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12 May 2017
Issue Seven
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Principal News

Mother’s Day Prayer      

Loving God, we thank you for mothers – for all they mean or have meant, for the love they have shown and the care they have given. We thank you for the qualities of mothers – their patience, their kindness, concern and understanding. We thank you for the part they play in our lives, and we thank you for this day of saying ‘thank you’ this opportunity to say what we so often mean to say but so rarely do. For mothers and motherhood, for children and families we bring you this day our grateful praise. Amen.


Dear Parents, Students and Friends

NAPLAN Testing for 2017 has now been completed. Results won’t be available for parents and schools until September. Discussions with students have been positive and the general mood  was one of calm and purpose. Both Year 7 and Year 9 students were comfortable with the testing processes and procedures and I thank not only the staff involved but parents and students for their cooperation and support throughout NAPLAN week.


Year 12 Work Studies

On Thursday, 11 May Year 12 Work Studies classes conducted “pop-up” businesses over the lunch break. The Work Studies students are engaged in an “active based” learning project learning about the World of Work, enabling them to have an understanding of the requirements of developing a business and the entrepreneurial skills required. 

I have mentioned previously that I will be on leave from Monday 15 May until Friday 23 June. In my absence Ms Christie Scoble will be Acting Principal. Mrs Tonetta Iannelli will be Acting Assistant Principal.  Ms Scoble is leaving Marian to take on her new position as CSO Wagga Wagga School Service Officer 7-12 Teaching and  Teaching, Curriculum and Pedagogy.

Following these promotions there is a number of other staff changes.

Ms Aimee Robertson and Mr Will Lyon will be sharing the Acting HSIE Coordinator position. Ms Robertson will be responsible for the Years 7-10 HSIE curriculum and staff and Mr Lyon will look after the Senior curriculum and staff.

Science Coordinator, Mrs Dumbleton will also be on leave from 15 May to 23 June. Similar to HSIE Science Coordinating will be shared during this time. Ms Davis will have responsibility for the 7-10 classes and Mr Lawler the 11-12 classes.

The College also welcomes Ms Nicole Commins and Mrs Clare Mitchell to the staff. Ms Commins will be teaching HSIE and RE classes until the end of 2017, whilst Mrs Mitchell will be teaching Science until 23 June.

At a recent assembly it was mentioned that all students should be in full Winter Uniform. This means ties and blazers are compulsory and boys shirts are tucked in. Parents, please ensure that your children have the full uniform available to wear. Jumpers and other winter uniform items such as scarves and MCC beanies are optional extras. Your support of our standards are very important. Our uniform shop is open Mon-Wed from 8am-12pm if there are items you need to purchase and there are quite a lot of used items available on the website,

Happy Mother’s Day to all our mums!


Peace and Best Wishes

Alan Le Brocque






Assistant Principal

Reports and Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences for Year 12

Reports for Year 12 will be emailed out on Monday afternoon. These reports will provide parents and students with important information regarding students’ progress in their HSC courses, including Mid Course Examination results and rankings. The reports include a plethora of suggestions and strategies from class teachers on what students can do to improve their achievement.

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences for Year 12 are taking place next Thursday 18 May 2017 between 3.45pm and 6pm. 

This is a very important part of the support our Year 12 students need to succeed in the HSC. Year 12 is a very demanding time and our students need the support of parents and teachers to ensure that all key stakeholders are informed and working together to overcome any obstacles or challenges they may face.

Please make bookings with teachers via SOBs, which can be accessed on the school website at Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 6969 2400.











Students from Year 7 and Year 9 sat their NAPLAN tests this week. We are very proud of all of their efforts and are looking forward to seeing a learning gain in literacy and numeracy for all of our students. As you can see from the photos below, our students felt confident and prepared prior to the tests.

Thank you to our Year Coordinators, Mrs Patricia Star (Year 9) and Mr Aaron Lawler (Year 7) for their dedication in preparing for and facilitating the NAPALN exams, which ran very smoothly this year. Students were calm and from all accounts gave the tests their best shot. Results will become available and sent to parents later in the year

HSC Support Evening on 25 May 2017

Parents and students of Year 12 are invited to attend a HSC Support Evening which is scheduled for Thursday 25 May 2017 @ 6.30pm. Patrick O’Connor from the University of Wollongong will be attending the evening and will provide a range of information to students including details about early entry, campus life and university courses. More information will be sent out to parents closer to the date.

Teachers across the Riverina are working together to raise the standard in Science
This month, teachers from across the Riverina are attending workshops, held at Marian Catholic College, to engage in professional learning in preparation for the implementation of the new Stage 6 Science curriculum in 2018. This week the workshops have focused on Biology and Chemistry. Later in the month, teachers will meet in relation to the new Physics, Investigating Science and Extension Science course.

The workshops are being facilitated by Patricia Stockbridge, a leading expert in the area of Science Education. Patricia has worked with NESA (New South Wales Education Standards Authority) consulting on the new syllabuses and currently works as a Science Education lecturer at Sydney University. We are very grateful for the opportunity to have Patricia at our school sharing her expertise with our Science teachers.

This has been a great opportunity for teachers from State, Catholic and Independent schools to collaborate, exchange ideas and strengthen their professional learning network.


Christie Scoble
Assistant Principal

Pastoral Care

Once again we have been asked to take part in a major Griffith community event and provide what financial assistance we can to a local family.

This activity follows our mission statement and represents our care and service to the community.
Some of you may be familiar with Chris Brugger and his continual battle with Hodgkin Lymphoma.

Are' Abera is donating his time, his charismatic charm and his Zumba skills to raise much needed funds for Chris and his family to go towards their travels, medical expenses and reduce some of the pressure they are currently facing.

Chris's story can be followed on his facebook site "My Name is Chris" it is a raw account of his ongoing journey. This is Chris's 5th battle and the support that he is receiving from the Griffith community gives him the strength to keep fighting this insidious disease.


So together with Ar'e the COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM are going to host a ZUMBA PARTY on FRIDAY 26TH MAY 




I CARE” Kits 2017

It would be greatly appreciated if students could possibly donate the following item from the list depending on their year/gender OR A $2 COIN. The donated goods will create kits that will be distributed to homeless people, displaced people or those in our local community experiencing hardship or financial distress. THE MAJORITY OF ITEMS CAN BE PURCHASED FROM DISCOUNT VARIETY STORES OR ARE AVAILABLE ON SPECIAL EACH WEEK AT THE SUPERMARKETS.

As the name suggests these kits symbolize that someone does indeed care.

Your kindness is appreciated

As a sign of support it is hoped that Marian staff will become involved in this activity and make a donation of a bath towel

Please bring donated items to your homeroom where they will be collected by a COMMUNITY ACTION TEAM member.

Collections will take place Monday 5 June to Friday 16 June 

The cooler weather has now begun and I would welcome the donation of any uniforms that are no longer required by you or your family. All goods that are donated are given to students at our school. All goods can be left at the front office and please do not hesitate to contact me if your child requires items or assistance in any way.

Thank you for your support

Have a wonderful weekend, stay safe and stay warm.

Kindest regards Sue Hone (Pastoral Care Worker)

02 6962 400   [email protected]


College News


School Photos will be held on Tuesday 30 May.  Please be aware that envelopes have gone out with students this week, instructions on how to order online are available on the envelope.  Students are required to return the envelope regardless whether or not they are ordering photos.


We keep in our prayers the families of Mrs Joan McMahon, grandmother of Gabbi McMahon who sadly passed away.

We also pray for  any families in our community who have lost loved ones or are suffering illnesses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

ENROLLING NOW - Year 7 2018



Our Marian Feast Day will be held on Wednesday 24th May, the feast of Our Lady Help of Christians.

The day will be filled with celebration commencing with a Mass at 11:45 am followed by a short assembly acknowledging the years of dedicated service by many of the College staff. Weather permitting, students will celebrate on the oval with a number of different activities such as Trikes for Year 7 & 8 students, a Giant Merry Go Round for Year 9 & 10 students, Bubble Soccer for Year 11 & 12 students and a Cha-Cha available for all. These activities have a small charge associated and students need to nominate and pay prior to the day. Students will be allocated a time slot for their activity which will be posted around the school on the Monday before. There will be some traditional free activities happening on the day also for students to participate in.

Prices for the activities are
* Year 7 & 8 - Trikes $10 per team of 5 - theses will be riding in our carpark
 * Year 9 & 10 - Giant Merry Go Round $5 per person
* Year 11 & 12 - Bubble Soccer $30 per team of 10
* Cha Cha - $15 team of 3

Students must nominate all the members of their team at the time of payment. Forms are available from Pastoral Coordinators or Mrs Aventi.

We look forward to a fantastic day!

Our Term Youth Mass will also be held in the College Chapel on 9am Sunday 28th May where students will provide morning tea.



Calendar and Canteen

Calendar of Events


Canteen Roster


Parish Chaplain

This weekend is mothers’ day, a time we cherish and appreciate in a special way our mothers and indeed all women for their nurturing love and care they lavish on us. Everyone of us certainly have experienced  and do experience this love in one way or the other from our mothers. In so many ways mums are irreplaceable. We can have so many sisters, brothers and friends but only one mum. Our mums have given us so much and it is appropriate that we in return owe them love, honour, respect and care. As we grow up, it might be hard work believing and accepting everything our mums are asking us to do. But our wisdom lies in obeying and respecting our mums, of course together with our dads. They are the guardian angels God have placed on our way to lead us through the rough roads of life until we are well-informed and are able to make our own decisions and choices rightly.

While we revere our earthly mums, I want us to remember that we also have a heavenly mother who cares for us and loves us her children dearly, MARY. In many ways we feel special attachment to Mary in our College because it is named after her.

The month of May is a special month for honouring Mary and praying our rosary. But in a special way, this weekend, precisely on May 13 marks the 100th anniversary of Mary’s appearance (apparition) to three shepherd children Francisco, Jacinta and Lucy in Fatima, Portugal in 1917. And like a good mum, she advised them and also us to keep praying every day, but also to always try to make the right choices in life because that is how we maintain our friendship with God here on earth and are rewarded by Him at the end with the heavenly riches and beauty.

Let us pray for all our mothers and indeed for all women that they may continue this beautiful work and duty of nurturing and caring for life. Let us also ask Mary our mother to always help us to love and pray to God and equally to help us to love and cherish each other with a love that is pure, sincere and unconditional.





Today the Year 7 and Year 8 science students at Marian had some awesome experiences and some excellent information about reptiles, especially Australian reptiles.

Snake Tails brought 4 deadly snakes, the red belly black, the brown, the tiger and the fierce snake, and explained to the students that these snakes only attack to defend themselves.  A snake, if encountered in the wild or in your garden, should be left alone and respected.

George was a baby python that many of the students got up close and friendly with but George was only interested in smelling the different students with his tongue and many students had a new experience with a snake and realized that they are dry and smooth unlike the lizards.

It was impressive to see the calm of one year 7 boy as he was kissed by the blue tongue lizard and handled it with no fuss, the mark of a budding scientist. I even got close up and looked George in squarely in the eye.  He was so friendly.

The presenter, Bob, was full of valuable information and explained in detail, the different characteristics that are used to classify the different classes of reptiles.

I must commend the students on their excellent behaviour and  bravery as they interacted with George the python with the curiosity of  true scientists.


Esther Dumbleton

Science Coordinator


Riverina Science Conference

Marian Catholic College hosted the Riverina Science Conference this week where 10 schools from both the state and private sectors were involved.

It was organized in response to the development on new syllabuses in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and a new course, Investigating Science. The Senior Science Course will no longer be offered.

The presenter was Mrs Trish Stockbridge who is a university lecturer, consultant for NESA and an experienced HSC Science teacher.  Trish explained the philosophy behind the changes, the Nesa requirements and then the difference between the old and the new curriculum.  It was wonderful to have this expert information so that the Science Departments from each school can start their planning and collaborate with resources.

The year 12 Science students were in fine form and did a very professional job as they ushered our visitors to the Murramurra Room for the day of planning.

Our thanks go to all those staff involved in some way, especially the administration staff for their expert organization.

The Biology and Chemistry changes were the focus of these two day with Physics and Investigating Science being the focus of another two days as the Conference continues on 22nd and 23rd of May.

Our best wishes go to the Year 11 students as they sit their Mid Course Exams this week. We hope they can demonstrate that they are becoming experts and building fantastic brains.

I will be on leave for the next 5 weeks.  Mr Marshall will be looking after my senior Chemistry and Physics classes. We welcome back to our college Miss Clare Mitchell, who will take my junior classes.  Please direct any concerns to Ms Lisa Davis and Mr Aaron Lawler who will be looking after the administration side of the Science Department. 

Best Wishes

Esther Dumbleton

Science Coordinator




MCC Athletics Carnival was held on Friday 5th May and West End Oval. The atmosphere and participation on the day was fantastic. I was particularly impressed with our senior students who involved themselves in all the events and actively encouraged other students.

Due to the high level of participation on the day, we have a couple of events still to complete. These events include:                 U15 Girls Shot Put

                                                U13 Boys Javelin

                                                U13 Girls Javelin

When these events are finalised, I will be able to announce the age champions and winning House.

I would like to congratulate all students for their efforts on the day and the House leaders for all their work with their houses.

BISSA Cross Country

On Monday 8th May, Marian travelled to Naranderra with a team of 41 students to compete at the BISSA Cross Country against 12 other schools that form the Border Independent Schools Sport for our region.

I was impressed by the efforts of a lot of our students on the day with a number of outstanding performances. I would like to especially acknowledge :

First Place - 18 Girls – Jaclyn Agostini

Second Place – 14 Girls – Isabella Salmon

Second Place – 14 Boys – Jonathon Codemo

Marian had 9 students selected for CCC Cross Country at Eastern Creek on Friday 16th June and 4 students selected as reserves. Congratulations to:

Pasquale Agresta                             Isabella Salmon

Delroy Kasawaya                              Jonathon Codemo

Ethan Donetto                                  Teneeka Andreazza

James Cheers                                    Jaclyn Agostino

Chaise Donetto


Airlee Savage                                     Hannah Shrives

Alice Macrae                                      Joshua Golden

Careers News

White Card Course

It was a very busy couple of days for 37 students who completed the White Card course on basic safety procedures. This qualification is essential for any students wishing to do work experience or apply for apprenticeships where they would be required to enter building sites, including builders, tilers, electricians, plasterers, painters. The White Card is  highly regarded by an increasing number of professions, including allied health as safety in any workplace is important.  It was very good to see that 3 girls took advantage of the opportunity.


Futures R Us Program

This program, which began on Thursday, runs to the end of term 2 aims to assist students across a variety of areas. Students may be wishing to look at transitioning out of school to a traineeship or apprenticeship, finding a School Based  traineeship or apprenticeship, finding out what career options they may be interested in, information that will help with subject selection and just finding out about the wider world of work. Resume and Cover letter preparation are covered as are interview skills, confidence building and many other things.  A work placement program is part of it as is a career action plan.


Year 12 Work Studies

Year 12 Work Studies

Students had an assessment about self employment, where they were challenged to create and promote a successful business during lunch time.

Heath Neville
Year 12 Work Studies



Business Services

Business Services - Final Work Placement

Congratulations to Sydney-Jnr Basing-at for completing his final work placement at TAFE Griffith over the last holidays. The feedback from his supervisors was full of praise and this has been a common theme from the employers of all the year 12 students involved in this key element of stage 6 Business Services. These weeks of on-the-job training are an invaluable step towards a happy and fulfilling job, not to mention a Certificate II in Business. Indeed Katrina Barbaro from 2015 Business Services was at the front desk - a full-time position that resulted from her work placement at TAFE in 2014.

Mr Munro - Year 12 Business Services





Marian Catholic College will participate in this year’s Australian Mathematics Competition, sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank, on Thursday, July 27.


The Competition started in Australia in 1978, was the original, and is now one of the largest of it's kind in the world. More than 40 countries participate in the AMC each year and is recognised as an international benchmark for mathematics performance.


The Competition consists of 30 questions, 25 of which is a multiple choice questions, and 5 questions require  number answers. Duration of the test will be for 75 minutes. It will be held in the hall during Periods 1 and 2. Students need to bring a 2B pencil and an eraser only. No calculator is allowed.




Maths Coordinator

Counsellor/Wellbeing News

“Even at age 10, I already knew that I was different from most people. My anxiety disorder was still years from being diagnosed, but it affected me quite deeply. I was too afraid to speak out in class, too nervous to make real friends”. Lawson, J

Anxiety is the number one topic students request come to see me here at Marian Catholic College. For example, social anxiety, anticipatory anxiety, general worries/concerns and stress!!!

As a response I have decided to provide a therapeutic small group program which is fortnightly on Friday lunchtimes that targets “stress and anxiety”.

The aim of the group is to promote positive wellbeing to reduce stress/anxiety by learning and developing new skills/ strategies within a small therapeutic group context. The group process (as opposed to individual one on one counselling) provides a safe and nurturing space where students from all years can support each other, through discussion and share similar experiences. In addition, students from higher year levels can provide peer support by role modelling empathy and understanding, knowledge and strategies to challenges they acquired and helped throughout their journey at Marian Catholic College.

Some of the interventions include; relaxation, grounding and focusing skills through guided meditation, group discussions and other activities. Additional areas will include developing emotional intelligence and building awareness of stress/emotional triggers, strengthening personal positive factors, building resilience learning about internal and external locus of control.

The other exciting component of the group is that the participants will be provided with with the most recent online resources (including mobile phone apps) that will provide the students with the ability to access support material in relation to anxiety and stress anytime.  The content of the program is evidence based from such - Beyond Blue, Headspace, the therapist, Pro phsyc.

If  students are interested in attending the group they can contact the counsellor via the online booking system on the portal of their lap top computers" (consent forms will be provided for students under the age of 16 years for parents/carers to sign).

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the program please feel free to contact myself on; 0429630697.

Paul Black

MCC Counsellor

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