up and clean up were much appreciated.  The smiles on the faces of our PBSS under 8s made for  a fantastic Friday.


Road Safety

Over the last couple of weeks, reports have been made to the school about our students travelling to and from school.  Some of the concerns have been voiced around the road safety behaviour including awareness of cars. We have spoken to the students about being aware of the traffic especially when around driveways and roads.  The following information comes from the Queensland School Road Safety Brochure.

When they are old enough to travel to and from school on their own, it is important to know the route your children take. You can learn about the hazards they may experience as pedestrians by travelling the route with them.

Bike Safety

Most bicycle crashes involving children are usually from rider inexperience, and not keeping a lookout for dangers is often the cause.
Therefore, the best way for a child to become a safe road user is to practise riding on the road under adult supervision. Your supervision is essential until your child can demonstrate good bicycle control,
behave safely when riding, and show understanding of the road rules. By riding with your child on roads and paths you can identify the hazards in the local area, and together plan to either avoid these hazards or work out how to negotiate them safely.

Wheeled Recreational Devices

Firstly, when using WRDs, children should always wear a helmet, shoes and other protective clothing such as knee and elbow pads and wrist guards to prevent injuries. Secondly, although there are specific
rules on when and where a person can ride a WRD, young children should be taught that the safest places to ride are in places such as parks and on footpaths and under adult supervision. They should be
taught to always keep left and to give way to pedestrians. The below points provide more information on the rules that apply to a person riding a WRD.
They must:
• not travel on a road where the speed limit is 50km/h or more
• not travel on roads with a white centre line or median strip or where there are marked lanes
• not travel on a road at night; you can however travel on a footpath and cross a road at night by the
most direct route
• give way to pedestrians on a footpath
• keep to the far left side when travelling on a road or footpath
• not use WRDs where a sign prohibits their use.

Further information can be found at


Car Park Use

Please be mindful that the staff car park on Townson Avenue should not be used as a pick up or drop off zone for parents.  Students are discouraged from walking through this area and out the driveway as it could be hazardous .  The exception is for our PCYC parents who are dropping off or picking up outside these busy school times.  The safety and wellbeing of our students is paramount and we ask that you help us in reducing risk by using only the designated areas.

Be Kind

This week Mr Cummings and I have spent some time talking to our senior students about our Be Kind value.  We discussed what kindness looks like, sounds like and feels like.  We also brainstormed the alternative.  The students worked to identify how kindness can improve our own and other people's wellbeing and mindset.

Kindness can be a difficult concept for some students.  It is easy to identify when others are not being kind to us but more difficult to reflect on how our behaviour impacts others.  

One way that we hope to work with our students to develop in this area is to consider words, actions and feelings. Our aim is to

  • help children recognise and accept their feelings


  • let them know that there’s nothing bad about feelings, whatever they are.

What is important to be learned, and is hard sometimes, is after accepting our feeling to act on it responsibly. We want children to learn to use language to work out feelings, frustrations and to resolve conflicts in an appropriate way.


Students of the Week

We acknowledged the following students at our junior and senior assemblies

Prep G - Sienna

Prep N - Madison & Eli

Prep S - Harlow & Silas

1D - Erin & Rhylan

1K - Maya

1R - Summer & Zion

2H - Charlie & Austin

2T - Soren & Jordan

3B - Matilda & Drew

3M - Jett & Scarlett

3T - Hunter & Reid

4H - Olive & Tayla

4L - Talia & Kiana

4S - Sereia

5B - Taj, Joc & Anaya

5H - Lydell & Max

5P - Tayte & Ashley

6B - Xavier & Caelin

6C - Malie & Jesse

6N - Milaya & Taj

Junior PE - Poppi & Mitchell

Senior PE - Zayne & Shmyka


Library and ICT News

National Simultaneous Storytime

We joined thousands of people across Australia who shared Tony Wilson’s book ‘The Cow Tripped Over the Moon’ at 11:00am, on the 24th  May. The children viewed a reading by Eddie Perfect and then followed up with making some finger puppets of the characters in the books.

The children showed how much they enjoyed the book with spontaneous applause at the end of the book!

Reading ticket winners for May

Congratulations to the following students who can collect prizes from the library because they won the lucky ticket competition. The earned their tickets by being spotted reading in the library during  May.

Tayla Prep S

Isla 2H

Sereia 4S

Isaiah 5H



Are you making the most of your Spellodrome subscription? Spellodrome is an engaging program that uses fun games and challenges to help our Year 1-6 students learn their spelling lists.

Our teachers have been working to upload all of the ‘Spelling Mastery’ lists that we use in spelling journey groups to Spellodrome and are currently transferring their students from the generic year level lists over to the Spelling Mastery lists.

There is no app for Spellodrome so the program needs to be accessed on a computer or via the web browser on mobile devices using the same login that students use for Mathletics . It can be accessed from the Mathletics site as well if they have completed the set Mathletics tasks. Please let the school know if you are experiencing any difficulties accessing the program at home.

If you want to know more about the program, including how to login to the program and engage in the activities there will be a demonstration in the school Library this Thursday afternoon, 8th June at 2:15pm.


P & C News

P&C Meeting – Wednesday 14th June, 5:30pm

We are very fortunate at Palm Beach to have a P&C Association, who in their goal to enrich the quality education of your child fosters first and foremost a spirit of cooperation.  Through the operation of our school canteen, the school uniform shop, various fundraising events throughout the year, and through the operation of our Farmer’s Shed (which sells second-hand goods to our community) our P&C raises valuable funding to help enrich the journey of learning at Palm Beach. And perhaps most importantly, we like to have fun while we work! To pitch in and share ideas, or to join in on the conversation to determine how these funds are spent at your child’s school, please join us at our next P&C meeting on Wednesday, 14th June at 5:30pm in the school library.  Alternatively, please contact us anytime at [email protected].  New members are always welcome!


Our Book Fair is running until this Friday 9th June.  Make sure you come on in and check it out to support our fantastic library!  We are open from 8.00am – 8.45am, 11.00-11.30am and 2.45-3.15pm each day.

Book Fair Colouring In Competition Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the colouring in competition who will each receive a voucher to spend at Book Fair:


P-2 – Lachlan (Prep S)

3-4 - Oscar (4L)

5-6 - Khya (5H)

Well done to everyone who entered,  it was  really tough to judge! See all the entries on the wall outside the Rainbow Room in the library.


Kind Regards,


PBSS P&C Executive committee


Athletics Day Meal Deal

We are offering a Burger, Fruit pack and Drink meal deal for $6.50. Gluten free (extra $1.00) and Vegetarian option available.

Please order on before 2.30pm Tuesday 20th of June.  The meal pack will be delivered in class boxes at lunchtime on Athletics Day, Thursday the 22th June.

Opening Hours

Our Tuckshop is open Monday – Friday for both first and second break.


To place orders and to see the healthy menu options that are available, please visit  We do have a small menu available for those orders that need to be placed on a brown paper bag; this can be done in the morning before school starts at the tuckshop window.


We are open for over the counter snack sales during both Lunch and Afternoon tea breaks.

What’s on the Flexischools Menu

Menu items include:

  • Taco Tuesdays - choose from Beef, Shredded Chicken and Salad Tacos
  • Wednesday Chicken wing pack with oven baked sweet potato chips and corn on the cob
  • Thursdays is Sushi Day, Avocado, Chicken Avocado, Chicken Teriyaki and Tuna
  • Meatball Sub Meal Deal
  • Butter Chicken Curry
  • NEW ITEMS – Spicy Vegetarian Dahl, pumpkin soup

We also have a selection of Gluten Free meals and snacks - check the Flexischools website for the full menu.

Volunteer Roster

Tuesday         6th June - Kylie

Wednesday   7th June - Yullia

Thursday       8th June - Theresa

Friday             9th June - Teneille


Monday          12th June - help needed!

Tuesday         13th June - Kylie

Wednesday   14th June - Yullia

Thursday       15th June - Sue

Friday             16th June - Teneille


Monday          19th June - help needed!

How can I help?

Not sure how you can help in Tuckshop?  If you can make a sandwich then we need you!  Volunteers prepare food (such as sandwiches), place orders in bags, put all the orders in class Tuckshop boxes,  help serve children with over the counter sales and clean up.  We would love to hear from you, please come and see Cheryle at the Tuckshop.

Short on time?

Want to help out but don’t have time?  Busy parents don’t forget that even if you can’t volunteer your time in Tuckshop or at fundraising events, you can still help out by buying a coffee at school drop off, or ordering a meal deal for your child on special days.  Every little bit counts, and your contribution helps to ensure the survival of a quality Tuckshop at Palm Beach.

Breakfast Club

Donations of the following are needed for Breakfast Club and Chappy snacks, if you are able to help with the following items please drop them in to Tuckshop:

  • Jam
  • Margarine
  • Muesli bars (nut free and chocolate free)
  • Fruit snack pots (eg diced fruit in natural juices)
  • Fresh fruit (eg mandarins)

Uniform Shop

Opening Hours

Our Uniform shop is open every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 – 9.00am, or order at your convenience anytime through Flexischools ( and your order will be delivered to your child’s classroom the following school day.

Uniform Pricing

Jackets $50.00  all sizes now in stock

Polos $30.00

Shorts $30.00

Skorts $30.00

Hats    $15.00


June-July 2017





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