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15 February 2019
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Kilvington Grammar School
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From the Leadership Team

Welcome to 2019! 

Jon Charlton, Principal


Welcome back everyone, and a very special welcome to new students and families. 


I trust you have had a great break from the routine of study, homework and home life, and that you were able to lift your eyes and see new horizons. 


Some of you have mentioned that you watched the SBS Slow documentary on the Indian Pacific train trip over the holidays, and were shocked to see Mrs Charlton and my cameo performance. Yes, we did appear. By chance SBS were filming the adventure when we caught the train last April.  We featured for all of 10 seconds, high five-ing each other as the train took a slow turn after completing the longest, straightest bit of track in the world - 478 kms. We were happy with our performance, however, we are still waiting for a call from Hollywood!


To me, holidays are about breathing in deeply of the world around us so that we can rejuvenate, refocus and rediscover what is meaningful to us. Over the recent holiday break, I ventured to Hawaii – the island of Oahu, Waikiki – where I met my son who flew down from New York, and we had a super few days together. I enjoyed swimming with sea turtles and surfing, and learnt more about the history of what occurred at Pearl Harbor in WW2. 


 I also read lots, including a book titled The Book of Joy.  It is a book about two great spiritual leaders and friends who share their own hard-learnt wisdom about living with joy even in times of difficulty. Through interview, His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, both winners of the Nobel Prize and known for being among the most infectiously happy people on the planet, share their thoughts on joy. 


A chapter in the book is devoted to our character trait word for this semester, ‘perspective’.  Both men comment on the importance of developing a healthy perspective toward life if you want to live a joyful life.  Here is one quote from the book.  

A healthy perspective toward life really is the foundation of joy and happiness, because the way we see the world is the way we experience the world.  Changing the way we see the world in turn changes the way we feel and the way we act, which changes the world itself. Or as the Buddha says, 'With our mind we create our own world.'

In other words, our state of mind determines our view of the world and the level of joy we experience.

Throughout Semester One, as we challenge each student to work hard and achieve the academic excellence of which they are capable, we will also focus on this character trait word, and educate students about developing a healthy perspective toward life.  Other themes that are likely to emerge in this time are the need for students to develop a global perspective, and take a wider and longer perspective to events in their lives.  I’m excited about the School adopting this character trait as we kick off 2019.

Class of 2018 VCE Results 

  Again we were delighted with the performance of our VCE students last year.   

  • Aiden McShane was our first male Dux and achieved an ATAR of 99.55. 
  • 25% of our students were in the top 5% of the State (achieving an ATAR of 95 plus).
  • 44% were in the top 10% of the State (achieving an ATAR of 90 plus). 
  • 78% were in the top 25% of the State (achieving an ATAR of 75 plus). 
  • The median study score was 35.
  • Perfect Study Scores were achieved in English, Further Mathematics and Physical Education.  

Class of 2018 Tertiary Course Offers

  • 71% of students received their 1st preference, 89% their 1st or 2nd preference and 97% their 1st, 2nd 3rd or 4th preference.  
  • The range of courses offered was broad and diverse, reflecting our students' different interests and talents.  21.4% of students chose Medicine and Health Sciences, 27.4% Natural and Physical Sciences, 14.5% Society and Culture, 19.3% Management and Commerce, and 17.4% Design, Music and Technology.  

Class of 2018 Tertiary Course Destinations

The most popular destinations are:  56% to Monash University, 11% to The University of Melbourne, 10% to RMIT and 6% to Deakin and 6% to Swinburne.     

Sport Centre

Over the break, considerable progress was made on our Sport Centre.  We are very close to its completion with the opening scheduled for the beginning of Term 2.  A formal opening will occur in due course.

Expanding Programs

In 2018 a great deal of work was done on re-developing our Year 9 program. This will continue during the early part of this year and I look forward to announcing the details later in the year.


We have expanded our co-curricular program, which you will see details of in a new Senior School and Junior School timetable, and efforts to provide opportunities for all students to engage with STEAM will remain a priority at Kilvington, as well as the ongoing development of the Character Initiative.

2019 Kilvington Fair and Open Day – SAVE THE DATE

Our biennial community event – Kilvington Fair and Open Day – will be held on Saturday 16 March from 11.00am to 3.00pm. As always, this is a great opportunity for our current and new families to connect with each other and enjoy a fabulous day. There will be delicious cuisine and beverages, FREE rides, entertainment and activities for everyone. This is an event not to be missed!

Staff News

Staffing Appointment


We welcome Robert Scott. 

  • He comes from Elwood College as an English and Humanities teacher
  • Has worked overseas at the Visa International School of Stockholm as an ESL teacher
  • Has a Master of Education, Bachelor of Arts

Other Staff News

Welcome back to Kirsten Horne who returns as a Science teacher.  Also welcome back to Anna Vallence (Learning Support) and Jayashree Aswath (IT) from maternity leave, and Anna Kasapis from long service leave to a fulltime teaching role (PE).   


We congratulate Esther Linivker and her husband Edward on the birth of their second child Lauren Harper Linivker. 


I congratulate the following staff on their appointments to new roles:  Kylie Burns is our new Junior School District Sport Coordinator; Lauren Wade is our 2019 Debating Coordinator; and Andrew Hester is the new Dean of Strategic Implementation.


I look forward to an enjoyable and rewarding year ahead filled with growth, opportunity, connections and an expanding perspective!

ELC Update

A New Start to the ELC Year

Lyn Pewtress, ELC Coordinator 


I would like to extend a warm welcome to all our 2019 Early Learning Centre families. We
are excited about the forthcoming year and feel privileged to begin your child’s educational journey at Kilvington.

Our Early Learning Centre is a vibrant and exciting new place for our youngest students. It was wonderful to meet the many families who joined us for the Orientation Days. 


I thank the ELC educators for their dedication and for enabling a seamless beginning to the year. I also welcome our newest staff members, Anna Pummeroy (Marine Teacher) and Phuong Harjanta (Magnolia Lunchtime Co-educator) to the team.  

The groups have all settled in well and we have all enjoyed our initial first weeks together. Our return in the first week saw many of the children excitedly catching up with old friends, while for others it was an opportunity to make new ones.

To begin the year, the children have spent their days exploring the indoor/outdoor environments and participating in a range of experiences including educational inquiries about the sea and Chinese New Year. 


We anticipate a wonderful year ahead as the children familiarise themselves with one another and share many exciting discoveries. We look forward to working in partnership with families and the children; strengthening the important links between home and the early childhood environment.


We also wish all our past 2018 ELC students a wonderful year ahead.


Program Highlights 

VCE Geography Excursion

Matt Brinson, Head of Senior School 

As part of VCE Geography Unit 3 curriculum topic ‘Land Use Change’, fieldwork was undertaken at Dendy Street Beach in Brighton last Friday. This fieldwork allows students to collect first-hand data on the features, processes and management strategies located at this site, and then report on the data back at School.

Students were required to survey visitors to the beach regarding their opinions on the proposed redevelopment of the old Life Saving Club. They also took photos and made observations of the potential impacts on people, the economy and the environment as a result of the development.

Year 8 Excursion to Melbourne Jewish Museum and Synagogue

Christina Douglas, Religious Education Teacher


On Thursday 7 February, as part of our Religious Education program at Kilvington, Year 8 students visited the Melbourne Jewish Museum and Synagogue. It was interesting to walk around the museum, and really special to be able to take the opportunity to enter the synagogue.

We were fortunate to be guided by volunteers who were engaging and knowledgeable. We learned about the reasons the Jewish community celebrates and remembers certain events throughout the year. The students were allowed to partake in a Shabbat ceremony and enjoyed eating challah and drinking grape juice.

After we finished at the museum, we walked outside and entered the synagogue to the rear, where most services are held. We were told a bit about the history of the synagogue in Melbourne and the current building we were in. We also learnt about some Jewish customs and got many of our questions answered. 

We were made to feel most welcome, and are thankful to the members of the Jewish community, and other volunteers, for giving their time to take us on this tour.

More Highlights  

Welcome to School Celebrations 

Our Years 7 and 12 students joined us on 31 Jan; Years 1 - 6 and 8 -11 students started back on Feb 1; and Preppies  joined our community on Feb 4.


We were also thrilled to see so many parents at our annual welcome back morning teas.  We wish you and your family a happy and enjoyable year ahead!


Our Years 1 - 6 and 8 -11 students started back on Feb 1. It was great to catch up with parents at morning tea. All the best for the year ahead.


Lunar New Year 

On 6 Feb our International Students helped us celebrate Lunar New Year at a special morning tea. Gong Xi Fa Cai!


Global Connections 

Individual Exchanges to France

Lucie Dickens, Academic Dean of Languages


As part of our Global Connections Program, Kilvington students who study French in Years 10 and 11 had the opportunity to take part in a five-week reciprocal exchange program in France.

Since 2016, small groups of students have travelled each year to France to visit our partner school, Saint Joseph la Salle in Toulouse, in the South west of France. Over our Australian summer holidays, these students spend three weeks studying at our partner school and two weeks holidaying with their host family.


Recently, seven students took part in this exchange. There is no doubt that they improved their French language skills. They also developed an appreciation and understanding of the French culture, gaining a new perspective on how others live life and view the world.

Expressions of interest for individual exchanges will be sent in Term 3 to families of current Years 9 and 10 French students who might consider an exchange for the following year.

Some student reflections on their individual exchange program to France:


From Niko Nikolakopoulos, Year 12:


Perspective is indeed something I gained in France. It was like opening a door into a different world ... a world of baguettes and manual cars on the right-hand side of the road. The air itself  seemed different.


And no, no frogs or snails were harmed during my stay, but I ate some fine cuisine, met new people and saw places I had only dreamed of. 


I was also challenged and made some long-needed improvements to my French.

For this, I’m grateful. I can’t recommend this opportunity enough.”


From Saskia Mitrik, Year 11:


My host family took me on my very first five-day ski trip to the Spanish Pyrenees. The second week of holidays was a lot of fun as I went to Paris with Victoria and her host family. There we were pleased to go on a boat down the Seine river, see a French theatre production and enjoy a day trip to Versailles.


Spending Christmas and New Years with my host family was a great experience as I discovered how they celebrate the holidays. Schooling in France was interesting especially attending and listening to French explanations in maths and science classes. Overall, my time in France was something that I will never forget!









Community News 

The Resilience Project 

You are invited to attend our first Parent and Staff Education Seminar for 2019 – The Resilience Project.


The Resilience Project delivers emotionally engaging programs to schools, sports clubs and businesses, providing practical, evidence-based, positive mental health strategies to build resilience and happiness. We are delighted this year to welcome guest speaker Martin Herpell to our School from The Resilience Project.


When: Monday 18 February at 8.00pm. Please arrive at 7:45pm for a prompt start. The presentation should conclude at 8:30pm.

Where: Dalton Hall


If you are able to join us please book your seat here.


More Information about the Resilience Project and Martin Herpell can be found here


If you have any questions regarding this Seminar, please contact Mrs Martine Walls on 9578 6231 or via email [email protected].


Keeping in Touch with Developments at Kilvington

There are many ways of staying on top of news and events at Kilvington.


KCEE is our Learning Management system where you can access and update information relating to your child, including consents, academic results, calendar, events, activities, parent contact details in your child’s class or year level and news. You will have received access details including log-in details prior to commencing the new year. If you haven’t, please contact our IT Department on 9578 6231.


Our Facebook Page is another way of staying in touch with events, activities, and news. Go to our website to ‘like’ our FB page. We are also on Instagram –  search kilvingtongrammarschool. 


And, of course, you will receive the School newsletter – In the Know – every fortnight. You will also receive School magazine, K News, mid-year, and the Yearbook at the end of the year.

2019 Welcome Back Picnic 

ELC to  Year 6 families, we invite you to the ...


2019 Welcome Back Picnic


Where: Kilvington Grammar - The Green 

When: Friday 22 Feb, 5.00 - 7.00pm 

BYO: Drinks, picnics, reg/chairs 


There will be a complimentary sausage sizzle and some activities for the children. So come along! It's a great opportunity to catch up with friends and make some new ones! 

Surviving Year 12 

There are many strategies that students can implement to help them survive Year 12.

Some are obvious and others are not.

As a parent, it is also important to give your child support, not only emotionally, but also practically by keeping them well-nourished and encouraging physical activity.


SchoolTV has some great advice on how best to support your child in Year 12. Watch here

Smartphones in Schools - Special Report

In June 2018, the NSW Minister for Education, commissioned an independent review into the non-educational use of mobile devices in NSW schools.

The review was led by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg, and supported by other independent experts as well as many students, parents and guardians, teachers and principals who were consulted in the process. As a result, the use of mobile devices during school hours will now be restricted in NSW public primary schools.

In this Special Report, parents and guardians will learn about the importance of helping their kids find a balance to get the good parts out of technology. 


Watch the special report here.

Kilvington Fair & Open Day

There will be FREE rides, delicious food, entertainment and activities!


To book a school tour, visit our website.

Cabrini Health Student Discount 

Kilvington pupils aged 17 years and under are eligible to get a 50% discount on the attendance fee when attending the Alan, Ada & Eva Selwyn Emergency Department at Cabrini Malvern Hospital.


Please find more information below. 




Kirsten Brooks, PFA President


It’s been a happy and busy start to 2019, and a lovely experience meeting so many parents at Welcome Back events.  Thank you to everyone who has taken a role this year, signed up for events and made donations towards our Fair and community. 


I look forward to sharing this year with you and hope you enjoy all that is on offer.  You are always welcome to email me at [email protected].

Class Social Representatives (CSRs)

Kilvington values a strong, connected community and Class Social Representatives are vital to the creation of a sense of community within each class. They assist in organising social events for families and help to support the activities of the PFA and the School.  


You are welcome to volunteer as a CSR. The Term 1 meeting for prospective CSRs is on Wednesday 27 February, 7.30pm - 8.30pm in the Staff Lounge.  You can sign up here.


We look forward to many enjoyable gatherings during the year.

Secondhand Uniform Shop

PFA offers the service of purchasing secondhand uniforms in good condition and the opportunity for you to sell outgrown items.  SHUS is next open Saturday, 2 March in Dalton Hall, 9.00 - 11.00am. The sales PDF is available here


Thank you to the parent volunteers who offer this service.

PFA General Meetings

All parents at Kilvington are members of our PFA.  You are most welcome to join us at any monthly meeting during the year.  The meetings are informal and run for one hour in the Staff Lounge. They are a great way to touch base with what’s happening at School and to meet parents across the year levels. 


Please find meeting dates here

Kilvington Cares Foodbank

Our KGS community runs a foodbank for School families in their time of need.  It is an anonymous service. To sign up to cook for a School family please click here

Jam and Relish Making Day

This is a great excuse to get people together to make jam and relish for the Fair. 


Check in with your neighbours and see if they have any fruit ready to share. Please bring fruit and sugar (1kg; 1kg) ratio, ingredients for your favourite relish or simply come along. Sign up here so we can cater for numbers please. Enquiries to [email protected] 

Staff Morning Tea

We will celebrate our staff with a Welcome Back Morning Tea on 27 February.  We set tables full of goodies and welcome notes and leave them to it. 


Please bring to any Reception a plate of something yummy to add to the table on the morning of 27 Feb - adding a note of welcome or gratitude would also be appreciated.  Plates etc can be collected from Main Reception at pickup.  

Working with Children Check

We ask all our parents to apply for the volunteers Working with Children’s Check (WWCC) here

If you already have a WWCC because you volunteer at the local netball, cricket or footy club, could you please go online and add Kilvington as an organisation to your WWCC profile.

Current Opportunities to Get Involved

You will find all our current sign-ups here.

What's On

  • Year 7 Transition in the Park – Packer Park, Sunday 17 February, 4.00 - 5.00pm.
  • Welcome Back Picnic, Prep - Year 6 Families – Friday 22 February, 5.00 - 7.00pm.
  • Fair Goods Drop-Off, Friday 22 February, 5.00 - 6.00pm, 73 Lilimur Rd.
  • Jam and Relish Making Day – 24 February, 10.00am - 4.00pm (any available time).
  • CSR Introduction Meeting – Wednesday 27 Feb, Staff Lounge, 7.30 - 8.30pm.
  • Morning Tea Welcome Back for Staff – Wednesday 27 Feb.
  • SHUS – 2 March, Dalton Hall, 9.00 - 11.00am.
  • Fair Goods Drop-Off – 2 March, 9.00 - 10.00am, 73 Lilimur Rd.
  • PFA General Meeting – Tuesday 5 March, Staff Lounge, 7.30 - 8.30pm. All parents welcome.
  • Fair 2019 – 16 March, 11.00am-3.00pm.
  • Senior School House Athletics - BBQ at Duncan McKinnon, 22 March from 10.00am. 

Music Notes 

Nicole Bull, Academic Dean of Performing Arts


I would like to welcome you all to what promises to be another fabulous year in Music! All ensemble and choir rehearsals have already begun for the year. Please check KCEE and the Music Noticeboard for any updates to the Program.

Friday Afternoon Soirees

Friday Afternoon Soirees will recommence this Friday, February 15. The Soirees are held in PVC7 from 3.45 to 4.30pm.


All KGS music, speech and drama students are invited to participate. Students who attend music lessons outside of School are also welcome to perform.


All performances must be booked in, either by writing your name and details of your performance on the Friday Afternoon Soiree forms pinned up on the Notice Board in the Music building foyer, or by emailing Ms Carmel Slater (Head of Keyboard and Theory) at slaterc


Items should be no longer than 3 - 4 minutes. Please contact Ms Slater for further information.

Jazz Cabaret Evening

On Friday 29 March we will be holding a Jazz Cabaret Evening for Year 9 to Year 12 music students. Our Music Captains, Sarah Godfrey and Toshi Preston, along with our Choral Captain, Jerry Ge, will be organising this event with some staff assistance. 


This year we are fortunate to have secured the Glen Eira Town Hall for the event. The evening will commence at 6.00pm and conclude around 8.30pm.  Trybooking details will be communicated to you in the coming weeks.  If there are any parents who can assist on the night please contact Music Reception.

The Addams Family

Rehearsals for the Kilvington musical have commenced.  All students have been working incredibly hard two nights after School each week.  Performances will be May 23 - 25. Ticket details will be available soon.

Year 5 Band Program

As part of the Performing Arts curriculum, all Year 5 students will be learning to play an instrument. The program will comprise of small group lessons with a selection of woodwind, brass and percussion instruments and will be held every Thursday morning. Further details will be emailed to all Year 5 parents early next week.

Years 3 and 4 Spectacular

On Thursday 28 March, 7.00 – 8.00pm, the Years 3 and 4 students will be performing a  'Spectacular Concert' in Dalton Hall. The concert will be a combination of singing, puppeteer, animation and digital technology.  We welcome all parents, friends and staff to come along and enjoy the evening.

Kadenza Intermediate Band

I would like to encourage any new students to the School and the Year 5 Band program students from 2018 to join the band. Kadenza is a concert band aimed at students who have been learning music for two years or less. 


Students are assisted with their playing by Music Mentors from Senior levels. The band rehearses each Wednesday 12.45pm – 1.25pm in PVC7.  All students are welcome to attend.

European Tour 2020

In 2020, Kilvington Grammar school will be embarking on a music tour to Europe in the Term 2 holidays. This will be for choral groups and Chamber Strings. There will be an information night in Term 1.  More details will be communicated to you in the coming weeks.

Student Achievements

Student Achievements is a regular segment in our newsletter. Please let the Music Dept. know of any student achievements in Performing Arts such as a performance in an Eisteddfod, dance competition, a part in a dramatic play or a performance in the wider community. Please email the Music Dept. at [email protected].

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week is Nicole Li from Year 1S. During the summer holidays Nicole performed in the 2019 Korea-China International Festival and Future Piano Competition held in China and won first prize in her age group. Congratulations Nicole on this outstanding achievement.

Diary Dates (Term 1)

  • Friday Afternoon Soirees - Feb 15, 22; March 1, 15, 22; April 5 - Room PVC7
  • Addams Family rehearsal – Sunday, 3 March - Dalton Hall, 1.00 – 5:00pm
  • Years 3 and 4 Spectacular – Thursday, 28 March - Dalton Hall, 7.00 – 8:00pm
  • Jazz Cabaret (Years 9 – 12) – Friday, 29 March - Glen Eira Town Hall, 6.00 – 8.00pm




2020 Scholarship Day

Dalton Hall



Year 7 PFA Park Event

4.00 - 5.00pm 



Prep to Year 12 Parent Information Evening- The Resilience Project

6.45 - 8.30pm 



Years 7 to 12 House Assembly/House Cheers

12.05 - 12.40pm

House Assembly Locations



Prep- Optional Wednesday



Years 7 - 12 House Swimming Carnival

9.10am – 3.10pm



Year 11 Unit 1 Legal Studies Excursion to Moorabbin Magistrates Court

1140 Nepean Hwy, Highett VIC 3190


Prep to Year 12 School Soiree

3.45pm – 4.30pm


ELC and Prep to Year 6 Welcome Back Picnic for Families



Parent Volunteer Fair Jam Making Preparation Day

Food Tech Rooms



Parent Volunteer Fair Jam Making Day



JS Leadership Induction Parent Morning Tea




Prep- Optional Wednesday


Year 9 Your Rights Excursion - Magistrates Court Excursion

Moorabbin Magistrates Court

1140 Nepean Hwy, Highett VIC 3190


Class Rep Meeting

7.30 - 8.30pm

Staff Lounge 



Year 7 Character and Connections Day 1



Year 10 History Excursion - Holocaust Museum Jewish Holocaust Centre










In the Know
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